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We were all sitting around in the main room at Bishop’s place. The atmosphere was great, not just because we were all friends who truly got on well with each other, but also because while Kris, Colt and Myles were out on their run and Matt and Corey went for a walk, I grabbed some weed I had in the trunk of my car and we lit it up, passing it around and laughing our asses off as we told stories that may not have been that funny at other times but had us rolling around on the floor.

Matt and Corey were the first to come back and join us, knowing immediately what we had been up to. After a couple of quick questions they just smiled and never said anything negative. I hoped they knew I didn’t make a habit out of smoking now and only did it on special occasions like this one.

Kris, Colt and Myles then arrived soon after and they too knew what we had been up to. I was glad that I didn’t have to talk or explain myself because my mouth was hanging open and my dick was rock hard between my crossed legs, which I tried to cover with my hands.

Having been on their run, Kris, Colt and Myles were covered in sweat and their bodies were glistening. Their big, muscular chests were rising up and down. Their abs tightened as they breathed deep. All three were wearing shorts when they entered but they were hanging low on their hips and showed off the amazing cuts at their waist. They were so fucking hot it was unreal.

Surprisingly Colt was the first one to strip off, throwing his shorts across the room near the rest of his things, since he would be sleeping in the room we were in. Still, it didn’t take long before Kris and Myles joined him. There was nothing better than seeing three hot guys naked. Hell, I was in a room full of smoking hot naked guys.

We were all chatting, with Jordy was answering some questions put to him by the others while Bishop headed over to the kitchen to make some of his ‘Jungle Juice’. Then Kris spoke and my heart started beating hard in my chest and my dick throbbed.

“Hey, before we start, I have a major request,” Kris said.

“What’s that?” Shawn asked.

“I need someone to shave me,” he replied and pointed to his pubes. “I think it is in fashion from what I saw from the other guys. Even that guy that was hung like a donkey had his shit shaved.” He turned and looked at Matt.

I couldn’t believe it but Matt actually rolled his eyes and said, “Kris, just do it yourself.”

“So did y’all think the shaved look is good or not?” Kris asked us.

Jordy held up his hand saying he liked it.

“I like it too,” I said, but unlike Matt I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to get my hands on Kris’ hot cock. “Kris, I’ll do it if Matt won’t.”

“Myles, you’re next,” Shawn laughed.

“Yeah, right. I’d catch all kinds of hell from the guys in the locker room. It’s gonna be bad enough as it is explaining how I got my ass tanned,” Myles laughed.

“He’s right. They would give him hell,” Colt stated.

Bishop back and had our drinks. We all took a drink and I thought it was really nice and would definitely be having some more when I finished my glass. Myles still didn’t drink, but none of us had a problem with that and respected his decision, just like we smoked the weed when he wasn’t around. I was glad for the drink though because it gave me time for my dick to go soft so that when I stood up to follow Kris to the bathroom none of the guys could see how excited I was.

When we entered the bathroom Kris actually locked the door behind us, having grabbed his shaving kit. He turned to me and I couldn’t help but smile as I admired his hot body.

“Thanks for doing this, Scott. I know I could have done it myself but I want it to look really good,” Kris said.

“No problem, Kris, I did it on me and Jordy so shaving your hot cock will be just as easy,” I replied.

Kris put a new blade on his razor so it wasn’t the one he would shave his face with if he ever decided to get rid of the stubble he was sporting on his chin, which actually gave him a kind of rugged look, but I just laughed as he handed it to me.

“What?” He asked.

“You’ve never shaved your pubes properly before, have you?” I asked.

“I’ve trimmed them down and shaved around my cock and balls before. Why?”

“If I just do it with that I might hurt you and it won’t look as good,” I said. “Give me a second.”

I opened the bathroom door and headed down the hall to the room I was sharing with Jordy, having secured a bed for another second night. I grabbed my shaving bag out of my backpack and quickly returned to the bathroom, locking the door behind me.

I put the bag down on the sink and headed over to the bathtub. I put the plug in and turned on the taps. Then I looked back toward Kris who was watching me intently. His eyes went wide when I walked over to the sink and he saw me pull out some of the contents of my shaving bag.

“What the fuck is all that for?” he asked.

“You want this job doing properly or not?” I asked.

“Yeah, but damn!” Kris chuckled.

The first things I picked up were the small grooming scissors and a tiny comb. I saw Kris’ body tense up when I took a step toward him with the scissors in hand.

“Relax, Kris, I’m not gonna hurt you,” I said, quickly reaching over to turn off the taps. “If you just shave, it can really hurt ‘cause it can pull at the hairs, I’m just gonna trim it all down first.”

Kris visibly relaxed a little bit, but he was still holding his breath as I ran my hand up his amazing, muscular legs toward his pubes. When I got to them, I ran my hands through the blond hairs that were a similar colour to the hair on his head, ruffling them slightly in an attempt to get them all standing out from the skin.

Next I took the tiny comb and ran it through the hairs just above his flaccid cock. Kris kept them quite neatly trimmed but I still wanted to do the job right, so I combed his pubes for about a minute and then finally pressed the comb against his skin with his hairs sticking up from between the teeth of the comb.

I heard Kris gasp when I lifted the scissors toward his bush, so instead I placed the handle of the scissors between my teeth and ran my hand up and over his hot abs, which were still covered in a fine layer of sweat. He shivered and looked down at me.

“Do you trust me, Kris?” I asked, still rubbing his muscles.

“Yes,” he nodded.

I smiled and took the scissors back in my hand, moving them toward Kris’ skin and then gently pressing the scissors against the comb so I could cut the hairs as close to the skin as possible without ever being in danger of cutting it.

When the hairs dropped to the floor I moved over and did the same again, moving around, above and beside Kris’ cock, trimming all the hairs that surrounded his dick. The next job was to trim closer to the shaft and balls so I looked up at Kris.

“You wanna hold these up and away from me so I don’t cut them?” I asked, cupping his balls and dick in my hand.

Kris said nothing and just took them into his hand, lifting them up so I could start trimming away at the hairs around the bottom of his cock.

When I was finished I stepped back and blew on the comb to get rid of any hairs that were caught it in. I placed the comb and scissors back on the sink and watched Kris as he examined the job I had done so far on his pubes.

“Damn, Scott, you’ve cut them pretty much down to the skin,” Kris smiled, running his hand through what was left of his pubes.

“Now you know what to do in future,” I laughed.

“So, what’s next?” Kris asked.

“Get in the tub,” I said, seriously, immediately seeing the confusion I expected to see register on Kris’ face. “Have you ever shaved your face completely dry? It can hurt and cut you up pretty bad. The warm water softens everything up and makes the shaving much easier.”

Kris smiled as he followed my instructions and stepped into the tub. “I’m so glad you’re the one doing this now.”

“Me too,” I smiled.

Sinking into the water, Kris laid back, letting out a sigh as the heat enveloped his body. He looked completely relaxed, resting his head on the back of the bath and closing his eyes.

I seized another opportunity and quickly poured some shower gel onto my hands, rubbing them together to get a lather built up. Then I moved forward, so I was on my knees beside the bath, and ran my hands over Kris’ chest, spreading the soap over his big pecs. Kris slowly opened his eyes and lifted his head to look at me.

“Sorry, Kris, but you were still sweaty. I figured the least I could do is wash that off you while we wait,” I said, continuing to rub my hands around Kris’ pecs and down over his hot 8 pack.

Kris smiled and lay back again against the bath. I was so happy that he was going to let me worship his hot body while he relaxed. I even heard him moaning from time to time as my hands worked the soap into his skin.

Finally having the front of his torso all soaped up, I moved my hand beneath the water and started running my fingers over the tiny hairs that remained around his cock. I rubbed gently at the hairs and the skin, moving my fingers in tiny circular motions, hoping to soften it all up that little bit more than the warm water would be able to do all on its own, wanting to make it more pliable. While I was doing that I thought I noticed Kris’ dick start to react, but he never actually got hard.

Kris had been in the water for well over five minutes so I knew he would be ready for the next step in the shaving process, but I was in no hurry to get to it. Instead I reached over to pick up a small sponge from the side of the bath. Then I dipped it into the water and started washing the soap from Kris’ body, moving it around in circles, eliciting even more moans from the muscular stud. I continued until there was no soap left on Kris’ hot body and made sure to pay special attention to his pubes, trying to wash away any remaining soap or skin particles.

I grabbed a towel from the nearby rail and held it out to Kris. He smiled and reached his hand forward, but he did not take the towel from me, instead he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me into a kiss. I kissed him back with all the passion and enthusiasm I could.

When he broke the kiss he stood up, letting the water drip off his body and then he looked down at me and motioned for me to dry him off. Damn it was so hot.

I slowly rubbed the towel over his big chest and then down around his amazing abs. He spun around so I could dry down his muscular back, though my main focus was on the killer ass pointing right at me. I just wanted to bury my face between those muscular cheeks but I forced myself to move further down to dry off his legs.

Kris stepped out of the bath and took the towel off me, quickly drying his crotch and between his ass crack before dropping it to the floor. He then pushed me to my knees in front of him and handed me some shaving cream. I just looked up at him and shook my head, laughing slightly.

“What?” he asked.

“That shit will burn if I shave you down there with that,” I chuckled.

“Then what do you use?” he asked.

I reached up and took my shaving bag from the back of the sink, placing it on the floor beside me. Then I turned on the sink and filled it full of more warm water, dropping the razor into it. Kris was watching me the whole time and looked even more intrigued when I pulled out a tiny bottle of oil.

“What’s that?” Kris asked.

“Shaving oil,” I said.

“What’s it for?”

“It moisturises the skin and creates a protective layer so I shouldn’t cut you once and you shouldn’t get a rash of any kind either.”

“Cool,” Kris said, fascinated by what I was doing.

I squirted some of the oil into my hands and rubbed them together. Then I leaned forward and brought my hands up to Kris’ crotch, starting off by rubbing just my fingertips into the skin, feeling the short hair bristling against me, slowly using more of my hands to rub the oil all over Kris’ pubic hair, including that on his shaft and balls.

Kris groaned and his dick started growing in my hand. I smiled and softly jerked it with the oil acting as lubricant. I made sure I didn’t take too much of my attention away from the task at hand, even though I wanted to suck the hot cock that was now bobbing up and down in front of my face, fully erect.

Satisfied that the oil was thoroughly massaged in, I put it away in my bag and took out a small can of sensitive shaving cream that didn’t burn and was specially designed for this kind of job. I squirted some into my hands and then started working it around Kris’ cock until the whole area was covered.

His dick was still throbbing and I couldn’t resist the urge to take it into my mouth. I let the head slip between my lips, careful not to go too far down since I didn’t want to taste the shaving cream, but I did taste the precum on the tip of Kris’ dick and swirled my tongue around the head, really making him moan.

I pulled back and stared at the beautiful 7 inch cut cock as it throbbed in the air in front of my face. I licked my lips, wanting more of it, but I needed to do the job first and, if there was time, I could play with it later.

Reaching up I took the razor with the fresh blade out of the water, the blade was warm and ready. I moved forward until I was in position. Kris took a deep breath again as the blade touched his skin and I placed my hand just beneath it, pulling the skin a little tighter.

I ran the blade over the area, removing the hair and foam and leaving the skin looking smooth. I swirled the blade around in the warm water to wash off the shaving cream and any hairs that were stuck to it and placed it back against the shaved area and running it in the opposite direction to give Kris the closest shave possible, before washing it again.

Returning the blade to Kris’ skin, I slowly went around his whole pubic area, removing the hair and washing the razor clean until he was almost completely shaved. I didn’t even have to tell him to lift up his cock and balls this time he automatically did it for me, though I did notice him give his cock a few strokes while I removed the hair from behind his balls.

The only hairs that remained were on Kris’ shaft, with some more on his balls. I didn’t want to use the razor on those though, so I reached over to pick up the sponge from the bath and dipped it into the water. I carefully washed any shaving cream from Kris’ cock and balls and then I searched through my bag again until I pulled out the little hair trimmer I had.

I flicked the switch on the side of the electric groomer and it came to life. I moved forward, spreading Kris’ scrotum with one hand, smoothing out the skin, while with the other I brought the tip of the shaver up and gently used it to remove the hairs.

With his balls completely shaved and smooth I turned my attention to his hard shaft, running the edge of the shaver up along the length, careful not to go too high since I didn’t want to touch the head with it.

When I was done Kris’ crotch was completely bald, with not even a hint of a hair anywhere. I had even shaved off the few hairs that were between his balls and his ass. It made his cock look even bigger than it was and I couldn’t help myself as I reached up and stroked it. It was such a beautiful cock.

“You need to get back in the tub,” I said, finally pulling my hand away from Kris’ throbbing, leaking cock. “Rinse yourself off and then we’ll get to the last stage.”

“There’s more?” Kris asked.

“Just one more thing I need to do,” I smiled as Kris stepped into the bath and lowered himself into the water.

I looked down at him as he was studying his crotch, using his hand to move his dick and balls, inspecting them. Then he turned to me and smiled.

“Looks good, doesn’t it?” I said.

“Yeah, man,” Kris smiled. “Looks fucking awesome.”

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“It’s a bit weird but I kind of like it.”

“Good,” I said. “You look sexy as hell.”

Kris smiled and took the sponge from me as I handed it to him. He reached down and ran it all over his cock, balls and where his pubes had been just ten minutes before.

This time when he stood up in the bath I let him dry himself off but his cock was still impossibly hard and I just wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t do something about it.

“You know, Kris,” I said. “I’m not sure your balls are completely smooth. Let me check them.”

Kris looked down, trying to see what I was talking about. He stepped toward me and I placed my hand on his hard cock, pushing it up and away from his balls. I leaned in as if I was looking for a hair I had missed, but then I carried out my plan and leaned in that little bit further, extending my tongue until I was lapping at Kris’ balls and then I sucked one into my mouth, rolling it around on my tongue, checking for any hair I might have missed (yeah right!), all the while Kris was moaning above me, placing his hand on my head.

I moved my mouth to the second ball and did the same thing before pulling back and looking up at Kris. “Well, I think it’s safe to say your balls are smooth. Do you think there might be any hairs left of your dick?”

“Fuck yeah!” Kris said excitedly.

I smiled and used my tongue to lick up the length of Kris’ shaft until I reached the head, taking it into my mouth and once again tasting the amazing precum that leaked from the tip.

Kris moaned and held onto my head, running his hand through my hair as I sucked his dick into my mouth and started bobbing up and down on it, using my tongue to run around the head, poking it into his slit, trying to taste more of him and then running it up and down his cock as I took him deeper and deeper into my mouth.

With my mouth still working his cock, I moved one of my hands to his hairless balls, playfully tugging on them and then rolling each one between my thumb and index finger. That made Kris moan even louder and he started thrusting his hips forward so that he was fucking my face. I loved it.

Letting Kris take over I moved my hands up and ran them over his chiselled abs and he drove his cock in and out of my mouth. I kept moving my hands up until they were cupping his muscular pecs, using my fingers to tease and then pinch his nipples, making his cock jump in my mouth.

While Kris continued to fuck my face I reached down to my own throbbing dick and started jerking it hard. Getting to run my hands all over Kris’ body, over his cock and balls, getting to suck on them, had made me so hot and I desperately needed to cum.

Keeping the one hand jerking my cock I reached up with the other and placed it on Kris’ ass, pulling him forward until all 7 inches of his cut cock were buried in my throat. I could barely breathe as I started to swallow around his cock but I was so close to cumming I didn’t care.

Kris grunted and groaned. I felt him pull my head even closer to his crotch, holding me tight as his dick began to throb and swell. I quickly placed my hands on his thighs and pushed back so his dick was on my tongue rather than in my throat, just as his cock started to shoot its hot load into my mouth. The cum covered my tongue and my own cock exploded all over the floor as my taste buds were overwhelmed by the taste of Kris’ cum.

I kept lapping at Kris’ cock, wanting more of his cum, even using my hand to try to squeeze more up his shaft and onto my tongue, when he finally pulled my head off his dick because it was too sensitive.

He leaned down to kiss me, “That was amazing, but I assume that wasn’t the one last thing you needed to do.”

I smiled and shook my head. Again I reached into my bag, this time pulling out a small bottle of lotion. Kris looked down at me as I poured it onto my fingers, still tasting his cum on my tongue.

“It’s an aftershave lotion,” I said, noticing his curious expression. “It should sooth any possible soreness you might feel.”

I rubbed it into his skin all around his cock and then with a final kiss to the tip of his dick I jumped up to my feet.

“There you go, all done,” I smiled.

“Damn,” Kris said, admiring himself. Then he pulled me into a hug, “Looks fucking awesome, thanks, bro!”

“Any time you want me to do it again, just ask,” I said with a wink.

Kris chuckled and we cleaned up the bathroom, with me making sure to wipe my cum up off the floor. I emptied the water out of the sink, making sure it was clean, and then we went back to join the others.

As we entered the room all eyes turned to Kris and his smooth cock. There was a look of lust in the eye of every one of the guys except for Myles, Shawn and Bishop, who just looked curious. The others were all admiring Kris’ body and the hot cock that had been inside most of them in one way or another and which they’d each love to feel again.

I was just about to sit down when Colt spoke up

“Fuck it. Shave me too,” Colt said.

Oh man, this was gonna be a good night…


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