Divorced Brother- 5

I woke the next morning that Tuesday still not knowing what to make of last night after getting fucked by my brother.  All I know is that I sure loved seeing my brother’s hot body on top of me.  I woke him up and off we went to your respective jobs.  I was home a little later that afternoon, just stuck in traffic, which is becoming increasingly worse here in Orlando.

Jacob seemed to be in a great mood that day. He came out of the shower with just a towel around his waist.  He came over and kissed me on the cheek to welcome me home but I didn’t mind at all.  I was still confused at the whole situation.  I know I still wanted to be with Nick but enjoyed having sex with my brother, just the same.  I know it is weird and very incestuous, but damn it was so hot.  Just to think he was sort of freaked out by the whole gay sex thing just a few weeks ago. He now seemed to enjoy a little man-to-man hot sexual contact with his older gay brother.

Jacob was out the door after dressing in his basketball shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt.  I will admit my brother looked so sexy.  Nick called and said he was on his way over.

I was happy to see Nick again while thoughts of Jacob still darted in my head. We mostly made out before heading to my bedroom for intense fuck session.  Damn, could Nick fuck an ass and make it feel out of this world. Shit, I loved every second he was buried deep inside me.  Jacob came home while Nick and I were like two dogs in heat. My bed was shaking while I continued to feel Nick’s hot cock in my ass. I didn’t care if Jacob heard my deep moans of passion or my bed squeaking with our action. I was so into Nick fucking me. I did hear the shower running when Nick and I finally came.  Nick didn’t stay long after that because he and I both had to work the next day. I loved Nick so much now but thoughts of Jacob kept popping my head.

Jacob slowly opened the door and said, “Who is a better fuck, Bren?”

“That is so unfair,” I said while there still naked after having passionate sex with Nick.

“No, it is not. Which one of us is the best fuck,” Jacob said. I tried to cover myself just a little. Jacob saw the mess we made on my sheets and smiled.

“I guess Nick is since he’s more experienced with a guy,” I said because Nick was more passionate and not as raw as Jacob was.

“Okay at least you are honest about it,” said Jacob and sat on my bed.  “Dude, I am so fucking confused right now. I keep thinking how fucking nasty having sex with another guy is but then know how much I loved fucking your hot ass last night.”

“Hell, I am too Jacob. I love both of you.  I love you because you are my brother. I love Nick like a boyfriend and lover.”

“Yeah, maybe we went too far, dude.”

“No it is cool. Honestly Jacob, I think it is a lot of gay guy’s fantasy to have hot sex with a fine ass straight guy, much less be their younger brother. I never dreamed it would actually happen since I know how much you love girls. I wasn’t expecting it with you of all people.”

“Well, I guess that damn cat is out of the bag. I will admit I did enjoy fucking you last night and am not ashamed I did it either.  In all honesty, guys are much easier to get in the sack.”

“I know, Jacob. We both want the same thing.”

“Tell me about it. Dude, most straight guys would never admit to ever wanting to get off with another guy, but it wasn’t too bad, especially with my hot brother.”

Jacob lay beside in bed until we finally went to sleep. I really loved having him sleep with me whereas I felt so protected.

When we both arrived at home that Wednesday, we got ready to meet Ant at the gym.  We were stunned that he never showed up.  We went through our work out and each wondered what had happened to Ant. I was really starting to get the hang of this routine and could start to see the results because I thought I was getting bigger especially in my chest.  My abs were really starting to show my hard work too and I loved it.  Jacob was starting to really develop also more while I could tell that his body seemed toned and ripped as ever from all the activity he did like working out and playing basketball.  I guess he wanted to still impress the ladies when that opportunity arrived. 

The next day, Thursday, Jacob was again off to play basketball with his buddies while I headed over to the gym since Nick was out of town for the night.  I was shocked to see Ant there while I started my cardio workout. I saw him in the locker room and stopped him.

“Hey Ant, how is it going? We missed you last night,” I said.

“Not too bad, dude. Yeah, I was busy last night. Sorry I didn’t make it. Man is it ever hot up in here tonight,” Ant said.

“That’s cool. We thought something might have been up. You rarely miss a work out.  We really do like hanging with you and working out with you. Dude, you are getting pretty buff,” I said hoping not to embarrass Ant with my honest remarks.

“I really wanted to come last night but I was just too damn busy. Yeah, I can tell too that working out has really done wonders to my body. Thanks for noticing,” Ant said. “I guess I will see you guys here tomorrow.”

I actually wondered what was keeping him because he always seemed to look forward to our group workout but knew it must have been important or something that really needed his immediate attention.  I got in the car and headed home and listened to some Green Day on the way home.

Jacob was there with two of his friends downing a few brews. I spoke to them in a friendly manner while I headed off to the shower. Jacob’s friends were nice looking but not what I classified as hot. They seemed to be in the jock mold just like Jacob. I could hear them getting loud so I headed to my room to just play on the computer a little bit.  I was glad to see Jacob having a good time with his friends, but hoped they didn’t stay too long. They were gone at 10. Jacob then knocked on my door.

“I hope we weren’t too loud.”

“No, it is cool,” I said but sure was glad they had gone.

“Well, I guess I will catch you in the morning,” Jacob said.

The next day was again hell at work as I continued to prepare for my upcoming promotion.  I was glad that 5 o’clock finally came. I cranked up the stereo to some alternative rock on my radio to ease my stress of work. I always liked to sing along while driving the interstate home.  Jacob was his normal grubby self when he got home and headed off to the shower. 

We went to the gym after Jacob finished showering and having a cold one to refresh by.  Ant was there waiting on us despite being there the previous day.  I ventured to the free weights to be with Jacob and Ant.  Both were helpful in my attempts to progress along in the weight room.  At first, it was intimidating but I resided to the fact all of them had to start some where to become built. I was sore in different places and slap worn out by the time we showered together. Ant asked if we wanted to join him for a bite to eat.

We agreed to follow him to a nice casual restaurant where we won’t feel too undressed.  The food was great in that Ant introduced us to some Korean food.  He said it was as close to the real stuff as you would find in Orlando.  He treated us at the end. He went his separate way while Jacob and I headed home.

I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with Ant and Jacob but longed for Nick.  Nick and I set something up for the next night when I got home. 

“I heard you talking to Nick, Bren.”

“Yeah, I am seeing him tomorrow night since he can’t see me this weekend.”

“Missing that ass, huh?”

“No, I just like being around him.”

“Shit Bren, I bet you get some ass since you guys won’t be together any over the week.”

“Damn Jacob, you think all we do is have sex.” I said but knew he was right.

“Yeah Bren, I bet your ass gets fucking laid tonight.”

“I bet it doesn’t. I can control myself unlike you.”

“Yeah right, Bren. You’re just a typical male with a big sex drive.  I don’t see a damn thing wrong with it,” Jacob smiled at me.

“I bet you we don’t have sex,” I said in earnest.

“Keep thinking that, Bren,” Jacob said.

I made up my mind to show him that it was not all about sex and more about just being with Nick.  I headed off to my room to read some fiction from an author that I enjoyed.  I could hear Jacob in his room since he had the TV turned up so loud.

“Jacob, turn that down.”

“Fuck Bren, it is not that loud!”

I jumped out of bed and found him lying on top of his bed naked. “Jacob, it is way too loud.”

“No, it is not.”

“Yes it is. I am going to bed here in a minute.”

“Oh Bren, just suck my fucking dick, bitch!” Jacob said while grabbing his cock that was hanging between his legs.

“You fucking wish!” I slammed the door and was very pissed off at his attitude towards me and his disrespect. I finally heard him turned it off after trying to go to sleep for about 30 minutes.

The next afternoon after hanging around the house most of the day, I headed off to meet Nick. I enjoyed hanging around his place for a while and just being with me. We enjoyed a very nice dinner at a nice restaurant.  I really enjoyed being with him while we sat and ate with light conversation about our past week.  We went back to his apartment. I knew what was coming next with our hot making out. I did my best to leave early before we got too worked up and couldn’t help ourselves. I at least proved to myself that I wasn’t totally in this relationship for Nick’s hot body but for his affection and attention. 

I drove home around 9. I entered through the garage.  I didn’t see Jacob anywhere around.  Next I heard some girl screaming in his room and knew what was going on.  I watched TV and then saw Jacob and this hot girl come out. Jacob smiled at me with his arm firmly around his latest conquest. He headed out to take her home while I went to my room.

Jacob had to wake me up and fill me in on all the details about his hot night of sex. He said it was so nice to find a girl. I listened but wanted to go back to sleep. I told him that I was a good boy and forewent sex with Nick that night. Jacob just laughed and teased me because he got fucking laid and I didn’t for a change. I tried to prove to Jacob I was in the relationship for Nick and not the sexual aspect of it, though I cherished and adored having great sex with Nick. After he left, I had to jack off because Nick had worked me up and Jacob’s vivid details of his hot sex.

That Sunday I was up early to do the laundry and do some necessary cleaning.  Jacob came in and grabbed a bite out of the frig while he farted practically in my face.

“Damn Jacob that is so rude.” I said.

“Get over it dude. It was just a fart. Not like I crapped in your face.”

“It sure smells like it.”

“Hell, you used to do that to me when we were at home.”

“Looks like one of us has actually grown up, huh?”

“Fuck you Bren. Don’t be all Mr. Perfect and shit on me,” Jacob said then he grabbed me and put me in a headlock. He gave me the old noogie, like we were still kids at home. 

“Dude that hurt, Jacob.”

“I still owe your ass about 1000 more for all the times you did it to me when I was like 10 or 12.”

“Okay. I was just trying to toughen you up,” I laughed.

“Yeah, look you turned out to be the sissy in the family,” Jacob laughed.

“I’m not a sissy.  I like guys and am gay,” I stated.

“They’re the same to me,” Jacob laughed.

“You’re a sissy too.  You loved having sex with me.”

“Maybe I did but I got back in the saddle again last night to show myself I loved fucking a good wet pussy,” Jacob smiled.

Ant was over after we got done horsing around. You know it wasn’t so bad except for the fact that Jacob could now whip my ass anytime he wanted to since he was much stronger than me.  Ant and Jacob hit the brews while watching a little basketball and switching over to NASCAR racing. I honestly didn’t see the point in NASCAR but could tell Jacob really loved it since he worked on cars as his job.

The three of us just sat around talking for a while.  I suggested we go grab a bite to eat at the pizza place.  They agreed since I drove Jacob’s big truck since both Ant and Jacob had had a few. After eating, we headed back where Ant and Jacob again were drinking pretty heavily. Ant was getting pretty drunk by then.  He finally passed out about 11.  Jacob and I helped him back to the bedroom.  Jacob was feeling no pain either but he wasn’t passed out.

I headed to my bedroom to hit the sack. Jacob came in later.  We talked a little bit about Ant and other stuff.  Before I knew it, Jacob was going back down on me.  He was getting better at sucking cock as I moaned and looked down to see my brother with my cock in his mouth.

I returned the favor as I started to kiss and lick my brother’s hot cock. It was so hot and veiny that was big head on it.  I took my brother’s cock in my mouth. I could tell he loved it.

“Bren, suck my fucking dick! Fuck that feels so good!” Jacob said.

I had his full hard cock in my mouth while he was pulling my hair and started to fuck my mouth. That felt so good to feel his dick in my throat.  I loved how my brother was using my mouth to his ultimate pleasure. He pulled my mouth off his hard dripping dick. I did have to lick it some to taste the precum that had formed on his dick head.

He looked at me and said, “Bren, I am so fucking horny right now. Pop my fucking cherry, Bren.”

I looked at him just a second to comprehend what my brother just said. “Are you sure?”

“Bren, I want it to be you. Fuck me, Bren!”

I grabbed the lube and a condom.  I fingered his ass. Damn was it ever tight.  I didn’t think you get a toothpick in that ass it was so tight.

“Relax, Jacob. It will hurt at first.”

“Okay,” Jacob said as he started breathing heavy on me. I started to stick my finger in his ass. I could tell he kind of liked it. I knew it would take a little more stretching his hole out. Damn, what a hot hole he had though.

“Just relax, Jacob. Push your ass out when I stick my cock in.”

“Alright, I think I am ready.”

I tried a few times but meet a strong resistance by his tight hole.  Finally I felt my cock break the first ring.

“Oh Fuck!” Jacob screamed while I just had a little in, hoping not to wake Ant who was passed out down the hall.  “Take it out. Fuck, it hurts.” 

I exited his ass and let him recover. “I told you it might hurt. Man, your ass is so tight!”

“Fuck yeah, be gentle. Okay let’s try again. Go real slow,” Jacob said before I stuck my hard cock back in his tight ass.

Jacob grabbed the sheets and his veins in his neck bulged while I slowly worked my cock in him. Damn was his ass tight. I could hear him breathing real hard.

“Oh shit, Bren!” Jacob said. “How much more cock you sticking in me?”

“Dude, just relax. I am half way in.”


“Am I hurting you?”

“Fuck yeah, Bren. Don’t pull out. I want you to fuck your little brother,” Jacob said while I continued to slide my cock in his ass.  I finally was buried balls deep in my brother’s hot tight ass. I could tell he was adjusting just a little to me while he started to moan loudly.

“Oh fuck Jacob, that cherry is fucking popped little brother.”

“Oh hell yeah Bren, fuck me! I want that fucking cock!”

“You like my cock fucking your tight ass, huh little brother? Take that cock bro!”

“Fuck yeah, fuck my manpussy like the fucking slut whore bitch I am!” Jacob screamed.

I slowly started to fuck my little brother as gently as I could. I could feel every inch of his ass while it enveloped my hard cock.  I leaned over and kissed him while I started to fuck him a little faster and harder. Jacob continued to moan and grunt. For his first time he was doing so good and that ass was on fire.

“Oh fuck! A little slower. Damn your cock feels so big but I love it!” Jacob said as he seemed to be adjusted to my cock while he continued to moan in now what I called shear pleasure.

“Oh Jacob that ass is so fucking tight, dude. I love it,” I said.

I loved the sight of my hot ass little brother under me. I still couldn’t believe I was actually fucking my little brother. Damn he looked so hot with those ripped abs showing each cut muscle in them as I fucked him. He was now driving me insane with his manly smell and the fact that I was now fucking him like a man. I reached down and started to jack him off.  I continued to a slow pace and had my cock slip out a few times. He wanted it back in him while he now seemed to enjoy it. He groaned with each thrust of my cock into his ass.

“Oh fuck me, Bren! Oh fuck! Keep fucking that ass. Your dick feels so good in my ass” Jacob hollered while I was jacking his hard cock.  I was taking my time and worked my brother’s ass. Damn, this was hot. His ass was on fire as he took my cock as deep as I could shove it in. I could hear skin slapping skin while I fucked my hot ass little brother. Then I showed him how to fuck when I nailed his ass hard. He screamed a few times but seemed to really be into my dick in his ass. I was jerking his cock hard. I saw my brother unload one of the biggest loads of my life.  Damn was he ever shooting. His chest and abs were covered in his cum.  I slowly exited his ass because he wanted the full treatment.  I covered his hot chiseled face in my juice.  Fuck was that ever hot seeing my little brother with my cum splattered on his face.  I wiped it off with my shirt before it got into his eyes.

“How was it?” I asked.

“Fucking hot as fuck! You popped my fucking cherry! Damn, you know it wasn’t so bad once I got used to it. I fucking loved it so much!” Jacob said before he kissed me.

“I know. I love to get fucked.”

We both kissed for a minute before Jacob was out.  I had really just popped my little brother’s cherry much to his great satisfaction. I had popped a couple before but never any more satisfying than with my hot ass brother, who was now snoring next to me.  His hole was red from his first cock. I smiled and knew that he would never forget who fucked him first.

To be continued…