Divorced Brother- 2

The next morning both I and Jacob ate with not a word spoken about me sucking him off. Jacob wasn’t much of a morning person, but he did playfully slap my ass when he left for his job as a mechanic. 

I hated to work late again and found Jacob in his tank top and shorts waiting on me to go venture back to the nearby gym and fitness center I had shown him earlier.  Both of us did cardio workouts that day after we arrived at the gym.  I have to admit I was a little sore from the previous day’s working with weights for the first time in quite some time.  The treadmill and stair stepper had us both sweating like crazy.  We hit the showers together laughing at each other until 3 high school aged kids came in after working out and nervously showered near us.  I admit I did have to look at those little hotties when we were there together in the shower.  They did sneak a peek at us too.  I saw they were fit like my younger brother but weren’t packing like he was.  They smiled at us when we left to dry off. 

Jacob knew the gym was perfect for him and decided to sign up since they were running an advertised special to entice people before summer swim suit weather. We stopped and grabbed a bit to eat before heading home. Once back at my house, we were rather calm and subdued.  Before either of us knew it, we were sound asleep with the television still going. I woke around midnight, turned off the television and insisted Jacob go to his bed, which he did.

That Thursday, I worked my skinny rear end off at work at the ad agency but finally completed all my assignments that were needed.  I found Jacob at home when I strolled in the house around 7. Jacob was waiting on me while I went to get undressed.  I could tell something was really bothering him by his facial expression and grunting when I walked in the door.  He got up from the couch and followed me back to my room.

“The bitch did it.” Jacob said with a disgusted look on his chiseled tan face.

“Did what?” I asked while I took off my suit.

“She filed for divorce today.  That fucking bitch is claiming spousal abuse and irreconcilable differences. I can’t believe she put fucking spousal abuse on the divorce decree. I never once laid hand on her except maybe slapping her ass when we had sex.”

“You got a good lawyer?” I asked while searching my dresser for some shorts to throw over my low rise briefs.

“Wow Bren,” Jacob took notice of me.

“What?” I asked.

“Those are so gay boy briefs you got on there,” Jacob snickered.

“Well… look at who you are talking about there, Jacob,” I commented and pulled on some high cut running shorts that were so comfortable and a dry fit shirt. “Do you have a lawyer yet?”

“Oh, I called one today that a guy at work recommended since he recently got a divorce,” Jacob said while sitting on my bed.

“Good. There really shouldn’t be much problem should there since you guys didn’t have a lot.” I stated and patted Jacob on his muscular shoulders I so envied.

“No, but she wants everything. You know the bitch fucking closed our account?”

“What?! There is no way she could have done that without you signing off on it.”  I said while throwing a bag over my shoulder.  We started walking to Jacob’s truck.

“I never thought of that. I bet she took out all the money and hid it where I can’t find it, too. We didn’t have but maybe a few grand in there.”
“Well, if she forged your name, use that against her in your divorce case. They hate that.”

“Good idea. I will go to the bank first thing tomorrow,” Jacob said and started up his truck to head to the gym.  I was glad to have him there and give the push I desperately needed to add a little bit of muscle to my skinny ass body.

We arrived at the gym some 10 minutes from my house and headed to the big weight room after stowing away our bags.  Jacob had me try out using free weights instead of the machines for he said that might at least add a little more muscle to my frame. I was up for anything if it helped.  Jacob was real patient with me but I did the best I could and knew it would take some time to achieve results.

We both were exhausted when we came home and I drank a protein shake. I noticed I missed a call from my date. I returned his call and slipped discretely to my bedroom to do so. He wanted to see if I was interested in seeing him again the next night. I agreed and told him I would set a time when I got off work.

The next morning, I went off to work and didn’t wake Jacob, knowing he was off.  It was a light day for me since my boss was gone out of town to a meeting. I cut out a little early and called my date, Nick, once I got in my car for the drive home. We agreed on a time for our date that night.

“How did it go today?” I asked Jacob once I was inside my front door.

“Not bad. You were right that fucking bitch forged my name on our account and withdrew all our money. I had to go by work and get my check to open a new account. I hope you don’t mind but I used this address.”

“That is no problem. So how did it go with the lawyer?”

“Good. He said he knew her attorney and that she would have a hard time proving the abuse part without medical proof or police records. I told him what had happened with our account. He took the copy of the forged closure to present to her attorney to work out a deal.”

“Maybe that will help your case, Jacob.”

“He said it should. Hey, I am going out with a couple of buddies of mine tonight.”

“Great. I got a date with Nick again. I don’t know if I will be here or there.”

“I bet your ass is there,” Jacob smiled and poked me in the side.

Both of us got ready.  Jacob looked hot as ever in his rugged jeans and shirt with his gelled up short brown hair.  I felt good too for I found a great pair of pants and a nice shirt and fixed my highlighted dark blond hair the way I thought looked the best for an important date.  I left to go meet up with Nick while Jacob waited on his friends for their straight boy night of fun. 

Nick lined up a great place to eat in Orlando. He was really starting to grow on me in a good way. He had a great sense of humor and we liked a lot of the same things.  He took me back to his cluttered apartment despite his roommate being there also with his cute twinky boyfriend.  That didn’t stop us once inside Nick’s bedroom. I really fucked Nick good and hard that night. He was a great bottom and loved the way I used his little ass with my hard throbbing 7 plus inches of cock. It had been a few weeks since I fucked a guy so I took full advantage of it and wanted our sex to last. It was so hot to see Nick shot his load while I was deep in his ass.  I had to pull out and shot mine on his tight cute abs. I licked off our cum and let him taste our delicious mixture. He is such a great kisser and proved it to me again that night.  We ended our romantic night by cuddling next to each other when we did finally go to sleep after a prolonged petting and make out session.

We made plans to see each other that night when I left the next morning.  I was extremely pleased with the progress of my relationship with Nick and saw great possibilities in it.

“Must have been a great date.” Jacob said when I came in the front door.  He was there in his tempting boxers and showing off his hot 22 year old fit body.  His soon-to-be ex-wife was a total idiot for letting my hot younger brother leave.  I was pleased to see he was still in one solid piece and not in jail.

“Yeah, the best kind,” I couldn’t withhold my joy over my date with Nick.

“I bet. You fuck that ass?”

“Well… damn Jacob!” I shouted.

“Bro, I know you tapped that ass, didn’t you?” Jacob prodded me.

I finally relented, “Yes I did.  Nick absolutely loved it and so did I.”

“It’s not really my thing but I’m glad you loved it.”

“So Jacob, how’d your night out go?”

“I had so much fun.  We didn’t get in until after 2 this morning. You are not going to believe this but I was fucking hammered,” Jacob smiled.

“Oh no way. I can’t believe you would do such a thing,” I said sarcastically.

“Yeah, man I was fucked up. I puked in damn Brian’s car I was so drunk.”

“Nasty, Jacob. That’s sick.”

“Oh here Bren, here is some money for rent.” Jacob said as he handed me $300. “Is that enough or do you want more?”

“Well… my mortgage is $700 and with utilities it is about $900 total,” I commented.

“Okay, I get paid every other week. I will give you $150 more in 2 weeks, I promise,” Jacob said. “Oh yeah, I made the dreaded call to mom this morning and explained that I was getting a divorce. She cried as usual but said she was glad I was living with you.”

“Wow, I bet she was shocked when she heard that you were living with your gay brother.”

“She was a little but said she hoped it would work out with us. I told everything had been fine so far.”

“Great. You want to run to the store with me?”

“Sure, but my ass is about broke now.”

“Don’t worry. We will work something out,” I smiled before we headed off to the store.  Jacob naturally grabbed two cases of his favorite beer while I just grabbed a 12 pack of mine. 

Nick came over after we got home. He and I headed off to go out to the movies.  I wasn’t sure what Jacob had planned but was sure it would involve him getting drunk with his friends or scoping out the local women. 

Jacob was there when we got home from the movie.  He was drinking but didn’t seem too drunk. 

“Hey, how was the movie?” Jacob asked while sitting in the recliner with his feet propped up.

“Boring as hell, dude,” Nick said with me right next to him on the couch. I was a little uncomfortable when Nick put his arm around me. I knew if my brother stayed very long both he and I would have to get used to it for I didn’t want his presence ruining my dating life.  Jacob did give a quick glance at us and smiled.

“I hate that especially when you think it is going to be good,” Jacob commented.

“Yeah, we couldn’t decide and I guess we picked the wrong one. Want a beer, Nick?” I asked Nick. He wanted one as well so I headed to grab our refreshments from the kitchen.  We opened the beer when I returned. I put my arm around Nick’s waist and kissed his cheek.

“Well I will leave you two alone,” Jacob started to get up.

“You are bothering me,” Nick took a sip of the cold brew.

Jacob sat back down and the three of us started talking.  Jacob was sort of intrigued by my date. He filled him with a lot of questions about his life and job while Nick found out more about us.  After talking and catching a little TV, Jacob went off to go to bed.

“Damn, your brother is fine, Bren.” Nick said to me after Jacob left for the night.

“Yeah, I will say that for him.” 

“You ready to go to your room. I know I am… Damn… I want that big cock so bad.”

“I want your cock, too.” I smiled and kissed Nick on the lips to taste the beer on his breath. 

Nick and I headed off to my room. I sucked Nick’s hot cock. Then Nick did the same to mine for I loved the feel of his soft lips and hot wet mouth.  He was even hotter when he ate out my ass. Damn was he eating that shit up while I moaned and enjoyed the pleasure he was delivering.  He fucked me just like I did him the night before.  I was moaning and groaning as I took his cock, which was the same size as mine.  I loved being fucked and loved seeing his hot body go deep in mine when we got in rhythm with each other.  I really didn’t care if Jacob heard us fucking in my room.  I was so into Nick and how he was making my entire body feel I didn’t care what Jacob heard.  I nutted while he was fucking me so hard. He came all over my face and, this time, licked it off.

“Damn, you are so fucking hot dude!” Nick said to me and kissed me.

“You are too, Nick. That cock felt so damn good.”

“Fuck your ass was so fucking tight and so fucking hot. I could fuck you again,” Nick said.

I looked down and saw his cock was hard and ready fuck me again. I got on my knees to take him doggie-style. Nick drove that cock in and out of my ass again.  He passionately kissed my back and neck. He gently pulled my hair while driving his cock deep in me.  Damn, this boy was on fire.  We had my bed rocking like never before while he continuously pounded my ass. Oh did that cock feel so good in me.

He jerked me off when I started riding his cock.  We tried our best to keep down the noise but just couldn’t help ourselves. The sex was hot and both of us vocalized our feelings during it. The look in Nick’s eyes was sure ecstasy while I rode his hot cock wildly. I came again with his cock up my ass. He shot his load on my ass this time. It was so hot to have him next to me again when we slept.

I found Jacob eating when I got up the next morning and just let Nick sleep in.

“Damn, you are one horny son of a bitch. I heard you and Nick fucking like damn dogs last night, man.”

“Yeah, he gave it to me good last night.”

“Fuck, I would say so. Shit, I never heard a bitch moan and scream like you did last night. What, you guys have sex for like an hour and half, man?”

“I guess we did.”

“Damn. Shit must have been hot for you two horny fuckers.”

“It was,”  I smiled.  I looked up and saw Nick come out in his tight boxer briefs. He kissed me when he saw me. I was a little embarrassed but loved the feel of his lips that morning.

“So, you are the man?” Jacob asked Nick.

“I guess we kept you up last night, huh? Sorry dude about that,” Nick said.

“It is cool. Hell what was I suppose to expect. I could tell that sparks were going to fly,” Jacob said.

“That was not all that flew last night either,” Nick said and kissed me again.

“I fucking bet. I bet those sheets are covered with all kinds of gay spunk. I used to have to change our sheets every other day when Stephanie moved in with me before I got her ass pregnant. Damn, I miss fucking the shit out that damn bitch. We would fuck like 3 times a day when she first moved in with me.”

“I think someone needs some good pussy, then now, huh?” Nick said.

“Damn straight I do. I need to find a great whore and fuck her all night to keep up with you gay fucks,” Jacob kidded with us but he was being truthful in some regards. 

After Nick, Jacob and I found something to eat, Nick joined me in my shower for a little more fun.  When we finished, I swore Jacob was doing his best to entice us since he flaunted his taut body and showed his boxers under his shorts.  Jacob and Nick found a common ground since Nick enjoyed NBA Hoops like Jacob.  They engaged in a friendly disagreement about the best player and best team.  I listened since I knew nothing what they were talking about.  Nick headed home in the afternoon with a good passionate kiss that had Jacob staring us down.

“You guys really seem to be hitting off pretty good,” I commented after coming back inside.

“Yeah for a gay guy, he is really cool…well you are, too… You know what I mean.” Jacob fumbled for words.

“I got you. I am glad you like him. I’m really beginning to like him.”

Monday, I was home early and kicked back on the couch to watch some news.  Jacob was his usual greasy self when he got home after 5:30.

“We going to work out, man?” Jacob asked. “Oh, let me tell what that bitch did today.”

“I guess so,” I said since I couldn’t answer him fast enough. “Tell me what Stephanie did.”

“She had the fucking nerve to call my ass at lunch and bitch me out for accusing her of forging my name.”

“She did! That is pretty evident.” 

“Fuck yeah it is. That bitch said I was drunk when I signed that paper. She’s got a lot of fucking nerve. She said I told her she could have the money.”

“Damn I swear she’s flipped out.”

“I know. I laid into her ass and told her to never call me again. If she had shit to say, tell it to my attorney. I told her that was the last straw that I was fighting her ass for every penny we had. She started crying and shit, so I just hung up on her ass,” Jacob said and started removing his nasty uniform without thought there in front of me. “Let me take a shower and go hit the weights. Fuck I am pissed again.”

Jacob cooled off a little and really hit the weights with a fury that night.  I was tired and couldn’t keep up with him as he pushed himself to the limits from all the rage he had inside. The shower felt really good after we worked out and the same 3 kids were there in the shower with us.  They hurried out when we came in but I did get the chance to see some hot white ass. 

I could see that the work out helped Jacob get out some his anger when we got home.  He headed straight to the kitchen for a cold brew while I retreated to my room to play on my nice computer.  

“I could use another blowjob if you didn’t mind,” Jacob said to me after rudely walking into to my room while I was playing on the computer.

“I thought you said just one time.”

“Please, just pretend it is Nick’s dick you are sucking.”

“Yeah but he sucks mine too.”

“Please, Bren! I am begging you. Help your brother out,” Jacob pleaded with his hands held together flexing his biceps while doing so.

I smiled at him, turned and pushed him on to my bed. Jacob smiled at me while I quickly threw off his shorts and boxers.  His cock was there waiting and my tongue licked it like the best lollipop ever. Jacob was moaning and sighing while I sucked and licked his hot cut cock. Even though I had a boyfriend, it was still hot to suck off my younger brother.  I looked up at him and saw how much he loved my mouth.  I went deeper and could smell his manly straight boy scent oozing forth from his pubes at my nose.

“Fuck Bren, deep throat my fucking dick.”

“You are hot as fuck, Jacob,” I said while I kissed and licked his big cock. Then I went down on him again. I pulled off and let him shot his load on his hot ripped abs. I found a towel and wiped it off for him.

“My turn, bitch!” I exclaimed and pulled off my shorts.

“No way, Jose. Fuck no. I will jack you off again but no way is that dick going in this mouth.”

“Fuck, see if I ever suck your fucking dick again, bitch,”  I said to gauge his reaction and see what he would do with my firm statement.  I was stunned when I seen him lean over and kiss my cock.

“Fuck no,” Jacob spit.

“All you did was just kissed it. Stick in your mouth.”

I then saw him stick my cock just a little in his mouth for like 10 seconds.

“No fucking way, Bren. I just can’t suck any guy’s dick.”

“I understand. You did have it a little in your mouth.”

“I know. Let me go wash out right quick and I will jack you off,” Jacob said.

Jacob rinsed his mouth out and returned to find me there waiting for him. He took over for me and stroked my hard cock.  His big rough hands felt rather good sliding up and down my cock. I came all down his hand after he jacked me off for a little bit.  He did kiss me again then left to go to bed.  I now was determined to get Jacob’s hot mouth sucking my cock but knew it might take a while.

I got home the next day and found Jacob napping on the couch.  He woke up when he heard me shut the door.

“Damn, what time is it?” Jacob said as he got up.

“Oh around 6, why?”

“Fuck, I got to go. I suppose meet some guys to play basketball. See ya!”  Jacob said and he headed out the door in his shorts and sleeveless t-shirt.

I decided to skip the gym that day and called Nick to see if he wanted to come over.  He said he would be glad and meant to call me sooner.  He was over in like 30 minutes while I had pizza delivered for us.  As we were watching TV snuggled up together, Jacob came back all hot and sweaty but did display his hot upper body to us. After showering, Jacob grabbed some of our left over pizza and a beer. 

I took Nick to my bedroom after he whispered for us to have sex again.  I was more than happy to hear that request as we left Jacob in his boxers watching TV.

I really wanted Nick’s hot little ass again. I sucked his cock and then rimmed him out good.  Nick spread his legs and threw his ankles on my shoulders before I entered him.  I loved the feel of my cock in his hot ass.  We made it very romantic while we kissed a lot during the duration of our love making.  He was just as thin as I was as we lay on top of each other with my cock buried in his ass.  I reached down between our thin bodies and jacked him off. I really picked up the pace and long-dicked that ass good much to Nick’s delight.

“Fuck yeah!” Nick screamed.

“Oh baby you are so hot.”

“Fuck me Bren. Fuck me!” Nick screamed before shooting his hot load. I had to pull out quickly not to shoot in my condom and barely had it off in time. Cum shot across Nick’s chest and hit his shoulders. Then another rope of hot cum hit his abs. I smeared it with my cock while we kissed.  We cuddled and made out for a little while before Nick had to leave.
I wanted him to sleep with me again but I was the same way and hated to get up early and come to get dressed before going off to work.  Nick worked as a sales rep which was why he was gone a lot during the week.  I knew he was home this week and hoped to be with him more.

“Are you asleep yet?” Jacob said as he entered my dark room.

“Well asshole, I am not yet.”

“Damn, I must say your boyfriend is cute.  Don’t think I am gay or anything dude. I am just saying you did well with this one.”

“I know what you mean. I hate when straight guys won’t say another guy is cute or nice looking. Girls do it all the time and they will be straight.”

“Yeah, it is just weird as hell for me to say that. I am glad someone in this house is getting laid even though I wish I had some pussy bad.”

“I am going to sleep now. Go jack off in your room,” I replied knowing his intentions.

“Fuck I knew you would say that shit.” Jacob said.  He dropped his shorts and flashed his muscular ass to me while he was leaving.

I met Nick for lunch the next day since he was near my work during lunch time. I enjoyed seeing him dressed in a suit. He said he like me in mine too.  I could tell he spend a lot of money on his while mine was just off the rack.  I was home at a regular time while Jacob was hot and sweaty when he got there.

“That bitch is at it again. She fucking tried to call me like 10 times today. I called my attorney to see if anything was happening.  He said he had got a letter from her attorney and they had agreed to everything I wanted as that bitch confessed to forging my name.  The only condition was that I not press forgery charges against her.”

“Well, are you?”

“I told my attorney I would think about it and make that bitch suffer some too.”

“Jacob, do what you want. If I were you, I would just get it over with as soon as possible. Get her out of your life for good.”

“Dude, I wish it was that easy. A little piece of me still loves her.”

“You mean big piece, your dick is saying that, dude.”

“Yeah, it is saying I need some pussy bad. You are probably right. Hell there is tons of sluts out there for me to have my dick in,” Jacob grabbed his crotch.

“Yeah, I am sure most of them would love a nice piece of meat like you got.”

“Hell yeah. Fuck that bitch. I am going to sign that paper and be done with her twat. Hey let’s go to the gym again unless you and Nick are swapping…”

“Yeah let’s go.” I said to cut him off.

The gym for some reason was crowded that day but we still did our loops and finished in about an hour.  Jacob and I hit the hot tub to relax.  A young Asian looking college kid asked if he could join us.  He seemed nice and friendly while we soaked in the hot tub for some time.  After a while, we got out and hit the showers with him before heading home.

“Jacob that dude was hitting on you big time,” I laughed.

“Fuck you, Bren. You are just jealous because wanted him to hit on you.”

“No, I saw the way he was looking at you the whole time. Hell, I don’t blame if he was looking for a piece of meat. Why did he follow us into the shower then?”

“Damn, you might be right. Shit, I didn’t have a clue.”

“I did especially when he asked when we were coming back and you said for sure Friday. He immediately said he would see us then.”

“Fuck, I am going to put back on my wedding ring I guess to ward his ass off.”

“Hey, you are available. He was hot as hell, Jacob.”

“There again, I will admit he did have a nice bod,” Jacob smiled. “Oh fuck no!”

To be continued…