“Mom, Dad, please!” Tallon pleaded with his parents.

“Son, it won’t kill a 18 year old boy to go with his family,” his dad, Mark, said sternly in their living room.

“Tallon, it will probably be the last time we all have a chance to go on a family vacation,” his mom, Dina, said to convenience her son.

“Fine, I’ll go but for one I’m not happy with it,” Tallon said and headed to his room to sulk.

His parents smiled briefly and were relieved that he was going with them to the Gulf Coast, a.k.a. the Red Neck Rivera.

The big morning arrived from them to head South from Northern Alabama to the coast.  Mark woke Tallon first and headed to wake his 16 year old son, Alston.  Both hated being up at 5 and barely were able to stand.  As normal, they argued over bathroom time like average teen brothers.  Twenty minutes later, they were both ready to go with their stuffed suitcases in their hand, along with a pillow and their Ipods.  Tallon and Alston piled their suitcases on top and grabbed the back seat of the gas guzzling Suburban.  Both donned their Ipods and were back asleep in no time for the long trip. 

Alston woke first about half way and envied his older brother’s ability to sleep through almost anything.  Tallon finally woke for the last hour after they stopped for lunch. 

After lunch, they made the short trip down to find their beachfront hotel among the large high-rise condos.  Tallon just sat quietly and looked out the window to take in the beach town.

Mark checked them in and brought the keys to them.  “You boys have the room on the beach while me and your mother aren’t so lucky,” Mark said and handed the room cards to them. “Guys, I trust you will behave.  I will split you two up if things get out of hand.  Do you both understand?”

“Yes sir,” they both replied and unloaded their suitcases.  They drug them around to their room.  Tallon put his key in and opened the door.

“Sweet, dude!” Alston said. “Right here on the beach.”

“Whatever,” Tallon said and threw his suitcase in a corner. 

They returned to help finish unloading their Suburban for their parents.  Dina just smiled seeing her two babies helping as they should. 

Tallon and Alston returned to their room.  “I’m heading straight to the beach and wait on Jason to get here,” Alston said.

“Yeah, so you two can butt-fuck!” Tallon gigged his brother.

“Tallon, I should beat your ass.  I beat you 20 bucks I get more pussy than you do here,” Alston said.

“Dude, you’re fucking on, bitch.  Once girls get a look at my tight ass swimmer’s body they will just flock to me,” Tallon said.

“I hear you.  Girls will be all over my bowed up shit in a heartbeat,” Alston said and flexed his arm to show a nice bicep.

They both pulled off their shirts and compared six packs.  Both were ripped with Alston more muscular from his football days while Tallon had a long slender built from swimming and water polo.  Tallon was a few inches taller at 6 foot 1 inch.  Both were equally endowed with nice 7 inch cut cocks.  They stripped down and dug into their suitcases to find their shorts for the beach.

“Tallon, we both shouldn’t have any problem hooking up.  I was tickled to death to have a room to ourselves,” Alston said.

“Dude, if the ‘Don’t Disturb’ sign is on the door, don’t dare walk in on me,” Tallon said.  “You have a knack for doing that shit.”

Alston just laughed and remember catching his brother naked with his girlfriend at the time, “You are still pissed, aren’t you?”

“Hell yeah.  She won’t touch me the rest of the night,” Tallon laughed.

They headed out with their sunglasses and board shorts right at their waists.  Each carried their cell phones just in case they got a text message or a friend called.  They found their parents ready to enjoy the white sand and sun offered at their hotel beach.  They sat a few yards down from their parents and didn’t want anyone to think they were with them though the rest of the young ones on the beach were in the same condition.

Tallon and Alston kicked back in some chairs and scooped out the scene.  Both were impressed with the possibilities that were parading in front of them. 

“You boys want a sandwich or something?” Dina asked them.

“I do,” Alston replied quickly.

“I’m good, Mom,” Tallon said.  “I could use a soda or some water.”

Their mom soon returned with Alston’s sandwich and both a bottle of water each.  They headed to the salty Gulf after finishing up.  Each got a good mouthful when a wave blindsided them and sent them tumbling. Alston just laughed while Tallon detested the awful taste in his mouth. 

They returned to their chairs dripping wet to grab a towel.  Alston looked up and saw his friend, Jason, walking his way.  Jason wasn’t as fit but didn’t care he had a little extra weight being a defensive lineman for their football team. Alston got up and headed off to let his friend in their room.

Tallon kicked back in his chair.  He knew they would be back soon.

“Tallon McGee?” Tallon heard a voice ask.  He looked up and didn’t recognize the Asian guy walking his way.  He was dumbstruck that someone knew him.

“You don’t remember me do you?” he asked.

“Sorry I don’t,” Tallon replied and saw his dad and mom watching.

“Mike Henderson from Eastside and the Sharks swim team,” Mike said.

“I remember you now.  You had long hair then,” Tallon smiled.

“Coach makes us shave it in college for more speed,” Mike rubbed his shaved head. “Just wait I bet your coach in college will make you cut that curly hair.”

“I don’t have to worry about that,” Tallon replied. “I only get just a few offers so my swimming days are over.”

“Wow, you were awesome,” Mike said.

Tallon looked up and saw two guys he recognized, Kelley and Adam.  Tallon smiled when he saw them.  “You guys remember, Tallon.”

“Hell yeah dude, wassup?” Kelley asked.

“Just here on vacation with my family,” Tallon said.  “Hey dad, you remember these guys?”

“I sure do,” Mark stood up.  “What brings you guys here?”

“Just a break before heading back to school,” Kelley said. “I remember you yelling your lungs out at those meets.”

Mark just laughed, “I embarrassed Tallon pretty good but I see ya’ll remember him.”

“Yeah, he was freaking awesome,” Adam spoke up. “He beat me on the last touch at state my senior year.”

Tallon just smiled.  “We got you back in the relay,” Mike said.

Alston and Jason returned and saw Tallon talking to the three guys.  “Dude, you wanna kick with us down the beach?” Kelley asked.

Tallon looked at his dad.  “Go on, Tallon.  Remember we’re eating at 5:30.”

“Yes sir.  I have my cell,” Tallon said.

They headed out which was perfect since Jason could take his spot.  “Was that your brother?” Adam asked.

“The bowed up one was.  The fat ass is his friend from the football team,” Tallon laughed.

“He was built for a younger guy,” Mike said.

They kept walking until they were at the three’s spot.  “Thank god, I at least know someone here,” Tallon said.

“Yeah, this is pretty freaking awesome,” Adam said. “So how did your year go?”

“Don’t ask.  We really sucked ass.  It was just me and Bailey Kendall this year.  The rest of the team was absolutely terrible.  I won my events but the relays were a disaster all year,” Tallon said.

“Dude here isn’t going to swim in college,” Mike said.

“You should, Tallon.  We all are on just a small college team.  It’s a lot of fun,” Adam said.

“I saw ya’ll were still in good shape.  I figured at least Kelley was on scholarship somewhere,” Tallon said and couldn’t help but notice all three were in peak condition. 

“Dude, you have to be fit to fucking compete in college.  I’ve working my ass off to even bulk up a little.  We held our own this year but will kick ass these next years,” Kelley laughed.

They just laid back and randomly talked about their high school days.  The beach wasn’t as crowded down on their end but Tallon did notice the occasional girl strut by.   None of the four had to worry with getting burned for all four were fairly tanned with Mike a very dark tan. 

At 4:45, Tallon heard his phone ring and knew it was time to leave.  He gathered his things.  “Hey Tallon, we’re just staying here,” Mike pointed to a smaller hotel on the beach.  “If you want, you can stop by after you eat.  I’m in Room 128.”

“Awesome, I might just do that to get away from my family,” Tallon said and headed to his room.  Jason and Alston were getting ready when Tallon opened the door.  He peeled down the front of his shorts and saw he had gotten a lot of sun.

“You have fun?” Alston asked.

“Yeah, those guys were my main competitors in swimming,” Tallon said.

“Yeah, Dad told me who they were.  Those dudes were gay as fuck though,” Alston laughed.

“No they aren’t.  Just because they are swimmers doesn’t make them gay.  I’m definitely not gay and I’m a swimmer,” Tallon said.

“Whatever,” Alston laughed.

“At least, my friend didn’t come to stay with me,” Tallon laughed.

“You’re funny, dude,” Jason said in his deep voice.

They finished getting ready.  The room was a disaster with clothes everywhere on the floor.  They found their parents waiting patiently for them to head out to eat.  Being a little early, the wait to get a table wasn’t too bad at the popular seafood restaurant.  It took a while to finally get their food.  The guys dug in and devoured everything in sight.  What the others didn’t eat, Alston and Jason finished up.  By end, Mark and Jason’s dad, Lee, were on their third beer and looking for more.  Both were heavy drinkers when the opportunity arose and this vacation offered a great opportunity for both of them to indulge.

Tallon grabbed the keys from his dad’s hand and insisted he drive.  Mark had to stop at the store and grabbed a lot of beer on the way back.  Tallon hated beer in the worst way and hated worse that his dad drank some times to excess.

At the room, Jason and Alston were ready to take in the activities offered near and around their hotel.  “Ya’ll can go without me.  I’m heading to Mike and Kelley’s hotel to get away from ya’ll.”

“Come on, Tallon.  It’ll be fun,” Alston said. “Our dads are just going to get hammered here tonight like always. Please!”

“Ya’ll can drive.  If nothing else, I’m sure Mom will take you,” Tallon said.

“Fine then,” Alston said.

Tallon headed out in his shorts and t-shirt down the beach.  He talked to a friend back home to tell him who he saw today at the beach while he walked down the beach.  He knocked on Mike’s door quietly.

“Hey Tallon, come on in.  I told them you would be back,” Mike said still in his board shorts.

“Where’s Kelley and Adam?” Tallon asked.

“Next door or gone to grab some drinks.  I had a friend from college but he backed out on me at the last minute,” Mike said.

“I see,” Tallon said and noticed just the king size bed.

Mike walked out the room and returned with just Kelley.  “Adam went on a beer run for us since he just turned 21.”

“That’s cool,” Tallon said.

They headed out to Mike’s patio just outside his door.  They talked about college while Tallon tried to see if his brother was right about them being gay.  The minute Adam showed up, Kelley kissed him.  Tallon tried to ignore it but couldn’t.  He sat quietly and watched them each grab a beer.

“Grab one, Tallon,” Adam said.

“I don’t drink,” Tallon replied.

“Just wait til you get to college.  That shit will change.  It did for me,” Kelley said. 

“I hope not.  My dad drinks enough for my entire family,” Tallon said.

“My dad does too so what the fuck?” Kelley said.

“I’m good,” Tallon waved off the suggestion.

He sat there and wanted desperately to leave.  He tried to put the kiss in the back of his mind and forget he saw it.  He stuck around and just listen to them talk and watched them drink.  Adam and Kelley left and headed down the beach when it got dark.

“Tallon, we are all gay,” Mike said. “I could see your reaction when Kelley kissed Adam.”

“Fuck!” Tallon said. “My brother said you were but I didn’t believe him.”

“Does it bother you?”

“I know it shouldn’t but yeah it does.”

“Why? Don’t you have any other gay friends?”

“No Mike, I don’t.  This is really fucked up.”

“I see.  I was hoping you were,” Mike smiled at him.

“Dude, fuck off!”

“You’ve never at least experimented with a guy before?”

No and I don’t want to either,” Tallon said in disgust.

“I really think you would like it.  You have a hot body there,” Mike said seductively. “I would love to get with you.”

“Shit Mike!”

“Not even just a little blow job, Tallon? I know all guys like their cocks sucked.”

“Yeah but I like a girl doing it.”

“I give great head,” Mike smiled.

“Dude that’s fucking sick!”

Mike licked his lips and curled his mouth.

“I’ve had enough of this shit.  I’m going back to my room,” Tallon stood up.

“That’s fine with me.  I bet your cute brother or his friend won’t suck you off,” Mike said. “You don’t have to suck me or even touch me. Tallon, I won’t hurt you or tell a sole, I promise that.”

Tallon walked around the patio some and paced giving the offer some thought.  “Mike, you sure you’ll keep quiet.”

“Yeah, not a word.”

“I just don’t know about this.”

“Tallon, get your cock sucked doesn’t make you any less straight.  You can still like girls for what they offer while just kicked back and being pleased.”

“You’re right.  I’ll still be straight even after this.”

Mike smiled and got up.  He headed inside with Tallon right behind him.  He closed the curtains shut.  “Just sit in that chair,” Mike pointed.

Tallon sat with his heart racing like never before.  Mike got on his knees before him.  He rubbed Tallon’s crotch and smiled at him.  Tallon lifted up his shirt and felt Mike’s hand rubbing his abs.  Mike undid Tallon’s button to his shorts.  Tallon lifted up slowly and could see his hand nervously hit the arm of the chair.  Mike rubbed Tallon’s cock under his boxers.  Tallon sat there frozen with another guy feeling him up.  Mike grabbed the waistband of the boxers and slowly slid them done to expose Tallon’s cock.  Tallon pushed them to the boxer with Mike siding them aside.  He untied his board shorts and slid them off.  Tallon looked straight head while Mike stood to lift off Tallon’s t-shirt.

“Tallon, I have never seen anyone this nervous before,” Mike commented.

“I don’t I ever been this nervous either,” Tallon sat naked in the chair.

Mike knelt back down.  He kissed Tallon’s hips and abs.  He grabbed Tallon’s cock to see it grow instantly in his hand.  Mike smiled and lightly stroked Tallon’s nice cock.  He leaned over and got his first taste of Tallon.  He slowly licked up and down.

“I bet no girl does that,” Mike said.

“One has,” Tallon grabbed the arms of the chair.

“Shit dude, fucking relax and enjoy this,” Mike said.

Tallon took a deep breath and saw Mike open his mouth wide.  His cock disappeared into another guy’s mouth.  He knew it felt incredible and jumped slightly.  Mike pulled off after going down deep and grabbed Tallon’s cock at the base.  Mike went back.  Tallon closed his eyes and felt Mike’s wet hot mouth.

“Fuck that does feel good,” Tallon said.

Mike slowly went up and down while watching Tallon’s reaction.  Tallon threw his head back.  “Fuck yeah!” Tallon screamed in delight.  He reached forward and put his hand on top of Mike’s head.  Mike picked up the pace slightly.  Tallon finally began getting into having his cock suck even though it was a guy doing it.  He began to breath heavy while Mike’s mouth worshipped Tallon’s nice throbbing cock.  Mike reached and started jacking his cock while going up and down.

“Suck that dick!” Tallon screamed.  “OOOO fuck!”

Mike tried to smile with his mouth full of cock.  He licked it more and let his hands roam Tallon’s hard body. 

“Shit, this feels so damn good!” Tallon said.  He put his hands on Mike’s shoulder and just watched his cock being serviced. 

“Dude, I’m close!” Tallon said.  Mike pulled off and began jacking Tallon’s saliva wet cock.

Blow that load!” Mike said and beat his cock hard.

OH FUCK!” Tallon moaned.  His body tensed up with his nuts boiling.  His hard cock shot forth stream after stream of boy juice onto Mike’s chest and neck area.  Mike squeezed out the last drop and tasted his efforts.

“Damn that felt so awesome!” Tallon said.

Mike lay on the bed while Tallon just watched him jack.  He wanted to try but just eyed Mike’s 6 and half inch cock.  Mike moaned quietly while he shot his juice.  It hit his abs with a few shot while the rest just oozed down his hand.  Mike licked off his cum while Tallon watched in disgust.

“Wanna taste?” Mike knew what was coming.

“Get real!” Tallon gave a sour look on his face. “Everything was cool until you ate that shit! Damn dude!”

Mike just laughed.  “See it wasn’t so bad was it?”

“Fuck no.  I actually liked it.”

“I told you I gave good head,” Mike said. “Maybe we can get more involved throughout the week.”

“I’m not fucking you if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“I was. You’ll come around,” Mike said.

Tallon reached over and grabbed his shorts.  He put them on while Mike just watched.  He pulled on his t-shirt.  “I better head back,” Tallon said.

“I wish you could stay.  This bed will be so lonely,” Mike said.

Tallon shook his head, “Join Kelley and Adam then.”

“I have but Kelley wears my ass out,” Mike laughed.

“I’ll probably see ya tomorrow. Thanks for the blow job!” Tallon said and headed out the back door.

Adam and Kelley were there on the patio.  “How was it?”

“Actually fucking awesome,” Tallon smiled and kept on walking.  Adam and Kelley just laughed while Mike joined them.

Tallon came back to his room and found his brother and Jason just watching TV in the dark.  “How were the fags?” Alston asked.

“Dude, their place is swarming with the hot bitches around,” Tallon lied out his ass.

“See I told you they weren’t fags,” Jason said.

Tallon went to the restroom and undressed.  He kicked back and joined his brother and his brother’s friend in his boxers.  He laughed to himself when he noticed the tag was in front but knew it was worth it.


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