Tied to Chapter 81 and 82... written by Andy & Big 'D'.

SUNDAY NIGHT with Kris and Megan - KRIS’S POV

As Matt and Corey were about to talk about their night at the
dance I left and slammed the door to my bedroom. Megan opened it
and walked in after me.

“Kris, what’s wrong? Why did you leave so suddenly?”

I turned away from Megan. I didn’t want her to see my face. She
came closer to me and sat on my bed anyways. She carefully
removed hands from my face.

“I don’t really want to talk about it.” I said quite honestly.

Megan and I have had a great relationship and when I returned
from the camping trip I spoke with Megan and we chatted all
night. It was thrilling that we both started opening up to each

“Kris? What is it? Did this little spat with Antonio really
affect you that much? I’ve never seen you storm out like that

“Ask Matt, when I feel upset nobody wants to be near me.” I
looked into her eyes and knew she wouldn’t leave or drop the
subject until I spoke about what was troubling me.

“It’s not really Antonio. It’s me. I hate that I can’t control
myself. It’s just that I try my hardest and cannot do it.”

“Honey,” Megan said, “Control what?”

“My temper. For years it has been an issue for me. I learned some
techniques to try and calm myself and make sure I don’t let an
outburst occur. But it always fucking happens.”

“Oh, Kris, nobody expects you to change overnight. Besides,
Antonio deserved it and everybody agrees, even Joe, his best
friend, believed he deserved it.”

“I know. I just try so hard, yet it comes out. What if it keeps
coming out at the wrong time or is directed at the wrong person?”

“Listen to me, please. Change takes time. From what you told me
you have had this temper since Nathan’s death, you had huge
fights with just about all your friends, and that was 7 years or
so of letting your anger show.”

“Yeah, Matt and I had two major fights already. I don’t want it
to happen again.”

“You have shown great resistant from when I met you,” she said,
putting her hand on my chin and making me look at her again.

“Kris, from the moment I met you I knew there was something
behind those eyes, a kind and brave heart. It takes guts to admit
the truth of your bisexuality and everything else you admitted to
when we began dating. That courage is what brought me back to
you. I have never seen you lose your temper.”

“Until tonight…” I said defeated. “I never wanted to lose my
temper in front of you. I really tried to hold in that anger as
long as I could. But you heard him, he was asking for him.”

“Yeah, but he got what he deserved, Kris. You were able to
restrain yourself and let it slide of your back. That shows great
strength. It takes time to beat a personality trait we’ve had
most of our lives.”

I got up, thinking about what she said as I stripped off my
clothes and got ready for bed. “You talk like you had to overcome
something yourself.”

“I did. I had to overcome my shyness and, like you, I had to
overcome my temper. In high school I was a complete loner and
eventually a girl befriended one evening and we became instant
friends. However, one night we had a fight over a boyfriend we
both liked and neither of us would relent. It led to me saying
some awful things to her.”

My mind instantly went back to the high school fight Matt and I
had and how it almost cost us our friendship. “What happened?”

“We never spoke again and I was back to being a loner. People
would pick on me for my looks and everything. I had my share of
fights. At the time of graduation I resolved myself to fix those
traits and joined this summer program that helps you with your
social skills and the program runner actually brought me aside
and helped me with some techniques on how to not let the
outbursts affect my friendships.”

“I never thought you had to deal with anger problems either.” I
said as she stripped naked and got into bed beside me. “You seem
so calm and don’t let anything get to you.”

“Things do get to me. I wanted to punch Antonio myself for how he
was going at you. But I learned to control that early last year.
My boyfriend at the time cheated on me with some other slut of
girl. Anyways, instead of getting mad or anything, I calmly
called him up and told him to fuck off. He tried to win me back
but it didn’t work. Kris, anger management takes time.”

“I see that Megan. How did you overcome it?”

“The major trick is to have a release for it that is not a human
being. When feel the urge you excuse yourself and take it out on
something. I had bought a punching bag when I came here and it
did me the world of good.”

“It worked?” I thought maybe that could be the answer, I mean
everybody has their own mechanism to getting things accomplished.
Corey and Matt have their little walks and Colt and I just fight
with each other, but we both know it doesn’t mean anything.

“Yep, my solution is easier for you.”

“What’s that?” I was curious what she had in mine.

“Your situation is slightly different than mine. Your temper
resulted from witnessing your brother’s death, and whenever you
are threatened with words or violence you attack. So, you need to
have your outbursts.”

“That does make some sense,” I acknowledged. “What was your
solution? I really don’t want to blow up at people anymore. I
could lose my friends if I do.”

“Well, Kris… Matt, Corey, Colt and even Scott are going to be
with you forever. They can withstand your temper, thus I doubt
you will lose them if you have a heated argument. The solution
is… Use me. I want you to blow up on me. Take it all out on me. I
will never ever take it seriously and I will never hold it
against you. It will make our relationship stronger. I will get
to know what you think, Kristopher, and I will know how to help
you deflate those angry moments one at a time. So they won’t be a

“You want me to yell and scream at you and everything else.”

“Yes. If you need to physically punch something I will even let
you use my bag.” She smiled, “I have seen great progress in you
since we met and I doubt it will be a problem for much longer.”

“That is fucking awesome.” I thought of something else at that

“I know another way I can use you for my outbursts.” I laughed. I
grabbed a condom out of the drawer and she laughed and nodded.

MONDAY NIGHT with Colt and Kris - COLT’ S POV

It was about midnight when the room cleared. “Kris, tonight I
want to be with my boyfriend. Can you handle that?” I listened to
Matt say.

“I’ll take good care of you and protect you,” Kris replied

“I know you would do that but I want Corey tonight. Surely you
understand?” Matt said.

“I do,” Kris smiled.

“Great! My ass gets woken up early tomorrow!” Colt said.

“Nah bro, I’ll sleep out here,” Kris said, gesturing to the
useful sofa bed. I went to get ready for bed as Kris came in to
remove his clothes and said seriously. “I will try not snore to

It was obvious he was upset and, after a few minutes, I went to
use the bathroom and checked in on Kris who was just staring at
the ceiling.

“Kris, you okay?”

“Yeah, why?”

“When Matt said he wanted to spend the night with Corey you
looked like he had rejected you.”

“That was bound to happen. It was only a matter of time before I
would become the third wheel.”

“Bullshit. He was attacked and wanted to be with his lover.”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Kris commented.

“Because you know I’m right.” I laughed.

“Laugh it up. At least I am having lots of sex.”

“What makes you think I’m not?” I asked.

“Andrea told Megan, who mentioned it to me,”

“It’s true. Honestly bro. Andrea is kind of jealous of us.”

“Why would she be?”

“She believes our sex life is not fulfilling because me and you
have our little fun on the side.”

“Is she right?” Kris asked me.

I thought about it for a few minutes. “She might be right. We
have gotten to the point that is pretty much routine. In all
honesty our sex life has been thrilling.”

“I don’t see that, bro.” 

“You don’t? This spring break we blew each other, we had a
foursome with Brennan and Garrett and had some tender loving at
Bishop’s place. Not to mention most of our sexual outings in past
have been more adventurous: the camping trip, when we went to
your house as Christmas, our times with Andrea.”

“That list came to you rather quickly,” Kris said.

“Andrea threw it in my face last night. We had a little fight
about it. Basically after we left the room last night we got into
our basic routine and just when I was about to push into her, she
says ‘why can’t you be more adventurous.’ Then she says she hates
that I have better sexual life with you than with her. She felt
like that for a while now, that is why she wanted to have sex
with us, to make our sex life better.”

“What did you say to her?”  Kris asked.

“I asked her ‘Do you want me to stop fucking with Kris?’ She
thought about it for a minute but said no. She doesn’t care that
I was fucking you, she’s just was jealous that our fuck sessions
are better than hers.”

“I can see her point, bro. We fuck when the mood strikes us, it
seems like your sessions are on a schedule.”

Kris was right of course. “So it’s my fault?”

“It’s always the guys fault. Just do what Corey and Matt do.”

“I’ve already had her up the ass,” I said without thinking.

“No, idiot, they’re becoming more outgoing in their sex. I told
Corey about sex in the classroom remember. You just need to take
her away one day and fuck her right then and there, you know,
live in the moment.”

I thought about it some more. I have become so boring. “Have you
ever had that problem?”

“Not really, then again, I haven’t had a relationship as long you
and Andrea have been going out. In fact the longest sexual
relationship has been us.”

“Maybe that is what is hurting my sex life.” I thought out loud.

“How so?”

“I tend to want to fuck with you more of late, and we had that
fight because you weren’t in the mood and I was. I wanted to have
that foursome. Maybe we need to stop our sex.”

“You said it yourself, whenever we fucked around it was because
we are in the moment, and we both normally feel like doing it,
we’re hot for each other. That’s it. You and Andrea are in a
sexual rut.”

“Maybe…” I looked him in his blue eyes. “So you sure you’re not
upset with Matt?”

“Don’t change the subject. Are you going to be fixing your sex
life or am I going to have to do it for you?” I laughed out loud
at that.

“You are not getting anywhere near my girlfriend.”

“I have before. Maybe the problem is she likes me more than you.”
Kris laughed this time.

“That does it.” I jumped on the couch and we wrestled for a
minute before we fell asleep. I woke in the middle of the night
to use the washroom and went back to my room after I kissed Kris
on the forehead.

The next morning I called Andrea unexpectedly and made a hint to
meet to talk about our little spat. Neither of us had early
classes and I left, smiling my way to nice private area of the
college where I knew we could be alone for some time.

TUESDAY NIGHT with Scott and Jordy - SCOTT’s POV

I was standing at the window looking at Jordy in my bed. It was a
little past midnight and I was thinking of one thing. I don’t
know if I want to be in this relationship anymore. My mind keeps
going to Jess. Garrett keeps commenting that I dream about him in
my sleep. For me Jess and I could not work. We are away from each

There are some sparks with Jordy, I just don’t feel like I’m in
love with him.

I felt Jordy’s hands across my chest and kissed me on the lips
softly. This was going to be a hard conversation.

We broke apart and I led him back to bed. He signed: “What’s up?”

“I was just thinking.” I said with my mouth as he read my lips.

“About?” He signed.


“Oh,” he made a small frown and looked down. I pushed his chin up
at me. He signed again. “I want to talk to you about that too.”

There was an awkward silence. I spoke and he signed at the same

“I don’t think this is working,” I laughed that we both came to
same conclusion. I asked him why he thought that. I hoped I
didn’t do anything do offend him. We seemed to be doing well on
Spring Break.

He signed, “I don’t think we are right for each other. We had a
great fun and all but I see you struggling.”

“With what? I have mastered the sign language. Brad taught me a
lot on the trip.”

“No… You are struggling with your feelings for Jess.”

I signed. “Was it that noticeable?”

“Yes. When he left on the break you missed him. I saw it in your
eyes. When I text you that weekend when you returned home you
seemed distracted.”

“Jess came to my house unexpectedly.”

“And you had sex?”


Jordy signed, “I am not upset with you Scott. You are in love
with him. I know you feel for him.”

“I don’t know, Jordy,” I signed back. “I just don’t know. I think
we had sex because it seemed right at the time.”

“Scott, I saw how you felt when he left. I know that feeling.”

“How do you know?” I mouthed.

“Because when Brad left I felt the same way.”

“Love?” I asked.

“Maybe,” He signed back. “I felt something for him, and I hate to
admit it but we had a connection that is missing between me and

“I completely understand. I like you, I really do. We had fun at
the dance, but the last few days, I think we were understanding
our feelings for Jess and Brad.”

“Yeah, and our relationship here is just more convenient,” He

“Maybe because Jess and Brad are so far away and we are next to
each other. What is it about Brad you like so much?”

Jordy smiled at that. He signed. “His fucking dick!”

“It was certainly bigger than yours.” I laughed.

“I just felt something for him, and we have been talking a lot
since he left. We had a lot in common with each other. He
actually admitted that Kris was hot too.”

“Everybody thinks Kris is hot. Why do you think I fucked him?”

Jordy laughed at that. “You fucked everybody.”

We both laughed. “So true!”

We chatted some more, until Jordy signed, “Do you think it will
work? They don’t live near here at all.”

“Yeah, if we make it work it will work.”

He smiled and I signed. “I want you one last time.”

“Goodbye sex?”

“Not goodbye, you are welcome to join our group whenever and
maybe even fool around still, it’s just goodbye to the

He smiled and kissed me.


I just put my books away after Matt came and give me a goodbye
kiss. He was off to talk to his best friend and do god only knows
what. I really believed over time these nights with Kris might
end or at least become less frequent.

Colt entered a few minutes later and stripped naked for bed. “Did
you give Kris a kiss goodnight?”

He laughed at the comment and shook his head. As he threw his
clothes on the floor he looked at me intently. “You okay? I know
we don’t talk all that often anymore, but you can talk to me if
you need too.”

I didn’t know what to say, my thoughts were of jealousy and I
wasn’t sure I wanted to voice my concerns to Colt yet because
that might lead to Kris finding about it.

“Really, I’m fine,” I said with a straight face.

“Corey, we have been rooming for almost a year now, I think I
know when you have something on your mind.”

I guess it would be a great time to be honest. “It’s about Matt
and Kris.”

“I should have known. What’s up?”

“Do you think he loves me as much as Kris?”

Colt thought for a moment. “Of course he does. He and Kris have
been best friends for a long time. They shared everything.”

“That’s my point. We have been going out for over a year and
sometimes I still feel like I am playing second fiddle to Kris.
Sure, Matt and I are close and he confides a lot of stuff in me.”

“Like what?”  Colt asked.

“Personal stuff, I really thought that his needing to be with
Kris would have ended now that we have each other.”

“Bro,” He said, “It doesn’t work like that. And so you know, it
has nothing to do with loving him more or trusting him more. It
has to do with a connection they share.”

“What are you talking about?” I really wasn’t getting it.

“It’s simple, Kris and I share a lot of common bonds, a lot of
the same interests and so on. Matt and Kris share a completely
separate connection. Matt is the most honest person we know and
he lied to help Kris out of a jam in high school. That was even
before they officially met. Matt tackled Kris to the ground to
get him to open up about Nathan and what had happened to him.
Their four years in high school cemented a friendship that is
going to last forever. Surely Matt’s mentioned all that stuff to
you before?”

I thought about it. We talked about their relationship at the
beginning of our freshman year, and I could see how close they
were. “He never mentioned that before actually.”

“I see. Kris and I have talked about it many times, but I can see
why Matt may not talk about it. It would hurt you. It’s not his
intention of course to hurt, and you take it from me. You have
nothing to be jealous about.”

“I don’t know. Over the Christmas Break when Kris and I met at
the school, we talked about his conversations with Matt, and most
of the time they seem to be very deep conversations and we don’t
have those conversations anymore. We did early on, just not

Colt looked at me. “I thought bringing you together would help
you guys.”

“It does, just we don’t talk as deeply as we have in past. It’s
easier for us to fall asleep in each other’s arms, and it makes
sex better, but the conversations aren’t as close to what they
were. I will be honest with you about one thing…”

“What’s that?” Colt turned his body to face me.

“I didn’t want them fucking each other the first time, you know
back at the beginning of the year. Matt wanted it so I agreed.
When I witnessed it, I understood their relationship. They were
just experimenting, showing their love, and there was no passion
there like we had. My reason for not wanting them to fuck is
because I was giving Kris something that Matt and I shared. In
the end it worked out and Matt and I came to terms with it.”

“You really think Matt’s relationship with Kris is stronger than
your relationship with Matt?”

“I do. Matt and I had our bumps along the way. I cheated on him.
He made those comments while he was drunk. We had our stupid
fight that almost ended our relationship,” I started.

“Yeah, but he came back to you in the middle of the night. That’s
the type of boyfriend you have.”

“Then, when his father got sick, on the day I gave him that ring,
he wanted to spend it with Kris and not me!” I spoke loudly.

“You understood though, Kris could help him with those feelings
he may have been dealing with. He lost his brother and saw him
die. He would have been the best comfort he would need at that
time,” Colt said calmly

“That does make sense,” I agreed, thinking it over. “And he did
turn to me when he had to deal with his dad’s financial stuff,
and when he was attacked we spent most of the night talking.”

“You mean it wasn’t about sex?” He asked surprised.

“Nope, he wanted to be loved, cared for and to feel that with all
the hate there out there he was surrounded by a person who loves
him no matter what. I just thought after spending Monday night
with me he would want to continue spending the nights together,
and that I would have finally earned that trust that he has given
to Kris.”

“Corey,” Colt began. “This is between you and me, when he chose
you to be with him on Monday, Kris felt totally rejected. He
understood why it happened. For six years or so, he was Matt’s
rock and he felt he was being replaced. I could see it in his
eyes. Kris and Matt will always always have their friendship.
When you plan to move in together I am almost certain Kris will
be right next door.”

“I never thought about it like that.” I spoke the truth, “I never
wanted to replace Kris as Matt’s best friend, but I just wanted
to be appreciated as his lover, his boyfriend.”

Colt rubbed his eyes. “Let me just say this. Matt doesn’t want to
replace Kris, and he doesn’t want you to be rejected either. Matt
is walking a fine line between two people: his best friend and
his boyfriend. My feeling is eventually by the time graduation
happens, or even before, you, Kris and Matt will be not have to
worry about these feelings anymore.”

“How can you be so sure?”  I yawned.

“Let me answer that question, with a question of my own. Would
you honestly care now if Matt and Kris were fucking each other or
having any physical contact with each other? Would you be jealous
of Kris if that were to happen?”

I thought about it, and after some time I came to my answer. “No.
I really don’t because I am quite convinced that Matt loves
differently than Kris and always will.” 

Colt didn’t say anything. I looked over and he had fallen asleep.
I shut my eyes and went on my dreams. What I didn’t realize this
would be the start of many dreams to come of my future with Matt
where we fight one night and make up the next night.


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