Macklin was just enjoying a quiet evening after a long work week. He threw his feet on his couch in his nice apartment and enjoyed his favorite wine while enjoying a rented DVD.

Knock! Knock! Came the sound from his front door.  He peered out his peep hole and saw it was Blake.

“Mac dude, I’m a little short right now.  I promise I’ll pay you next week.  Dude, I fucking promised this shit for a big ass party tomorrow night,” Blake said when he stepped in the door.

“Blake, no cash, no bag. You know the deal,” Macklin replied while he surveyed the 20 year old Blake. “I barely know you.” Macklin always enjoyed when Blake stopped by to get his bag.  Blake was your normal college guy who didn’t look like he smoked weed but looked more like a frat boy with his stylish brown hair and his current stylish frat boy dress with a polo and low rise designer jeans.

“Dude, you know me. I’ll be good for it,” Blake pleaded with his hands clasped together. “Please!”

“Blake, I don’t work like that and you know it,” Macklin said. “I don’t work on credit.”

“Mac I’m begging you. I’ll do whatever it takes.  My boys are counting on this shit.  Your shit is by far the best stuff around.  I don’t where you get it but damn, it’s some tight fuckin shit,” Blake still pleading.

None of the 3 select boys he sold marijuana to know where Macklin got it and he definitely wanted to keep that way too.  He worked in a secretive operation as a chemist studying the effects marijuana had and its properties that might be useful to the world some day.  He schemed small indictable amounts from large samples he tested and used it to supplement his income.  He was allowed samples to take home and record results of the effects.  He knew if he was caught with the weed he was covered by his agency since it was funded by the local authorities and by the federal government to an extent.

“Blake, I guess I’ll find another buyer for this bag I had for you,” Macklin said.

“Dammit Mac, name it.  I promised my boys I could come up with some killer weed for our party,” Blake was growing more desperate by the second.

Macklin rubbed his goatee on his chin, “Drop your pants and let me see if it’ll be worth it.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” Blake asked with his arms spread wide.  Macklin just stared at him and didn’t blink an eye to show how serious he was at that moment.  Blake undid his belt and dropped his jeans.  Blake stood there in his boxers, not knowing what to do next. “Okay?” Blake asked with a puzzled look on his thin face.

“Don’t be stupid. Off with your boxers and your shirt too now that I think about it,” Macklin said.

“Mac, your ass is trippin’.  I thought you were cool, not some 25 year old faggot,” Blake said.

“I got something you want.  Now let see if you got something that would be of fair trade.  Call me a faggot again and you’ll never see another trace of my grass again,” Macklin stared straight at Blake.

“Fuck!” Blake mouthed and pulled off his shirt and then stepped out of his boxers.  “Big enough for you,” Blake grabbed his flaccid cut cock.

“Maybe, how big does it get?” Macklin asked while looking over Blake’s nice fairly fit firm body that Macklin began lusting over the second he laid eyes on Blake during their first small deal.  Macklin was extraordinarily selective in his buyers and never sold to anyone who looked like a fiend or demanded the goods more than every other week.

“Hell if I know.  My girl sure moans with it in her pussy and a mouthful for her when I can get her to suck it for me,” Blake said naked in the middle of Macklin’s apartment. “Dude this is fucked up!” Blake stood with his hands on his hips waiting to see exactly what Macklin had up his sleeve to do next.  Blake was desperate and knew whatever it was it was going to test his manhood like never before.

“It might be but just how bad you want that bag now?” Macklin asked.

“Not bad enough I’d suck your dick over it,” Blake said.

“Okay then put back on your clothes and don’t ever come here unless you got the cash in hand,” Macklin knew he had this cute college boy right where he wanted him.  “Better yet you better find another supplier for your needs then.  I got other guys begging for it after they’ve had a sample.”

“Fuck! Get your ass over here then. If you see my friends, you better not tell them I was a fucking whore for this shit!” Blake said after giving it some thought.

“On your knees then, Blake and take off my pants.  You try anything stupid and you can forget your reward,” Macklin said.  Blake got on his knees and undid Macklin’s belt.  Macklin’s dress pants fell to the carpeted floor.  Blake pulled down Macklin’s boxer briefs.  Macklin’s soft  cut cock popped out.  Blake grabbed the cock and looked at Macklin.

“All I have to do is give you a blowjob, huh?” Blake asked.

“That’s just the beginning. You have to fuck me too,” Macklin replied.  “This is the hard part for straight guys. Once you get your first feel of a man’s ass then it comes easy for you.” He waited for Blake’s reaction and got none.

Blake closed his eyes and put the cock in his mouth with a disgusted look on his face. Macklin watched closely while Blake started feeling Macklin’s cock get hard.  Blake just kept it in his mouth and barely moved.  “Suck it like your girl does you,” Macklin instructed him.  Macklin felt Blake’s mouth start to move up and down in a nice steady pace.  Macklin threw his head back to enjoy this blowjob from his straight boy.  He ran his hand over Blake’s shoulder and could see Blake maybe liking it the best he could with a dick shoved in his cute mouth.  After about 3 minutes, Macklin said, “That’s good enough Blake.  Let me show you really how to please a man. Sit down on the couch over there. You were a natural born cocksucker, though.  Your boys at the frat house should get a feel of your wet mouth if they haven’t already.”

“Fuck you Mac,” Blake laughed and relaxed on the couch. He spread his legs wide, “I heard gay guys suck dick better than girls. I hope that shit is right.  My girl doesn’t suck me worth shit despite how much I love eating her pussy out.”

Macklin leaned over with his mouth at Blake’s hardening cock, “I guess you’re about to find out then.”  Macklin licked Blake’s nice shaft.  He played with Blake’s low hangers and stuck his mouth on Blake’s cock. He looked up and saw Blake eyes roll back.

“OH HELL YEAH!” Blake moaned.  Macklin worked over Blake’s now hard cock and knew it was plenty big to please him.  He bobbed up and down to Blake’s moan and hard breathing.  “Shit that feels so good, dude!” Blake said. “Suck me, dude!”

Macklin pulled off and teased the head with his tongue.  He mouthed up and down the throbbing shaft. “You better not cum on me right now,” Macklin said.

“I won’t.  This sure feels so gooooood, dude!” Blake groaned. “OH yeah…mmmmm!”

Macklin dove back down and filled his mouth and throat with every inch of Blake’s nice cock.  He could smell the musky odor oozing forth from Blake’s manly bush.  He ran his hands across Blake’s firm stomach while Blake firmly placed his hand on Macklin’s head.

“Damn, I’m so horned up now. I can’t wait to fuck your ass,” Blake cried out.  Macklin sucked it just a little while longer to insure it was nice and wet.  “No bitch has ever blown me like this!” Blake said.  Macklin pulled off and knew much more he would have a mouth full of Blake’s nut.

Macklin got on the couch, threw off his shirt and spread his legs.  He fingered his hole after finding a bottle of lube.  He lubed his hole and lubed up Blake’s cock.  Blake got behind him and put Macklin’s legs on his shoulders.  “Bitch, you ready to get fucked?” Blake said.

“Oh yeah, make me your bitch, Blake. Fuck my manpussy good!” Macklin said. “Show me how a straight boy fucks!”

Macklin grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them wide.  Blake pushed in and felt his cock slip into Macklin’s ass.  Blake grabbed Macklin’s ankles and shoved his 7 inches inside Macklin’s ass.

“Dude, you’re so tight,” Blake said when he felt Macklin’s ring massaging his cock.

“How does that cock feel in a man’s ass?” Macklin asked.

“Not bad at all,” Blake said. “Who am I kidding, it feels so good, Mac!”

“Fuck it then! Fuck my ass, Blake!” Macklin screamed.  He watched intensely while Blake’s body moved in and out his ass.  He knew it felt so good even though he coerced this action.  He could hear Blake breathing hard and see the concentration on his face while he fucked him.  Macklin felt the immense pleasure of Blake’s cock and began moan and groaning with each deep plunge.

“Oh yeah!” Blake screamed.

“A little harder,” Macklin said.  He then felt the pace quicken and the sound of skin popping skin filled the room. Blake pushed his legs forward and punished Macklin’s hole with his hard throbbing cock.

“Not too bad huh?” Macklin asked.

“Fuck no,” Blake said with a satisfied look on his face.

Macklin got up and leaned over the arm rest of the couch.  Blake was right behind him and returned his hard cock to the hole. Blake grabbed Macklin’s waist and started giving him all he had.  Macklin loved the steady pounding he was getting and just groaned with great pleasure he received from taking his straight boy cock.  He could hear Blake’s intense breathing and deep groans while Blake continuously fucked his ass. 

“Damn this is kind of hot,” Blake screamed. “I never would have thought this gay shit would feel so damn good!”

“Your dick feels so good in me. Keep fucking me!” Macklin replied in pleasure.  Macklin did the best he could to return the pleasure by squeezing his ass and moving it around while taking all Blake offered. Without warning, Blake groaned loudly.  Macklin felt Blake’s load splatter his inner ass while squeezing his ass to milk this college boy’s last drops.  Blake pulled his dripping cock out with a small pop and collapsed on the couch.  He took Macklin’s hard cock in his mouth voluntarily and began sucking it like near before.  Macklin pulled out and covered Blake’s smooth chest with his load.  Macklin just looked at Blake and saw him rise up.  Blake kissed him deeply.

“Blake that was well worth it,” Macklin smiled.

“Hell yeah dude,” Blake said.

“Let me get your reward,” Macklin said with cum dripping from his hole and walked to grab the bag. “Here you go.”

“I can’t take it Mac. I’ll be here first thing tomorrow and pay you the cash for it plus I would love to hit that shit again,” Blake smiled. “Dude that was so fucking hot. You were a much better fuck than any girl I been with and you suck cock so good too. I see now what the rage about gay sex is.”

“Blake, it’s yours whenever the hell you want it,” Macklin put the bag in his hand.  “I feel like paying you for that great fuck even though I basically bribed you to do it.”

Blake put the bag on the couch, “I’ll be back tomorrow to get it.  I can’t wait until I can do that shit again. My boys would never believe how fucking tight that it was.”  Blake laughed. Blake looked at his soft cock, grabbed with his hand and smiled.  He found his clothes and put them back on slowly as a tease.  “See you tomorrow.”

Macklin hid the bag and knew Blake would be back to get it.  He just smiled and could still feel his reward planted deep inside his ass.  He knew now that he might have to ask to get fucked each time Blake came for his supply.  He then laughed and knew he probably won’t have to ask Blake and that Blake would drop his clothes any time to go at it again.


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