Nate woke Friday early by the sound of another annoying alarm clock still living in their extended stay motel.  He stretched his taut body and leaned over to kiss his boyfriend Ross.  He got up, showered, shaved and prepared for another day of work at the sportswear company he was growing to love each passing day.

“Ross, what time do you get off today?” Nate asked quietly.

“7 o’clock,” Ross said and rubbed his eyes. “Nate, from now on, just get and let me sleep.”

“I’m sorry,” Nate said. He leaned over and kissed Ross goodbye.

At the end of the workday, Nate headed back to the hotel that was still their temporary home.  He loved the price and convenience of it.  He tossed his work clothes in corner and headed out to run alone.  He made the mile and half loop in record time since Ross wasn’t there to slow him down with talking and resting.  He pushed as hard as ever and enjoyed the run despite the heat.   Once back inside he stripped off his sweaty clothes and patiently waited for Ross.

About 30 minutes later, he heard a loud knock at the door and scrambled to find his shorts.  He slowly opened the door and saw his older brother Nick standing there.

Nick stepped inside and gave his brother a big hug, “Hey, what’s going on?”

“Not much.  What are you doing here by the way?” Nate questioned his brother.

“Someone doesn’t have their damn cell on.  This is on my way home so I figured I would stop by,” Nick said and swept back his bangs.

“Sorry bro.  What’s so important?”

“For one, I was wondering if you and Ross would be up for going out with Chris and me to this new hot gay dance club?”

“Nick, it sounds like fun but you know that environment would kill my sobriety.  I like to dance but not sure in a totally gay club,” Nate stated. “If someone touched my ass beside Ross, I would freak the fuck out.”

“Well… I was sort of hoping you could be the DD for the night,” Nick pleaded.

“I’ll ask Ross when he gets here and we’ll do what he wants.  Who knows he may be worn out.”

Nick laughed, “I know why.”

Nate smiled, “That and work, smart ass.  Nick, I can’t thank you enough for being so cool about Ross and me. I’m so thankful to you. Most people wouldn’t have handled this situation like you have.”

“You’re welcome, bro!  I’m still getting over the shock myself somewhat.  Seeing how you really loved your women during the day.  I guess you rehabbed more than your drinking and drug habits.”

“I think I have found my true love.  Nick, I was always curious seeing how happy and contend you were with being gay and now I know why. Guys can be just as affectionate and passionate than any girl, especially Ross.  I never felt the love like I do each time Ross and I are together. I never dreamed gay sex could be so fucking hot!”

“Hot, huh?”

“Oh yeah, very hot!”

“Well, I better get home.  Knowing Chris he’ll start to worry about me and think something has happened to me,” Nick said and headed to the door. “Turn on your damn cell and call me to let me know what’s up.”

Nate hugged his brother, “Will do.”

Nate watched Nick leave and watched Sportscenter while waiting on Ross to return from work.  At the end of Sportscenter, he heard a key in the door and knew Ross was home.
Ross came dragging in and collapsed on the bed next to Nate.  Nate grabbed him and laid one hot kiss on Ross’ hot lips.

“I really needed that,” Ross smiled. “My ass is so tired.”

“Well… Nick stopped by earlier.”

“What did he want?”

“Ummm… He came by to see if you and I want to go out with him and Chris to this new dance club.”

“Well do you?” Ross perked up for a moment.

“I told him it would be up to you.”

“I can grab a short nap if someone would let me,” Ross stated. “I would love to go.  Nate, are you sure you can handle a very alcohol and drug driven environment?  If you don’t think you can, we don’t have to go.  I don’t want to be an enabler to you and allow you to return to your old ways.”

“Ross, it will be hard but I’m willing to try.  I’m not sure about a totally gay environment.  That’s what really freaks my ass out.”

“You said you wanted to see more real gay life and here’s your chance,” Ross said.

“Okay then, I’ll call Nick and tell him we’re on for tonight,” Nate said. He found his cell phone tucked away in his khaki pants’ pocket.  He called Nick and told him it was set.  They set a time and were ready to go.  He hung up the phone and crawl next to Ross for a short nap.  He grabbed Ross around the waist and loved cuddling with him as they slept.

About 9, Nate’s cell phone was ringing.  The two jumped from their needed nap.  Nate answered the call from his brother and then pulled Ross from the bed to shower before their night out.  They enjoyed stripping each other and admiring each other’s hot fit bodies.  They stepped into the shower and quickly showered.  They dressed with Ross wearing low rise faded jeans, flip flops and a button up shirt.  Nate grabbed a t-shirt that fit snuggly to his body, jeans and sandals.

Ross laughed seeing Nate’s t-shirt, “You might want to think about a button up shirt.  It does get hot dancing your ass off in there.”

Nate flung his shirt to the corner and reached for an old faded button shirt.  Ross laughed at it for a second and grabbed one of his to allow Nate to look hot.  Ross’ shirt fit tightly but Nate was proud and unashamed of his body.

They headed off to Nate’s house in Ross’ car since it was a little larger.  They drove in Nate’s drive and found Nick and Chris waiting.  Nick and Chris walked hand in hand to the car and jumped in the back seat.

“Bro, you look great tonight,” Nick commented.

“Thanks, the shirt is Ross’s,” Nate said.

“I know. I bought it for him,” Nick laughed.

“Oh shit, you did,” Ross laughed and pulled out of the driveway to head out.  Nick gave directions to the new club.  First stop was to grab something to fill their stomachs before alcohol invaded it.  Then around 11, Ross pulled into the parking lot of the club.  They saw a few cars and knew it was still early for the main rush.  Nate was relieved and would give him the chance to adjust to a new surrounding with gay guys and alcohol.

Once Nick paid the cover charge, the foursome entered the club.  The club brought back haunting memories of Nate’s younger and wild days where the club scene brought out the worst in him with all kinds of readily available drugs, booze and women.  Nate stopped at the entrance.

“You okay?” Ross asked.

“Give me a minute,” Nate said while scanning the nice new club.

“Rough, huh?”

“Yeah, worse than I imagined,” Nate took a deep breath.

“See if this helps,” Ross kissed Nate on the lips.

Nate smiled, “With you, I think I’ll manage. Ross, I’ll need your guidance as much tonight as ever.”

The two found a table in the uncrowded club while Nick and Chris headed to the bar.  They came back with four drinks, Ross’ favorite, whiskey and diet and Nate, a virgin daiquiri.  The four sat together to get a feel of the crowd and music that blasting through the elaborate sound system, mixed with an array of lights.  They drank their drinks and grabbed another round.

“Hard on you, huh?” Chris asked Nate.

“You have no fucking idea how hard this shit is.  It’s like going to a buffet with all your favorite food and not being able to touch or eat one thing,” Nate lamented. “I’m a warrior and need this test to really strengthen my will power, though.”

Ross and Nick returned with drinks.  After a few sips, Ross grabbed Nate by the arm, “We didn’t come here to sit and drink.  You are showing me if you can dance!”

“If I remember right Ross, Nate is one hell of a dancer,” Nick smiled and grabbed Chris to join them for the pyrotechnic dance song.

Nate was a little apprehensive at first and hardly moved on the floor.  “I guess I need a drink to get me moving.”

Ross looked at Nate, “Like hell you will!”

“Please just one.  I can handle it!”

“Fuck no!  Dance, bitch!”

Nate started moving with Ross and soon began to enjoy dancing and grooving with his boyfriend.  Immediately, both saw why the need for button up shirts and had them unbuttoned.  After two more songs, Nate grabbed Ross’s shirt along with his, Chris and Nick’s to throw it on the table.  Nate proudly displayed his fit body and grabbed Ross close to dance and move. He smiled at his skinny brother dancing with his just as skinny boyfriend.  He could see the two art freaks were a great fit for each other just like Ross and he were.

Soon, the four retreated for refreshment and hydration while the club became crowded.  Nate looked around at the faces of all the young hot guys.  He was astonished at the boldness of them but was beginning to feel comfortable in this new and different setting.

“Hey Nate, what’s up?” Nate heard a voice.

Nate turned to see a co-worker, Evan, standing there with a guy, “Oh not much.”

“You here with someone?” Evan asked.

“Ummm… yeah,” Nate nervously replied.

“Good to see ya,” Evan said and walked away.

Nate dropped his head.  “Who was that?” Nick asked.

“A fucking guy at work.  My ass is totally busted!” Nate lamented.

“You’ll be fine,” Chris stated.

“The fuck I will!  Dude, he knows I’m gay!” Nate shouted and began to grow angrier by the moment.  Nate rose from the table and headed in the direction of the bathrooms.  Ross could sense Nate was upset and followed close behind.  He caught Nate and pulled him into a back corner.

“What?” Nate shouted.

“Who cares that someone recognized you?”

“I fucking care, Ross!”

“He barely knows you!”

“So!  He knows I’m here with you!”

“So I’m a nobody then?”

“No!  You don’t get it do you?  You are out and proud as hell.  Ross, I’m ashamed to be seen here and associated with this… this fucking faggot shit!”

“Fuck you Nate!” Ross stormed off.

Nate stayed in the corner and dropped down.  He buried his face in the hands.  He wanted this to end and end quickly.  He felt a tap on his shoulder.  “What the fuck do you want, Nick!”

“I want you to apologize to Ross to begin with.  So this is just fucking faggot shit, huh?”

“Yeah, look around here.  All you see is guys grabbing ass, kissing and doing who know what.  I ready to go!”

“We are not leaving just yet.  You’ve really upset Ross!”

“He wasn’t spotted here in some goddamn gay club either with a guy!”

“Nate, the sooner you realize you’re as gay as everyone here the better.  Thanks for ruining a great evening!”

“Fuck you Nick!  You’re so fucking queer with your art shit!”

Nick surprised Nate and grabbed him by the arm tightly, “You listen to me!  I accept who I am, motherfucker!  You’re the one in denial!  You have sex with Ross every night yet think you’re not gay!  To me, that’s about as fucking gay as it gets!”

“I’m sorry, Nick!” Nate stated and wanted to cry.  He could feel tears welling up in his eyes. “I thought I could handle all this.  I told myself I could handle the drinking and gays.  I can’t! The entire atmosphere has overloaded my senses and to top it off I know someone here!”

Nick gave Nate a big hug, “At least come back and tell Ross you’re sorry. We can get you out of here.  I actually thought you were man enough to handle this but I guess I was wrong there.”

“I guess I do need to apologize to Ross if we’re going home together,” Nate wiped his eyes and followed Nick to the table.  Ross stared at Nate.  Nate grabbed Ross by the arm and pulled him aside. “I’m sorry for acting like a total jackass.  Please forgive me!”

“Nate, I love you so much.  I forgive you!  I’m sure this environment is hard on you,” Ross kissed Nate on the cheek.  Nate grabbed Ross and began one tongue infest hot makeout session without a care who was watching. 

“God, I love you so much.  Ross, don’t let me do that ever again,” Nate said. 

“I love you too,” Ross said and stared into Nate’s eyes.

“Come on, I need to get this out of my system,” Nate grabbed Ross’ hand.  The two waded among the crowded floor until Nate spotted Evan.  “Evan, this is my boyfriend, Ross.  I’m sorry I didn’t introduce you to him earlier.”

“It’s cool Nate,” Evan said. “I could see you were a little shocked to see me.  This is my partner, Ken.”

They shook hands, chatted about work for a few minutes and headed off.  Ross put his arm around Nate and was so proud of him.  On the way back to the table, Nate ordered a round of drinks for the three and took water for himself. 

After they were hydrated, Nate grabbed Ross, Nick and Chris.  “I’m going to show you motherfuckers how to dance,” Nate laughed.

“Alright then,” Nick said.  He grabbed his younger brother Nate and kissed him on the cheek. 

“I’m sorry, Nick.  I was totally wrong! Thanks for telling me like it is.  I seriously needed a reality check!”

“Not another word, let’s dance our gay asses off and have some fun now that the drama king has had his meltdown!”

Nate took over and relived his dance moves, astonishing the other three in the meantime.  The four spent the remainder of the night dancing and enjoying themselves to the fullest.  Ross was amazed and delighted at how well Nate could dance but loved it even more that their brief spat was over and forgotten about.  Nearing 3 in the morning, the four grabbed their shirts and headed out of the club.  Nate and Ross was arm in arm leaving the club and kissing to show their love. 

“Guys, I almost fucked things up in there.  I’m totally sorry for making a scene in there,” Nate stated once outside.

“It’s cool, bro.  I think someone needed that,” Nick laughed.

“Nate, you had me scared for a minute there,” Chris said. “I’ll hand it to you.  You can fucking move on a dance floor! You had all the guys watching you.”

“Yeah, he surprised me!” Ross said. “My boyfriend has rhythm on the dance and can really shake that hot ass of his.”

Nate grabbed the keys since he was the DD for the night.  He could tell Ross was a little tipsy but not falling down drunk.  Chris and Nick were well on their way to being drunk.  On the drive home, Nate was able to laugh off his drama display and repeatedly apologized to each one, especially Ross.  He dropped off Chris and Nick at Nick’s house.  He drove to a park and killed the car.

“What the fuck?  Nate, it is fucking past 3 in the morning,” Ross said and was confused at the meaning of this.

“I want to make love you here,” Nate said. “I can’t wait til we get home.  I need to show you my love now!”

Ross smiled, “Wow, you want us to go have sex in this park?”

“Exactly!” Nate said. “There’s no one here but us.”

“Okay!” Ross excitingly said. “Let’s get it on, big boy!”

The two were parked in a secluded area and got out.  They grabbed each other’s hand and walked to a grassy spot in the dark with the moon shining above.  Nate undid Ross jeans and pushed down his trunk underwear.  Ross returned the favor and had Nate naked in no time.  They fell softly to the ground, naked and kissing each other. Nate dropped his head and began licking up and down Ross’ 6 inch cock.  He fondled his balls before sticking Ross’ cock in his mouth.  Ross leaned back and moaned with the great feeling of Nate’s mouth.  Nate bobbed up and down to the sound of the crickets and Ross’ moans.  Ross pulled Nate up for a deep passionate kiss.

“You are on fire!” Ross said.

“I am in love!” Nate said and watched Ross drop down and begin playing with his 8 inch cock.  He leaned back and ran his hands through Ross’ messy hair.  Ross looked up at Nate and continued to suck his lover’s cock. 

Ross stopped and kissed Nate. “Fuck me!”

“I would love to,” Nate said with a kiss. “Besides that’s was the main objective of this!”

Ross got on his knees and presented his ass.  Nate got behind him and ran his cock up and down Ross’ crack to excite Ross further.  Nate spat on his cock and Ross’ waiting asshole.  He slowly entered Ross.  Ross moaned and felt Nate leaning on him.  Nate slowly worked his cock in and out of Ross while kissing up his back to his neck.  The two were as one in the setting of the early morning in a park.  Neither cared and enjoyed the love oozing from both. 

Nate flipped Ross over and put Ross’ legs on his shoulders.  Nate continued to please his hot lover and fed his hard hot 8 inches.  Nate increased the pace.

“FUCK ME!” Ross screamed.

“I AM!” Nate replied. “DAMN!”

“OOOOO FUCK YEAH!!” Ross moaned.

The two locked lips with Nate’s hand now jacking off Ross between the two lovers.   The two moved as one as well if not better than on the dance floor.  This is exactly what Nate had envisioned, a risky late night fuck under the stars.  Nate quickly pulled out after showing his love to his hot ass boyfriend.  Ross put his mouth around Nate’s cock and drained it for every drop of hot cum Nate spewed.  Nate returned the favor and took his lover’s load down his throat.  They collapsed together and made out.  Once apart the two looked up and stared at the sky arm-in-arm. 

“I think I really have a boyfriend, huh?” Ross laughed.

“Fuck yeah, you do!” Nate said. “You know we better get a move on it.  No telling how long we’ve been out here.”

“I don’t give a fuck.  It was well worth it.”

The two rose, brushed off each other and put back on their pants.  They got back in the car and headed out.  As they pulled out of the park, they spotted a police car and laughed.

At past 4 in the morning, Nate and Ross climbed the stairs.  They quickly undressed and jumped in the bed together.  They made out like crazy and showed their love to each other despite still living in the rented motel and having very little possessions.  Neither cared and just enjoyed being together.


More to come if you would like!!