Posted:  July 3, 2009
Hope you like this story for the Holiday!!

Jake was about to call it a night when he heard a car drive in his drive of his new home.  He peeked out the window and saw Aaron, a co-worker and friend, get out of the car and make his way to the front door.  Jake opened the door and welcomed his friend inside his house.

Aaron shook his head in amazement and stunned as well seeing Jake in just his boxers, “Whoa!”

“What?” Jake asked.

“I don’t guess I’ve ever seen you without a shirt.  I’m beyond impressed here, Jake,” Aaron stated.

Jake looked down and was proud of his body.  He had worked so hard to achieve his sculpted form with nice abs and deep Adonis cuts just above his boxers.  “Thanks, I appreciate that.  So what brings you here?”

“Ummm… yeah… I was wondering if there was any chance I could crash here tonight,” Aaron replied.

“Sure, is there a problem with Cody?” Jake asked in reference to Aaron’s roommate.

“Nah but he was having company and tends to get rather loud with her, if you know what I mean,” Aaron replied.

The two walked and had a seat. “I see.  He lets out his emotions when he and Tara are together.”

“They both do.  You should hear the damn noises those two make.  It rattles the walls,” Aaron smiled.  “I don’t see why I can’t find someone.”

“You’re a nice looking young guy.  Just be patient,” Jake said.

“Yea, I need to look a little harder,” Aaron said. “Hey how come you don’t have anyone with this nice new house?”

“Well… I haven’t had the time, desire or funds.  Everything I make goes into here,” Jake stated.

“Yea, it does look great,” Aaron said. 

“Let me show you around since this is your first time here.  I’ve been saying I was going to have you guys over and will here after the 4th is finished,” Jake stated.  He gave Aaron the quick tour.  The two talked a little while longer before Jake and Aaron both called it a night.

Jake went to his room and got in bed.  He now wondered what the real intention of the late night visit was.  He had been secretly infatuated with Aaron and always thought he was cute though a few years younger than him.  They had been friends along with Cody for over a year after Aaron took a desk near his at work.  They did spend a lot of time together going out and occasionally at Cody and Aaron’s place a few miles away.

The next morning Saturday the 4th of July, Jake woke and started his day off like he normally did with a coffee and watching the morning cable news. 

Jake heard Aaron stirring about 9 that morning.  Aaron made an appearance with his dark blond hair a mess and in his shorts to give Jake a glimpse a look at his normal physique that was a little tanned.  “Well, how did you sleep?” Jake asked.

“Umm… great actually.  You really have a nice bed in there,” Aaron commented. “Mind if grab a cup to start my day?”

“Nah, there’s coffee cups right above the pot,” Jake said and pointed in the general direction.

Aaron found the cups and poured a black cup.  He walked over and sat on the opposite end of the couch from Jake.  “You care if I hang here a little today?”

“Of course not.  I wasn’t doing a whole lot,” Jake said. “Just taking it easy.  Maybe go to the pool here for a little while if there aren’t too many little shits to fight off.”

“Thanks,” Aaron said and took a sip of coffee. “Jake, I still can’t get over… you know… you.” He pointed at Jake’s shirtless body.

“Well Aaron, I’d be lieing if I said I wasn’t proud of what I had accomplished.  You see up until about I was 20, 5 years ago, I was literally a fat ass and I mean fat.  I weighed over 250 before I decided to make a change.  I was tired of being ashamed of my body and did something about it.  What you see is nothing but hard work and a good diet.  Now it’s a lifestyle more than anything.”

“I see.  Now I know why you are always eating salads or health shit.  I guess I’m lucky in that regard but I’ve put on a few pounds living with Cody.”

“You’re more than welcome to come to the gym with me any time after work.  If I don’t go to the gym, I hit the bike and ride around here.”

“I’ll definitely take you up on that.  I do need to more active.  I used to fit like you in college,” Aaron smiled. “Well, I was fit let’s just say.  Not fucking ripped as hell like you.  Are you juicing?”

“No!” Jake firmly stated. “I’ve had the chance a lot.  This is good old fashioned work here my friend.”

The two finished their coffee and watched whatever was on.  They had a small bite to snack on while watching to cure their hunger. 

“Well… I guess I should be heading back,” Aaron stated.

“You don’t have to.  Honestly, I’ve been meaning for just us to do something without Cody sometime,” Jake said.

“I have too but…”

“I know what you mean.  He feels so left out if he’s not invited.  Is he really that insecure living with him?” Jake asked.

“Dude, you don’t know the half of it.  As soon as I can, I’m moving out.  He’s a cool and fun guy but damn he gets on my nerves sometimes something fierce.  He gloats all day after he’s nailed Tara but shit, she’s no prize herself.”

“I know,” Jake said. “Aaron, go get some clothes and come back here for the rest of the weekend if you want.  Hopefully Cody will be tied up with Tara or just lie out your ass.”

“I can do that,” Aaron said.  Aaron left to dress and was out the door to grab a few things at his place.  Jake cleaned up a little and hated seeing his new house a mess. 

Aaron returned after being gone for nearly forty five minutes.  He came back in the door with a 18 pack of their favorite beer.  Jake saw he had showered and shaved the stubble from his face. 

“Did you see Cody?” Jake asked.

“I did and it wasn’t pretty either.  He and Tara were naked in the living room all loved up on each other.  Damn nasty is what it was,” Aaron shook his head and laughed.

Jake laughed, “There’s a sight I don’t wish to see either. I take you and him don’t parade around nude in front of each other.”

“Hell no I don’t and definitely don’t want his fat ass doing it.  It’s bad enough seeing him without a shirt,” Aaron said.  “Maybe you need to rub off on him and tell him your secrets on shedding some poundage there.”

“He’s too hard headed to even listen especially now that he’s found a girl,” Jake said. “So he knows what you’re doing?”

“Yea and had plans with Tara for the weekend any way,” Aaron said. “Thank goodness!”

The two friends dressed in their swimsuits and headed to the community pool down the street.  It wasn’t too overrun with little kids but the day was still young.  They laid out, swam a little and lounged in the hot tub as long as they could stand the heat.  The entire time, Jake could see Aaron eyeing other guys but mostly him. 

They came back to Jake’s house and changed.  Aaron opened a beer and handed one to Jake as well.  They retreated to Jake’s covered porch in the back with the beer.

“I would seriously die to have a place half this nice,” Aaron commented.

“I do like it but it’s not cheap,” Jake said.

Aaron turned quickly to Jake, “If you need a roommate, I know that would love to…”

“Thanks but I was hoping to find…”

“I know.  You want to stay single in case that special someone comes into your life,” Aaron said and took a big drink.  “I don’t know that we’ve ever talked about… you know… our orientation.”

“Nope we haven’t,” Jake stated with a lump in his throat but wanting to know about Aaron’s sexuality.

“So are you straight?”

“Are you?” Jake fired the question right back at Aaron.

“I’ll just say it, I sort of like guys.  There I told my deepest and inner most secret,” Aaron said.

“I do too,” Jake said with the big smile, showing his pearly whites. “For the first time, I noticed you looking at guys and me.”

“Sorry about that but you’re really hot, Jake.  I thought you were cute when we would go out and stuff but when I saw you last night, I about popped some major wood seeing you all buff and those boxers!”

“Aaron since its true confessions, I’ve had the hots for you since the first time I saw you.  I was just too scared to do anything about and never noticed you had this attraction to guys.  Does Cody know?”

“I hope not.  He’s always badgering me about going out with Tara’s friends so it’s easy to tell him no.  The ones I’ve seen look just like her if not worse,” Aaron said.

“You know it feels great to have that off my shoulders now,” Jake commented and stood.  “You want another one?”

“Definitely,” Aaron said. 

Jake walked back inside and quickly returned.  He saw Aaron standing.  He handed him another beer.  Aaron put it down and went straight for Jake.  Jake felt the soft wet lips and didn’t resist in the least.  Both kissed and smacked with sparks flying. 

“I wanted you to do that forever,” Jake said with his head swirling.

“It did feel great,” Aaron stated and felt Jake grab him for more.  They kissed passionately with their hands going crazy on each other.  Aaron had Jake out of his shirt and now freely kissed and licked Jake’s torso out of lust and desire.  Aaron stopped and shed his shirt.  Jake did the same and kissed along with licking Aaron’s upper body. 

“Maybe we should go inside unless you want to give the neighbors a little show here,” Jake stated with his hand at Aaron’s waist.

“Right now, I don’t care what anyone sees here,” Aaron said with his hand at the front of Jake’s shorts.

Jake pushed down Aaron’s short and grabbed Aaron’s cock under his boxer briefs.   He looked at Aaron in the eye, “Nice big one here.”

Aaron dropped his boxer briefs to expose his nice well proportioned cut cock.  Jake grabbed it with a light touch and kissed Aaron.  He felt Aaron pushing down his shorts and his boxers.  Jake’s cock was semi hard and not as big as Aaron’s.  “It’s been way to long since I’ve had the pleasure of being with a man,” Aaron said.

Jake chuckled, “Same here.  I can barely remember the last time I had a guy naked with me for sex.”

On the back porch, Aaron pushed Jake to the chair.  He spread Jake’s solid muscular legs and knelt before him.  He looked up with a smile.  He kissed Jake’s hips before letting his tongue work Jake’s cock. 

Jake threw his head back and sighed feeling Aaron’s attention.  He felt Aaron tasting his balls.  He looked down and felt Aaron take his cock in his mouth.  “OOOO,” Jake moaned at the initial feeling and burst of sexual excitement. 

Aaron put his hand around the base and sucked up and down.  He paid special attention to the head while lightly stroking Jake to a rock solid erection.  He alternated between sucking and licking.  He had Jake’s cock dripping wet with his spit and a slight burst of precum. 

“Damn this feels so good, Aaron,” Jake commented in his state of arousal and joy.  He watched and moaned until pulling Aaron up before he busted.  He found Aaron’s mouth and kissed him passionately.  Aaron stood in front of Jake, who was seated.  Jake kissed both sides of Aaron’s hip with Aaron’s cock in his hand.  He licked his nice low hangers before swirling his tongue around the mushroom head.   He could hear the slight ‘aahs and oohs’ while he started to administer his blow job.  He reached around and grabbed Aaron’s fleshy ass while taking in as much of Aaron rigid cock.

“Ooo, fuck,” Aaron moaned feeling Jake’s mouth on his cock. “Feels so good.”

Jake cut his eyes up at Aaron.  Aaron put his hand on the back of Jake’s head.  Aaron didn’t force Jake’s wet hot mouth done and allowed him to suck and lick his cock as Jake saw fit.  Jake treasured having Aaron’s cock in his mouth and pleasing his friend orally.  He bobbed his mouth feverously and had Aaron groaning.  Jake pulled off and kissed Aaron’s stomach before returning to his cock. 

Aaron pushed Jake off his cock and knew he was close after a nice blow job.  Jake stroked Aaron’s cock.  “OOOO shit motherfucker,” Aaron groaned with his body and balls tightening.  Blast of cum flew out of Aaron’s cock and onto Jake’s upper body and neck.  Jake could see the satisfied look on Aaron’s face after the intense and somewhat loud climax. 

Aaron wiped what cum he could off Jake’s body while stroking him.  He knelt back down and jacked Jake with a fury.  “I’m close,” Jake announced.  Aaron closed his eyes with Jake’s cock at his cheek.  Jake groaned and shot his load across Aaron’s cheek and down his chin. 

“MMMM,” Aaron moaned feeling the warm cum cover his face.  Jake reached to wipe the cum off his friend and felt Aaron grab his hand.  “Let it dry on my face.  I fucking love cum all over my face after a good knobber!”

Jake pulled Aaron down for a kiss of appreciation.  Now their tongues battled while they kissed in their bliss. 

“I almost forgot how great sex was,” Jake kidded.

“I know.  Why did we wait?” Aaron stated. 

“Well… we didn’t know each other liked guys,” Jake smiled.

“We do now,” Aaron said.

The two sat in outside naked before heading inside to shower together.  Aaron was in heaven having the pleasure of freely touching and washing Jake’s body.  They both knew and hoped this was the start of something that both secretly desired or at least Jake did.  

They dressed and headed out to find something to eat.  They made eyes at each other while eating.  They headed down to watch a fireworks display on the edge of their city.  They sat close together in the darkness with Aaron’s hand on Jake’s knee.  They watched the array of colors explode overhead and the booming sounds echoing. 

Once back at Jake’s house, Aaron pushed Jake to the couch to make out with him.  They were crazy about each other now.

“Aaron, you are staying with me tonight, right?” Jake asked and assumed he was.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Aaron smiled. “We are just getting started on our own firework display.”

Jake smiled, “I knew there was something I always liked about you.”

“What I’m fucking sexy as hell?” Aaron laughed.

“Sexy for damn sure,” Jake said.

“Look who’s talking.  Jake, you’re my complete definition of sexy and hot!”

They had a beer but were unable to finish it.  They were so into each other and couldn’t stop kissing or petting.  They headed to Jake’s bedroom with the neighborhood firecrackers going off in every direction.  They undressed each other seductively even though they were in the deepest throes of lust for one another.  Jake leaned over and took Aaron’s cock in his mouth.  He felt Aaron playing with his cock until they started 69ing on top of Jake’s queen size bed.  They slowly sucked and licked each other until Aaron pulled off to kiss Jake.  They rolled around the bed lip locked, feeling so much passion.

“Aaron, fuck me,” Jake practically growled in lust. “I want feel you in me.”

“Ooo babe, I will,” Aaron confirmed with a kiss.

After the prep, Aaron threw Jake’s legs on his shoulders.  He eyed Jake’s pink hole and the rest of his body.  He stuck his hard cock at Jake’s hole.  Instantly he felt the tightness and managed to squeeze past Jake’s tight sphincter.

OOOO,” Jake moaned, feeling Aaron going in him.  He could feel the unmistakable mix of pain and pleasure from getting fucked.  He relaxed his body and allowed Aaron to fill his hole down to the base of his cock. 

OOO babe,” Aaron groaned and looked Jake in the eyes. “Hot!”

Jake grabbed Aaron by the ass and pulled him deeper and closer.  They were face to face when Aaron started fucking Jake’s ass.  Jake could feel it deep in him and squirmed a little before getting comfortable in the missionary position.  He had almost forgotten the joy of intercourse but it returned the instant he felt Aaron in him.  Aaron slowly fucked him and snuck a few kisses in along the way.  Both were in a haze for the first few minutes.  The explosions continued throughout the neighborhood on this dark night.  Jake moaned and groaned with each deep plunge into his guts with the thrust coming harder and faster. 

Aaron pulled out and took Jake on his side.  The fireworks continued blasting off outside and inside.  They could feel the passion and heat while they fucked.  Jake had the feeling of euphoria and started screaming at the top of his lungs to heighten the sex.  Aaron felt the excitement and pounded Jake’s ass as hard as he could.  The two were shaking and rattling the bed to match the fireworks. 

Aaron pulled out at the precise moment he felt he was exploding.  Jake rolled over and watched Aaron again cover his body with hot cum.   Aaron jacked off Jake to completion.

The exhausted sex mates lay next to each and reveled in their bliss of sex.  Jake rolled over and got on top of Aaron to show his thanks and passion for one great fuck and giving him ultimate satisfaction.

“Aaron, is this the start of something?”

“Hell yea, it is,” Aaron smiled.

“I think so too.  I’ve been lonely and missed having the special someone with me in this bed at night. I’m sick of jacking off to porn,” Jake stated looking in Aaron’s face and stroking his cheek.

“I am too.  Now maybe we won’t be lonely now that we have found our true independence,” Aaron smiled.

OOO hell yea,” Jake said.

The two kissed and petted with cum drying on Jake’s body.  They were both tired and hated to see this 4th come to end but what a great day it had been for both. 


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