Divorced Brother Chapter 8

I was up early and woke my brother Jacob’s naked ass for work that Monday.  I arrived at work a tiny bit nervous since my first full day working out of the office as a semi-sales rep.  It was my job to check on clients and see how they like the ads we were doing for them and maybe present some new ideas.  It was a tough market but I was lucky to find most of my clients were accepting of my job and what I offered.  I hated cold calls with a passionate and rarely did that only if I saw the opportunity.  I stayed fairly local that first day just feeling out the whole process.  I cherished the freedom of being away from the office but knew there would be days I would be needed there.  I planned my last appointment near my house so I could be home early. 

I took off my suit and hung it neatly in the closet since I had only 3 good suits and interchanged the shirts and ties for a different look for each day.  I knew that a suit now would be my every day attire for some time.  Jacob came in and showered like he normally did. 

“So how was it today?” Jacob asked with a towel around his waist.  I could see the sun he had gotten over the weekend plus a little hair on his manly chest.

“Not so bad considering it was my first real day out alone,” I said.

“Bet your ass will love that first fat check you will get now,” Jacob stated.

“Yeah, it’ll be nice having a little extra,” I answered since I got a nice raise with the new promotion. It was really only my third raise in pay since I had been there for over 3 years.  I guess I was lucky to have Jacob splitting the mortgage payment that I was able to keep down with a huge chunk that I was able to put down with this.

We headed back to the gym.  Ant was always reading the fitness magazines and always had new exercises for us to try. His exercises concentrated on the abs and obliques.  By the end of the workout, my abs were feeling the tough workout. It was good to change up and concentrate on different set of muscles, if nothing else it kept us for getting bored. 

Ant came over to my house to chill after we worked out.  I could tell when I got home that my ass was very tired and wanted to relax that night at home. I talked to Nick a little on the phone for he too wanted to see how my first day went.  We made plans for the weekend to possibly go out of town and to stay at his parent’s condo on the beach with his roommate. 

Ant could tell both Jacob and I had a long day at work and didn’t hang around too long that night.  Jacob was too but hated for either one of us to see it.  I was already undressed and about to go to sleep when I heard Jacob come into my room.  He was very frisky with me as I could tell what he wanted.  He pulled back the sheets and began to kiss and lick my dick. I watched Jacob devour my dick while I lie on my back with my hands behind my head.  I was tired but could handle a hot blow job any time.  His mouth was working my dick over and I got into it more seeing him on my dick.

I sucked his dick since he practically planted it in my mouth when he straddled me. I let him do most of the work. Jacob was moaning while he rammed his big hard dick in my mouth.  I took it like a soldier and the great dick sucker that I was.  He grabbed a condom and lube.

He put the condom on and lubed up my ass.  He turned me over to my stomach. I felt that hard cock invade my ass.

“Fuck yeah!” Jacob said.

“OOOOOO” I moaned when I felt his nice manly cock enter my ass.  I reached around and grabbed his ass after he started to fuck me.   It was different than Nick fucking me for it lacked the passion. This was straight fucking gay sex from my hot ass brother, who I think really enjoyed feeding his dick to his older brother. 

“Bro likes my big cock, huh?” Jacob asked.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck me Jacob!”

“Shit Bren, your ass is so hot tonight.”

“Jacob, your big cock feels so good,” I moaned.

I took all that Jacob offered my ass that night. I admit he did feel good inside me with his cock pushing in and out.  The bed was rocking while Jacob and I were moaning and groaning. Jacob was fucking my ass hard now and I loved it.  He would stop then pound the living shit of my ass with his muscular body with our skin slapping together. I felt a warm sensation in my ass. Jacob came in the condom while fucking me. I could tell he lacked control that night since he could not or did not pull out and feed me his load. My dick was smashed under the weight of Jacob’s hot body. He pulled out of me and then jerked me off for a little while.  I came right there on my sore abs. I cleaned that mess up while Jacob stayed next to me.  I missed the make out sessions after hot sex but did kiss him and petted his firm body before we dozed off to sleep.

I was awake before the alarm went off and turned it off before Jacob heard it. I hit the shower a little sore from the intense work out the previous night.  I again woke Jacob while I was getting dressed. He always looked so hot with his cock hanging there between his muscular legs.  Jacob had just the perfect set of nuts and trimmed pubes that really made his body fucking hot in my eyes. 

I had to compose myself a second to begin my day with Jacob sprawled all over the bed. Seeing his hot ass and morning wood did give me a jump start. That day, Tuesday, wasn’t bad since I got to know the area and the clients even more and really took a liking to most.  Personality, I guess, was a large part of my job and always did my best to present a fresh smiling face to each client. 

Jacob was practically jumping for joy when he got home that day. “Fuck yeah, Bren. Stephanie signed the fucking papers today and it is now just a matter of time before it is final!”

“That is awesome. I can tell you are excited.”

“Oh fuck Bren you just don’t know. I am so fucking pumped now. No more having to deal with that bitch ever again,” Jacob hugged me tightly.

He released the bear hug and kissed my cheek. I smiled and watched him literally sprint to take his shower.  He came out with just his basketball shorts on that hung to his knees.  He looked hot and sexy without a shirt.  His abs were now ripped as hell and his chest was starting to really show the work we had put in. It didn’t look like he had an ounce of fat anywhere on his sculptured body.

“Dude, I am going to school those motherfuckers tonight,” Jacob said with a renewed excitement.

“I don’t know I have ever seen you this excited before in my life,” I said.

“It is like a 1000 pound weight has been lifted off me.”

“Jacob, have fun tonight,” I smiled.  He bounced to the front door and ran to his truck. 

I worked at my computer some to catch up on some office stuff and plan out my next day.  I did my best to clean a little of Jacob’s room and change his sheets.  He was a total slob with shit thrown everywhere.  I did vacuum the best I could. My heart then sank when I found some rolling papers and a bag of marijuana when I put some stuff in his drawers.  I hated that I now had cleaned his room and invaded his privacy.  Jacob came home with sweat glistening off his ripped torso and shirt tucked in his low riding shorts. He stripped his wet, sweat shorts in front of me without a thought to return to the shower.

“Bren, thanks for cleaning my room. I have been meaning to that shit!” Jacob hollered and slammed his drawers, where I had been earlier.

“You’re welcome. I just couldn’t stand it any longer!” I yelled back to him in his room.

Jacob came, grabbed a beer and sat next to me on the couch. He was only wearing green printed boxers low on his waist to show his deep cuts at his waist. We talked about the day and the finality to his divorce. I waited for him to say something about the marijuana but he didn’t and neither did I.  I just lay in bed but I hated the fact Jacob was doing that shit behind my back.  What other shit was he doing?  I never saw any signs of him being stoned or anything. Maybe it was just on special occasions when I wasn’t around. I didn’t want him to get messed up with weed or any other drugs since I knew what it did to people.  I had a lover earlier that could not stay away from drugs. I watched him practically faded away right before my eyes. 

I was up around 4 the next morning since I didn’t sleep worth shit, worrying about what might be happening to and with Jacob.  I ate breakfast before going to get dressed. I watched the morning news for a while before I went to wake up Jacob that morning.  I had to go to the office for the day and do some paper work.  I had a late appointment outside the office which afforded me the chance to get home early.

By now at the gym, we had our normal routine down such as bench, squats & curls but now thanks to Ant’s astute reading he wanted us to really concentrate on like our abs and butts on Monday, etc. Ant and Jacob were out to kill me I guess. I was starting to put on some lean muscle that kept me from looking so damn skinny. The extra muscle did look great on me and kept my clothes from being so saggy on my skinny frame.  We drove separate cars to the gym that day since Jacob was heading over to Ant’s after working out. 

I checked and found the weed was now gone from his drawer.  I knew what he was up to now.  I waited like an animal ready to jump his ass when he got home if he even hinted of being high.  Jacob rolled in the garage since I had a 2 car garage.  He came through the kitchen.  I inhaled deeply but no smell. I then looked into his eyes, not even a hint of bloodshot.  I then wondered what was really up.  It was killing me.

“Jacob, can I talk to you just a second?” I sat sitting us both down for a little heart to heart chat.

“Sure, what’s up?” Jacob asked with a weird look on his face, not knowing what was coming next.

“I know this was totally wrong…” I stuttered.

“Yeah Bren, what was wrong?” Jacob then sensed something might be up.

“I found a bag of weed in your room. Jacob, I wasn’t snooping or anything. I just was putting up some of your clothes and there it was.”

“Dude, you think that was mine?  Fuck Bren that was fucking Ant’s.  Dude, I don’t do that shit.”

I let out a big sigh of relief. “Oh thank goodness. I just figured you were hiding it from me.”

“Dude, he left it here. I knew you would shit so I just kept until tonight. Hell Bren, if I wanted to do that shit, I would do it,” Jacob said boldly.

“Jacob, I hope you never get messed up in that.”

“Dude, I have taken a few hits of that shit but I would just as soon drink.”

I hugged him since I was sorry that I had invaded his privacy.  It was such a relief.  I think Jacob then realized how relieved I was.
I was adjusting to my new schedule. I was glad to see a three day weekend just around the corner.  The next two days seemed to pass without incident. That Friday afternoon after coming home for a long week, I pulled off my suit.  I packed a small bag since I was going to Nick’s parent’s condo at Sarasota. I did have time to go work out with Ant and Jacob as Nick’s roommate didn’t get off until 7.  I then hurried back to my house and dress. I was anxious to leave for a nice relaxing 3 day weekend that was ahead, away from my routine in Orlando.  Jacob and Ant had plans to chill at our house and probably go out later with some of Jacob’s friends that Ant really seemed to like running around with.  I really hoped Jacob would stay clear of trouble that weekend since he would have the house to himself all weekend.

I waited until I finally heard Nick’s roommate Darren pull up in the driveway. I threw my bag in the trunk then I greeted Nick, Darren and Darren’s boyfriend, Tim.  I knew both of them pretty well now but I guessed I would get to know them even better over the long Memorial Day holiday weekend in Sarasota. 

The drive was over an hour to Sarasota.  I was shocked when I went into Nick’s condo. It was a little outdated and reminded me of something my parents would have.  I realized it was his parents.  The place wasn’t all that big but did have two bedrooms.  It seemed like the perfect place to relax and unwind for the weekend as it was right on the beach.

“This is nice, Nick.” I said.

“Yeah, my parents have owned it like 15 years. They haven’t used it much lately. My little brother and older sister have used it more than anyone lately,” Nick said.

I could hear the waves crashing against the beach when we headed out for a nice walk along the beach.  There is something calming about that walk for Orlando and my new job seemed miles away. We all ended back at the condo around 11.  Darren made drinks for us all when we returned.  We mostly just sat around and talked as we drank a little.  I was tired from a long day and working out. The strong drink seemed to make me even more sleepy.  

Nick and I went to the bedroom.  I was glad it was a king size bed.  We slowly undressed each other.  Nick went down on me first since I loved the feel of his mouth on my cock.  He was doing his finest work pleasing my hard cock.  He was kissing it, licking it and then taking it in his hot mouth.  I exploded right there in his mouth.

I kissed him with his cum in my mouth. I went down and gave Nick the same treatment. He was moaning while he grabbed my hair to fuck my mouth. Oh did that feel good.  I loved feeling his hot cock go in and out my mouth.  He did the same in my mouth and shot ropes of his hot cum down my throat. We just made out more before both of us falling asleep. 

I woke the next morning and found Nick still sleeping at my side.  I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. After taking a nice hot shower, I then just put on my swim trunks to enjoy the morning at the beach.  It was nice to see to feel the warm sun rays and see the Gulf.  I was joined later by Tim who just woke up. We sat out on the nice patio before Nick and Darren got their lazy butts out of bed. I didn’t sleep very well in a foreign bed that previous night.

We spend most of the day enjoying the beach. I admit it was nice to have a place right there on the beach.  I went in about 2 to take a nap.  I guess I was still tired from the long week.  I woke about 4 to find Nick lying there next to me.  I kissed him when we both got up.  I could hear Darren and Tim watching TV in the living room.  Nick and I joined them in the living room to discuss dinner plans for that night. I was excited to try some different than what was offered in Orlando. 

We ate at a local place that served up some of the best seafood I had ever enjoyed in quite some time.  We had a nice time eating and drinking a few cold brews.  When we returned, we brought out some beer to the patio that looked out to the beach.  It was great being there with Nick at this condo in late May.  It was fairly evident Tim was getting drunk as the night wore on and we continued to drink freely. Nick and I were feeling pretty tipsy ourselves towards the end.  Tim grew louder and more vulgar with each beer.  We hauled his ass inside the condo before the neighbors complained.

After getting Time inside, Nick and I headed to the bedroom.  We easily undressed each other and fell onto the large bed together in a passionate lip lock. I felt Nick sucking my cock just like he did the night before. I was moaning and holding his head to take all my hard cock in his mouth.  I then did the same to Nick and started fingering Nick’s ass.  I started licking and kissing his ass. I could hear Nick moaning and grunting as I bobbed my tongue in his ass.

“Oh Bren, fuck me!” Nick said. “I want you to fuck me tonight!”

I slowly stuck my cock in his hot ass. The feeling was great when I was inside my lover’s hot ass. I could feel the warmth that his ass offered around my dick.

“Oh fuck, you’re so damn hot,” I whispered into Nick’s ear.

I then felt Nick start to squirm and work my hard cock that was all the way in his ass. We both were moaning and breathing hard while I continued to fuck him. I leaned down as Nick’s hand was on the back of my head. We kissed with my cock fucking his hot ass at a steady pace.  My hands then explored Nick’s hot body as we continued to fuck. I was now ramming my hard cock in and out of his ass.

“Ooo, fuck yeah! Keep fucking me Bren!”

“Oh Nick, this is fucking hot!” I said pounding his ass. Skin was slapping skin filled the room along with our moaning and groaning. I wanted to keep fucking Nick but had to pull out.  I then saw him shot hot loads of his cum across his body. I then shot my cum where he had shot. I took my time and licked our cum off his hot body. We kissed deeply with lots of tongue while my hand was lightly touching his limp cock.

We tried to go to sleep but could hear Tim fucking the hell out of Darren in the next before. We knew that this would happen but never imagined the continuous moaning and screaming that came through the bedroom walls along with the loud squeaking of their bed.  Their sex filled encounter seemed like it would go on forever. Nick smiled at me and enters me since we were now hard again.  He quietly and slowly fucked me while Tim and Darren were noisy as ever.  My legs and arms wrapped around Nick.  Our love making was very passionate with our eyes staring into each other’s eyes.  Darren and Tim finally were silent while Nick and I continued until we came.    

I awoke the next morning, noticing that Nick was not there. I ventured into the living room and found Nick looking hot as ever still naked. I didn’t feel comfortable around others naked, despite the nice body that I was starting to develop. I sat down next to Nick and kissed him.  He laughed at me for covering up my manhood.  I didn’t care and then saw both Darren and Tim coming out of their bedroom.  Both were nude also. I realized then that it must have been fairly common around their apartment since Tim was a regular. I got a glimpse at why Darren was always so loud during sex.  Tim was standing there with a nice long uncut whopper for a dick. I admit that he did look hot nude.  They didn’t seemed embarrassed or ashamed when they saw Nick still nude.

“Come on Bren, take off those boxers and join us.” Tim said.

“Alright,” I then dropped the boxers to the floor.

“Bren you don’t have a damn thing to be ashamed of. You have a hot body, man,” Darren said staring my way.

“Thanks, both of you do too,” I said, looking at both of them cuddled together.

“Damn you guys were loud last night,” Nick laughed and held me.

“Sorry dudes, it just so fucking hot. Tim was incredible last night despite being a tad drunk!” Darren smiled at Tim.

I smiled at both Tim and Darren. “Nick and I could tell. We never thought it would end but it did wonders for Nick and I.”

“Fuck yeah, we did get a little wild last night.  His hot little ass was on fire for me last night,” Tim kissed Darren with Darren’s hand on Tim’s big cock. 

We all ate a little breakfast still nude and basking in our previous night’s man to man sex.  After eating and cleaning up the dishes, we all put on our swim trunks and headed for the white sand beach.  The beach was fairly crowded that day with a lot of families. I liked seeing all the activity that was occurring at the beach in that sun filled day.  Even though it was crowded, we still managed to play a little in the Gulf. I loved all the eye-candy that filled the beach that day with tons of sexy hot guys and girls. I enjoyed spending time with Nick when we walked up and down the beach together. We would eye each other if we spotted a hottie in the area.  We did our best not to appear as a couple that day but I am sure some could tell. 

After a long hot day at the beach, we headed inside the condo about 4 to grab go out to eat.  Tim and Darren had no shame and undressed right there in the living room before Nick and I.  I really didn’t mind seeing them nude since we had done it earlier.  After the four of us showered, Nick wanted us to go to another place that he called a dive.  We agreed to check it out.  Sure enough it was a dive but the burger I had and the steak the others enjoyed was great after a long hot day at the beach. I really enjoyed how casual the place was with lots of beach goers filling the place to grab something to eat.  After eating, we continued to hang out on their deck, enjoying the cool breeze off the Gulf and downing a few beers there.  I will admit I was enjoying the laid back style of the whole area and never felt rushed.  I could tell that I was starting to get tanned and could really tell it now. Nick was really starting to get a deep dark tan as was Tim. Darren had a light complexion and didn’t tan as well. 

After coming back from our night at the dive, we all hung out on the patio outside the condo, finishing off the beer we had brought. We all sat around and talked while watching the waves roll in. It was so romantic to hear that and to have Nick at my side. I could see Tim and Darren enjoyed the calm relaxing sound too since they were curled up beside one another. I hoped Nick and I would still be as romantic as Tim and Darren after one year of dating. They still seemed to have that electric spark of romance going.

That night, Nick and I retired to that luxurious king size bed.  Nick was all over me that night after we lay down.  I wanted Nick after eyeing all the hot people at the beach. After teasing each other, we sucked each other’s hot dicks. Nick then let me feel his dick in my ass. It was great again that night.  Nick was quite romantic that night. He mostly kissed me while his dick was deep inside me. I loved the feel of his dick that night.  We seemed to really spark an added connection that romance filled night.  We seemed in perfect rhythm when we fucked.  There was not much sound except that which was coming from Tim and Darren’s room.  I didn’t care that we were quiet since Nick was so hot and romantic that night.  I took his dick for at least 20 minutes that night. Our releases were steamy hot and covered each other’s hot bodies.  I didn’t want the night to end.  We barely spoke a word as we could still hear Tim pounding Darren in the next room.  It was nice to fall asleep curled up next to Nick that night.

I got up early to make the most out of my last day.  I was shocked to see Darren up too.  He was like me and wanted to enjoy the beach that morning. It was nice to see an uncrowded beach that morning.  I then felt a soft kiss on my cheek and looked up and saw Nick standing there above me. 

“Damn Nick, you are dark,” Darren noticed. “I wish I could get that fucking dark but that shit ain’t happening.

“Hot as hell, huh?” Nick then pulled down his boxer to reveal his sexy tan line.

“Bren, you are one lucky guy to bag this dude,” Darren said.

“Tim is hot too, Darren,” I said. “We heard you guys last night.  I know why you are so loud though.”

“Yeah, Tim is a great fuck.  I just can’t help but vocalize myself when he fucks me.  It feels so damn good,” Darren said, then saw Tim looking hot in his boxers, too.  Tim was not to be outdone and displayed his tan line to all of us.  I believe Tim would go around naked if that was allowed there and had no shame. I don’t blame him though since he had nothing to be ashamed of. 

After eating whatever we could find in the kitchen, we all headed off to the beach.  Since this was our last day, we made the most of it.  I know I was sure tired when we called it a day around 1:30.  We packed up our belongings, careful not to leave anything and headed back.  I slept most of the way home on Nick’s shoulder.  They had to wake me up when I got to my house after 4 in the afternoon.  It was good to be home, but I really enjoyed being with Nick, Darren and Tim. I really did feel I got to know them better.  I gave Nick a hot kiss, unloaded my bag and went inside after a tiresome yet refreshing long weekend.  I looked forward to the short work week that lies ahead.

To be continued…