It was two months after Josh was born that Connor made the choice. Yvette had agreed with the decision to leave the Orpheus
Apartment Complex. Connor wanted to be in the same country as his grandchildren, especially now he had a grandson to spoil rotten.
Now he had the unfortunate task of figuring out how to deal with the building. Rick Sampson, the original owner’s nephew, needed to
be in on the decision making process, so he called Rick up to his apartment. Rick still lived in the basement floor rooms.
“Hey, Con. How’s Josh?”
“It was an exciting birth and Yvette is with them now to help care for the child with the parents. How are you? Still single?”
“Yep, I’m destined to be a bachelor and I enjoy the lifestyle. I see Felix every once in a while next door. He just sits there, kind of
Connor was aware of that. Felix’s bakery had been a staple in the community and when Eric Sampson died about ten years ago Felix let
his children take over the business as he sat and talked to his loyal customers.
“I’ve made a decision. Yvette and I are going to officially move to Canada. Glenn, my brother, is currently making all the paperwork a
reality as we speak.”
“I see… I know you and Yvette had been thinking about this since your first granddaughter was born, but I also know all the sweat and
tears you put in this remodel after the fire. Leaving here is going to be hard for you.”
“Yep, but it is time.” Connor eyed his friend of the last 40 years, seeing him connect the dots in his head. “We need to discuss what to do
with the Orpheus. We have two major options; sell it or rent it out.”
“How can we rent it? Uncle Eric knew I couldn’t handle running this place and with your expertise gone where does that leave us?”
“Morgan…” Connor suggested. Orville Morgan was a friend of Connor’s who had been staying at the Orpheus off and on since the
remodel. He had some expertise in management, however, his major flaw was twofold; firstly, he never actually ran a building like this,
and secondly he had expressed an interest in making it a hotel.
“Not him…” Rick argued. “Morgan can’t even run those B&B’s without the support of his brother, father and cousin. He wouldn’t be able
to handle the magnitude of the Orpheus.”
“Rick, I had private conversations with him in the last few weeks expressing my interest in letting him rent the building. He explained
his hotel concept and I agreed with the premise. With a few conditions…”
Rick nodded for Connor to continue, “That he didn’t do extensive remodeling and kept the building as it is, with the exception of
technology upgrades. He is not allowed to use the basement space. And you have to agree with decisions dealing with changes to the
building, both exterior and interior.”
“You really value my opinion, Con?”
“Of course, Rick. I love you like a brother.” That was true. Connor and Rick spent most of their time together. “Besides, Eric would have
wanted us to agree on it since I know he would never want us to sell the Orpheus.”
“That is true. Eric had given his right arm to get this place open in the beginning. There is one more condition I would like before we
turn it over to Morgan.”
“What’s that, Rick?”
“I want you to put in the contract that the building be put in your family’s name, officially. That if something happens to Morgan and he
cannot pay on time, after an x amount of time your family has the right to take full authority over the building.”
“You are right. The building is officially still in the Sampson name so we can get that paperwork cleared out. I know just the relative to
leave it to, however, I believe it will be fine in Morgan’s hands.”
Rick looked at him, wanting to say something, but he couldn’t find the right words. Rick spoke, “I’m going to stay with the Orpheus in
the basement apartment. I can’t leave my home after so many years. You know I can’t.”
“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Connor smiled, “That’s why Morgan can’t touch the basement.”
With that the two friends shook hands and hugged. Connor said he would call Morgan the next morning. He then smiled at the thought
of being closer to his family. His brother lived in Canada now and soon so would he.
Yvette was making breakfast for Connor, enjoying some time alone. It had been a few days since it was just the two of them. Yvette was
always entertaining someone. Now that they were back in her home town it was easy for her to reconnect with her two sisters and
brothers.  She was always on the phone talking to them or playing Mah-jong or bowling with her girlfriends. Connor never understood
the Jewish game that dealt with walls and tiles and flowers and jokers.
He never regretted moving away from New York. His grandchildren were just a short train away and they weren’t close enough to both
his son and wife too much. He and his wife never discussed his life in New York City to anybody as it would just make Connor miss it
That morning, when Yvette brought him the New York Times paper that they subscribed to, he noticed the headline; ‘New York staple
looted and abandoned after 78 years. He read the article that detailed a complex story that started ten years ago when Orville Morgan
lost his wife on September 11th. Morgan had been devastated, staying locked up in his penthouse apartment. His only son took to paying
the bills and dealing with the customers. The Morgan’s son had vanished two months ago and Orville Morgan left the hotel abandoned
to search for his missing son.
Connor read every word, by the time he got to the end of the story that showed pictures of the destroyed lobby, he was crying. “Dear,
what’s wrong?”
He gave her the paper and she hugged him after getting the gist of it. “I need to go back.”
Yvette didn’t stop her 79 year old husband and he booked a train to New York, allowing him time to adjust to the events. When he
arrived at the Orpheus building and saw the broken windows and the missing tiles he broke down right there.
He thought of Rick and dashed for the elevator as fast as his feet would carry him. He went down to the basement apartment. The smell
and the disheveled look of the place told Connor that Rick had gone too. He left the Orpheus a broken man, but he noticed Felix’s
bakery was still next door and he smiled at the elderly man.
“Connor?” he said, “It’s me Sylvester.”
“Sy?” He remembered his sixty year old patron from the apartment complex. Connor sat down and Syl called out to the boy at the
counter, “Chris would you bring my friend here your finest cup?”
“Sure thing,” Connor and Sylvester spent the remaining hours of the day discussing what had happened to Morgan and how the Orpheus
suffered. Sy didn’t know what had happened to Rick as he left The Orpheus in early 1980s, taking up residence in a bigger apartment
complex to support his growing family. He explained that Chris ran the afternoon shift, making ends meet. Sylvester came in here to
work on his latest project.
Connor left New York that night and returned to his wife, feeling down. “Con, remember why you left.”
Yvette showed him the picture of his grandson. “You left for Joshua.” That is was all Connor needed. He kissed his wife and went to his
office to take care of two things. First he changed his will, leaving the building to someone he trusted, which was still in his name. The
second thing he did was call his grandson and told him he loved him. 
Josh looked up and there was his cousin Michael staring at him. It was obvious he was crying. His husband was standing next to him.
Josh never met Patrick, having been unable to attend their unofficial wedding.
“Do you have a minute?” Michael asked.
Josh put the picture on the table and nodded. The three headed out the door and took a walk on the street, mainly to get away from all
the people who had crowded the house.
“What’s on your mind?”
“Your grandfather asked me a favour before he passed…” He began. “Uncle Connor wanted me to look after you. He thought you, along
with your sisters, were his gems, his rocks. He cared so much about you. When we got together once a year or so, Uncle Connor was
always talking about how well you had grown, how you became an able fisherman.”
“Yeah, maybe,” Josh acknowledged. Then he said something he had been thinking about for a long while. Josh didn’t know why he
blurted it out but he did it anyway. “I want to leave here.”
Confused looks from Michael and Patrick led Josh to continue, “I want to leave this life. I’m not happy here. I have few friends in college
and my closest family members I barely see anymore. Zaidy made me happy on the rare family get-togethers. Now I have nothing to
look forward, no hopes and no dreams for the future. I study, I try my best and I still get shitty grades.”
Josh was surprised how much he just wanted out. He didn’t know why he was being so frank, but it felt good.”
“Where would you go?” Patrick spoke for the first time.
“Anywhere that will make me happy.”
“Josh, Mike and I haven’t always been happy. When we found each other I was in a dead end job serving coffee, and he was struggling
too. But with some encouragement from Mike I found my passion and started in a line of work that made me proud and happy. Soon
thereafter I realized it wasn’t just the work that made me happy, it was the company. From that day forward Mike and I never left each
other’s sight.
“Yeah, no offence, but I don’t have that person that pushes me to my limits. I don’t have that motivation. I have to live with the bed I
“Fuck that,” Michael stated. “You don’t have to stay in the same bed. To complete your little analogy, as we grow in life, be it physically
or what have you, we need to accommodate our living conditions. When we’re babies we stay in cribs, as children we have bunk beds,
as teens and adults we change our bed accordingly. So don’t give me that shit. You don’t like the bed you’re in, just change it. What’s
stopping you?”
Josh struggled to respond, “I don’t know what I want.”
“Of course you do mate,” Patrick stated. “We just need to think about it.”
“Why do you even care?” Josh asked more harshly than he wanted to.
“We care for three reasons. We are family, and more importantly your grandfather wanted us to help you. And because we fucking do,
besides, you wanted to advice or you wouldn’t have blurted out that you wanted to leave. “
It was true, Josh had been thinking about that ever since he was putting together the family album for his grandmother. He looked at
the images and the past was all that brought him happiness. He had been thinking of leaving and making out a living anywhere but
where he was.
“Okay, so how do I know what I want then?”
“I told you,” Mike said gently, “You already know. What is the one thing in your life that gives you passion, that gives you energy and
makes you want to get up in the morning?”
Josh thought about it. When he was ever down, and lately that had been a lot, he turned to several escape mechanisms, from television
to the internet, but one thing he always tried to go to was his novel. His writing. He had been trying to develop a multiple story arch
about a crashed plane with teenagers on it. He had written 15 chapters so far. It was a secret passion of his. His parents and siblings
didn’t seem to be interested or to care too much about it.
“Josh,” Mike prompted gently. “We know you’re thinking of something.”
“My writing… nobody even knows I write. Ever since high school I’ve been writing scenarios where I was happy or having fun. Then I’d
expand the ideas and such.”
Josh still couldn’t grasp why he was so open to these two. Maybe it was his head’s idea of telling him he could trust Mike and Pat. “Did
Zaidy really ask you guys to watch out for me?”
“Yes. Five months ago when he came to our dad’s minor hip surgery while we were in the waiting to room and he talked about his
mortality. He knew he wouldn’t be around forever and he had one wish, which Pat and I prompted him to tell us. He wanted to make
sure you especially were taken care of. He had a connection with you.”
Josh’s mind flashed back to his last memory of his grandfather when the family was together for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year,
and Zaidy was making fun of him for drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade without realizing there was vodka in it.
“Are you saying I should focus on my writing?”
“Yeah,” Mike responded, “If that makes you happy then that’s what you should do.”
Josh thought it over, and by now they guys were back at the Shiva house and his grandmother Yvette was calling him over. He nodded
thanks to Michael and Patrick. After leaving three hours later with his sister on the long drive home, he cried, finally letting it out. He
missed his grandfather.

“Are we really doing this?” Mike asked Pat at the wedding. They had just returned from their little trip to New York after seeing the
Orpheus for the first time.
“Yeah,” I think we are.”  They eyed Josh Turner in the corner with his tablet. “Come on, I’ve got an idea.” 
Patrick was happy that they finally decided to open the Orpheus back up. Seeing Mike’s cousin here at the wedding allowed them to kill
two birds with one stone. They walked to the table and Josh was the only one sitting there.  He was so engrossed with his tablet he
didn’t even notice them. Pat coughed and then spoke: “How are you, Josh?”
Josh, polite as ever, smiled warmly at his cousins and replied, “Good, and you?”
“Great. I see our advice last month was taken to heart,” Pat assumed he was writing.
“Yeah, after I got back to school I started writing again. I finished the novel. You know the one I emailed to you guys?” They both
Mike sat next to him, “Are you happy though?”
Josh nodded, “It’s hard because I still think of Zaidy, but putting myself in the writing allowed me to put out my feelings on the page.
However, lately I haven’t been able to get started on something exciting.”
“Oh,” Pat said. “I am sorry. We know what you mean. Lately Mike and I have been trying to get excited again. Being retired means we
have a lot of time to kill.”
Mike understood Pat’s idea and continued, “Yeah, we found a note in my car that Uncle Connor left. Basically he left us a building in his
name. We checked it out and are thinking of opening it up again.”
“Really? Let me guess… This building is in New York?” Josh frowned. He was still in the dark about his grandfather’s past.
“Yeah, it’s called the Orpheus. We were thinking maybe you want to join us there in a month or so to see the city. Maybe the
construction will help give you an idea for a new story.”
That brought a smile to Josh’s face. “Yeah, that would be fucking awesome.” They laughed at Josh’s choice of words.
“Also, we could tell you a lot more about Uncle Connor if you want.”
“What about the school?” Pat reminded Mike. After reading Josh’s novel they wanted an expert opinion so they sent it to a friend of
theirs who was also an English teacher and he gave it great reviews.
“There’s a school in New York that’s dedicated to the writing craft. We can submit some of your work.”
“Nah, I don’t think I’m ready for the public to see my amateur attempts.”
“Well, anyways, we’ll let you get back to your writing. We’ll call you in a few days and see if we can get you down to New York soon.”
“Awesome. I really would love to hear more about Grandpa.”
‘He would be proud of you’, Mike thought as he took his partner one more time on the dance floor. Josh Turner was the reason he left
New York those many years ago.
Josh was enjoying his Christmas vacation with his extended family and the construction was an interesting place to get ideas. The
Orpheus offered numerous stories on the people who lived their, the history behind the building and other interesting facets.
However, Josh had other interesting avenues to explore for a creative outlet. New York City was the city that never sleeps, or so he was
told by people. Josh loved exploring with his new friends, Chris and Malcolm, who took him to the gay clubs of New York. Chris was a
bisexual while Malcolm was completely gay. Mal wasn’t stereotypically gay but he was very open about it. Chris on the other had loved
guys more than girls, but he still enjoyed the love of a beautiful woman, though he didn’t say that quite as eloquently.
They were just exiting a place simply called The Club. It was geared towards young adults. They had a bar set up and a huge dance floor.
Chris mentioned there were special rooms in the back for exploratory research.  “Josh, how long have you been out and about?”
“Not that long, just a year and a bit. My folks were cool with it and when my father heard the whole family knew in a matter of days. I
was happy they were so accepting of it.”
“Tell me about it,” Malcolm added. “I was scared shitless in high school of coming out. There were a lot of gay haters in my school.
Eventually I couldn’t stand it and punched the lead bully in the mouth. The word got around and my mother kicked me out of the house.
I’ve been living with Chris ever since.”
“That’s horrible. Chris, was about you?” Josh asked. He was happy to be with his own kind. There weren’t many friends at his college he
could turn too.
“Not much to say. My folks were great to me and we’re a very open family. When I was thirteen my dad gave me, my brother and sister
‘the talk’ and then a year later my brother confided in me that he was gay and was dating. I took the courage and talked to my parents
about my orientation.”
“So, you and Malcolm?” Josh turned to his new friends. “Well, let us say we have used the backrooms at The Club a few times.”
“That’s cool.”
“So, the stories I read about gay haters and the bullying and beatings. I wouldn’t have to worry about it?”
“Not here in NYC,” Chris admitted. “Most of the people here are busy with their own lives so they don’t care who you fuck. And as
you’ve seen, there are no shortages of gays, bis or trannies here. One day we’ll take you to the heart of the gay community.”
“My god, Chris is right.” Malcolm said, excitedly, “The pride day here is huge and everybody shows up for it. Gays, straights… It’s the
biggest fucking party of the year.”
“Yeah, I got fucking laid four times that day by four different people,” Chris smiled wickedly.
“Really?” Josh was nervous talking about sex. He had never engaged in any activity in his life so far. “I…”  Josh stammered. “I’m not that
educated. The Club was an experience for sure.”
“You mean? You’re a…” Chris began, almost taken aback. Malcolm also was speechless.
“Fuck, not even a kiss or a blow? With that bod?”  Malcolm asked.
“Nope… let us just say I’m not really good with people.”
“Bullshit! You’re friendly and have a great fucking sense of humour. Not to mention drop dead handsome.”
“There is one thing,” Chris said. “You need to swear more.”
That got a laugh out of Josh. “I was raised in a household where we don’t swear.”
“Well the night is young, and we are going to break some rules tonight.” Malcolm eyed Josh.
He went up and kissed Josh on the lips with Josh enjoying the sensation. He opened up his mouth to allow Malcolm’s tongue to enter. It
was his first real kiss and it was obvious he was enjoying it now as his jeans were tenting.
They broke the kiss and all Josh could say was, “Fucking hell. You’re a great kisser, Mal.”
“Thanks, Chris taught me.”  Chris looked to Malcolm and they exchanged a conversation with their eyes.
“How about we have some fun at our place? You know some exploratory research?”
Josh thought about it. He had never been in such a position before, but his dick had other ideas. Chris put his hands on Josh’s crotch. “I
think we know what this head wants.”
With that, Josh agreed and the three guys went to Chris’s place. The next morning Josh did two things; he got dressed and told his
cousin he wanted to go to Roosevelt School, asking if he had any connections.
“Did you have a good time with Chris?” Michael asked.
“It was an educational,” he said with a big smile on his face. He went to the fridge and noticed some fruit was there. He popped a few
cherries in his mouth. 
“Are you kidding? Do you know how cutthroat it is there? Fuck! I am not moving. Besides, you love coaching. Your kids look up to you.
You would be kissing that good bye.”
“No I wouldn’t, I could do both. I want you to join me!”
She looked at him, stunned. Bianca made her decision without another word of debate. “I love you, Harry. I want you to be happy.”
Bianca paused, “I need to look at my career too.”
Harry was shocked, annoyed and speechless. They had spent so many years together and now it was like he was seeing his girlfriend for
the first time. He went upstairs to get dressed properly. Bianca was stunned by his sudden exit but let him go. Harry walked down the
stairs and went for a walk. He really loved Bianca and had given up a lot to be with her.  They had been together since high school. And
now, when his career was taking a step in a new direction, she was concerned with only her fucking career. He needed some advice so
he speed dialled Otis Arkin, his best friend. There was no response. His friends were bowling tonight and Otis always kept his phone off
when they played. He sat on his bench that was surrounded by the nearby park.
What the fuck was he going to do? He had two choices. He could he stay and be with Bianca or he could go this new job and risk losing
the love of his life.
His phone rang. He hoped it was Bianca reconsidering her position. Instead it was someone he hadn’t heard from in months, his
favourite sister, well his only sister, Tamara.
“Hello brother,” his 28 year old sister began. “How are you doing today?”
“Great,” he lied. Tamara and he had an interesting relationship. They were only a few years apart, but they travelled in different social
circles their entire lives. However, when she needed him, he was there and when Harry needed her, she was there too. They had talked
about sex, her drug abuse, they talked about boyfriend issues. But the one thing that made them drift them apart was Bianca; she never
liked her. The reason was simple; she pictured Bianca as a driven opportunist. According to his sister Bianca was just trying to make a
career for herself and would run over anybody in her way. They said some hateful things the last time they spoke.
“I can tell by sound of your voice there is something troubling you please tell me about it.
Harry knew Tamara wouldn’t drop it, “Okay, I had this offer to move to New York to teach students.”
“I heard about the officer, yes.  I am calling to offer my congratulations. I know you will achieve greatness at the Roosevelt school  
How the fuck did she know about it? Then it dawned on him, Otis. He and Tamara dated briefly while Otis was finding himself. Since
then they had become good friends. Otis would have told her.
“Well, Bianca doesn’t want to move with me as she had just achieved another feat on her career path. But I don’t know what to do.”
“Harry, regardless of small opinion of Bianca,  let us address you only. We both know the Roosevelt School’s reputation. More to the
point I know you love your writing and your teaching, as much as you like your fooseball.”
“Football,” he corrected her gently. One thing Tamara didn’t have was any kind of knowledge in the arena of sports.
“Football, yes… let me ask you something… what do you love more? What’s in the core of your heart? “
“That’s easy. Teaching. Ever since I learned how to educate young minds that has been my passion and writing my stories always kept
my mind focused.”
“I agree with that assessment. You’re extremely good at your position. Otis speaks highly over your accomplishments.” She was smiling,
he could tell by her voice.
“Now tell me. Is your love for girlfriend stronger than that passion for educating young minds?”
He thought about it and he knew in his heart what that answer was but his head didn’t want to accept it.  Finally he spoke the words.
“My passion for writing and teaching is stronger than my passion for Bianca.”
“Then you know what you need to do.” 
“Yes, I do.” He mumbled the next line, “I think I only stayed because the sex was that good.” A pause, then he spoke again. “Where are
“Interviewing for a new position actually, I couldn’t handle the cubicle anymore so I left Los Angeles and moved on.”
“Brian?” He spoke of her dog.
“He’s still with me. I wouldn’t part with him ever. I love him more than Roger, Ted and you.”
Roger and Ted were her last boyfriends. “Good luck on the job front. I’m happy to hear from you, sis.”
“Any time. I am sorry it has taken so long for us to communicate. Bye Brother.”
With that she hung up and Harry knew what he had to do. He stood up and walked back home. He opened the door. On the fridge was
note. “Sleep on the couch. Goodbye.”
He wrote a note too. “I am checking into a hotel. I see where the future lies for us now.” He left the house and drove, not to a hotel but
to Otis’s . He stopped at the front door and took the ring out of his pocket. He threw it in the garbage. He was glad he never asked her to
marry him.
“I know what we should do.” Alton stated.
Ron wondered what Alton would say next. In their five year relationship Alton had always surprised him with wonderful notions.
Tonight was no different. When Alton told him the idea Ron instantly made love to man he loved so much. The passion and intensity of
the sexual energy was extraordinary. The declaration of love with Ron’s movements spoke volumes. They slept peaceful that night with
Ron inside his lover. The next morning they put their plan into action.
It required some preparations. First Ron called Mr. Granger and requested an extended leave of absence, suggesting a month. Granger
liked the idea, and owing to the good service Ron had given him in early years he offered to pay him for that month with the hope that
the vacation would rejuvenate him.
Alton unfortunately had a more work to accomplish at the restaurant, which was the reason for Ron asking for more time off. Alton
needed to make sure Trevor could handle a fully booked dinning room.  Over the next two weeks, Alton personally groomed Trevor as
his replacement. Trevor had instantly upgraded from house front manager to expatiator. By then of Trevor’s boot camp experience
Alton was quite comfortable leaving Trevor to take charge of the restaurant in his absence.
The Owner, Nick, had come in that last Friday of Trevor’s training and watched Trevor expertly handle the pass where the food was
checked for quality control before the patrons gathered it.
Nick had invited both Ron and Alton to his private table that night to congratulate Alton for his job in perfecting Trevor’s style, so he
could work front of house effortlessly.
“Trevor is going to work out perfectly, Al. You’ve done a bang up job.”
“Like you ever doubted me,” Alton smiled back as he ate from his plate. Ron was playing with his food while he was talking to Nick’s
“Where are you too off to anyways?”
“Just going back to a place we both loved last year.”
“That sounds wonderful.”
“New York City was such a great place to spend some time.”
“We know,” Nick turned to his wife. “Our honeymoon was spent there. At the time we couldn’t spend a lot of money.”
“Al told me about the damage to the hotel room,” Ron joked, which made Nick’s wife spit out her wine on the table.
The night ended with Nick asking, “Alton, are you sure about Trevor replacing you?”
“Yeah, I am. Nick, it was a pleasure working for you and I’ll see you when I get back in two weeks.”
Before Alton and Ron knew it they were on the airplane touching town at JFK on the second of April.  They told the taxi driver to take
them to the Orpheus hotel.
“I’m unfamiliar with the Orpheus hotel,” he claimed. “Do you mean the Orpheus?”
Assuming their English was not being accurately heard to their foreign born driver, they nodded.  Ron was looking forward to seeing
their hotel again. He found it weird that they couldn’t make accommodations there. They tried the website and it stated it wasn’t a
hotel. However, when they called to make a reservation an old man stated they had two rooms left and they took one with a nice view
of Central Park.
The drive was fifteen minutes with the morning rush completely finished. Alton paid the taxi driver as Ron got their bags.
The building looked just as they remembered it. Ron stared at the roof where they danced all night on New Years.
They entered through the revolving doors and the interior brought them back. The smells, the sounds of hotel reminded them of their
anniversary trip. In their nostalgia they didn’t notice the sign on the building out front listing the Orpheus as an apartment complex.
They made their way to the front desk as Alton took in the lobby. He was curious as to why the little café was gone with an empty space
in its place. He loved that little corner bistro. The owner gave him a fresh espresso, croissant and newspaper every morning during their
stay while Ron slept in.
“Hello, Joe?”  Ron asked.
“Welcome to the Orpheus.” Joe responded, “New customers?”
“It has been awhile, yeah. I guess we are new customers. Ron Harrison checking in.”
Alton came next to his lover and kissed him on the cheek for no apparent reason.
Joe smiled at the young lovers and gave them a clipboard with some paperwork on it. “If you can just fill out the paperwork we will get
you situated as quickly as possible.”
“We didn’t have to this last time,” Alton stated.
“New owners I’m afraid. After that Ms. Morgan will bring you to meet them.”
“Meet the owners?” Ron asked, perplexed even more. “Is it customary for the owners to meet new guests?”
“Customary and expected.”
Not wanting to make a scene the two guys shrugged and filled out the questions, which asked basic background questions and then
asked about their finances. At that moment it dawned on Ron.
He looked at the letterhead for confirmation, The Orpheus Apartment Complex. “This Joe believes we want to rent one of their
Alton was stunned, but before they could reply Morgan came down to greet them. “Ah, Mr. Harrison and Mr. Fenton, if you follow me,
please, Michael and Patrick will see you in their penthouse at your convenience.”
“I’m sorry, there’s been…” Alton began, but Ron stepped on his toes.
He walked the beaches of the Florida coast in the amazing sun. After his encounter with those four guys in Texas and seeing ‘Rooming’ he needed to
get out of there. He told James and his friends he needed to get away, that it was too much of a sign and he wasn’t ready for it.
“We’re heading down to Florida for summer vacation if you want to join us.”
Not liking to take charity from people, he agreed. “Yeah, thanks.”
James, who was almost the Traveller’s size, loaned him some clothes and he sat in front with him while Freddy and Ray sat in the back. They were
reading ‘Rooming’, a story the Traveller knew very well. In most of his moving around he had seen a number of college guys and teenagers reading
that story or discussing it. He was impressed that an online story about gay college guys would hit such a wide audience.
On the long drive to Florida, James was asking questions of the Traveller, wanting to know where he had been and what he had seen. He mentioned
his brothers in California, two hot models in Colorado and a mother and daughter in Maine. “In the five years I’ve seen a lot. And that story back
there, ‘Rooming’ had been a constant theme.” He recalled the old woman who had been feeding pigeons as he was leaving her two fourteen year
olds who were discussing Kris and Matt’s life in high school. 
“Do you know who wrote the story?” Freddy asked. The Traveller went white. He shook his head no and then asked them questions about how their
college life was. It turned out Ray and Freddy were a gay and James was Freddy’s step brother.
They made it to Miami and the Traveller agreed to stay with them and chill. Being around guys his own age was a rarity. He clicked with James the
most. After some partying and experimenting with James, they guys parted ways. James thanked him but the Traveller was more grateful,
remembering how they met on that bridge in Dallas. James, Freddy and Ray exchanged information.
Two months passed quickly as August was beginning, with The Traveller taking up a job in one of the restaurants in a small town called Sarasota. He
enjoyed talking to the old people and learned a lot from them. He spent the nights walking the beach. Then, one night in June, he heard ‘Rooming
with My Best Friend’ again. This time it was being talked about by two grandchildren of one of his favourite customers.  He knew he couldn’t escape
it. He had avoided it for six months. He had excuse with the phone being stolen by those guys in Dallas. However since then he acquired a new
phone and new computer.
The next morning, he found the ‘Rooming’ story and started reading it. He had seen it before it ever got published online, but this was the first time
he actually read it. Two weeks later he had finished the entire thing up that point. He gathered from the comments there would be a few more
chapters before it ended. He had to give the author credit. It was an interesting and inspiring tale of college life. The prequel series was a great
accompaniment to the main storyline and that Big D guy wrote some great sexual content. He decided to email the author.
He wrote: I have read your story and know that you’re a talented author. The characterization of Matt and Kris, and Corey and Colt seem to have come
from personal experience. The Walt character seems quite interesting. I would love to talk to you in person about your work.
Thanks, Brody.
Over the next two days he heard nothing from this author. Then the early morning the next day an email was delivered to him. It said: Brody is that
you? Please call me. There was a phone number.
He breathed a few minutes, took in some air and walked along the beach to think it through. Two hours later he called the number.
“Hello?” The Traveller said weakly.”
“Brody? Is that you?” The author answered.
“Yes, dad.”
“How…? Where…?” His dad collected himself. “How are you doing?”
“I’m doing fine, sir.” Brody spoke without much thought, “I should have called you a long time ago.”
Brody had been travelling for five years and he never once thought of calling his father until he met Simon in Dallas.
“I understand, son. I’m sorry.”
He couldn’t think of anything to say and the silence on the phone was getting longer by the minute. “I love the story.” Brody knew his father was a
gifted author and had seen notes of Rooming on his office for years. Brody’s father was a teacher also.
“Thank you, Brody. I started really getting into it after the divorce and your brother left.”
“I saw Tommy some time back.”
“I know, we reconnected four months ago. He said you were doing well.”
“Yeah,” Brody was surprised how easy it was to get into a conversation with the man he left so many years ago.
“I think it’s time to meet again,” His father said.
“I don’t know.”
“Please, I would love to see you.”
“I need some time.”  With that he hung up rather abruptly. It was happening too fast for him. Hearing his original name for the first time in so long
had taken a lot out of him. Then, his father, the author of this amazing story wanted to reconnect. It was too fast.
Was he ready? Then an email came and his father left his address. And small note.
Brody, please come. We have much to talk about.
He left his information.
Sylvester Malloy, The Orpheus. New York City.
He made the decision and packed a bag. It was time to go back. It was time to go back to the place where he grew up, his hometown, New York City.
“Enough talk, it’s time to have some fun like Matt and Kris do.” Without another word, Frankie slowly pulled Calvin’s satin boxers down and started
playing with Cal’s nipples. He moved his head down and slowly ran his tongue over the massive cock and started licking it. He moved up and down,
from the base to the tip, occasionally dipping down to suck on the low hanging balls.
Licking back up it, he took the gorgeous cock between his lips and used his tongue to circle the tip before plunging his face down onto the dick,
taking as much as he could in before he started bobbing up and down, using his tongue to tease the underside of the long shaft. He was just starting
to cup Cal’s balls with his other hand when Cal moaned with pleasure.
He continued to make him moan and Cal’s nipples were getting hard as Frankie tasted the precum on his lips. Then the unthinkable happened. 
Frankie got distracted by a noise and shifted his position slightly, losing his balance to send the two crashing from the couch to the floor, with Calvin
hitting his head on the coffee table.
“Fuck!” Although he wanted to help his friend, all he could do was laugh at the situation.
“Very funny,” Cal responded. Thinking fast, he took his hard dick and thrust it into Frankie’s mouth, which was something Kris would have done, Cal
Instead of taking the bait, as it were, Frankie switched positions and the guys sixty-nined for a while. They took each other in their mouths and ran
their tongue all over the other’s length before sliding the dicks between their lips again, sinking down on each other until their noses were buried in
the other’s pubes.
Moving together, they bobbed their heads and thrust their hips in an alternating rhythm so that as Frankie withdrew from Calvin’s mouth he was
taking his best friend’s dick deep as Calvin as doing the same. They reached around and held onto the other’s tight ass as they fucked each other’s
face. Their stomachs tightened as they balls drew up against their bodies and they both groaned around the cock in their mouth as they came and
immediately had a big load of cum they had to swallow.
After they climaxed another noise was heard, this time much closer. Frankie realized what sound was. It was a car door slamming. This one was in
their driveway.  A few seconds later the doorbell rang. They weren’t expecting Kevin, Cal’s cousin, to come home so soon.
Intrigued, Frankie wiped the cum off his face and grabbed Cal’s black satin boxers, slipping them on as he headed for the door with Cal, in Frankie’s
button down shirt, following.
“Admit it,” Cal tapped Frankie’s shoulder before he opened the door, “You like the Satin.”
“Fuck off, bro,” he stated and opened the door to see at his guess a 19 year old black man in a green button down shirt and athletic shorts holding a
pizza. His cap and shirt said he was from Capital Pizza.
“Is this 18 Crown Drive?” He asked.  The pizza guy couldn’t take his eyes off Frankie’s still hard dick, which made an obscene bulge in the satin boxers.
His eyes then took in Cal, whose cock was almost fully exposed and failed to be covered by the shirt he could tell has just been slipped on.
“Not exactly, this 18 Arlington Crescent. You want two streets over.”  Seeing the guy’s obvious frustration, Cal asked with a calming smile, “First
“Yeah, I thought I knew this neighbourhood pretty well. Plus I am filling as a favor being they are swamped and my friend needed some help”
Frankie smiled, “If you want we can buy the pizza off you and tip you pretty well.” 
Jackson, the pizza guy smiled. He eyed Frankie and Calvin, seeing that Calvin was built with such great definition to his big muscles, looking like the
typical college jock he thought about so often in his dreams, while Frankie was slimmer yet still with tight muscles that seemed to push at his skin
and just begged to be licked up and down.
He pulled himself away from his thoughts long enough to say, “I need to deliver this pizza or they’ll have my head.”
“Is it your last run for the night?” Cal asked with Frankie noticing a mischievous glint in his eyes.
“Yeah, and then I’m going to hang at home for a few hours and get off my feet.” He liked these guys, “You know chill and relax?”
“Yeah, we were relaxing just now too.” Cal emphasis relaxing, then elbowed Frankie, who nodded. “Tell you what. We’ll call your boss and tell him
you found us by mistake and we’ll pay for your pizza. Also for the guy’s pizza, they can just get someone else to send a fresh one.”
Frankie was already on the phone placing the call. The number was on Jackson’s hat. Frankie yelled after he finished the call. “Your boss said it’s
Calvin, taking his cue, said, “What’s your name anyways? Come in, sit down and take a load off.”
“Jackson. Thanks,” Jackson had clocked out and was only delivering this last pizza as it was on his way home. “You guys?”
“I’m Frankie, and this guy with his dick flopping out is Cal. Jesus, put some pants on.”
“No way, my boys have been cramped in those jeans all day.”
Jackson, taking the initiative asked, “You guys boyfriends?”
“Nah, we’re just friends with benefits, more like best buddies or brothers. “
“That’s cool. I have a few brothers.” Cal couldn’t help notice that Jackson keeping eyeing his junk. He opened up his shirt and let him see his whole
package and his chest in full.
“You must work out a lot.” Jackson responded.
“Yep, we work out together most of the time, in more ways than one…”
Frankie leaned over and placed his hand on Cal’s bare chest, letting his fingers trace the muscles as he moved in for a deep tongue filled kiss. Jackson
watched as the friend’s tongues twirled together and he looked down to see that both of their cocks were back to full mast with his rapidly growing
in his shorts.
When they pulled apart they both turned to look at Jackson and smiled, seeing how turned on he was. Slowly, Cal moved down and pulled his satin
boxers down over Frankie’s legs, exposing the big dick that had been tenting the material. Seeing that Jackson was rubbing his crotch now, Frankie
stood up and moved the few feet between them, gently slipping his boxers over Jackson’s head, using the material like a blindfold whilst also letting
the pizza boy get a good smell of the dick and precum that had been both contained and leaking within.
“Relax and enjoy this,” Frankie said when he saw Jackson tense up.
The next sound he heard from Jackson was a gasp. He looked down and saw that Cal had moved and was unbuttoning the pizza boy’s shirt, pulling it
open so he could get at his nipples, which were fully erect and standing away from his body.
“Oh fuck,” Jackson moaned, though to Cal and Frankie is sounded like barely a whisper as it was muffled by the boxers.
“You know, I’m kind of hungry,” Frankie said as Cal continued to lick Jackson’s nipples and nibble on his pecs.
Cal turned his head slightly so he could see Frankie move over to the pizza box.  He picked up a slice and brought it up to his mouth, standing directly
over the two horny young men. He teased the tip of the slice with his tongue and then let it fall. The topping had been worked loose and slowly slid
off the edge of the pizza slice, dropping down onto Jackson’s exposed chest.
“Fuck!” Jackson screamed, feeling the heat of the cheese and tomato falling onto his skin. It sent shockwaves all around him and he shivered under
Cal’s touch.
Instead of letting Jackson move to wipe it off, Cal held the pizza boy’s hands down by his sides and moved his mouth from the boy’s nipples over to
the food, sucking and licking it from Jackson’s skin.
“You okay?” Frankie asked, gently pulling the boxers from over Jackson’s head.
Jackson was panting so hard he couldn’t speak so he nodded instead.
“Let’s get these clothes off you,” Cal said, gripping hold of Jackson’s throbbing cock. “I want to see what you’re packing in these shorts.”
Jackson let Cal pull his shorts down, lifting his ass up to help, and then he heard the two friends gasp when they saw the silk boxers clinging to
Jackson’s hips and dick, covered by the stars and stripes of the American flag. Being American had never been so sexy.
“See Frankie, now that’s a nice pair of boxers,” Cal laughed. “See how sexy they look.”
Frankie just rolled his eyes, burying his head in Jackson’s lap, licking his way up and down the material, feeling the length of the hard shaft still
trapped beneath.
When he finally had Jackson begging for release, Cal pulled the boxers down that he had to admit were hot and then he once again buried his face
against Jackson’s crotch, this time dipping lower so his nose was under Jackson’s balls and his tongue licked up and down the pizza boy’s taint, slowly
making its way toward his asshole. It was only when Cal’s tongue slid into Jackson’s crack and teased at his hole that everything seemed to happen so
Jackson begged Cal to fuck him, whining as the tongue darted in and out of him that he had never been fucked by that right then he wanted it so bad
he didn’t care. Cal himself couldn’t get the condom on quick enough, wanting to get his dick inside Jackson’s nice, tight virgin ass.
Cal and Frankie then set about getting Jackson ready, both remembering their first times as a bottom and wanting to make it the best experience for
their new friend. They worked his hole with lube and their fingers, taking turns at finger fucking Jackson’s ass before they both had their index
fingers inside him and had him moaning and screaming, begging for dick.
Frankie rolled a condom down Cal’s cock and guided it into Jackson’s ass. It took a while to get the pizza boy to open up and accept the dick, but once
he did and they gave him time to adjust he loved every second of that cock inside him, sliding in and out, pounding his cherry out of him as the head
of the dick assaulted his prostate.
Jackson was so hungry that he reached out, grabbed Frankie and pulled him to him, forcing Frankie’s hot dick down his throat, wanting to swallow as
much as he could. Jackson was so good that Frankie was on edge pretty fast and didn’t want things to end. Cal was still fucking his ass and from the
look on Jackson’s face, Frankie knew he loved getting fucked and would be up for repeat performances, a prospect which excited him.
Wanting to keep things going Frankie moved up and squatted over Jackson’s face. The pizza boy didn’t hesitate for a second, sticking his tongue out
to eat the hot ass that was in front of his face. Cal was still pounding him and soon it seemed like he was thrusting his tongue up into Frankie’s ass in
perfect rhythm and timing with Cal’s dick as it plunged into his own ass.
Suddenly Cal screamed, buried himself deep and unloaded into the condom seven inches up Jackson’s ass. He was so spent that he pulled out and
collapsed to the floor, but his eyes still had enough focus to see Frankie move, rolling a condom down Jackson’s rock hard, throbbing and leaking
cock so he could sit down on it to give the pizza boy the ride of his life.
Jackson gripped on to Frankie’s hips and went wild on his ass, holding him tight so he could fuck up into the hot ass with sheer power, making
Frankie yelp and howl as he was drilled by the hot dick that was sawing in and out of him. It didn’t take long for him to reach the edge again, this time
crashing right over it, throwing his head back as his cum exploded out of his cock all over the pizza boy, who in turn fired off a massive load into the
condom in Frankie’s ass.
After some time to come down from their amazing orgasms and a little make out session, Jackson got to his feet and pulled his shorts and shirt back
on, leaving his boxers and his personal phone number behind saying they should enjoy the flag and could call him next time they want something
tasty delivered, before leaving the two friends covered in sweat on the floor.
The next morning, after they had a quick breakfast they called the Orpheus and told the front desk that they had decided to take the apartment. Two
weeks later they arrived to move in.
“Hello,” they smiled at the desk manager, Joe. “We’re here to see Ms. Morgan.” They originally thought the ad was for a Mister Morgan, but after
talking on the phone to make the arrangements it was obvious.
“Welcome to the Orpheus,” Joe smiled back at them. “Ms. Morgan will be right down.” The guys didn’t have much stuff to move in, just five boxes of
clothes and personal stuff. When they brought the last box into the lobby, Ms. Morgan and two other people arrived.
“Calvin and Franklin, it is nice to finally make your acquaintance personally. I have been eager to meet you two. I regret that it has taken us two
weeks to formally see each other in person.”
Calvin thought Ms. Morgan was fucking hot; although he loved his relationship with Frankie he still had the eyes for the ladies. He had used Kris’s
pointers from ‘Rooming’ to get some in the sack over the years. However, Cal hasn’t had the confidence to approach Ms. Morgan yet.
“I must say you look rather beautiful too.” Cal managed with all his charm. Frankie rolled his eyes and allowed the two guys that Ms. Morgan had
brought to gather their belongings so they could talk with Ms. Morgan. The three of them entered the second elevator.
“I feel terribly regretful that Michael and Patrick couldn’t have spent more time meeting you fine gentlemen as this weekend is an important one for
the Orpheus. Normally Michael and Patrick take at least several meetings to gather the information on approving potential tenants.”
Frankie nodded, he and Cal met with the owner twice and seemed have made quite a rapport. “They seemed to take a shine to us.”
“I must admit they did seem to take quite a liking to both of you. As you are aware, with the reasonable rent here at the Orpheus they are quite
particular about their tenants. Michael had mentioned that you two would make quite a great contribution to the Orpheus family.”
They exited the elevator on the fifth floor. Ms Morgan led the guys to their new apartment. She opened the door and the guys were blown away.
They loved the entire place, from the two bedrooms and sitting room with a plasma flat screen television and small intimate dining area to the
balcony and even the kitchen.
“As mentioned over the phone, the laundry facilities are located on the second floor; unfortunately the only unit available is a joint bathroom.”
“This will do Ms. Morgan.” Frankie smiled. He so wanted to jump on the bed. Ms. Morgan handed them the keys.
“Is there anything else you need?”
“Yeah, just out of curiosity…” He paused. “Are you single?”
Frankie was shocked with the question coming from his buddies lips. Their female companion was not.
“I am for the moment, yes. Calvin. What about you? Are you currently engaged in a relationship?”
“No…” he stammered.
“I see.” She smiled and headed for the door, allowing him to take her meaning anyways he felt comfortable.
Frankie asked: “You mentioned this was an important weekend for the Orpheus, why?”
“This building has been around since 1930s. Although it opened had an official grand opening in 1933, there was soft opening in 1932. This weekend
will mark its 80th year of the grand opening. Michael and Patrick felt the need to celebrate the accomplishment, especially considering their personal
connection to it. Among the activities there is a formal dinner with Michael and Patrick and a special tribute later today.”
“Will you be coming to the dinner?”
“Yes, I will, and I encourage you both to attend all of the events and activities being arranged this weekend.”
There was no formal policy against dating a tenant so as she departed she kissed Cal on the cheek. His response was “What’s your name? It’s seems
too formal to call you Ms. Morgan.”
“It’s Tamara, but my friends call me Tammy.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Tammy,” Frankie extended his hand.
“You, sir, may still address me as Ms. Morgan.” She departed as Calvin cracked up.
A few hours later the guys had unpacked their clothes. Frankie rolled his eyes at his buddy’s boxer collection; 20 pairs of silk and satin boxers. “How
can you afford all of these?”
“Most of them were gifts,” Cal smiled, remembering fondly his college days. He placed Jackson’s boxers on the top of the shelf
They left to grab some lunch. In the lobby as they were about to exit, they noticed Chris and some guy who looked so much like Matt from ‘Rooming’
going to use the third elevator. They knew went to the basement. Curiously, they followed Chris, taking the next lift.
They heard noises coming from the one of the numerous rooms. They approached and turned the knob. What they saw blew their minds.

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