Posted:  May 2, 2009

Damon woke on a Saturday morning with the sun shining through his bedroom window in his one bedroom apartment.  He stretched out his naked body, since he did sleep in the nude since high school.  He saw the day as the perfect opportunity to do something he did been aching to do since he took a job in Brownsville, a day at the beach when it wasn’t crowded with crazy college spring breakers.  Up to this point, he had avoided the lure of the nearby beach due to the reported crowds.  He showered his regular 24 year old body, shaved the stubble from his face and his pubes and donned what he thought was a great pair of plaid swim shorts that weren’t too long or too short.  He did have other swimwear such as Speedo-type suits but decided not to be so bold his first day on the beach.

Damon drove his Civic down to the nearby beaches.  He scanned the parking lots until finding one that wasn’t very crowded.  He took out his beach chair, cooler, towel and sunscreen with intentions of being there a full day and enjoy what attracted him to the area.  He found a nice sandy spot and threw down his chair.  He applied his sunscreen before kicking back with his cheap shades.  He looked across the Gulf and knew this would be a large part of his upcoming summer routine whenever the opportunity arose.

Damon sat the next hour in the same position and watched the beachgoers do their thing, whether it is swimming, volleyball or whatever seemed appropriate for the beach.  He finally decided to test the water and found it to be a tad chilly but enjoyed a nice swim after adjusting to the water temperature.

Damon strolled back to his chair and found a guy maybe mid 30’s sitting near his set-up.  Damon grabbed his towel and wiped his face of the saltwater.

“How’s the water?” the guy asked.

“Not too bad once you get used to it,” Damon replied after wiping his face and torso.

“Great, I might have to give it a try here shortly,” the guy asked. “You live around here or on vacation?”

Damon grabbed a seat since it was evident the guy wanted to talk.  “I live not too far from here but just moved here this past December for a job.”

“I see.  How was the spring break crowd this year with the economy?”

“Crazy but I don’t have anything to compare it with.  I was told it was about normal with all the hotels packed,” Damon stated and reapplied the sunscreen to his arms and chest. “I take you’re here on vacation.”

The guy laughed, “Not a vacation, more like a business trip.  I came here a few days early to get away.”

“I see,” Damon said.  Damon looked down and saw the wedding band on the guy’s hand.  “I see you’re married.”

“Six years already with a step son and daughter.  That’s what I’m doing here early,” he laughed. “I am Lee Vincent and you are?”

“Damon Girard,” Damon replied and shook Lee’s outstretched hand.

“Any nice hot spots around?” Lee asked.

“If there are, I haven’t found them especially here on South Padre.  I hear there are some great ones here but haven’t ventured over here to check them out with spring break and all,” Damon stated.

Damon folded out his chair to catch some rays on the back and backside. “Ummm… Lee would you mind?” Damon held out the bottle of sunscreen.

“Of course not,” Lee said.  Lee took the bottle and applied the sunscreen on Damon’s back.  He moved down and applied it to Damon’s thighs and calves before returning to his chair.

“Thanks,” Damon stated.

“My pleasure,” Lee said and pulled out a novel to begin reading.

The two sat quietly and enjoyed the sun with an occasional swim with the temperature and humidity causing them to sweat.  They chatted only briefly with Lee initiating the conversation. 

About 5, Damon began packing his things to head back to his apartment.  “Nice meeting you,” Damon stated.

“Leaving so soon?” Lee asked.

“Yeah, I’ve been here long enough.”

“How much would it take to get you to be my dinner companion tonight?”

Damon laughed, “I can’t be bought if that’s what you meant.”

“No. No.  Could I treat you to a nice meal around here?  I hate eating alone,” Lee said.

“I dunno know.  I would have to drive back home and get dressed,” Damon said, holding his things.

“I would really appreciate a friendly person sharing a nice meal with me,” Lee said. “It’ll all be on me or should I say my company.  I wish you would consider it.”

Damon gave it a quick thought and was hungry. “I suppose a good meal wouldn’t hurt.  Where shall we go?”

“I don’t have a clue.”

“Me either,” Damon stated.

“My hotel is right over there,” Lee pointed to a hotel near the beach.  “I’ll ask if there’s anywhere close and meet you in the parking lot say at 7.”

“Okay, that should give me plenty of time to dress,” Damon said.

“Just go casual,” Lee smiled. “I’ll see you then.”

Damon went to his car and loaded his things back inside.  He checked the clock to time his trip as he left the lot since he wasn’t sure exactly how long it took to get back to his apartment.  He drove to his apartment and wondered what to make of this invitation and the entire day.  He was glad to see he had a nice start on a promising tan for the summer.

Damon returned promptly at 7 in his cargo shorts, tee and flip flops.  He parked in the lot and saw Lee emerge from the hotel lobby.  He gestured to Lee, dressed in khaki shorts and a Polo shirt with sandals.

“They said there’s a really nice restaurant and bar just a short walk away,” Lee stated.

“Sounds fine to me,” Damon said.

The two walked down the street and came upon the restaurant.  They entered the seafood restaurant with smells of fried seafood filling their nostrils.  It was a short wait which indicated it must be good.  Lee grabbed a beer for the wait.  Within 10 minutes, the two were shown to their tables.  They scanned the menus and each found something enticing on the menu filled with fresh fish and shrimp dishes.  Lee ordered another beer as did Damon for the meal.  They talked quietly while observing their surroundings.   The dinner salads arrived with the beers and ended the small talk.  Shortly, the two meals arrived.  Damon had grilled grouper while Lee tested the fried and grilled shrimp.

After finishing their meal, Lee wanted to head to the bar and avoid staying in his room as he explained it.  Damon had another beer in the bar area while Lee was knocking em back with regularity. 

“I normally don’t drink like this,” Lee stated. “I’m taking advantage of it while I can.”

“I can see that,” Damon laughed.

“Have as many as you want,” Lee said. “If you get too drunk, there’s another bed in my room.”

“Thanks,” Damon said.  He knew he would be driving home and was ready to go anytime Lee was.

About 10, Lee announced to Damon he was ready to head back to his room.  Lee was a little drunk after running up a sizable bar tab. 

“Damn, I’ve not drank like that in a while!” Lee said loudly while the two walked to the hotel.

Damon laughed quietly and watched Lee stumble on the uneven sidewalk.  Damon knew Lee was drunk and helped him along to the hotel.

“Help me to my room,” Lee stated.

“Okay,” Damon said. “Then I need to get home.”

“What for?”

“I have things to do,” Damon said. “It wouldn’t be right staying with you.”

“Hell boy, my wife isn’t around,” Lee hit the button to the elevator.

They entered the elevator to the third floor.  Damon helped Lee to his room and inserted the room key in the door.  Damon assisted Lee to the bed before needing to use the bathroom before his drive home.

“See ya,” Damon said.

“Oh fuck Damon, stay just a little bit longer,” Lee said. “I might need your help to the bathroom.”

Damon shook his brown short hair and walked to sit on the bed.  Lee headed to the bathroom with no help.  Damon looked around the room and watched Lee come out. 

Lee pulled up his pants after flashing his cock to Damon.  “You want this?” Lee groped his crotch.

“Excuse me,” Damon said.

“You want my dick!” Lee said. “I know you want it!”

“I don’t think so,” Damon said. “What gives you that idea?”

“Cut the shit Damon.  I have a feeling you like guys,” Lee said.

“So that doesn’t make me want your dick,” Damon said.

“I want yours,” Lee boldly stated. “I didn’t sit next to you all day, buy you dinner and get drunk to be friends.  Hell dude, I got me some liquid courage to get some cute boy dick.”

Damon didn’t know what to do with Lee’s forward advances.  Lee pulled off his shorts, dropped his white briefs and put his average cut cock at Damon’s face. 

“Ummm…” Damon said.

“Open your goddamn mouth and suck me boy,” Lee stated, looking at Damon.

Damon opened his mouth partly in fear if he didn’t.  He felt Lee slide his cock between his lips.  Damon didn’t mind sucking but didn’t want forced.  He felt Lee’s hand push his head down further.

Damon pulled off Lee’s cock, “Fucking shit Lee, I’ll suck your dick but don’t force me!”

“Sorry dude, it felt so good!” Lee said. “I’ll just let you suck me at your own pace.  By the way, I want to see your ass naked too.”

Damon quickly undressed and wasn’t ashamed to show his 7 inch cut cock.

“Yummm, I can’t wait to blow you!” Lee said. “You’re a hot stud there!”

Damon dropped back down and licked Lee’s cock.  He could hear Lee’s moans and groans.  He stuck Lee’s hard cock in his mouth and sucked it.  He used his tongue on the underside while Lee put his hands on Damon’s bare shoulders. 

Lee pulled out on the verge of cumming. “You like sucking straight guy dick?”

“I just like sucking dick,” Damon smiled and licked his lips. 

Lee kissed Damon on the lips and dropped down to start sucking him.  Damon leaned back on the bed and watched Lee between his legs.  He could see Lee wasn’t the best cocksucker he had ever experienced.  He did however love Lee’s wet mouth and enjoyed feeling another man’s mouth on his cock.  Damon watched Lee bob up and down.  It did feel great once Lee got used to his cock.  Damon threw back his head and moaned.  Lee kissed Damon’s hips and returned to sucking Damon’s cock.  Damon could hear the slurping and sucking that excited him. 

After a good five minutes, Damon pushed Lee off his cock. “I’m about to nuttt!

“Give me that cum, Damon,” Lee jacked Damon. “Cum for me boy!”

Damon groaned loudly and felt his load release from his body.  He watched while shot after shot of his hot white cum plastered Lee’s hairy chest.  Lee was on the edge and raised up to deposit his load on Damon’s smooth chest and belly.

“Oh shit, I really needed that,” Lee said.

“It felt so good,” Damon said.

“My wife doesn’t like sucking my dick.  You were great and have a really hot mouth,” Lee said.

“You were great as well, Lee,” Damon said.

“How long does it take to get this fucker hard again?  I want fucked by you,” Lee said while grabbing Damon’s flaccid cock in his hand.

“Seriously I do need to go.  Maybe tomorrow,” Damon said.

“I’ll remember that shit,” Lee said.

Damon dressed quickly and headed out with a quick thank you to end his evening with Lee.  He drove to his apartment still in shock over what he had done.  He rationalized it was only a simple blow job which he didn’t mind once Lee wasn’t forcing him.

The next morning, Damon woke with the sun again beaming in his window.  He showered quickly and donned a blue bikini for his day at the beach.  He laughed when he looked in the mirror to see it really didn’t do much for him so he changed back in the one he wore the previous day.

He drove and found his spot once again.  Lee was there waiting on him dressed in a Speedo.  Damon wanted to laugh and knew it definitely didn’t fit Lee’s hairy out of shape body.

“How ya feeling today?” Damon asked.

“Not too bad,” Lee smiled.

Damon sat down his things and applied his sunscreen.  “Thanks for last night, the meal was great, Lee.”

“No I should thank you.  The blow job was fantastic,” Lee smiled. “I know you’ll live up to your promise today.”

Damon closed his eyes and cursed to himself. The two sat quietly for a few minutes with Damon soaking in the sun.  He left his chair to head to the Gulf for a refreshing swim in the saltwater.  Lee was right behind.  Once in the water, Lee grabbed Damon and groped him.

“Damn, I could let you fuck me right now,” Lee said quietly to Damon with the waves crashing around them.

“Look Lee, I’m not that kind of guy.  To me,” Damon said and dodged an oncoming wave. “To me, intercourse is special and reserved for the guys I care about and love.”

“Not me,” Lee said.  “Let’s get out of here and do it.”

“No Lee, I gave you a blowjob.  I’m not fucking you,” Damon said.

“Fuck off then, you faggot!” Lee stormed out of the water. “Get my ass all fucking horny for nothing!”

Damon laughed and watched Lee grab his things to leave.  Damon stayed in the water until Lee was gone.  He knew Lee’s type and didn’t want any part of it.  Lee was a horny married guy looking for something his wife couldn’t deliver at home.

Damon stayed at the beach and enjoyed seeing the variety of people that passed his way.  He especially enjoyed the younger guys who were more his type.  He left the beach and spotted Lee with a younger Latino guy.  He laughed to himself and got in his car.  If nothing else, coming to the beach for the summer would be an adventure.