Divorced Brother- 6

Jacob and I were up that Monday morning while Ant was sound asleep in the spare bedroom.  We rarely spoke in the morning while we got dressed and headed off to our jobs. I hoped that Ant wouldn’t spend the day at my house and would just get up and leave. It was just two weeks until my impending promotion at work.  I spent most of the day out of the office because my superior showed me around a little bit.  My feet ached when I headed home that afternoon. I was hope a little earlier than usual and found Ant had gone home.  I propped my tired feet on the couch while I read the paper with the TV on as back ground noise.

I heard Jacob drive up then and get out. He headed straight to the shower being his normal routine.  He then dressed to go work out while I was still on the couch.

“Dude, my fucking ass hurt all damn day. Is that normal?” Jacob said.

I just laughed, “Yeah sometimes that happens you know when you get that hot ass fucked.”

“Dude, never fucking again is anything entering my precious ass other than maybe a girl’s finger,” Jacob said he didn’t care for me laughing at him.

“Dude, my ass hurt for like a couple of day the first time I had anal sex. It will be fine,” I said.

“Get your lazy ass up and let’s go to the gym,” Jacob said. “Hopefully that will work some of the soreness out.”

That was just what I needed then I dressed and we headed out.  Ant was there raring to go when we arrived at the gym.  He wanted us to try some new techniques he saw in a muscle magazine.  We were game since our normal workout did near the edge of boredom.  I was about to pass out when we hit the showers together.  This seemed old hat by now because we had seen each other’s naked body often and now were proud to be naked by whoever entered the locker room.

Jacob wanted to go hang with Ant at his place while I just wanted to go home and collapse. Jacob dropped me off at the house. Ant followed us and showed Jacob the way to his place.  I practically died on the couch and was fast asleep there when Jacob came in around 11 or so.  He woke me to go to bed. I drug my tired body to bed. 

The next day, Tuesday, Jacob came in fuming while I was again home early.

“That Stephanie is such a fucking bitch!” Jacob said as he slammed the door. (Stephanie was Jacob’s soon to be ex-wife.)

“What did she do now, Jacob?”

“Look at this shit, Bren! She wants me to pay half her fucking credit card bill,” Jacob ranted and he threw the faxed copy down on the sofa.

“Dude, no way can she do this. Look this is after you moved out. What is she thinking?”

“That’s what I told my attorney. She is just doing this so she won’t have to pay me my money she owes me. That fucking bitch!”

“Dude, it will work out.”

“My attorney said he could prove that I was not living there at the time, but that this would drag this shit out and cost my ass more money.”

“I see she is just trying to see how long your funds can last and your patience.”

“You got that shit right. Fuck, I want this shit over with in a hurry.”

“Just be patient. Calm down,” I said since I saw the rage in Jacob’s eyes.

He then slammed his hand into his door to his bedroom and busted a big hole in it. “FUCK!”

“You okay!” I said after running to find a hole in Jacob’s door.

“Yeah, man did I ever fucking need that,” Jacob said while he shook his hand.  “Don’t worry your little ass I will fix it. Fuck, I hate that bitch!”

Jacob headed to the shower and called the girl I saw him with earlier.  I needed to get away too so I headed back to the gym to do some cardio stuff on the treadmill or what ever was available. I arrived at the gym and saw Ant on a treadmill and grabbed the one next to him so we talked as we ran.  I told him what Jacob had done to the door. We both laughed at how stupid Jacob could be at times when he let his temper take control of him. Ant told me he and Jacob had a good time last night and that I would have to come by some time to see his place and hang out.

We hopped in the hot tub while two teens stared at us. We continued to talk after they finally got up and left. I did however enjoy seeing both of their hot teen asses while they walked away.  We showered without any thought and headed our separate ways.  I was hoping that Jacob was calmed down since he wasn’t home when I got there.  I enjoyed the peace and quiet alone. I had to satisfy myself since I do so by looking at hot gay porn on the computer.  I was glad I didn’t have to do that much but it sure felt good.

I was up the next day while I heard Jacob come in the door and dress and leave without saying a word.  I figured he had had his fun and didn’t want to talk about it.  I had to stay late that night and called to tell Jacob to go without me since I didn’t know what time I would be home.  When I finally got home around 7:30, Jacob and Ant were watching TV and having a beer. I grabbed one out of the frig and joined them.

Ant stayed until around 10 after which Jacob and I headed off to bed.  I guess his curiosity was cured now since he said he had a date Friday night again with his girl.  I longed for Nick’s affection and to hold him again because I truly missed him. It was great to hear his voice that night on the phone since we at least had some hot phone sex that night while he was in Atlanta for his job. It was a great relief when I busted on the phone with Nick that night.  Never once thought phone sex could be hot but I was proved wrong. Now I could not wait until I saw him that weekend to reenact our talk since we made plans to spend the whole weekend together.

Friday couldn’t have come soon enough for either Jacob or me.  I again had to wait until his flight arrived.  He called me after we worked out around 7 and headed to my place.  Jacob was ready for his date.

“Don’t look for me home this weekend. Kris and I are staying at her place that way you and Nick can have the place to yourselves.”

“Thanks Jacob. See ya later.”

“Don’t get fucked too much, Bren.”

“Is there such a thing, Jacob?”

“Hell no, I don’t guess there is since I plan on fucking my ass off this weekend with Kris,” Jacob laughed and left the house for his date all dressed in his tight faded jeans and tight polo shirt to show off his big chest. 

Nick was there around 7; we kissed as he entered the house.  Our clothes lined the living room and hall since I wanted him right then and he seemed to want the same.  Nick took my cock in his mouth and made hot love to it while I did the same to his cock.  I mounted his ass from behind while I fucked him doggie-style. Damn did that ass feel so fucking hot.

“Oh fuck me, Bren. I want it!” Nick screamed while I was giving him my cock as hard as I could.

“Oh fuck, I missed you,” I said. I grabbed his hair and we kissed.  Damn did I miss this hot boy.  I flipped him onto his back with my cock still inside of him.  Our lips were locked together with my cock going in and out of his ass.  Our hands were going crazy on each other’s hot bodies. It was hot to see Nick under me while I fucked him deep and hard. He smelled great with his manly cologne oozing forth from his pores.  He exploded between us while I was deep in him. I pulled out and covered his sweet abs with my juice. 

“What a fucking welcome home!” Nick said.

“Fuck yeah, can you tell how much I missed you?” I said with a wet passionate kiss.

“Sure could! Can you tell I wanted fucked?” Nick smiled.  I grabbed him for a passionate make out session on top of my bed.  My room reeked of cum and sex between two guys. 

We hated getting dressed but did so to go eat something.  I kept staring into his eyes while we ate and chatted.  We went straight to my house after finishing and sat in the living room to watch television together.  It was a futile effort since we mostly made out until heading back to my room.  His cock felt so good that night in that he passionately and slowly fucked me. There was a lot of kissing while we fucked with me on top of him with his dick buried deep inside me. I loved the feel of Nick in me while I thrust my ass to feel a little more of him in my ass. Nick picked up the pace and rammed his cock in and out of my ass.  My screams of passion echoed off the walls.  After a nice long hot fuck, Nick pulled out of me. I wanted Nick’s cum on my face while I leaned over as he shot his load all over my face and forehead.  Leaning over, my mouth cleaned his cock while Nick jacked me off.  I finally came on my stomach.  Nick used his wet tongue to lick the cum off my body.  He collapsed on top of me and rammed his tongue in my mouth.  We continued to make out and light stroke each other’s fit hot bodies.  Nick put his arm around me and cuddled up close.  We spoke softly to each other before I was sound asleep in his arms.

I was up and at it while Nick proudly came to where I was sitting and planted a hot morning kiss on my cheek.  He looked incredibly hot to me in his cute boxers.  I volunteered to cook something for him, but he would have none of that.  We ate at some franchise breakfast place that was full of tourists and a few locals.  We both agreed we hated to see the start of tourist season again because it doubled the traffic and most out-of-towners had no idea where they were going.  It was great for the local economy and such but hell for the locals. Sure Orlando has tourist year round but at the middle of May the influx started until the middle of September.  You always had to plan your routes carefully and avoid at all cost the tourist destinations in and around Orlando.  The only time I ever went to Disney or Universal or Sea World was if I had a visitor, which was rare. 

We headed back to my place and chilled for a little while. We caught a little sun in my backyard in our bikinis that afternoon.  It was nice having my boyfriend around and basically doing nothing for most of the day.  We made plans to rent a movie for the night and stay close to the house.  I didn’t mind at all since we both wanted to relax.  We shared a nice bottle of wine and a quick meal together. Sex that night was again charged to the max as we flip-flopped. It is great to find a lover that is not exclusively top or bottom. 

I was surprised to see Jacob home early that Sunday while Nick and I were still naked lying together on the couch. Nick didn’t know how to act in that Jacob came and sat in the chair next to us.  He normally heads back to his room and chills until we are dressed.  Hell, it was great for Jacob to see Nick’s entire hot body.

“Looks like you guys had a hot weekend,” Jacob said.

“Oh hell yeah, how about you?” I asked.

“Not too bad. Kris and I really seem to be hitting it off pretty well,” Jacob said.

“That’s cool. Bren and I have enjoyed each other as well,” Nick said.

“I can tell you did,” Jacob said. “It’s nice to see my brother and his boyfriend all naked cuddled up together as big time lovers.”

“Thanks, what you got on tap today?” I asked.

“Oh, one of my buds wants to play in a league game with them over at some gym where he has a team,” Jacob said.

“That’s why you are home so early,” I said.

“Yeah, well I just thought I would see how your weekend went. I will catch you two lovers later,” Jacob said and went back to his room to change. He came out in his shorts sagging low and his shirt thrown off his shoulder to impress Nick and me as well.  We smiled at each other after he left.

As soon as Jacob was gone Nick and I had sex right there on the couch. We ended up fucking in the floor. I was deep in Nick’s ass. I loved looking down and seeing him below me while I fucked his ass. Our eyes made contact the whole time I fucked him in the floor.

“Oh fuck me harder!” Nick screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Oh fuck yeah!” I said as I was pounded his ass. My balls were slapping his cute ass while Nick jacked off his dick. He moaned and screamed while fucking him hard and rough there in the living room carpet. He exploded onto his abs and pubes. I kept fucking him until I was on the brink of shooting too. I covered his balls and dick with my nut. We kissed while Nick was covered in our cum. We enjoyed a hot shower together to cleanse off our bodies.  I hated to see Nick head out the door when the time came for him to leave.  He spoke of not being home since he landed Friday plus we both had work the next day. 

Jacob was home shortly after Nick was gone while I was doing our laundry.  We tried to alternate that task but I usually ended up doing it. Jacob stripped right there in front of me in that I had just started a fresh load of laundry. I could smell his manly sweat because he threw his dirty clothes in with some of mine.  Jacob headed off to the shower while I threw more detergent and fabric softener in the load. 

Jacob came out with a towel around his waist and looked as hot as ever.  There was something about that that really made me look twice. Jacob grabbed him something to eat and just ate on the couch, watching ESPN.  I ate with him since the laundry was finishing. 

“Oh Kris is coming over here in a while.” Jacob said.

“Great! I have wanted to meet this new girl of yours,” I said.

“I doubt if we end up on the couch naked like you and Nick, but you never know.”

“Sorry about that Jacob, I wasn’t expecting you so soon. I hope you didn’t mind.”

“No bro, it was cool with me. This is still your house. Do whatever shit you want. If I get tired of it, I will move on. Besides Bren, I must admit that Nick is…fucking hot.”

“I agree totally and glad you approve of him.  He’s really a great guy and is really great in bed as well,” I boasted with pride.

“I bet he is. I could really you are starting to fall for him big time.”

“I really am in love with him,” I smiled. 

“You guys going to move in together here pretty soon?” Jacob asked.

“Not for a little while longer. We have talked about for a minute but we like our independence and the way things our now.” I commented. “Jacob we might need to cool some with our sex.  I’m feeling a little guilty about it.”

“It’s cool. Kris is satisfying me sexually as well.  I would freak the fuck out if she found you and I were fucking brothers,” Jacob laughed. “Give me a little head’s up so I can find another place.  I like Nick and all but not sure about living with my brother and his boyfriend would work unless he’s willing to share.”

“I let you know so enough,” I said.

I cleaned up the dirty dishes and put them in the kitchen sink.  Jacob was half undressed by the time he went back to prepare for his date.

I enjoyed having Jacob around during his transitional stage of his life. I figured he would be ready to move on soon but his rent sure helped out.  I then saw him in some killer shorts and a cool shirt. I could tell he didn’t want to look too sloppy around his new girl. 

His girl Kris arrived around 6. She really didn’t look like most of Jacob’s dates and was lacking that classic slutty look that seemed to attract Jacob’s attention lately.  She seemed very conservative in her dress when Jacob kissed her when she got there.  I cleaned up the kitchen while they were on the couch.

“Bren, you can join us if you want,” Jacob said with his arm around Kris.

“I will here in just a second,” I said while I finished folding the laundry and putting it away. I sat down in the chair next to them.

“Bren, Jacob here has told me so much about you,” Kris said. “It is so nice of you to take him in.”

“Yeah he is cool most of the time,” Jacob said.

“Thanks, Kris. I don’t see how you put up with him,” I said while I winked at them.

“He is so sweet,” Kris said. “Bren, Jacob tells me you are gay.”

“Yes I am,” I said proudly.

“I have a younger brother who is too. He just came out this past fall,” Kris said, “but I knew a while before he came out to the rest of the family.  A sister usually finds out this stuff.”

“Dude, she caught him in the act blowing some dude,” Jacob said.

“I bet that was embarrassing for him,” I said.

“It was just as embarrassing for me. I didn’t know what to say,” Kris said. “He’s cool with now and laughs about it though he wasn't laughing when I caught him.”

“How old is he?” I asked.

“He is a freshman in college now. I caught him this summer,” Kris said. “I was beginning to wonder before then so it wasn’t a big shock.  He’s a really cute guy I must admit.  It was funny though covering for him all summer when he and his little boyfriend got really involved.”

We continued to talk and found that Kris was a legal secretary at a small law firm downtown. She was very sweet and I hoped Jacob had found a good one.  After a while, Jacob and Kris went to his bedroom to be alone and other things. It wasn’t long before I could hear the sounds of sex coming through the walls. It was easy to hear Kris screaming and moaning with Jacob’s headboard sounding off against the wall. I smiled to myself and knew Jacob was banging her hard.  Finally after a good twenty minutes, the noises stopped.  Kris and Jacob emerged from his room.  Kris emerged from the room with her hair a mess and adjusting her shirt.  She smiled at me and left the house.

I heard Jacob’s TV on when it was time for bed. I slowly opened the door and found Jacob still naked on top of his bed.

“Hot as hell, huh?” Jacob said.

“I heard you banging her. She is loud,” I said.

“Fuck yeah, she loves my cock, dude, but you know she will not give me head,” Jacob said.

“Damn you must hate that,” I said.

“Fuck do I ever,” Jacob said. “I bet Nick and you always suck each other before fucking.”

“Yeah we usually do and it is great!”

“I don’t understand why girls dislike sucking dick so damn much.  Hell, I love eating pussy and ate her pussy out good before we fucked,” Jacob said. “She’s one of hell of a fuck though.  She really does get into it and loves it rough. I love hearing a girl's moans when I fuck em.”

“She’s on the pill, I hope.”

“She’s says she is.  She better be is all I’ll say since my load went deep in that wet hot pussy tonight like she wanted me to.  I don’t want a kid right now.”

“Isn’t that the truth,” I stated. “I’ll see you in the morning or tomorrow after work.”

“Unless you want to suck my dick since she didn’t.”

I shut the door and headed off to bed leaving him there wanting me to suck him off.  It wouldn't be right after a great weekend with Nick plus I didn’t want to taste her pussy on his dick.  That would be so very nasty!

To be continued…