The aroma of food filled the air when Brad woke this overcast day of Thanksgiving.  He rubbed his eyes for a moment and went to see what the delightful smell was.  He stretched, went to the bathroom before he went to the kitchen in his boxers and headed straight to the stove.

“Wow Mom, you are cooking for an army,” Brad stated, while opening the pots on the stove to check out what was cooking and even tasting one along the way.

“Well, your sister and brother-in-law are coming along with The Jensens,” his mom said while checking the cooking beans.

“The Jensens?” Brad asked and jerked his head around quickly.

“Yeah, it was just going to be Ken, Peggy and Alex at their house this year so I invited them over.”

“That’s just really great Mom.  Thanks for ruining the day,” Brad stated with over the top arm gestures.

“So you and Alex fought last year in high school.  Be an adult for once, Brad and put that behind you.  The both of you were good friends for years until the end of last year.  Besides both of you have been at college and things change over time.  Besides, we’re still close friends with his family, Brad.”

“Whatever!  He stole my girlfriend right out from under me,” Brad stated.

“I don’t call it stealing when the two of you were broke up at the time.”

Brad’s dad walked in the room in the middle of the conversation.  “I take we’re talking about history here.”

“Can you believe the nerve of Mom to invite my arch enemy over for Thanksgiving?  What a pleasant meal that will be!” Brad said.

“Brad, shit happens.  I did the same here with Gina and swept her from another guy, my brother,” Dad laughed.  “We laugh about it now.”

“Brad, go get dressed,” his mom instructed.  “Kacey and Mike will be here any minute.”

“Fine!” Brad said and stormed off to his room.  The more he thought about it the madder he got.  He showered quickly and dressed in a hoodie, AF boxers and jeans.   When he returned, his older sister Kacey and her new husband Mike were gathered in the kitchen. 

“Hey Bud, how’s college treating you?” Mike asked Brad with a pat on the shoulder.

“Great actually!  I’m rushing this winter!” Brad said.

“Party time, huh?” Mike asked.  “I remember those days.”

Brad saw the beer already in Mike’s hand.  “Looks like it is still party time for you.”

“Oh just not every night like it was in college.  You surely know how things are,” Mike said and took a swig.

Brad could feel the eyes of his parents staring right at him and waiting for the answer, “Actually I don’t yet.  College has been a little harder than I imagined.”

“He’s so full of it, it’s unbelievable,” Mike laughed.  “I was hammered all the time when I was a freshman.  I don’t know how I got through the year.”

The doorbell rang to save Brad from further incriminating himself.  He partied at college but didn’t want to clue his parents in on it just yet.  Joining a frat would be a good enough signal for him.  Brad’s father went to open the door and welcomed their guests inside.  They came bearing desserts.  Brad stared at Alex when he entered to make it uncomfortable for both.  Brad said hello and went straight to his room.

The old feeling returned when he saw Alex’s face.  He wanted to steer clear of him as much as possible and not cause a disturbance for the holiday.

Brad heard a quiet knock on his door and opened it to see Alex standing there.

“How’s it going?” Alex asked.

“Good until I heard your sorry ass was coming,” Brad said.

“Brad, we can fight again if you want.  If you weren’t so hard headed, we could have solved this peacefully,” Alex said.

“Like hell we could.  You stole Gwen right out from under me!”

“Chill for one minute, Brad.  She initiated it to begin with.  Gwen is the one you should be pissed at, not me.  I tried my best to tell you but you wouldn’t listen.  You had to show your macho side and bow up to me.  I’m not backing down from anyone especially when the other person is wrong.”

“I know Gwen too well to know she wouldn’t start with you.”

“Believe or not, but she did.  I tried to fend her off but she kept after me and wanted me.”

“That’s total bullshit and you know it!”

“Damn, you still won’t listen and are so hung up on that nasty bitch still to this day.  From what I hear, she’s the biggest whore at college.”

“Alex, she really is?”

“Rumor has it she has really let herself go.  She’s wild as they come now and changes guys like you and I change underwear.  It seems once away from home, she went nuts after her very strict days in college.”

“Hmmm… maybe…”

“We’re both lucky now.  In high school, she had a lock on her twat.”

“Tell me about it.  I just knew it would be me she lost her virginity to,” Brad said with a little laughter in his voice.

“She lost it alright at a graduation party.  They said she banged everyone willing and able,” Alex laughed.

“I heard that but thought it wasn’t true,” Brad said and started thinking maybe he was wrong.  “Alex, I’m sorry for being such an ass to you the last few months in school.  I just knew…”

“If you would have listened, you’d of known.  Now that the rough part is out of the way, how’s college for you?” Alex asked.

Brad relaxed and began bragging about his first semester.  Alex listened before telling about his first semester.  They laughed together again for the first time in a while.  Brad continued to apologize while they talked like they had in years past when they were practically best friends. 

They were called for the big Thanksgiving meal after the reconciliation.  It seemed Brad’s mom went all out to make every conceivable recipe she could whip up.  The moment the two walked in and were laughing, everyone knew the rift between Alex and Brad had been settled.

Everyone gorged themselves full of the meal and the wine that was served.  By the end, everyone was feeling the effects of overeating.  Instead of sitting around on the couch, Brad, Alex and Mike ventured outside to take part in the neighborhood touch football game, which was sort of a tradition after all the younger ones had ate with their families.  They returned back after working off the meal to catch the end of the NFL game on television. 

Bored with the game and more importantly tired, Brad retreated to his room to rest.  He went to his room and pulled off his hoodie to lie on his bed.  He was about asleep when he heard the door open. 

“You care if I join ya?” Alex asked.

“No, come on in,” Brad said.

Alex threw off his sweatshirt and lay next to his friend.  “Brad, you really have kept in great shape while in college,” Alex commented.

“Thanks, I noticed the same thing about you,” Brad said.  “Spurting some chest hairs I see too.”

“Yeah, there’s little I can do about that,” Alex said.  “You are smooth as ever.  Just like when we were kids.”  Alex reached out his hand and ran it over Brad’s chest and flat firm stomach. 

Brad was caught off guard and froze right there.  “Dude, I wonder about you now.”

“There’s nothing wrong with touching you,” Alex said.

“Yeah but that wasn’t just any old touch,” Brad said. “It was weird.”

“Sorry Brad, but I think you liked it,” Alex said.

“Not really,” Brad said.

“Have you ever messed around with any guys before?” Alex asked quietly.

“No but it has crossed my mind,” Brad smiled.

“You never even jacked off with a friend or anything?”

“No, I haven’t.  Have you?”

“Let’s just say I believe what I’ve heard from first hand experience,” Alex said with a wry smile.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Brad asked, confused.

“Guys give head better than girls,” Alex said. 

“I wouldn’t have a clue one way or another,” Brad stated.

“Well… there’s no better time than the present to learn,” Alex said. “You’re kidding right? You never…”

“No, I’m not,” Brad stated.

“You care?” Alex asked and again touched Brad’s fit body.

“Ummm… let me lock the door just in case,” Brad said.  He walked to the door.  He was thankful he had on jeans and boxers since he felt a rise in his cock.  He jumped back in bed.  “For safety, let’s get under the covers.”

“Damn you sound like a 12 year old,” Alex said.

“Okay then let our parents walk in and see you blowing me,” Brad said.

“You locked the door, dumbass,” Alex smiled.

“Still,” Brad said. “I’d feel safer.”

They got under the comforter.  Brad felt Alex’s hand sliding over his smooth torso in a seductive way.  This time he wasn’t startled and enjoyed the feel, even causing goose bumps all over his body.  He stuck out his hand and felt Alex’s chest and stomach.  Brad unbuttoned his jeans and slid down his boxers.

Alex quickly pulled back the comforter, “Just as I remember.”

“What? You never saw me boned up,” Brad said.

“No, one hot fucking dick,” Alex said.  He dropped his head and licked the head and slowly up each inch of Brad’s seven inches.  Brad closed his eyes for a second to enjoy.  He felt a tug on his nuts and pushed Alex’s hand away.  He watched while Alex glared at him and took the hard throbbing cock in his mouth.
Brad gasped at the feeling and mumbled quietly.  He loved the wet feeling and the intense joy of Alex’s mouth and Alex’s hand at the base of his hard cock.

“Good, so far?” Alex stopped to ask quietly.

“More than good, fuckin awesome,” Brad replied in his quietest voice.

Alex gave him a big smile and returned to his friend’s waiting cock.  He used his tongue and lips to massage Brad’s throbbing cock.  Brad’s eyes were now glued on Alex while feeling such pleasure.  He could feel the wetness sliding up and down his cock for a few inches.  He moaned softly while feeling Alex now licking and kissing his cock.  Alex returned his wet mouth until Brad felt the unmistakable tingle.  He softly pushed Alex away.

“Damn, I was about to nut,” Brad said.


“I have to return the favor,” Brad smiled.

Alex sat up in bed and dropped his jeans and boxer briefs to his knees, “All yours.”

Brad eyed Alex’s cock and was thankful it was about as normal as they come, maybe six inches.  He stuck out his tongue at Alex’s waist and licked down to get the skin taste in his mouth.  He grabbed Alex’s cock and mimicked Alex’s action of licking.  The taste was rather non descript unlike what Brad had imagined.  He opened his mouth wide.

“Cover your lips.  Teeth hurt,” Alex demonstrated.

Again mimicking Alex, Brad took a deep breath and went down.  Alex’s head enter his mouth with his hand grasping the base.  His mind instantly flooded with thoughts.  The first thought was, ‘Damn I’m sucking dick’.  He blocked out the thoughts and closed his eyes.  He was determined to give his one time enemy and now once again friend the same enjoyment and pleasure he had received. 

“You’re doing great,” Alex leaned up and whispered.

Brad nodded and continued.  He could feel Alex’s hand in his long wavy brown hair.  He looked up at Alex and saw a nice smile. 

“Damn,” Brad stuck out his tongue.

“Are you finished?”

“No, catching my breath and letting my tongue rest,” Brad smiled. “Whatever you don’t you dare nut in my mouth.”

“I won’t,” Alex said.

Brad licked Alex’s cock and saw a drop of precum on Alex’s head.  He wiped it off with his finger before returning his mouth.  He tried going down as far as possible but couldn’t go further than a few inches.  He bobbed up and down while Alex continued to play with his hair.  He was doing his best and didn’t mind sucking cock at all once the initial shock was gone.  He could hear the pleasure his wet mouth was delivering with Alex’s moans and deep breathing.  He slowed down before going faster.  Brad could hear the slobbering and sucking that his mouth was causing during his first blowjob.  He felt Alex’s hand push his head.  Brad quickly released the cock from his mouth. 

“Jack me while I jack you,” Alex said. “I’m fucking close though.”

Brad slipped his hand down Alex’s cock while Alex did the same.  Alex was right and after a few quick tugs, cum shot out of his cock.  Brad removed his hand and watched another guy cum for the first time.  Brad gazed down at the splattering of cum on Alex’s stomach and pubes.  He reached and handed Alex tissue to clean up.

Alex wiped up the white mess and continued to jack off Brad. He varied his motions and speed until seeing Brad’s abs contract.  Brad moaned and felt cum rocketing from his cock.  The first violent shot hit his chest, the second his abs and the third again his stomach.  Alex milked Brad’s cock for all it was worth and felt cum dripping down his hand.  Brad literally collapsed on the bed.

“I take it you liked it,” Alex said while wiping up Brad’s mess.

“Oh yeah, it was beyond belief.  Thanks!” Brad said.

“It was my pleasure,” Alex said.

“We actually gave each other fucking head,” Brad said still in a glow.

“We did and enjoyed it more importantly,” Alex smiled. 

The two pulled up their jeans and underwear.  After a few minutes both were sleep on top of the bed.  They were sleeping soundly until a knock came at the door.

A startled Alex asked, “What?”

“Time to go,” Alex’s dad stated.

“Okay, let me wake up,” Alex said. Alex stretched out and pulled his sweatshirt over his head.  “See you later, Brad.”

“I was hoping…”

Alex smiled, “I’ll see you later tonight then.”

Brad smiled, “Oh yeah! I can’t wait!”