Written by Andy with Special Material prepared by Big D..7/23/11 (Andy's Birthday)

December 18 2005 - MY DAY AT THE BEACH

I was walking up the front steps to the house. I was wondering what I would say to him. The door was unlooked. Then I walked slowly up the stairs to my room. I knew the location from memory. As I opened the door; I heard shouting.

“MISTER!! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?” I opened my eyes. I had no idea where I was. How I got here I have no clue. I saw the beach, the waves splashing nearby.

“Sir? Can we help you?” I ignored the comment for a while. I needed a drink. I could not believe what my life had come too. Then it registered. There were three people standing around me: Two young teenagers and an older guy in his late twenties.

“I need a drink,” I said matter-of-factly.

The older one said, “No, you need some coffee. And a place to rest.”

“Who are you?” I asked, eying them suspiciously.

“My name is Damon Wallace. These are my friends Noah Jordan and Kendall Washington.”

“I see,” I eyed them again, the Damon chap looked harmless. The two rugrats looked like they had silver spoons shoved up their asses since they were born.

I got up and decided to take my leave from these people. But that fellow called after. “Where are you going?”

The three followed me.

My curiosity peaked. Which was really something, since all I cared about was washing the pain away with booze. “How the fuck did you find me?”

As I recalled the night before, which is still hazy, I remembered that I came to this beach to look at the water. I went to a secluded area; then blackness.

“Well, every six months I come down the beach to explore the beautiful men here. I just arrived in the late morning when Noah and Kendall showed up. They waved me over and we talked for an hour. We were just about the get a bite to eat when Kendall here noticed your frame lying in shadows over here.”

“I see.” I was glad when this idiot stopped talking, his life story was quiet uninteresting to me at that point. “I am going now.”

Noah walked with me.

“Sir. Where are you going to go?”

“I don’t know, kid.”

“Why?” Kendall asked from the other side.

“Why, what?”

“Why are you leaving? Are we that boring that you can’t bare five minutes of your time with us?”

“Yeah, you are,” I said rudely. “I’m not looking for company. I’m not looking for companionship, I’m looking for…” I couldn’t put it into words.

“You’re looking for a solution.” Damon said, he said it like he knew what he was talking about.

“Come have a meal with us.” Noah said.

“I couldn’t. I haven’t had a real meal since… I left.” It was still hard to come to terms with what I did to Samuel. I put the thought out of my head.

“Sure, sport, let’s grab something to eat somewhere.” I pointed to Noah. “You’re buying.”

We went to some local burger joint on the corner. I had three burgers. Noah kept staring at me. Kendall was more reserved and kept his staring at his plate. Damon, on the other hand, looked glad.

“What are you smiling at Damon?” I questioned.

“I’m just glad you’re eating. You look like you haven’t eaten in a month. “

“More like three…” I said, more to myself.

“So Noel, how long have you and Ken known Damon?”

“It’s actually, Noah. It’s quiet an interesting story. Two years ago we were on the beach talking with our friends about how we would spend the summer. I suggested they come to our house for a week and have some fun.

“Then, as we were playing volleyball, I could see a guy staring at us and the other beachgoers. I pointed this out to Noah. And we…”

I interrupted. “Isn’t that a little weird watching 13 year olds playing volleyball?”

Damon spoke up. “I wasn’t staring at them. I was just watching them play, and watching everybody else. It was my first time at this particular beach. I went to try the water I had an encounter with another beach goer.”

I saw the emotion on his face. “This is touchy subject for you?”

“Yeah you could say that,” Kendall answered for him. “You see he met a married man, who was looking for some action his wife couldn’t give him.”

“Thanks, Kendall. I really wanted that piece of information shared.” Damon stared at him.

Noah finished the story, “After the encounter with that man. It so happened that me and Kendall were walking on the beach, enjoying the air and we saw Damon sitting there enjoying the beach too. We were being friendly so we walked over to him and started talking to him. The rest was history.”

“Not really.” Kendall continued. “It turned out Damon lived relatively close by. So after a few calls, we became friends, and our parents even invited him over for dinner once. That night, Damon was on top form.”

“I wasn’t I was just talking to them about my college background and they were intrigued that I had a major in World History and Minor Government.”

Noting my confusion, Damon continued, “You see, a year in to our friendship, Kendall and Noah were trying to get a better understanding for history and politics, because they wanted to run for class president in their high school.”

“So I became their campaign manager and I tutored them in all things government, and any other subjects they were interested in.”

I was so bored with this story. I needed a drink. I got up and left. The trio followed me and practically forced me into Damon’s Civic.

“WHAT?! Get off me. Leave me be.”

“NO!! You’re coming home with me. It’s pretty simple. I wouldn’t feel right about leaving you here on the streets.”

“Neither would we.”

Damon drove us to his place, and not really having a choice in the matter, I went along with it. I went to his apartment, and he put me in his bed, gave me some water and I fell asleep.

I walked up the steps, there was no sound in house. I made it to the second floor and I opened the door. There was a man in bed in his boxers. I couldn’t make out his face. Then, outside I heard noise. It got louder. It sounded like knocking.

I woke again, the bedroom door open with Damon standing silently. “Are you okay?”

“No.” I said miserably.

February 6 2006

I stayed with Damon for the next three months. It wasn’t like staying with Rick and Samuel. Damon kept to himself and we only really talked about basic stuff; how Damon was in the computer software business, a junior assistant still. I didn’t know what to think about this guy, I really hated staying with him. I never wanted to be a charity case. I guess when your life is fucked up and there is nowhere else to turn and you end up passed out on the beach you can’t really complain.

Three weeks into my stay, Damon forced me to go to his AA meeting. That is not what surprised me. What surprised me were the two leaders of the group. The two sixteen year old rich kids; Noah and Kendall.

“Hello. Welcome to our little group.” Noah began. “As you know a year ago, as a learning experience, our fathers told us to make something of our lives. So six months later we started this alcoholic’s anonymous group.”

Kendall spoke up. “We know the stereotype that surrounds us. We’re rich kids; we have all the money in the world. But that’s just an image. My mother nearly died drinking too much vodka.” He pointed to Noah. “His great aunt loved to drink so much that in her morning coffee she added shots of tequila. Every stereotype from the really rich to the really poor have issues. For me and Noah our issue has been alcohol.”

I interrupted the conversation. “I don’t get it. When you’re in college, you’ll drink, and probably get drunk. And now you want to lecture these idiots on being abstinence, when I’m sure drinking will be so normal for you.”

“Actually, no. We intend to drink, and expect most of the people to drink. What we are and strive to become is a social awareness group, and more importantly, a support group. You are right. I want to drink when I get to college in a few years. But, with this group we will drink in moderation.”

His answer was so good that I started to attend the meetings independently, needing assistance or coaching. Noah was a bright young kid, he was funny and had great way of putting people’s story into light and twisting them so slightly, to make the storyteller appreciate the story even more and make it a moral tale.

Kendall on the other hand spoke his life story and tried to pivot away from the rich stereotype and explain to people how the drink played a part in his family’s makeup. It was an interesting revelation. I, for one, told myself I would never drink again. Their stories inspired me.

Today, 1 month and 18 days sober, I felt tired. It was hard day for me; My birthday. As I made myself a cup of coffee the sight of Damon completely in the nude came in to view. For a 26 year old assistant, he was hot. He had bubble butt and a nice thick uncut dick.

“Hey. Want a cup?” I offered.

“Sure, thing. What you doing today?” Damon never brought up my past, which was nice, I didn’t want to talk about it with anybody. However, Damon noticed a frown on my face.

“You okay? “

“It’s my birthday. I’m 23. And this is the first time in 5 years I will be celebrating it alone. The first time I wont get any action.”

“I see. “

“Yeah, I had my boyfriend for four years, and this special guy last year.” I stopped for a second. It still hurt me a little how I fucked up things with Samuel.

“Well, happy birthday, You ain’t alone. I’ll be home around dinner. We’ll do something.”

“Okay cool…”

I decided I needed to let off some steam and went to my bedroom, which was really Damon’s guest room. I stripped out of my clothes and laid back on the bed. My dick was so hard and it needed attention.

It was a rare thing for me to jerk my cock because whenever I did my mind wandered to my past, to my previous sexual experiences and it hurt too much. It would go soft and no matter how horny I felt, it was never enough to override those feelings.

Today was different though. My cock was throbbing as I started to stroke it. Precum was leaking out of the head and I scooped a bit up on to my finger and placed it in to my mouth tasting myself.

Nathan used to run his finger over the head of my cock when he was jerking me, getting me ready for whatever else was to come. He loved the taste of my juices and could never get enough. I loved him so much.

I started jerking my cock harder, thinking about Nathan’s hands running all over my body, my chest, my nipples, down to my cock before he lowered his head and swallowed my cock. I moaned. It was almost like I could feel him sucking me. In my mind I could see his head bobbing up and down.

When I opened my eyes again, looking down at a head that wasn’t really there, it wasn’t Nathan’s eyes that looked up at me, those eyes belonged to someone entirely different. They belonged to Samuel.

I stroked even harder thinking about all the great blowjobs Samuel had given me during our time together. He loved sucking my dick and I would always return the favor. We would feast on each other for hours, bringing each other to the edge and then pulling back time and time again until we were both screaming, either blowing our loads down each others throats or for the other to fuck us.

My right hand was working the shaft of my cock, the left running around my body, tweaking my nipples, fondling my balls as I imagined Samuel climbing on top of me and mounting my hard cock, riding me the way he used to, rotating his hips, driving me deeper in to him, making me pant with the pleasure running through my body.

I threw my head back and my eyes rolled up in to my head. I kept stroking and tugging on my balls, the feeling was amazing. I lifted my head back up to focus on the imaginary figure riding my cock and I felt my eyes go wide. My cock was deep inside the man, but it was Damon, not Samuel.

It was the first time I ever thought of Damon in a sexual way, but after seeing him naked earlier, I knew he had a gorgeous body and I continued to stroke as I imagined him sliding that gorgeous bubble butt up and down on my cock.

It was too much. Thinking about Damon riding me making me feel pleasure I had all but forgotten had me shooting the biggest load of my life that I thought might actually drown me.
When I finally caught my breath back I reached for a towel and cleaned myself off. The towel was soaked. I threw it in to the laundry bin and went to sleep.

I climbed the stairs again. This time in the bedroom there were two figures. One in blue boxers and the other in a chair talking to the first guy. I felt like an intruder. The man in the chair turned to me. His face was unmistakable.

The sweat that ran off my naked body made the sheets damp. I heard knocking and then the front door opened.

I put some boxers on along with some shorts. “Hey Noah, Kendall”

“Yo, Damon called and said your were down so we came over.”

“That is so cool.” To be honest having someone over was what I needed.

We talked for a few minutes, but my curiosity got the better of me. “How the fuck did you guys meet?”

Kendall and Noah looked a little uncomfortable.

“We’ll tell you on one condition. You tell us how you met your boyfriend, Nathan.”

I thought about it. That was an interesting idea. “Deal.”

Kendall started off. “It was the first day of elementary school. I was dressed all pretty and some guy…”

“Me” Noah commented.

“Said I looked like a stiff monkey ready to burst.”

Noah continued. “Out of nowhere, he said I’ll show you stiff monkey, and the rest is history.”

“As you can see Noah now makes me dress more casual.”

I noticed he was wearing flip flops and his shorts were sagging, showing off his Joe Boxers.

“Yeah, good job, Noah. So wait… You guys became friends since that comment.”

Noah shrugged. “The smallest things are what start great friendships. What did you think?”

I pondered this. “I don’t know… a little more excitement?”

Kendall spoke next. “You should see him get excited. This girl in our class, my god he nearly shot his load looking at her.”

Noah hit him on the head. “Yeah, just admit you wanted her too.”

“I still can’t believe you guys run an AA group.”

Noah smiled. “Yeah us, two immature teenagers, telling people in their 20s and 30s how to act.”

“You changed me.”

Kendall got up and hit Noah on the head as payback. “Which reminds me, tell us how you met Nathan?”

I looked at their waiting stares. “It was a dark and stormy night. I was 17 and Nathan was 15.”

“Really? A dark and stormy night?” Kendall said, with a chuckle.

“Yeah, I was walking home and passed this young guy in a leather coat and smoking a cigarette. That was Nathan. The next day, it was a week after school started in January and I was hired to be a tutor for people struggling with Math.

“Anyway, the first student was Nathan. He knew nothing. I had to tutor him on a weekly basis. That expanded to nightly tutoring sessions before major tests. It wasn’t until three months later that I realized I wanted to get to know him better.

“He still saw me as a tutor. But a month later all that changed when he got his first A on a math test. He kissed me on the check and I could help myself, I kissed him on the mouth. The next day, we became a couple, but I let him down again because fast forward three years and his grades suffered some more.”

“Aw, well it was love at first sight.”

“More love at first kiss. Nathan enjoyed the kiss. I could tell.”

The hours went by and finally Noah and Kendall departed. They had to go back home and tell their folks about their PA Day.

When it was time for dinner Damon and two guys in their twenties entered the house. I had no idea what to think but Damon had a huge smile on his face.

“These are my friends I met on the beach last year. Ted and John. You said earlier that you weren’t going to be getting any this year for your birthday so I thought I’d change that. The three of us are here to give you an experience you will never forget.”

Damon stepped forward and placed his lips against mine. I was taken aback at first but quickly returned the kiss, my newly realised attraction for the man making me want him that much more. When his tongue touched mine it lit a fire inside me and I knew that whatever these men did to me, I was going to love it.

As Damon continued to kiss me and run his hands over my body he softly started moving me toward my bedroom and was pulling at my clothes. Ted was following us with a small bag in his hands, making me wonder what was inside it, while John has slipped in to the kitchen and I thought I could hear him opening up the fridge.

Once we were in the bedroom Damon stripped me completely naked and quickly followed himself. We fell on to the bed, kissing each other, our hands going everywhere, mine focusing on that gorgeous ass of his.

Soon Damon had me on my back and we were making out like crazy. I don’t think I’d kissed someone like that since I first kissed Nathan. His lips moved down my body to my rock hard cock which he sucked in and swallowed in one move. How had I not learned sooner that he was capable of doing that?

It wasn’t long before I felt like I was about to erupt, but Damon must have sensed it because he pulled off my cock and came back up to kiss me. I had forgotten that anyone else was in the room, it was just me and Damon at that point.

After allowing me to calm down, Damon smiled and reached for some lube and a condom. To my surprise he rolled it down my cock and lubed me up before sitting on my throbbing cock. I couldn’t believe it. I had imagined this exact moment during my masturbation fantasy and now it was becoming a reality.

Damon used his ass to work my cock so well that I thought I could cum at any second, but it didn’t happen. I ran my hands all over his body for a moment until suddenly I was aware of someone standing over us. It was Ted.

Before I knew what he was doing he pulled my hands away from Damon and had them tied to the bed with two pieces of rope. I was starting to panic wondering what was going to happen but Damon quickly leaned down and kissed me, whispering in my ear that they wouldn’t hurt me so I should just enjoy it.

That was when I saw that John had joined us in the room and he had some kind of plastic tray in his hand. As he walked over I saw it was the ice cube tray from the freezer and wanted to know what the hell they were planning to do.

John quickly stripped off his clothes and got down on his knees beside the bed. He pulled one of the ice cubes out of the tray and put it between his teeth. Then he bent over and slowly traced around my nipples with the cube. My nipples were as hard as the ice within seconds and a chill ran through my entire body. It was incredible.

John continued working my nipples as Damon pulled himself off my dick. He lubed up his fingers and slowly started working my ass as he pulled off the condom and started to jerk my cock. The feelings in my body were almost making me pass out from the pleasure.

My eyes were closed, just enjoying what was being done to me. I barely even registered the fact that Damon had now slipped on a condom and was pushing his dick in to my ass. It was so good.

John leaned in to kiss me but he continued to play with my nipples and from the corner of my eye I could see Ted standing, jerking his own cock as he watched what was going on. They seemed to look at each other and then smiled.

Damon had built up a rhythm in my ass and was really fucking me, his cock running over my spot every time, making me moan. John took another ice cube and went back to playing with my nipples while Ted was lighting a candle.

I was right on the edge. Damon’s cock was so good, it was working me perfectly. I couldn’t understand why it hadn’t been inside me before. My nipples were back to being rock hard, my entire chest tingling with the cold and then Ted stepped in, pushed John out of the way and dripped some of the hot wax on to my nipple.

That did it.

The feelings of pleasure that surged through my body were unbelievable and I couldn’t control myself. My dick exploded, firing the biggest load of cum I have ever shot in my life on to my chest. I could barely breathe.

My ass much have tightened around Damon because he quickly pulled out and sprayed his load all over me too, panting heavily. His two friends voiced their approval and with a few stokes of their own cocks they covered me with their juices as well.

I was drained. I just watched from the bed as the guys got dressed and left after their orgasms. Finally Damon went back to his bedroom but not before wishing me a happy birthday, and it was a very happy birthday. I had never been fucked like that in my life and I’m not sure I ever will be again.


After such a great birthday experience with Damon and his friends I realized that there was so much out there I needed to experience. The one thing I came to expect from my time with Damon was learning that I don’t need alcohol in my life. Sure, I thought about Nathan a lot over those few months, but I thought more about our happy times. I stayed with Damon until February 14th. That Valentine’s Day was hard, for many reasons; I didn’t have Nathan any more to celebrate with and more importantly it was around the time of Kris’s birthday.

Truth be told I missed the guy a lot, he may have been antisocial, but his ability to see people’s good side was always something I was fascinated by. Some days I wondered how he was coping. So I left Damon and said goodbye to Kendall and Noah and headed for my next adventure. They gave me lots of money and wouldn’t let me say no.

March went by quickly, walking and hitchhiking all over Texas. When April came around I got a little depressed. It had been over two years since Nathan died and his birthday was fast approaching. That entire day was a turning point for me. On the 15th of the month, I went to nice hotel in the town I was in using some of the money Damon gave me, ordered room service and just thought of the some best moments I had with Nathan.

I wrote down the top five and relived in then my head.

5, Our last meaningful love making.

4. Hearing the words I love you from his mouth for the first time.

3. Watching Nathan get dunked so many times by Kris in the dunk tank.

2. The first time Nathan gave himself to me.

1. The day I proposed to him, and he said yes.

After that, I cried for him that entire night. The next morning I left the hotel in that awesome country cowboy feeling town. I was actually really hungry as it was approaching lunch time, so I went to a nice restaurant. One of the busboys was a young sixteen year old who seemed to be fighting with the other busboy.

It was obvious they were brothers, I was curious to see what they fighting about so after my meal I went to the two guys and introduced myself.

“Hey, my name is Derek. I couldn’t help but notice that you guys were brothers.”

“Is it that obvious? I’m Chase, This ugly guy is Colt.”

“Howdy.” Colt said. “You ain’t from ‘round these parts?” He said eyeing my dirty clothes.

“Nah, just came to town, would you mind giving me a tour of this fine town of yours? I‘d like to get to know it a bit better.”

“Sure, why not?” Colt said. He looked to his younger brother. “Beat it.”

“Yes, Mother.” He said before he left.

Colt took me around and we ended up at his grandpa’s country home. It had a great landscape.

“You come up here often, Colt?”

“I try too. Most summers, me, my dad and my grandpa sit around with a beer talking, lately me and my friends hang around. But…”

I was intrigued, “But what?”

“Well, you see, lately Chase has been hanging around with me and my friends, the kid has friends of his own, but he wants to be with me.”

“That’s a bad thing?” I had pretty much seen this before with Kris and Nathan; Nathan used to be annoyed with Kris hanging around us, but I pointed out he was looking up to his brother.

“Kinda. We talk about pussy and shit and that really isn’t something Chase needs to here, plus it’s pretty awkward him being around.”

“I can understand that, I was only child, but my best friend had a brother, kinda like how Chase is. You see they were always at each other throats; Fighting, teasing and name calling. When I saw you two it reminded me of them.“

“I see, well tell me about this friend.”

It was still a little hard to talk about Nathan these days. I only opened up to people I trusted, like Samuel.

“Nate had a brother six years his junior, who I met in the second year of our friendship.” I decided to not to call it a relationship, since Colt seemed to be the type who would be very uncomfortable around gay people. “He was a really hyper kid.”

Colt just looked at me. “Continue…” He said as he took me in to the kitchen. “Wanna beer?”

“No thanks. Well, anyway, Nate and his brother showed up at this carnival in town. Nate kept apologizing for his presence, saying he didn’t want him come with us but he couldn’t get rid of him.

“Throughout the afternoon, his bro kept egging him on like any brother would do. He even dared Nate into a dunk tank. Claiming he was going get him into the water.“

“Chase is always trying to get me to do stupid stuff like that, one time he dared me strip naked run and around the house.”

“I take it you didn’t.”

“Nah. So what happened?”

“Basically, Nate kept saying to his bro, he would never do it. Never do it. On the first throw his bro hit the bull’s-eye and the Nate hit the water. I laughed my ass off. The weird thing was his eleven year old brother helped Nate out of the pool and to dry off. Nate even said, “You have a fucking great arm.” That is brotherly love. The kid looked up to him. He hung around because Nate was his idol. The same can be said about Chase.”

“Maybe, but it’s still weird.”

“Get used to it. It’s part of the life as teenager.”

I looked outside and see Chase and a friend spitting into a can. “What they doing?”

“Oh you will enjoy this.”

He brought me over to Chase, and they taught me a cool thing. They were dipping as they called it. What you had to do was to take a pinch of tobacco out of a tin and pop it in your mouth between your bottom lip and your teeth. You sort of sucked on it, which created a load of excess saliva so you then spit the saliva out in to a can or cup and keep doing that, all the time absorbing nicotine. It was a cool thing to learn.

July 4 2006 - I AM SO CONFUSED

I hadn’t had a drink in 6 month and 17 days. I was happier than I had been in a long time. I still remember when I left that cowboy town. Chase had stolen Colt’s beer and he chased him around the house, then it spilled all over the floor and the two brothers cleaned it up. They wanted me to stay for dinner but I didn’t feel like imposing. I may say the wrong thing, like come out and mention I was gay.

I left that night and started walking again. By June I had spent all the money I had and travelled south, not sure where I was going, but I thought back to that kid who had helped me, Hayden. He was so young, and so smart. I still had some guilt over Nathan’s death but all I cared about was just enjoying life. If I could help people along the way that would be cool.

It was America Day, as I call it. I woke in this small town on the bench and noticed a paper. I started reading it. One guy seemed interested in me because he kept staring at me.

I tried to keep reasonable clean, but the beard and long hair were back. I went back to paper and shortly after, since it was only eight in the morning, I went back to sleep on my bench.

I walked into the bedroom this time and Kris was still there listening to stories from Nathan, I listened to the boys converse about their day, and then Kris asked, “Where’s Derek?”

I woke up and it was around three o’clock. The dreams keep coming, each one adding more details. I know my subconscious wanted me to go home and face Kris, but I couldn’t. Then I realized that guy was back.

“Hey, you done staring at me?”

The teen approached me.

“Sorry, I just never saw I guy sleeping on a bench before. Nothing exciting ever happens here” I didn’t believe him for one second. This kid had something to hide.

“Yeah, well, what’s it matter? I’m Derek by the way.

“It’s the fourth of July and I’m Scott, Scott Trenton.”

“I see. Well it’s nice to meet you, do you wanna join me cup of coffee?”

“Sure, you seem like a nice guy, even if you are sleeping on a bench.”

“I am, don’t let the hair fool you.” I didn’t understand, with the life I had, how come people seemed to trust me as soon as I spoke to them. First Hayden, then Colt and now this Scott, dude. Maybe I have a gift.

We talked for a while; I mentioned how I became a journeyman, going from town to town to experience life. He told me a little about his life. He had a brother and sister and he nearly forced me to his home to meet his family.

“I don’t know Scott.”

“It’s the fourth of July, each year in this shitty town we go to the square and watch the ball drop.”

“Isn’t that the New Years?”

He shrugged, “We live in a weird town.”

I went with him and met all the Trentons. Scott’s father invited me to spend the night at his small house. I declined, but Trevor, Scott’s adorable little brother gave me the doggy eyes look. I can’t resist that, ever.

That night it was around eleven o’clock, I went to use the washroom and I don’t know what came over me but had the urge to jerk off, so I got naked and explored my body. I was just about to reach my climax when Scott suddenly came into the room and just stared at my cock.

“What’s up?” I was never ashamed of doing this stuff. “You okay Scott?”

“Yeah…” He continued to stare at my dick. I moved to put it away. “No, let me look… That’s biggest dick I’ve ever seen… Can I touch it?”

This conversation was getting a little awkward, so I suggested we go to his room to talk.

“I’m sorry about that.” He said getting into his bed.

“It’s okay. Was that the first time you’ve seen another guy’s dick?”

He started to speak but stopped and then started again. “No, but never one so big. I had this friend Daniel; he showed me the interesting things.”

“You’re talking about gay stuff?” He stared at me and nodded. “Do you wanna talk about it? If it helps I’m gay.”

“You are? That is so fucking cool! To be honest I have nobody to talk to about this. I am so confused.”

“About your sexual orientation?” I was clutching at straws now.

“Kinda, you see for the longest time, I had a girlfriend, and I never talked about sex with anybody.”

“What changed?”

“Daniel moved into town and showed me that it was okay to talk about sex and to jerk off and to speak our minds and be open about stuff.”

“I would agree with that.”

“Then Daniel introduced me to a guy named Juan. He was a year older than me and we had a great time. We experienced many fun things that Daniel showed me.”

“That’s cool. I assumed it was safe.”

“Of course, my father at the age 12 told me about safe sex. Anyway, so me and Juan had this interesting connection, we met, we talked and enjoyed each other’s company.”

I asked the question. “Did you love it?”

“Yeah,” I did, “But I also enjoyed my girlfriend I have now.”

He seemed really confused. “Scott, take my advice. Just enjoy the fun of pussy and dick. One day you will find the right person, it may be a guy, it may be a girl. But until that day, whatever floats your boat will be known eventually.”

“How long will it take?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I knew right away. But for others it will take longer. My boyfriend had a girlfriend in high school and he really thought he was straight, even when I started tutoring him, he thought he was straight.

“But one day, he knew he was gay, just knew instantly, he broke it off with his girlfriend and we started dating. You see, it happens at different times, just enjoy it and try not to worry.”

“It’s weird, that the first person I talk to about this is a gay stranger I met this morning on a bench.”

“True, so I hope I helped. If it’s okay with you I’ll slip out tonight. I really don’t want to be a burden.”

“You aren’t. I’ll walk with you out of town if you want?” Scott said.

“Sure. Your parents won’t mind?”

“Nah, they’re asleep.” We left the house and he walked me a to the square which was fifteen minutes from their house. We parted ways and I left the confused teen to live his life. I really think in the end he will find the right person, it’s just question of when he gets there.

The question I was confused about was do I go home or do I keep on walking?


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