From the Author:

Readers we are well aware that Kris and Matt have been friends for since high school, and now they both have boyfriends
and are one year away from moving out of the college into the real world.

My question is why is the bond between Kris and Matt so strong? In my previous writings, I established that Kris and Matt
have been through a lot since their first days together. It has been established that Walt and his father and grandfather
have been a part of this college for generations. It has equally been established that Larry was a no good father who left
didn’t care about his gay son at first. So, know I think it is time to write about these parents and their forefathers. Was
their always a connection between the Stantons and Raymonds, and if so, when and how did it begin.

I can tell you there is and in began in 1936. A few years before the college opened its’ doors, the Stantons and Raymond’s
met. That meeting will impact the way their families for the good and the bad. So please enjoy GENERATIONS





Times were changing with the great depression; it had been going for a long time. At least, the Raymond family was able
to prosper a meager living with their small farm. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to keep Franklin and Eliza and their
three sons safe at home. However, their peaceful living was finally destroyed when Franklin had to sell their farm when
the bank came to foreclose.

It was a horrible choice that Franklin and Eliza had to make; in fact, it wasn’t a choice at all. Franklin spent most of his
adult life saving up for his farm land. It took 20 years for him to get the farm. It was terrible day for Franklin as the bank’s
agents came and seized their land. They rudely told the Raymond’s they had three days to vacate the premises or they
would be arrested. They put all their possessions, as small they were into their dilapidated 1926 Hudson "Super Six"
sedan and left to find work elsewhere. They decided to go east knowing California would have no availabilities. Franklin
had a cousin in Texas who may be able to find him a secure position.

The oldest son, Eric, was a smart lad, had read a lot when he was younger; he even taught his younger brothers Steven
and Ronald how to read. It was an impressive sight and Franklin would always be proud of his children. Eric lacked in one
department, he was lonely and made few friends. Where his brothers, always played with the neighboring kids before the
Great Depression, Eric stayed inside reading or helping Eliza with the cookies. Franklin thought about what he could do to
change Eric to help him seek out friendships.

As they moved east towards Texas, the family came across a green Chevrolet Standard. Franklin had always wanted to
ride in a big expensive car like that. However, the car’s side was banged into and the doors to the other side were open,
with its windows smashed. The windshield was also broken.

There was a teenager behind the wheel, barely moving, and an elderly women lying on the ground a few feet away. Eric
suggested they stop, against Franklin’s better judgment. Franklin believed these rich types would not want to be helped
by the likes of them. Franklin was eager to visit his cousin and secure a position somewhere and this was taking away
from their journey, which he was sure would end up adding to its length. However, Eric wouldn’t have it, which Franklin
admired. He grabbed the wheel from his father and made the sedan stop.

Eric jumped out of the truck when it stopped and ran toward the green vehicle. He heard moaning, and his brothers came
up next to him to help. The teenager was moaning and moving his arms, as Eric opened the driver’s door to investigate.
Eric enlisted his younger brothers to check on the older woman who lay next to a tree, while he looked after the boy.

The boy coughed as Eric checked for life signs. He really had no idea what he was doing. As soon as he touched his chest,
the boy coughed again, and he brown eyes opened with life.

“Are you okay?” Eric asked.

“My mama…” He responded. Eric motioned to the woman that his mother and his brothers were attending to. She seems
to be moving about.

“She is okay,” Eric reassured the boy, he repeated: “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I think.” The teenager gave Eric and reassuring smile. “I’ve survived worse. I am Robert.”

“Eric.” After the brief interruptions, Robert told me what he was doing. “Mama and I were going to the next town, and as I
was driving, a drunk man came out of nowhere driving some fast vehicle. I didn’t have time to react, but I swerved to
avoid the car and that’s all I can remember.”

“I see, well.” Eric felt Robert up. He couldn’t help being taken in his features. Brown hair, brown eyes, and chiseled body
through his ripped shirt. Robert smiled back as Eric helping him up, and they went to see the damage.

“Well, the car is a little worse for wear as you can see.” I helped Robert up and showed him the wrecked automobile.

“My daddy’s going to kill me,” Robert stated. Eric tried to find some silver lining and pointed to his mother. Robert went to
check on her.

“I am fine…” She told the group. “It was scratch.”

“We’d be happy to take you home, Ma’am.” Franklin responded, surprising the eldest child.

“You are too kind.” She told Robert to fetch their belongings as the Raymond’s helped the mother into their meager truck.

With Robert sitting next to Eric in the front seat with Franklin doing the steering, Robert commented. “Is this out of your

“Not really, we are heading that way to look for work, knowing everybody was heading west.”

“Ma!” Robert called out. “This man is looking for work. He might be able to help us with the construction.”

“Construction?” Eric asked, curious more than anything. “What are you building?”

Robert responded, “Daddy is in charge of gathering laborers to start construction on a college. We have been going from
town to town bringing in more men. I am sure we can use your daddy’s help.”

His mother spoke up, “It’s the least we can do.”

It was settled that, without speaking to Robert’s father, that Franklin would help build the school. He was a farmer, so he
knew much about the land, but was willing to learn how to build. As the sedan moved to the city where Robert lived, Eric
and Robert continued their discussion about their lives. Franklin had to ask Eric and Robert to move back because their
constant squawking was getting on his nerves.


Three months have passed since Harris’s wife and son brought back the Raymond clan. Harris was grateful for their help,
but he wasn’t sure that a farmer could help with their construction efforts; more to the point Harris had serious
reservations, if he wanted to be associated with people of meager means. Theodore Wilcox, the mayor of the town had
personally come to Harris to oversee this construction, stating that its building is important for the community. To show
there is still work in these parts.

However, as Franklin Raymond started learning this trade, Harris watched his growth and he noticed a rapport growing
among Franklin’s fellow workers. He talked to the overseer and brought Franklin into the leadership position to help put
the college back on its time schedule. He was essentially Harris’s representative for the simple-minded laborers.

Harris had made a mistake when he brought the wrong people to start the project that threw his planning off. He hired
somebody by the name John Ranke; he was an accredited construction worker who helped build universities in the east
and developed Trinity College. However, Mr. Ranke was a lying heathen. Now, with Franklin’s commanding influence
among his peers, the school will be completed in 1942.

Another concern had also been worrying Harris since the Raymond clan entered his life. Franklin’s eldest son had become
good friends with Franklin’s young boy. They went to school together, and always seem to be at the Stanton house. This
Eric boy was a bright young lad, but he worried that his poor upbringings would not sit well with his more financially
secure peers. He was lucky enough to be part of the major circles in this town, including the mayor, the local law
enforcement as well as the judicial court.

He decided it was time to talk to his son to make sure he makes the right choices to secure a proper future for a boy of his
upbringings. That night as Robert started to bed, he beckoned his son forward.

“Yeah, daddy?”

“I think we need to talk about your friend.”

“Eric? What is it?”

“I believe it’s time for you and him to develop separately from each other.”

Harris noticed his son didn’t quite understand his meaning, but after some awkward pauses, Robert spoke. “Daddy, I like
Eric. There is no reason for us to stop being friends.”

“He is a poor influence on you, and it might jeopardize your future within this community.”

“How so?”

“He is poor, and his father, being a farmer with no formal education.”

“This farmer helped you with your school.”

“The reason that he was able to keep the building of the college on track is because the workers are from his social class.
He is not of the level as we are.”

“So are you worried that that my friendship with Eric would harm your standing in this community. You believe being
acquainted with a person of lower class than us would really put your reputation on the line.”

Robert left in a huff, not willing to let his father respond to his statement. He went up to bed and slept it off. He would not
let anybody get in the way of the people he wanted to spend time with.


Three weeks later, Franklin was arriving home from another labor intensive day. Mr. Stanton was putting more requests on
him that was making it hard to continue his work at its present rate. Eliza greeted him at the door to their shack.

They had left their small farmer and now fate and a meager wage helped them build a shack to call their home close to
the site of the new school. It was a three room building. He loved his wife, and was happy that he could provide for his
three growing boys, but putting up with Mr. Stanton’s prejudices towards people that were not his equals was hard for
him to deal with.

It was then that Eric came back from school, eager to tell his parents what he learned. He was happy that Eric was getting
educated. His father and his grandfather barely could read or write. They had bread and soup for dinner, after which Eric
left to meet up with Robert. Franklin didn’t know where his son and his friend went every evening, but he wished it didn’t

“Eric, we need to talk about Robert.”

“No!” Eric rudely snapped and left out the door. Franklin got up and ran after his son. He tackled him. “Eric. I did not teach
you to show little respect for your father.”

“Father, I don’t care right now. For the last two weeks you have been asking me to stay away from Robert because of his
rich upbringing. Mr. Stanton is rich, so what. Robert and I don’t care about wealth or poor, we have fun. You have issues
with Mr. Stanton, not with me or Robert.”

Franklin let his son up, “He is rich, yes. He gave me this job, yes. I am worried for you. This friendship will only end in
heartache. People of his social class and ours don’t intermingle.

“I will be fine, Pa. Don’t worry.”

Franklin trusted his son, and hoped that he was right. He let him go to meet up with Robert. Eric hugged his father and he
left. Eric had a secret reason for continuing his friendship with Robert, and it had nothing to do with social circles. He ran
on towards his meeting place

This was the secluded area that Robert had shown him. They build a tree house a month ago and Eric climbed it.

“Hey Robbie, sorry I am late.”

“Did your daddy finally convince you to stay away from me?”

“Are you kidding, Robbie? We are friends and nothing will change that.”

“That is so true, Eric.”

Eric and Robert kissed with amazing passion. Eric didn’t know when this friendship developed into love, but he always
was attracted to men. He would never tell anybody about this. Had Robert never made the first move, this love would
never have developed.

They spent the night kissing and talking about their future together. Too bad their fathers had other plans.



Eric was happy in a lot of ways; Robert and he were having amazing fun in the last few years. He didn’t know what he
liked about Robbie Stanton the most. His kind words, his soft smile, or his ability to help other.

The last few years though were rough; Eric couldn’t see much of his lover as he wanted to. The school was completed for
Robert’s final year in college. There was no way Robert was not going to attend the college that Harris Stanton helped
build. Eric couldn’t afford college, even community college. There were a few guys in his neighborhood who were taught
by a retired teacher to gain some semblance of an education. But, Eric had always hoped that Robert could speak to his
father and allow him a free admission. However, deep down he knew that was fruitless endeavor.

Seeing his son upset Franklin took some meager savings and through one connection he made with one of the town’s
officials, Eric’s father managed to secure a place for his son in a nearby college for the remaining year. Eric was very
smart, and managed to pass any test Anderson College could throw at him, and he was admitted. The official, Sam
Richards, paid for Eric’s entrance, which was considerably less than the school Robert attended. Sam took a shining to
Eric and his abilities, and didn’t worry about the Raymond’s lack of funds.

Eric loved his College, but he missed Robert so much. He decided to write Robert letters, knowing Robert’s school work
would get in the way of any time they had together. The letters expressed his love, and his desire to be with him. Eric had
to write these letters in secret; giving him and Robert code names, so if they ever got out, people wouldn’t know their
horrible secret.

Robert returned his affection, and told at length in his letters about how great the college was. He mentioned that he
became a member or rowing crew, and that his first competition is next month. He told Eric about how much he missed
him, and much he wanted to see him every day.

Eric read those letters every night before he went off to bed. One Friday evening, Eric was at a party thrown by his best
friend, Sasha. Sasha was a hit with the ladies and made it his mission to get Eric a girlfriend. Sasha had no idea about
Eric’s current orientation, though.

Sasha invited some girls who joined the throng of people at the party. Each one was introduced to Eric throughout the

Trinity was hot in Eric’s mind, and although he preferred the company of men, he had two years earlier lost his virginity to
a friend at school.

“Hello, you must be Eric.”

“Yep, I am. And you are?”

“Trinity Wells, I am friend of Sasha’s”

“Who isn’t?” Eric joked, which made Trinity laugh.

“Then she asked, “Are you liking the setups Sasha is doing for you.”

“It’s a good way to meet interesting women.”

“Well, you are more than interesting, Eric.” She smiled wickedly. She placed her hand on his crotch, and kissed him on the

Noticing Eric’s response, when the broke the kiss, Trinity smiled again, “Well if you enjoyed the little kiss, I have a
something else you may be interested in upstairs.”

Letting his cock decide on what to do, he followed her upstairs.


It was March and Robert was looking forward to spending some much needed time with Eric. He couldn’t articulate what
he desired most about Eric Raymond, but some of it was attributed to his sense of humor, and his ability to listen to his
crazy ideas. Whatever the case was, Robert had fallen in love with Eric.

The trouble with this love is that it cannot be expressed or explored in public, let alone in private. And that is just half of
the issues that Robert had to face if he wanted to pursue this relationship. He would need to deal with his father who
believed people like the Raymond’s were beneath him.

All that being said, Robert would give up all his wealth, and power to spend the rest of his days with the man he loves. He
had devised one of his crazy schemes to allow him and Eric to have the ability to be together and still be able to live a
normal life in society that skews against non-normalcy, in his case his questionable sexual orientation.

When he arrived at their meeting place away from both of their schools, where they built their treasured now dilapidated
tree house, Eric was waiting with something in his hands. Seeing his flowing red hair and cute nipples, made Robert smile
more. After they kissed, and Eric gave him the flowers they chatted openly about their lives so far. Robert expressed his
interest in leaving the city to become a lawyer in San Francisco, while Eric was determined to continue his father’s area of
construction, which Franklin has since mastered.

The issue that stopped Robert was the war. They had a hard decision to make, and Robert could not even contemplate it
without at least hearing Eric’s thoughts on the matter.

“Dad wants me to join up in the Army after a graduate.” Robert said, without little preamble.

“Well, it is kind of the law now, that the American government is instituting that all young men join the war effort. You
really don’t have much of a choice. Especially, considering what happened last December.”

Robert lost an uncle in that attack on Pearl Harbor. The Japanese bombing made it almost impossible to have America not
join the war. His dad wanted Robert to speed through his studies with quickness to so that he would join the war as
quickly as he could. Harris had joined up January of 1942, and expected his son to follow suit.

Robert returned Eric’s gaze, “The problem is a moral question. A gay person cannot join the war, it would disrupt the unit.
I cannot lie about it either. I am hundred percent gay. To top it off, I don’t want to die.”

Eric looked at him with such understanding, “Then don’t join up. Being gay is your out. Tell them you are gay.”

“Do you know what people do to homosexuals around here? Especially, here.”

“Yes! I may be poor, but I am quite aware of our status.” Eric didn’t know where the anger was coming from. “Listen,
Robbie, you are not the only one facing this decision; they expect me to join too when I graduate from Anderson. They had
recruiters at the school.” Even though the college was a completely poor companion to the University that Robert went
too, recruiters infested it as well.

“Are you going to go?”

“No, I would rather run away then join our troops. Robbie, we are just kids, but I am not brave, and I fear death just like

“My father would disown me if I didn’t respond to the draft. He would think I am running away from my family. Don’t get
me wrong, I want to kill those Japs for what they did.

Eric held Robert close, he whispered, “What are we going to do? What can we do?”

Robert signed, “We have to leave. My greatest fear is losing you, and I don’t care how selfish it sounds, but I couldn’t live
without you in my life.”

“I agree.”

Eric said, “But I cannot leave my family. I love my parents and my brothers. I know you love your folks, too.”

“Yeah, like I said, they would disown me not just because I would be running away from my responsibilities; it would kill
them that I am gay, too.”

“He doesn’t know?” Eric asked. “My parents knew about me, and didn’t let that stop them from loving me any less. They
knew my life would be crap though, when the truth came out.”

You know my father; Harris Stanton is a guy’s guy, the straightest man in Texas. He would kill me or worse if he found

“You mean all this time you were in hiding from them.”

Robert nodded, and Eric held him for a long time. “We need to go. We cannot escape the draft and at least in San
Francisco we can be ourselves.”

Robert heard stories of pansy parties from friends at school, and he knew life would be better for them.

Eric agreed and they decided to leave at the end after graduation.


With only two weeks before graduation for him and Robert, Eric had put the finishing touches on the plan. He
unfortunately dropped out of school to prepare for this extended vacation, while Robert continued his education. Eric was
street smart and could find his way anywhere, so he wasn’t overly concerned about this little adventure. He located as
much information about San Francisco as he possibly could.

However, the night before Robert’s graduation two events occurred, that made this trip harder to live with.

At dinner, his friend Trinity showed up unannounced, and asked to speak to him.

“Where have you been?” she asked once they were outside. “Three months without one single word.”

“I am sorry, but there was something I had to do.”

“Like what?”

“It really isn’t any of your concern.”

“I thought we had a good thing going.” She stated.

“No, this has nothing to do with you.”

“Tell me.” She pleaded.

“You actually care about me.” He was surprised, in his short time at Anderson only Sasha seemed interested in him.

“Yes, I do. So please tell me where you are going.”

“I cannot, I am sorry.”

She looked at him and left. The look he received made him think what kind of person Trinity was. It was just odd that she
would care about him. He didn’t think their connection was that strong. That being said, he did spend a lot of time with
her and her girlfriend Rebecca during school time, and she made him laugh. However, he could never return those
feelings. He will miss Trinity, and he thought Robbie would like Rebecca, too. But, his love was for Robbie and nobody

The next thing that happened was Franklin came to say goodnight.

“Son, you have made me so proud.”

Eric had rehearsed what he would say about his little incursion. He had put it off for a long time. Now he had to do it. He
was thrown off with what his daddy said.

“I haven’t done anything.”

“Son, you are the brightest child I have and are going to graduate from college. Something, I have no skills in. Your
brothers look up to you.”

“Daddy, Thank you. I…” Eric stumbled in his speech.

“I want to leave after graduation. I want to go out west, and see the rest of the country. Visit our old farm.”



“You are joining the war….I want you to serve this country.”

“I don’t want to die, and I am a coward.”

“Son, you will learn to be brave, you need to defend this country.”

“Why? This country took away our farm. Besides this country doesn’t accept me like you and mama do.”

“I love you, son. You need to defend this family, defend your country. We are at war and we need to fight this enemy.”

“There are more enemies here on this land then you think.”

“SON! You are joining this ARMY! I don’t care what you think.”


His father stormed out the room. He made the choice; his father has never forced him to do anything he didn’t want to do
until now. This war has scared him more than ever.

He had to leave, and he was going to leave tomorrow after Robert’s ceremony. That is what happened. Robbie and Eric
left at seven o’clock the next day. Eric hated that he didn’t say goodbye to his family, but they wouldn’t let him leave.

Three weeks later the two of them were in San Francisco and happy. Robbie bought them a small apartment with the
money he stole from his father. Eric hated that he had to hide like this. But here they could be themselves, at least a little
in public.

The pansy clubs or gay clubs were the only place they could be themselves, they kissed in public and did some dancing
there. However, that all changed that December.

A group of police officers entered Eric and Robert’s bar. The owner, Eric observed, approached the cops, and then after
heated conversation, spat in the lead cops face, which lead to his arrest. The other cops fired a gun and got the entire
room’s attention.

“The bar is closed. Get out right now! You fags are no longer welcomed here.” The cop was obviously a bigoted loser and
before Eric could stop Robbie, he punched that cop in face, again and again.

His fellow officers got Robbie off their boss. As the lead officer got to feet, he spoke to the room, where everybody was
too stunned to move.

“I think it is time to show these assholes who are in charge here.” He took Robbie outside, while Eric followed behind,
tears in his eyes. The cops held Robert while the lead officer ripped his shirt. He punched Robbie in chest five times. Eric
couldn’t take his eyes of each punch. Then he took out his baton and used on both of Robbie’s knees, which would have
made him fall under had he not been held by the guys. Then, the officer took the butt of his gun and smashed on his head,
knocking him unconscious. Eric ran toward to stop them from hurting Robert anymore.

The officer forcibly pushed him out of the way to the ground and the officer took the unconscious Robert into the squad
car. Eric watched the flames as the bar they just were in was being burned to the ground. As he watched in horror at the
burning building the cops drove away laughing.

Eric went back to his apartment and tried to sleep but it was the first time in about half a year he didn’t have Robert by
his side. He was worried about his boyfriend. Sleep finally got to him, mercifully.

The next morning he grabbed the money from the safe and went to jail house. The nice lieutenant at the station made Eric
give him 100 dollars to bail him out. Robert had marks on his head, but seemed to be okay. Eric took his boyfriend to bed,
stripped him naked and nursed him the entire day.

Robert said at the day’s end, “I love you, Eric.”

“I love you too, Robbie.”


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