This is a fantasy chapter written by Big D. This chapter is total fantasy and did not really
happen.  It occurs during the summer.  Consider the fact it was written by Big D a few months ago. 

Chase’s POV

“Oh God… Oh God… suck my dick…”

I was panting as I threw my head back and ran my hand through the long hair of my cock sucker, saying
anything I could to encourage the mouth sucking me to keep going as it worked up and down my shaft,
trailing the tongue along the length before circling the head and then going back down to the base.

Over the past few years I had been on the receiving end of quite a few blowjobs from different girls,
but this one was by far the best. The hot lips wrapped around my cock were more confident and self-
assured than any I’d slid my dick between before and the hand that played with my balls only heightened
the pleasure.

“FUCK!” I screamed.

My dick was being deep throated now, sliding down into the throat that was sucking me so good. I writhed
around on the bed, knowing I was going to shoot my cum into this hot mouth pretty soon.

“That’s it, baby. Suck my dick. I’m gonna feed you a nice big load,” I said, gripping on to the hair in
my hand and pulling it back slightly.

I raised my head to look down at my incredible cock sucker and all of a sudden my heart felt like it
stopped as all the air in my lungs left my body. Looking back at me were those unmistakable blue eyes.
My hand was still grasping the dirty blond hair. My cock was between those full pink lips.

Kris’ lips.

I panicked.

Gasping for breath, I sat up and tried to push his head away but as I swept my arm down the only thing
my hand touched was my throbbing, leaking cock. I looked around and realised I was alone and covered in
a heavy coating of sweat.

“FUCK!” I exclaimed.

It was a dream. A fucking dream. But what kind of dream was that for me to have? Why the fuck would I
dream about Kris giving me the most amazing blowjob of my life?

My heart was racing faster than it ever had before. My chest was rising and falling so quick and my
breathing was so hard I thought I might pass out or have a seizure. I was freaking out. What the hell
was wrong with me?

I threw my head back on the pillows and just stared up at the ceiling for the longest time, trying to
get the image out of my mind of Kris looking up at me with those blue eyes of his, looking so lovingly
at me. I felt my body shiver.

Then there was something else I noticed. I was still hard. My dick was still throbbing against my abs
and hadn’t gone down. The head was a deep purple colour and it looked kind of angry.

I tried to ignore it. In my frustration I rearranged my pillows and adjusted my position on the bed and
then I tried to go back to sleep but my dick was just too hard for me to even think about sleep.

Finally I gave up. I rolled over onto my back and reached down, feeling a pool of precum gathered
between my abs. The trail of hair leading from my belly button to my trimmed pubes was soaked with all I
had leaked and I couldn’t believe just how much I needed to cum.

Wrapping my hand around my cock I smeared the precum all over the head and there was still enough left
to rub up and down the shaft of my cut cock until the whole length was coated, feeling like I’d poured
lube all over it. I threw my head back and started moving my hand up and down, back and forth along the
shaft, using my thumb to brush against the head.

I continued to pump my cock, lifting my hips so I was fucking my fist while I used the fingers on my
other hand to tease my balls, rolling them around between my thumb and index finger.

My hand was covered in my precum and was so slick it glided so smoothly over my cock and felt so good,
making me moan. I could feel my orgasm building and moved the hand on my balls up and over my developing
abs, feeling the hard muscle beneath my fingers, and on up to my growing pecs until I was pinching my
nipples just hard enough that it hurt a little, sending a shockwave rushing through my body.

I bit my lip to muffle my scream as my body went into spasm. Arching my back and thrusting my hips into
the air I felt the breath catch in my throat as my cock exploded and shot the biggest load of my life
all over my chest and abs.

When I finally stopped shooting I was breathing so hard it sounded like I was gasping for air. My entire
body was covered in sweat and even the back of my hair was wet. All of my energy had been completely
drained and I didn’t even have time to clean up the cum that was splattered all over my body before I
was asleep, completely naked, on the top of my bed.

The next morning I was woken up by my mom banging on the bedroom door asking me if I was up yet. I had
been shocked out of an incredible sleep and it took me a moment to realise I was covered in dried cum.
Thank God Mom only knocked on the door and didn’t come in. I would have been so embarrassed I might have
never come home.

Slowly I got up from the bed, my back having stuck to the sheets during the night, and I moved
cautiously over to the bedroom door. Opening it just a crack I saw that Mom wasn’t around and her
bedroom door was closed so I was in the clear. I darted across to the bathroom and jumped into the
shower, turning on the hot water and washing away all of the cum while trying to forget about what had
caused me to jerk off so hard last night.

Finally feeling as though I was clean I went about my usual daily routine of brushing my teeth and
shaving the stubble from my face. I had wanted to try growing a beard over the summer but I was told I
look much cuter without so who am I to argue?

I went back to my room and got dressed, after which I threw some more clothes in a bag since I would
need them for the few days I would be staying with Colt. I couldn’t wait to move to college properly but
I still had to wait for my dorm to open before I could. The last thing I did before going downstairs was
stripping my bed and taking the sheets down to the washer since I knew Mom would have everything nice
and clean for when I got back.

After a quick breakfast at Mom’s insistence I packed my things into the car and headed out toward Colt’s
new apartment, excited to spend a few days with my big brother. We hadn’t always gotten along that well,
but in the last year, since he finally stopped treating me like I was the most annoying fucker on Earth,
we really bonded and became the brothers I always wished we were. We were close and I admired my brother
in so many ways.

The new apartment was awesome. Okay, so it wasn’t like the Plaza or some such swanky shit, but it was a
step up from their dorm and no doubt would make my dorm for the next year look like a dive. I loved that
they had a pool in the complex they could use whenever they wanted, though the workout room left a
little to be desired, but then between the Athletics Department and the Rec, they didn’t really have
much need for it.

I had only been to their new place once, a couple of weeks ago, with Tabor. In fact every time I had
been to the college so far Tabor had come along, but this time I was on my own. With Tabor going away to
college his parents wanted to make the most of the time they had left with him and took him off on some
amazing holiday to some Caribbean island. You can tell I’m not in the slightest bit jealous.

The last time we had been at the apartment I think we really annoyed the guys, well, Tabor more than me.
We got a bit drunk and Tabor thought it was a good idea to start smashing bottles on the tile floor in
the kitchen. I don’t think it registered to him that any damage done to the apartment meant forfeiting
their deposit. We both felt really bad the next morning and Tabor cursed himself on the drive home,
talking about how we might not be allowed back if we act like that, even when we moved to campus.

Driving alone made the journey feel that much longer since I had no one to talk to. Even just listening
to the radio and singing along to songs I knew as I cruised down the highway got boring and I started
looking for something else to occupy my mind while I drove. There were times when my mind drifted back
to the dream I had and I nearly crashed the car. I still had no idea what had brought that on and I
wasn’t sure how I was going to react when I saw Kris and he pulled me in for a hug, as was his usual

Eventually I pulled into the parking lot outside the apartment complex and parked my car next to Colt’s.
When I got out and grabbed my bag I had to laugh seeing Colt’s rims after he’d been so pissed off at me
getting mine. I guess all brothers like to compete against each other.

I went inside the building and made my way to Colt’s apartment. I knocked on the door but there was no
answer. When I knocked a second time there still wasn’t an answer. Shit. I reached into my pocket and
pulled out my phone wanting to see if Colt had text me to say he would be out since I told him I was on
my way. There was nothing. The other alternative was that they were out back and just couldn’t hear me.
Instead of knocking again I decided to try the handle on the door, since they didn’t lock their old dorm
very often, and I did a little fist pump when it opened.

Heading inside I threw my bag down onto the recliner chair and headed over to the patio doors to see if
I could see my brother or any of his friends out by the pool, but there was no one, the place looked

I wondered if they’d headed over to the Rec and thought they’d get back before I arrived but had
misjudged their timing. I decided to take the opportunity to explore a little while I had the freedom to
do so and the guys wouldn’t think I was snooping.

I walked over to Colt’s bedroom and flung open the door. I froze immediately and I felt my eyes grow
wide. There on the bed was the scene from my dream, only instead of it being my dick between Kris’ lips
it was my brother’s. The noise of the door crashing open startled them and Kris looked up at me while he
still had Colt’s cock in his mouth.

“FUCK!” Colt screamed, as he turned his head to see who had barged in.

Kris spat Colt’s cock out of his mouth and Colt quickly pushed him away. Kris jumped away from Colt,
trying to hide the fact he was naked and hard as a rock. Colt rolled over so I couldn’t see his
throbbing cock covered in Kris’ spit and buried his face in the mattress.

All of that took place in less than five seconds as I stood still, unable to move my body due to the
shock. As soon as it registered that I was still staring at the two of them I turned around and bolted
out of the door, running back outside and jumping straight into my car.

I didn’t put the keys in the ignition or even think about driving anywhere as I had nowhere else to go,
I just needed some time to myself after seeing what I did and my car felt like a safe place. I sighed
and put my forehead against the steering wheel, trying to wipe that image from my memory.

It’s one thing to see your brother getting his dick sucked, something you don’t ever want to see. It’s
another thing entirely to see him getting his dick sucked by a guy. But then it’s just a total mind fuck
to see him getting sucked off in the exact same position and by the exact same guy as you did in your
dream the night before.

I can’t have been sitting in the car for much longer than about five minutes when I heard a light
tapping on the passenger window and looked over to see Colt standing there. I took a deep breath, not
knowing what the hell would happen now, and I waved my hand, telling him he could get in. He opened the
door and slipped into the seat beside me, now dressed in shorts and t-shirt.

We both sat there for what seemed like the longest time, just staring at each other and trying to figure
out what to say. Eventually Colt spoke.

“Fuck, bro… I’m not even sure what to say. I wish you hadn’t seen that.”

“I wish I hadn’t seen it either,” I replied. “I mean, I knew you and Kris said you fooled around, but to
actually see him sucking you off…”

“I’m so sorry, Chase. We didn’t expect you for another half hour and thought we’d be done. I know that
doesn’t make it any better but I just don’t want you to think we’re sick perverts or something.”

“I don’t think that, bro,” I said before taking a long breath. “I just never thought I’d ever see you
doing the gay stuff, even though I knew you experimented.”

“Fuck!” Colt screamed, burying his face in his hands. “Please don’t tell anyone about this. Please,

“I won’t,” I replied sincerely. “Does Andrea know?”

“Does she know what?” Colt asked, turning to look at me.

“That you and Kris fool around?” I asked, wondering if they did it behind their girls’ backs or if they
had some kind of weird open relationship.


“Seriously? You tell her?”

“Damn right I tell her. She’s my girlfriend. There are no secrets between us.”

“And she’s okay with what you and Kris do?”

“She’s more than okay with it, bro,” Colt smiled as if he found it funny.

“You mean…?” I asked, my mind reeling.

“Well… she likes to hear about it. Sometimes she likes to watch… and other times she likes to join in.”

“Fuck…” I breathed, not sure I wanted to hear any more.

I couldn’t believe it. I thought Colt and I were close, but all this time while he’s been away at
college it’s like he’s been living a secret life. I thought the whole thing with Kris was pretty hush
hush but it turns out their girlfriends knew about it and were not only fine with it but actually
enjoyed it. My mind just kept being blown.

“Look, Chase…” Colt said seriously. “I don’t want this to change things between us, okay? Kris and I
just fool around when we need a little release. There’s nothing more to it, it’s just two guys helping
each other out.”

I was feeling uncomfortable but knew I had to get over it if I was going to stay with them for the next
two nights. “Okay, I can kind of understand that. It’s just going to take a little while to get over
seeing you actually, you know…”

“Yeah, I know. I can’t apologise enough,” Colt said, sounding genuine. “I’m really sorry. I wish I’d
have heard you come in and we would have stopped.”

“I did knock,” I said. “Twice. Maybe you need to lock your door in future if you’re gonna fuck around
with guys. You never know who could walk in on you. Last year your dorm pretty much had a revolving door
on it so if it’s the same this year you need to be careful.”

“I know,” Colt said, solemnly. “We do.”

“I just don’t want you to get caught by the wrong person. It could fuck up your life, Colt. Not everyone
is open-minded and will accept it,” I said, not meaning to get heavy with my big brother but meaning
every word.

“I know… Fuck… Let’s not talk about this anymore, okay? This is getting weird. Do you think you can
forget about it and we’ll just get on with the two days like we planned? I’ve been looking forward to
you coming for days.”

“Not in the same way you wanted to be coming with Kris I hope,” I smirked, trying to lighten the mood.  

“You sick little fucker! Of course not!” Colt laughed.

I was so happy the tense and uncomfortable atmosphere had managed to disappear so quickly and I really
hoped we could just act normally around each other for the next two days.

We got out of the car and headed into the apartment where Kris was sitting on one of the sofas. I was
surprised to see that he’d put on some shorts and a tank top. Usually Kris would just walk around naked
and you had to get used to it and adapt since that was who Kris was, but after everything that happened
I was glad Kris covered up or I might not have been able to look at him at all.

There was still a little tension between us all, but nothing was said about what I had seen, and I
really didn’t want the subject to be brought back up. In an attempt to change the atmosphere a little
bit Colt headed to the fridge and grabbed some beers.

“Here you go, bro, get one of these down ya and then throw on your swim shorts and we’ll hit the pool
for a while,” Colt smiled, handing me a beer.

I smiled and took the bottle from him, putting it almost instantly to my lips and taking a huge mouthful
of it. I picked my bag up off the recliner and headed to the bathroom to change. The last time I came we
had just stripped off in the living room, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing that with Kris in the
room, as dumb as that sounds, so the bathroom was perfect.

I came back out in my swim shorts with my towel thrown over my shoulder and went back to drinking my
beer. We headed out to the pool but Colt made us leave our beers either on the patio outside the room or
just inside the doorway as he still wasn’t sure how some people would take underage drinking so they had
to be careful. I respected that and left my bottle by the door before heading out, throwing my towel
down on one of the sun loungers and diving straight into the pool.

We spent the next hour or so between swimming in the pool and sunbathing in what was a pretty intense
heat before we all decided to take a dip. Kris and Colt were the first in the pool and were just far
enough apart to leave space for me in the middle so I took a few steps back, ran forward and did a
cannon ball right between them, sending water crashing into their faces.

When I came back to the surface they were both glaring at me and I knew I was in trouble. Kris launched
himself at me and started trying to dunk me under while Colt swam below the water and came up between my
legs, lifting me up and out of the water on his shoulders. I was looking around helpless, trying to
figure out what to do when Kris pushed Colt backwards and I went flying off his shoulders and back into
the water.

I came up coughing and spluttering but was still in a playful mood, just like the other two were, so I
swam back over to Kris and extended my hand to him. He looked at me with a confused look on his face and
opened his mouth to say something when I sprayed the water still in my mouth right into his face, with
most of it filling up his own mouth.

That set him off again and we started wrestling in the water with Colt joining in. All three of us tried
to dunk the other one and often joined forces against the other, though those allegiances soon ended
when we dunked or splashed our partner.

Finally exhausted from all the playing around, we climbed out of the pool, dried off and headed back
inside the apartment. More time had passed than we realised and we were all feeling hungry so we threw
on some clothes and headed out to a local place for something to eat.

When we got back to the apartment Kris said he felt bad for not working out, even though we had spent so
much time in the pool, so we all agreed to do an hour at the Rec and Kris said he would get Corey to
sign me up properly as a student now I was officially on the books and was just waiting for my dorm to
open before I could move in. It was great knowing someone who worked at the Rec. When I walked in and
saw Corey on the desk I smiled and gave him a quick hug before he signed me up and we headed off to do
our workout.

Over the past year, pretty much since I first saw Kris and Corey, and from watching how my brother had
developed, admiring his build, I started working out to improve my own physique, as did Tabor. We hit
the gym every other day and did other little exercises on the other days. Working out with Kris and Colt
though was completely different and showed me just how far I had to go and how much dedication I would
need to put in to get anywhere near as built as either of those two. When we finished up I was covered
in sweat and was happy to use the showers to clean myself up.

As we were walking back from the Rec Colt’s phone started ringing. At first he wasn’t going to answer
it, but when he saw it was Andrea he thought better than to screen her call. Dropping back a little he
settled in to talking to her while Kris and I walked on toward the apartment just talking about anything
that came to mind, which was mainly about college and the campus since I was moving there soon.

Just as the apartment complex came in to view I saw a figure standing in front of the main doors and
then from behind I heard Colt say, “I see you,” and knew it was Andrea.

I don’t know why but seeing her made my heart sink just a little. It wasn’t that I didn’t like her, she
was a great girl, and clearly very accepting. She was hot too. But I wanted these few days to be spent
with my brother, because even though I would be at the campus soon there was no telling how much time
we’d get to spend together once classes started. With Andrea around the dynamic was always a little
different and never quite as relaxed as when it was just us guys.

Colt greeted Andrea with a kiss and we all headed inside. Kris got us some more beers and we sat down,
me in the recliner, Kris on one sofa and Colt and Andrea snuggled up on the other. I felt a real strange
mixture of emotions. The first was annoyance that Andrea was interrupting this time I had with Colt. The
second was jealousy since I wished I had a girl like Andrea who had her arms around me. And finally,
there was confusion. Did Andrea know about what I saw earlier? Did she know that the boyfriend she was
holding had been sucked off by someone else, and not only that but that someone else was only three feet
away from them acting like nothing had happened? It was weird.

There was really very little talking after that. We put a DVD on and watched it while I continued to
drink beer after beer. It was definitely not the fun night I thought it was going to be. Maybe not every
night with these guys was as crazy as most people believed. Hell, I guess everyone needs a night off,

As the movie came to an end Colt got up and stretched before pulling Andrea to her feet. They kissed and
then Colt turned to me with a smile.

“You can make your own bed, right bro? Me and Andrea are gonna go get some… erm… sleep,” Colt grinned.

“Sure,” I said back, trying to mask how pissed off I was that the night had gone like it had.

I guess in a way I only had myself to blame. I had interrupted Colt when he was getting his dick sucked
by Kris and no doubt stopped him from getting off. Maybe if I hadn’t have barged in and left them to it
Colt would have got off and wouldn’t have needed Andrea to come over and satisfy him.

Then I started thinking about how petty I was being and how I should be happy that my brother has found
someone he loves and who accepts him fully for who he is. If only the rest of us could be so lucky.

“I’ll get you the sheets for the sofa bed,” Kris smiled as he downed the last of his beer.

I watched as he headed over to the storage closet and pulled out the sheets and pillows. While he was
doing that I took the cushions off the sofa and moved the coffee table so I could pull the bed out

Just then Corey came in the door looking totally beat. He smiled at us and said hi before coming over to
help me with the bed. Kris brought back the sheets and the three of us had it made and ready in less
than two minutes. I smiled and thanked them.

“Well, I’d love to stay and chat but I’m exhausted. After you guys left they took me off the desk and
had me putting a group of new kids through their paces to see what they could do. I just need to grab a
shower and then I’m gonna hit the sack. Sorry, Chase. I’ve got tomorrow off though, so we can do
something then while Kris and your brother have to work. I’ll show you some of the things to do around
campus and in the area around so you’re not bored when you come here,” Corey smiled.

“Thanks, dude, I appreciate that. It would be great. I’ll see you in the morning,” I replied, glad that
my upbringing and old ideas hadn’t stopped me becoming friends with Corey, who really was a great guy.

Corey headed off to his bedroom and closed the door behind him, leaving me alone with Kris. Suddenly the
tense atmosphere I felt in the car with Colt swooped in and felt like it was suffocating me as Kris and
I just stared at each other.

“Look, Chase…” Kris said.

“You don’t need to say sorry or anything, Kris, I’m cool with it,” I replied.

Kris smiled. “You sure? You look a little tense is all.”

“I’m fine,” I lied, hearing my voice betray me.

“And you’re okay with sleeping out here alone?”

“Why wouldn’t I be? I’m not a kid. I’m not afraid of the dark.”

“No, sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant that you sound like you’re nervous or something.”

“What would I have to be nervous about?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I didn’t know if it was something to do with me.”

“Something to do with you? Why would I be nervous about you?”

“You’ve just been looking at me strangely all day. Sometimes you’ve just let yourself go and enjoy what
we were doing, but all through that movie you kept glancing at me as if you were expecting something,”
Kris said.

Shit! Did I really keep looking over at Kris? I tried to say something in reply but no words would come
out of my mouth.

“Is it because of what you saw me doing earlier?” Kris asked, clearly alluding to the blowjob he was
giving my brother.

“Not really.”

“So a little bit, but not entirely? What is it, Chase?” Kris said, moving closer to me. “You can tell

“I can’t…” I said, looking away from him.

“Yes, you can,” Kris replied, placing his hand on my bicep, which sent a shockwave rushing through my
body that I know Kris noticed.

Finally I gave in, feeling like I had nothing to lose. “If I tell you then you have to promise you won’t
breathe a word of it to Colt.”

“I promise,” Kris said sincerely while looking me in the eyes.

“Well… in High School a few of the jocks used to joke around about how guys suck better dick than girls
because they knew what to do with a cock and I started to wonder what it would be like. I never thought
of ever actually trying it because growing up in a place where you’re constantly told how bad it is to
do anything gay I was always terrified what these thoughts meant and what would happen if anyone knew I
was having them.

“When I first met Matt and Corey and saw that not all gay guys are the stereotypical thin, girly, camp
queens you hear so much about and who put the fear of God into you, but they can be quite normal and
just happen to like guys instead of girls, I started thinking about what it would be like to have a guy
like Corey suck my dick just to see what’s it’s like. But I didn’t think about it for long.

“Then when Jess let it slip that you and Colt had fooled around I really did start thinking about it. I
look up to my brother so much and in many ways have always tried to follow his example. He’s shown me
that it’s fine to be friends with gay guys, he’s inspired me to work on my body, and I really admire
him. So that got me thinking that if Colt lets a guy suck his dick, and even fuck him, which I’m pretty
sure you do, maybe it’s not so bad after all and maybe I could give it a try, you know, just once.”

I finally stopped and took a breath. I didn’t realise I had been speaking so fast or that so much had
come out of my mouth, but it had and there was no turning back.
“So, is it something you’re seriously thinking about?” Kris asked.

“It wasn’t,” I admitted, truthfully. “But then last night…”

“What happened last night?” Kris asked when I didn’t continue.

“I had a dream.”

“About what?”

“About you…”

“About me? What was I doing?” Kris asked.

“What you were doing earlier…” I let the implication hang in the air.

“You had a dream about me blowing your brother?” Kris asked, looking a little freaked out.

“Fuck no!” I exclaimed. “I had a dream about you blowing me, just like you were blowing Colt earlier. When I
jerked off afterwards I had the best fucking orgasm of my life and when I saw you sucking his dick I couldn’t
help but think about it being me you were blowing.”

I couldn’t believe I was saying all this to Kris and I felt like sprinting out of the door, jumping into my
car and never coming back.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” Kris said, trying to comfort me. “You’re curious. It happens to us all.”

“Apparently so…” I said, looking away from Kris.

“What are you worried about? That you’re seriously thinking of trying it or that you might enjoy it if you
do?” Kris asked.

“That I might enjoy it,” I mumbled.

Kris chuckled. “You will enjoy it. It’s getting your dick sucked. Any mouth, pussy or ass wrapped around your
cock feels good and will make you cum, it doesn’t really matter who it belongs to.”

“But what about the other thing?” I asked.

“What other thing?” Kris replied.

“Getting fucked… You and Colt have fucked each other, right? How does that not make you gay? How does letting
a guy fuck you up the ass not make you less of a man?” I said with the questions just flowing out of me.

“You answered your own question,” Kris smiled.

“What the fuck does that mean?” I asked.

“The key word you just said was ‘let’. If I get fucked, and yes, I do get fucked by your brother sometimes,
it’s because I want to get fucked and I allow myself to get fucked. No man is gonna force himself on me. No
guy is gonna fuck me against my will. I’m in complete control. I decide who I let fuck me and when. I say no
if I don’t want it or yes if I do. There’s nothing unmanly about it.”

I had never thought about it that way and suddenly Kris was making a lot of sense. Any doubts about
questioning myself for wanting to experiment and for wanting to live out the dream I had the night before
just left me and I decided to make a bold statement.

I reached forward, taking Kris’ t-shirt into my fist, and I pulled him to me, planting my lips on his. I
couldn’t believe I was actually kissing a guy, let alone that I initiated it. Kris must have been shocked
because I felt no effort to return the kiss, but at the same time he never pushed me away.

When I pulled back from the kiss, Kris finally spoke. “What are you doing?”

“Fuck if I know,” I breathed, still feeling the lingering effects of having my mouth pressed against Kris’
soft pink lips. I knew I just had to say what I was thinking. “I want to see what it’s like with a guy. I
want to see what Colt likes so much.”

“And you want to do that with me?” Kris asked, in shock.

“Yes,” I said without having to think. “You know what you’re doing. You’re not some inexperienced kid who’s
gonna hurt me. I trust you, Kris. And if Colt trusted you to be his first then I know I can trust you to be

Kris smiled and pulled me in to a kiss that made my legs go weak. It was so heated and passionate. No girl
had ever kissed me like that. It was hard yet soft, rough but gentle, demanding yet calming. He ran his
tongue across my lips and I opened up to him, accepting him and letting him into my mouth. He was right, I
felt in control, even though Kris was in the more dominant of roles.

My mind was whirring as my hands ran up Kris’ hard body, over his big pecs and further still until I was
gripping his long blond hair and pulling him closer to me as we made out. Meanwhile Kris had slid his hand up
under my tee and was running his fingers over my abs.

When Kris finally broke the kiss I needed to steady myself against the back of the sofa, taking deep breaths.
“Fuck…” I gasped.

“You can’t tell your brother about this,” Kris said, “ever.”

“I won’t,” I said, knowing I spoke the truth.

“And you’re sure you want to do this?”


“All the way?”


“Top and bottom?”

I felt a lump rise in my throat. My heart was pounding. My body was beginning to sweat and was covered in
goose bumps. I was so nervous, but at the same time I knew it was what I wanted.

“If I’m going to do this,” I said, “then I’m going to do it all. It may never happen again.”

Kris smiled, “Come with me then, we need to get you ready.”

I let Kris take my hand and lead me into the bathroom. When we were in there he showed me how to really
prepare for anal sex and I was shocked by how much care had to be taken, or at least if you didn’t want a
possible mess. It very nearly put me off, but at the same time it gave me a whole new respect for gay men and
gay sex because it took a lot more time and effort than I ever would have thought. It wasn’t just drop your
pants and go, it was much more involved and in a strange way I admired the commitment of those who had to
clean themselves that was regularly.

When we were all prepped and ready Kris led me over toward his room, but I stopped him. “What if Colt comes
out of his room?”

“What do you mean?” Kris asked, stopping in the doorway of his own room.

“I’m supposed to be sleeping out here all night. If he comes out and I’m not here he’ll come looking,” I
said, starting to think sex with Kris was a bad idea.

“We’ll pad the bed with cushions and turn off the lights, if he comes out he’ll think you’re sleeping,” Kris
said and quickly moved to the sofa bed, putting cushions onto the mattress and then throwing the sheet over
it. He turned the light off and it really did look like someone was curled up in the bed.

“Have you had practice with this?” I asked, feeling he did that much too easily for it to be a first time

“Yeah, I used to do it in High School if I snuck out of the house so my mom wouldn’t notice.”

I smiled, thinking about how like Kris that was, and then I felt his hand take mine and he pulled me into his
bedroom, closing and locking the door behind us.

Almost immediately after that he pushed my back against the door and his lips were back on mine. The kiss was
hard and demanding again as Kris slipped his tongue into my mouth and ran his hand up over my body.

It was such a surreal situation to be in. I was used to being the dominant one in any encounter I had before,
knowing I was much stronger than the girls I was kissing and was pretty much in complete control. This was so
different though because I had a strong man making out with me.

I decided to test Kris’ theory that I had power and was still in control of what I wanted to do and he wasn’t
going to just make me into some submissive bitch. I reached my hands up so they were on his chest and pushed
him backwards so he had no choice but to break the kiss.

He had a really confused look on his face and I couldn’t help but smile just a little. He held his hands out
as if to ask what the Hell I was doing and then I just let my urges carry me forward. I closed the gap
between us and pulled him to me, kissing him as passionately as he had kissed me earlier.

When I broke the kiss this time and moved back so I could look into Kris’ eyes there was a gleam in them that
said he liked where things were going, which was backed up by the smile on his face.

Kris then put his hands under my arms and lifted me up, turning around to throw me down onto the bed. I
laughed at Kris’ show of strength but then gasped as he was quickly on top of me on the bed.

His lips were back on mine and we kissed hard as we held each other, Kris running his hands through my hair
as I gripped on to his broad shoulders. With him fully in my grasp I managed to flip us so Kris was on the
bottom and it was now me pinning him down and attacking his lips.

We continued our lip lock, coming up for air between kisses, and it became a bit of a game as every time we
broke the kiss whoever was on the bottom would flip the top onto his back and then go back in for another

Finally when we were growing tired I let Kris settle on top of me and didn’t try to fight him off. He was
straddling my body and held himself up on his powerful arms, breathing deeply, as was I.
The next time Kris kissed me it wasn’t on my lips but on the skin on my neck as he ran his hands up under my
tee and then moved back to pull the shirt up and off my body. After he tossed the tee across the room I
thought I would feel his lips on my body but there was nothing. I looked up and saw him staring down at me.

“What?” I asked.

“I know this is going to sound so weird, but you look exactly like your brother did the first time we…” Kris
trailed off.

“Fucked,” I finished for him.

“Yeah,” Kris smiled. “I mean, you know you look alike and have the same dark brown hair,” he said, running
his hand through it. “But your body is just like Colt’s was last year. Your pecs are getting big but aren’t
quite there yet. They’re nice and firm and with little more work they’ll be bigger like ours are. But your
abs… fuck…”

My entire body shivered as Kris ran his fingers over my hard abs that I had worked so hard to get. His hands
were bigger and stronger than any that had ever caressed my body and it really was exhilarating. Then I felt
his breath on my skin, making me tremble as he extended his tongue and licked between my abs.

“Oh fuck…” I moaned as Kris licked his way up and started sucking on my nipple.

Kris then moved his mouth back down and licked along the cuts at my hips as his fingers moved under the
waistband of my shorts and he started pulling them down.

“Fuck…” Kris gasped as he saw the tight fitting boxers that cupped my hard cock and low hanging balls and
which framed by ass perfectly if he had been able to see. “You look so sexy.”

It was so strange hearing him call me sexy but I didn’t have much time to think about it as he grabbed my
boxers and almost tore them off, leaving me naked. I had barely thought about my dick so far but it was rock
hard and throbbing as it slapped up against my abs when it was released from my boxers, splashing precum
across my skin.

Kris quickly stripped off his own clothes and then reached his hand up to run his finger along the length of
my seven inch cut cock, which just made it throb and pulse and twitch that much more. I never dreamed sex
with a guy could be so fucking hot as this was.

“Your cock is so fucking hot,” Kris almost whispered as he slipped his tongue out of his mouth and ran it up
the length of my cock.

“Holy fuck!” I screamed as I threw my head back with Kris licking up and down my cock.

Holding the base of my dick in his hand, pulling it away from my body, Kris opened his mouth and slid his
lips over the head, swiping his tongue across it, licking off the precum that was flowing out of my cock
before he started sucking on it, bobbing up and down.

Oh God! No one had ever sucked my dick as good as Kris was sucking it. He knew just what to do to make me
feel amazing. He was working it hard now and was really sucking my cock into his mouth, taking more and more
as he went on.

I put my hands on the back of his head, taking his blond hair into my hands, and pulled his head back
slightly so I could see my dick as it moved between his lips. Just then he looked up at me with those blue
eyes, still holding my cock in his mouth. It was exactly what had happened in the dream.

Fuck that was hot! I couldn’t help myself now and I started pumping my hips up, fucking his hot mouth as he
continued to suck me. If anything his mouth actually clamped tighter around my cock as I continued to fuck
his face.

Kris gently pushed my hands away and pulled off my cock, moving his mouth down to lick my balls as he moved
his hand up and ran his fingers back over my abs and up to my nipples, which he squeezed hard, making me
groan as my cock leaked more precum.

Then he ran his tongue back up my cock and continued on up my body until he was back at my lips, kissing me
hard. When he pulled back he climbed up until he was straddling my chest and his throbbing cock was almost
touching my lips.

I wasn’t really sure I wanted to suck his cock, but when Kris rubbed the head against my lips I opened up and
let him slide it inside, using my tongue to caress the head, much like Kris had done to me when he started
sucking my cock.

After just a minute of sucking on the head of his cock I pulled back and saw Kris smiling down at me.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to blow me. You don’t have to,” Kris said.

“It’s just weird,” I said.

Kris laughed. “You think sucking my cock is weird but you’re about to fuck my ass?”

I smiled but didn’t say anything in reply. He was right. Sucking his dick did nothing for me but the thought
of fucking his ass really turned me on. I grabbed Kris’ arms and flipped him over so he was on his back
again. He looked up at me with a smile of his own as I pulled him to the end of the mattress and pushed his
legs back so I could see his tight little hole.

“Damn…” Kris chuckled. “I guess that’s my answer.”

I moved a little closer and took my dick in my hand, pushing it down so the head was just brushing against
Kris’ ass.

“Oh fuck, Chase. You gotta put a condom and some lube on that cock before you fuck me,” Kris moaned.

Before I would have thought even hearing those words come from a guy would have repulsed me, but hearing
Kris, big muscular Kris, say those words to me only ignited a fire in me and made me want it more.

Kris pulled away from me and went over to a drawer where he pulled out a bottle of lube and some condoms. He
threw one of the condoms to me and went about lubing his own ass. Then he threw the bottle of lube to me and
I poured it all over my cock as Kris got back on the edge of the bed with a towel under his ass.

He looked really hot with his big muscular legs pulled back and his abs really tight on his stomach. The pink
little hole between the cheeks of his bubble butt looked like it was twitching and moving, inviting him to
enter it.

I stepped forward and took one of Kris’ legs in my hand. I was so nervous I needed something to steady
myself. Slowly I pushed forward and Kris’ ass opened up to me, letting the head of my dick slip inside him.
We both moaned.

Holy shit he was tight. My cock felt like it was being gripped in a vice. I groaned and pushed even more in
to Kris’ ass. It was unreal. I thought fucking pussy was nice, but damn, it was nothing like fucking a tight

I kept pushing forward until I was all the way in and my cock was pretty much balls deep in Kris’ ass. I was
amazed he was able to take it all, but he had, and if it had hurt him in the slightest he had been a man
about it and just accepted the pain.

That got me to thinking about how fucking Kris didn’t make either of us gay and it didn’t make us worth any
less as men. We were both just enjoying the physical pleasure and were both fully in charge of the situation
we were in, even if Kris was on the bottom with my dick in his ass.

Slowly I pulled my cock back until it almost fell from Kris’ hole and then I pushed it back in until I felt
his ass against my pubes. His ass was gripping and massaging my cock so perfectly. I had never felt such
amazing sensations, especially in my cock.

I kept moving my dick in and out of his ass, gradually picking up the speed until I was fucking him quite
hard, holding back his legs and looking down at him. He had a smile on his face as he stared back up at me
and his dick was still rock hard against his abs. It was almost hard to believe he could actually be enjoying
this, but seven inches of hard cock is pretty good evidence that he loved it.

Not even thinking about what I was doing, I reached down and wrapped my hand around Kris’ cock, jerking him
in time to my thrusts into his ass, which were getting harder and harder as I realised he could take it.
Whenever I tried to fuck a girl hard she always protested, but Kris just took what I was giving him and just
kept moaning through it all. It was so hot and I knew now that sex with men had certain advantages.

Suddenly I felt Kris go tense and he quickly pushed my hand away from his dick. I didn’t let up on the
thrusts into his ass and kept fucking him but he just yelped and pushed me away, making my dick slip from his

“What the fuck, man?” I asked.

“I was about to cum and I didn’t want to just yet,” Kris replied.

“That shit felt so good,” I said.

“Yeah, it did, but I think now might be the time for you to return the favour,” Kris smiled.

My eyes went wide, realising it was time to give up my ass to another man, willingly. Kris took my hand and
laced our fingers together. It was something I didn’t think I’d be comfortable enough to do with a guy but if
anything it just showed me that Kris cared for me and wasn’t going to hurt me, and by feeling okay with it I
knew I trusted him enough to let this happen.

He gently pushed me down so I was on my back on the bed and took the condom off my cock. Returning his hand
to my dick he slowly stroked it and started licking at my balls again. I threw my head back and enjoyed the
feeling of him working me over so completely.

His mouth moved up and he started sucking my dick again, using his tongue to caress the head. As he was doing
that I heard a popping sound but it was only once and I felt no pain so I let it go and focused on Kris as he
made my dick throb in his mouth.

Suddenly my body jerked and I realised it had been in reaction to Kris sliding his finger into the crack of
my ass and touching my hole. The contact against the sensitive skin sent an electric bolt thought my body
that almost made me cum.

The next thing I knew, Kris was licking his way from the tip of my dick, down the shaft to the base and down
over my balls. When he didn’t stop there my eyes went wide as he pushed my legs back and buried his face in
my ass.

If his finger touching my ass sent shivers through me then the feeling as his tongue started lapping at my
ass, circling the entrance and gently pushing at the opening, made me tremble to my core.

I threw my head back and put my hand over my mouth to muffle my moans and screams. I never thought I would
ever let a guy eat my ass, and I never saw myself doing it to anyone, but holy fuck it felt incredible and I
actually felt my hole start opening for Kris’ tongue.

My dick was dripping precum when Kris came up from my ass and engulfed my cock again. I had to bite my hand
to not scream out. I was in heaven. But then that only got better when Kris lubed up a finger and slid it in
my ass while he sucked on my cock. I was surprised the finger went in so easily but his tongue had got me so
ready my body just accepted it and when it crashed into that special spot inside me Corey had mentioned when
I asked him why he loved getting fucked so much my back arched and my whole body went stiff at the incredible

“Sweet Jesus…” I said, panting as I tried to recover my breath after the unexpected pleasure.

Kris slowly started moving his finger in and out of me while he continued to suck on the head of my hard
cock. Gradually he got quicker and started fucking me with it before he stopped and slowly inserted a second
finger, doing the process all over again. I could have never dreamed getting my ass fucked by anything would
feel so good.

When he slowly pulled his fingers out of me I almost felt disappointed, but then I quickly became nervous
again as Kris reached over and grabbed a condom, tearing open the wrapper and rolling the condom down his
hard cock. I was actually going to get fucked and the reality hit me pretty hard. I almost felt like I wanted
to back out but then Kris leaned in and rubbed his cock against my ass and I couldn’t help but moan. I wanted
it inside me.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Kris asked as he pressed gently against my ass.

“Yes,” I smiled, happy that he asked and that I still had control and could say no. He was right about it not
being emasculating when you were on the bottom because you were the one allowing it to happen.

Kris wrapped his hand around my cock and stroked it as he pushed his cock against my opening. There was a lot
of resistance and he couldn’t get in at first, but when he added some more lube and I pushed out like he told
me to the head of his cock slipped inside me and I let out a groan, feeling his cock stretch me.

“Oh God…” I moaned, throwing my head back at the mixture of pain and strange satisfaction that surged through
my body.

Kris held completely still and kept stroking my cock, not moving his dick at all and letting me get used to
him being inside me. When I felt ready I nodded and he continued until he saw me wincing and stopped.

I was so glad I was doing this with Kris because he cared about me and didn’t want to hurt me. He wanted to
make this as good for me as it was for him and I really appreciated that. If I had been with anyone with less
experience they might have just shoved it in and hurt me, but Kris was perfect.

The next time I relaxed and my ass stopped clamping down on Kris’ cock as hard, he slid the rest of his dick
into me in one swift move that took my breath away but got the job done. Buried inside me he stayed still yet
again and this time ran his hands all over my body and then he leaned down and kissed me.

“That’s the worst part done. I’m all in you now so that’s as deep as I go. Just try to relax and you’ll start
to enjoy it,” Kris whispered to me after he broke the kiss.

After another minute or so he started to pull back, letting just a few inches of his cock slide out of me
before he pushed them back in. I felt his dick moving through me as it stretched the walls of my ass but it
felt so good.

For the first time I ran my hands up and over Kris’ body and really liked the feel of the hard muscles, which
were tensing as he picked up the pace a little and started to fuck me properly, his dick now sliding in and
out of me with ease.

Kris has his eyes focused on mine the entire time as if he was looking to make sure I was still okay with
what was happening. I didn’t really know what to think but when he rotated his hips a little and his dick
crashed into my spot I threw my head back, bit my lip and felt my eyes roll up into my head because it was
just amazing.

He leaned down to kiss me while he was still pumping his cock into my ass. It felt so strange to be kissed
while getting fucked but I accepted it and threw my arms around Kris, feeling his muscular back again.

When he pulled back Kris looked deep into my eyes and whispered, “Can I go a little faster?”

I smiled at him asking me again, needing my permission before he acted. I nodded and said, “Yes, just fuck

That was all Kris needed. He pulled back and pushed on my legs to give him better access to my ass. The speed
of his thrusts quickly increased and it wasn’t long before he was really pounding me with slapping sounds
filling the room. I thought I would hate being fucked hard but I fucking loved it.

He continued to drill my ass and hammer down into it with his cock. Every now and then his cock would hit
that spot inside me and would send me closer and closer to my orgasm. Finally when I could take no more I
reached up to grab my cock to jerk myself off, but Kris wouldn’t let me. He took my hands in his and laced
our fingers together, pinning them against the mattress above my head. Then he looked straight into my eyes
with the most intense gaze ever and drove his cock inside me so it crashed right into that little button.

That was it. With Kris holding me down and no one touching my cock I let out a scream, arched my back and cum
fired out of my cock like a rapid-fire canon. I couldn’t believe I was shooting totally hands free and it was
the most amazing orgasm of my life.

My ass much had tightened as I came because Kris buried his cock inside me and muffled his own screams
against the skin on the side of my neck as I knew he was cumming inside me.

When we both came down we kissed passionately and then I collapsed back onto the bed, totally spent. Kris
gently pulled himself from my well-fucked ass and threw his condom in the trash. Then he walked to the
bedroom door and unlocked it, walking out and into the bathroom next door. He came back with a wet washcloth
and wiped the cum off my body and my dick.

Finally, when I was too exhausted to move, Kris picked me up and carried me out to the sofa bed where he put
me down and actually tucked me in, giving me a long kiss before he waved goodnight and went back to his room.

I couldn’t believe it. I had just fucked a guy and then got fucked myself. It was so unreal, but at the same
time I couldn’t stop thinking about how incredible it had been. I was so happy and content as I drifted off
to sleep thinking about what had happened and what could happen next…


Just a little bonus for my readers!  I hope you enjoyed it.   Big D won't be writing many if any more stories
like this.   He is a great writer and seeking his own dreams now that will take up his free time. 

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