Posted:   November 19, 2009

Cody waited patiently at the coffee house for his date.  Soon he spotted a cute college age kid scanning the tables.  Cody stood and soon Jacob his so called date walked to him.

“Whew! I was worried there for a second,” Jacob said and grabbed a seat.

“I was too,” Cody laughed.

“I’ve been stood up a few times on these encounters, you might say.”

“That makes two of us then,” Cody smiled. “What do you want to drink?”

“Ummm… just a cup of their best Joe, you pick,” Jacob said.

“Okay.  Be right back,” Cody said and headed to the counter.  He could feel Jacob’s eyes checking him out and hoped Jacob liked what he saw in the slender 28 year old.  Cody knew immediately he liked what he saw the second he laid eyes on Jacob and the guns protruding from his tight polo shirt.  He ordered two cups and carried them carefully back to the table.  He saw Jacob was already on his cell and sat the cup in front of him.

“Sorry bro, it’s now off for the night,” Jacob said. “It’s damn rude when you are meeting someone to have the thing on in the first place.”

Cody sat down and reached in his pocket and quickly turned off his I-phone.  They both laughed.  “I get your point.”

“No, I was talking about me,” Jacob said. “I really hate when I’m trying to talk to someone seriously and being interrupted by their phone going off.  If you’re like me, most of my calls can wait.”

“I was the same way a few years ago until now.  Most of my calls are business related now but I’m off work and they can leave a voice mail if it is that important,” Cody said.

“Now you are a what again?”

“A tax and business attorney,” Cody stated.

“Yeah that’s right.  I bet you stay busy these days,” Jacob stated.

“At work I do.  So you are junior in computer programming?” Cody asked and thought that was right.

“Exactly but I’m no brain like half the guys in my classes.  I do good just to survive,” Jacob lamented.  “If I was like them, there sure wouldn’t be a meeting like this.  My ass would be back at my apartment and studying for class Monday.”

“We all need a break.  I have plenty of work I could be doing right now but I needed this break,” Cody smiled and liked what he had seen and heard so far.

They finished the coffee with small talk about their families.  Jacob’s parents were divorced as were Cody’s, so they could relate to that.  Jacob had an older sister and younger brother just starting college.  Cody had an older sister but didn’t stay in contact with her. 

“Well?” Cody asked and wasn’t sure Jacob was interested.  This was a meeting in a public place the two had arranged via a personal website.  They agreed to meet to get to know each before going any further.

Jacob looked around, “You wanna jet from here and guess head to your place to be more private?”

“Yes I do,” Cody said with emphasis.

They tossed their cups and headed out.  Cody gave Jacob brief instruction to his place in case he got lost or behind.  Cody got in his nice rather new BMW while Jacob got in his Corolla. Cody headed out and had Jacob on his bumper until they arrived at his high rise condo.  They found a place to park in the appointed garage and headed up.

“I’m very impressed so far,” Jacob stated riding up the elevator.

“With the building or me?” Cody boldly asked.

“Both actually.  I was expecting some freak or total loser who was too smart for his own…” Jacob stated.  The elevator opened up on the 17 floor.  “Man this is fucking sweet!” 

“I think so too,” Cody smiled and headed to his condo.  There were only 3 on the floor.  Cody opened the door and led Jacob inside. 

“Damn!  It’s like you see in a magazine,” Jacob said and looked around.

“I had a great decorator set this up,” Cody stated and could see the amazement in Jacob’s eye.  “I take you like it.”

“Of course I do.  I bet you can throw some killer parties here bro.”

“I wish.  We have a strict noise code here so killer parties are out of the question.  A quiet party is more like it if I had the friends to share it with,” Cody stated.  “Here have a seat.”

“Ummm… I won’t hurt it, will I?” Jacob asked. 

“I hope not.  Everything here is for function.  If you can’t sit on or use it, then it’s worthless and should be hanging on the wall or in a gallery,” Cody said.

“Are you really serious about not having friends?” Jacob said.

“Jacob, why else would I have been on that website?  Seriously my job offers me little time to socialize in the past.  I got a nice promotion a month or so ago and have freed up a little more time to be social and return to society.”

“I hope I’m never get to that point,” Jacob said. “I can see where a job could drag you down.”

“Even when I did have the time in past, going out was the last thing on my mind.  I literally worked my ass off the past 2 years.  I put in so many hours that it was unreal.  The best part was I lost over 30 pounds in the meantime,” Cody said.

“If nothing else, I could show you a great workout plan and get some muscle on you.  I did notice you were a little thin,” Jacob said.

“I would like that a lot.  With more time, I could take advantage of the nice gym they have downstairs.  I have yet to step in there in the year since I’ve been here,” Cody said.  “Jacob I have been so rude. Would you care for something to drink?”

“I would after I use the facilities.  A nice cold beer would really hit the spot,” Jacob said and stood.

“It sure would,” Cody said. “The bathroom is to the right, second door.”  He watched Jacob head to the bathroom and went to gather two beers.  He poured them in chilled mugs and waited for Jacob’s return.  He soon spotted Jacob looking at his paintings and peeking into each room.  He jumped up and joined him.  “Interesting?”

“Well… these are pretty cool but I don’t know what the hell I’m looking at,” Jacob said.

Cody laughed, “I don’t either.  I bought them for the looks only to find out later it was a very special piece that is actually worth something now.”

“Lucky dog,” Jacob laughed. “Is that beer waiting?”

“Sure is,” Cody said.  Jacob was impressed with a beer in a chilled mug and liked it for a change instead of cans or bottles like he normally was used to. 

The two continued to talk.  Jacob found Cody to be a big football fan, both college and pro, and a big fantasy football player.  He was glad he had found someone with an interest in sports.  The two freely discussed the ongoing NFL season and college season.  Both were fans of the local Texans but were disgusted with the progress of the developing season.  The talk soon turned to the two local colleges where the two debated between Rice and Houston.  Rice was Cody’s college where as Jacob attended Houston.  They soon were on their third beer and kept a lively conversation going. 

“Let me guess, you’re not a fan of local theater or the arts?” Cody asked.

“Not really but really don’t mind either one.  Seeing buff guys in tight pants like in football is a much bigger turn on for me,” Jacob smiled.
“I take it you are.”

“Not really.  I’ve been drug by the arm to plays, operas, ballets and art exhibits by one of my boyfriends.  I went to keep peace in the relationship more or less but I wasn’t offered the same courtesy when it came to sports,” Cody said.

“Are you just saying that to get with me?”

“Ask me about any sport. Go ahead,” Cody badgered Jacob.

“Okay, Dustin Pedroia.  What team does he play for?” Jacob asked.

“Seriously, ask me something hard,” Cody said.

“You don’t know, do ya?”

“The fucking Red Sox.  He might be the MVP in the AL this year though I think Justin Moreneau or Joe Mauer might actually deserve it more,” Cody smiled.

“Shit!  I think I have died and went to heaven here.  A gay guy who knows his shit about sports!”

“Yeah there are not a ton of us,” Cody said.

“I know.  Here I was worried about us not having anything to talk about,” Jacob smiled.

“I’m not lawyer shit 24/7 you know,” Cody said. “I do have at least an interest in other things and it just happens to be sports.  Where else can you go and admire hot guys sweating and having great physical contact?”

“I have heard of a few places around here but those scare me,” Jacob stated. 

“Me too but you know exactly what I mean,” Cody stated.

“I do,” Jacob said.  He glanced at his watch to see it was almost 11.  “Man, I better leave.  I have taken up way too much of your time and drank too much of your beer.”

“Jacob, even though we didn’t do anything, I still had a lot of fun meeting you and especially talking to you,” Cody said.

“Same here.  It’s actually been a blast.  Cody, you are really a great guy,” Jacob said.  He stood to leave.  Cody stood as well.  Jacob grabbed Cody and put a short sweet kiss on his lips. “Is that cool?”

“Yeah but I think you can do better unless you don’t want to,” Cody said.

“Well..” Jacob grabbed Cody and showed him how great a kisser he was.  Both could feel the electricity and spark with the deep long kiss.  They broke the kiss and started back up again.  Cody delighted in running his hands through Jacob’s brown hair and then over his fit body.  Jacob did the same and ran his hands through Cody’s blond hair and slender body.  “Maybe I don’t have to go so soon if that’s alright with you,” Jacob stated.

“You are welcome to stay as long as you want,” Cody said.

“Maybe a little more and then I’ll go,” Jacob smiled.  He lifted off his shirt and then Cody’s.  The two kissed and made out on the couch.  Cody wanted to get Jacob naked and experience a gay jock.  He stayed under control and enjoyed the two making out.  “I better go now.  I don’t want to spoil things seeing how we just met.”

“I don’t mind at all,” Cody said.

“Cody, how about a date then tomorrow?  We can cool off and see how things go from there,” Jacob said.

“I can definitely live with that,” Cody said. “What time?”

“Say around 7.  We can go from here and hit some of the spots around here,” Jacob said and put back on his shirt.

“I can’t wait then,” Cody said.  They kissed good night for a few moments.  Cody hated to see his hunk exit out the door.  He went back to his living room and collapsed.  He was internally overjoyed and never expected such a great outcome after having doubts and bad encounters in the past with this anonymous date situation.

Cody did his best to stay occupied the next day but eagerly awaited his date with Jacob.  He did do a little work but his attraction was diverted back to his dream guy.  He dressed in the most casual style he had since his wardrobe consisted of mostly work attire. 

Right before 7, he received a call from downstairs stairs as part of the security for his building.  He opened the door and waited to see Jacob again.  He was surprised to see Jacob in jeans and a dark blue Abercrombie polo shirt.  Jacob’s dark blond hair was spike in the front as it was the night before.  The two greeted each other before heading out.  Since it was a nice clear night, the two walked along the well lit streets three blocks to an area of restaurants and bars.  Neither had a preference and chose the least crowded place to have something to eat.  When the menu arrived, the two saw why it wasn’t crowded. 

“Don’t worry about the prices, Jacob.  This is my treat,” Cody stated.

Jacob laughed and faked a wipe of sweat across his brow, “I was worried.  I just knew I was just having an appetizer as a meal.”

The waiter arrived and took their drink order.  Both ordered foreign beers along with appetizer.  They finally ordered their meal.  Both enjoyed the expensive entrée but agreed it wasn’t worth the price.  Cody paid when presented the bill.

“You wanna head back or hit one of these bars?” Cody asked.

“The night is still young.  I think we could hit one or two of them,” Jacob smiled while they walked outside.

They looked at a few before deciding on a sports bar.  They both knew it wasn’t your typical stop for two gay guys but both wanted to enjoy the atmosphere and a few drinks.

They found a table with a clear view of the football games being shown overhead.  After being there a few minutes both relaxed and enjoyed all that was offered.  Before either knew it, it was well past 11 and headed out of the sports bar to head back to Cody’s high rise. 

Both stopped at the parking garage.  “Would you like to come up?” Cody asked.

“Well… I guess so.  I might need a little longer before I get behind the wheel,” Jacob laughed.

They headed up.  Cody felt so good when Jacob put his strong arm around him.  “You are really starting to grow on me,” Jacob commented riding up the elevator.

“Thanks!” Cody said and felt like collapsing right there.

They headed inside Cody’s apartment.  Cody grabbed each another beer in the cold mugs.  Cody returned and sat nearly on top of Jacob.  Both took a big drink of the cold beer and put them aside.  Jacob pulled Cody to him and put his lips on Cody’s.  They kissed passionately for minutes.  Jacob pulled at Cody’s pullover and had tossed it across the room.  Cody pulled off Jacob’s polo and started to enjoy Jacob’s firm pecs, shoulders and abs. 

“Cody, I want you,” Jacob said. “It’s not the beers talking either.  I do want you.”

Cody felt so good having his hot guy wanting his slender body, “I know for damn sure I want you.”

They exited the living room and went to Cody’s bed.  He had yet to have a guy in this bed and was glad to have Jacob be the first.  He wasn’t nervous since he had sex with guys since his senior high year in high school.  He grabbed and pulled off Jacob’s jeans and outlined Jacob’s cock under his gray boxer briefs.  Jacob pushed down his boxer briefs and allowed Cody access to his aching cock.  Cody licked up and down the cut cock that was probably 6 inches.  Jacob looked down and watched Cody take his hard cock in his mouth.  Jacob threw back his head to enjoy the wet mouth sucking and licking his cock.  He loved Cody’s mouth but wanted to show his skills.  He pulled Cody up for a deep tongue filled kiss.

Jacob started unbuttoning Cody’s khakis.  He pushed them off and saw Cody’s boxers tented.  He pulled down Cody’s boxers and saw one hot hard long cock in his face.  Cody smiled at him and watched Jacob lick up and down his cock.  Jacob opened his mouth to start sucking this big cock but kept his hand at the base. 

“This is one hot cock, Cody,” Jacob said and returned to continue sucking this nice long cock.  Before the night ended with an unexpected early shot, Cody pulled up Jacob.  Both naked guys rolled on Cody’s nice bed in lip lock.

“Will you fuck me?” Jacob asked.

“I would love to,” Cody replied with a kiss.  He was prepared and produced condoms and lube to experience anal sex with his hot partner in his bed.  He lubed up his finger and stuck in Jacob’s hot muscular ass.  He probed it in and out before dropping down to rim Jacob’s hot ass.  He loved eating ass and had always enjoyed doing so before fucking guys.  He delighted in hearing the moans of pleasure coming forth from Jacob.

Cody stopped.  Jacob opened the condom and had the pleasure of rolling the condom down Cody’s cock.  Jacob lubed it up along with his ass.  He wanted to ride Cody to control things more.  He straddled Cody and leaned over for a kiss.  He slowly mounted Cody.  He felt the cock pierce through his sphincter into his ass.  His face showed the initial pain with Cody now lightly stroking Jacob’s thighs.  Slowly Jacob started riding Cody’s cock.

Fuck yeah!” Jacob screamed with joy.

Cody was feeling Jacob’s ass wrapped around his cock.  He also delighted in seeing this stud fucking himself on his long 8 inch cock.  “Your ass feels so great!” Cody said.

Jacob leaned up with Cody’s cock slipping out.  He reached behind him and quickly slammed it back up his ass.  He kissed Cody and enjoyed the experience of Cody’s cock. 

They switched position with Jacob on his back and his legs spread wide.  Cody threw Jacob’s calves on his shoulders and went back inside.  He could see the pleasure he was giving his partner as well as hearing Jacob’s moans.  Cody tested Jacob more and started fucking him harder with their skin popping together.  He leaned forward for a kiss before leaning back and taking Jacob’s cock in his hand.  The two developed a great rhythm with very little noise from Cody’s sturdy bed.  The only sound was the two moaning, groaning and panting with both in complete ecstasy. 

“Oh fuck!” Jacob screamed and shot his load up his abs and his pubes after taking Cody's cock for a good 15 minutes.

Cody pulled out and shed his used condom.  He quickly busted his load across Jacob’s chest with a loud groan.  He leaned over and cleaned Jacob’s hot body with great joy.  He collapsed next to Jacob and felt Jacob’s arms grab him.

The two were speechless and aglow in sexual bliss.  They kissed occasionally but were spent by the encounter both wanted.  Cody loved having Jacob at his mercy and loved being able to pet his soft skin and feel his muscles.

“I want you to stay the night,” Cody said softly.

“My ass ain’t going anywhere.  I hate to fuck and run,” Jacob said.

“I was just checking,” Cody said. “Thanks Jacob, I needed that more than you will ever know.”

“I have enjoyed each moment with you.  I hope this isn’t the only date we have,” Jacob said. “Cody, I’ll confess this was an experiment to see what it was like to be with older guys instead of twinks or college guys like I normally mess with.  I just did it just for the fun of it.  So far, it has been nothing but great.”

The two cuddled close together and fell asleep naked with Jacob holding Cody close to him.   Many nights were spent after that night in each other’s arms and having great sex along with enjoying common sport’s interest.