Divorced Brother- 4

It was weird seeing my naked brother in bed with me when he and I got up the next morning.  Damn, he did look hot as hell sleeping so peacefully next to me. His wife was stupid for divorcing him, but I guess there is more to a good marriage than hot sex and having a fine ass partner to share it with. I had a slow day at work and was glad when I got home that day and couldn’t wait to see Nick on Friday, the next day.  Jacob came home greasy and dirty as ever from his job as a mechanic. He was half undressed by the time he headed to his shower.  We just hung out a little together.  He was then off to shot some hoops with some his basketball buddies.  I was glad to see him adjusting quite well back to his single life.  I hung around the house and kept occupied by doing little things such as laundry and cleaning.  Nick did call but I kept it short.  Jacob was home around 8 and had to take another shower since he was sweaty and smelly.  He seemed to be getting bolder or just more comfortable around me when he came out nude and sat on the couch with me without much thought.  I didn’t mind but wasn’t that bold yet to go around nude around him, even though I did it a lot before he moved in.

Work seemed to drag the next day for I could not get Nick off my mind. I was so ready to see him and to be with him again.  Jacob and I headed off to the gym as soon as Jacob got home.  Ant was there late and joined us after we started.  There weren’t that many people there so we made through rather quickly.  I was in a hurry to get home and get dressed to see Nick. I wanted to look my best for Nick since I knew for sure he would look great.

“So what you guys got planned tonight?”  Ant said as we headed out.

“I am going to a strip club with my friends. You want to go?” Jacob said.

“Yeah, it sounds like fun.” Ant said. “You going, Bren?”

“No,” I said, “I am meeting a friend later on. You guys go and have a good time.”

“Ant, we will have a blast. I know one of the dancers there.”

“Cool. Let me go home and I will meet you back at your place, Jacob,” Ant stated.

“See ya when you get there then,” Jacob said as we got in his truck and headed home. Jacob got in and cranked up some George Strait, which he knew I hated but he knew every word on the CD.

I hurried and showered while Jacob grabbed a beer before he went to get ready.  I was dressed and waiting on Nick to call when Ant showed up with Jacob showering.  

“You ready, Ant?” Jacob said after dressing in his faded jeans and wrinkled polo shirt.

“Hell yeah, dude,” Ant said. “I guess we will see you later Jacob. Have fun with your friend. Dude, you are going to miss it.”

“You guys be careful and have a good time.  Knowing Jacob, I’m sure you will,” I said when they left. I never did think Nick was going to call while I messed around on my computer a little to try to occupy my time and mind. Nick called around 8 since his plane was late getting in from his week long business trip.  I drove over to his apartment as quick as I could.  Nick was dressed and ready to go as soon as I got there. Man, I could have had sex right there with him when my eyes first saw him. His lips felt so good when he kissed me. I didn’t want to leave but did since both of us were hungry.

I could not wait to finish eating as all I could do was stare into his deep green eyes that night. The food was great and filled my need for food. There was definitely a connection between us now, I was for certain.  When we got back to his place, his roommate was gone so we just sat on the couch and tried to watch TV.  Both of us couldn’t keep our hands or our lips off each other. We were about undressed when we headed to his bed.

“Oh fuck Bren, I want you so bad,” Nick said. “I really missed being with you this week.”

“Oh Nick, you just don’t know how much I want you. All I did was think about you today,” I said before I kissed down his taut body and took his nice cock in my mouth.  Boy was I ever horny to suck his cock and show my devotion with my wet mouth. I loved the taste of his warm cock and feel of his cock in my mouth.  I could tell Nick loved it too as he just moaned the whole time I was down on him.  We kissed after I finished with him. He made his way down to my dripping cock and tasted my precum that had formed on my cock. Nick gave me one hell of a blowjob that I wanted to savor while I enjoyed looking and seeing my lover suck and lick my aching cock.  I was so horny I almost nutted in his mouth, but pushed him away.  I loved kissing his tender lips. 

“Oh fuck me Nick. I want that cock in me so bad tonight. Fuck me!” I said.  I was eager and ready to be with him again.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Nick moaned, entering my ass. I could not have said it any better. Damn that cock felt so good going in and then fucking my ass. I just moaned when his lips and tongue weren’t on my mouth.  He was so hot that night.  I wanted his cock deeper and kept pushing back to feel it plunge into my ass. Nick’s hands caressed my body while he was in me.

“Oh fuck me Nick. I love you!” I said. I didn’t care if he didn’t tell me the same that he loved me. I was so into his hot body that night while he passionately worked over my wanting ass.

“OH fuck, Bren, I love you so much!”

“Fuck me, Nick,” I said before we kissed. Nick was now fucking me so hard but I loved every second and each deep plunge into my horny ass.  I jerked my cock just a little and send cum all over the place. I didn’t care neither did Nick when he pulled out and flooded my face with his load.

“I love you so much, Bren!” Nick said, stroking and petting me.

“I love you just as much!” I said. We made out for what seemed like a long time. We were so into each other now and showed it with our kissing and petting.

After we came down, Nick was wanted more of me.  He sucked my cock until I got rock again. He wanted to feel me in him.  He mounted my cock while I laid flat on the bed.  It was great seeing my boyfriend riding me.  I leaned up for a kiss and took over punishing his hot ass.  He fell to his back with my cock deep in him.  We locked lips and made love for some time until late into the night.  

I was awakened the next morning by the feel of Nick sucking my cock.  Damn what a way to wake up and see your hot ass lover sucking your cock. I wanted his cock so we maneuvered around to enjoy a great 69 session to begin our day together. After we shot our cum in each other’s mouth for a great breakfast treat, we showered together in his small tub. My hands were all over Nick while we showered. I could not get enough of his hot body. He seemed to be the same way.  We just put on some boxers and grabbed a bite to eat.

I hung around Nick’s the whole day. He was just as horny as I was that day for we fucked again that afternoon.  We did go out to see a movie that night and pick one we didn’t think would be crowded.  We missed a lot of the movie since we sat on the back row and just made out the whole time. I didn’t care if anyone saw us for I loved being with Nick. 

We barely home it home before we were at it again. I fucked his ass good in the kitchen and didn’t care that his roommate and his boyfriend saw us fucking when they walked in on us. Oh was his ass on fire again. I flooded his back with my nut as his landed on the kitchen floor. We went to his bedroom and just made out again. Damn, I loved him so much now. We were asleep in no time since I was worn literally out from a hot passionate day of sex with Nick.

I was tired, so I headed home that Sunday.  Nick and I had enough sex to last me for a least a day or two.  Jacob was home eating a sandwich when I came in the door.

“Damn, Bren, you looked tired.”

“I am.”

“Nick wore you out after being gone all week, huh?”

“Hell yeah, he was so hot this weekend, Jacob.  Seriously I’ve never had that much sex in my life.  He was beyond great,” I smiled.

“Dude you missed it last night. You know Candice, that girl I have been hooking up with?”

“Yeah, you fucked her in the ass or what?” I asked and sat down with him.

“No listen man, she saw me and my buddies at the club Friday. I came home with her after she was off around 2. She said it would be hot to have an orgy with all of us.”

“No you didn’t!”

“Fuck yeah, we all got some that pussy last night. Trust me, Ant is not fucking gay. Bren, he tore that shit up.”

“So you are dating a fucking slut then?”

“Well not for long. She went home with another one of my buddies last night since I was pretty messed up last night. She was so hot dude. You would not believe that shit we did to that whore last night. Fuck dude, she was literally begging for more from all of us.  I’ve never seen a bitch like that before.”

“Great to hear. I am going to take a nap.”

I was now surprised after what I had heard that the house wasn’t in shambles.  I wondered whose bed they used and found out when I pulled the covers back on mine.


“Oops, I forgot to change your sheets, huh?”

“Yeah, get in here right now and do it.”

“I am so sorry man. I just forgot. My bad!”

“Damn, at all the cum on my sheets.”

“I bet Nick’s looks the same way.”

I smiled, “Yeah they do actually expect it was just the two of us fucking not an orgy.” Jacob patted me on the back.  Jacob and I changed the sheets.  I laid down immediately and took a much needed and deserved nap.

When I woke up from sleeping for about two hours, Ant was there with Jacob.  Both were downing a beer. 

“Man you must have been tired,” Jacob said when I walked in still sleepy.

“I was zapped dude. How’s it going Ant?” I asked.

“Good, dude. You missed hell of time last night dude. Shit, Jacob’s girl was hot,” Ant said. “I never have seen anything like that shit.”

“Yeah he told me,” I said.

“Bren, I must confess I told Ant you weren’t into girls, only guys,” Jacob stated.

“Hey, it’s cool dude. Now I know why you passed on going with us to the strip joint.  I’ve got a few gay friends at school, so Bren I am cool with it,” Ant commented after seeing I wasn’t too pleased my brother outed me.

“That’s fine, Jacob. He was going to find out one way or another. Dude, did Jacob say we thought you might be gay too?”

“Yeah, that is so funny dude,” Ant chuckled.

We sat around and talked for a little longer.  The three of us ordered pizza so we could just drink here and not have to pay for it at a restaurant.  Ant was pretty hammered by the end of the night.  I insisted he stay since I had 3 bedrooms and honestly the other had never been used.  I didn’t want him getting a ticket or anything.  I was still tired and was off to sleep that night when my head hit the pillow.

I was off to work the next morning while letting Ant sleep it off.  I was confident he would just get up and go home after he slept it off.  I wrote him a note and told him we would see him that night.  I was shocked when I got home and his car was still in the driveway.  I entered the house and found he was just getting up.

“What time is it?” Ant asked when he walked into the living room in his boxers.

“5 o’clock. Did you sleep all day?”

“No, I got up around noon. I didn’t feel so hot so I went to lie back down. I am sorry, Bren.”

“Oh, it is no problem. You still want to work out with us?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Let me get dressed and I will run home to get my stuff and meet you guys there.”

“See ya, Ant.”

Jacob was home shortly after Ant left so I told him about Ant sleeping here all day. He laughed before he headed to clean up before we meet Ant.  Ant was there at the gym when we arrived and raring to hit the weights.  Ant and Jacob did a lot of work with free weights, bench, squats and curls.  I was contend with the machines and wasn’t ready to advance to the free weights though I knew that was where most mass was gained.  We showered together to cleanse the sweat from our bodies.  Jacob and Ant were fast becoming good friends and had inside jokes going between them.  The locker room wasn’t crowded so we talked a little while in our towels before two older men interrupted our social time.

That night just as I was about to go to sleep, Jacob came in my room and lay next to me. I wasn’t sure what he was up too. He smiled at me and reached his rough hand to my boxer briefs to grope my cock.

“I want you tonight, Bren.”

“What the fuck, Jacob? I have a rather serious boyfriend now you know.”

“I know you do but we can still play together,” Jacob smiled and pinched my nipples. “Bren, you’re looking hot these days.”

“Thanks, Jacob.  You’ve always looked hot to me and now you’re getting ripped,” I stated. “I dunno if I should suck you since I never get anything in return.”

“Bren, I promise I’ll suck you off tonight,” Jacob smiled.

“Okay, but you have to suck me first.”

I watched my brother lean over, push off my shorts and briefs to kiss my cock. Man did that feel so good.  I looked then and saw him take a little bit of my cock in his mouth.  That felt even better.  Shit, my brother was sucking my cock.

“Fuck yeah, Jacob that feels so good.”

“I knew you wanted it.”

He kept sucking me and never once acted like he had before. Boy was it hot.  I finally had to make him stop and went down on him.  I loved the taste of his cock while he used my mouth. He pushed me off his cock after I was really getting into it.

“I want to fuck you, Bren,” Jacob whispered to me.

I shot up and looked at him. Boy was I surprised. “You do?”

“Fuck yeah. I think it would be so hot.”

“I don’t know. You sure you want your dick in another guy’s ass,” I stated without even thinking twice about Nick now and was overcome with lust for my hot ass brother naked next to me.  My gay brain was concentrating on my hot ass brother next to me.

“Fuck yeah, I am curious as fuck. I want to test that shit out and see if it’s like fucking pussy.”

I handed him a condom and some lube.  He smeared the lube on my ass as I spread my legs. Damn, I was about to get fucked by my little brother. Holy fuck! I waited to feel his cock. He finally got in me.

“Oh fuck Bren.”

“Oh Jacob that cock feels so good. Are you sure about this?”

“Oh fuck yeah. Let me fuck you!”

I felt him slid his 8 inch hot cock into my wanting ass. Man, did that feel good. I was on cloud 9 and never dreamed my hot little brother would have his gorgeous cock in me. I just moaned and was thrilled to see my brother started to feed my ass his cock.

“Damn this shit is pretty fucking hot, Bren!”

“Oh Jacob fuck your brother!”  I screamed in ecstasy and excitement. He started pounding my ass with that big cock of his.  He would occasionally slap my ass as he kept fucking me.  Damn, his cock was on fire. I pulled him close to me and kissed him while I jacked off. 

I stopped us for a moment and instructed him to get on his back.  I straddled Jacob and slid my ass back down on his hard cock.  The look on his cute face was absolutely priceless.  I began slowly riding his cock before picking up the pace.  I grabbed my cock and returned to jacking it.  Actually, Jacob ran his hands down my thighs while I rode him.  He began breathing audibly with the excitement.  I threw back my head and felt Jacob take over, pounding my ass hard and deep.  I continued to jack before spewing my load across his pecs and abs.  He smiled at me with approval.  I dismounted him and removed his used condom.  I leaned over and got a nice hot facial of cum from my brother.

“Damn, you are as hot as fuck, dude,” Jacob said, smiling.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head. “What?”

“Bren, you are hot as fuck!” Jacob said.

“I just never expect you to say that shit dude.”

I want to make out with him and show my appreciation of his efforts.  He did pet me a little while I petted and admired his fine body.  I did get in one kiss of appreciation towards the end.

I lie there in bed with Jacob snoring beside me. I can’t honestly believe that Jacob’s cock was just in me. Not that I didn’t love it, it is just that he couldn’t believe he went down on me and then fucked me. He actually told me I was hot.  I was really starting to wonder what was up with him. No way was his ass turning on me.  Maybe he was just curious seeing how I loved it so much.  I did have my doubts to whether he would have a relationship with a guy.  Hell, I guess he is bi-sexual.  I know he is just horny and loves to get off with who ever or whatever presents itself.  He, maybe, is just sowing his wild oats before he makes the plunge again into another marriage. I stared at him and feel into a nice peaceful sleep.

To be continued…