Posted:  August 8, 2009

Cade strolled across the stage with a huge smile on his face.  He took the diploma in his hand and shook hands with the school president.  He returned to his chair and patiently waited for the end of the ceremony.  He knew it felt so good to fling his cap high in the air and didn’t care if he ever found the cheap thing among the others.

After the ceremony, he found his parents and was greeted with big hugs from them along with his one grandparent and older sister.  He went to their car and found his packed bag for his weekend trip with his best friend Tim.  He said his goodbyes after changing to his shorts and shirt for the trip. He found Tim’s car among all the others in the crowded parking lot outside the auditorium.  He waited and finally saw Tim’s face appear.

“I don’t even have to ask if you’re ready,” Tim stated and unlocked the trunk of his car to allow Cade to toss his bag inside.

Cade let out a big sigh, “I’m so ready for this.  Better yet, I was ready for that to be over and done with.”

They got in the car and eased out of the lot to head over an hour away to Tim’s parent’s condo on a popular lake.  First stop was something to eat a few miles down the road.  Both 18 year olds were hungry and filled their teen bodies with fast food before the trip.

Once back in the car and on the interstate, Tim stated, “Now really comes the scary shit, you know.”

“I don’t know about scary but exciting the way I see it,” Cade said and brushed his brown bangs from his eyes that was a habit.

“It’s scary now since we’re no longer looked at as little kids.  We’re going to have to take responsibility more now the way I see it.  We can’t get away with juvenile shit anymore and will be looked at differently now,” Tim stated.

“I guess you’re right but let’s worry about that later,” Cade said and cranked the music up in Tim’s car.  The two sang along with Cade’s nice voice while Tim butchered each song.  Cade loved singing where as Tim was the athlete or tried to be. 

Tim found the two bedroom condo without much trouble that dark night.  They unloaded their bags and sat down on the couch.  Both kicked off their flip flops to be more comfortable and propped their feet on the nearby coffee table.

“We’re total douche bags, you know that,” Tim said. “We didn’t bring one drop of alcohol let alone anything else that could get us in trouble.”

Cade laughed, “You think maybe that’s why our rents let us come here. We’re good boys most of the time.”

“Here all the guys on the soccer team were bragging about getting shit faced and getting laid whereas we’re here like two choir boys,” Tim said and saw Cade’s face since Cade was a member of the high school choir with his nice tenor voice. “Sorry but you know what I mean.”

“I know,” Cade said.

“Yea but dude, we’re fucking graduates and here with nothing the least bit suspect,” Tim lamented.

Cade got up and headed to find his bag.  He returned holding a baggie filled with weed.  Tim’s eyes were big as saucers when he saw his best friend.  “Is this nothing?” Cade smiled.

You the man, Cade! I can’t believe you!!”

“We couldn’t be choir boys all weekend, could we?” Cade opened the bag on the table and quickly filled a pipe he had as well.  He lit the pipe and passed to his friend.  Tim took a big hit and felt the drug filling his body.

“Remember the first time we got high?” Tim asked and handed the pipe to Cade.

Cade took a hit, “How could I forget it?  It was at Blaine’s house two summers ago when his parents were gone out of town.  We really shocked Blaine for sure.”

“Exactly dude.  The look on his face was priceless,” Tim took another deep hit and could feel the drug doing its thing in his athletic body. “This is some good shit, you know it Cade.”

“I know and paid out the ass for it too but it’s worth it,” Cade stated and wiped his bangs from his eyes.  The two finished the bowl and were feeling no pain.  They turned on the television with the room smelling of marijuana.  Neither cared at the moment and was enjoying being bad boys for a change.  They rarely got high or drunk but now it seemed so right to celebrate in their own graduating high school. 

Tim stood up and took off his shirt while the two kicked back to watch television.  Cade looked over and always thought Tim was hot with his nice little six pack, smooth chest and cute treasure trail.  Cade waited for a few minutes and tossed off his shirt.  He was just lean with a flat tummy and skinny arms.  Tim always teased his friend and did so that night as well with both laughing and caring on. 

“Hey Cade, does smoking ever get you horny?” Tim asked. “It sure does me.”

“What kind of question is that?”

“I was wondering if it affected you like it does me,” Tim stated. “I could whip it out right here and bust a nut, no problem whatsoever.”

Cade really wanted to do it but continued to play it safe and not let his hidden side be revealed.  “I really don’t know about all that.”

“You jack off just like me,” Tim laughed and nudged his friend in the ribs. “Every guy I know beats his shit when he’s not getting any.”  Tim was rubbing his crotch and looking at Cade.  He undid his belt and dropped his shorts.  His boxers were slightly tented.

“Damn dude!” Cade stated.

“How many times have you seen me? Huh?”

“Yea but you didn’t have a…a hard on,” Cade stated, trying to look away.

“I know and wondered why we haven’t ever at jacked off together.  I don’t see a lot wrong with it since we are best friends and all,” Tim rubbed his crotch. “Ah come on, dude!”

“Well… I guess… I could use a little relief here,” Cade nervously stated and wondered where Tim was really going with this.  Cade undid his shorts with his hand shaking.  He felt Tim’s hand on his.

“You’re shaking like a leaf,” Tim commented. “Are you scared of doing this or something?”

“Just… just nervous is all… you know?”

“I’m not scared one bit.  We’re two male grads having a good time and doing something so natural and right.”

Cade’s shorts fell to the carpeted floor.  He took a deep breath.  “What now?”

Tim lifted up and shed his boxers.  Cade looked the other way.  “What the fuck?  Get naked too, Cade!”

Still staring away, Cade peeled off his boxer briefs and slowly turned to see Tim staring at him.

Tim was slowly stroking his 6 and half inch cut cock while Cade sat and looked around. “Cade, please join me.  I feel weird doing this alone.”

“Tim, why?  Why are doing this to me?” Cade asked and was getting exasperated.

“Cade, just think for one minute,” Tim said and stopped stroking.


“We’re here alone, right?” Tim said and saw Cade nod in agreement. “I told at least five people they weren’t allowed and made up excuse after excuse. Cade… ummm… now’s our time.  It’s now or never, the way I see it.”

Cade cocked his head, “What do you mean?”

“I mean it’s my time to make a desperate move on your hot ass, either that I just sounded like the stupidest guy ever.”

Cade darted his eyes to and fro, “You set this up for us to out my ass, huh?  I’m not stupid here and have heard the whispers round school.”

“Are they true?”

“Fuck you!” Cade ran off to the bathroom in a tizzy.

Tim knew he had really fucked up and this plan of his wasn’t going as planned.  He knew he had to coax his best friend from the bathroom.  He waited for Cade to calm down before approaching the door.  He pulled and saw the door was locked. “Please Cade! Please come out!”

Fuck you asshole!”

“Cade, I really do like you and mean it, too! If you open this door, I’ll show you!”

“Good try!”

“Cade… please listen… to me,” Tim started crying.

“You should have been in drama class!  Faker!”

Tim slumped over near the bathroom door and sat his naked body on the floor.  He leaned over and starting crying like never before.  He sobbed loudly out of embarrassment and wanting Cade to believe him. He heard the door open and glanced to see Cade slowly walking out.  He stood up and did the only thing he knew.  He grabbed Cade and put the best kiss of his life on Cade’s pouty lips.  Cade broke the kiss and wiped the tears from Tim’s face. 

“Let’s sit down on the couch,” Tim said and tried to gather himself. “I totally went at this the wrong way.”

“I just knew you were leading me on but now I don’t think you were baiting me in the least.  I overreacted a little,” Cade said.

“Cade, do you know how long I wanted us to get together like this?” Tim asked looking into Cade’s brown eyes and sweeping back his bangs.

“Ummm… no longer than I have.  I just knew something was up with this,” Cade stated.

“Cade now we can be together.  I want us to be much more than friends but before now didn’t think it was possible or feasible with school and our homophobic friends,” Tim stated. “Seriously dude, I planned this so we could… you know see if maybe we could be more.”

Cade smiled, “Tim, pinch me.”


“Just to make sure this is not some dream I’m having,” Cade laughed and felt a slight pinch on his skinny arms.

“Are you happy now?” Tim asked.

“Very happy.”

“Now we’ve lost our hard-ons,” Tim stated and looked to see Cade was flaccid like he was.

“I bet we can get hard again.  I know I can,” Cade stated and stuck his tongue in Tim’s mouth.  He leaned over and fell on top of his friend to make out with him.  He felt hands up and down his back and grab his skinny flat ass.  He could feel the two growing hard again with their young bodies pressed against each other. 

“Where’d you learn to kiss like that?” Tim asked, catching his breath.

“Oh, I’ve dated girls before,” Cade smiled. “I like kissing you a lot.”

Tim grabbed Cade’s cock that was hard and a good 7 inches cut.  “You really have a nice dick.”

“Now I know this isn’t a joke,” Cade laughed and grabbed Tim’s hard cock.

“No joke whatsoever,” Tim smiled and lightly stroked Cade. “Let’s go slow and really enjoy this.”

“Oh I agree,” Cade stated and stroked Tim.  The two met lips again while stroking each other.  Cade broke the kiss and ran his free hand up and down Tim’s nice fit body. “I’ve always wanted to be able to do this. Damn you are so hot!”

“It does feel nice,” Tim smiled and kissed Cade’s nipples. “I want to do so much more with you.”

Cade stopped in his tracks, “Tim, I don’t know.  I have never done anything with a guy.”

“That makes two of us.  We can use this time to do things we’ve only dreamed about.  We can experiment and enjoy this without worrying what we are doing,” Tim said and felt Cade’s hand return. 

The two stroked each other and felt each other’s bodies while both enjoyed this encounter beyond their wildest imaginations.  Tim closed his eyes, “OOO yes!” he shouted and released his load onto his body. “Damn that felt so fucking good!”

Cade saw his friend shot and felt his cock.  “OOOO Fuck!” Cade shouted and blasted his load.  He twitched when the last shot dribbled down his cock and watched his cock deflate.

The two kissed before Tim found a paper towel to clean their messy bodies.  “Did you like that?” Tim asked after cleaning both of them.

“Are you kidding?  I loved it,” Cade said.

“Let’s say we just leave our clothes in the floor and head off to bed together.  I know your ass is sleeping with me naked,” Tim said.

“I’m with you there,” Cade stated and felt Tim pull him up from the couch.

The two wrapped their arms around each other and walked with their hands on each other’s asses.  They fell into the nice queen size bed together. Cade looked at Tim.

“Get used to seeing this naked body on top of you,” Tim stated, perched on top of his friend.

“Oh I will,” Cade said and felt Tim’s lips.  The two rolled around the bed and had it a total mess with their wild kissing and hugging each other.  Both felt there pent up desire for each other released.  Cade pulled back the sheets and pulled Tim close to him. “So this is real, huh?”

“As real as it fucking gets,” Tim replied. “Cade, accept the fact I think I really like you and this is not some act.  To me, this is just the beginning of something we’ve both dreamed of and wanted for at least 3 years.”

“Tim, it’s just so hard to fathom all of this.  How did you really know I would go for this?”

“I didn’t know you would.  I had my doubts even driving up here my plan would work.  I heard the rumors but knew last year you thought you had gotten Bethany pregnant.  Was that really true?”

“Very true.  I was never so scared in my life.  Tim, we fucked a lot last summer and really thought I was straight.  I just knew she was pregnant and ready to face the reality of it.  Tim, after we broke up, I started noticing guys again like I did before her and knew then I was gay or at least leaning that way.”

“Cade, I’ll confess right here.  I did fuck Rachael but didn’t like it that much.  While I was fucking her, all I could do was dream of hot guys and someday having a guy instead of her stinky ass pussy.”

Cade laughed, “Bethany’s pussy never did smell that much.”

“Oh Rachael’s did.  I never ate her out because it fucking gagged me,” Tim laughed.

“How many times did you fuck her?”

“Twice and that was enough for me,” Tim smiled. “How about you and Bethany?”

“I stopped counting after 10 times.  Cade, we fucked for twelve straight days there at one point last summer.”

“You stud you!” Tim nudged his friend.

“Hey, I was horny and like I said just thought I was straight and proving it every time.  Now, I’m pretty sure I’m not.  Now I jack off to guys in my head and mostly you Tim.”

“Thanks Cade,” Tim said with a kiss. “Do you feel like you could grow to love me?”

“I think I could and can feel like we may have something going here,” Cade smiled.

The two lay together and slowly fell asleep next to each other.  Cade woke a few times and found Tim’s arm draped across his flat chest. 

Tim woke first the next morning, Saturday and lay there staring at Cade.  He wanted to touch and be close to him but let him sleep with adjoining bathroom calling his name.  He took a much needed piss and quietly let Cade sleep.  He found the pipe and packed it.  He took a few hits and enjoyed the feeling to start his day. 

Cade came walking out naked and found Tim stoned in the living room.  “Did you get high without me?”

“Yeah I guess I did,” Tim laughed. “God, you look so hot there.”

“I wish you would’ve waited for me,” Cade stated.

“I just took a few hits,” Tim stated. “I wanted to see what it was like to wake and bake.”

“Oh I did too, bitch!” Cade said and found the pipe still hot.  He packed more weed and lit it while standing in the kitchen naked.  He took a big drag and felt the warm sensation burning throughout his body.  “We are some gay stoners, huh?”

“I don’t know about gay just yet or stoners,” Tim laughed and took another hit with the smell filling the condo. “Our friends would be shocked at this.”

“What us being naked or hitting this pipe so early?” Cade laughed.

“Actually both,” Tim smiled.


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