Divorced Brother- 1

**** Note-This is an older series I found that was posted earlier on Nifty under a different email address.  I have edited it from the original story.  Hope you will enjoy!!!

I came from a typical average middle class family growing up in Orlando, Florida.  I had lived closed to my parents until recently, when they moved down to Naples, Florida as my dad took an early retirement at the age of 50.  I worked my way thru college and took a job here in Orlando at an ad agency.  I saved like crazy for 3 years after and during college until I was able to purchase a nice small home in a new subdivision there, where I had hoped to live with my boyfriend until he decided he liked another guy better.  I am now 25 and have played around some since then but it never amounted to anything serious. 

I was home one day late in April, when my brother called and asked if he could stay with me a few days or at least that was how he put it to me over the phone. I agreed since we had always been fairly close, despite his recent marriage.

My younger and only brother Jacob who is 22 then was standing at my door with a suitcase in his hand and knew there were problems. I never dreamed he would take such a drastic step but there he was standing in front of me.

“Good to see you,” I said and tried to smile. “I take it you got a little problem on your hands.”

“Little problem, my ass. Stephanie has been such a bitch.  All we ever did now was fight. I stood it all I could, so here I am. Fuck I never should have married her,” Jacob said as he sat down his suitcase.

“Well Jacob, you said she pressured you so much since she was pregnant with your child,” I stated.

“Bren, I should have waited since I was 21 and she was 19 at the time. How was I to know that my little girl was going to be stillborn?  I think that was the beginning of the end for I don’t think Stephanie wanted to accept it.”

“Jacob, you thought you were doing the right thing,” I said.

“Hey can I have a beer, man?” Jacob asked in his deep masculine tone. “Maybe she was come to her senses and beg for me to come back”

I grabbed both of us a cold beer from the refrigerator, “Jacob, maybe she will ask you to come back but are you willing to take her back?”

“I don’t know right now. One part of me wants her and the other say we are finished,” Jacob said as he downed the first beer in 2 big gulps. Man, my brother could drink.  He headed to grab another one after crushing the first can with his large bare hand.

“So how’s your new job working out?” I asked.

“I really like this new place.  I am getting paid a lot more there.” Jacob said. He had just taken a job as a mechanic at one of the larger car dealerships in town. “I guess you are still happy with yours.”

“Of course, I really do like it and am in line for a great promotion here shortly,” I said.

“Great. Still no lover for you, huh?”

“No, not right now. I have just been playing the field a little bit,” I said.

Jacob was downing one beer after another.  I always knew Jacob was a big drinker even before I left home.  He always was popular in high school and was a star on the basketball team.  He was quite the hit with the girls who loved his rugged good looks and athletic body, which I was so envious of. I was still skin and bones despite working out a little but really to no avail.  Jacob was thin like me until he started working out for basketball.

I watched as he tried to drink away his problems until he was passed out while we were watching TV.  I helped him to bed later night and lay him on top of the bed, hoping he would be okay.  I returned and watched more TV, thinking and hoping like hell that this would be temporary.  Something told me he was serious since he kept repeating over and over how over he was of his marriage. 

I heard him up the next morning in the kitchen. I could hear the cabinets slamming.  I got up from bed and went to see what was going on.  He was there in his boxer briefs looking for some headache medicine and something to eat for breakfast.  I showed him where the medicine was and gave him a bowl for some cereal he had found.

“Thanks, Bren.  Man, I wanted to get drunk last night but not that drunk.” 

“You were pretty wasted last night. Any changes of heart yet?”

“Hell no, but I guess we will see what happens.  Bren, do me a favor and don’t tell mom and dad I am here.  Mom worries enough about me already.  They sort of know we’ve been having troubles but encouraged me to stick with it a little while longer.”

“I won’t.  She worries about me, too.  She would really stroke if she knew you had moved out.”

“I know. You care if I just stay here a week or so.  I will find a place of my own if I see me and Stephanie are done.”

“Sure, Jacob.  I really don’t mind having you around here until you get your life back in order.  We still need each other every now and then,” I smiled and cleaned up the kitchen. 

Later, I heard Jacob on the phone screaming and hollering so I knew he must have been talking to Stephanie, his wife.  He was fire red in the face when he came back inside.

“That fucking bitch just had the nerve to tell me I was cheating on her ass. I don’t know where she came up with that shit. She always knew where I was and what I was doing,” Jacob slammed around the living room and was pissed as I had ever seen. 

“Maybe she was cheating on you.”

“I asked her that and she just started screaming shit. She is fucking losing it, man. She is psycho bitch. I just called to see if I could get more of my clothes and she told me to fuck off.”

“She sounds like she has lost it.”

“I know, man. I wanted some of my shit, like my toothbrush, razor and hair gel.  She said I might find it in the dumpster. She told me she tossed all my shit after I packed up and left.”

“She didn’t have a right to do that.”

“Fucking tell me about that shit! Go with me and maybe we can dig a little in the dumpster at our apartment.”

Jacob and I left in his truck and headed over to his apartment. We found the dumpster near his place. Sure enough, there were a lot of Jacob’s clothes including his uniform for work lying in there among the other garbage.  We did the best we could to dig it out and laid the smelly clothes in the truck.

“Hope you fell in, you son of a bitch!”  Stephanie screamed when she saw us in the dumpster and came running down the stairs to get in Jacob’s face.

“Hold on, Stephanie. I will just get my stuff and leave. Alright?” Jacob calmly said and restrained.

“Bren, did this son of a bitch tell you he hit yesterday?” Stephanie said.

“Stephanie, you know that is not right,” Jacob said to her and did his best to remain under control.

“Fuck off, you piece of shit. I never want to see your ass again except in court when I sue your ass for a divorce,” Stephanie rudely said and loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Go ahead bitch, file for a divorce. I don’t give a flying fuck!” Jacob said for his temper started to show again.

I was watching and monitoring the mounting situation.  It was clear to me their relationship was over for good.  I moved closer in case I was needed to separate the two fighters.

“Yeah, go live with your faggot brother. He’s a piece of shit just like you, Jacob. I hate all you faggots!” Stephanie shouted and began to show your true self to me and those watching nearby.

“Hold on. I am not involved in this shit. Just leave me out. I take offense to you calling me a faggot. You were always nice to me,” I said and defended myself.

“Well just fuck you then, Bren. I don’t give a fuck if you are offended. I never did like your queer ass and just was nice to you because you were Jacob’s brother,” Stephanie said.

“Fuck you Stephanie! You are such a fucking bitch, you know that. Don’t ever call Bren a faggot again!” Jacob said as he took up for me.

“Faggot, Faggot. There what are going to do hit me again, Jacob?” Stephanie said.

“Damn bitch, you are fucking crazy! Let’s go Bren. I am tired of this shit any way. Fucking see your ass in court, bitch!” Jacob said as we headed to his truck.

“Fuck both of you! I hate you Jacob!” Stephanie said as we left.

Boy was I ever glad to be gone away from that. I really did get to see the nasty side of Stephanie and it was not pretty.  Jacob pounded on the steering wheel as he got in his truck and didn’t say a word the whole way home to keep from really coming unglued.

When we got home, we started washing Jacob’s clothes we found in the dumpster. I put a lot of detergent and fabric softener to help get out the smell that was in them from the dumpster and other smelly things.  Jacob was hitting the beer again while I washed his clothes.

“Jacob, you were right. I really saw the nasty side of Stephanie,” I said and tried to be a good brother.

“Yeah, all we have done the last two months is fight except when I was between her legs. Then she started not wanting to have sex, I knew something was up.”

“Oh Jacob, you poor boy,” I playfully laughed at him.

“Dude, I didn’t fuck her once in the last three weeks. She always would find an excuse why we couldn’t fuck.  It’s rough for someone like me.  This past week I quit even asking her.”

“Your hand became your best friend, huh?”

“Hell yeah. I would even jack off with her in bed with me.  We used to sleep naked all the time but then she started wearing my t-shirt and panties to bed too. It was like she wanted me to leave. I guess I wasn’t smart enough to realize it until yesterday.”

“You probably did realize it but didn’t want to admit.  I was the same way with my last lover.”

“Yeah Bren, I was afraid to admit our marriage was going in the shitter,” Jacob smiled at me.

After we finished doing Jacob’s clothes, we headed off to buy him some other stuff he might need such as a toothbrush and other toiletries.

That night, I had a date with a guy I had meet the previous weekend and left Jacob there while he started drinking again.  As me and my date came back, we found him passed out on the couch.  We both helped him to bed again.

I just sucked my date’s nice big cut cock and he sucked mine before leaving.  It felt so good to have him suck me off for he had a great mouth. I didn’t want to get fucked that night with my brother there despite him being passed out. I wanted to but decided oral sex was sufficient for the night.  He was a great kisser and we enjoyed that as well.  It was nice to engage in sex again and get my mind off my brother’s problems. 

“How was your date last night, Bren?” Jacob asked the next morning.  He looked so hot in his boxers and tempted me so greatly with his body.

“It was very nice.  We had a great time together,” I replied.

“You get that ass fucked by this guy?” 

“No, we just sucked each other off.  What I am doing telling you this?” I said before I came to the realization of what I just told my younger brother.  We were adults but still he was my brother and had no business knowing my private sexual life with guys.

“I don’t know, but that is fucking nasty. No way would I ever suck another guy’s dick no matter how drunk I was.”

“You are lying out your ass. You told me you let a guyy suck you off in college.”

“Yeah he sucked me. I never put his dick in my mouth. I did jack him off though since he did such a great job.”

“See, you are bi as they come,” I said as I laughed at him.

“Yeah right, Bren,” Jacob laughed at the sarcastic remark I had made.

Not much happened the rest of the day, except me lying to my parents when they called and asked if I had seen Jacob.  They said they had tried to call him but got no answer.  If nothing else, our brotherly bond began to grow once again.

We both went to work that Monday. I had to work a little overtime on a project that I was working up for my boss.  When I arrived back home after a long strenuous day, I found Jacob sitting in his boxers watching TV with his legs spread wide as ever.  My brother still had a great body and wondered how any girl or guy could resist his ripped abs and perfect pecs and arms. He was smooth as he was in high school as I really hadn’t seen him much shirtless over the past few years. I took off my suit and changed into some shorts that I liked to wear around the house. 

“Damn Bren, you are still skinny as shit,” Jacob said when I walked in and joined him in just my shorts.

“Yeah, I have quiet trying to put on weight. How do you stay so cut and lean?”

“I work out some over at the gym at the apartment.”

“Damn, Stephanie is stupid for letting you go. You still have a great body, if you don’t mind me saying so?”

“Man, it is cool. I guess I am not used to another guy telling me how good I look.”

“If you stay here long, you better get used to it.”

“Whoa, I might have to start looking tomorrow for a place of my own then.”

“That is up to you. I haven’t minded you at all here.”

“I was just kidding, Bren. Thanks for letting me stay and sort of taking care of me. I will have to remember to watch myself when you’re around now.”

“No problem. You will have to watch me,” I smiled while we sat and watched his sports show on the television.

“Bren, I might get a membership at the 24 hour fitness place at the new shopping center around the corner if you want to go with me.”

“Honestly, I have a membership there. I haven’t been in weeks though. I am usually beat most days when I get home.  Tell you what we can go tomorrow and I can get you in and you can check it out.”

“That’s cool.  I might need to take out some more frustration on those weights.”

The next day I was home early and beat Jacob home.  He came in all dirty and greasy from work as a mechanic. He showered first to clean up before we headed off to the gym.  I showed him around the nice place.  Jacob seemed to be impressed but didn’t want to commit just yet to a membership like I did after falling for the sales pitch.  We both showered there after a hard workout. I got to see how much my little brother had since I had not seen his cock in years. I couldn’t not help but check out my little brother and saw his nice low hanging cock and balls.  I tried my best to keep my eyes off it and hoped he didn’t notice me checking him out, but you know guys are going to look. I didn’t care if he saw mine as I had nothing to be ashamed of either.  When fully erect, it was a little over 7 and half inches and I was betting Jacob’s might be 8 if not more.

When we got back from the gym at my house, Jacob said, “You like what you saw?”

“Huh?” I said.

“My dick, dude. We look to be about the same. I saw you looking at my dick. Hell, I looked at yours.”

“Yeah, I guess I did have to look and see how my little brother had grown.”

“I have grown some since probably the last time you saw my ass naked.”

“Yeah, I guess the last time was when we are on vacation after I graduated.”

“Bren, you are probably right. When I found out you were gay, I tried to hide it from you. I am surprised that you didn’t pop a bone on me there at the gym.”

“It took all I had not to, Jacob. It looked so nice.”

“You know I really miss having sex with Stephanie. I will say one thing for her she was hot as hell in bed but couldn’t suck dick worth nothing. You know she never once swallowed my load even before we got married. She said it was too gross even though I loved eating her pussy every chance I got.”

I just looked around not knowing what to make of that last statement.  I didn’t know if my brother was hinting at something or just make a comment.  I just stared at him and didn’t say a word.

“Well you want a shot at this dick. I know you want to suck it,” Jacob grabbed his crotch.

“I don’t know. It would be weird in a way but hot in another,” I said and then saw Jacob with his shorts pulled down past his knees.

“Man, Bren. I haven’t had a good knobber since that guy sucked me off in college.  Please just one time. I really need it. Please!” Jacob pleaded with me.

I reached over and grabbed his nice cut cock. Jacob almost immediately became hard there in my hand.  I kissed his smooth pecs and then his ripped abs after releasing his cock from my hand.

“Man, this is so weird,” I said as I looked at him.

“I know but damn it is hot so far,” Jacob smiled.

I grabbed my little brother’s cock. I jacked it a little and started licking up and down on it. I still couldn’t believe what I was doing but now I was really lusting after my little brother’s hard cock, mind you he was 22 and outweighed me a good 20 pounds. I stuck the head in my mouth. He leaned back on his elbows and softly moaned.  Then I licked his cock some more and loved the divine taste of my brother. Precum formed at the head so I licked it off with my wet tongue. Man did that taste good. I couldn’t stand it anymore and went down as deep as I could.

“Oh fuck, Bren that feels so fucking hot.”

“MMMM” was all I could muster with my brother’s cock buried in my mouth.

“Oh shit… guys do suck cock better than any bitch. Suck my fucking cock.”

I felt Jacob push my head down further on his throbbing hard cock. I didn’t gag as I lost that a while back with some experience. I could feel his mushroom head in my throat. My hands were all over my brother’s hot body as I did my best to please him. He started fucking my mouth.

“Fuck your mouth is so hot. Take that cock!”

I did as my brother said and kept sucking and licking his cock. I felt of his low hanging balls then.  He loved that as he moaned and groaned in pleasure. I  felt them tighten and waited for the explosion. Explode he did, all down my throat and on my lips. I swallowed my brother’s load and enjoyed every drop of hot cum he deposited in my mouth.  I could see the satisfied expression on his face as I took his big load.

He pulled my mouth off his cock.  I was shocked when he kissed me on the lips.

“That was fucking hot as hell, bro.”

“I loved it. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would ever suck you off. You want to try mine?” I said but knew the answer.

“Fuck no dude. I will jack you off though. You deserve it after that fucking hot knobber.”

I pulled off my shorts and my brother jacked me off.  I had to tell him a few times to loosen up his grip but his strong hand felt so good while he gave me a hand job.  I shot my wad on my stomach and got a little on his hand.  He went right over and washed it off and brought me a paper towel to clean mine off.  He kissed me again and went to bed naked as did I.  I knew it probably wasn’t right but hell it was so great. 

To be continued…