This is a fantasy chapter written by Big D. This chapter is total fantasy and did
not really happen.

Corey and Matt were lying on the sofa enjoying a quiet afternoon in the
room. Kris and Colt had gone off hunting with Ted, Myles and Luke, so they
were completely alone and had put a movie on, snuggling up on the sofa to
watch it.

As the film was ending, Corey pulled Matt closer to his chest, wrapping
his arms around his boyfriend’s body. He gently kissed the back of Matt’s
neck and slid his hard cock between Matt’s ass cheeks.

Matt turned his head to look at Corey with a smile, “Go get the lube.”

“Are you not coming with me?” Corey asked.

“No, go get it and we’ll fuck out here. I’ll put the next movie on, and
then I want you to come back, get behind me and slip your dick inside me.
Gently fuck me while we watch the next film.”

Corey felt his cock throb at the suggestion and quickly jumped off the
sofa, running into his room to get their bottle of lube. When he returned,
the next movie was playing but he didn’t even care what it was, all he
cared about was his hard cock and Matt’s tight ass.

Matt had put a towel over the sofa, which made Corey smile because Matt
was always wary of making a mess. Getting back into position behind Matt,
Corey poured some lube onto his fingers and spread it all over Matt’s
hole, pushing his finger inside to get it nice and ready.

The second finger was barely inside Matt’s ass when Corey was overcome
with the desire to stick his bare cock in the hole that was gripping his
fingers nice and tight. He pulled the fingers out and lubed up his cock,
lying down and pulling Matt to him until the head of his fat dick was
pressed against Matt’s hole.

Matt moaned as he felt Corey slide inside him, the fat cock stretching his
ass as it always did. He loved getting fucked by Corey, and since this was
not just a regular fuck in their bedroom, it made it all the more

When Corey bottomed out, he hugged Matt close and didn’t move. He had his
cheek pressed against Matt’s and turned his attention to the screen for
the first time. For the next few minutes he actually watched the action on
screen with his cock buried balls deep in Matt’s ass. Occasionally he
flexed his cock inside Matt’s hole, making Matt yelp, but otherwise they
remained completely still.

Feeling that Matt was complete putty in his hands and ready to accept
anything he had to offer, Corey slowly pulled his cock out of Matt’s ass
until just the head remained inside and then he slid it back in slowly,
until Matt was completely impaled on his cock.

Keeping his focus on the screen, Corey continued the slow thrusts in and
out of Matt for almost twenty minutes, neither one doing anything to
change the pace. It felt so good but had them nowhere near their orgasms,
they could carry on as they were for hours.

Corey then decided to fuck Matt a little faster and just started to
increase the speed of his thrusts when the door to the room was flung
open. Corey froze with his cock all the way in Matt’s ass. They forgot to
lock the door.

“Holy fuck!” It was Luke’s voice.

“Damn, guys,” Colt laughed.

“Either come in or get out but shut the fucking door,” Corey spat, pulling
Matt closer to him.

“I guess we don’t need to ask what you’ve been doing while we’ve been
gone,” Kris smiled, closing and locking the door behind him, with Ted,
Luke, Myles and Colt all entering first.

“Please guys, this is embarrassing enough,” Matt said, wanting to run off
and lock himself in his room.

“Why?” Kris asked. “It’s just two hot guys having sex with each other,
we’ve all been there, right guys?”

Colt, Ted, Luke and Myles all nodded, causing Matt and Corey’s eyes to pop
out of their heads.

“What do you mean?” Corey asked. “Have all of you been fucking around?”

“Well,” Luke said, “it started with Colt blowing Ted, but I interrupted
them and we all sucked each other.”

Corey felt Matt’s ass twitch around his cock when he heard that, which
brought a moan from Corey.

“Then when these guys came to our away game a couple of months ago, Luke
broke away from the crowd and fucked Colt’s brains out. They’d just
finished when Kris and I walked in on them.”

“Damn,” Corey breathed in Matt’s ear.

“That was the same night I fucked Ted for the first time,” Luke smiled.

“And I don’t think it was too long after that when Ted fucked me in the
football team’s locker room,” Colt chuckled.

“Then I nailed Kris’ hot ass,” Luke beamed.

“And I popped your cherry, Mr Stud Quarterback,” Kris smiled.

“Damn right you did, it was fucking amazing,” Luke replied.

“And then just last week we pretty much all fucked whoever we hadn’t
already fucked,” Colt said.

“Yeah, and Luke and I both fucked Ted at the same time,” Kris said.

“You mean double penetration?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, man, it was incredible,” Kris smiled.


“And what about you, Myles?” Corey asked.

“I walked in on Ted fucking Luke’s ass and they convinced me to join in.
First I just stuck my dick in Luke’s mouth but then when Ted busted his
nut, Luke still wanted more so I pounded his tight ass,” Myles replied,
reaching down to stroke his growing bulge.

“Shit… I never thought any of you would fuck with guys,” Corey said,
forgetting he was still inside Matt.

“Hey, when you’re a college athlete there’s a lot of pressure on you not
to fuck up or end up in kiss and tell stories or have a girl fall pregnant
on your ass,” Luke said. “Fucking each other is a way to satisfy our needs
while avoiding all that other shit, and we completely trust each other, so
everybody wins.”

Corey nodded at that and then became very aware that he had five buff guys
gathered around looking at him while he had his dick buried in his
boyfriend. “So what are you guys doing back here so early?” he asked,
trying to think of anything else.”

“Hunting got our adrenaline pumping but we hardly saw a fucking thing,”
Luke said. “We thought we’d come back here for a total fuckfest to burn
off all this energy we have, but you know, seeing Matt’s big cock all hard
and throbbing has me thinking that Colt was right.”

“About what?” Matt asked.

“That Corey could handle my monster,” Luke said, dropping his shorts to
expose his hard 9 inch cock.

“HOLY FUCK!!” Corey and Matt both exclaimed at the same time, having never
seen Luke hard before.

“Fucker knows how to use it too,” Kris smiled.

“Shit…” Corey breathed. “Matt, I love you so much, baby, but can I please
ride that?”

Matt looked over at Luke’s throbbing cock again and just nodded his head.
Corey slowly pulled back, letting his dick slip out of Matt’s ass.

“Looks like you were right again, Colt,” Luke smiled.

“About what?” Colt asked.

“About Corey having a thick ass cock. I think Matt can definitely handle
Ted’s beast. Show him, Ted.”

Ted pushed his shorts down, letting his thick cock rise up and slap
against his stomach. Matt couldn’t take his eyes off Ted’s fat dick, which
looked even wider than Corey’s. He had always wondered what Ted looked
like hard, and now he knew he wanted to feel it, taste it and ride it.

Matt turned to Corey, “We know we love each other, right?”

“Yes,” Corey answered.

“So if you fuck Luke and I fuck Ted there won’t be any problems
afterwards?” Matt asked.

“No, not a single one,” Corey replied, “just play safe.”

Matt smiled and pulled Corey in for a deep, passionate kiss. When they
broke apart they noticed that all five members of their audience were now
naked, even Myles.

“Kris, do you mind if Luke and I use your room?” Corey asked.

“Not at all, go ahead,” Kris smiled.

“Come on then, Luke…” Corey said, turning immediately toward Kris and
Colt’s room. Luke happily followed Corey, high-fiving Kris and Colt on the

“I guess we’re taking my room then, Ted,” Matt smiled.

“Excellent,” Ted said in his deep voice that caused Matt’s cock to throb
and his ass to clench.

Ted followed Matt into his room and they closed the door. Myles looked at
the two closed doors with his best friends behind them and then he turned
to see Kris and Colt smiling as they had their eyes focused on Myles’
amazing body.

“I guess that just leaves us then,” Myles laughed.

“Damn right it does,” Colt smiled.

“And you’re fucking both of our asses tonight,” Kris said.

“So long as neither of you try to fuck mine, I’m cool with that,” Myles

“Awesome!” Kris shouted. “Let me just get some condoms and lube.”

Kris then ran into his bedroom, where Corey was on his knees sucking on
Luke’s big dick, swallowing the whole thing until it was lodged in his

“Damn, Corey,” Kris laughed as he ran across the room and pulled out his
box of condoms and two bottles of lube. He threw two condoms and a bottle
of the lube down on the bed, giving Luke a wink, before leaving and
closing the door.

To his shock, Colt and Myles were lip locked and were making out with more
hunger and passion than he had ever seen. Myles had his hands all over
Colt’s ass and Kris just knew that he was going to fuck it so hard Colt
would never forget it.

He moved slowly toward them, putting the condoms and lube down on the
sofa. When he was within arm’s reach, Myles broke the kiss with Colt and
pulled Kris into a kiss that was just as passionate, as he slid his hand
down Kris’ muscular back until he had a finger in Kris’ crack.

Over in Matt’s room, Ted was lying back on one of the beds Matt and Corey
used to use with his big legs wide open. Matt ran his hands over the beefy
thighs until his fingers reached up to tease Ted’s huge balls. Ted groaned
and reached down to stroke the side of Matt’s face with his big hands.

Matt moved in slowly and extended his tongue out so it could replace his
fingers in working on Ted’s balls. Lapping at the skin and then sucking
each cum filled ball into his mouth, Matt moved his hand up to stroke
Ted’s thick cock. When he could barely get his fingers closed around it
Matt was amazed and knew he couldn’t wait to feel it pushing inside him,
but he wanted to try something else first.

Letting the balls slip from his mouth, Matt ran his tongue up over them
and continued on up Ted’s thick shaft until he was swirling it around the
big mushroom head. Ted groaned as Matt pushed his tongue into the slit of
his cock, trying to lick up the precum leaking from Ted’s dick, and then
he howled when Matt took the head into his mouth.

In Kris’ room, Luke watched in awe as Corey bobbed up and down on his
cock. He had been given some good blow jobs in his life, especially
recently from his friends, but this one topped them all. Corey was a true
pro, working Luke’s cock with his hands, tongue, lips and eventually his

He had started by just licking the shaft, then he enveloped the tip and
sucked on it gently, with Luke moaning the entire time. Corey then started
bobbing up and down on the big cock, taking more and more into his mouth
with each down stroke. Luke was just about to put his hand on the back of
Corey’s head to push him down even further when Corey grabbed Luke’s
hands, held them still and swallowed all nine inches of Luke’s cock.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!” Luke screamed. “No one has ever done that!”

Corey pulled up off Luke’s cock with a gasp, wiping the spit from his
chin. “It’s like they say with football, practice makes perfect.”

“Yeah? Well that’s a fucking Super Bowl winning blow job, now get back
down there.”

Corey smiled and went back on the attack, swallowing all of Luke’s cock
again and leaving it lodged in his throat, letting the muscles do the
work. Luke was panting and moaning, gripping the sheets beneath him so
tight they almost ripped.

In the main room, Myles, Kris and Colt broke out of their three-way make
out session and Kris and Colt smiled at each other before dropping to
their knees in front of Myles.

Myles gasped and had to put his hands on the top of Kris and Colt’s heads
to steady himself, as they placed kisses up his shaft, moving from the
base, up until their lips met around the head and they swirled their
tongues into each other’s mouths with Myles’ cock in the middle.

Kris then took the head of Myles’ cock into his mouth, sucking on it
slowly, bobbing his head up and down, as Colt ran his tongue down the
shaft and onto his balls.

Matt had his mouth stretched by Ted’s thick cock and he couldn’t believe
it was even bigger than Corey’s, which was pretty damn thick. Even so,
Matt was so excited to feel the fat dick inside him because, after getting
so used to Corey’s cock, he rarely felt himself being truly opened up and
he knew that Ted would do that.

Having sucked the large head of Ted’s dick, Matt started moving up and
down, trying to take more and more of the cock into his mouth, but as he
neared the base he just couldn’t go any further as the head of Ted’s cock
wouldn’t slip into his throat, no matter how hard he tried.

Ted pulled Matt up off his cock and immediately had his lips pressed
against Matt’s, licking around Matt’s lips so he opened up and let Ted’s
tongue inside. Ted could taste traces of his own precum on Matt’s tongue
as they kissed and it turned him on so much.

Throwing Matt down onto the bed, Ted dove down between his legs and
swallowed Matt’s dick down to the hilt. Matt’s eyes were wide and he
couldn’t believe that Ted could take his cock with such ease, but then he
remembered how big Luke was and knew that Ted has been getting a lot of
practice in.

The feelings rushing through his body were amazing and Matt could hardly
contain himself as Ted swallowed around his cock, using the muscles in his
throat to massage the 8 inch shaft.

Just when Matt started to feel his balls beginning to tingle, Ted stopped
sucking his cock and flipped him over so he was on his hands and knees.
Before Matt could even gain his bearings Ted had his big hands on Matt’s
ass, spreading the cheeks open giving him the room he needed to bury his
face in Matt’s ass.

Corey was sucking Luke’s cock so good that Luke felt like he was going to
explode. Not wanting the amazing sex to end so abruptly, he pushed Corey
off his cock and pulled him up to his feet.

Just when Corey thought Luke was going to kiss him, the big football stud
sank to his knees, reaching out to stroke Corey’s thick cock. Licking his
lips, Luke then leaned in, trailing his tongue up Corey’s thick shaft
until he reached the head, which was covered in Corey’s thick, syrupy
precum that tasted so good Luke couldn’t get enough.

He attacked Corey’s cock, licking and sucking at his slit, trying to draw
as much of the tasty juices out of Corey’s cock as possible. Corey was
overwhelmed by the intensity with which Luke was going at his cock, he was
like a thirsty baby trying to suckle from its mother.

For the first time in his life Corey actually felt his legs go weak and he
had to sit down on Colt’s bed, but still Luke didn’t stop sucking.

Kris and Colt were still kissing and licking Myles’ cock, alternating
between which one took the shaft into his mouth and which one paid
attention to the rest of the stud athlete they were worshipping. The one
not sucking his cock moved down to suck on his balls, further down to kiss
his muscular thighs, up to run their tongue over his incredible abs, and
further up still to kiss his hard pecs and suck on his pointy nipples.
Myles was in heaven.

“Damn, you two are so fucking good. Which one of you wants to get fucked
first?” Myles asked.

“I do,” Colt smiled while Kris still had a mouth full of cock.

With his face buried in Matt’s ass, Ted used his tongue to tease Matt’s
opening, running it round the outside of the hole, tickling it with the
very tip. Being able to taste some of the lube that Corey had used to fuck
Matt just minutes earlier drove Ted on and made him even hungrier for
Matt’s ass. When Matt was moaning and his hole was twitching, Ted pushed
the tip of his tongue into the opening and started probing Matt’s
entrance, pushing in deep.

Matt buried his head in a pillow as Ted began to tongue fuck his ass,
driving the tongue into him, opening up the hole so it tightly gripped the
invading organ.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck…” Matt panted. “Fuck me, Ted.”

Across in the other room, Luke was still diving down on Corey’s cock when
all of a sudden he got an idea. He let Corey’s thick dick fall from his
mouth and stood up, extending his hand to Corey.

Corey was confused but he reached out and took Luke’s hand, allowing
himself to be pulled to his feet. Finally Corey got the kiss from Luke he
had expected earlier. It was hard, passionate and powerful.

“Do as I do, Corey,” Luke said.

Corey nodded and watched as Luke bent over sideways and put his arms
around Corey’s waist. Doing as Luke said, Corey bent the opposite way so
he had his arms around Luke’s waist.

“Good,” Luke said. “Now hold on.”

Corey wasn’t sure what Luke was going to do but he held on tight as he
felt Luke shift his weight. Luke moved until he was standing upright with
Corey being held upside down in a position not too different to a
Tombstone Piledriver Corey so often used as his finishing move on the
wrestling game.

The new position put Luke’s head between Corey’s legs, while Corey’s head,
despite being upside down, was between Luke’s legs, their hard cocks just
inches from each other’s mouths. Corey could feel that Luke had a firm
grip on him and wasn’t going to drop him, he also knew he would never be
in a similar position with anyone else, so he leaned his head forward,
stuck out his tongue and pulled Luke’s big cock into his mouth.

Luke moaned as Corey started sucking him. It felt so different having his
cock sucked from the other side, Corey’s tongue working the top of his
shaft rather than the underside. Lowering his chin and opening his mouth,
Luke sucked Corey’s cock between his lips and moved his head back and
forth, stroking it with his tongue.

The blood rushing to Corey’s head in the upside down position just
heightened the feelings in his cock as Luke continued to suck it. He felt
light headed, but all he could focus on was the cock between his lips.
Shifting his weight slightly, Corey managed to impale his throat on all 9
inches of Luke’s cock.

“Oh fuck, Corey!” Luke screamed, taking his mouth off Corey’s cock. “That
feels so good. I gotta fuck you. NOW!”

In the main room, Colt was on his back, as Kris poured lube over Colt’s
hole and slid his fingers inside the tight ass. Just inches away, Myles
rolled a condom down his cock and slathered it in lube, getting it nice
and slick.

Pushing Kris out of the way, Myles moved in between Colt’s legs, lifted
them up onto his shoulders, and positioned his cock at Colt’s entrance.

“How bad do you want my cock inside you?” Myles asked.

“So fucking bad!” Colt moaned. “Stick it in me.”

Myles smiled and pressed forward, feeling some resistance until Colt’s ass
opened up and let him inside. Once the head was firmly planted in Colt’s
ass, Myles kept going, slowly sliding the rest of his cock into Colt’s ass
until he was balls deep.

Colt was moaning from the feeling of the penetration and also from the
thought that Myles was actually fucking him.

“Kris, sit on Colt’s face,” Myles said. “Muffle those moans and let him
eat out your ass to get it nice and wet for when I slide my dick up

Kris shivered hearing the orders from Myles. He quickly obeyed and
straddled Colt’s face, getting down on his knees so his ass was hovering
just above Colt’s mouth.

Myles pulled his cock back and then thrust it forward into Colt. The
pleasure was so intense that Colt bucked against the cock, forcing it
deeper inside him and then he went into a frenzy, using his tongue to
assault Kris’ ass, forcing his tongue into Kris’ hole as Myles started to
fuck his ass.

Luke gently lowered Corey down so he was on one of the beds. Then, pulling
Corey to the end of the mattress, he hooked his hands in behind Corey’s
knees and pushed them up toward his chest, leaning forward to lick Corey’s
hot ass.

“Yes! Yes! YES!!” Corey screamed. “FUCK ME, LUKE!”

Luke smiled hearing how much Corey wanted his cock, knowing full well that
Corey had no idea what he had just asked for.

With Matt on his hands and knees, his ass hanging over the edge of the
bed, pointing toward Ted, the huge football player rolled a condom over
his fat cock and poured lube all over it. Giving it a few strokes he then
stepped up to Matt and placed a hand on Matt’s back, pushing him down
slightly, as he aligned his cock with the twitching hole and began to
press forward.

As Matt’s ass started to give way, stretching to accommodate Ted’s huge
tool, he moaned and called Ted’s name as the thick cock moved deeper into
him, pushing against the walls of his ass, making him feel every inch as
it sawed straight through him.

Ted ran his hand up and down Matt’s back, which was covered in a fine
layer of sweat, trying to make him relax since his ass had Ted’s cock in a
vice-like grip. Ted then leaned down and kissed Matt between the shoulder
blades, reaching around to stroke his hard cock.

Myles was really getting into a rhythm now as he pounded his cock down
into Colt’s ass, whose screams were only muffled slightly by Kris’ muscle
ass, which was still sliding back and forth across Colt’s tongue.

Feeling his cock being gripped so tightly by an ass was something Myles
could definitely get used to, it was so much tighter than the pussy he was
used to fucking. Driving his cock hard into Colt’s ass, hearing their skin
slapping together and Colt’s moans of pure pleasure, only made Myles fuck
the hot country ass harder.

Wanting to change things up a little, Myles reached over and pulled Kris
into position so his body was over Colt’s, head to toe. He pushed Kris’
head down until it was just above Colt’s cock and told him to suck. Kris
made no protests and started to suck Colt’s cock.

In the new position, Colt no longer had access to Kris’ ass so instead he
reached up and pulled Kris’ cock into his mouth so they were in a hot 69.

Just then Myles pulled out of Colt’s ass, but Colt was too caught up in
what he was doing with Kris to really care. Myles on the other hand threw
off the condom and slid another over his cock, lubing it up and then
walking around so he was at Colt’s head and Kris’ ass.

With one quick thrust Myles buried himself in Kris’ ass, making Kris
scream around Colt’s cock. Myles was in a different zone now and just
wanted to fuck. He pulled back, withdrawing his cock from Kris’ ass and
then plunging it back in, which in turn sent Kris’ cock deep into Colt’s

Matt’s ass loosened around Ted’s cock, allowing Ted to start moving,
pulling his cock out of Matt’s ass completely and then slowly feeding it
back in until he bottomed out. He kept doing that until Matt just couldn’t
take anymore.

“FUCK ME, TED! Just fuck my brains out,” Matt pleaded.

Ted smiled and drove his cock back into Matt’s ass. Matt screamed at the
invasion but then pushed back against Ted’s cock, wanting as much of it
inside him as possible. Ted then gripped on to Matt’s hips and started
fucking him, thrusting his cock in and out of Matt’s ass as he rocked back
to achieve deeper penetration.

“Your ass feels so good wrapped around my cock,” Ted panted, sweat
building on his forehead.

“Oh God, your dick feels awesome, Ted, fuck me hard,” Matt breathed.

Ted wasn’t one to disappoint, picking up the pace even more as he started
to pound Matt’s ass, using all the power he had in his legs to drive his
thick cock deep into Matt, stretching him and frequently crashing into his

Meanwhile Luke had lubed up his big cock and was slowly sinking it into
Corey’s ass, inch by inch until he finally pushed all the way inside,
bottoming out.

Corey’s eyes were wide with surprise. He was used to being fucked by
Matt’s big dick, but when Luke reached the point where Matt usually
bottomed out and still kept going it totally blew Corey’s mind. He was
getting fucked deeper than ever before. Part of him was getting fucked for
the very first time.

Slowly moving his cock in and out of Corey’s ass, long dicking him, Luke
felt a little uncomfortable, having to bend his long legs, so he wrapped
his hands around Corey’s body and picked him up, keeping Corey impaled on
his dick.

Walking just a few feet across the room, Luke put Corey down on a desk,
which brought Corey’s ass to the perfect level for Luke’s cock when he
stood, allowing Luke to start humping Corey’s ass doggy style over the

In the living area, Colt was still on his back, sucking on Kris’ cock as
it was being driven down into his mouth by the thrusts of Myles as he
fucked Kris’ bubble butt.

For his part Kris was ramming his ass back onto Myles’ cock, driving it
deep inside him, but then he also moved in the opposite direction to
Myles, so when Myles pulled out of Kris’ ass, Kris pushed his cock further
into Colt’s mouth.

Colt began to tire of the position though and so he slowly wriggled his
way out from beneath Kris, giving Myles some extra freedom to hammer Kris’
ass, really fucking him hard so their balls were bouncing off each other.

“Yeah, fuck his ass, Myles,” Colt enthused.

Ted had Matt bent over the bed, his thick cock ploughing straight through
Matt as it plunged inside him. The feeling of Matt’s ass around his cock
was something special for Ted, having wanted to have sex with Matt for
months, but only now getting the chance, never wanting to interfere in
Matt’s relationship with Corey.

Running his hands up Matt’s back again, Ted placed his hands on Matt’s
shoulders and started pulling him back, forcing his dick as far inside
Matt as it would go.

Matt was delirious with pleasure. Ted was being rough in a way that Corey
never was, without ever being in danger of actually hurting him. Managing
to push himself up so his back was against Ted’s chest, Matt reached
around and pulled Ted’s head to his so they could kiss.

At the same time, Luke was drilling his cock up into Corey’s hole, the
desk they were fucking on crashed into the wall with so much force it
started to chip away at the paint.

Luke then stopped thrusting and took hold of Corey’s hips, spinning him
around so he was on his back. Corey’s eyes rolled back into his head as
his body turned over because Luke’s cock was still buried deep inside him
and he felt it rotating as he was flipped over.

Taking Corey’s ankles into his hands, Luke lifted the legs up so Corey was
spread eagled before him and drove his cock forward, increasing the pace
until he was pummelling Corey’s ass, crashing into his prostate time and
time again, leaving Corey a whimpering mess on the desk.

Fucking Kris harder, Myles grabbed a cushion from the sofa and stuffed it
under Kris’ crotch. He then pushed Kris down so his cock was pressed
against the cushion and he was lying flat on his stomach.

Kris looked over his shoulder to see what Myles was doing, but almost
before his eyes could focus, Myles shoved his cock back into Kris’ ass and
started fucking him harder than before, wailing away on his ass.

As Myles hammered away on Kris’ ass, Kris could barely take it, a mixture
of pleasure and pain confusing his body as he screamed and was clawing at
the carpet beneath him as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over him.

Ted had Matt cradled in his arms, slowly fucking up into him with his fat
cock, but it just wasn’t enough for either of them. They needed more.

Gently pulling out of Matt’s ass, Ted made his way over to the chair at
Matt’s desk and sat down. Matt quickly got the hint and strode across the
room, hopping up on top of Ted and straddling his waist.

Lifting himself up, Matt positioned himself over Ted’s fat cock and
started to lower himself down on to it, feeling himself being stretched
open again by the amazingly fat dick.

Rising up and down, feeling the thick cock pull on his sphincter as it
tried to leave, Matt started to really enjoy the sensations as he rode
Ted’s big dick, bouncing up and down on the star football player’s cock.

Getting bored with the position they were in, Luke bent forward and once
again used his strength to pick Corey up and carry him across the room.
This time instead of putting Corey down somewhere, Luke pressed Corey’s
back against a wall and moved in close to him, forcing his dick back up
into Corey, who had wrapped his legs around Luke’s waist.

Corey was almost delirious. He was been fucked like never before. Luke was
basically manhandling him and moving him around like he was a little boy.
Corey was a big, well-built young man, and yet there he was, his entire
body weight being held up by this huge football player as his ass was
drilled by a massive cock. It was something Corey had always wanted to
experience but never thought he would, being with Matt.

Luke fucked up into Corey as hard as he could, whilst also letting Corey’s
weight pull him down on his big 9 inch cock. In this position Corey felt as
though the cock was going to pierce straight through him and come out the
other end.

Myles was still fucking Kris hard when Colt moved around to get a better look
at Kris’ hot ass being penetrated, but what he saw instead gave him a whole
new idea. He moved in behind Myles and got down on his knees, leaning forward
and extending his tongue to lick Myles’ ass.

“What the fuck?” Myles exclaimed, but Colt just kept on licking. “Holy fuck,
Colt, that feels good.”

Myles slowed down on the thrusts into Kris’ ass but he didn’t stop fucking
altogether, letting Colt go to work on his ass. Starting with his tongue,
Colt probed and tongue fucked Myles’ ass. When he felt the ass opening, Colt
slowly added a finger, working it in and out until it slid back and forth
with ease, Myles still fucking Kris the entire time.

Finally, Colt pulled his finger out of Myles’ ass, got up onto his knees and
pressed the tip of his cock against Myles’ asshole. Myles groaned, enjoying
the feeling, but before Colt could push inside his ass, he pulled his own
cock out of Kris.

“I want to see you fuck him hard,” Myles said to Colt, pointing down at Kris.

Colt was disappointed, he thought he was going to get to fuck Myles’ ass, but
he guessed Myles was serious when he said he didn’t get fucked. Still, Colt
would get to fuck Kris’ ass and there was little better in the world than his
best friend’s ass wrapped around his cock.

Sliding inside Kris’ ass with ease after it was opened up by Myles, Colt
started fucking away until he felt Myles’ weight on his back and once again
felt Myles’ hot cock sliding into him.

By this time Matt was bouncing up and down on Ted’s cock hard, squeezing his
ass cheeks to massage the thick shaft of Ted’s cock that was plunging up into
Matt’s ass. Matt’s cock was hard as a rock and was leaking precum all over
Ted’s body, matting some of the hair on his stomach.

Feeling his balls starting to bubble up, Matt reached down and grabbed his
cock, jerking it furiously as he rode Ted’s cock even harder, driving himself
down onto it and impaling himself fully, until his ass started to spasm and
his cock shot load over load of hot cum all over Ted’s body.

Quickly pulling out of Matt’s clenching ass, Ted ripped off the condom and
felt his cock twitch as he wrapped his hand around it and quickly stroked it,
spraying his cum all over Matt’s back.

With Kris on his stomach on the floor being hammered by Colt, who was in turn
having his ass drilled by Myles, Kris’ cock rubbed against the cushion and
then friction was too much for him as it sent electric shocks over the head
of his cock, which exploded as his cum soaked into the cushion.

As his cock unloaded, Kris’ ass tightened around Colt’s cock, while at the
same time Myles was pounding Colt’s prostate, all of which amounted to one of
the most amazing orgasms of Colt’s life as his cock erupted inside Kris’ ass.

Colt’s orgasm made his own ass spasm, gripping Myles’ cock tight. Myles
thrust all the way inside Colt’s ass and threw his head back, screaming as
his cum fired out of his cock like a rocket, filling the condom in Colt’s

Still fucking Corey up against the wall, Luke started to feel his balls begin
to bubble and he needed to cum. The only problem was that while he was on
edge he knew he wouldn’t reach his climax in that position.

Holding Corey close, their bodies covered in sweat, Luke threw Corey down
onto a bed, pushed his legs back so his knees were almost touching his chest,
and plunged his dick back into him.

Corey yelped as Luke fucked him harder than anyone ever had, hammering his
ass, with every stroke of Luke’s cock sending the head crashing straight into
his spot.

With an animalist scream, Corey’s cock exploded without him ever having
touched himself. It was like a firework display as cum shot out of his cock
up to four feet in the air, in all directions as Luke continued to fuck him.

Burying himself completely in Corey’s ass, Luke licked off a drop of cum that
had landed on his lip and that was all it took as his cock shot the biggest
load of his life, filling up the condom until it almost burst.

In the three separate rooms, all seven young men fell back exhausted, all
completely satisfied and happy in knowing that the bond they shared was
stronger than ever.


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