Rooming With My Best Friend - Working With Colt

Written by Big 'D'... Posted Sept 23, 2012

Colt’s POV

Sometimes things happen when you least expect it. Back on Spring Break last year I
never intended to have sex with Kris, it just happened. I felt urges and desires and
went with them, experiencing something I thought would be a one-time deal. Little did
I know then that Kris and I would share many heated moments and I’d come to love
having sex with him, and occasionally others.

Being with Andrea I tried to limit the sex I had with men because I never felt it was
right to do it too often or it would feel like I was cheating on her. Luckily Andrea
herself had gay urges and we both allowed each other to express them and act on them,
so I could still explore that side of me.

Usually whenever I had sex with men it was always with the knowledge that nothing
would happen between us and it was never in danger of developing in to something more
than it was. Matt, Corey, Brennan and Garrett were all in relationships when I fucked
around with them, in fact their boyfriends were pretty much there anytime anything
happened. With the guys on the trip to Europe I knew I’d never see them again, so
what did it matter? With Scott we both knew it was just a good hot fuck, and with
Kris, well, things were a little different because there maybe were feelings there
and we had varied sex, from softly making love to just fucking the holy hell out of
each other, but nothing ever changed between us and there was never any real
suggestion that we should be anything more than best friends afterwards.

So when I met Ben at the sporting goods store I worked at for a bit of extra money
between my sophomore and junior years, I never thought we would end up in bed. Once
again I was wrong.

It all started innocently enough. We were just colleagues, working together in a
store so we could get by and pay our way. We were on good speaking terms and often
found ourselves chatting when there was a bit of quiet period when our jobs had been
done or there were no customers to serve. He was a really nice guy.

Over the next couple of weeks I occasionally caught him looking at me as if he was
studying me, kind of like he was trying to figure me out. I didn’t think much of it,
especially when I found myself doing the same thing. Sometimes when you meet someone
new and you don’t really know each other you try to read a person by the way they act
and by things they say, so I thought that was just what we were doing.

Then things changed. I was sitting in the staff room eating some lunch one day,
relaxing back on the sofa we had in there, when Ben came in to have his lunch too. It
wasn’t often breaks overlapped since it wasn’t the biggest of stores and they tried
to make sure we were fully staffed at all times, but occasionally it did happen and I
was looking forward to a little bit of company to pass the time.

Ben sat across from me and we just chatted about random things for a while until I
realised I had been sitting in the same position for too long and had become a little
stiff. I leaned back on the sofa and stretched my body out, lifting my arms up over
my head. When I did that it pulled my shirt up, exposing my abs.

“Fuck…” Ben breathed.

“What?” I asked.

“Those abs, dude,” Ben replied, licking his lips. “You are so fucking hot.”

I lowered my arms and my shirt settled back into place. “Stop messing around.”

“I’m not messing, man, you’re smoking hot. I’d love to get you into bed so I can have
my way with you.”

“Did someone put you up to this?” I asked.

“What? No,” Ben replied. “Why would they?”

“Some of my friends have a strange sense of humour,” I replied.

“Well this is just me talking. I don’t tell many people, because I’m not really out
yet and I don’t want a big thing to be made of it, but I’m gay.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah. What’s wrong? Have you never seen a gay guy who didn’t act ‘gay’ before?”

“I have actually. Hell, I live with two of them.”

“Seriously? Big country boy Colt is gay friendly?”

“I am,” I smiled.

“And what do you think of them?”

“I love them. They’re like brothers to me now. It’s great.”

“Are they a couple?”

“Yeah, they are. They’ve been together for about two years now.”

“That’s awesome. I wish I had a relationship like that, or hot friends like you. Are
you sure I can’t take you into one of those display tents later for a bit of fun?”
Ben grinned.

“Now you’re messing with me,” I laughed.

“Maybe I am, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it. That body deserves proper
appreciation from a hot pair of lips.”

“I agree there, it does,” I smiled. “Sadly for you it will be getting that from my
girlfriend this weekend.”

“Damn, I knew a guy as hot as you had to be straight, and it really kills me because
I’d give anything for a night with you.”

“Sorry,” I said, smiling at him and looking up at the clock to see that I was due
back at my station. “I’ll see you later.”

With that I got up and went back to work, thinking over everything Ben had said to
me. I kept the fact that I wasn’t entirely straight from him because I didn’t want to
bring it into the workplace, plus I didn’t know how trustworthy he was just yet and I
didn’t want everyone knowing my personal business.

Over the next week I kept noticing that Ben was looking at me and I pretty much knew
what he was thinking. One day, when I was bending over to get something out of a box
to go on one of the shelves, I heard him gasp and turned just in time to see him
looking at my ass. He really did have the hots for me.

There were more times when I saw him looking over at me with hunger in his eyes. I
found it flattering that I had that effect on him, but at the same time it was a
little strange. Even so I actually found myself checking him out. He was up on a
little step ladder, placing some things on a high shelf, and his top rose up, just
like mine had done in the staff room. His body was hot. He was pretty slim but with
nice toned muscles that really stood out, just like Matt. I actually started to think
it would be nice to get with him, but as soon as those thoughts entered my head I
tried to forget them.

Since we weren’t alone again, and were never really out of earshot of the others
workers, nothing was really said or done to try to push things further, and Ben
didn’t so much as suggest that we should get together again, so I relaxed and just
enjoyed my job.

About a week after our first one-on-one meeting in the staff room, it happened again.
I was sitting down eating my lunch when Ben walked in and, instead of sitting down
across from me, he took a seat right next to me on the sofa and was so close that
when we moved our legs our knees kept bumping in to each other. It made me a little

At first we just talked about general stuff that really wasn’t a big deal, I talked
to all of my friends like that, but when I finished eating and just sat there to
relax for the rest of my break Ben turned his body towards mine and I could tell that
he was looking right at my face.

Turning my head to look at him, I said, “What?”

“I was just admiring you,” he replied.

“Admiring me how?”

“You’re beautiful,” he said, with not a hint of hesitance. “Your jawline is so strong
and it makes you look so manly.”

“Well, I am a man,” I replied.

“I know, but there are loads of guys our age who still look like teenagers, you
don’t. You’re a real man and I think it’s so hot.”

“Are we gonna do this again?” I asked, wishing he’d let his attraction to me go.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve been thinking about you all week. I can’t get you out of my

“Because you think I’m hot?” I asked.

“Well, there is that, but also since you told me you’re living with some gay guys,
well, it got me thinking…”

“About what?” I asked.

“I know you’re straight and all, but some guys get curious and experiment, especially
in college. I’ve been asking myself all week if you’ve ever messed around with a

I didn’t know what to say to him. He seemed to be coming on pretty strong and was
trying to find out if I’d fucked around with guys so that maybe he would have a
chance. I really wanted to tell him that I hadn’t, even though I had no problem with
gay guys, but as I turned to him and looked him in the eyes I found myself saying the
exact opposite.

“I might have…” I said, letting the implication linger.

“You’ve messed around with guys?”

“Yes,” I sighed.

“How far?” he asked. When I didn’t answer his eyes went wide. “No way! You’ve fucked
a guy before?”

“Will you keep your voice down? Someone might hear you,” I scolded him.

“Sorry,” he said, genuinely, “but you have, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” I said, “but if you tell anyone I’ll kick your ass.”

“I won’t, don’t worry. That is so fucking hot though,” he said, twitching as he
reached down to reposition his growing cock. He placed his hand on my chest and
looked deep into my eyes. “I don’t suppose there’s any chance you’d consider fucking

“Are you serious?” I asked, not moving.

“Yeah…” he said as he ran his hand over my chest and down to my abs. “I’ll show you
things you’ve never seen before.”

My breathing was more erratic now and I looked at him, trying to figure out what was
going on in his head. The room was completely silent for a minute until he slipped
his hand under my shirt and ran his fingers over my abs and up to my pecs. The
contact made me shudder. “Fuck…”

“Come over to mine tonight after work,” Ben whispered in my ear, his hand resting on
my abs, “It’ll be worth it.”

I took a big gulp and looked into his eyes again. I don’t know what came over me but
I could feel my cock getting harder in my pants and I knew I wanted it. When I spoke
I barely got the words out, “Okay…”

“And you’re not playing around this time?” Ben asked.

I looked at the clock and saw it was time for me to get back to work. I pulled his
hand out from under my shirt and held it for a moment, looking into his eyes.

“No. I’ll follow you back to yours in my car.”

“Awesome!” Ben smiled.

“I’m not kidding though, Ben. Tell anyone and I’ll kill you.”

Before he could reply I threw my trash away and headed back out into the store to
finish off shift. I couldn’t believe what had just happened or what I had agreed to
do. When Ben came out of the staff room he had the biggest smile on his face and for
the next few hours I noticed that he had to keep adjusting himself because he was
almost constantly hard.

He kept looking my way and I could tell he was showing off for me a little when no
one was looking. He would purposefully bend over to show me the nice ass that pushed
out the back of his pants. He also kept scratching his stomach, which lifted up his
shirt and showed me his abs. It was like a mating dance, but it was one I was
responding to. He was pretty hot and before the night was over I was going to pound
his ass harder than he ever thought possible.

When finishing time came around Ben waited for me outside the door and handed me a
piece of paper with a number on it. I looked at him questioningly and he just

“It’s my apartment number.”

“Why do I need this if I’m following you?”

“Because I’ll need to race ahead to… erm… prepare.”

I chuckled, realising what he meant and tucking the piece of paper into my pocket. I
went over to my car and got in, watching him cross the parking lot to his own car. I
started the engine but waited for him to back out of his space and then I followed
him all the way to a nice apartment complex where I parked up next to his car as he
jumped out and ran into the building.

Sitting in my car, seeing him disappear to get ready for me finally made me sit back
and think about what I was doing. I was outside an apartment, ready to go inside to
have sex with a guy I hardly knew. It was so unlike me. I had never acted so
impulsively, especially with a guy. Sure, I fucked around, but it had always been
with friends. I barely knew Ben, having only worked with him for a few weeks, and had
no real idea if fucking him was a smart thing to do, but just the thought of it had
my dick rock hard in my pants. I needed to get off, and what better way than up a
nice tight ass?

I rubbed myself through my pants, brushing against the head of my cock, and I knew
there was no turning back. I repositioned my cock so no one who saw me would know I
was hard, and then I got out of the car and entered the apartment building.

I quickly found the number he gave me and pushed the door open. It was only a small
one-bed apartment in the corner of the building, but it was well kept and would be
all a single guy would need. The shower was still running so I went and sat down on
the sofa while I waited. My hand went back to rubbing my cock through my pants.

About two minutes later I heard the shower being turned off  and it was only a minute
more before Ben was standing in front of me in nothing but a towel, his hot body
sparkling with the water that was dripping off it, accentuating his hard muscles. He
was trim but his pecs were nicely developed and his abs were really cut. He also had
a bit of hair on his chest and a tiny trail that disappeared into his towel, which
really turned me on. He was hot.

I thought there might have been a bit of playing around and maybe some flirting or
teasing but he just dropped his towel, showing off his nice, thick, seven inch cut
cock before he dropped to his knees right in front of me and moved his hands up so he
was rubbing my hard cock through my pants.

My dick was really pushing against my work pants as Ben put his hands on my thighs
and pulled me further down the sofa so he could get better access to my cock, with
his head between my legs. He leaned in and ran his tongue over the bulge in my pants,
which made my cock throb and jump against the fabric that was pulled tight against my

Reaching his hands up he ran them up under my work shirt, working his fingers over my
abs and up onto my chest. Then he took hold of the bottom of my shirt and pulled it
off over my head, exposing my hard body, which got a moan out of him.

“Fuck… you’re even hotter than I thought you were. So fucking sexy,” Ben said as he
unconsciously licked his lips.

Before I could reply his lips were on my chest, kissing my pecs and then parting as
he trailed his tongue across my chest until he was sucking on my nipple. I put my
hand on the back of his head to encourage him as I threw my head back and let some
deep moans escape my mouth. It felt so good.

His hands were rubbing my abs as his mouth continued to work on my nipples, moving
from one to the other and then back again. When he pulled back and looked into my
eyes I could see how much he wanted me just from the lust that made his eyes a little

Leaning back in he slipped his tongue from his mouth and ran it all over my abs,
using just the tip to trace them, and then kissing each one, moving across and then
down until he reached the final one and used his tongue to lick from my belly button
into the waistband of my pants. It made my whole body shiver.

Moving back from me again, his hands went straight to the button on my pants, pulling
it open, and then he slid down the zipper, letting him see the tight blue boxers I
was wearing. His hands moved to the sides of my pants and he tugged on them so I
lifted my ass and let him pull them off me, along with my socks and shoes.

“Sweet Jesus…” he groaned when he saw the tight blue material that was hugging my
legs and cupping my hard dick, which was leaking so much precum there was a big wet
patch right where the tip of my cock was trapped beneath it.

He moved in and pushed my legs up onto his shoulders, pulling me even further down
the sofa so I was almost flat on my back. He then buried his face between my legs so
his nose was pushing at the underside of my balls and I heard him breathing in deep,
taking in the natural scent that rose from my crotch.

The next thing I felt was his tongue as it travelled up over my covered balls and
along the shaft until he was licking at the wet patch, trying to suck my precum out
of the material.

He leaned back and looked up at me, “Does that feel good?”

“Yes,” I panted.

“Good,” he said with a huge smile.

He ran his hands back up over my body and said “damn” under his breath. I couldn’t
stop a smile from forming on my face, seeing the effect I had on him. I don’t think I
had ever felt hotter and my rock hard cock supported that.

Within seconds he had his fingers hooked into the waistband of my boxers, forcing me
to lift my ass up again as he almost ripped them off. Instead of going straight for
my cock, he once again buried his face under my balls, only this time instead of just
smelling me he used his tongue to lap up any sweat that was down there. It was kind
of funky, but at the same time really hot. He was getting off on me just being me.

Next, he took my balls into his mouth, licking them, rolling them around on his
tongue, sucking them and gently pulling on them. Almost involuntarily I started
thrusting my hips a little, trying to signal to him that I wanted him to suck my
dick, and he seemed to get the idea because he let my balls slip out of his mouth and
ran his tongue up over them and along the full length of my shaft until it was
swirling around the head of my dick.

I threw my head back again when he sucked my cock into his mouth and didn’t even
pretend like he didn’t know what he was doing. He forced his head down onto my dick
until his nose was nestled in my trimmed pubes. He even managed to stick his tongue
out a little bit so he was almost lapping at my balls while my dick was buried down
his throat. I had never felt anything like it.

He pulled back a little and started to bob his head up and down on my cock, using his
lips and tongue to caress my dick as he moved back and forth, sliding along the
length, all the way to the base and back up to the tip. When he reached the top he
ran his tongue around the head and poked at the slit for the precum I was almost
constantly leaking, then he went back down on me.

Just when I thought I was about to cum from the incredible job he was doing on my
cock, he pulled back, held my dick and looked up into my eyes with a look of pure
hunger and desire.

“I need this inside me,” he said, kissing the tip.

I tried to answer him but I couldn’t form the words. My dick was tingling and was
begging to release. I wanted to fuck his ass as much as he wanted my cock. I just
nodded at him.

With a smile, he jumped up from his position on the floor and raced into his bedroom,
coming back with a condom and a small bottle of lube.

He dropped to his knees again and stroked my hard cock, which was still slick with
his spit. I was moaning and thrusting up into his hand but he let go and my cock
slapped back against my abs. He tore open the condom wrapper and rolled the condom
over my cock, jerking me again for about a minute before he popped the bottle of lube
open and poured it over my dick to get it ready for his ass.

When he let go of me again I gripped on to my covered cock and started stroking it. I
was so hard I almost couldn’t believe it. I know I had fucked guys before and was no
novice, but this situation was so different. I had never just picked up a guy before
or let him pick me up, taking me back to his so I could fuck his ass. It was so weird
and yet so good.

I watched as Ben poured some more lube into his hand so he could get his ass ready
for me. He was bent over and it was the first time I saw his bare ass. It was hot.
It’s wasn’t quite as big as Kris’ but it was a nice shape with a sweet looking hole
buried between the cheeks.

I watched him for a moment, thinking that if I was really straight watching him prep
his ass would probably have me bolting for the door, but instead it turned me on,
especially when he started slipping his fingers inside his own ass.

He was almost done, placing the bottle of lube down on the coffee table, when I just
couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up from my place on the sofa, took the few steps
across the where he was standing, pulled his fingers out of his ass and in just a
matter of seconds I lined my dick up with his hole and pushed right in.

“Oh fuck!” Ben screamed as my dick disappeared inside him.

I shushed him as I took hold of his hips and continued pushing my dick inside him.
There was little to no resistance and my cock just slid right in, so smoothly, until
I was balls deep inside him. 

“Damn…” I breathed.

“Oh shit…” Ben panted. “Your dick feels so fucking good in me, Colt. Fuck me! Fuck me

I held on to his hips and pulled my dick out of him before slowly sliding it back in,
hearing him groan. I did that for another minute, taking my time to long dick him
until he was begging me to fuck him, and then I gave him what he wanted.

Bending my knees just a little, I anchored my feet to the ground and kept one hand on
Ben’s waist while my other went up to his shoulder. In that position it allowed me to
straighten my legs to fuck him into his tight ass, while pulling him back onto my
cock so I could fuck him even deeper.

I used the grip and the strength in my arms and legs to really start fucking him,
driving my dick up into him hard, getting faster and faster until I was pounding him
and he was screaming and whimpering as my cock did a number on his ass.

“So fucking good!” he screamed. “FUCK ME!!!”

By now I was really drilling his ass, our skin slapping together as I buried my cock
deep inside him and pulled him down to impale him on my dick. His screams were
constant as my dick sawed in and out of him, pummelling his ass.

When I got tired of the position we were in I decided to change it up a little. I
stood up, with my dick balls deep inside his ass, forcing him up onto his tiptoes
since I was a little taller. I reached down and took hold of one of his legs, lifting
it until he put his foot down on top of the coffee table, opening his ass up even
more to me, allowing me to shove my rock hard cock up into him even harder.

“OH SHIT!!” Ben screamed. “You’re going even deeper than before!”

I could feel it too. He was getting all seven plus inches of my cock deep inside him
and he was fucking loving it. So was I. All thoughts of trying to make him think I
was straight and didn’t know what I was doing were gone from my mind, now I was
determined to get the best fuck out of him I possibly could and I was going to use
everything I had learned from my many times with Kris to make that happen.

My balls were slapping against Ben’s as I drove my dick up into him, putting my hand
under his knee to pull his leg up that bit more to give me even more leverage as I
continued to hammer his ass.

Without warning him I pulled my dick out of his ass and heard him groan. When he
turned around to see what I was doing I had already moved to sit down on the sofa. I
looked him straight in the eye and then looked down at my cock, which I had in my
hand, waving it at him. The biggest smile came over his face as he realised what I
wanted him to do and he pounced on me, straddling me and sinking his ass down on my
hard cock.

“Fuck…” We both moaned.

Ben threw his arms around my neck and started riding my dick, moving his ass up and
down, fucking himself on my cock. It felt so good. He was using his ass muscles to
grip my shaft, adding to the friction and the pleasure I felt as he slid his ass up
my cock, only to drive it back down, plunging my cock into his depths.

I moved my hands around to his ass cheeks and massaged them while he continued to
ride me. We were looking into each other’s eyes and there was a constant smile on his
face as I gripped his ass and started using the strength in my arms to bounce him up
and down on my cock, fucking him even harder.

Then I planted my feet fully on the ground, which gave me even more strength, power
and leverage as I pushed off, using my feet, and drove my cock so hard up into him
that he had to bury his face against my neck to muffle the scream. I was relentless,
just wanting to fuck him so hard. I held onto his ass and just pummelled it, drilling
my cock into it.

As I continued my assault on his ass I felt him pull back just slightly from where
his face was pressed against my neck. Then I felt his lips against my skin as he
started to kiss me. For a brief moment I felt like telling him to stop, that it was
just sex, but I was too caught up in what we were doing to really care. I didn’t want
to disrupt our rhythm.

He was still whimpering as my dick was being pumped up his ass, but the sounds were
muffled because his lips were almost constantly in contact with my skin. He kissed my
neck and along my shoulder, and then he started working his way up until he was
kissing along my jawline.

I turned my head slightly away from him, which made him pull back from me, maybe a
little offended. I never stopped fucking his ass but he was now looking deep into my
eyes as if he was searching for something. Whatever it was he must have found it
because he leaned in and pressed his lips against mine. I wanted to tell him not to
kiss me but my body reacted differently to my brain and soon my lips were open and
his tongue was in my mouth, dancing with my own as I fucked him.

Something about the kiss set off the animal inside me and I attacked his lips with
him, kissing him hard. I wrapped my arms around him, holding him tight, and moved us
further forward on the sofa until we were perched on the end. Our lips were still
locked when I started leaning forward, lowering Ben until he had no choice but to
break the kiss and his shoulders touched the floor.

I pulled my dick out of his ass and positioned him so his ass was resting on the edge
of the sofa but his head, shoulders and upper back were on the floor. I climbed up
onto the sofa so my legs were up on the cushions and then I reached across, pulling
the coffee table closer to us until I could put my hands flat on its surface.

Ben looked up at me with a questioning look in his eye. He was almost bent in half
and I started doing press ups over the top of him between the sofa and the table.
Just as he was about to open his mouth to say something, I took one hand off the
table, supporting my bodyweight with the other and lined my cock up with Ben’s ass.
This time when I lowered myself, my cock plunged back into him and he screamed out,
throwing his head back against the floor.

Placing both arms back on the table I started to do press ups. When I straightened my
arms it would pull my dick almost completely out of his ass and then when I bent them
again my cock would sink deep inside him.

I started off slow, letting him get used to being fucked in that position, and then I
started to speed up until I wasn’t so much doing press ups but rather I was just
holding myself up as I used my hips to thrust my cock down into him, fucking him hard
and deep, letting my whole bodyweight come down on him to really drive my dick in

He was screaming so loud now as I continued to hammer his ass and he was reaching
around him, trying to find something to hold on to as he writhed in pure ecstasy and
threw his head from side to side as he screamed my name.

When his breath finally got caught up in his throat I knew he was close and it only
made me fuck him even harder. I was a little worried that I’d hurt him because he
really was almost folded in half, with his ass in the air and his knees over his
face, but he never protested once so I just kept going.

I didn’t notice his hard cock was pointing straight at his face until the moment he
screamed louder than before and I looked down to see his face get covered with his
cum as it exploded from his cock in one of the biggest loads I had ever seen.

As his dick was shooting his ass tightened around my cock and I couldn’t hold back
any longer. I pulled out of his ass, threw off the condom and jerked my cock three
times, still holding myself over him, until I was also flooding his face with my own
load. He was almost unrecognisable there was so much cum on his face.
Breathing hard, I pushed myself up onto the sofa and sat back for a minute to bask in
the glow of my orgasm. Ben didn’t move from his position on the floor but I could hear
his heavy breathing and the occasional “fuck” or “shit” escape his lips.

When I came down from my orgasm I looked over at his clock and realised that the guys
back at the apartment would wonder where I was since they knew I finished work, what was
now well over an hour ago. I jumped up and started gathering my clothes while Ben still
lay on the floor trying to recover.

I was fully dressed before he pulled himself up into a sitting position and reached
across to grab his towel so he could clean himself up.

“Do you have to go so soon?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “My friend’s will wonder where I’ve got to.”

“I guess you won’t be telling them where you really were?”

“No,” I said, not really caring if I hurt his feelings or not. I had cum now and I
didn’t feel the same as I had before.

“I don’t see why not. It’s pretty damn clear this wasn’t your first time fucking an ass.
You fucked me like a pro,” Ben smiled as he wiped the last of our cum from his face.

“Either way, I’ve got to go. Please don’t say anything about this at work,” I said.

“What do you take me for? It’s no one else’s business but ours,” Ben said with a smile.
“I’m just glad I got to be with you. You’re amazing.

“Thanks,” I said. “I really do have to go, though, I’ll see you later.”

I didn’t wait around to see if he was going to say anything else I just left his
apartment, headed downstairs and got back into my car. I didn’t even really know where I
was because I had followed him to his complex, but after a little driving around I
recognised a place and knew where I was so I was able to drive home.

What happened with Ben really weighed on my mind because it was so unlike me and I
wondered why I had done it. I tried to take my mind off it and tried to focus on other
things, but nothing seemed to work until I got an email from the coach of the football
team telling me when the team would back in training and when I would be needed back at
the Athletics department. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do both jobs at once and so the
next time I went to work at the store I handed my notice in and suddenly I started
feeling better about things with Ben. In less than a week I wouldn’t be working with him
so nothing else would happen and I could just chalk it up to a one time thing. When I
thought about it like that I realised just how hot it had been, not just because of the
incredible sex and the spontaneity of it all, but because Ben was actually a really hot
guy who I was happy to have fucked.

Ben was true to his word and never said a thing while we were at work. No one knew what
had gone on between us and we continued on as normal workmates until it was the day I
left. That day he came into then staffroom while I was on my break to tell me that he
loved that he got to be with me and he just wanted to thank me again. He leaned in to
give me a quick kiss on the lips and then he went back to work. That afternoon when I
left the store I thought I had left Ben behind. I never expected to see him just over a
month later on campus.

“Colt?” I heard a familiar voice behind me.

I turned and saw Ben standing there and immediately my eyes went wide. I wasn’t unhappy
to see him, but my heart started beating rapidly, having no idea as to what he might do.

“Hey,” I said as he moved so he was by my side as I continued walking.

“Hey,” Ben replied. “I’m really happy to see you. It hasn’t been the same at the store
without you.”

“Don’t lie,” I laughed.

“I’m being serious, man. How have you been?”

“Awesome,” I replied. “Working with the football team is kicking my ass a little, but I
can’t complain. I love my job.”

By this time there was almost no one around us so Ben leaned in and said, “Well it’s
certainly working for you. You’re as hot as ever.”

“Thanks,” I said, blushing slightly.

“Honestly, man, you are so hot. I’ve spent the past few weeks reliving that time with
you over and over and over. I won’t lie, I’ve been with a couple of guys since you, but
no one even compares. You fucked me so good.”

I looked around to really make sure no one was listening, but we were alone, much to my
relief, as we continued walking.

“What are you doing tonight?” he asked.

“Are you serious?” I asked back.

“Yeah, I can’t stop thinking about you. Please, just one more time. I know nothing is
gonna happen with us, except some really hot sex, but I just need to feel you inside me

“I don’t think so,” I replied.

“Come on. You know I have my own place so no one is gonna catch us. Come round one night
and fuck me like you did before. I know you want to.”

I wanted to tell him to fuck off but I couldn’t deny that my dick was starting to tingle
at the thought of being back inside his amazing ass, drilling him like I did before.

“I’ll think about it, okay?” I said, never thinking I would actually do it.

A few days later as I was walking out of another class I saw him again and almost turned
the other way so I didn’t bump into him, but a part of me made me continue on, walking
right into his path, knowing he would spot me. I was right. He came right over.

“Hey,” he said. “Thought about my offer?”

I pulled him aside, away from the crowd and leaned in to whisper in his ear. “If we do
this it’s the last time, do you understand?”

“Yes,” he said. “Does that mean you’ll come to mine again?”

“Not tonight,” I said. “I’m busy. I’ll come by Thursday. Be ready.”

“Awesome!” Ben almost shouted. “You remember my address right?”

“Not really, no,” I said.

“Okay, well I work at the store Thursday. Be outside when my shift finishes at five and
you can follow me back to mine.”

“Does Shawn work Thursdays?” I asked.


“Yeah, he’s my friend.”

“Oh, and you don’t want him to catch you?”

“Yeah,” I admitted.

“No, he doesn’t, so you’re safe. You’ll definitely come on Thursday?”

“Yes,” I said.

“See you then, I’ll be ready and waiting,” Ben winked as he turned and walked away.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I had walked away from him and had chalked it all up to
a one time experience and now I had just agreed to go to his apartment again and we both
knew it was for nothing but sex.

As I walked home I felt a wave of guilt pass over me that I had never felt before, not
when it came to men anyway. I didn’t know if it was because hooking up with Ben again
made it feel like cheating, or if it was because I hadn’t told Andrea about my first
time with him, but I almost wanted to tell him the deal was off, but then at least one
part of me still wanted to get with him again.

When Thursday came I tried to put all thoughts of Ben and what we would be doing later
out of my head and I managed to get through my classes and checked in at the Athletics
Department but there was nothing for me to do. Instead of going back to the apartment
before I drove over to the store, knowing the guys would probably be getting ready to go
to the Rec, I just drove around until it was time for Ben’s shift to finish and then I
pulled up in the parking lot outside the store.

The clock had barely hit five when I saw Ben leave the store and scan the area, looking
for me. When he spotted my car I saw him smile and nod discreetly. Soon he was in his
car, pulling out of his parking space and I was following him as he drove back towards
his apartment, almost breaking the speed limit, which told me how eager he was.

I pulled up in the parking lot of his complex just a few seconds after he did and was
only about three feet behind him as he headed to his apartment. Seeing his ass framed so
perfectly in his pants made me really want it.

He opened the door to his apartment for us and we stepped inside. Closing the door, he
turned to me and said, “Can I get you a drink?”

Something in my mind snapped. I wasn’t there to play around. I pushed him back against
the wall and kissed him hard.

“I’m not here to have a drink with you. I’m here to fuck you,” I growled at him as I
broke the kiss, only to attack his lips again.

“Oh God… Fuck me,” he moaned the next time we parted, and as soon as he finished talking
my lips were back on his and I was pushing my tongue into his mouth.

His hands were all over my back and, as I pressed him harder against the wall, he
wrapped his legs around my waist so I was holding up his body as our tongues continued
to battle. My dick as so hard and I just needed to fuck him.

“Get me a condom and some lube,” I said as I broke the kiss again.

I stepped back and let him down. He sprinted into his bedroom and came back with what we
needed. Without saying anything I threw my shirt off and started to unfasten my pants. I
looked up at Ben and could see that he was shocked by how I was acting, but I didn’t
care. I needed to fuck him and it needed to be now.

I was naked in a matter of seconds and took the condom from Ben’s hand as he stood in
front of me, still not moving. Ripping open the pack, I took the condom out and rolled
it down my cock, grabbing the lube too so I could get my dick nice and slick.

Ben was still frozen on the spot when my cock was ready for him so I reached out and
grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, pulling him to me and taking his lips in mine in
another heated kiss. He seemed to melt in my arms again, and as I pulled off his top, he
moved to help me and soon we were both naked.

He was even hotter than I remembered. His pecs seemed to be a bit bigger than before and
his abs were as hard as his cock, which was throbbing and leaking like crazy. The little
bit of hair on his body still excited me because it was so different to Kris, or even
Corey and Matt.

Foreplay wasn’t an option this time. I had let him give me an amazing blowjob last time,
but this time I just needed his tight ass around my cock and I was determined to get it
as soon as possible.

I pushed him back against the wall, into the exact same position as he had been in for
that first kiss, only this time when he wrapped his legs around my waist I moved him
into position and drove my cock up into him, making him scream.

His hands were around my shoulders, clawing at my skin, but I didn’t care. I knew from
the groans that were coming from his mouth that he wasn’t really in pain so I just
started to fuck him. I was so far past playing and going slow, I just wanted to pound
his ass and blow my load.

He held on to me and whimpered against my neck as I supported his bodyweight and lifted
him up off my cock only to drive him back down onto it, impaling him on my seven inch
My hips were moving so fast I thought that if someone else were watching us they would
see nothing but a blur as I hammered Ben harder than I had ever fucked anyone before. I
used the wall as leverage to drill his ass deep, humping him against it and making him

Soon his arms were round me in a tight hug, my dick still buried deep inside him, and he
was muttering little words into my ear. I decided that we needed a change of scenery so
I moved back from the wall but I still held him in my arms, my cock still inside him. I
started walking over toward his bedroom and with each step I bounced him up and down on
my cock and he started screaming my name.

When we reached his bed I lowered him down onto the mattress, making sure my cock never
left his ass, and immediately went to work on fucking his hot ass again, really pounding
him as I hooked my hands behind his knees and pushed them back to give me better access.

With my feet on the floor I was able to stand up on tiptoes and lean over him, pressing
his legs back so they were almost touching his chest, allowing me to really drive my
dick down into him, ploughing straight through him until my pubes were pressed against
his ass.

My thrusts got faster and faster as my desperation to cum overwhelmed me. I pounded the
holy fucking hell out of him and I’m surprised I didn’t injure him because I was fucking
him so hard my own body was starting to hurt, but he just kept screaming for me to fuck
him harder.

All of a sudden his body went rigid and his back arched, even though I almost had him
folded in half. Cum rocketed out of his cock, shooting all over his face, chest and abs,
with some even going over his head and landing on his bed. His ass clamped down on my
cock as he was cumming so I shoved in as deep as I could and let his ass work me over
until I filled up the condom with my own load as it poured out of my cock.

When we both stopped shooting I carefully pulled my dick out of his ass and lowered his
legs back down. He just lay limp on the bed, covered in cum, with a blissful look on his

I sat down next to him to catch my breath but then the reality of what I had done,
again, caught up to me and I felt really shit. I got up off the bed and pulled the
condom off, throwing it in the trash. Then I walked out into the living room, picked up
my clothes, put them back on and just left his apartment without saying goodbye or
anything. My head was swimming with thoughts and I was cursing myself for giving in to
my cock and letting myself fuck him again.

I got into my car and drove off, driving the streets aimlessly until I pulled up in
front of my apartment building. I hadn’t even realised where I was, what I was doing or
where I was going, but somehow I managed to get back home and I was so glad for it. I
needed to shower so badly and not just to wash the smell of sex off my skin but to wash
away the dirty feeling I felt all over me.

Why did I have to fuck him again?

The End!!

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