Posted:   December 16, 2009

Packed up and ready to go, Nate left his house and current girlfriend to make the trek west for a good four hour trip.  He left with his fingers crossed in hopes he would make without any trouble for the forecast called for rain with a temperature at 34 degrees.

Crossing his fingers weren’t any help to Nathan the further west he traveled on the interstate.  The forecast slightly missed the temperature by 4 degrees in the wrong direction.  With that slight drop, the interstate became icy and hazardous.  At 4 in the afternoon, Nathan gave up with his nerves on edge to seek a place to stay for the night and try again the next day.  He exited the interstate at a small city.  He saw passing the nice modern motel had a no vacancy sign already posted.   He hoped beyond hope pulling into an older motel that there was still a room available. 

Nate opened the door and exhaled.  “Please, oh please tell me you have a room,” Nate said.

“It’s your lucky day.  I have one left,” the older gentleman said behind the counter.

No hesitation, “I’ll take it no matter the cost,” Nate said.  He heard the door open and saw a college aged kid stand beside him with a toboggan on his head with his hair flipping out and a coat that had seen better days.

“Sir, are there any rooms here?” the kid asked.

“I’m afraid that gentleman there got the last one,” the man stated with a skinny finger pointing in Nate’s direction. “You’re more than welcome to sleep in the lobby.  It’s going to be one hell of a night I can see and just in time for Christmas travelers.”

Nate saw the kid mouth the word ‘fuck’ and walk away from the counter mumbling to himself as well.  Nate spoke up just before the kid hit the door. “If you want, you can stay with me since it’s just me unless you don’t want to.”

“Like a really have a choice right now,” the kid said. “Thanks dude!  That’s fucking nice as hell of you.”

“No problem,” Nate said and signed the small registration the man presented him.

“Room 244. Second floor next to the stairwell.  Once I saw the ice, I started selling them in order.  So you have the last one tonight,” the man stated.

“Thanks and what a relief it is to be off the road,” Nate said.

“Check out is usually 11 but from what I hear the weather should be better after lunch tomorrow.  So if you need to stay an extra, I’ll understand,” the man smiled.  “Oh yeah, the cable just went out about an hour ago.”

Nate took the key and found his smiling new roommate for the night waiting outside the door.  “Man I really appreciate that.  How much is half of that room?” the guy asked with Nate spotting the unmistakable tongue piercing as he spoke.

“Half would be $35.  A little high for this dump but what choice did I really have,” Nate stated.

“None or stay in some ditch somewhere out on that damn interstated,” the kid said and reached in his back pocket to grab his chained wallet.  He handed Nate two $20.  “I’m Bolt by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Bolt,” Nate said.  “Nate here.”

The two moved their ice coated cars with Nate parking in the grass since his SUV was four wheel drive.  They unloaded a bag a piece and headed up to the room.  The room reeked of cigarette smoke but otherwise was clean upon initial inspection.  Nate wasn’t real happy seeing only a king size bed but did laugh seeing it had the old fashioned coin-operated vibrating bed.  They put down their bags and raced to use the restroom. 

Bolt came out, zipped up his pants and tossed his toboggan on his bag with dark hair going everywhere and sporting two large earrings.  “At least the pisser works.  I was about to piss in my damn pants.  I was on that fucked up road for 4 hours.”

“Same here.  That was some shit, huh?” Nate smiled.

“The worst shit I’ve ever seen,” Bolt smiled with Nate heading to the bathroom to use it.

Nate returned with Bolt up on the bed and looking at the coin operated machine.  “Looks like we got what here would be the honeymoon bed.”

“So that’s what that is,” Bolt laughed. “Dude, you married?”

“Was a few years ago but it didn’t last,” Nate said. “By the way, how old are you?”

“19,” Bolt said. “Sophomore at Tech.”

“Good school there,” Nate commented. “What’s up with your name?”

“It’s my last name shortened,” Bolt said. “My first name is Lewis but I hate that. I could kill my mom for giving me that stupid ass name.”

“Bolt, I don’t know about you but I’m starving right about now.  I’m heading over to that gas station next door before it shuts down.  Want anything while I’m there?” Nate asked.

“Beer would be killer, dude, and really help pass the time in this shit hole,” Bolt said. “Other than that, some Doritos and snack cakes would be fire along with any other shit they got I can munch on.”

“I’ll see about the beer,” Nate said.

“Smokes too while you’re there if you grab some brews,” Bolt said.

Nate stuck out his hand for some money with Bolt’s list piling up.  He headed over with his cell phone in his ear to explain his situation and found the store about to close the door with the weather getting worse.  He grabbed some beer, snacks and smokes to head back to the room.

He opened the door with Bolt sitting at the small table rolling a joint.  “Dude, you smoke?” Bolt asked. “I need this shit about now to calm my nerves the fuck down.”

“Ummm… I don’t know Bolt about me smoking that.  I haven’t smoked weed since I left college,” Nate said.

“That cool if you don’t want.  You care if I smoke some trees?”

“Nah, fire her up,” Nate smiled.

Bolt lit the joint and took a big hit.  Nate wasn’t worried about the smell in the room since it already had a funk to it.  He cracked open a Miller Lite.  Bolt stuck out the burning joint as an offer.

“Oh what the hell,” Nate smiled and took a long deep hit.

“Dude, you’re fucking bullshitting me about that college shit,” Bolt laughed seeing Nate inhale along with feeling the strong smoke. “How long ago was that?”

Nate exhaled and sent the pungent smoke in the air, “Bout 7 years ago.  Damn that wasn’t so bad.  I too needed it I guess along with these beers.  Looks like we’ve got a long night ahead.”

They smoked the joint and discussed what they had seen along with finding out where each other was from and where they were going for the holidays.  Bolt was heading west as well but about an hour further to see his mom and grandparents with his dad out of the picture. 

They started drinking after extinguishing the joint since the television was of no use.  Nate did like his friend for the night and found him to be what he thought was a regular party college boy.

“Nate, you’re really cool as fuck.  I was hoping you weren’t some religious guy who would use this night to preach to my ass,” Bolt said.

“I saw only a guy in need and figured it would be nice plus keep me company during this fucking ice storm,” Nate said.

Bolt grabbed his fourth beer and lit a cigarette in the process.  “I’m burning up over here.  At least the heat works.  You care if I lose this sweat shirt.”

“No I was about to come out of mine too,” Nate said.

Bolt threw off his sweat shirt while Nate did the same.  “Nice body Nate,” Bolt said eyeing Nate’s hairy torso.

“You look like I did in college.  Couldn’t gain weight for shit,” Nate said about Bolt’s slender frame.  He had another beer in his hand and feeling it as well.

“You think as much beer as I drink I could but my mom says my dad was one skinny fucker too.”

“Bolt, it’s good to see you not having a father affect you that much in your studies.  Computer Engineering is rough from what I heard,” Nate said.

“Tough but fun as hell.  There’s some really hot guys in there that keep my attention,” Bolt stated with the cig hanging out of his mouth.

“I take it then by what you said you’re gay,” Nate said and looked at Nate now munching on some Doritos.

“I am and not shit I can do about it.  I actually enjoy it if you wanna know the truth of the matter.  Guys will fuck in a heartbeat and never on the rag,” Bolt stated without care. “I’m not offending am I?”

“Nah not really,” Nate said. “You’ve been eyeing me since we got here.”

“Habit mostly,” Bolt said. “You ever get wild and get with guys?”

“Never have,” Nate shot back.

“I’d be more than happy to let you experience your first dick,” Bolt grinned.

“Now I’m worried about sleeping in that bed with your ass.  I’ll wake up with your dick buried in my ass,” Nate laughed and headed off to the bathroom to drain his bladder of the beer he was downing.  He pondered the offer while looking down at his cut 7 inches.

Nate returned and found Bolt rolling another joint.  Bolt fired the joint up and passed to Nate.  Nate was half drunk and took a long hit before they passed it back and forth again.

“You smoke this shit all the time?” Nate asked.

“I do when I’m fucking bored and iced in,” Bolt giggled and grabbed some snack cakes.

“If I get tested, I’ll use that excuse,” Nate laughed.  Both then heard the bed in the next room hitting against the wall.  “No doubt what they are doing.”

“Fuck no,” Bolt said loud and giggled again.  “Making my goddamn ass fucking horny as a motherfucker over here.”  Bolt slid his hands down the front of his pants.

“Actually it is giving my ass a fucking boner too,” Nate smiled, continuing to hear the bed slam against the wall.

“I’ll take care of that for ya,” Bolt said.

Nate looked at Bolt and saw a willing person.  He figured getting head from him wouldn’t hurt and might feel good.  He moved to the bed and dropped his pants and boxer briefs.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Bolt shouted. “I’ll suck that big dick for damn sure.”

“Get on it and show me what that tongue ring shit is really for,” Nate said.

“I definitely can do that shit,” Bolt said and stuck out his tongue. 

Nate leaned back on his elbows and felt the piece of jewelry on his cock head.  He moaned slightly and saw Bolt with his big brown eyes looking at him and licking his cock.

“Nice dick dude,” Bolt commented and continued licking.  He moved his tongue down to let Nate feel it on his hairy nuts. 

“Damn this feels so fucking good,” Nate said.

“It does when you’re fucking stoned,” Bolt smiled and moved back to Nate’s cock.  He opened his mouth and took a majority of Nate in his mouth.  He moved up and down to have Nate moaning and singing his praises.   Nate put his hand on Bolt’s long hair and pushed down.  He felt Bolt’s mouth at the base.

“Fuck dude!” Nate shouted.

Bolt pulled off, “Deep throating this motherfucker!”

“Love it!” Nate said. His mind started racing with every thought he had about man sex.  His heart was racing and his breathing increased with the early excitement Bolt’s mouth and pierced tongue was showing his raging hard cock.  “Fuck yea Bolt!  Keep sucking that cock!”

Bolt tried to smile with Nate’s cock in his throat.  He relished the encouragement by Nate’s nasty talk and strived to satisfy this man.  His head started moving at warp speed to fuck his mouth and tongue on Nate’s cock.  He could hear the moans and hard breathing with his hand now in his jeans.  His mouth and jaw began to tire and pulled off to kiss Nate hairy stomach.  “Better than any bitch, huh?” Bolt said.

“I’ll say it definitely was,” Nate replied with Bolt at his chest.

“Wanna try your first cock?” Bolt asked.

“I’ll damn sure try,” Nate replied and was so horny at the moment with this 19 year old on his chest.

Bolt stood and got naked.  He grabbed his thick 8 inch cock with no pubic hair to be seen and held his semi-hard cock while Nate looked it over.  “Fucking big, huh?”

“It is and don’t expect my ass to deep throat that shit,” Nate said.

“Not many have been able to but just suck it.  Any blowjob feels good unless you use your teeth,” Bolt said.

Nate moved Bolt closer and forewent any licking.  He opened his mouth and took what he could.  He looked up at Bolt and was glad he wasn’t in his right state of mind.  He felt Bolt put his hand on his shoulder while he moved slowly.

“Suck it Nate!  Suck my fucking dick!” Bolt said.  Nate continued sucking and using his tongue on the underside of Bolt’s hard cock.  “MMMM feels so fucking good!” Bolt said and pushed Nate a little further down. Nate pulled off, spit on Bolt’s cock and went for more.  Bolt stood there and started squeezing his own nipples. 

Nate stopped and moved.  “Let me get a little beer down my throat and maybe enjoy this cock even more.”  Nate grabbed a beer, took a big swig and continued.

“My man likes sucking his first dick, huh?” Bolt smiled.

Nate wanted to answer but just continued to service Bolt’s cock.  Bolt started moaning and soon had Nate off his dripping cock.  He went for and found Nate’s mouth.  Nate took the kiss along with Bolt’s tongue.  He pulled his new found sex mate onto the bed and enjoyed a long session of kissing and running his hands all over Bolt.

“Dude, you have to fuck me,” Bolt said catching his breath. “I need your cock in me.”

“You got condoms?” Nate asked.

“Damn straight I do in my bag for this week,” Bolt said.  He moved off Nate, grabbed the new box and tore open a condom in a heartbeat.  He returned with Nate all smiles and anxious to experience the full gay sex experience.  He unrolled the condom, jacked Nate’s cock to it full hardness and mounted him.  Sliding down, Bolt let out a gasp.  He went down further until all 7 inches of Nate was inside him.  He leaned forward just a little and gently rode Nate.

“Fucking ride that dick, Bolt!” Nate said.

“You like my ass better than bloody stinky pussy?” Bolt asked.

“I let you later but damn your ass is fucking tight,” Nate said.  He grabbed Bolt’s boney hips and moved his hands with Bolt’s actions.  

“OOO fuck yea!” Bolt said with each plunge.  “Love this shit!”

“Love it too.  Let’s make this fucking bed rock!” Nate said.  He was feeling the shear enjoyment even if it was a guy on his cock.  Bolt went hard and faster until the bed started rattling. 

“MMMM yea babe, love this fucking dick in me!” Bolt said in ecstasy with his head cocked back.  The bed continued to rattle with Bolt going at full speed up and down on Nate’s hard cock.

Bolt pulled up and the two moved down in one quick motion. “Now I’m about to really fuck this hot ass!” Nate said.

“I hope you fuck the living hell out of me! Make me feel that fucking dick deep in my ass!” Bolt said.

Nate spread Bolt’s skinny legs a little wide and started pounding his cock in and out of Bolt’s ass.  He wiped the sweat from his brow and continued to give Bolt his cock.  The bed rattled and hummed with the two moaning and panting with each thrust.  Nate pushed Bolt’s ass higher into the higher and jack hammered his cock into Bolt’s hole. 

“Fuck me Nate!  Keep fucking that ass!” Bolt said.

Nate tried to keep the hard pounding with skin popping.  He eased Bolt down and slowed the pace.  Bolt grabbed his 8 inches and started jacking it.  Bolt continued to moan and breath heavy until he started to squeal.     “Fucking cumming, dude!” Bolt announced.  His abs tightened before busting his load onto his stomach. 

Nate pulled out and tossed off the condom.  Bolt leaned forward and jacked Nate until feeling the cum coat his cheek and neck.  Both collapsed beside each other and tried to catch their breath.

“Fucking hot, huh?” Bolt said.

“Definitely not what I expected when I first saw you earlier,” Nate said.

“Did you like it?”

“Fuck yea I did.  I busted a nice load,” Nate said.

“You did,” Bolt smiled.

The two kissed and petted each other while coming down from that high.  Bolt grabbed Nate by the hand to lead him to shower off.  After the shower, Nate laid on top of a bed naked.  Bolt came over with the last of the beer to finish it off together.  Bolt had a few smokes in the bed as well and shared a few drags with Nate.  They enjoyed talking and sharing their sexual experiences.  Nate wasn’t surprised to hear Bolt’s rather slutty past but Nate’s wasn’t much better only with various women. 

Before Nate knew it, Bolt was sound asleep next to him.  He woke Bolt to get under the covers and had Bolt snuggled against him with the night relatively early still. 

Nate was up first the next morning and did sleep fairly well.  Bolt was still sleeping when Nate headed to drain off the last night’s beer.  He couldn’t believe what had transpired but actually enjoyed the experience the more he thought about.  He started the in-room coffee and found some clothes to check outside.  Before even opening the door, Nate could see the sun shining brightly and knew the ice would soon be gone so he could continue. 

Bolt woke to the smell of fresh coffee and an impressive boner.  He laughed and headed to piss. 

“Good news Bolt, the roads should be clear here shortly,” Nate said.

“Damn I was hoping for it would be even worse,” Bolt smiled. “I fucking loved you fucking me last night.”

“Bolt, I really enjoy it.  It was simply great!” Nate said.

Bolt came over and gave Nate a big tongue filled kiss.  “This I guess will be your classic one nighter,” Bolt laughed.

“Maybe… Tech is only like a 20 minute drive from my house,” Nate smiled.

“Damn right it is,” Bolt said.

“I suspect you’ll be back with those college guys and forget all about me once you get back,” Nate said.

“You never know,” Bolt said.  “What’s the chance of you fucking my ass again for my Christmas present?”

“I’d say the chance is 100 percent,” Nate smiled.

Nate got naked and gave Bolt an encore performance.  This time he knew what to expect and relaxed even more to enjoy the sex.  It was slower and more passionate.

Walking out the hotel room, both could see the roads clearing off and traffic moving at a good pace. 

“Nate, I’ll never forget this ever,” Bolt said with his jacket on and his bag in his hand.

“I won’t either.  Thanks a million for showing me another side,” Nate said.  The next door opened with two middle aged men coming out.  Nate and Bolt laughed after hearing the two last night.  “Follow me, Bolt.  First stop I find I’m buying breakfast.”

“Sounds like a winner to me!” Bolt smiled.

A few miles down the road, Nate pulled off with Bolt right behind him.  They ate and talked about what to expect for Christmas.  Both hated the last and final goodbye.

“You might hear from me on New Year’s Eve,” Bolt smiled.

“I’ll be waiting then,” Nate said. 

They exchanged a quick hug with Bolt wanting more.  He turned Nate’s head and filled his mouth with his tongue.  Nate left the parking lot of the eatery with a big smile.  The two followed each other down the road until Nate pulled off the interstate some three hours later.  He wondered if he’d ever see Bolt again but would always cherish the memory and feelings.

Another one chapter with the possibility of a sequel for New Year's Eve... hope you enjoyed this horny tale.