We continue the story of Stanton and Raymond clans. What will happen to Eric and Robert, and their fathers? And how two gay
lovers have children in the 1940s? We will find that our in this second part of this generational story.
It was just the end of another year for the Stanton clan, and Harris wasn’t happy at all. His only son is missing and presumed lost.
His wife blamed him for the loss, and left him too. Through his whole life he was making moves to secure a better position that
would ultimately help his family grow and be prosperous. He made numerous contacts with the main players in this small town
which led to his position to construct and build the city’s first college.
Now, he has the financial capital, along with a slew of people on his rolodex and he has nobody to share it with. He cannot for
the life of him understand why Robert left the family. He wasn’t an abusive father, wasn’t someone whose work got in the way of
his family responsibilities. The only cause for Robert’s departure must have been how he forbade him from seeing that lowlife
Raymond. He didn’t want his son mixed up with those people, Eric or Eli or Evan or whatever his name was had a father who was
the dictionary definition of poor. He lived in a house that could barely cover their heads. They couldn’t even keep their family farm
from the bank’s position when the great depression hit. The Stantons have been living in Texas since it became a state. His own
grandfather built the house he lived in. His great grandfather was the mayor here, and his great great grandfather help found this
community. If a bank ever tried to take what his family built he would have died to protect it.
It’s not that Franklin Raymond had less financial means, but he didn’t give a rat’s ass about their heritage, their linage or their
family. He didn’t want his son to be associated with people like that. However, that couldn’t be the reason he left his only father;
there had to be another reason. The last six months since his son left he had been racking his brain to figure out what it could be. 
He only had one resource left to contact. He refused to answer this man’s call; Harris saw no reason to speak with that man. He
spent two months letting his business fail, while he travelled around the state looking for his son. He called in all his favors,
pulled any string, and in the end nobody brought him good news.
He needed to find his son, and he knew deep down this man would know where he was. He got into his car and drove to the
poorest part of town as the rain fell. When he arrived at the Raymond household there was laughter. This surprised Harris. He
would assume that their family would be in a wrecked state like him.  Unless…he kicked the door open with Franklin Raymond and
his two sons listening to their cousin’s stories.
“What the hell?” Franklin stated as he noticed Harris.
“Where is he?”  Harris was fuming; he let all his anger and frustration out on one person. “How can you sit there, and laugh when
your first born is missing.”
“How dare you barge into my house?”
Harris laughed, “You called this piece of dog shit a house?”
“Yes, now get out before my boys throw you out.”
“Franklin?  Where is my son?”
“How the hell should I know? If it weren’t for you my son would be here right now. But you stuck your own nose in their business
and they’re off together somewhere.”
Harris was taken back, he needed to know more. “What did I do to warrant Robert’s departure?”
“Your stupid philosophy that people of your social standing could not associate with people of my standing,” he retorted.
“That is total bullshit,” Harris yelled back. “You did not like the wealthy any more than I like the poor.”
“You brainwashed my son, promised him a great life.” Franklin was drawing at straws, and Harris knew it.
“I want Robert back.” Harris shot back, instead of continuing a fruitless debate.
“Then why did you make him join the war?” That much he knew, from his letters from Eric.
“What are you going on about? He wanted to join the war; he wanted to seek revenge on his uncle’s death.
“Then why did he run away with my son?  The reason is you have a destiny for your son. You want him to be a model citizen; you
wanted him to be like you. You wanted him to be the next mayor, the next important person.”
“Yeah,” Harris announced proudly, “What father wouldn’t.”
“What father wouldn’t push their son to a lifestyle they didn’t want?”
“Admit it, Franklin, you didn’t want our sons talking any more than I did.”
Franklin sighed, giving Harris an opening. “I take that as a yes.”
“I didn’t want them falling in love.” Franklin said without thinking. Franklin’s sons had been listening to the entire thing, and knew
at that moment it was their time to make themself scarce.
“In love? My son isn’t a queer; my son is not a perverted deviant.”
Harris was blindsided by this disgusting notion of revulsion. He couldn’t fathom such a horrible offense to his family than having
a homosexual son, “You bastard!”
Harris, without much warning to Franklin, took the closest thing to him, a book, and threw it at Franklin.
That led to Franklin running straight for Harris. He punched him a few times in the face, smiling as blood was gushing from his
nose. However, Harris was waiting for the right moment and kicked him in the groin, as his hands went to the injury; Harris picked
the skinny Raymond patriarch up and ramming him into a wall. He heard a break, but didn’t care.
What he said about Robert is unforgivable, “Had an enough?”
Franklin was bleeding hard; he knew his arm was broken as soon as his skin touched the metal picture frame that was on the
wall. He knocked over a long blue candle.
He took his unbroken arm and went inside his coat pocket and produced a small revolver. Harris was frightened now.
“Get out of my house, and out of my life.”  Harris didn’t move.
“What are you doing with a gun?”
“Harris, you dickhead, it’s Texas everybody has a gun.” Then without another word the gun was fired and it hit Harris in the
shoulder. The gun was aimed lower, “Don’t make me shoot of your little friend too.”
Harris moved with lightning speed and left the Raymond clan. He had a doctor come see him at his house. He poured himself a
scotch and prayed that Franklin was lying. However, after sleeping on it and thinking over Robert’s life, it was obvious that his
son was queer. All the signs had been there. Now, he had a new mission and a new desire to find his son.

It has been about a year since Eric had moved away from his family and friends to be with the one guy he loved more than
anything. Even today, it was hard to put into words how much he loved Robert. He knew Robert shared his love. As much as he
loved being with Robert, there were times when he missed his home and his family.  He loved his father, mother and brothers
very much, but he knew that they wouldn’t understand why he left.  Three weeks after they moved to San Francisco he wrote his
father a letter not telling specifically where he was, only to reassure him that he was safe and happy. His father never answered
that correspondence.
The war in Europe was the talk of the town, and most people believed it would be ending soon. There had been talk about the
Germans and rumors of concentration camps all over, where they were killing all the Jews and gays they could find. It frightened
him to think what would have happened if he or Robert entered that war.  Eric was glad that Robert never joined the war effort;
he would hate not having his lover around him, or learning that he died.
In the late September when there was news from General Eisenhower that Italy surrendered to the allies; everybody in America
was cheering with excitement. Robert was pleased as he kissed his lover with more passion than he ever imagined in his life.  It
was that night, when they had an extremely long talk well into the early morning hours.
“I think it’s time for it?” Robert suggested.
“You really want to start a family now.”
“Yes, I want to raise a son with you.”
“Okay,” Eric agreed, however, although they had talked about this very thing for months, it was Robert who had put it off with
varying reasons and excuses. “Why now?”
“The war, of course,” Robert said with a sigh. Eric was well aware that most of Robert’s senior class went overseas. One of his
best friends at the time managed to send a lengthy letter explaining that their three friends had perished in an assault.  “We are
losing so many people in this horrible war. I am sure the survivors and troops that return home will want to start families too. We
could at least help build this population.”
“I agree, it will be a huge boom for sure. Well, love, I am ready for us to start this family, the question is how.”
The next morning, almost like a sign, a knock on their apartment door was heard. Robert walked over and was greeted by two
lovely ladies.
“Does Eric Raymond live here?” The taller one asked. Almost suspicious, Robert was going to say they had the wrong place. He
was aware of his father’s resources and aware that for the past two years he was trying to locate him. Eric though seemed to
know the women and allowed them to enter.
Eric smiled and introduced his friends, Paige and Trinity, to Robert. Eric also made sure that he did not introduce him as his
boyfriend. After the friendly chitchat Eric asked the obvious question.
“How did you ever find us?”
“We weren’t actually looking for you.” Trinity answered. “You see after graduation my boyfriend upped and joined the war, like
everybody else. I loved him dearly. However, within three months he was wounded, and while the doctors tried their best, Harold
Paige, putting a hand on Trinity shoulder, continued, “So, when she learned of the news months later, she decided to leave the
city, too many bad memories, and so I decided to be a good friend and go with her. We ended up first going north to Detroit,
where they were looking for people to help in the factories.
“We did that for several months, but the guys there were obnoxious, trying to take advantage of me or Trinity, so instead of
risking our bodies to any of their perverted acts, we fled to the west and settled into Los Angeles.”
“We have been living there ever since,” Trinity continued. “I managed to get a job as a receptionist and Paige dabbled in writing.
Long story short, a week ago Paige needed some inspiration for a new story, so we decided to take a short vacation here. Last
Friday, we saw Eric at dinner, and so we checked the phone book and there was your address. Plus Paige’s uncle works in town;
he never liked the Texas weather and moved out here as soon as he was able.

“That is amazing.” Eric was stunned and they started talking more about their travels. They spent the entire day together. Eric
seemed to really like Trinity a lot. He told Robert discreetly that he and Trinity had a quick thing, but nothing ever became of it.
What got Eric thinking though was Robert seemed to really enjoy his time with Paige. So, maybe fate has brought an answer their
Over the next week Eric and Robert had managed to spend a lot more time with these girls. Eric loved Trinity’s way of just
speaking her mind without much filter.
“Hey,” Eric said when Robert was brushing his teeth, “I think I have an idea. Let’s marry Trinity and Paige.”
“Marry?” Robert stated nearly dropping his brush. “Isn’t that rushing into it a little? I mean we barely know them.”
“Tell me you don’t get along well with Paige.”
“Well,” Robert began. “I would be lying if I said no.” Robert thought quickly and then came to a decision.
“How do you plan on accomplishing this mission, we don’t even know if they like us.”
“Lover,” Eric kissed him sweetly, and then winked. “Trust me.”
“I hate when you do that.” 
“No you don’t.” He winked again and left Robert to finish up.
That night on the girls last night here, Eric had suggested they go out to eat at a nice restaurant he knew they wanted to see.
Throughout the night, Eric used his charm, his humor and his flirting ability that Robert had succumbed to on Trinity. Robert
catching on, followed suit. The night continued with a romantic walk and ended with some amazing sex. Robert and Eric were no
virgins when it came to women. They never did like girls in that manner, but for Robert he needed to keep up appearances and for
Eric, Trinity was his first last year.
Eric made Trinity feel the so great that her screams were heard all over the town, but he didn’t care, he enjoyed the sex. There
was no love in it, it was just fucking. And that was one addiction Eric craved above anything else.
The next morning, the girls drove back to Los Angeles, feeling happy about their encounter with Eric and Robert. It was two weeks
later when Eric asked them on another date when he and Robert wanted a tour of Los Angeles.
Robert still had money from Harris, so finances were not a big concern for them; however, Eric still wanted to earn some cash for
the couple, and became a taxi driver. It was an honest living and it allowed him to meet interesting people. One of them spoke at
length about Los Angeles.
With Trinity and Paige liking the idea, they drove to the city and spent the entire week with the girls, they showed them
everything good about the city. However, each night Eric and Robert separated to be alone with his girl and that led to more sex
and more fun. Eric was starting to have feelings of true friendship with Trinity and he was convinced that Robert was too.
Before they knew it Robert and Eric were planning on how to propose to their girls. They had visited each other almost every
weekend since. They decided to do it on Christmas Day, when the girls were in town to visit Paige’s uncle. Robert for a long time
thought they had no uncle and it was all a ruse to meet Eric again. Robert told Eric all the time how much Trinity had fallen head
over feels for him.
At lunch on Christmas Day, Eric pulled Trinity away from Robert and Paige who couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Eric
assumed Robert was bisexual in some form, which made their sex lives kinkier.
“It’s a beautiful day,” Eric stated.
“It is a great day. I still cannot believe how far we came since you dropped out of college.”
“Yeah,” Eric and Robert told them, they had wanted to see the world and were scared to death about the draft, as so they fled.
“There is something I need to ask you.”
“What’s that?”
“I want to marry you.” I blurted it out.
“It’s been four months since we started dating. Isn’t a little sudden?” Eric knew that she was just playing with him, and could see
in her eyes how much she liked the idea.
“No, I think it’s a great idea. Robert is asking Paige right now too. We had planned this day down to the tee.”
“Okay, then, what happens now.”
“You say ‘yes’, then and Paige says ‘yes’. Then we hit the town to celebrate.”
“Then I better say yes.”
She didn’t say yes, she just kissed him full on the lips that made Eric’s knees buckle. Then, he heard a scream from the next room.
It was obvious that Paige agreed to marry Robert.  They spent the next week together and planned to get married January 30th. It
would be a small ceremony.
Eric and Robert made sweet passionate love the moment their girls left and Robert showed Eric how much he loved him. They
talked about the kids they would have. They talked about the guilt they shared for misleading Trinity and Paige about their
activities. Eric suggested that they knew.
“It’s not like we hid who we are?”
“Yep,” agreed Robert.
The next weeks flew by and soon they were at the altar, exchanging vows. Robert and Eric explained that they had huge falling
out with their parents and that is why they didn’t invite them for the ceremony. However, Eric did invite his two brothers, knowing
that they wouldn’t say anything.
The ceremony went off without a hitch, and their honeymoon was great. Somehow Trinity made him feel new levels of ecstasy. It
made him wonder if he was bisexual inside. Robert and Eric persuaded the girls to move to San Francisco where they moved into
a new apartment that was much larger. They lived next door to each other, which allowed Robert and Eric to have some time for
each other without the suspicions occurring.
However, a month later there was news from Paige and Trinity, they were pregnant. Eric and Robert were on the moon. They
couldn’t believe it happened so quickly. It turned out that Trinity conceived on the night they proposed and Paige a month earlier. 
Robert was happy that he was finally having a son, who was going to be everything to him. He knew Eric was equally happy. The
one thing that annoyed him still, was their wives. He had grown to love Paige as his wife and cared a lot for her. He just didn’t
know how to tell them that his love for Eric was on a different level.
Eric and Robert were escaping from the drama of the war, by going to the movies. The movies had always been a great escape for
them. It allowed them to have some quiet time alone away from their spouse. Paige and Trinity understood their relationship and
allowed them their time together.
After the movie, they had dinner at one of their frequented restaurants and talked about the picture. Then the subject turned
more serious.
“What are we going to do when they are born?”
“What do you mean?” Eric asked; he was clueless sometimes.
“I mean, Paige and Trinity are close and we still haven’t told them about us.”
“Why do we tell them about that? We married them and we loved. If they knew about us it would be extremely dangerous.”
“You would rather continue playing the role of my brother for the rest of your life?”
“What do you suggest, Robbie?”
“After the babies are born we tell them about our relationship. I believe Paige knows about me.”
“I don’t know but she must suspect it. I mean, we have our trips every month.”
“So?” Eric was alarmed that Robert wanted to tell them this now. “Tell me the real reason behind this all.”
Robert took his hand in a brotherly way, which they both knew meant more. “I miss you, brother.”
The way he said brother allowed Eric to pick up on what he meant. “Being away from you even a night makes it unbearable. And
to have to tell our children that we are brothers….”
“I know Robbie. What choice do we have?” They continued to stare at each other, both in a stalemate on how to proceed.
It was June 6, 1944. Across the sea in Europe the invasion of Normandy had begun and this day turned out to be an important one
for Americans in this War. D-Day will be remembered not just because the American troops succeed against their German foes,
but it will be remembered by Robbie as the day his life changed.
The morning of June 6, Robbie was making breakfast, he was excited because he and Eric had planned to spend the day together
and most of the night on their monthly excursions. However, Eric was fearful about going out because Trinity was due in a few
days.  Robert managed to convince Eric that they needed this time, since their wives began to show their time alone was not
unusual. Robbie didn’t even remember the last time they had sex.
So after breakfast the two them kissed their brides goodbye and set out to a friend’s place. It was theirs for the entire weekend. 
The moment they set foot into the master bedroom their clothes were off and Robbie was screaming for Eric’s cock. 
Their sex was magical, and memorable. It was the best love-making session Robbie ever had. It was around dinner time when
they were setting up for round two when the phone rang for the seventeenth time. Eric was set to answer it, but Robbie forbids it
as he took Eric on kitchen table.
Thirty-five minutes later after that encounter the door opened and in walked Paige. She saw Eric and Robert in an embrace and
kissing. “What are you two doing?”   Before either of them could reply water hit the floor where Paige stood. Robbie knew exactly
what just happened. Paige was going into labor.
Resolved to come clean after they dealt with Paige, they carried her to the hospital. The two of them screaming like an old
married couple. Robbie was complaining about how bad a driver Eric was, while Eric almost got into three accidents on the way to
the hospital.
Out in the waiting area Robbie and Eric were pacing. It felt like hours, but in minutes a doctor came to tell Eric the news. His son
had been born.
“I’m sorry, doctor.” Eric protested, pointing to Robbie. “His wife went into labor.”
“I know, Mr. Raymond. Your wife had been here for six hours.”
“What? Where is she?” Eric ran with the doctor as Robbie waited for news about his wife. Now he understood why the phone was
ringing. Thoughts were rushing through his head. His need to be with the man he loved and feel him inside of him caused him to
miss his own son’s birth.
Another doctor tapped him on the shoulder, Robbie didn’t register his presence. He didn’t even know three hours had passed.
“Yes, how is she.”
“She and the baby are fine. We need to keep him here overnight, just to be safe.” The doctor explained that it wasn’t an easy
birth and there were some minor complications, however, the result was that he was the father of baby boy.
“Can I see them?”
“Unfortunately, no.” the doctor said.
“Does my wife need rest?”
“No, she said to tell you that she doesn’t want you near her child right now. She seemed very aggravated. And, so I want her to be
stress free.”
“Are you telling me I cannot see my own child?”
“I cannot allow you upsetting the mother.” Wanting to argue with the doctor, Robbie opened his mouth. But before he could, the
doctor walked away.
Robbie was about to go see the child himself, when Eric came out not happy at all.
“Are you okay?” Eric asked seeing Robert’s face.
“I was about to ask you the same thing.”
Eric informed Robert that given what Paige walked in on, that he would confess to Trinity about them. He felt it would be best
coming from him than Paige. His son wasn’t in the room at the time, so she screamed at him and told him to get out. She never
wants to see me again.
“I am sorry.” Robbie put his arm around Eric, while explaining the conversation he had with the doctor.
“I am sorry, too, bro.” Eric meant love, but they couldn’t express their love here. So, in public places they used the term bro.
Robbie realized something, “Your son wasn’t there?”
“Nope, he was taken to the nursery,”
“Let’s go find him.”
They searched the floor and eventually found the viewing room with the other children there. They located their sons.  There was
sign by the incubator that said Raymond. The boy looked healthy and clean. Eric was crying at the site of his own son. Then he
moved Robert’s attention to the incubator three babies down and there was a child under a Stanton card. He saw his son and
hugged Eric. They both forgot about what their wives knew and their future, and only thought about their sons, and how happy
they were at this very moment.
One month later, Eric and Robert were in a hotel room, and very annoyed. Paige and Trinity refused to speak to them and worse,
they wouldn’t let their husbands take care of their child. In fact they forbid Eric and Robert to see their sons.
They were kicked out of their apartments and Paige had even called her father to make sure Robert and Eric left. Out of some
compassion, Trinity convinced Paige to let them see their sons. One week later Eric and Robert met their wives, they both looked
mad, but both held their sons in their arms.
Eric took his son, and Robert took his. Eric’s nose, eyes and cheeks were in there. “I want to call him Jason.”
Trinity had already thought about names and surprisingly Jason was one of her first choices. As for Paige the child was named.
“Robbie, your son is named John Kristopher Stanton.”
“Kristopher with a K?”
“Yes, named after my grandfather.”
“Okay,” Eric knew Robbie well enough that he had wanted the right to choose his own son’s name but given that their actions
last month caused Paige to go into premature labor, Robbie seemed to accept the choice. Eric learned later that he loved the
name. After the meeting, Trinity gave them a picture of their sons and told them both that they will be seeking a divorce. With
Trinity having a lawyer in the family, Eric knew they were going to get it.
He didn’t care as long as he stayed in his son’s life.
“We promise that regardless what we think of your disgusting lifestyle, we know you are good people. So, we will let you stay in
your children’s life.”
That was more than Eric and Robert could have hoped for. After they left them, they went back to the hotel where they were
staying and realized it was ransacked. All their clothes and items were shredded. Out of the washroom came a man in a uniform
who nodded.
Before either of them could turn around they were knocked out.
Eric awoke first, he realized he was in a car and they were being driven somewhere. The car stopped and the two of them were
harshly thrown out. The impact woke up Robbie.
“Where are we?’ Eric asked.
“Shut up, queer. “
Eric looked around and noticed they were in the middle of forestry area, there were no roads, and no signs of life for miles. He
turned where he heard a kick. The lead man in a uniform kicked Robert hard in the chest.
“Stop it!” Eric yelled.
“No!” The man said smiling. He kicked Robert three more times, the last one in his groin. “This man had the gall to punch me.
That means he deserves to die.”
Eric realized who the man in the uniform was. It was the cop that closed down the gay bar.
“You don’t punch a cop and get away with it. It took me some time but I found you and your perverted friend.” He nodded and
punched Eric in the chest and knocked the wind out of him. Then he ripped off his clothes to his boxers and shredded them in
front of him.
The man in the uniform did the same to Robbie; Eric’s heart was breaking because when Robbie’s shirt was ripped off, he could
blood and the bruised ribs.
“Goodbye. Queers.”  Eric and Robert were knocked out and when Eric awoke again, he noticed Robbie sitting in the dirt crying. 
“Are you okay?”
“No,” I held him close.  They heard a noise and Eric held Robbie closer. They were both frightened.  Eric grabbed Robbie’s face
and kissed him.  The love they had for each other was eternal. 
Harris had searched heaven and earth to find his son. He hired a detective and his guy in trench coat and hat searched for any
trace of where this Robert Stanton was. He looked all over the country for leads. But in the two years Harris had come up with
nothing. It was a week three months after D-Day, when Harris learned something that gave him hope.
There was a Stanton birth that originated in San Francisco. Harris dropped everything he could and went to the hospital. Using his
power and money, he extracted the information from the hospital and was given an address.
He drove to the apartment and was greeted by a surprise, a woman and an infant.
“Can I help you?” she said politely.
“I am looking for Robert Stanton?”
His politeness disappeared when she slammed the door in his face. That angered Harris and he kicked the door open.
“Listen, I don’t know where he is. I haven’t seen him or his friend in months. Now please leave me alone. “
“What’s your name?” Harris asked.
“Paige. Who the hell are you? I don’t have time for you fucking people.”
“Listen…Paige. I don’t give a damn what you want. I have been looking for my son for the last two and a half years.  Where is
Robert Stanton?”
“He is not here!” She yelled back. He waited and she finally registered his statement. “Oh.”
“Yeah, I didn’t mean to frighten you,” trying to sound more calm. “I have been looking for him for a long time.”
She told him what she knew. Eric and Robert showed up to see their sons and then were never seen again. She wished she could
be more helpful. “The rumor is some guy learned they were perverted queers and killed them, but their bodies were never
“I see.” Harris eyed the child; ever since he came in he kept his eye on the kid.
“Then, I guess we have no more to discuss,” she said pointing toward the door.
“One more thing, I believe the baby should come with me.”
“Excuse me.”
“I am the grandfather of the child.”
“So, I am his mother.”
“Whose husband was a queer? Do you really want that come out?”
He reached into his tailor made suit and produced a check. He wrote $40,000 on it. “Is that enough to relinquish your rights to
She didn’t have to think about it. She took the check and Harris took the child home. He forgot his son, now that he had a
grandson to mold in his own ways. The truth was, had he found Robert, he would have hurt him. He didn’t want a queer raising
his grandson.
Meanwhile Franklin had moved on as much as he could, he had two other sons to focus his attention on. He had no money to look
for his son. He didn’t have to; Steven, his second eldest son, he learned kept in contact with Eric.
He knew his eldest son was safe and happy and in time, he knew Eric would return to his family. Steven had come in for supper
on their weekly gathering and Franklin had asked if there has been any news from Eric.
“No,” Steven announced, “I haven’t heard from him in months.”
Franklin could see the worried lines on his face and patted him on the pact, “Son, I know Eric, he will come to his senses.”
Franklin had regretted what he said and did to push him away.  There was knock on the door and Ronald, his youngest son went
to see who it was. Nobody was there, but below was a basket. Ronald was about to pick it up when he heard wailing.
Eliza, Franklin’s wife, came to the door and picked up the baby. As she took him out of the basked a note fell out and Steven
brought to Franklin.
“Read it for us.”
Steven read, “To the Raymond family. This is Jason Leonard Raymond, Eric’s son. Please take care of him, as I do not have the
means to care for the child anymore. I regret to inform you that Eric and his friend have gone missing and presumed dead. I am
sorry for your loss. Hopefully Jason here will help.”
Franklin was shocked and his wife burst into tears, she screamed out for Eric, and nearly dropped the baby. Steven hugged his
baby brother as Franklin let out another wail for the loss of his son. Then, realizing he had to be the father and leader of his
family, he took the child from his crying wife and held him in his arms.
That night he stood outside his house and watched the night sky. Steven joined him. It was well past midnight.
“Pa, do you think Eric died happy?”
“We can only hope, son,” he said, and after some time he took his son inside. He told him to go to bed as he did one more thing. 
He went to the kitchen window. There stood the candle. A long wax candle that Franklin lit every night, since his son left home.
He had lit for two and a half years, hoping that Eric would return. He blew out the candle and shuffled off to bed. He looked down
on Jason and picked him up.
“Eric may be gone, but his life and his spirit are within you. Welcome to the Raymond clan, young Jason. Welcome home!” 
And the two sons of Eric and Robert are going to live worlds apart never to know they are brothers.  
Thank you for reading my story. I would welcome any comments and ideas for future stories. As we know the story will shift to Jason and
John’s history.  Please email any story ideas for Jason Raymond and John Stanton.
<>. Thank you again. Andy
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