Divorced Brother- 9  THE FINALE

After the nice weekend with Nick, I headed inside, hoping not to stumble into a disaster area.  I was pleased to see that it wasn’t real bad except for a few beer cans and an empty fast food sack.  I saw Ant and Jacob there sitting catching whatever was on TV in the way of sports.

“How was your weekend?” Jacob said then noticed my face, “Bren, you are dark, bro.”

“Hey Bren, I sure can tell you been to the beach,” Ant said.

“Thanks for noticing, guys. It was kinda nice to get away for a few days,” I then had to take out the trash as it was starting to smell and wondered if Jacob even noticed.

“Sorry about that,” Jacob said, noticing me carrying out his weekend’s worth of smelly trash. “I was going to do that later. You are home early.”

“Yeah, we all had to work tomorrow, so we just headed back early,” I then took the trash to the garage and returned. “So how was your weekend, guys?”

“It was nice. We didn’t do much other than go out and sleep,” Jacob said grabbing another beer.

“Yeah, we just hung out mostly and took it easy,” Ant piped up. “So you are ready to hit the gym?” Well it was Monday and I don’t guess Jacob or Ant wanted to get off schedule.

“Give me a few minutes and let me unpack. I will go then,” I said to Ant.

“Cool. Hey Bren, you got any stuff I can wear tonight that way I don’t have to run home?” Ant asked me.

“Yeah, see if these will fit,” I then found a pair of shorts and threw them at Ant. 

Ant just tried them on right there. “This’ll work, thanks.”

I finished unpacking and saw Jacob go to his room to get ready too.  I was a little tired but thought what the hell and got dressed.

Ant went with us in my car. The gym wasn’t real crowded that day being Memorial Day.  I could tell I was tired and barely managed to finish one set of reps.  Jacob and Ant kept right on, despite me dropping back.  I rested a little, watching my little brother and Ant’s muscles really pop and strain. I did our stringent ab exercises to keep developing my abs even better. I was dragging by the end of the sets.  I was proud to show them my tan when we showered together.  They both noticed and said it looked good on me.  I wondered why Ant wasn’t dark yet but figured he would have all summer to get darker. 

We headed home after the tough workout.  Ant didn’t hang around too long that night and headed back to his place. Jacob looked tired too after we sat down to watch some TV together.

“Alright Bren, you get nailed on the beach?” Jacob asked.

I smiled and said, “No, I wish I would have.”

Jacob smiled then at me, “Dude I did on mine and Stephanie’s honeymoon at West Palm Beach, even though she was pregnant at the time.”

“I am sure it was still hot,” I said.

“Yeah, come to think of it, it was fucking awesome,” Jacob said. 

We talked a little more but I was ready to go to bed even though it was just 8 o’clock. I found my book and started to read. It was long before I felt my eyes getting heavy.  I turned out the light and went to sleep.

The next day, I went to work and got my assignments for the week.  I looked down and saw that it included a two day trip to Jacksonville. I knew it was part of my job since we had some clients there that needed some assistance and checking up on.  I just figured to drive up after working out Wednesday and be home late Friday. I headed out then to see a few clients. 

I was home at my regular time and just cleaned up my house. I hated a dirty bathroom and scrubbed each one thoroughly. Jacob then arrived and found me in his nasty bathroom on my hands and knees cleaning his tub.

“Bren, I am a free man next week!” Jacob said with excitement in his voice.

“I take it your attorney called you today,” I was still scrubbing away.

“Yeah, he said it should all be finished next week. Hell yeah, I can’t wait until this shit is over.”  Jacob said. “Oh I forgot to tell you I saw that bitch this weekend when I was out.”

“You did! Did she say anything to you?” I asked.

“Fuck no. I just stared at her and her nasty looking date,” Jacob said.

“Was it weird seeing her again?” I asked after finishing his tub.

“Not for me. She didn’t hang around too long after she spotted me. All my friends had a good laugh at her and said she sure was scrapping the bottom of the barrel.”

“He was that bad, huh?”

“Hell yeah, he looked like he was strung out and was nasty, dude. She didn’t look much better though. She really has let herself go over the past few weeks.”

“I bet she wished she would have stayed with you when she saw your hot ass body you got going now.”

“Dude, there is no fucking way I would ever think about getting with her again. I will be glad when this shit is finally over,” Jacob smiled at me.

Jacob got dressed and headed off to a basketball game that he had that night.  I took it easy and found a cheap motel in Jacksonville to stay at while I was there this week.  I mostly just watched TV after I was done cleaning. It felt good to kick my feet up and enjoy the quiet of my house.  Jacob then returned from his game with his shirt off. He headed to the shower to clean up.  I knew that all my time spend in there was now in vain since he would just dirty it up again.

“I kicked their ass tonight, dude,” Jacob said with a towel around his waist.

“Awesome,” I said. “Oh Jacob, I have to go out of town Wednesday. I hope I am home Friday night but I guess I will see.”

“Bren, I bet you are going to hate that shit,” Jacob said.

“It is just part of the job,” I shrugged.

“It is just for a couple of days. I made it just fine without you this weekend,” Jacob smiled.

“Yeah, I think I can trust you now. I guess you passed the first test with flying colors. Just remember to take out the trash next time,” I said.

I then went back to my room after we talked a little while and watched TV.  I was lying on my bed when I saw the door slowly open. Jacob was naked and had not put on any shorts since showering.

He then came up to me and said, “You want to swap blows tonight.”

I just looked at him and then saw his nice cock, dangling between his legs. “I don’t see much harm in that.”

Jacob kissed down my neck and found his way to my boxers. He slowly pulled them down. He seemed very hot and really into our passion that night.  He started stroking my dick with one hand and kissing it with his mouth. This felt pretty good, I must admit. I saw him take my dick in his mouth. He sure was getting better at this with the use of his tongue on my underside while in his mouth. He took his time sucking and licking my now hard dick. 

“Oh Jacob that feels so good,” I moaned in deep pleasure.

I made him stop as I was on the verge of blowing my nut way too soon. I kissed and licked his hot pecs and his hot abs.  He smelled of soap being so fresh and clean.  He laid there while I made my way down to his hot manhood.  I licked his balls and underneath them while Jacob moaned.

“Fuck that is hot, Bren!”

I continued and started pleasing his nice thick dick.  I loved the feel of it in my hand. I stroked it to bring it to a full erection.  Damn was he hot just lying there with his hands behind his head and a nice thick erection.  I looked at him while I took his dick in my mouth.  He moaned while I continued to work and please all of his manhood.  I took it slow and felt him shove my head down on his dick. I didn’t gag but felt his thick dick in my throat.  I went up and down sucking his dick and licking the underside of it. 

“Oh fuck Bren! Suck that cock, bro!” Jacob moaned.

I could tell he wasn’t going to make it much longer. I stared into his eyes and then felt stream after stream of his hot cum fill my throat and mouth. 

“Fucking bad ass!” Jacob screamed, shooting all the cum I could muster.

He reached down and jacked my dick. He had rough strong hands that worked me over. 

“OOOOO,” I moaned and then send my load shooting into the air and landing on my abs and chest. It felt so good to release my load with Jacob’s hand firmly jacking me off.

I kissed him with lots of tongue and biting lips.  I am sure he could still taste and smell his cum on my breath. He laid there with me a few minutes before leaving to go to his bed.  I was thankful since he was a rough sleeper. I did feel a little guilty about mine and Jacob’s sexual relationship but figured Nick might be getting some action himself from either Darren or Tim or both.  I sort of hoped he was in that I would not feel so guilty if he ever found out about my incestuous relationship with Jacob.

I hurried home the next day after work to pack for my business trip to Jacksonville.  I did have time to go work out with Jacob that night before leaving.  I kept it short and not real intense.  I left Jacob and Ant there at the gym while I went home to shower quickly and hit the road. 

I had to stop for coffee along the drive to Jacksonville.  I found the motel that I had booked earlier with ease and retired for the night.  I hated not being home but realized it was just part of the job.  I found the meetings with the clients to be very nice and accomplished many things there in a short time.  I headed out late Friday afternoon to head back to my house.

The drive home seemed particularly long since I was anxious to return.  It was near 9 before I finally drove on my street.  I spotted a few extra cars in my driveway and figured Jacob was having friends over that night.  I had to park on the street that night since they had blocked my entrance to the garage. I grabbed my bags out of the car and headed inside.

I was utterly shocked to see Jacob and Ant there with 2 guys that looked to be still in high school.  I had seen them earlier at the gym and figured Jacob and Ant had struck a friendship with the younger guys.  I didn’t picture Jacob wanting to hang with a younger crowd.  I waved and headed back to my bedroom.  I threw my bag in the floor of my bedroom and unpacked.  After a long hot shower, my tired body felt relaxed and lounged on the bed in my athletic shorts.

“Hey Bren, why don’t you join us?” Jacob asked, peeking his head in my door.

I was tired and really didn’t feel like hanging out with them. I said to Jacob, “I think I will just stay in here. You guys look like you are having fun without me.”

“Okay, Bren,” Jacob replied and then left.

I wasn’t really sure what to make of Jacob then.  I guess he was just trying to be nice since this was my house.  Around 11, I heard the 2 younger guys leave.  I crawled into bed and was sound asleep after that.

I woke the next morning and found a few empty beer bottles sitting around.  I threw them out with the rest of the trash.  After eating a quick bite, I settled in on the couch and starting watching whatever was on the television. I heard Jacob get up and saw him come sit in the recliner.

“So, how was your trip?” Jacob asked.

“Okay, it was just work. What was that all about last night, Jacob?” I asked.

“Oh, we were just hanging out. Those guys are a trip, Bren. You have to meet them sometime. After you left Wednesday, Ant and I started talking to them while we sat in the hot tub,” Jacob said.

“How old are those guys?” I asked.

“I guess 18 or so. They just graduated high school,” Jacob said. “Ant won’t admit it but I think he might have something for the tall one.”

“What?” I asked. I was shocked.

Jacob just smiled and said, “I have been teasing him about it. Hell, he can’t get any pussy, so I guess he wants to try that shit now.”

“Damn Jacob, are you sure?”

“Yeah, I just think he is getting frustrated by the girl thing now,” Jacob said. 

I then heard Ant coming down the hall after showering. 

“Hey Bren, how is it going?” Ant asked.

“Pretty good,” I said.

Ant sat down beside me on the couch.  He was in his boxers after showering. All our hard work was really starting to show on Ant’s body. He had developed some great pecs to go along with some tight abs.

I looked at him and said, “So, you think you live here now, huh?”

“No, Bren. I can leave if you want me to,” Ant said.

“Ant, he is just fucking with you. Aren’t you, Bren?” Jacob asked laughingly.

“Yeah, I don’t care, Ant. Stay as long as you want. You never have overstayed your welcome yet,” I said.

Ant just smiled, “It does get sort of lonely living by yourself.”

“I know. I did it for a year before Jacob moved in,” I said.

“Yeah, he would be so damn bored here without me, plus look at the nice hot little bod he’s got going,” Jacob said. “Without my help, he would be one skinny fuck.”

“I guess that is true, Jacob,” I said.  I really wanted to say something to Ant about those guys but figured he would if he wanted me to know.

I eventually left for the store to restock with the assumption Jacob and Ant would hang out at the house most of the day. When I returned, no one was at the house, so I unloaded my car of the food and other necessities. Jacob returned home while I was asleep on top of my bed, taking a nap.  I woke up and found Jacob dressed in his best jeans and polo shirt. I had called Nick earlier and dressed to meet up with him.

“I guess you are going to Nick’s tonight, huh?” Jacob said.

“Yeah, I probably just stay there for the night. Where you off to?” I asked.

“Oh I was going to hang with Ant, but I can’t seem to get a hold of him. I am going out with my basketball buddies instead. We’re hitting the clubs,” Jacob said.

“Well, I will see you. Be careful,” I said then left to go over and spend some time with Nick.

He was waiting on me when I hit the door. His soft wonderful lips felt so good when he greeted at the door. We headed out for a nice dinner that night along with Darren and Tim. I stayed the night with Nick that night and sleep next to his wonderful body after engaging in some great sex.

I got up the next morning and headed home since Nick had to leave on an early flight.  He was always flying out now and I hated being apart from him, but enjoyed my freedom while he was away.

I came home and found that Jacob must have stayed over at a buddies’ place since he was no where to be found.  The peace and quiet was refreshing for a while and caught up on some needed office work at my computer.  I was about to finish my work and log off when I heard the doorbell. I went and saw Ant standing there in his shorts, flip flops and tight sleeveless shirt.

“Hey come on in, Ant,” I greeted him. “Let me log off the computer and I will be right back.”

“Jacob’s not home, is he?” Ant hollered to me while I finished up in my room.

I came out and saw him sitting in the recliner, “No, he hasn’t made it home yet.”

“Cool,” Ant said.  I could then tell he was nervous somewhat and seemed very uncomfortable.

“Is something on your mind, Ant?” I asked.

“Yeah, Bren, I really need to talk to you.” Ant said, staring down at the floor.

“Sure I am all ears, wassup?” I said. His body language spoke volumes to me.

“How did you know you were…err…gay, you know?” Ant asked and peered up at me.

“Well Ant, I guess it was when I started having feeling for guys not girls,” I said.  I knew that his sexuality was really bothering him.

“I just think…I might be… too. You know, gay,” Ant said, fumbling for words.

I reached over and hugged him. Ant then started to tear up slightly on my shoulder. “Ant, it’s a tough thing to admit.  I fought it for some time as well.  So you know, Jacob has been wondering aloud to me if you were.”

“Bren, I had a date with Kelvin, you know the tall one you saw us with Friday night, last night,” Ant said and wiped his eyes.

“Well, did it go alright?” I asked.

“He was nothing but great.  We really had a great time together. I really felt at ease with him,” Ant finally gave me a smiled. “He stayed with me last night, too.

“That’s awesome, Ant.  I can tell now you really did enjoy yourself,” I said. “So, you are having feelings for him now?”

Ant then smiled again at me, “Yeah, big time, even after one date. He really is a great guy despite being only 18.  He’s fun to talk with and more.”

I just grinned at Ant. “I guess you do have feeling for him. Ant, I have made it just fine in the straight world being a gay guy.”

“I know and really look up to you and all with the ease which you handle being gay. I don’t think Jacob will want to hang with me and shit if he finds I have been with a guy on a date and more.”

“Trust me, Ant. He won’t mind at all, I don’t think. He has adjusted to me and Nick pretty good.  He’s very understanding now.”

“It will just be so weird around him. You know being he is hot as hell and such. I don’t know if I can control myself.”

“That will be the hard part. I think he will understand. So you really had sex with this hot boy?” I had to ask.

“Oh yeah, he was terrific and so patient with me being all basically new to this,” smiled Ant and now at ease.  “I knew he had a nice body like yours now Bren.  He wasn’t a bit shy with me when we got naked together.  I was so hard and came instantly with him but we kept going.  Bren, it was so great hearing him moan when we fucked.  I actually enjoyed having sex with a guy, especially Kelvin’s hot ass.”

“I was the same way the first time Nick and I fucked.  Matter of fact, I still love it and hearing him moan.”

Ant was excited now, “I hope we can continue to grow and find love like you have. Being with Kelvin felt so good and unforced like that time I fucked that girl over here.  Bren, we actually fucked twice last night and again this morning. The dude fucking loves sex and I was more than willing to participate. Damn, it was just so hot!”

“It sounds like someone enjoys it just as much,” I laughed.

“I do. I really do now,” Ant laughed. “Thanks Bren, you’ve been great.  I really appreciate you hearing me out and listening to me.  I feel a lot better and can’t wait to see him again.  I better run and let you get back to your work.”

“Hey if you need anything or some gay advice, just let me know. You want me to tell Jacob?”

“You know I don’t care one way or the other,” Ant said.  “Yeah, maybe you should tell him that way I won’t feel so awkward and nervous about doing it.”

“I will for you. He’ll totally understand,” I said.  I hugged Ant on the way out. I could see that it was a huge burden lifted off his strong shoulders.

I grabbed something to eat and waited for Jacob to come home. I could tell he was pretty hung over when he got home.  He was dragging ass when he came through the door.

“Rough night, huh?”

“Fuck yeah, Bren.” Jacob said.

“I might as well tell you. You were right. Ant does have something for Kelvin,” I said.

“Dude that was fucking obvious, he tell you about it?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah he came over about an hour ago. I guess he wanted to talk to another gay guy and get it off his shoulders,” I said.

“Yeah, I could tell he wanted Kelvin so bad. I guess they hooked up then?”

“Yeah, they did big time. You cool with it?”

“Oh yeah, I am glad he has found someone he likes. He looked so damn miserable without someone. I could tell he was jealous whenever I hooked up with someone.”

“He was scared to death to tell you. He was afraid you wouldn’t want to hang out with him anymore,” I said.

“He’s still cool with me. I could care less whether he is gay or straight. That shit really doesn’t matter much to me any more. I have your gay ass to thank for that and opening my eyes. I now don’t care one way or the other as long as they are fun to hang with,” Jacob said.

“I know he will be glad to hear that,” I said. “I am kind of surprised you two haven’t hooked up before.”

“Fuck no. I would fuckin’ die if someone found I had sex with another guy. I got a reputation to uphold here, dude.”

I laughed and saw the macho bullshit he was throwing my way. Jacob liked having sex with me but I guess that was as far as he wanted to take it. I was a little surprised he and Ant had not hooked up while I was gone so much lately.  I saw that Jacob enjoyed being single and playing the field.  He was living out what his soon-to-be ex-wife had taken away from him earlier in his life.

Jacob’s divorce was final that next week.  I threw him a small party and invited over some of his friends along with Nick, Ant and Kelvin, who Ant was getting pretty tight with.  Jacob liked the mix of straight and gay guys he had around in his life now. Jacob and a few others really celebrated Jacob’s divorce with lots of alcohol.  Nick stayed with me that night with Ant and Kelvin enjoying the guest room as a couple.

A few weeks later, Jacob met a girl that one of his buddies hooked him up with.  He seemed like a different person once he had a steady girl.  Jacob was still living with me most of the time while they dated.  I knew it was coming after 8 months of him dating the same girl, Jacob told me he was moving out with his girl and they were seriously thinking about getting married. I got fucked by his hot cock and wonderfully fit body one last time that night before he moved out as his going away present. Our sex slowed considerably after he began dating but there was an occasional romp in my room. Jacob had settled down quite a bit and was content for the first time while he was dating her. I was happy for Jacob that he had put his past bad relationship behind and enjoyed being with just one person.

I helped him move out with her after living with me for 10 months.  Nick and I were going hot and heavy by now and made the commitment to live together at my place while Tim and Darren lived together at Nick’s old place.  Ant found love that he so missed in life in Kelvin and moved in together a month after Nick and I moved in together.  I would see Ant and Kelvin at the gym still on a regular basis. I will say we all had developed nice fit bodies.   Ant seemed very comfortable and happy with his new life and his sexuality. Ant still looked to me for advice in his relationship with Kelvin.  Nick and I double dated with them some along the way.

Nick and I moved into a bigger, nicer place after living in my house for a year.  We now had a house of our own that we bought together, since Nick wanted a place we could call our own instead of calling it my house.  I still saw Jacob at least at the gym and stayed in close contact with each other.  He finally married his girl after living with her for 2 years since they had a child together.  I could see how happy and content Jacob was being a father and then being a husband again.  I too was happy and satisfied with Nick and me sharing our lives together on a daily basis. I guess I opened up Jacob’s eyes a lot during our time together and actually missed sometimes having him around even after he was gone for more than 2 years. Come to think of it, he opened up my eyes too at the same time.  I don’t know that anyone ever found out about our little innocent sexual relationship we had for a while.  I guess the best part was now I truly loved my younger brother and we were both very happy with the way things turned out at the end.