Barrett got out of his car and walked to find his best friend, Greg, already at the courts at the local park.  Greg spotted Barrett walking up and motioned him over to shoot around until enough guys were around for a game of hoops.  Greg threw off his tee shirt and tossed over a bench, exposing his skinny but tanned body.  Barrett threw his off and displayed his ripped, athletic body. 

“Barrett, I admire you.  Even after we’ve graduated, you’re still ripped as hell,” Greg bounced the ball to Barrett.

Barrett smiled, “I still work out as if it was soccer season. I don’t want to lose what I worked so hard all these years for, plus I need to look smoking for college.”  Barrett threw up his left handed jumper and barely drew iron.

“Maybe you need more work then or at least on the weak ass jumper,” Greg laughed, grabbed the ball and laid it off the backboard.  They shot around until four more came up to begin a nice game of 3-on-3.  Greg and Barrett knew the other four even though two were older and two were younger.  With the sun blazing down, both Greg and Barrett easily worked up a sweat in the fast paced basketball game.  To them, the outcome didn’t matter much for they enjoyed being outdoors, the game and the competition of sports.

After a spirited three games, Barrett and Greg headed off to find the nearest source for a drink of water.  With their shirts slung over their sweaty bodies, they found a fountain a few yards away and drenched their heads and mouths in water.

“Barrett, do you have any plans tonight?” Greg asked with water dripping from his head.

“Nothing really, whatcha thinking?” Barrett replied.

“I know the first thing is hit the pool at my house. Then we can decide from there,” Greg stated.

They headed to their cars, “Sounds like a winner, Greg. I’ll see ya there.”

Barrett followed Greg to Greg’s house just on the outskirts of their small town in the South.  Barrett parked in the gravel drive and got out of his old Honda. 

“Where is everyone?” Barrett asked, noticing no other cars.

Greg smiled, “Oh, my parents are out of town for the week.”

“Withholding from me, huh?” Barrett slapped Greg’s wet back.

“Bitch, I’ve been meaning to tell you but I just plum forgot,” Greg stated.

“Yeah right, you were planning some slamming party here without me knowing it,” Barrett laughed, knowing Greg was about as conservative as anyone he knew.

“Exactly.  You know me, bitches, beer and bud were all planned for me this weekend,” Greg joked and entered his house.

“I wish.  Dude, you seriously need to loosen up and have fun.  I bet you have never been drunk or high one time in your life,” Barrett stated while following Greg back to his bedroom.

“Well… no, maybe I don’t like those things like some people I know around here.  I bet I’m one of the few out of our graduating class without an arrest either,” Greg stated with a jab at Barrett’s underage drinking arrest a few months back.  “Barrett, if you don’t mind, I would like to change unless you really are intent on seeing me naked.”

Barrett shrugged his rounded shoulders, “It won’t be the first time.”

“Get out of here!” Greg said and pushed Barrett to the door.

“I need some trunks though,” Barrett said.

“Ummm… dude, I wear size 28 in the waist and I have a feeling you’re a little bigger than that,” Greg said.

“Fuck it, I’ll just go in these shorts I got on but I’m taking off my boxers,” Barrett said.

Greg slammed the door while Barrett dropped his short to remove his boxers in the hall.  Greg grabbed two towels before they headed to the pool area.  Greg dove straight in, followed behind by Barrett.  They used the pool to cool down and wash the nasty sweat from their bodies.  They played around until getting out.

“So what’s the plan?” Barrett asked.

“Barrett, you wanna stay the night for one but other than that I don’t have a clue,” Greg toweled off.

“Hey, let’s see what Tyson and Finney are doing,” Barrett said.

“I dunno know.  They are a little wild, dude,” Greg stated.

“I know.  I’m getting your ass drunk tonight whether you like or not,” Barrett smiled. “Greg, you need to experience it one time that way you’re not a fucking pansy ass in college here next month. Once we get to college, I’m sure you’ll wanna down a few and be a part of the crowd.”

“I’ll go to be sociable but I’m not making any promises,” Greg stated. “I’ll get dressed while you call your folks to see if you can stay the night.”

“I’ll call Finney to see where they’re at, too,” Barrett smiled.

“Fine then,” Greg said and disappeared into his room.

Barrett went to his car and found his cell phone.  He first called his parents who said it was okay to stay with Greg.  He texted Finney to see what was going on.  He headed back inside to the waited on the text and wait on Greg to dress.

Barrett got Finney text message only to see that he and Tyson were out of town for the weekend.  “Here look!” Barrett shoved his cell phone in Greg’s face. “I bet you’re happy now.”

“Not really, any other ideas?” Greg stated.

Barrett was disappointed and sat there shaking his head, “I have no clue now.”

“Let’s go somewhere since I’m already dressed,” Greg said.

“Okay, ride with me and surely we can find something to do,” Barrett said. “Let me stop by my house and get dressed plus grab some clothes.”

The two headed off down Greg’s dusty gravel drive and made their way to Barrett’s house.  Barrett changed as quickly as he could and grabbed another set of clothes along with his board shorts for the next day.  They decided to head to the local hangout, the court square to hang with whoever was around. 

They grabbed a quick burger to eat and headed to the square.  Barrett knew a few of the people there but the town was quiet for a mid summer’s night.  They spoke with a few classmates and hung out but soon boredom overtook them in the sleepy, muggy Southern town.  It seemed the good old boys were either at the lake or across the county at the mud races.

“Damn, let’s call it a night and kick it back at your place,” Barrett stated.

“Barrett, you wanted to see me drunk, didn’t you?” Greg asked.

“Yeah and I wouldn’t have minded downing a few either,” Barrett laughed and started his car.  The night had the makings of a complete waste.

Once back at Greg’s quiet house, the two sat in the living room still searching for adventure on this summer night with Greg’s parents away. 

“Hey, you ever go skinny dipping in your pool?” Barrett asked.

“Well… I have once or twice alone,” Greg said.

“You want to? Not shit else to do around here,” Barrett stated.

“Ummm… sure what the hell?  No one else will see us back here,” Greg said.

Greg headed back to find the still damp towels.  When he returned, Barrett was standing there butt ass naked and ready.  Greg laughed and dropped his shorts.  They sprinted out the back door and hit the pool in the dark.  They laughed and kidded around with each other while seemingly catching a second wind for the night.

Barrett exited the pool and waited for Greg.  The second Greg left the pool; Barrett grabbed the skinnier Greg and had him in a playful headlock.  Greg struggled to get away and finally gave up, begging to be released.  Right as Barrett released Greg, Greg tackled Barrett with all he had.  They played around and ended up rolling in the grass like kids.

Barrett was on top of Greg and again displayed his superior strength.  “Barrett, you’re popping wood,” Greg noticed.

Barrett rolled off of Greg and dove straight into the pool to soften his erection he had gotten while the two wrestled naked.  Barrett got out once his erection was gone and went inside quickly.  Greg was right behind him with Barrett not saying a word.  Barrett locked the door to the bathroom once inside and hid in shame.

“Barrett, what’s the deal!” Greg shouted to Barrett.

“I need to use the shitter. Leave!” Barrett shouted while trying to gather himself inside the bathroom. 

Barrett waited a few minutes and exited the bathroom but went straight to get dressed in Greg’s room.  Greg leaped from his chair in the living room to confront his friend.

“I’m leaving!” Barrett announced with his bag in his hand.

“Why?” Greg asked.

“Because I ready to go home and sleep in my own bed,” Barrett stated, embarrassed.

Greg sensed a problem, “Barrett, are you so embarrassed that you got a boner that you’re leaving? Is that it?!”

“Hell yeah,” Barrett said.

“Barrett, it happens to the best of us,” Greg said.

“I need to leave.  Out of my way,” Barrett said and headed to the door.

“Barrett, don’t go.  It’s cool with me.  Matter of fact, I’m flattered that you were aroused by me,” Greg said.

“Greg, that’s fucked up and you know it,” Barrett said.

“What’s so fucked up about it?”

“No guy should get a woody with another guy wrestling around and playing.  It’s not right,” Barrett said after stopping on his way out.

“I don’t see a thang wrong with it,” Greg stated. “Please stay Barrett!”

“I’ve embarrassed myself enough tonight,” Barrett said.

“Barrett if it makes you feel any better, I’m seriously attracted to you and think you’re so fucking hot!” Greg stated in desperation.

Barrett dropped his bag in the middle of the living room floor.  “Greg, do you realize what’s going on here?  We’re telling each other we’re turned on by each other. I got hard fucking around with you and now you tell me I’m hot.”

“Who really cares now? Barrett, I’ve crushed on you forever.”

A smile crossed Barrett’s face, “Between us, I’ve wanted to get with you for some time.  I never knew you had the same feelings.”

“I do Barrett! I do!” Greg said.  They meet in the center of the room.  Barrett puckered up and kissed Greg on the lips.  The initial kiss was awkward for both but welcomed to ease the tension and make Barrett sense things were okay.

Barrett smiled after the initial kiss, “So?”

“Hot dude!  Let’s do that again!” Greg shouted.

Barrett laughed and grabbed Greg.  They kissed in the center of the room.  Now the awkwardness was fading and passion for each other took over.  Barrett grabbed Greg’s bare ass while Greg slid down the back of Barrett’s short to do the same.  The kissing and smacking went on for some time.

“Greg, I seriously want to be with you… you know… sexually,” Barrett stated while looking into Greg’s deep brown eyes.

“Oh Barrett, it would be like a dream to be with you,” Greg said, swept back Barrett’s long blond bangs and initiated the next round of kissing.

“Let’s go to your room, now!” Barrett shouted. “We can be more comfortable there.”

Greg smiled and walked holding Barrett’s hand to his room.  He had a hard time believing his ultimate fantasy was about to be realized. 

“Greg, I’m not sure I can handle you.  Your dick is… rather big,” Barrett stated and holding Greg’s cock in his hand.

“Barrett, we’ll do whatever we can.  I don’t want to hurt you in any way,” Greg said.  Barrett threw Greg onto the bed.  Barrett stopped and stripped off his shorts and boxers to be naked like Greg was.  This round of kissing gave both solid strong firm erections.

“Barrett, I’ve never been so damn hard in my life,” Greg said.

“Me either, this shit’s unreal,” Barrett smiled. “We both want the same thing.”

Greg kissed Barrett’s neck, shoulders, pecs, abs and sides. He enjoyed finally being able to worship his friend’s hot body he so envied. He was down at Barrett’s crotch.  He inhaled deeply and stuck out his tongue to taste Barrett’s 6 inches. After the initial taste, Greg licked up and down his friend’s hard cock. Barrett ran his hands through Greg’s short brown hair. Greg stopped and kissed Barrett.

“Are you stopping?” Barrett asked while again running his hands through his friend’s hair.

“No just letting you calm down,” Greg said.

Barrett chuckled, “Thanks.”

Greg played with Barrett’s cock, opened his mouth and stuck it in.  He heard Barrett gasp when his mouth covered Barrett’s head.  He slid his mouth as far as he could and began sucking his first cock. 

“OOOO Greg!” Barrett moaned. 

Greg looked up at his friend and continued.  He took it slow and easy not to overexcite his friend. 

“Stop dammit! Stop!” Barrett screamed after a short time.

Greg stopped.  “What’s wrong?”

“I was about to bust.  I want to suck your dick now and let you see how fuckin awesome it is,” Barrett smiled.

Greg lay next to Barrett and watched his friend descend down his body.  His dream was coming true.  Barrett was tentative in the beginning and stopped frequently.  He opened his mouth and covered his teeth while going down on his friend’s 7 and half inch thick cut cock with his hand at its base.  Greg felt the greatest sensation of his life when he felt Barrett sucking his cock or attempting to. 

“OOO fuck yeah Barrett!” Greg moaned. “Feels so good!”

Barrett continued to suck Greg’s big thick meat the best he could with his hand wrapped around the base.  He looked up and saw his friend deeply enjoying his efforts with his eyes closed.  Barrett licked and sucked for a few minutes until stopping.

“Greg, I want fucked something fierce but…”

“Barrett, fuck me then.  I understand.  I want you to fuck me as bad as you want fucked,” Greg smiled and kissed his friend.

“Please tell me you have condoms,” Barrett said.

Greg smiled, got up and went to his dresser.  He found his hidden condoms and presented them to Barrett.  He found some lube he used to jack off with as well.

“You dawg!” Barrett smiled.

“Wishful thinking.  Now I’m glad I was prepared,” Greg said.  The two kissed again with lots of tongue and touching.

Barrett unrolled the condom while Greg got on his knees.  Barrett lubed both the condom and Greg’s hole.  He leaned over on Greg’s back, “Tell me if it hurts.”

“Trust me, I will,” Greg stated.

Barrett lined his cock up and was more than ready for his first attempt at gay sex.  He placed the head of his cock at Greg’s hole.  Greg could feel the pressure of Barrett’s push.  Greg grunted loudly and surprisingly felt Barrett’s cock slid into his hole.

“OOOO Fuck!” Greg screamed in pain and grasped anything he could find.

“I’m sorry!” Barrett said. “Relax and maybe it will feel better.”

“Fuck!” Greg screamed again, feeling Barrett’s cock go a little deeper into his virgin ass. “Go slow.”

Barrett took his time and felt the tightness of Greg’s ass while he went deeper. He could feel Greg’s ass gripping around his cock like a clamp.  “Motherfucker, you’re so damn tight!” Barrett screamed.

“Fuck yea!” Greg screamed again and grimaced.

Barrett slowly moved in and out.  He could hear Greg’s whimpers now but realized he was actually fucking a guy.  He grabbed Greg’s hips and began to fuck his friend’s ultra tight ass.  He looked down to see his cock moving in and out of Greg’s ass.  Both now were groaning and moaning during this uncomfortable first fuck.  Barrett leaned up and kept slowly moving in Greg’s ass.  He wrapped his arms around Greg’s small chest and felt the heat coming from Greg’s body.  He slowed to a snail’s pace to make this intense moment last for both of them.

“OOOO fuck yea!” Greg moaned in a different tone.

“You like this?” Barrett asked.

“OOO fuck me, Barrett,” Greg said in a virtual daze. “This is the best ever!”

Barrett kissed Greg’s neck and fucked him a little harder. Greg’s bed rattled somewhat with their actions.  Barrett slapped Greg’s ass and heard it ring throughout the room.  Greg turned his head and smiled the best he could at the time. Barrett sensed he wasn’t going to make it much longer with Greg’s ass tight around his hard cock.  He felt the irresistible twinge and pulled out.  Greg screamed feeling Barrett’s cock exit his ass.  Barrett barely had his condom off when cum exploded from his cock.  The release sent shivers down Barrett’s spine while shooting a massive load unto Greg’s back and the bed. 

“Fuck!” Barrett screamed while squeezing the last drop out. “Damn that was fucking intense as hell! I’ve never nutted that much or that hard in my life.”

He maneuvered around to kiss Greg.  Barrett located a towel and cleaned off Greg’s back.  Greg rolled over and began jacking his cock with his legs spread wide and still feeling his first cock up his ass.  Barrett moved away Greg’s hand and took over with his hand, then his mouth. 

“I’m cumming…” Greg screamed.  Barrett stopped.  The first shot hit Barrett on the cheek.  The next shot landed on Greg’s flat stomach.  He shivered until feeling Greg milk his cock for every drop.

Barrett wiped off the cum from Greg’s stomach.  Greg chuckled when Barrett pointed out the cum on his cheek.  Greg surprised Barrett and licked the cum off.  Barrett kissed Greg while the two were still reeling from their encounter.

“Damn!” Barrett said after the kiss.

“I know.  Fuckin hot!”

“Was it ever.  I didn’t think fuckin another guy could be so intense and so awesome,” Barrett said. “I loved every second of it even though I didn’t make it very long.”

“I loved it too, no matter if it was thirty seconds or an hour,” Greg smiled. “It was great knowing it was you in me.”

“Yeah, we finally did it,” Barrett smiled.

“I’m no longer a virgin,” Greg said. “Barrett, you took my cherry!”

“I’m not a virgin any longer either.  I’ve been waiting for the right person and I think I found the perfect one.”

“Barrett, you told me and the rest of us you lost your virginity last summer.”

“I just said that shit to keep the others off my ass. You know how our friends are.”

“I feel privileged to have the honor of your first fuck!” Greg said. “Finally we both can go to college as non-virgins.”

“Exactly dude but we might need more experience too.”

“I like your thinking,” Greg smiled and kissed Barrett with an open mouth.

Greg and Barrett got up and pulled back the sheets.  They crawled under the sheets together forgoing any clothes.  They held each other close while glowing.  They enjoyed kissing and touching each other until both were sound asleep late that night.


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