Posted:   January 29, 2009

The first week of classes at college was in the books for Dylan.  He had a great feeling and felt like he belonged there.  He grabbed something to eat before heading to his dorm room.  He opened his door and found his roommate Jacoby playing on the computer.  Jacoby slammed down the top to shut down his computer.

“You didn’t have to stop,” Dylan said.

“I was just messing and waiting around on you to go work out,” Jacoby stated.

Dylan slumped his shoulders, “Can it wait?”

“You promised me!” Jacoby answered.

“Give me a second to unwind and have a seat.  Then we’ll go,” Dylan conceited to his roommate’s request after earlier telling him he would try it out.

“Here I thought you were all into this shit.  I don’t guess you’re as into it as you say,” Jacoby said.

“Fuck it.  Let me change and we’ll go,” Dylan said.  He changed from his short and nice Polo shirt into his tee shirt and athletic shorts while Jacoby sat there patiently waiting.  Together the two headed out the door to the rec center on campus.  Dylan so far had really enjoyed his roommate and found the two had a lot in common with similar family backgrounds, divorced parents.  Over the course of the week, the two had meshed just fine and became fast friends unlike some horror stories both had heard.

After one hard grueling work out, the two came back to their room with Jacoby heading to the shower first.  Slowly the two were adjusting to showing their young fit bodies in front of each other.  At first, it was awkward but it was getting easier by the day.  With a towel around his waist, Jacoby announced it was time for Dylan.  Dylan did his thing and exited the on suite bathroom with a towel.  Jacoby reached over and snatched the towel from around Dylan’s waist.

Standing naked, Dylan said, “All you had to do was ask and I’d shown you my shit.”

“Like I really care to your ass naked,” Jacoby laughed. “I did it as a joke.”

“I know.  I was messing with you,” Dylan laughed and found the incident funny as well.  He left his towel in the floor and walked bare ass to dress.

Being a Friday the two were at a loss really what to do on their first full weekend in college.  They found something to eat off campus and explored what would be their hometown hopefully for the next four years.

After watching television and playing games on Dylan’s Wii, both kicked back on their bed and a little bored from a nothing night.

“Dylan, you wanna play a little game like truth or dare?” Jacoby asked with his hands behind his shaggy brown hair.

“Sure, what else is there to do?” Dylan said with his hands behind his shoulder length blond hair.

“I did it at soccer camp last year.  We called it confessional.  We know a lot about each other in a real short time here but this will let out some dark secrets.  That is if you’ll tell the truth,” Jacoby stated.

“Sounds great but there’s no way of knowing what’s true or not,” Dylan stated. “You call always call bullshit.”

“I know but like you said we’re bored and nothing else to do.  I’ll tell the full truth,” Dylan said.

“Okay.  Start.”

“Have you ever been arrested?”

“No, have you?”

“I did get stopped for having beer in my car this summer but the cop was cool and just made us pour it out,” Jacoby laughed and sat up. 

Dylan was laughing, “Same year after a football game but he was my uncle.”

“You lucky shit!  Alright, have you ever smoked weed?”

“Ummm… yea.”

“Same here but really didn’t do much for me,” Jacoby said.

“Ever done any other drugs like pain pills?”

“I did with my broken arm in the eighth grade,” Jacoby replied.  “Have you?”

Dylan smiled, “I have and more than once.  Oxys are the bomb!”

“You fucking druggie!” Jacoby laughed.

“Oh well,” Dylan smiled. “Who was the first girl you kissed?”

“Easy, Lisa Walton sixth grade after lunch,” Jacoby said. “You?”

“Mira Gibbons seventh grade at the pool.  Man was she a hottie or at least I thought so then.”

“Okay, now the easy shit is over with.  You ready?” Jacoby asked. Dylan nodded.  “How old were you when you shot your first load?”

“13 I think,” Dylan said. “I remember one of my friends bragging about jacking off.  I got into bed and stroked my dick.  Man what a surprise it was when shit started shooting out of it.  Boy how innocent was I?  How about you?”

“I was 12 when I nutted.  It was almost an accident.  I had a woodie from listening to my cousin brag about fingering this girl.  I went to the bathroom for what I thought was a piss.  Then white stuff started shooting out my dick,” Jacoby laughed.

“Boy weren’t we stupid?”

“Yea but hell I didn’t know what to think,” Jacoby said.

“When did you lose your virginity?” Dylan asked.

“I’m still a virgin,” Jacoby laughed. “Saving it for marriage.”

“Are you serious?”

“Fuck no dude.  I lost mine the summer after ninth grade.  It wasn’t great and all it wasn’t cracked up to be since I nutted a minute inside Nora’s wet pussy.  Thank God I wore a condom,” Jacoby smiled. “You?”

“I waited until last summer.  Jennifer really wanted my dick more than I wanted her pussy.  I did last more than a minute and flooded that bitch’s tit with one huge cum shot,” Dylan smiled.

Jacoby held up his hand and gave his friend a high five, “Fuck yea!”

“You know Jacoby this ain’t that bad and sort of fun reliving old times in this way,” Dylan stated.

“Now for the hard ones.  You ready?” Jacoby asked.

“Sure go ahead,” Dylan said only to be interrupted by his cell phone.  He answered the call and was off in a matter of minutes.  “Sorry about that.”

“It’s cool.  Mine’s dead or else it would be blowing up right now,” Jacoby stated.  “I got a tough one now.  Have you ever tasted your own cum?”

“Hell no! Have you?” Dylan said.


“No I haven’t!”

“Well I have,” Jacoby said. “You know out of curiosity to see what it tasted like.”

“How was it?” Dylan asked.

“Not my type of liquid nourishment you might say,” Jacoby stated. “Have you ever had a crush on someone that you knew there was no way in hell you’d ever get with them?”

“I thought you said these were hard,” Dylan said. “Yea and more than once.  Everyone has.”

“Yea I guess that one is too easy,” Jacoby said. “Have you ever had sex with someone that you wished you hadn’t?”

“Ummm… not really.  I don’t get naked with just anyone.  I take it you have,” Dylan said.

“Yea dude.  It happens then you wonder what the fuck was I thinking.  There was this big ass party this summer.  I was wasted as hell and knew it.  The next thing I know I was sucking some dude’s cock,” Jacoby said.

“No way!  I call bullshit!” Dylan said.

“You can’t tell me you’ve never at least jacked off with a buddy before,” Jacoby said.

“I’ll confess I have,” Dylan said.

“So what’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is…” Dylan said and took a deep breath. “Jacoby, I too have sucked a cock since we’re being truthful with each other here.”

“Confess, did you like it?” Jacoby asked.

“Let’s stop this stupid ass game.  I’ve got to take a piss,” Dylan said and left to use the bathroom.  He came back out and turned off his light.

Jacoby reached over and turned the light back on.  “Dylan, it doesn’t matter if you liked it or not.”

“Jacoby, I’ve said all I’m going to say!” Dylan said. He curled up into a ball and rolled away from Jacoby.

“True confession from me.  I think you’re fucking hot as hell,” Jacoby said.

Dylan rolled over, “So was this game to out me or what?”

Jacoby moved Dylan over.  Dylan jumped back.  “It was my way of telling you I like guys but not totally.  I’m what you might call eighty percent gay if you had to put a percentage on it.  I didn’t know any other way of telling you but in the process…”

“You found out I’m ninety nine percent gay,” Dylan stated. “This was the idea behind this game.”

“No Dylan really it wasn’t.  I told you it was my way of telling you I liked guys especially you.  You’re a fucking god, dude.  Look at that six pack…”

“Ummm… count again, it’s an eight pack.  Worked all summer for these,” Dylan said with a smile and moved Jacoby’s finger to count them.  Jacoby’s finger traced each cut.  Jacoby continued down the trail of hair and looked at Dylan. “Go ahead and find the other eight.”

“Braggart,” Jacoby joked.  He entered Dylan’s shorts and boxer briefs.  He felt Dylan’s pubes and stuck his entire hand down. 

“I bet taking off my towel wasn’t a joke,” Dylan said. “I see now what you were after.”

Jacoby pushed down Dylan’s shorts and boxer briefs to expose Dylan’s nice cut cock.  “I think I’ll use something else instead of my hand now.”  He stuck out his tongue and bathed Dylan’s cock with saliva.  He reached down and grabbed Dylan’s low hangers while circling his tongue on Dylan’s head. 

“Man that feels so goooood!” Dylan said and removed his shorts and boxers briefs.

“Now are you liking my little game?” Jacoby asked.

“Oh fuck yea!  Suck it… go ahead and suck my dick!” Dylan said. “Show me you know how to suck a dick!”

“I will,” Jacoby said.   His mouth engulfed what he could with his hand moving along the rest of the shaft of Dylan’s hard cock.  He cut his eyes up and saw Dylan lost in another world.  “Man what a dick!” he stated catching his breath.  He continued to suck and stroke Dylan’s cock with quiet moans escaping Dylan’s lips.  Dylan grew tired but enjoyed his time going down on his roommate.  He kissed Dylan’s abs before being pulled up for some lip time. 

The two kissed with smacking bouncing off the walls. 

“Damn Jacoby, I’d say you fucking close to all gay like me,” Dylan stated.

“Not yet but with you as a roommate I won’t be on the prowl for pussy any time soon,” Jacoby stated.

Dylan moved his lips down and sucked Jacoby’s ear lobes.  He continued down taking his slow time at his neck, shoulders, pecs and abs.  He didn’t waste time and got rid of Jacoby’s shorts and boxers in a quick motion.  Jacoby smiled at Dylan who was licking his 6 and half inches.  Jacoby ran his hands through Dylan’s long blond hair while in receiving such pleasure.  Dylan was able to get most of Jacoby’s cock in his mouth and moved up and down to Dylan’s delight.

“OOO fuck yea!” Jacoby screamed. “Damn this feels so good!  Ummm keep going!”

“Are you close?” Dylan stopped.

“No.  Do you want to suck the nut out of me or fuck it out of me?” Jacoby asked.

“Definitely fuck it out of you.  I want that ass!” Dylan said.

“Then get me ready to take your big dick then,” Jacoby said.

“Oh I will,” Dylan said.  He moved down and sucked a little longer.  He stopped and spread Jacoby’s firm legs wide before moving down to taste and smell Jacoby.  Once Dylan’s tongue was inside, Jacoby started moaning and groaning loudly. 

After tasting all he wanted, Dylan stopped and kissed Jacoby.  “I hope you have condoms cause I don’t,” Dylan stated.

“I don’t either but fuck it.  It’s too late now. You got my ass in heat,” Jacoby stated.

“Okay,” Dylan said.  He coated his cock with all the spit he could muster along with Jacoby’s nice puckered pink hole.  He moved and threw Jacoby’s legs on his shoulders.

“I hope we don’t get too loud in here,” Jacoby said.

“Oh well if we do,” Dylan said.  He held his cock and pushed at Jacoby’s hole.  He felt it slip in for a brief moment before popping out.  He tried again and felt it go past Jacoby’s tight sphincter.

“Motherfucker!” Jacoby screamed in pain.

“You wanted it raw,” Dylan said.

“Take it out, please!” Jacoby said.

Dylan pulled out and saw relief flood Jacoby’s face.  “I’m big, huh?”

“I say you’re big.  Fuck that hurt!” Jacoby exclaimed with Dylan rubbing his hole.

“Let’s jack each other off but I’ll know where we’ll be tomorrow,” Dylan said.

“Getting lube if nothing else.  Damn my ass hurts!” Jacoby said.

They moved side by side to finish each other off.  They kissed while stroking the other until both were ready to shot.  Jacoby leaned over and coated Dylan’s fit body.  Dylan felt the warm cum hit him and sent him over the edge.  His cock exploded and shot numerous shots across his abs, chest and pubes.

“Dylan despite our failure at fucking, did you deem the night a success?” Jacoby asked.

“Are you kidding me? Of course I did.”

“Great cause I sure as hell did,” Jacoby stated.  The rest of the night was true confessions about their gay sex life.  Both felt that there were very little secrets between them as roommates.  They tried to sleep together but that didn’t quite work either in the small dorm room bed.

Jacoby woke the next morning and stared at Dylan’s ass protruding from under the sheet.  He knew fate had shined down on him and gave him the perfect roommate.


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