The End of Summer

Todd waited for his friend and latest secret obsession to arrive at the city pool.  He threw off his t-shirt and put on his I-pod under his longish dark blond hair while he waited.  He tabbed on a little sunscreen to his 18 year old body even though he was fairly dark now.  He smiled looked down at his nice but thin athletic body.

After an hour of waiting and checking out the teen boys behind his shades, he looked up and saw Jake heading his way.  He eyed Jake’s perfect body that he quietly envied.  He loved how Jake wore his board short, right at his hips to show his deep Adonis cuts and dark rich tan.  Jake was your All-American 18 year old jock with brown hair and a flawless complexion.  His only fault was maybe his flat ass in Todd’s mind. Jake had his cell phone glued to his ear and tossed down his bag.

Todd could sense something wasn’t right with Jake at the moment.  “Wassup?” Todd finally asked.

“You really don’t want to know,” Jake said and turned off his phone.  He put it in his bag and threw his towel on the chair.

“Something’s up,” Todd said while seeing Jake’s ass in his face.

“I’m fuckin pissed as hell right now,” Jake replied with a pissed off tone and finally stretched out his athletic body on the chair.

“What’s Kayla done now?” Todd asked and briefly knew the tumultuous history between the two.

“If I start, I might not stop.  I was late cause I was arguing with her,” Jake said.

“Why do you put up with her then?” Todd asked.

“Like you have to ask,” Jake laughed finally and donned his designer shades. “You’ve seen her in a bikini.  You think she’s smoking in a bikini, you should see her without one.  Gets me hard thinking about it.”

“Still Jake, we’re both going to college in three weeks.  If she’s such a bitch, dump her and wash your hands of her.  Once we were at college, you’ll forget all about her.  There will be tons of girls there wanting to get with you.”

“Dude, you are so right.  I think that was her plan too.  Last night, she got me all hot and bothered and then just stopped dead on me,” Jake said.  “My nuts hurt so fucking bad after that.  So, you think I can find a girl at college?”

“Jake, please.  Come on there bro.  I have seen you in the locker room and you have a lot to offer,” Todd smiled and checked the bulge in Jake’s colorful board shorts.

“You checking me out, huh?” Jake laughed. “Homo.”

“It’s not like you are proud of your package or anything,” Todd laughed with a red face. “I still laugh just thinking about you slapping that sophomore’s face with it in the locker room after practice.”

“He didn’t even see me right at his face.  That dude fucking hates me still,” Jake laughed.

“I might too if you’d done that to me,” Todd said, trying to cover his lust for Jake.

They kicked back and enjoyed the final precious days before going off to college.  Being that they were attending the same college at the end of the month, they became good friends throughout the summer.  They were friends all during high school but rarely hung out together. Now they hung out a lot and really got to know each other better.  Both are disappointed now that they didn’t room together at the large state college since both found out too late the other was attending the college but at least they would know at least someone there. 

They lay out and soaked in the hot August sun until two girls they knew arrived.  Instantly Jake went to them so Todd was right there as well.  The four of them hung out together until calling it day.

“You are going out with Kayla?” Todd asked Jake at their cars.

“Who the hell knows?   Tonight I’m ending my living hell one way or another.  You know all we do is fight and have sex,” Jake said.

“At least, you’re getting some,” Todd said.

“Yeah, I am beginning to think I’m her fuckin dildo except for last night.  It is time we ended it before she heads out of state to that rich school up North,” Jake opened his door. “See ya!!”

Todd got in his car and adjusted his shorts after being with Jake the entire day.  For his cover in a way, he was always seen with his best friend, Jill.  They grew up next door to each other until Jill moved to a nicer, new house.  She was very tomboyish despite your buxom appearance.  Everyone at their school thought they had something going on but both knew better.  They even had sex a few years ago but it was virtually meaningless to both.  Each could now say they weren’t virgins with conviction when asked.  Other than Jill’s girl, they kept their sexual preference between the two of them and used each other’s company as a shield more or less to the rumors.

Jill was at his house when Todd arrived and was in a deep conversation with Todd’s mother.  He spoke briefly to her but continued to the shower to prepare for their normal Saturday night out.  Todd came out dressed in his regular attire and gave Jill a sweet hug. 

“Where are you two off to tonight?” Todd’s mom asked with them there in the living room.

“Todd, you wanna head just to the driving range and hit a few balls?” Jill asked.

“Sure, I could do that,” Todd smiled.

They headed out with Jill driving.  “I don’t even have to ask why you were late, do I?”

Todd smiled, “I was with Jake, Laura and Stacy at the pool.”

“I know you had a good time then,” Jill smiled.

“Jill, like I have a chance with him, he’s so straight,” Todd said.

“Sounds like to me you’re giving it a go though,” Jill said.

“If nothing else, I’ll have someone to bum around with at college since your sorry ass backed out on me,” Todd laughed.

“Well, Bethany wanted me to go with her,” Jill smiled.

“I still think you should have gone with me and kept me company for at least a semester.  You know I will call you every day until I find someone,” Todd said.

“Todd, I wish you stop the poor pitiful me stuff.  Have a little self-confidence there.  Even your mom commented on how cute you were today when you walked in all pool boy on us.  Todd, you’ll be a great pickup for some guy,” Jill said.

“Thanks, we can always rely on each other,” Todd said.

They went to the range to hit balls.  Jill’s girl loved golf and Jill was anxious to improve her game and be more competitive with her.  Todd just started and knew Jake enjoyed the game as well.  Todd still laughed at Jill when she swung the clubs since his large breast seem to be in the way.

“Stop laughing at me,” Jill grew angrier.

“Its like watching young Dolly Parton trying to swing a club,” Todd laughed.

“I told you I’m getting them reduced if I can talk Bethany into letting me do it,” Jill swung the club as hard as she could.

“Jill, if they are a problem, you really do it whether she wants you to or not.  You said your back is always hurting now and how hard to find a bra that size,” Todd said in sincerity.

“I will when the time is right.  How do you think I snagged Bethany?” Jill laughed.

They finished up and headed to eat.  The realization began to hit both of them as they would finally be separated for the first time in their lives.  If nothing else, they were like brother and sister after all these years.  While they ate, they reminisced about the past.  Jill was strong emotionally as ever but Todd’s eyes were filled with tears by the end.

Jill let Todd out early at his house to be with Bethany for a little while.  Todd’s mom and dad were just finishing a movie when he walked in. 

“Did you have fun?” his mom asked.

“Oh yeah, we always have fun when we are together,” Todd said.

“You will sure miss little Dolly here in a few weeks,” his dad joked.

“Dad, I wish you wouldn’t call her that.  She can’t help that she is so blessed,” Todd said.

“I just wish your mom would have a pair like that,” his dad laughed again.

His mom slapped his dad playfully on the arm.  Todd headed back to his room and checked his voice mail.  He was shocked yet happy to hear one from Jake.  He immediately called him back.  Jake told him he finally went through with his promise and ditched his girl.  He asked about Jill and like every guy joked to Todd about their relationship.

The next week was fairly normal for Todd except his mom along with Jill and her mom were in full buying mode for their upcoming college days.  Todd and Jill’s mom were still close and talked every day for at least an hour on the phone.  Todd stood all the shopping he could and Friday headed to the city pool after making sure Jake would be there.  

He was later than normal and found Jake already there.  He had a girl on each side of him, so Todd found the closest chair.  Lucky for Todd, the girls didn’t stay long and left after an hour or so.  Jake was still Jake and stared at their cute asses when they left.  “Man, I can’t wait for next weekend.  Are you getting excited, Todd?”

“I was except for all the shopping Mom has made me endure this week with Jill,” Todd said. “I’ll be glad when the time comes.  The worst part is leaving Jill.”

“You’ll miss seeing and feeling those big tits,” Jake laughed. “Todd, I know you’ve seen her topless.  Are they really that big?”

“Yeah they are, almost balloon like.  She may get them cut down.”

“No way!  She should be a porn star and use those things to snag some big bucks.”

“I can’t see her doing that.  They are really becoming a nuisance to her.”

“Now there’s something you’ll never hear a guy say if his dick was like a foot long.  He’d be wearing the tightest shorts around and never complaining one bit about being too big.”

“Jake, her back is killing her now.  She can barely find a bra that fits her.  I’ve seen the stares she gets in a bathing suit.  She can’t wear a bikini because they are so big,” Todd said.

“Are they nice to feel and suck on?” Jake asked. “Do they flop around when you fuck her?”

“For one, that’s private.  I don’t go around telling me sex life like you,” Todd said.

“So you’ve never even fucked her?”

“For your info, I have,” Todd said sternly and truthfully.

“I bet titty fucking her was so hot,” Jake said.

“Truth is even your dick would get lost in there,” Todd laughed.

“I doubt that.  I would like to do it just one time to see what it was like.”

“Maybe you’ll find someone at college that big then.”

They kicked back with their shades on and their low riding board shorts to take in the sun.  Jake continued to make jokes about Jill until Todd said he had heard enough and actually got a little pissed at Jake’s inconsideration for his best friend. 

They finished at the pool and headed to their cars.  “Todd, you wanna kick at my house tonight?”

“I could do that,” Todd said.

“Cool.  Just stay the night.  My dad and step mom are out of town with my little sister and brother at some damn tournament.”

“Sounds great.  I’ll grab some things at home and be right over,” Todd said while trying to control his excitement.

“Hey call Jill and maybe she can come over.  I give anything for her to at least flash me with those tits,” Jake said.

“I’ll ask her but if she knows your intentions, she won’t come,” Todd said.

“Don’t be a dumbass and tell her,” Jake said.

“Alright,” Todd said.  He got in his car and called Jill.  He begged her to at least stop by for a few minutes at Jake’s.

Todd told his parents his plans.  They didn’t mind since they were friends and heading to college together.  He gathered a few things like his toothbrush and a change of clothes.  He drove over and was actually shocked to see Jill there waiting on him at Jake’s nice house.

“What?  I just live 3 blocks away,” Jill said when she saw Todd’s shock.

“Jill, Jake wants you to flash him,” Todd said.

“Fine then, I’ll show em and leave.  He’s not touching them though.”

“Are you serious?”

“What’s it going to hurt?  Hey, it might help you out tonight,” Jill winked.

They headed to Jake’s door.  Jake answered the door in his plaid shorts and flip-flops.  “Man Jill, it’s good to see you!” Jake gave a hug to brush up against her.

“It’s good to see you Jake,” Jill replied and headed inside.  She looked at the nice house and knew it was similar to her house since they were built by the same builder.  The three sat together in the family room with the stereo blaring.  Jake used his remote to turn it down.  They talked about the coming weeks and none knew exactly what college held for them. 

Jill decided to leave about 8, “Oh Jake, Todd said you wanted to see something.”  She opened her blouse and took off her bra.  Her enormous breasts were there in full view.

“Holy fuck!!!” Jake said with his eyes focused on her breasts. “Can I touch em?”

She leaned over and let Jake feel her breast.  He stuck out both hands and felt them. “Are you happy now?”

“Hell yeah! Damn Todd you are so lucky,” Jake said. “I would get lost in there.”

“You are just the second guy to touch them.  So there,” Jill said and began the process.  Todd helped her out and hooked the bra in the back.  The straps dug into Jill’s shoulders.  She put back on her shirt. “You’ve seen me. Now let me see your dick!”

Jake quickly dropped his shorts and boxers, “I’m not one bit ashamed to show my junk to a girl.”

Jill looked at his dick, “Not bad at all.  I better run now that show time is over.”

Todd walked with Jill to the door.  They hugged. “Go for it,” she whispered in his ear in the hug.

He just looked at her, “Thanks for helping me out.”

“Call me if you score,” she said and headed to her car.

He walked back in to the family room with Jake.  “How the fuck did you get her to do that?”

“I didn’t.  I guess she just wanted to,” Todd smiled.

“I owe your ass big time now.  Man, they are so fucking big!!” Jake said. “I did see how those straps dug into her shoulders.  You could still see the indention after she took off her bra.”

“I told you.”

“Hey, you wanna get fucked up tonight?”

“Jake, not really,” Todd replied.

“Come on dude. It just some pills.  That’s all. No biggie,” Jake put the pressure on Todd.

“Before I do, what are they?” Todd asked.

“Oh just some pain pills.  I take them every so often.  They really make you feel good,” Jake continued to pressure his friend.

“I guess so,” Todd said reluctantly.

Jake smiled and headed to his room.  He came back with a prescription pill bottle.  Todd held out his hand and watched the two tablets hit his palm.  Jake grabbed two as well.  They headed to the kitchen and downed the two pills in one swallow.  “How do you get those anyway?” Todd asked.

“It’s easy.  Remember when I fucked up my knee in football?”


“I just keep saying it hurts.  The doctor checks me out and gives me a prescription for more.  I really don’t hurt any more but like the feeling they give me.”

“I don’t feel a thang!”

“You will here shortly.  You wanna go grab something to eat.  After we finish eating, they might kick in.”

“Sure,” Todd replied.

Jake grabbed a tight shirt that clung to his fit frame and they headed out the door to the nearest fast food place.  They grabbed it and headed back to Jake’s.  They ate in front of the television while watching preseason football since both played just the fall before.

“I still wish I could strap on the pads,” Jake said.

“Not me.  I remember sweating my butt off at this time of year,” Todd said.

“I do too but I loved game time and hitting somebody with a full head of steam,” Jake said. “Unlike you Todd, the punter and kicker.  Did you ever make a tackle?”

“Ummm… one time in that game where you whiffed on the tackle in front of me,” Todd chuckled.

“Yeah I remember.  All you did was just grab his leg,” Jake laughed.

They continued to talk about their football past including a few of Todd’s long field goals. 

“Holy shit!” Todd said with his eyes wide open.

“I know.  They are kickin in here too,” Jake said and flung his shirt to the floor.

Todd did the same and tossed his on top Jake’s.  Todd felt like never before.  He had been drunk a few times but this was a totally different feeling.  He felt as though he was floating.  His mind began to race with his secret obsession just a foot away and looking so enticing after a day in the sun.

“Todd, I want the truth dude.  Did you really fuck Jill or you just saying that?” Jake said in his dazed state.

“I did at my house two summers ago,” Todd said.

“Are you still hitting that shit?”

“No, we’re just best friends like we always have been.”

“Did she suck your dick?”

“Ummm… no not really,” Todd said.

“I figured that.  Todd, don’t tell a sole but I just fucked Kayla one time during the whole time we were together,” Jake said and looked at Todd with glazed over eyes.

“Why not?”

“Shit dude, we just never were alone that much.  She wasn’t that good of fuck anyway,” Jake said.  “I bet you’re a better fuck than she is.”

“Excuse me.  Jake, you’re fucked up!”

“Maybe a little,” Jake said.  “This shit makes me so damn horny.  The best part is I can jack forever and barely bust a nut.”  Jake slid off his plaid shorts and then his boxers.  He grabbed his cock with his hand and played with his sparsely hairy nuts with the other.

“Jake, I’ve seen your dick plenty.  At least put on your boxers,” Todd said with his eyes glued to Jake’s nice veiny cock.  He could feel the pills really kicking in.  He was now confused and just paced the room.

“Todd, don’t wig out on me.  Hell, it’s just me and you here tonight,” Jake leaned back on the couch.

“Jake, please put on your boxers! Please!” Todd said in hysterics.

“Damn dude chill the fuck out and just enjoy this awesome feeling.  I know you are feeling this shit!”

“Jake please!  I don’t know what to do now!”

“For one sit your ass down! Shit, Todd!  What’s your fucking problem?”

“My problem is you Jake.  I want you so bad!”

Jake stood up and grabbed Todd, “If you want me so bad, do something about it!”

“I should have never said that.  I’m sorry!  Fuck!  I just blew it!”

Todd watched and saw Jake’s puckered lips heading his direction.  He closed his eyes and felt Jake’s lips on his mouth.  “Is that what you want?” Jake said. “I sure as hell did!”

Todd grabbed Jake by the head and kissed him passionately.  He dropped his guard and finally had his desire.  He felt Jake’s hands push down his shorts and grab his bubble ass.  They walked together to the couch with the game still going in the background.  Jake pulled the smaller Todd on him.  Todd reached down and slid his boxer briefs to his knees.  Jake grabbed their cocks together in his large hand and grinded them together.

“Is this what you want?” Jake asked.

“OH FUCK YEAH!” Todd let loose. “Jake, I have wanted you so much!”

“I thought so.  I know you stare a hole through me each time at the pool,” Jake said with Todd on top of him.

“Jake, give me another pill please!”


“I need one right now just in case!”

Todd got off and stripped naked.  He followed Jake to the kitchen.  Todd downed two more as did Jake.  They kissed again in the middle of the kitchen floor.  “Jake, this isn’t some fucking scheme to out me, is it?”

“No.  I want you too Todd!”

Todd smiled and worshipped Jake’s body like had been many of his latest jack off fantasies.  He kissed the round pecs of Jake, licked Jake’s underarms and defined sides and outlined his ripped abs with his wet tongue.  He got on his knees in the tiled kitchen floor.  He licked Jake’s cock up and down.

“On this shit, it takes a while to get hard,” Jake smiled while stroking Todd’s hair.

Todd opened his mouth and managed to get a few inches of Jake’s cock in his mouth.  It was just how he imagined if not better.  He tugged his own cock and enjoyed finally being able to suck Jake’s hot cock.  Jake finally got hard after feeling Todd’s wet warm mouth.  Todd bobbed up and down and loved the feel.  He could feel Jake’s cock poking the side of his jaws and smell Jake’s smell oozing from his sweaty light pubes.  He licked and continued to seize his dream opportunity.  Jake pulled him up and landed a nice tongue filled kiss on Todd.

“Let me show you how to suck dick!” Jake said.  He licked Todd’s body and made his way down to Todd’s hard cock. He opened his mouth and sunk all the way to the base of Todd’s 6 inch cut cock.  Todd looked down and saw this with amazement. Amazingly the second round started hitting Todd.  He closed his eyes and felt and heard Jake slobbering on his cock.  He opened his eyes to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.  Instead, he saw his dream guy sucking his cock with a vengeance. Even in his drugged up mind, he knew this wasn’t the first cock to be in Jake’s mouth but just enjoyed every moment of it. 

Jake stopped and was grabbed by Todd.  “I know for damn sure you want fucked by this dick,” Jake said with his wrapped around his cock.

“More than anything in this world,” Todd said. 

Jake grabbed his hand and led him to his room.  “On your knees, you hot little bitch!” Jake instructed Todd once inside his typical teen boy room.

“Jake, be gentle please!”

“Todd, I’m busting that cherry?”

Todd looked at Jake, “Yeah but I can’t fucking wait!”

Jake grabbed his lube and condoms.  Todd got on his knees and stuck his virgin ass high in the air.  “Damn what a fuckin hot hole,” Jake said and slid his finger inside.  Todd felt the long finger in his ass.  He squirmed a little and let out a small groan.  Jake wiggled it around before a second finger entered. 

Jake leaned up while stick fingering Todd’s ass, “Those pills will keep the pain down.  Good idea for another round!”

“I know!”

“I just got to get my fuckin dick hard again,” Jake said. 

“Keep fingering me and move to where I can suck it back hard,” Todd said.

Jake maneuvered around and stuck his dick between Todd’s open lips.  Jake kept loosening up Todd’s ass.  After a good five minutes, Jake was hard again.  Todd got back into position and waited to finally feel a cock in him.

Jake put on the condom and covered it with lube as well as Todd’s sweet hole. Todd felt the pressure of Jake’s cock against his hole.  He closed his eyes tight and pushed out.  Jake pushed forward and was shut out.  He fingered Todd’s hole and tried slipping his cock in with his finger still in but it was too tight. 

“Dammit, I want fucked!” Todd screamed in anger and drugged up state.

“Relax there.  I’ll get my big dick in if it takes all night,” Jake said.  They tried again and nothing happened.  “Fuck you’re worse than Jarred.”

Todd whipped his head back, “No way!”

“Forget I said that!” Jake said. He pushed again and felt his cock slip past Todd’s sphincter and finally in him.  Todd felt Jake in him.  “You okay?”

“Yeah, those pills kick ass!  Fuck me, Jake!! Fuck my boypussy!” Todd finally said the words he never thought he would ever say.

Jake pushed down on the small of Todd’s boney back and continued to sink his cock in deeper.  Todd wanted to turn and see this magical moment but stared straight head while clutching a pillow tightly.  “Damn, your ass is so tight!”

“It should be! Fuck me and loosen that shit up!” Todd screamed.

Jake grabbed Todd’s small 29 inch waist and slid his cock in and out slowly.  Todd moaned and groaned with deep plunge into his ass.

“You like my 8 inches in you?” Jake kissed Todd’s spine.

“Fuck yea!  This is a fucking dream!” Todd screamed.  He reached back and felt Jake’s muscular thighs.  “Oh fuck me Jake!”

“Damn somebody likes this shit!” Jake said.

“Oh fuck yeah! Fuck that ass!” Todd said. “Harder, motherfucker! Make my ass feel all your big dick!”

Jake couldn’t help but laugh at Todd.  He could feel his cock being squeezed by Todd’s ass.  He picked up the pace and heard Todd screaming in pleasure. Todd squirmed the entire time and took full advantage of his opportunity.

Jake flipped over and easily went back in Todd’s hole.  He loved seeing the expression of excitement and joy on Todd’s face.  He grabbed Todd’s feet and spread his legs wide.  Todd just moaned and screamed.  Jake pounded his cock relentlessly in and out of Todd’s ass.  His bed squeaked a little but was barely heard over Todd’s moaning and excitement.  He put down Todd’s feet.  Todd grabbed Jake’s ass and pulled him in for a kiss.  Todd still couldn’t believe this was really happening to him.  He was going to enjoy every moment of it. Jake kept pounding Todd with all he had and could see the pleasure he was delivering. 

Jake was breathing heavy and finally laid down for Todd to ride him.  Todd quickly shoved his ass back down.  “Fuck yeah! Ride that fucking dick!” Jake smiled.

“Dude, I love this so much!” Todd smiled back and rode Jake hard as he could.  He bounced up and down with his hair going in every direction and watched Jake smile.  He grabbed his cock and jacked it while riding up and down.  He leaned back on his hand and squeezed his ass. 

“Oh fuck!” Jake said with wide eyes.  Todd quickly got off.  Jake threw his condom to the carpeted floor.

“Fuckin flood my face!” Todd said. 

Todd got his face near Jake’s cock and waves of hot creamy cum landed all over Todd’s thin face.  He tried to lick some and finally got to taste some when a good stream hit his tongue. 

Jake fed Todd what he could while jacking Todd’s cock.  “Where you want this shit?” Todd asked.

“My face. I can’t let you out do me,” Jake said.  Todd moaned and watched his cum splatter onto Jake’s cheek and chin.  Todd tasted some of his cum and let Jake taste it as well. 

“Jake, that was so fucking awesome!”

“I guess those pills did their thing then?”

“I could care less if you got me fucked up to fuck me or not.  Hell I would have done it without them.”

“I didn’t want to take any chances,” Jake smiled with running his hands through Todd’s dark hair. “Now we just have to figure out how to switch rooms next weekend.”

Todd smiled, “Jake, do you really like me or just wanted to fuck me?”

“Todd, I really do like you.  If one sole finds out about this, your ass is fucking dead.”

“What about Jarred?”

“He’s a total fag.  Shit, I fucked him and didn’t have to go through this shit.”

“I would have never guessed.”

“Dude, he was getting fucked up the ass in the tenth grade by the seniors.  You seriously didn’t know?”

“I had no clue,” Todd replied.

“Oh well, it took me all summer to get you.”

“Damn, all you had to do was fucking ask me.”

Jake busted out laughing.  “What was funny?” Todd asked.

“I’ve never heard you cuss so much,” Jake laughed.

“Maybe the real me is coming out,” Todd kissed Jake.  They made out until they were sound asleep next to each other.

Jake woke the next morning to find Todd just staring at him. “Dude, stop!”

“I was just checking to make sure this wasn’t a dream.  My ass tells me it’s wasn’t though.  Damn is it ever fucking sore.”

“Todd, I loved every second of last night.”

“Awesome!  I did too.  Can we replay that again tonight?”

“Hell yeah, but you are fucking me maybe before then!”

“Okay!” Todd said.  They kissed.  “You know I hate we waited to the end of summer to fuck.”

“Yeah but we have four years to perfect it!” Jake smiled.

“Ummm… four great fucking years and maybe more,” Todd smiled.  He knew that it would be great to call his friend Jill after this but for the time being it could wait.