Posted:   December 24, 2009

Curtis opened his trunk and took out the small wrapped gifts he had purchased.  He entered the homeless shelter with his bag full and a few in his arms.  Quickly he began seeing the smiles on the younger ones faces as he walked closer to the tree in the large hall.  The coordinator at the shelter approached Curtis with his hand stuck out. 

“As always, we knew we could count your contribution,” the man spoke.
“Is this the third or fourth year to see your bag full of much welcomed presents?”

“Actually it’s only my third,” Curtis replied.

“Any way, you know it will be much appreciated by the younger ones here,” the man said and helped place the presents around the tree.

Curtis bent over near the man, “You did say 8 boys and 7 girls this year right?”

“Yes sir but that number changes daily but whatever you found in your heart to bring is fine,” the man replied.

Curtis placed the wrapped gifts under the tree.  He rose and felt better already being able to give back to his community on this Christmas Eve afternoon.  A small girl no more than 6 approached Curtis and smiled with a few teeth missing.  She stuck out her arms.  Curtis knelt down and took the warm hug of appreciate. 

“I did it cause Mommy made me,” the little girl said.

“Tell your Mommy thanks,” Curtis smiled and winked.

Curtis stood back up and headed out of the large hall.  He was given a few handshakes on his way out by the older men there.  He was about to leave when he spotted a teen boy in the corner with his knees up and his head between them.  Curtis pecked the boy on the head.  The boy looked up under his long nasty blond hair.

“Merry Christmas,” Curtis said.

“Yea right Mister,” the boy who now looked to be a teen if not older replied gruffly.

Curtis looked at the young man and could see nothing but trouble and heartache written all over him by his unmistakable body language.  Curtis’ heart sank and knew he wanted to do something to help the distraught.  “Bad day, huh?” Curtis asked.

“More like a nightmare for the past 6 months,” the teen replied with sadness written all of him. “What’s worse is those brats get everything.”

“What do you want?” Curtis said.

“Just leave Mister,” the teen said.

“No tell me,” Curtis stated and began to notice the teen reminded him of his nephew with his stringy blond hair and slim body.

“I said just leave.  I’m fine!” the teen said.

“I was going to help where I could,” Curtis said with a shrug of his shoulders and started walking out the door to the chilly afternoon.  He was on the sidewalk about to get in his car when he felt a cold bare hand on his shoulder.  Curtis turned around to see the teen there, cold and desperate.

“Mister… I really could use some socks and a warm coat if that’s not asking too much,” the teen said.

With his brain clicking away, he glanced at his watch to see it was 4 pm.  “Get in my car.  If we’re lucky, we can find somewhere open to fulfill your needs this Christmas.”

“Thank you… thank you so much!” the teen said.

“Get in the car before both freeze our ass off,” Curtis said.

The teen smiled and waited for Curtis to open the door to his nice Toyota Four Runner.  They buckled their seat belts and back out of the lot.

“My dad has one of these or used to.  Sweet ride,” the teen said.

“Thanks, I’m Curtis by the way,” Curtis said.

“Robert here and thanks again,” Robert replied.

“What’s your story there Robert?  Everyone there has one and usually is willing to tell it,” Curtis asked driving.

“You don’t want to know,” Robert replied.

“I do.  Something had to have went horribly wrong for you to wind up at the shelter,” Curtis said. “You’re far too young for that place.”

“Horribly is an understatement.  My rents found a few things out about me this summer after I graduated and told me to hit the road,” Robert said.

“Drugs are awful,” Curtis said.

“They are and didn’t touch em until my ass was out on the streets,” Robert said. “My rents kicked me out because I was different.”

“You don’t look that different to me,” Curtis said.

“I look totally different than I used to.  I’m down to skin and bones right now…” Robert said and started to cry.

Curtis drove in silence and could see Robert was very upset.  He breathed a sigh of relief seeing a Target Supercenter was still open for business.  He parked among the last minute shoppers with Robert wiping his face. 

“Come on Robert, I need to brighten your day,” Curtis said.

Robert and Curtis walked fast and saw they had an hour to shop before the store closed for the holidays.  The two made a quick march back to the men’s department.  Finding thick socks was easy for the pair but finding a warm coat that actually fit was harder.

“Not too nice Curtis.  They’ll steal it from me in a heartbeat,” Robert stated.

Curtis found one that was a little big on Robert and didn’t scream expensive plus it was more youthful looking than the others.  Both agreed it was perfect.   Before leaving, Curtis grabbed a hoodie as well that Robert liked.

Back in the car, Curtis had a nice feeling all over his body and could see Robert appreciated the spur of the moment gifts.  “Finally some is nice to me instead of turning their nose at me like I’m some pile of dog shit,” Robert commented in the car. “I tried not to be homeless but what can you do?”

“Maybe go back to your parents and ask for forgiveness for whatever you did,” Curtis said.

“Like that’s ever happening.  I tried and tried until they stopped taking my calls.  My dad said I made a choice and had to live with the consequences of it.  Like I really had a choice in the matter,” Robert said.

“I’m confused.  What on earth could be so horrible that you did?  Did you molest someone or something?”

“No dude, I’m a fucking fag as my dad called me,” Robert said quietly.

“What? Your dad kicked you and left you to suffer like this for liking guys.  Glad my parents were a little more tolerant than that,” Curtis said.

“Are you gay as well, Curtis?” Robert asked looking at Curtis.

“Yes Robert, I’m not ashamed to say I am gay.  It really breaks my heart to see some poor young innocent soul being left with nothing because of your sexuality.  You did nothing wrong,” Curtis said. “Where are you staying at tonight?”

“At the shelter, where else?” Robert said, matter of factly.

“Consider those plans changed for the time being.  Your saga has really touched me,” Curtis said. "You're stay with me."

“Oh I see.  You’re taking me home and raping my ass.  No way!” Robert shouted.

“Fine, spend Christmas with a bunch of druggies and weirdoes. I want and expect nothing from you,” Curtis stated.

“You promise not to touch me,” Robert said.

“I promise with everything I have not to touch you,” Curtis said.

“Okay then, maybe a warm soft bed would be nice.  You’re not to slip me a Mickey and fuck me senseless, are you?”

“Look Robert, I’m not that kind of guy.  All I see is a young gay guy in need.  I’ll help you in any way.  Let me ask you this, you won’t steal me blind, will ya?”

Robert didn’t answer and stared out the window for a few minutes.  Robert pulled in the lot of the shelter.  “Fine, I suspect you have more to lose in this matter than I ever could.”

“So, no more smart ass remarks then,” Curtis said. “I’m only trying to be nice and offer a helping hand.  I can see where you’ve been jaded enough to think some man is nice to you and wants sex.”

“You’re definitely right there.  Sometimes they aren’t even nice and still have sex with me,” Robert said. “No more smart ass remarks, I promise.”

Curtis headed off the lot and hated to see the other poor souls entering the shelter on this Christmas Eve.  He drove and chatted with Robert about life on the street.  Robert didn’t withhold and told of the terror sometimes associated it along the helpless feelings he had as well.  Now Curtis’ heart strings were being yanked so hard.  He wanted to cry for Robert but showed as much compassion as he could.

They entered Curtis’ modest home in the suburbs. 

“Looks similar to my old house,” Robert stated. “A tad bit more updated though.”

“I hope you will feel comfortable.  I have a strong feeling you’ll let me know if I get inappropriate with you,” Curtis said.

Robert walked into the living room and spotted the small Christmas tree and presents under it.  Curtis said the presents were from family who lived a good 1500 miles away. 

“You know what I need more than anything right about now?” Robert stated.

“Don’t say beer,” Curtis joked.

“No, a good long hot shower,” Robert said. “It’s been a few days since I’ve had one.”

“That I can accommodate,” Curtis replied with a smile.  “Second door on your right.  There should be towels in the closet along with a few miscellaneous toiletries there as well.”

“Awesome,” Robert said. He headed down the hall and entered the bathroom without any problem.  He enjoyed the warm water and nice body wash to cleanse his youthful body.  He returned with his long uncut blond hair still wet with his same clothes back on.

“You don’t have any other clothes?” Curtis asked.

“You didn’t see me carrying any, did ya?” Robert replied.

“Follow me,” Curtis said and led Robert to his bedroom and his closet.  “Surely you can find something to wear in here.  I realize I’m a little bigger than you but I have belts.”

“Wicked,” Robert said, scanning through the clothes.  Curtis pointed out the part of the closet he never wore and let Robert pick out whatever he wanted.  Robert grabbed a shirt and jeans from the selection offered.  He pulled off his old ragged sweatshirt there in the closet to show his thin hairless body.  He shucked his dirty jeans and quickly put on the larger pair of Curtis’.  Curtis found a belt to help keep them on Robert’s body.

“When do we eat?” Robert asked.

“I’m sorry.  I’ll grab something and throw it in the microwave,” Curtis said.

“A pizza would really the spot,” Robert said.

“I can do that too if you’re willing to wait for it to cook,” Curtis said.

“I can as long as you have something to munch on,” Robert stated.

The two headed out to the kitchen.  Curtis found a frozen pizza in the freezer and turned on the oven.  He handed Robert some chips to tide him over.  Curtis sat back and watched Robert devour the chips and handed him a soda to wash it down. 

“Robert seriously, your parents just tossed you out because you were gay?” Curtis asked.

“Yes my dad did. He said he wasn’t having a cock sucking faggot living under his roof.  He drove me here and dropped me off at that shelter.  I cried for days.  The worst part is I tried to find work to support myself but since I didn’t have a car they weren’t hiring.”

“It’s really hard to believe someone especially a parent is that cold hearted,” Curtis said.

“Call him up if you don’t believe me,” Robert said.

“What’s his number? I’ll do it,” Curtis asked.  Curtis grabbed his phone.  He started punching in the numbers before realizing he needed it to be private.  He hung up, punched in the code and redialed the number from memory. 

Curtis heard the phone ringing and a man pick it up.  “Is the father of a Robert there?”

Father:  “This is him.  What do you want?”

Curtis:  “Your son is here at this home.  I was wondering if you could come by and pick him…”

“Not a chance in hell, Mister! Hope the faggot son of a bitch rots in hell!” Click… the phone went dead.

Curtis looked at the phone in disbelief.  He pondered whether to redial the number.  “I’m sold now.”

“I told you,” Robert said. “He’s one cold hearted bitch.”

“I’ll say,” Curtis said. “Robert, you’re a better person than me.  Did suicide ever enter your mind?”

“Yea but I was too scared to try,” Robert laughed. “Can we forget all that?  I live it every day.  Can we have a normal Christmas Eve or for that part just a normal regular night?”

“As soon as that pizza is done we will,” Curtis smiled and had a hard time believing what he had just heard.  He wanted to give Robert a big hug but promised not to touch him.  The pizza was soon finished and both chowed down on the hot pizza with some sodas.

“Curtis, you haven’t said yet but how old are you?” Robert asked finishing the last slice.

“31,” Curtis replied.

“You really look good for 31 years old,” Robert smiled.  “I hope I see my 30th birthday.”

“I have a good feeling you will,” Curtis said.  “Now let’s get in there and have some sort of Christmas Eve.  I’ll do whatever you want.”

They went to the living room.  Curtis lit the fireplace to add to the atmosphere and give added warmth.  Robert wanted to sing a few Christmas carols like he used to a home. He opened his mouth and out came a beautiful singing voice.  Curtis listened to the Christmas carol until Robert wanted him to join in.  They sang a few songs before turning on the television to watch “A Christmas Story” which both had seen and enjoyed it again.  Curtis remembered he had eggnog in the refrigerator and poured some out.  Robert wasn’t too fond of it and drank just a little.

With the night getting late, Curtis could see Robert dozing off in the chair.  He suggested that it was time to head to sleep.  Curtis showed Robert the guest room before heading to his own.  Curtis did his nightly reading but his mind was far too jumbled to concentrate.  He lay in bed in the dark to consider everything that had transpired.  He hoped Robert would keep his promise and not steal him blind.  He still had doubts and didn’t trust his new found friend though Robert seemed to appreciate Curtis’ generosity. 

Waking Christmas morning, Curtis peeked in the guest room to see Robert was still there and sleeping like a baby.  He looked around the house and could see Robert hadn’t moved.  He walked in the living room and saw his presents under the tree.  He felt bad that there was nothing there for his new friend on this special day.  He found a piece of paper to write a big ‘IOU’ for the day after and signed it ‘Santa’.  Curtis started his morning coffee with his computer in front of him.  He finished his second cup and heard a door open.  He waited and saw Robert standing there in his jeans and looking so cute.

“I take Santa didn’t show up here last night,” Robert commented, still sleepy.

“How would you know if he did come?  You were out,” Curtis laughed.

“Hell yea I was.  Finally to get to sleep in a real bed for a change,” Robert laughed. “I guess I can watch you open your presents.”

“No, you can help me,” Curtis said and turned off his computer.  They walked into the living room and grabbed the presents.  There wasn’t many so Curtis knew it would go quickly. 

“Dude what the??” Robert asked opening a present.  He pulled out the ‘Fleshlight’.

“I’ll take that,” Curtis said and snatched it from Robert’s hand.

“Jack off toy, huh?” Robert smiled.

“Yes it is for those lonely nights,” Curtis replied. “My friend always sends me shit like that but wait til he sees the gift I got him.”

“What was it?” Robert asked.

“A double dicked dildo for him and his partner,” Curtis smiled.

“Hot, dude!” Robert said. “Now show me how that thing works.”

“Not on your life, Robert,” Curtis said.

“Damn, at least I tried,” Robert laughed. “I know what it is.  I’m not that stupid.”

“You little…” Curtis rubbed Robert’s long blond hair in fun.  “You know I think that old fat guy was here some time during the night.  Take a long in that stocking and see if he was.”

Robert stood up and grabbed the stocking.  “Just some stupid ‘IOU’ note.”

“I’m sorry but it was the only thing I could think of,” Curtis said.

“Oh it’s for me… When???” Robert changed his tone.

“Tomorrow at the big after Christmas sales,” Curtis replied.

“Great!  You can pick me up and we can go!” Robert said showing his youthful joy.

“Pick you up?”

“Yea at the shelter,” Robert said. Curtis shook his head no.  “You mean I can stay another night here?!!”

“Robert, there’s no way I can let you go back there.  If you’re willing to try, continue to show respect towards me and get things heading in the right direction, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you need,” Curtis said.

“That’s so… so awesome, dude!” Robert said with tears flowing down his face. “That’s a big enough gift right… right there.”

Curtis had tears streaming down his face as well.  Robert went over and gave him a huge sincere hug.  “Can I kiss you?” Robert said.

“By all means,” Curtis said. 

Robert puckered up his lips and gave Curtis the biggest heartfelt kiss of his life.  “Finally… someone gives a shit about…me,” Robert sobbed.

“I do, Robert… you’ve… won my heart and made this one great Christmas…” Curtis sobbed along with him. “It’s… just beginning, too.”


Just a two part story... Hope you enjoyed it!!