I got up the next Monday morning and put on my best suit since I was in the final stages of my training for my promotion.  I was envious a little of Jacob because he just wore a uniform as a mechanic at the local dealership.  Jacob always liked tinkering with cars where I was more academically inclined. He was starting to make some good money now. I never realized how much those ‘grease monkeys’ made working for a dealership. 

I was home at the normal time while Jacob arrived a little later since he worked a little further away from my house.  He seemed a great mood when he came in.  He cleaned off the sweat and grease from his body while I changed to go work out.  It felt so good to be out of my suit. 

We headed off and found Ant there waiting for us before we started to work out.  Jacob filled Ant in on his hot girl since we didn’t see him any over the weekend for he had to work at his part-time job at the local museum.  I still could not see Ant there but I guess he needed the credits to graduate next spring. I admit that I was really enjoying our regular workouts now since the results began to show it works in all of us. 

“You guys got plans tonight?” Ant asked after we showered.

“Dude, I am going to Kris’ place.” Jacob said.

“Ant, you can come hang with me for a little while if you want,” I said.

“Sure that’s cool with me.” Ant said. We got in our respective vehicles and headed back to my place which was a short 5 minute drive. 

Jacob seemed to be in a hurry for he ran inside to change right quick.  Ant and I just chilled a little and talked. Jacob practically ran out the door to be back with his girl Kris.

“Damn, he is in a hurry to get to that girl,” Ant said.

“Yeah, I guess she is waiting on him,” I said.

“I wish I had someone special in my life that made me that way.”

“You haven’t found a girl, I take it?” I said.

“Hell no. I don’t guess I am looking in the right places.”

“If you don’t mind me saying, you shouldn’t have any problems finding one.”

“I wish that was true. I clam up when I am alone with one.”

“Yeah, I can see that. You seemed to hit it off with us pretty well.”

“Yeah, I can make guy friends but girls are a different story. My fucking hand is about to wear out if I don’t find someone soon,” Ant laughed.

“I haven’t had to worry much with that lately.” I said.

“I gotcha. I guess you and Nick are pretty tight, huh?” Ant said.

“Yeah we are,” I said.

“That’s cool Bren. I take it Jacob doesn’t have a problem with you getting freaky with a guy around him,” Ant smiled.

“If he does, he doesn’t say so,” I stated. “Nick and I try to be as private as possible with our affection.  We both understand how some people feel about two guys kissing.”

I enjoyed talking to him for a little while longer. He was gone shortly thereafter.  I seriously had my doubts if he was 100 percent straight laced.  He never once mentioned or hinted at having a girl but maybe he was just shy and all.  While I was cleaning up the house a little, Jacob came home. He went straight to his room without saying a word.

I opened his door and saw him just watching TV as he was down to his boxer briefs.  He just was staring at the TV.

“Is there a problem?” I asked.

“No I am just tired,” Jacob said barely acknowledging that I was even there.

“Okay I guess I will see you in the morning.” I said.

“Fuck Bren, you read me like a fucking book. Kris is fucking bisexual! She wanted me to fuck her tonight while she ate out some nasty bitch. I didn’t want any part of that shit now.”

“Jacob, I thought straight guys got turned on by lesbian sex acts.”

“Dude that shit is hot in porn but her girl was a fucking dyke. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she didn’t have nuts on her too.”

I just laughed then I sat down next to Jacob in his bed, “Well you didn’t at least try it.”

“I tried but hell she was more interested in being with that fucking other bitch. I fucking left her ass eating that nasty dyke’s pussy.”

“So she didn’t have nuts then.”

“Very fucking funny, Bren,” Jacob said with a down look on his face. “I just knew this was the one.  This was totally out in left field.”

“Well you should have told her that if she did that shit, you would bring a guy and suck him too.”

“Hell no dude. There was no way I was even going to hint at that shit,” Jacob said.

“Well you did like being with me,” I saw a tent in Jacob’s boxer briefs.

“Bren that shit was different,” Jacob said.

“Why was it different?” I questioned him then put my hand on his crotch.

“I don’t know if I could be sexual with another guy other than you,” Jacob said putting my hand down his boxer briefs. His big hard dick felt so good.

“In other words, you won’t let another guy do this,” I leaned over, licked and stuck his cock in my mouth.

“Oh fuck Bren that feels so fucking hot.” Jacob said while leaning back on his elbows and letting me freely go at his cock.

I liked the fact that I initiated the sex that night. I was sucking my little brother’s cock the best I could. I was so turned on by his story and by Ant I need to be with someone that night.  I then felt Jacob reach down and push down the shorts that I had on.  I adjusted and let him suck me a little bit now.  His mouth felt good on my dick while I continued to suck his hot cock.  Jacob just sucked my dick with his hand gripping the base of my cock and pumping it a little.

I could hear Jacob groaning as I was too. I was fully into sucking his dick. I then felt the warm sensation when he released his load down my throat.  He pulled off of me and then I unleashed a fury of cum shots across his hot chest. I kissed him with his cum on my breath and got up to leave to go to my bed.

“Sleep with me, Bren. Please!” Jacob said. I made a u-turn and lay beside him. We talked a little before he and I were both asleep in his small double bed.  He was all over me that night so I got up in the middle of the night and just went to sleep in my own bed. 

The next day I headed start over to Nick’s place after work.  I was glad I brought a change of clothes with me to change out of my suit when I got to Nick’s. He wanted to cook for me and his roommate. Nick’s cooking was wonderful and so was his selection of wine that he served with the meal.  His roommate left after eating as I got to be alone with Nick.

I didn’t have much time to waste so we sucked each other’s dicks on the couch. He then had me lean on the couch when he licked and fingered my hole.  I moaned in pleasure and waited to feel his dick in me.

“Oh fuck me Nick! I want fucked!” I screamed when I felt his hot dick in my ass as I braced against the back of the couch. Nick then started slamming his hot dick in and out my ass. It felt so good and I didn’t care that it lacked a lot of passion.  We liked to fuck rough every once in a while to spice things up.

“Oh Bren, take my cock dude! Fuck yeah!” Nick moaned and continued to fuck my ass.

I was doing my best not to slip down and kept offering my ass to him.  Then he sat on the couch then I mounted his dick facing him. It was a little uncomfortable at first but offered us a chance to kiss while I rode his hot cock and then he started slamming my ass again.  He was thrusting his hips into me, feeling every inch of his hot cock.  We shared a passionate kiss while he continued to fuck my wanting ass.  We both started to sweat for the intense action and the heat generated by our sex. Then I looked and saw Nick pull his hot dick out of me and explode ropes of white creamy jizz on me. I then jacked off then Nick took over and started sucking me until I came in his mouth.  He feed me a little of my cum as we kissed. 

I hated to leave Nick but I gathered my stuff, careful not to leave anything behind.  We kissed passionately with Nick still naked before I headed off to my house. 

All I could think about was how hot Nick seemed to be that night.  I was home around 11 and figured Jacob was asleep.  I crawled into bed and noticed my box of condoms sitting on my nightstand. I just put them back where they belonged. I guess they were still sitting out since Nick was over.

The next day I had to stay late at work and hated to miss our regular workout session with Ant.  I finally was home before Jacob came in.  I was enjoying a cold brew whne Jacob came home. 

“We missed you tonight,” Jacob said.

“Yeah I know. I missed working out too,” I said. “Ant not with you tonight?”

“Nah he said he guessed he would just go home. He was tired I guess,” Jacob grabbed a beer and joined me.

We talked about work and what was happening with his impending divorce.  I was glad to hear that he thought it might be wrapped up soon.  We just watched TV some before heading off to bed to read a little bit. To be honest, I was surprised when I heard Jacob’s door shut since I figured he would want to get off with me again.

The next two days went smoothly and was glad it was finally Friday but knew that Monday I would be out on my own at the ad agency. They had assigned me the central area because they wanted to concentrate more on the local business for the time being. This meant very few nights away from home except when I meet with clients in Jacksonville unless it was a one day ordeal. Jacob came home and we were off to work out.  I was enjoyed to be back working out but I told Nick earlier we would hookup after I worked out.  We kept it short and sweet as Ant and Jacob wanted to hit the bars with a few of Jacob’s friends.  I dressed for my time with Nick while Jacob and Ant did the same while Ant brought some clothes with him this time.  While I was leaving, I saw that both Jacob and Ant looked hot that night since they would be hitting the night life soon.

When I finally showed up at Nick’s apartment, I found he eagerly waiting on me.  I was glad to see him since our schedules didn’t allow us to meet since Tuesday.  Nick wanted to see what I called an “art film” at the theater.  I was surprised at how well I enjoyed the little independent film.  We then grabbed a quick bite before heading back to his place.

We caught his roommate and his lover in the act of fucking on the couch but didn’t bat an eye as we headed straight to Nick’s room.  Nick fell into my arms as we could hear his roommate screaming since he was getting fucked hard by his lover.  I loved the sound of hot fucking coming from the next room while Nick slowly undressed me and I did the same to him.

Damn I loved sucking his hot dick as we 69ed. I was fingering his hot hole while I was sucking his nice dick.  I then laid on his stomach, lifted up his hot ass and then started to rim it the best I knew how.  I was great to eat his ass with it perched high in the air with my hands propping him up while I tongued and kissed his ass. Nick was moaning and groaning with my actions.

I slipped my dick in his quivering ass.  He grabbed me and pulled me into him. My hard cock was now deep in his ass when he started working my cock with his ass.  He was a pro at that for he seemed to know all the right moves. He was a fucking hot ass bottom. We both moaned slightly.  I wanted there to be a lot of passion that night in our sex.  I was long dicking his ass and slowly working it in and out to let him feel every inch of my hard dick in him. 

We passionately made love for almost 30 minutes until I felt him explode between us.  I pulled out just in time to send my cum on his hot abs.  He pulled me tight into his body to steal a great kiss.  I hated that he had a family function the next day since I had to drive home late that night. 

I was home around midnight. I saw that Jacob wasn’t home yet so I crawled into bed.  I figured he was having fun with his buddies at some local ‘meat market’.  I never heard him come home that night since I was sound asleep after a long week.

I was up earlier than usual for a Saturday since I wanted to get my laundry done.  I heard what I thought was Ant. He was up early also and figured he had something going that day too.  He came out of the bathroom and went to the spare bedroom to the spare bedroom with a towel at his waist. 

“Hey Bren, I got to go to work. I guess I will see you later.” Ant said.

“I’ll see ya then,” I said.  Ant walked out the door and headed to his car parked along the curb. 

I let Jacob sleep as long as he wanted but he was up shortly after Ant left since he said he and his buddies were heading over to the beach for the day. He asked if I wanted to come along but I said I would just hang around the house some.  With Jacob gone for the day, I was alone at the house for a change.  I cleaned up my room and shut the door on Jacob’s room because I didn’t want to go near that mounting mess.  I changed the sheets on the spare bed that Ant was sleeping on.  The grocery store was next to replenish food and beer for us. 

I watched a movie that night hoping Nick would call but he did only to ask if I would be up for going to the beach the next day with his roommate and his boyfriend. I agreed but said I needed to be home early since I started my new position that Monday.

I fell asleep watching the movie and saw the credits rolling across the screen before I decided to get up and go to my bed.  I figured Jacob would be home later since he was having a big time with his friends at the beach.

I was up early again and waited for Nick’s arrival for the beach.  I noticed Jacob didn’t make it home that night and left a note as to where I was.

I heard Nick’s roommate pull up and out the door I went.  It took about an hour to get there since his roommate wanted to go to a mostly gay beach on the Atlantic side.  It was not that crowded and did see mostly guys or girls paired up.  I had never been to a beach like this but could tell it was going to be nice since it wasn’t loaded with screaming kids and families.  Nick looked hot as ever wearing a low cut blue bikini against his dark skin. I thought I looked great as well with my white skin tight trunks.  It was nice just lying next to Nick and seeing his great dark body. If we felt like kissing, we would without shame or harassment.  I enjoyed the freedom offered at this beach and no one staring a hole through you if you were passionate with the same sex.  We stayed for a while and had lunch at a great place near our beach. We returned to the beach after eating and stayed the rest of the day.  I could feel the sun on my body as the day wore on.  Nick was great at keeping sunscreen on me. We couldn’t play much in the water since the Atlantic always seemed cool until later in the summer. 

I was glad to be home at the end of the day and just kissed Nick goodbye.  I saw Ant’s car parked on the street when we drove up.  Jacob and Ant were inside watching ESPN or some other show when I got inside with my stuff from the beach.  I went to shower off once I got inside. 

I wanted to get to bed early that night so I just read some stuff in bed after talking with Ant and Jacob a little while.   I felt the bed on my face since I had dozed off. You know that will scare you when that happens but I just turned off the lamp and went to sleep. I set the alarm early for the next morning and wanted to start out on the right note.

To be continued…