Written by Andy with Special Material prepared by Big D..7/9/11


The last four months had been really interesting and surprising. When Samuel Richards offered to let me stay with them as I got back on my feet, I initially refused. Rick gave me the puppy dog eyes, the same ones Nathan would give me, and I normally gave in. Samuel and Rick lived in one of the spacious deluxe campus building called Adams Hall and I was allowed to move in to one the guest rooms.

The first month there was difficult, we were still trying to get to know each other, but whenever they asked about my personal life I just dodged the questions. Rick was the spitting image of his uncle. They loved the same television shows, had the same quirky humor, and dressed conservatively. I spent the first month trying to get a new image so I could start afresh. I shaved my beard, cut my hair to a buzz and burned my old clothes. Samuel was nice enough to loan me some of his clothes to begin with, and by July 4th I was a new man.

While Samuel was dealing with multiple emergencies as Head RA of Adams Hall it was up to me to entertain Rick; I took him to the movies, we went fishing and I talked to him about his life.

On one of those days I asked Rick a question.

“Why do you live with your uncle?” I thought he would tell me to fuck off or something. But since day one, Rick had seemed intrigued by me.

“I’ll be honest. My mother and father tried to give me away.”

“WHAT?!” I was surprised, first that Rick would come out and tell a relative stranger about it, and second, that someone would hate their child that much. “I’m sorry.”

The teen looked at me and nodded. “Don’t worry, I never knew them that well. Samuel convinced his parents to adopt me when he realized Sally, my mother, his sister, put me up for adoption, even though he was only young himself. My mom was very young when she had me and didn’t want a child at all. Samuel and my grandparents took me in and never spoke to my parents again. Then when my grandparents died, Samuel continued to raise me by himself.”

“My God, so I guess he’s like your dad and uncle in one? That’s kind of cool.”

Rick just nodded.

After that night, I started to see Samuel in a new light. He was handsome, special and had the hottest ass I’d ever seen. When I learnt that he took in his nephew I felt like jumping him right then. But I held back.

Today, the day before the kids started to arrive for the school year; Samuel had come back from his latest emergency and sat at the dinner table with me and Rick. Up to that point they had given up on asking about my past. It was half way into the meal when Rick finally asked the question.

“Derek, tell us more about you, you’ve barely spoken about him in the last four months.”

Samuel spit out his water, “RICK! Derek doesn’t need to tell us about him.”

“It’s okay. He has a point,” I said, watching Rick stick his tongue out at Samuel. “What do you want to know, Rick?”

“Who was this Nathan guy?” I was surprised I didn’t shed a tear just hearing his name. It had been almost a year since he died.

“Nathan was one of the best people I ever knew or fell in love with. He had a kind heart, would never let anybody take advantage of him or his brother, and he was kinda like you guys.”

“How so?” Samuel asked.

“It’s obvious you two love each other. Not a day went by that Nathan didn’t talk about Kris’s accomplishments. He had the best softball record on his videogames. They read together. When Kris got his first A, Nathan was so happy. He shouted, ‘Mr. Stanton got an A. Mr. Stanton got an A.’ You see, Kris was always struggling in school….” I looked at Samuel’s face. “What?”

“Was his father Walter Stanton?” Samuel looked white.

“Yeah? Why?” I raised my eyebrow.

“Don’t you know who went to this college?” he said. He grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to the main campus to the trophy room to show me three plaques. The first was awarded to Walter Stanton, the second to John Stanton and the last to Robert Stanton.

I was shocked. “You’re saying the Stanton family, for three generations, has been coming to this school?” I had to take a moment to think that over. “Fuck!!” I sat on the floor, he looked at me. “That’s why he started drinking and doing drugs.”

Samuel came over and sat next to me. “What do you mean?”

“His father put a lot of pressure on him to come to this school. Nathan was never the best student, he was goofball. He couldn’t handle the pressure, so he started to drink.”

Samuel absorbed the new information. I asked how Samuel knew about this special connection the Stanton’s had with the school.

“You see, my father, and Walter Stanton were best friends.”

“Really? Nathan never spoke much about his father when we were alone together. Every time I met Walter he seemed to be engaging and understanding toward me, asking questions about me and my life. He was really good at deflecting his life stories.”

“My dad always mentioned Walter as a quiet person, who loved to read and even beat my father to Jenny?”

“Nathan’s mom?”

“Yeah, you see, Walter and my dad were good at attracting the ladies. Dad had the looks and Walter had the charm. One night in their second year here, a new student entered their class and they spent the better part of the year having a friendly competition to see who could win. In the beginning Dad had the upper hand, but one evening Walter was able charm her away, and by graduation they never left each other sides. “

I was very interested in this story; Nathan had always been quiet about his family. He was slightly ashamed, coming from a family of means compared to my family of struggles. Over our four years together I learned bits and pieces about Nathan’s relationship with his parents, but it was his relationship with his brother that was always on the forefront of his mind.

“This doesn’t make sense, if your father and Walter were such good friends, how come I never heard of you. I know Nathan would have mentioned your family at some point.”

“Ah, you see that’s where we start to have the falling out. Dad was supposed to be the best man at Walter’s wedding. A week before the magical day, Dad made the biggest mistake of his life. He refused to go. Losing Jenny hurt him more than he could bear. He played it cool but deep down he lost the love of his life to his best friend. Before you ask, I have no idea how it happened. All I know is Walter called the house; they had a screaming fight and never spoke again.”

I don’t know what made me do it but I got up off the floor and hugged Samuel. “I’m sorry, for your dad. I’m sure they’d be able to fix things now.”

A tear, then a second and a third came down Samuel’s face. “Dad was sick over the last few years; we had to put him in a home. I used to visit him every chance I got, but with Rick here it was hard to get there. The sickness had completely destroyed his memory. He didn’t remember his own family, let alone some stupid feud. My mother was great but one day she decided to take him out for the day on a drive and that‘s when they had the accident.”

“Come here, Sam.” I pulled him closer and allowed his head to fall on my shoulder as he cried for a few minutes. When he pulled his head back I wiped his tears away with my thumb. Then, I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. He kissed back tenderly, then passionately.


March 4 2005 - Their special bond

That night in the trophy room was very memorable, we spent the next few hours just kissing and I finally gave in and let him know some secrets about me. I told him about my crappy home life, how I met Nathan and what happened between me and Kris that made him hate me so much. After another three months, it was official, we became a couple.

I never thought I could get over Nathan, but Samuel was a very patient boyfriend. On our fourth month anniversary I was ready to put Nathan behind me and move on with Samuel and Rick. That was the night I let Sam in to me; figuratively and literally.

The months had passed and now it was our seventh month anniversary. Samuel received a promotion so they were able to move into one of the houses on campus since it was Sam’s job to look after the entire residence complex. The house was a two bedrooms, one bathroom property with patio and pool.

It was early Friday morning. It was a great day to be alive, the weather was warm and inviting, the people outside were going to their morning classes on campus, and I was sitting in my boxers watching the sunshine as I made breakfast for myself and Rick. Rick reminded me so much of Kris. Rick wasn’t addicted to the computer or anything like that, but he had so much potential for greatness, which I always saw in Kris.

I hate how things ended with me and Kris, but I had no reason to talk to him anymore. He was probably living a great life on his computer, enjoying some of his cool computer games.

Or he could need you for some type of comfort. How would you feel if you lost your brother? My mind said to me.

I looked up and saw that Rick was coming down to breakfast, he looked excited.

“What’s up sport?” I said

“Nothing, man. This girl at school really likes me, I think. It might be time to make the move.”

“Which move would that be?” I joked.

Rick squirmed in his chair a bit and looked a little embarrassed. “It’s alright, sport. You can tell me anything.” Rick and I had started talking over the last few weeks. It took him a while to finally accept the relationship I had with his uncle.

“I need condoms.” He blurted out. I looked at him.

“This girl really must mean something to you. To go all the way?”

“Yeah, you can say that. We’ve been exploring each other for a few months now.” I spat out my orange juice when I heard this.

“Months…? Exploring…? Why haven’t you told me about this?”

“Derek, I like you, but I didn’t feel comfortable confiding in you that much yet.” It was true. It took several weeks, to get Nathan to notice me, and even longer for him to finally open up to me.

“It took Nathan, a good month before he started to confide in me, so I expect it will take some time.”

Rick smiled, “Yeah, anyways I better get going, before I’m late for school.” I noticed him bend over to get his bag at the door, his rear end was showing.

“Rick, you’ve got boxers on, right? “

He smiled wickedly, “Nope! Lisa thinks they get in the way.” With that he was out the door.

I cleaned his plate and went to do my duties. My janitor shift started late and it was only a few hours but I really didn’t want Samuel to have to pay for me all the time. It worked out well. My job was cleaning up the rec center near the campus. I got to eye some of the hot guys at the school. Fred, my supervisor, came by and asked if I would like to work double this weekend.

“Hold on let me call Samuel…”

“Hey Hon, Fred wants me to work this weekend, are you okay to handle Rick?”

“Of course, he’s nearly sixteen though, he can handle himself,” Samuel stated. We both knew that wasn’t the case, Rick always found himself into some kind of mischief, only last week did he get into trouble from fighting.

“Cool. I’ll see you in ten minutes at the house.”

“You better be dressed for an exciting afternoon.” We both laughed and I told Fred I could take the shift.

As I got to the house I made a little lunch for the pair of us and got some strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce for dessert. It was about a minute before he arrived. I got undressed and put on his favorite boxers; pink satin with huge opening that allowed my 9 inch cook to hang out.

He entered through the door. I kissed him on the mouth and slowly stripped off his clothes until he was naked, but before moving on we had a quick bite of food. With the food eaten, Samuel licked his lips, the conversation we were having was spoken entirely through our eyes. Samuel cleaned up the plates as I put the finishing touches on my setup in the bedroom and stripped out of my own clothes. I was so ready for it.

“Come on, honey, time for dessert.”

Samuel walked in to the bedroom and his six incher and was extremely happy with what he saw. I watched his cock as it jumped and twitched at the sight of the strawberries and cream, throbbing even more when he saw the chocolate sauce I had heating in a mini-fondue pot. The evil, all-knowing grin that appeared on his face told me he was more than ready for what I had planned.

I slowly walked over to him. The smile never left his face as I got nearer and reached out to grab his hard cock, stroking it twice before gripping it firmly in my fist and leading him over to the bed. I turned us around so his back was facing the bed and pulled his head forward until his lips met mine. We kissed hard, our tongue attacking each other, our hands running all over the other’s body.

The passion and desire was too much for me. I needed Samuel so badly that I just had to have him. I pushed him back on the bed and quickly straddled him, pinning his arms over his head. We were both breathing heavily, looking directly in to each other’s eyes. We both wanted the same thing.

I bent down for a long, deep kiss. When I pulled back up I slowly released Samuel’s arms and much to my delight, he made no effort to move. I sat back up until I was straddling his waist, his hard cock brushing against my bare ass, I wanted to just sit down on it so bad, but it was too soon, I wanted to play with Samuel some more.

Reaching over to the side I picked up the skewer in the pot of chocolate, stirred it around in the warm liquid and lifted it up. I brought it quickly over Samuel’s chest and drizzled the warm chocolate in a snaking pattern from his chest, down to his abs.

“Oh fuck!” Samuel screamed when the first drop of the chocolate hit his chest; the heat having the desired effect.

Before any of it could solidify on his body I dived on to it with my tongue, lapping at the hard muscles, covered in rich chocolate sauce. I could have done that all day every day. Samuel had a body that I would have gladly eaten all my meals off. I loved licking at the chocolate, paying extra attention to the drops that had landed on his nipples. He was moaning and bucking up in to me, his dick sliding up and down my crack.

Feeling his dick pressing against my hole seemed to ignite a flame inside Samuel and he quickly flipped me so that I was on my back beneath him. He grabbed the whipped cream and squirted some on my neck, nuzzling me as he ran his tongue all the way up my neck and from my ear along my jaw line. I groaned and put my hand on the back of his head, pushing him in to me further as he attacked my neck, biting and sucking on me, leaving a mark on me. I was his.

I was so caught up in my feelings that I didn’t notice Samuel reach over for a strawberry, only noticing it when it was between his teeth, his mouth just above mine. I moved my head and bit in to the strawberry, careful not to bite his lip, but he just pushed me back, his tongue probing my mouth, battling mine for possession of the strawberry. It was such a simple thing and yet it was probably the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced.

I couldn’t take any more.

“Oh God, Samuel… fuck me, baby, fuck me!” I screamed when the kiss finally ended and I swallowed the strawberry.

He didn’t reply with words, none were necessary. In a flash he had reached over, grabbed a condom, ripped the wrapper open with his teeth and was rolling it down the length of his cock. When I imagined the night I thought I would get to spend time sucking on his beautiful cock before he fucked me, but I couldn’t wait, I had to have him inside me.

Samuel lubed up his cock and my ass quickly, we had gotten very good at this over the past few months and he knew exactly what he was doing, which made me want him even more. He was going to fuck me and fuck me good. It was just what I needed.

He positioned his cock so it was pressing against my hole, but he didn’t push in, instead he applied just a little pressure as he lowered down until he was kissing my lips, his hand on my chest with his thumb softly rubbing my nipple.

“You are so beautiful,” Samuel said between kisses. “I’m so happy you came in to my life.”

“So am I. I never dreamed I’d feel this for someone again,” I said, running my tongue along his lips.

“So… can I fuck you now?”

“Oh hell yeah. Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard.”

Samuel grinned as he leaned in for another kiss. Just as his lips pulled back from mine I felt the head of his cock start to push against my ass until it finally popped inside. I gasped. Even though Samuel had fucked me many times in the past few months I was still amazed at how thick his dick was. I could feel every inch of him really stretching me wide open.

His dick felt so good inside me. There was some pain at first but he held still long enough for me to get used to it before pushing in further until he was balls deep inside me. We were both moaning and panting, his dick was throbbing inside me and my ass was clenching around it.

Leaning down for another kiss, Samuel thrust in to me deep, making my gasp. When my mouth opened his tongue snaked inside, caressing my own tongue as his thick cock started moving in and out of me slowly, really working my insides to perfection. I moaned in to his mouth.

Samuel then moved his lips to my neck and shoulder as his thrusts got harder. He was kissing my shoulder, biting it occasionally to either muffle a scream or to stop himself from cumming, I wasn’t sure which. It didn’t matter though because his dick felt so good inside me as the pace kept increasing until Samuel had to pull back as he really started to pound me.

His eyes were fixed on mine, a smile etched on his face as beads of sweat started to trickle down his forehead, seemingly shaken loose every time his cock was driven in to me and pulled back out until only the head remained inside.

A few times Samuel’s cock actually popped out of my ass due to him fucking me so fast but he still didn’t miss a beat, he didn’t even use his hands, he just repositioned his hips and plunged his cock back inside me, making us both scream.

I grabbed hold of him and pulled him down in to a kiss as he continued to really work my ass. The tip of his cock was just grazing over my prostate sending waves of pleasure through my body. Samuel could sense that I was getting close when my body tensed up so he pulled back until he could get a good grip on my cock and he really went to work on my ass, pounding in to me so hard it almost hurt, but it was a good hurt.

His hand jerked me in time to the rapid thrusts drilling my ass, all I could do was moan, throw my head from side to side and grip the sheets in my fist as I felt the cum started to bubble up in my balls.

Suddenly I felt Samuel pull out of my ass but his hand never left my dick. With his other hand he ripped off the condom and brought his dick so it was directly on top of mine. The heads touched. That was it. We both exploded at exactly the same time, each volley of cum shooting out on to my chest, soaking me.

It was the most incredible orgasm of my life and the most amazing sight, watching out cocks spit out cum like they were perfectly synchronized, even throbbing and twitching together as we were coming down from our high. Samuel literally collapsed on the bed next to me, unable to hold himself up, his strength gone.

A few minutes later, when Samuel got his breath back, he leaned over and picked up two strawberries. I watched as he ran them both through the mixture of cum on my chest and stomach before he handed one to me. I knew what he wanted. Slowly and sensuously, we fed the strawberries to each other, strawberries that were coated in the most special form of cream.

After one of best love making I ever had, I smiled at Sam and asked. “Love, you don’t have to go back to work?”

“Nope, I’m all yours.”

“Awesome.” Knowing that I could, I took his dick into my mouth for some tender caressing, and I playfully bit it. I learned how to bite a cock with pleasurable effects from Nathan.

Three minutes later two things happened at once. First, Samuel came so much and so hard it hit the bedroom door. Secondly, Rick was standing in the doorframe with his dick out enjoying the show.

“OH MY GOD!” Samuel screamed. “What the fuck, Rick?”

“Samuel, don’t be an ass. It’s fine. I had feeling you guys were going to have fun today. I just wanted to see my uncle get the attention he deserves.”

“Aw, isn’t this sweet.” I said.

“Yeah, well before you came around, Derek, Samuel had been using his hand for a long time. So I’m just glad he was happy.”

“Obviously, you’re happy too! Why you home now anyways?”

“Well the afternoon was cancelled and Lisa were sick so I came back to see how two favorite guys were.”

I spoke without thinking. “Do you want a hand with that hard on of yours?”

Samuel looked at me, as Rick smiled his wicked smile.

“Nah, I’m gonna finish off in the bathroom, cya. Thanks again for the fun.” Rick left without another comment.

Samuel hit me with a pillow. “What was that, asking to help him?” he said jokingly.

“Well, he saw how good I was with your cock.” We kissed passionately and I went to get ready for dinner.

I fell over having tripped on empty whipped cream can. Samuel laughed! If I didn’t love him I might have tried to make him regret that.

We got ready and Rick surprised both of us, treating us to home cook meal. Rick had talents in the kitchen. I was surprised how good the steak was. After that, I went to watch TV with Samuel cuddling up beside me. Rick joined us and actually, we had a lot of laughs, and I promised him I would go get him a box on condoms, which Samuel agreed he was ready for.

Around 1 am, Rick and Samuel went to do their nightly ritual. Almost every night Samuel would read him a bed time story, and then they would talk for awhile about their day and any issues they had. They said I was free to join them. At first I thought it was weird that they would read bed time stories but Samuel told me that as Rick got older the stories became more advanced, and lately Rick wanted Samuel to read spy novels to him. In the end I decided not to invade their special bond.

However, the phone rang and it was Samuel’s friend from work. I went to Rick’s bedroom. This was the first time I ever interrupted them; but Bob said it was an emergency.

So I entered and what I saw shocked me to core. It brought so many images to my mind. Rick was lying in bed in his short boxers, listening to his latest spy novel; Samuel was in a chair reading it. This brought so many emotions and so much pain to my heart. I gave the phone to Samuel, and left.

I put on my jacket and left the house. I left the campus. I left the city.

Seeing that image showed me what I was running away from, and that image brought all the guilt and pain back. I couldn’t handle it.

October 31 2005 - I miss Nathan!

Ever since I left Samuel and Rick I never looked back; seeing that image just hurt me. I walked to the next town, went to closest bar and asked for a beer, and then another, and one more after that. After my tenth beer, the bartender kicked me out so I headed for the next bar I could find but my legs gave way and I ended up falling asleep in some ditch.

I spent the next eight months walking across the state, sleeping in ditches and phone booths, with no destination in mind, I just let my body take me wherever I could go. My beard grew so long and my hair fell to cover my face. It was Halloween and little kids in the town asked if I was a homeless person.

That night, and every night since I left the Richards, the same memories came back to the surface. It was January 2nd 2003.

It was approaching my fourth anniversary with Nathan and we had planned on going to a movie and renting a room in a cheap motel. Nathan was still a virgin at 18, and we both agreed that night would be the night we would make our love official.

It was nine o’clock and I was approaching the Stanton house. Walt and Jenny were out on the porch enjoying the evening air while reading the newspaper and talking about current events.

Walt never did like me, but after sixth months, he agreed to put up with me, seeing that I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Hello Mr. Stanton. How are you doing on this fine evening?” I said putting on a polite smile.

“Derek, my boy, I am doing very well.”

“How’s life treating you?” Mrs. Stanton asked very politely.

“Great, I just came here to take your son on our anniversary date.”

“That’s good, What are you plans this evening?” Walt asked.

“Just going to a motel and having my way with your son,” I joked. Walt laughed and slapped me on the back.

I went up to Nathan’s room in the house but he wasn’t there. I heard a noise coming from Kris bedroom, so I went closer; I could hear Nathan’s voice. Slowly I cracked open the door to hear Nathan reading a story to his 13 year old brother.

I opened the door further to make my presence known to Nathan. He smiled at me and finished the chapter of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird‘, then he tucked Kris in. Nathan kissed Kris’ forehead and whispered. “I love you, brother. I will be with you always.”

Kris smiled and closed his blue eyes. “I love you Nathan! You’re my best friend.” Nathan crept to the door but as we were about to leave Kris whispered loudly. “Have fun with Derek. You need to get laid already.”

I kissed Nathan on the lips and we left for my car, the Stanton’s hugged their son goodbye and we left for the motel. “I really love how you are with your brother.”

“It’s really hard sometimes. I love him with all my heart, but he can be a complete ass. He actually found some of my porno and was using it to jerk off on my bed. Just yesterday! Then today he ripped my favourite shirt. He can really drive a man to drink.”

I listened as we drove. “Come on, Nathan, you’re a brother that’s how brothers act.”

“I know, but he does so many stupid things and then he gives me hassle. I mean, really, tonight when I told him about are date tonight, HE told me I need to get laid.”

“You are a virgin, bro. He wants you to experience life.”

“Fuck yeah, I’ll experience life. You know, maybe in few months time I’ll experience a lot more and Kris will see what happens when you experience life to its fullest.”

“Nah, I’ll look after you.”

“I know you will.”

We got to the motel and stripped out of our clothes. I started out gentle and our make out session got dangerous as it grew rougher and more animalistic by the second, but I knew Nathan would enjoy what happened next.

I slowly pushed Nathan on to the bed and told him to get on all fours. I could tell he was nervous but he wanted it so bad that he didn’t question me and just assumed the position. Knowing what was going to happen I had made sure to get all the supplies I’d needed and had told Nathan how to wash himself in preparation.

I took a moment to just take in the sight before me. Nathan was amazing. His ass was incredible and I couldn’t wait to get inside it but I knew I would have to go slow, and I wanted to. I wanted Nathan to love every second of it, for it to be the greatest moment of his life so far as I showed him how much I loved him.

Moving slowly I knelt down next to the bed. The lube I had bought was cherry flavored. I thought that was appropriate considering what I was about to take of Nathan’s. I lubed up my fingers and gently brushed them against Nathan’s impossibly pink hole. It was beautiful.

I ran my hands over the perfect globes, caressing them, making sure my finger kept slowly, softly brushing against his hole, making him squirm. I brought a finger to my mouth to taste the lube. It was actually quite nice. With a smile I leaned forward and buried my face in Nathan’s ass, running my tongue along his hole, making him yelp and almost scurry away from me, but I held him in place as my tongue worked him over, pushing in and out of his ass until he was literally begging me to fuck him.

Yet I still knew he wasn’t ready. It was one thing to be mentally ready, but I had to make sure Nathan was physically ready to take me because my cock is not small, especially for a virgin hole.

I bent over to place gentle kisses along Nathan’s spine as I put extra lube on one of my fingers and slowly worked it inside Nathan’s ass. When I first slipped my finger in I thought his ass was about to break it in two it clamped down on it that hard, but he soon relaxed and I was able to work it in to him, moving it in and out, making sure not to touch his spot yet; that would come later.

After a minute or two of loosening him up with one hand I moved on to two and finally three fingers. It took nearly ten minutes of finger fucking that fine ass and listening to Nathan moan in pleasure before I knew he would be able to take me. I glanced between his legs to see that his cock was rock hard and leaking on to the sheets below him. He wanted this as much as I did.

Pushing my middle finger as deep in to Nathan’s ass as possible, I moved it around until I brushed against his spot and his entire body jerked. The scream he let out was music to my ears. I softly flicked it three or four more times before Nathan was panting, almost unable to breathe.

“Oh God, Derek… I need you… now… please… give it to me,” Nathan pleaded.

I smiled. He really was ready for this. I pulled him up by the shoulders and turned him until he was facing me and could look me in the eye. We kissed so hungrily and passionately that I knew my lips would probably be bruised in the morning but it didn’t matter, I didn’t care who knew what we’d been doing because I loved Nathan more than I ever thought possible.

Nathan was the one to break the kiss, leaning back until he was lying flat on the bed, his legs spread as an invitation for me to get between them. I knew that I had loosened him up good but I wanted to be extra sure that he was ready, so I used my hand and a lot more lube to make sure he could take me.

Rolling a condom on to my cock, even though Nathan protested with him being a virgin, I lubed up my dick and stroked it, still not quite able to believe that Nathan was lying in front of me waiting for me to pop his cherry. I had been waiting a long time for that moment.
I tried to tell Nathan that him being on his back might not be the easiest way for him to take me but he was having none of it, he wanted to be able to look me in the eyes when we made love and I had to agree with him, I wanted to see the look on his face as I showed him just exactly what I could do to his body with mine.

Moving forward so I was between Nathan’s legs, my dick brushing against his hole, I bent down to kiss him one last time and slowly pushed the head of my cock in to him. As my dick broke through and entered him, he grabbed hold of me, digging his nails in to my back. I made sure not to move until he loosened his grip, the pain he had felt having faded.

I took my time, moving as slowly as possible, waiting for Nathan to open up, for his body to accept me. He was so tight I almost couldn’t believe it. I had never felt my cock being squeezed like it was by Nathan’s virgin ass, but it was the best feeling in the world. I was finally inside my boyfriend.

I kissed Nathan again, feeling him relax completely. Slowly I started to pull my cock from his ass, thrusting back in softly, taking the time to let him feel every inch of my cock as it moved through him. His head was thrown back, his eyes rolled in to the back of his head as I continued moving, picking up the pace just slightly. His neck was completely exposed so I started kissing it, sucking it, feeling his voice box quiver with his moans.

Gently I pulled back, pushing Nathan’s legs up to give me better access to his ass. It was still gripping me tight but it was also beginning to loosen up, allowing me to increase the pace again so that I was thrusting in and out of him at a nice speed that wasn’t too tough on either of us. The continuous moans and occasional “fuck” almost said in a whisper, let me know that Nathan was loving it as much as I was; well, that and his cock was rock hard against his stomach.

The new position had me looking right in to Nathan’s eyes. We held each other’s gaze as I continued to make love to him, fucking my cock in and out of his tight ass, making sure he was feeling better than he ever dreamt possible. He was beginning to pant.

“Oh fuck… Derek… I’ve wanted this for so long… I love you.”

“I love you too, baby,” I said.

That was it. I started to thrust harder and deeper than before, angling my hips so that my cock was brushing against Nathan’s prostate. His screams and the way his body tensed, his back arched and his ass clenched, told me I was hitting him just right and that he was racing toward his climax.

I kept the pace up and Nathan, feeling ready to cum, reached for his dick but I grabbed his hands, holding them away from his body as I continued to fuck his ass. He was looking at me with pleading eyes but with the way his dick was throbbing and twitching I knew it wouldn’t be long before it happened.

I was right. With a few more deep thrusts, Nathan erupted all over himself, his dick jerking up to spray me too, no hand having touched his cock. It was the biggest load of cum I had ever seen. I could see in Nathan's eyes he was in shock and awe. The sight along with the clenching of his ass sent me right over the edge and I filled the condom while my cock was still buried deep inside him.

After the passionate sex ended, we fell asleep in each other’s arms and woke the next morning still in our embrace. I kissed Nathan softly until he opened his eyes and smiled at me.

“Did I tell you, Dad’s bitching at me to go to this special college, he’s been pressuring me to get A’s in all my studies. I don’t even want to go to that school. I want to join a fraternity.”

“It’s your life, love, do what you want.”

“It’s not that simple, man. Dad put in my application. I fucking hate all this pressure. First Kris, telling me, of all people, to get a life, and now Dad making me go to some school. It’s too fucking much.”

“Love, come here, I took his head and put it in my lap. I played with his long, dyed blue hair and said, “Things will get better in time. Who knows where we’ll be in a year?”

“I know I’ll be with you…” That night Nathan changed. He took his first drop of alcohol.
“DEREK!” I heard my name. Someone was poking me.

“Rick?” There poking my side was Rick Richards.

“You’re awake, good.” I back in the present, my memory faded.

“What do you want.” I said

“It is you! I wanted to do this…” I was punched in face and kicked hard in the ribs. “NOBODY, I MEAN NOBODY, HURTS MY UNCLE! I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS WHO THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU ARE!!! WHY DID YOU DO IT?”

“Listen, Rick. I had a hard life before I met you. I lost the best lover I ever had. I found your uncle and was happy and healthy and I was enjoying life. I was insulting Nathan’s memory. I was forgetting about Kris. Seeing you and Rick like that brought all the hard memories back to reality. I killed my fucking lover! I never stopped him drinking. Where did it get him? He died in a fucking car accident. His head was crushed into a tree. All because I didn’t stop him. When I saw Samuel reading to you… I didn’t want that to happen to you. I didn’t want you to lose your uncle because of me. Call me a coward. Call me an asshole. I don’t care. I’ve hurt so many people in my life, and instead of facing my reality, I ran away and insulted the man I loved.”

“Samuel was hurt. He quit his job I was taken away to live with my bitch of a mother who never fucking wanted me in the first place. After two months I ran away, to find you. I wanted to bring you back to my uncle. He’s not the same person. He’s gained 40 pounds and barely goes anywhere. He wouldn’t return my phone calls. Come back to us. Please.”

“I can’t Rick. I truly can’t. I’m really sorry.”

“Then you did exactly what you didn’t want to do. YOU HURT THE MAN YOU LOVED AGAIN!!” Rick punched me in face so hard, he almost broke my nose. He got into his friend’s car and drove away leaving me lying on the ground.
December 17 2005 - The black embrace

Four months have passed since, and my drinking got worse, I don’t remember what happened next. All I know is that I made it to some beach and had fifteen beers in me at that point. Then there was blackness.


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