Divorced Brother- 3

I had to again work late but that seemed normal now for me but I didn’t mind except for the fact that I have been salary for over a year now.  The pay was still good and my promotion in the ad agency seemed like a certain by the end of the month.  That would mean a lot of travel, but being single it was not much of a problem.  Nick, my newest boyfriend, did travel a lot too so it should work out just fine. Jacob was home and waiting to shot some hoops again with his buddies.  We passed each other as I came in, he was leaving.  I decided to just go to the gym and do some cardio that night and hit the sack early.

When I got home, Jacob was there with his basketball friends drinking and talking.  I just said hello and went back to my room. I called and talked to Nick some as we made plans for the weekend. 

I was gone to sleep by the time Jacob’s buddies were gone. I usually am not used to noise in my house but I was out like a light after I did the cardio work out that day.

I hurried home that Friday to hit the gym with Jacob.  Our friend we met earlier was waiting for us as we stashed our bag in the locker room. 

“Dude, I am horrible with names. What’s your name again?” I asked and tried not to stare at his nice lean body.

“Anthony. You can call me Ant like all my friends do,” Ant said while I just shook my head as he joined us.  He and Jacob pushed each other on the free weights since they were way out of my league.  I did my loops and waited on them to finish.  I was in a hurry and wanted to forego the shower until I got home.  Jacob agreed to skip as well knowing how hurried I was.

“Jacob, would you like to go grab a beer or something some time and just hang out?” Ant said to Jacob.

“Ant, I will do that but I got to meet some buddies and Bren here… ah… has to meet someone too.” Jacob replied.

“Cool. See you guys, what Monday?” Ant he slung his bag over his shoulder and headed to his car.

“Yeah we will be here then about this same time,” I replied before Jacob and I left in his truck.

“Damn, he is hitting on me bad,” Jacob commented to me once in his truck.

“Yeah, I told you.”

“He might just be lonely and want someone to hang with since he is from out of state.”

“He is a junior in college. I am sure he has some friends by now. Won’t you think?”

“Yeah you are right.”

“Dude if I wasn’t dating Nick, I would be hitting on that shit too. He is fine,” I said and really meant it since Ant was put together pretty well with some fine ass cut pecs and abs that formed the perfect V shape. He did have some well developed arms but not too big like some of the muscle heads at the gym.  

I rushed inside and took a shower as quick as possible. I called Nick once I was out of the shower to tell him I was running late.  I sped out of my house and straight to Nick’s place.

Nick greeted me at the door in some hot jeans that he loved to sag and an even hotter tight ass t-shirt that really highlighted his hot little body. He had let his blond hair grow out similar to mine that made him that much hotter in my eyes. We headed out to grab dinner and then over to a bar he had been begging me to visit with him at his side.  We had a great time at the bar but I could tell he was a regular as he introduced to a lot of his gay friends.  We got home late that night.  I was glad Nick wasn’t too wasted from the drinks we shared.  He fucked my ass again so tenderly with a little roughness at the end.  It felt so good again and really loved him deep in me.  We flip-flopped and I fucked him too but was more a gentle slow fuck since I wanted it to last. There was more kissing involved as I was deep inside Nick.  I was really falling for Nick and falling hard at that despite a few discrete encounters with Jacob on the side.

Nick was already up by the time I got up and found him eating with his roommate and his boyfriend.  We showered together even though it was a tight fit, but I didn’t mind.  Nick wanted to go buy some shorts and shirts at Abercrombie and Hollister and maybe check out the big department stores for Diesel and that type clothes. I was game and enjoyed being with Nick in whatever capacity that was.

I loved to see when Nick modeled his clothes.  He had great taste for style that really accented his slender frame and cute ass.  He made me try on some but I just hated to spend a lot of money on clothes unless they were on sale.  I guess that is how I got to buy my house from being a tight wad.  Nick loved to spend his money and bought a lot of new clothes on our trip to the mall. He did talk me into a few things and squeezed a few dollars out of me, but I really liked how they looked on me and how they felt. 

That night we went to catch a play in town that Nick had gotten tickets for.  It wasn’t too bad but I was ready for dessert, being Nick’s hot body.  He served it up nicely with a lot of cream that night when he fucked me passionately.  His cock kept me moaning and wanting more when he drove it deep inside me while having his lips planted on mine.  My hands loved to touch and feel his smooth skin while Nate fucked me with passion.  We made out for a little while before I headed home for the night.  As much as I wanted to cuddle up next to him and fall asleep next to his hot naked body, I couldn’t since Nate had an early flight out the next morning for a week of sales on the road.

I rolled into my driveway around 1 or so. I noticed there were no lights on.  I saw Jacob’s door shut and slowly opened it to peek inside. He was there asleep with a hot brunette at his side. I could smell the sex they enjoyed.  I looked at my naked brother sleeping next to his girl and was happy he finally found a female to have sex with.

Jacob was up before I came strolling in and found him watching TV alone.

“What the fuck? Damn Bren, I had no idea you were home,” Jacob said startled since he was expecting me home for the night.  Jacob was naked enjoying his freedom until I came upon him.

“Looks like I wasn’t the only who got laid this weekend.”

“You got that right, man. How did you know?”

“I opened the door and saw some hot girl lying next to you when I got home. I was just seeing if you were home.”

“That’s cool. She was totally hot and so easy. I fucked the hell out of her and  actually got to her a female moaning again in passion from my dick fucking her.”

“I bet. One nighter?”

“She’s got my number. I sure hope she calls. I could hit that again. It felt so good to be back in the saddle. So how come you came home last night?”

“Oh, Nick had to fly out early this morning for his job.”

“I see. You know, Bren, she doesn’t suck dick though near as good as you do.”

I just had to smile as did Jacob but I figured he was right.  Jacob seemed to really be settling into his routine quite well. I actually enjoyed staying with me and getting to know me better. I liked having him around and really kept me from being bored even though he was a total pig. I was always picking his stuff and hated that his room looked like a disaster area as he had everything that he had in the floor.  I refused to do his laundry except for his towels and sheets.

Jacob went to go swimming at one of his friend’s apartments while I just hung around the house and pick up all his trash. I never wanted my house to look dirty and unclean like Nick’s apartment. Nothing was more disgusting to me than a dirty bathroom so I was cleaning mine and the guest one that Jacob took over.

Jacob came home after swimming despite the pool being a little cold. He did look rather hot in his board shorts he had on.  Immediately I could sense he had been drinking and worse driving.

“Jacob, how much did you have to drink?” I asked.

“Maybe like 4 beers.”

“Damn, you might blow an 8 or worse,” I said in disgust.

“Man, I know when I have had too many.  There is no way I would have even come close to that.”

“Alright. Don’t call me one night from jail and tell me you got a DUI.”

“Look Dad I won’t!” Jacob screamed, red in the face now.

“Hey I am just trying to watch out for you, smart ass.”

“What? Be my fucking parent! No, man, it is not going to be like that. I had one bitch try to control me. Not you now, Bren! No fucking way, Bren!”

“Jacob, I just said you better watch yourself. I am just trying to look out for you,” I said while seeing my brother’s temper flare up.

“Shit, I knew I should have went somewhere else besides my fucking brother’s house! I am getting my own place as soon as this shit is over, which might not be too much longer, bitch!”

“Fine with me! I was okay before you got here and I will be okay if you leave. There is the fucking door,” I pointed to the front door. “Just leave.  You hate it when you know I am right on this.”

“Fuck man, you are always right. Damn, I guess you are watching out for your little brother,” Jacob said realizing that his brother was serious and that he was wrong.

“Yeah someone has to or no telling where you would end up,” I said, smiling at him.

“Thanks, man. I am sorry I said I shouldn’t have moved in with you. You are the best, man. I love you… Ummm… you know like a brother.”

“I love you too. Just call me next time, alright?”

“I will for sure. I am sorry for being such an ass.”

We used to fight some at home but that was when he was a little pain in the ass and used to bug the shit out of me.  Since Jacob got married so young, I knew he was going to be a little wild for a while since he never finished getting his wildness out.  Those days were about over for me or most of it was.  Sure I was wild when I was Jacob’s age, 21, but I saw the light and settled down.  I knew I couldn’t continue to go out and drink a lot if I was to make it very far in the demanding world of advertising.

Work was torture the next day, Monday, since we lost a big account and management seemed to take it out on us littler guys, even though it was no fault of ours. I was glad to see the day end.  I was really wishing Nick was in town that night to relieve some of the stress that built up all day. 

Jacob was in a great mood when I got home. He had received the news he had been waiting on.

“Boy what a day!  They were on my ass all day over nothing,” I said, flopping on the couch in relief to be at home.

“Bad huh, Bren? I hate that. I got some great news. Stephanie is going to sign our divorce decree and make it a non-contested divorce with us just splitting it 50/50.  We don’t have much but hell it is half mine.  I bet her dad is going to foot the bill for all this shit just so he can get daddy’s little bitch out.”

“How long is it going to take to be final?”

“Oh my attorney said in about a month that is if that bitch comes up with like 3 grand and pays my ass off for our stuff.”

“Cool. You can move out then if you really want to.”

“Yeah, I might have to start looking soon for me a new place. I can see that I am starting to intrude on your privacy.”

“Yeah, it was a little awkward at first, Jacob. I am getting used to you being here.”

“Yeah Bren, I could tell that you were a little uncomfortable when Nick tried to be affectionate with you.  I really don’t care now. It doesn’t bother me. I just wasn’t used to seeing two guys together having a relationship, but I can see just how happy you are.”

“I can tell that you have probably not been around too many gay guys before since I came out after I went to college. Then, I never brought around a lover around you.”

“It has been different, but it is cool. I guess Ant will be waiting on us like a damn little puppy. We better get ready and head over there.”

Jacob was right as Ant was waiting on us.  If he had been a dog, I am sure his tail would have been wagging like crazy when he saw us.  I wasn’t sure what to make of Ant now. Either he was desperate for a few friends or he really wanted to get with Jacob.  I decided to make a point and said something about Jacob’s girl in front of Ant.  That didn’t really seem to bother him in the least as we kept right on working out.  Maybe he was just lonely and was looking for a friend.

“You guys want to go grab a bite or something?” Ant said as we dressed.

“Hey, Ant, why don’t you just come over to our house and we can stop and get something on the way.” I said.

“Cool dude. I don’t have much going tonight as classes ended Friday and I am stuck here in Orlando this summer.” Ant said.

That was the clue I needed and actually felt sorry for the guy. He just wanted to have some friends to hang with as it seemed now what few friends he might have had were gone.  He followed close behind us the whole way back to my house after grabbing something to go.

“Nice place you guys have here.” Ant said as he came in.

“Oh this is Jacob’s house. I am just staying here until I can get back on my feet.”

“Cool, Bren, I like it.  It looks fairly new.”

“It is. This was the best I could afford at the time. I like it and like the neighborhood too.”

Jacob and I talked with Ant for a while and found out that he was from D.C. and was going to college in Orlando.  He just had a bad experience with a roommate who tried to steal some money and credit cards from him. He said he was going to live alone for the rest of his time at college.  Ant was a history major and wanted to go to grad school and possibly teach at a college.  He said he had a job that summer at a local history museum but that it was just part-time as part of his major.

Ant didn’t overstay his welcome and left around 9. I told him he was welcome to stop by any time he wanted since he seemed like a nice guy.  His sexuality never entered the conversation; neither did mine for that matter.

“You think he is gay?” Jacob said after Ant was gone.

“You know I am not sure. Something tells me he is but then again I just don’t know.”

“If another gay guy can’t tell, I damn sure can’t. At least, you made it clear I was straight.” Jacob said.

“Yeah that was just to see how he reacted but it didn’t faze him one bit. I guess the guy is just lonely and searching for friends to chill with.”

“Man, I could tell that. He is a really cool guy, though. He seems like he would be a lot of fun to hang with.”

“Yes, I will give him that.” I said, “You heard from your girl yet?”

“Oh yeah, we got a date tomorrow night since she doesn’t have to work,” Jacob said.

“Cool, what does she do?”

“She’s a dancer.” Jacob said nonchalantly.

I was startled and asked, “You are dating a damn stripper?”

“Man, I didn’t know it at the time. We meet Saturday night at a club and she told me she was when I brought her home.  She makes damn good money.”

“You are dating a stripper,” I said again.

“Yeah, so what? She’s actually a very nice girl.  It’s not like a picked her up at the strip club or anything.”

“Man, Jacob, I am now surprised she called you back.”

“She wants me to come see her strip one night.  I told her I might go Friday and take some of my buddies.”

“Count me out then.  Jacob, that might be weird seeing your girl up there nude in front of a bunch of old guys.”

“I don’t care.” Jacob shrugged his shoulders. “I hope she makes me proud and gives me a chance to brag.”

Things seemed a little calmer at work the next day since everyone cooled off a little. I was home early that day because I had worked a lot of overtime the week before.  Jacob came in the door, dirty, grungy and sweaty as ever.  He didn’t hang around too long and was out the door.  Ant called after Jacob was gone and we meet at the gym just to do a hard cardio workout.  Man did he ever push me. It’s not like I needed to lose weight or anything, but I could tell that I was getting into better shape.  Ant followed me home again. He was good company as we talked.

“So Ant, you got a girlfriend?” I just had to ask.

“No, not right now I don’t. You?” 

“No, me either.” I said as I was not lying and just left it at that. 

Ant was gone shortly after that.  I went to bed then after he had really pushed me hard at the gym.  Honestly I don’t when or if Jacob came home at night.

I didn’t see him when I got up the next morning but hoped he had made to work that day.  I called to check up on him since he said he had taken his work clothes with him and figured he would stay the night.  I was off at a regular time.  As I was driving home, Nick called to say hi. It was so good to hear his voice as he wanted to make plans to meet me Friday after he got back around 7.  I told him that would be great.  I really didn’t want to call him while he was away and possibly interrupt something.  I spend a lot of my day at work on the phone so when I am off that is one of the last things I want to do.

Jacob arrived shortly after I did that day.  I told him Ant came over but still didn’t have a clue on his sexuality.  Sure enough, Ant was there waiting on us as we got inside.  He was proved his strength that night as he was about able to keep up with Jacob.  Jacob loved working out but didn’t want to get too muscle bound but just have a sculptured body, which he seemed to be well on his way to having.  Ant was pretty much the same way as he said he hated seeing the muscle heads that frequented the gym just to show off.  I, on the other hand, would be just happy with a little definition for one time in my life. 

Ant went his home after we worked out. Jacob and I just lay around and caught some TV that night.

“So you and her girl must be hitting off pretty well.”

“Yeah, I guess so.  She is a real sweet girl.”

“Jacob, are you and your friends going to see her Friday?”

“I guess so. She wants me to come. She said I might be surprised at how classy a place it is.”

“A classy strip joint, huh?”

“Yes, I heard it was the nicest one in town. Damn, you should go and just see how freaking hot she is. My friends might be shocked.”

“I think I will pass; besides Nick wants to meet me after he comes in Friday. Maybe she can give me a private show someday over here,” I joked.

“She might do it if stuck some dollars in her thong.” Jacob said laughingly.

I went back to my room and just got on the internet for a little while.  I did miss Nick and couldn’t wait for him to return.  Jacob came up from behind me while I was on the internet, basically to see what I was doing.  I was just checking out a few gay porn sites to help out matters, if you know what I mean. 

“Damn, you are looking at that shit,”  Jacob said to me while peering over my shoulder.

I was a little startled at first that he even looked at the hot guys that were up on my screen.  I said, “Yeah sometimes I do.”

“Good jack off material since Nick is not around, huh?”

“Yeah, it is. You like looking at those guys?” I said and logged off.

“It was alright.  They were pretty hot, I guess,” Jacob said.

I was so horny after looking at all the gay pictures I just couldn’t resist myself.  I reached down and grabbed Jacob’s crotch.  I was a little surprised that it was a little hard.

“You want this dick, huh?”

“Hell yeah!” I said and pushed his shorts to the floor.

“Suck me then,” Jacob said. “I can’t deny a decent blow job.”

I licked up and down his hard cock and played with his balls. “Just pretend it is your girl giving you head tonight.”

“Oh fuck dude, she doesn’t do it near as good as you. Oh shit… suck me, Bren,” Jacob moaned while leaning back on the end of my bed. 

I was inhaling his hard cock.  I loved his manly smell of his pubes as I tried my best to get all his cock in my mouth.  Then Jacob grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. Damn, that was hot.  All I could do was just take it as Jacob moaned in pleasure.  I must say that I did love sucking my brother’s cock.

I pushed me off his hard cock. I thought he was going to nut on me. Boy was I surprised when he pulled down my shorts. He was actually licking my cock without me even asking.

“Oh shit… that feels so good,” I moaned while Jacob licked my cock.

“This is not too bad,” Jacob said. He then stuck my cock in his mouth.  I was stunned to say the least.  I did feel his teeth a little at his first attempt to suck cock.

“Oh suck it… Jacob! Oh yeah!” I moaned and played with his dark hair.

“Fuck!” Jacob screamed and stopped. “I just can’t keep going. I am sorry.”

“You were doing so good, Jacob.”

“Let’s just jack off together. I am sorry Bren. I wanted so bad to suck you, but I just can’t bring myself to do more than I just did.”

“You are getting better though. That was like a minute.”

“Fuck Bren, it seemed like 20 minutes, man,” Bren said and grabbed my cock. I reached over and grabbed his.  We both exploded in no time. Jacob was shocked as I licked his cum off his hot ripped abs.  I kissed him this time.  He stayed in my queen size bed with me.  I snuggled closed to him before going to sleep.  Jacob looked over his shoulder and smiled before we both went to sleep.

To be continued…