JOSH - October 2012 - MONTREAL
Josh and the main family entered the synagogue main room whereas most of the attendees sat in the pews watching the main alter at the
front. Josh, his sisters, parents, grandmother and others sat on the side in very comfortable arms chairs, which was so the grieving main
family didn’t have to be on display and could cry if they needed too. There were Kleenex boxes on every arm.
Josh was in between his sisters, with his parents flanking both sides. Josh’s aunt, Sharon, was sitting next to his mother and his father was
sitting next to Josh’s Bubby. Josh held Rebecca’s hand as the Rabbi took center stage. He made brief remarks but Josh wasn’t paying much
He first spoke of the death and the meaning it is placed in the Jewish community. He talked about how Connor’s life should be cherished
and went on and on. Josh couldn’t care less about it. His turn was about to come up. Although his Dad had prepared to speak for the family
Josh had asked privately to say some words about his grandfather.
As if on cue the rabbi finished his last Hebrew prayer and spoke to the audience again, “The family would like to say a few words about
Connor. Joshua, if you could please come up here.”
Helena, who had gripped his other hand, squeezed it reassuringly. Josh got up and made his way to the stage. Josh was a shy person most
of the time. He couldn’t string two words together in front strangers, let alone ask a guy out on a date. However he did have the ability to
speak confidently among the masses. He was a great presenter, always speaking from the heart in any school presentations, as well as
addressing the entire summer camp about his feelings he had over the nine summers he spent there.
His emotions were raw, they were honest and true. As he walked to the podium he took a moment to collect himself. “Hello,” he said
weakly. Then he turned to his sister, Rebecca, who flashed him smile and the confidence returned in him.
“My name is Josh. Connor was my Zaidy. He was one of the most treasured members of my family. When I turned eight years old we had a
birthday party and Zaidy was in charge of cutting the cake. My sisters, her friends and I were arguing over what piece to have. I had wanted
a flower, but so did my sister. Zaidy had enough with the arguing so he grabbed the cake and threw it against the wall. ‘Do you still want
the flower?’ he said. We laughed at that and since then when my birthday came around nobody wanted the flowered pieces. Although I
knew very little about his time before Montreal, I gathered from my conversations with him while we went fishing that he lived an
adventurous life. He married my grandmother, and that takes some adventure.”
The crowed laughed at that, most of them aware of Josh’s Bubby’s eccentricities. “When he took me fishing he made me the centre of
attention. He had one dream of for me, to do something that makes you happy. There is one thing I can say about my grandfather. He was
certainly fun to be around, and I related to him so much. I didn’t see him a lot growing up, but the moments I had with him were the most
cherished and memorable. Whether he was teaching me how to fish, or cheat, I mean bluff, at cards, to just listening to him tell a tale, he
was the best man I have ever known, and I am….sorry he is gone.”
The audience looked at him as he held back the tears. “Let me end by saying this. Zaidy, I will miss you, and thanks for being there for me
when I needed you.” Josh couldn’t hold back anymore and the tears flowed. He walked back to the chairs in the special area aside and
went to sit back down. Both of his sisters hugged him. “You did great, Joshie.”
Josh sat down and let the tears continue as his father went to the podium and gave a fitting eulogy, discussing Josh’s Zaidy’s early life and
making everybody remember how good a person his father was.  Following that the cantor arose and sang a beautiful song as the casket
was put in position at the front of the aisle that lead to the door and the hearse outside. At the rabbi’s signal, Josh’s sisters, father,
grandfather’s brother, the two people in suits’ Josh saw before, and he, stood on either side of the casket. As they pushed the coffin
toward the front of the door, Josh eyed the people, it was standing room only. He looked back at the casket where his Zaidy’s head was
situated and put his hand there as he continued moving it.
Eventually the coffin was put in the hearse and the family entered the two awaiting limousines; Josh’s father in front and his mother and
one sister in the back. Bubby was getting worried because one of my sisters was not in the car yet. However, Helena joined the family and
they all rode the short way to cemetery. Helena and Rebecca, who were always at odds with each other, were just holding each other in
silence as they made their way. Josh took his Grandma in his arms slightly as his Mom looked on.
At the cemetery the body arrived first and the people moved to the grave site. Soon the family and friends were all gathered around for
the last remaining part of the ceremony. As they were listening to the rabbi’s words, Bubby almost fainted and had Josh not been holding
her she would have fallen in the hole where the grave would be. Soon thereafter each member of the family had to take a shovel and pull
dirt onto the coffin. Josh’s grandmother was first, then Glenn, Connor’s elder brother, then Glenn’s son Michael. Josh realized that was the
guy in the suit he saw earlier. The man with him held him closely. Next came Josh’s father and his sisters before he finally stepped up.
Josh had finally made it back to his grandmother’s house without much incident. There was some crying but that to be expected. His
grandmother, Glenn, and his father were all required to sit in the main room with their shoes off. Jewish people called it sitting Shiva,
where the immediate kin were to stay off their feet for the next eight days and mourn the passing. However both Josh’s father and Bubby
couldn’t stay still. Josh found his grandmother in the kitchen of the crowded house. “I have something for you.”
She looked at Josh, smiled and took the small photo album Josh has created earlier. After scanning the images of her husband she kissed
his cheeks and went off to tell all about the great grandson she had acquired.
It was some time later when Josh was sitting in a white arm chair in the main room looking at a picture of his grandfather and grandmother
on their wedding day. Connor looked positively handsome.   “Josh?”
Josh looked up and there was his cousin Michael staring at him. It was obvious he was crying and his husband was standing next to. He
never met Patrick, having been unable to attend their unofficial wedding.
“Do you have a minute?” Michael asked. Josh put the picture on the table and nodded. The three headed out the door and took a walk on
the street, mainly to get away from all the people who had crowded the house.
“What’s on your mind?”
“Your grandfather asked me a favour before he passed….” He began.
MICHAEL -  NEW YORK CITY - Christmas Holiday, 2012
Michael was sitting in their penthouse apartment in the Orpheus. After the wedding of Pat’s cousin, Michael and Patrick decided to reopen
the building as an Apartment Complex again. They used all the money Uncle Connor gave him, as well as the money they had saved up.
Within a month the construction had started. The lobby was the first thing that had to be redone. They wanted to bring the history of the
place to bear, thus allowing a 1930s feel be what the guests see when they arrive.  The second thing was to update the first and second
floor. Patrick and Michael were confidant the rooms just needed sprucing up, nothing major needed to be changed, just cleaning and
maintenance. Obviously, they had newer technology like computers and the internet, as well as flat screen televisions. However, there
were still places that they were uncertain of. Beside the banks of elevators there were still and empty space. They wanted to put in some
kind of eatery there like there had been before, but Patrick and Michael didn’t know what type of food would be necessary to
accommodate their guests. That place remained vacant. The last place was the basement, Joe’s ‘apartment’.  Michael was waiting for his
arrival now as Patrick was supervising the new exterior where they would be putting a new state of the art sign. It would be like The
Roosevelt Hotel sign in downtown Hollywood.
Joe entered five minutes later and sat next to Mike in the living area. “Thank you for coming, Joe.”
Joe was an old man in early 80s and he was still a very smart man. “You’re asking me to leave, aren’t you?”
That shocked Michael, although Pat and Mike had a long talk about what Joe meant to them, they were never going to ask him to leave.
“Well, I cannot pay your rent fees,”
“Joe, I need you to tell me something. How long have been at Orpheus? When did you first start coming here?”
“I have been at Orpheus since the reopening after the fire. I had been both a worker and a guest here. This has always been my home. I
knew Connor very well, we were friends.”
“Although Pat and I do not approve of you squatting here while the place went under as a hotel, we do understand your motives for doing
so. Joe, for lack of better term, you are a staple, a good luck charm. We want you stay on here as an unofficial greeter. Your primary
position will be running the front desk.”
That shocked Joe more than he could imagine, “I don’t know what to say… I know, why?”
“Joe, you knew my uncle from his New York days, you knew him growing up. You know how to run an apartment complex. We want your
expertise and we want your stories. Quite frankly, I want you here because you remind me of Connor, and although he cannot be here with
us anymore, you being here would be almost a blessing that we are making the right choice. We will offer you a small apartment next to
ours, free of charge, and we will pay you a competitive wage.
“I am honored, sir.” Joe began, but Michael stopped him, “There are three conditions we need from you. One, that you do not use the
basement apartment. We are actually closing that place down.  Two, we would expect you at our penthouse once a week to regale us with
stories of Connor, the good and the bad ones. And three, we need you to be honest with us, not that we would ever suspect you to lie,
however, that requirement is something we insist everybody who works for us do.”
“Well, the first two conditions are fine….,” he stopped himself.  “I have never intentionally lied to you, but there is some information I
think you should know. My name is Joe, however, Joseph is my middle name. My birth name is Rick Joseph Sampson. My uncle, Eric
Sampson opened this place in 1933. I changed my name simply because I didn’t want to be associated with a failing business anymore. My
uncle and your uncle made this place a treasured landmark, then Connor left and a new guy had the potential but let it fail.
“I appreciate you telling me this.” Michael had suspicions that Joe was holding things back, however he didn’t think it would be that.
“Would you prefer Rick or Joe?”
“Joe, please. Thank you again for this opportunity.”
“I will see you Friday night.”
“Looking forward to it,” Joe Sampson left.  Michael was now was happy they let Joe stay on because he believed both Connor and Eric’s
blessing were blessings on them.
A knock on the door brought a smile to his face. He opened it and in walked Connor Turner’s grandson, Josh. Since the funeral Mike took an
invested interest in Josh’s life.
“Hey, Mike, the place looks fucking awesome.”  Josh smiled at his cousin. “I’m happy Mom and Dad let me spend time here.”
“We just thought you might be inspired by the construction to delve into a new story.”
“Thanks Cuz, I just think this might be what I needed. It’s just that…“
Before he could finish his thought another knock was heard. Mike apologized and standing there was a hot blond hair blue eyed guy with a
mop. “Hey, Boss man.”
Mike laughed at the term and invited his employee in, “Chris, this is my cousin, Josh. Josh, this is our head maintenance man here, Chris.
“It’s a pleasure…” Josh said politely. Chris was closer to Josh’s age than Mike was.
“Josh is just taking a mini vacation here. He’s a writer and I know the inspiration would do him some good.”
“That’s cool. Say, Mike, if you don’t mind, how about me and the boys take Josh out to see the some of the sites? You can stay here and
deal with the construction. Pat had requested your input on some of the stuff around here.”
Josh smiled, hoping Mike would agree. Mike thought about it and then nodded, “Yeah, that’s alright. But don’t keep him out too late.”
“Cuz, I am twenty one you know.”
“True, okay fine, have as much sex, drugs and alcohol as you want then.” Chris and Josh laughed at that.
“Chris, was there a reason you stopped by?”
“I just finished floor eight and all the cleaning and maintenance is up to par.”
“That is good news. That leaves just two more floors to sweep. Hopefully they will all be good, so we can open next year like we planned.
“I’m sure it will be fine.”
Chris left with Josh by his side. Outside waiting was another guy roughly Chris’s age. His name tag said Malcolm. However, just like Chris,
Josh noticed that he looked familiar.
“Malcolm, this is Josh, the boss’s cousin. Josh, this is Malcolm, he works as the line cook at the Roosevelt school. You know the big writing
school that is about seven blocks away?”
“Yeah, I think I saw that on the taxi ride here.”
“That’s the one I’m sure, I’m just helping out my buddy here during the construction phase to earn some dough.”
“So, Josh, we’ll be finished in about ten minutes. Then Mal and I will take you out to show you New York is not all museums and shows.”
“There’s lot of sex’s clubs here too.” Marvin grinned, and Josh laughed.  
HARRY - DALLAS, TEXAS - January 2013
Harry was worried. He had been sitting in his office for a while now. In one hand was his letter of acceptance to the Roosevelt School in
New York City. He knew he wanted the opportunity as he wanted to reach more kids and more people. He was a gifted writer in his youth
and even created an amateur novel series about the life as the personal aide to the president. It was never published but he enjoyed
writing it.
He never felt he was a good enough writer to merit any achievement, whereas Otis, his friend, had disagreed with him all the time. Otis
was the first one to read his works and although there were some minor errors with grammar and editing Otis believed the work had heart
and soul, not to mention a heck of a lead character, Barkley Stewart.
Through college Harry achieved greatness as a leader, coaching football and baseball unofficially. He got caught up in it and eventually
decided that coaching would be his future. Now he sat with an offer to go back to his love of writing, but there was still one obstacle in his
way. Bianca.
Obstacle wasn’t really the world that best suited the woman he planned to marry. However the position required that he move to New
York.  This would obviously mean that either Bianca would have to leave her position as an anchor or she would have to transfer to a New
York branch. Harry knew she would frown upon both options and he wasn’t in for a good time.
He finally got up and moved toward his door. He walked through the hallways nodding to fellow teachers and students he knew. He passed
the library and saw Toby and Ryan studying together. The laptop was open and Harry noticed a yellow background with a big title:
“Rooming with my Best Friend”. He turned to the guys. Well, studying may not be the term, they were both kissing. He was happy to see
that the two guys did work it out. After their actions earlier in the shower, he doubted it, but now that they were okay he moved on.  Then
he saw William and Clinton show up at their table with research books. William rolled his eyes and Clinton and then slammed the books
down gently but loud enough to get the kissing boyfriends to stop.
Curious, Harry walked into the library and looked at the newspaper rack. However, he was really eavesdropping on the conversation. The
reason for this slightly odd move was because a fifth member came into view, his quarterback, Phillip.
“Guys,” William announced as soon as Toby and Ryan had finished their make-out session.  “This is my buddy’s brother, Phil.”
Ryan looked like he was about to piss with excitement. “The quarterback, my god you are fucking great.”
“Thanks,” Phil blushed, not used to such attention, from guys at least. He decided to forge ahead though with the conversation. “I need
your help. My brother mentioned that the four of you were like geniuses.”
Ryan and Toby blushed and nodded as Harry sat down at the desk, far enough away to give the guys their space but close enough to hear
them. “Will and Clinton are the higher intellects.”
“Well,” William ploughed ahead, “He really needs some help getting his grades up.”
“I am kind of the traditional jock,” Harry was aware of Phillip’s behaviour as he had bulled a few people in the past and was known as a bed
hopper with the cheerleaders.  “Will you help me, please?”
William smiled and nodded for his friends to say yes, however, Ryan, the leader of the group, still seemingly annoyed about his earlier
transgression in the locker room shower, spoke.
“Phil, I have known you most of my life, ever since elementary school, and you have always been a bully to me. Why should I help you?”
“Because it would be a good idea,” Ryan said as the guys spoke with their eyes and facial expressions leaving Ryan unsure, but his
boyfriend gave him a wink that said you do this and you will be rewarded later.”
“Okay, Phil, we will help you. Come to my house around eight o’clock, okay? “
“Thanks, I really appreciate it. By the way, unlike most morons in his town I have no problem with fags.” Noticing the foursome’s reaction,
he corrected himself, “Sorry, gays.”
Harry finished ‘reading’ the article and left happy to know that everything seemed well. Harry went to his car and decided it was time to
meet Bianca. He knew she would be home in about an hour as they planned to talk that night about her celebration.
On the way home, he thought of the best ways to communicate his desire for the teaching position. He finally located the best words to
convey it as he walked in the door. She was there smiling on the stairs. She was wearing nothing but that smile. She was the most beautiful
woman Harry had ever loved.
“Honey,” she said, walking down the stairs. He didn’t listen, he kissed her with the passion he had always held for her. She slowly
unbuttoned his shirt and ripped his tie off. In seconds he was as naked as she was. They went not to their bedroom, but to the backyard.
It was a beautiful evening and their apartment was lucky enough to have an enclosed private exterior, “Time to celebrate.”
He pulled her close to him and placed his mouth over hers, kissing her softly and gently running his tongue over her lips until she opened
them and allowed him entry.  He placed his hands on her hips and slowly backed her up until she was pressed against the wall. Sliding his
hands lower, he hooked them under her ass and lifted her up, letting her wrap her legs around him as he moved his lips to her neck.  She
moaned and clung to him as his tongue snaked across her skin and then she moaned even louder as his bare dick penetrated her and sank
“Oh God, fuck me Harry,” she gasped into his ear before biting it a little.
“You are so sexy,” he growled as he rocked her up and down on his dick, withdrawing before pushing back in deep.
He continued kissing her, running his hands over her body, as his thrusts into her never let up, only alternating between speed and depth.
He loved the way she moaned when he buried himself balls deep in her, the moan was filled with so much pleasure and only made his dick
throb harder as it slid in and out of her warmth that contrasted with the cool air around him so perfectly.
It was only when his legs began to tire and his back hurt from her digging her nails into his skin with every deep thrust that he decided to
change the position. He moved back from the wall, never letting his grip loosen or his dick slip from her. He slowly lowered them both to
the ground so that she was on her back with him on top of her and he continued making love to her, feeding her all of his cock as it flexed
and pulsed inside her.
Every time he drove his hips forward he was hitting her just right. Her breathing became erratic, her breasts glistened from the sweat that
covered them and she arched her back, driving her body down onto his cock. Suddenly she threw her head back as her orgasm overtook
her, her eyes staring up at the sky as she came.
Harry buried his head against her neck as his dick throbbed inside her and unloaded load after load of cum. He was so exhausted he had to
fight the urge to collapse on top of her, instead pulling his still twitching dick out of her and falling to the ground next to her, both panting
and covered in sweat, lost in the glow of their love making.
Two hours later the couple was in their kitchen having a late dinner, her in shorts and shirt and him in boxers and an open button-down
shirt. For them this was causal. “So, want to tell me why we’re celebrating?”
“I’ve got it!” she said it like Harry should be aware of it. “I got the promotion, as of next month you’re looking at the lead co-anchor on
Morning Dallas.”
That made him spill his water, “Fuck, that is the best news I ever heard. You have been dreaming of that from the moment you left college.
Congrats, love.”
“Thanks, it was because of the piece I did last month on the shooting in Austin and then the gay beatings up north. They thought I carried
myself professionally but still had a lot of compassion for the victims.”
“I guess this means our sex life is definitely going to suffer. You needing to be in bed at 8pm or so to be there early.” He stated glumly.
She laughed, “Nah, you know I don’t need much sleep, especially considering I work about fifteen minutes from the office.”
“True, I guess.” He gulped, “Um… you’re not the only one with news… I received this letter today that Otis arranged for me.”
“Oh,” she looked at him with her golden brown eyes and her red hair that was tied back into a pony tail. “What did it say?”
Harry thought again about the speech he had prepared on the way home, but it wasn’t going to work. He got up and went to his briefcase
and pulled out the letter. He brought it to her and she read it. She had a small tear in her eye.
“Honey, I cannot believe this. You are an excellent teacher and all, but this is a great and awesome position.
“Um, that’s the thing, I want to do it. I’ve been trying to find a way to get back into writing field and educating people on my abilities will
help me do that. It said I would be given an educated mentor. There is a problem though.”
“What could that be?”  Then, it dawned on her. “The Roosevelt School in Hyde Park, New York.”
“I would have to move there.”
She spoke without thinking. “I can’t move now. Not with my career where I wanted it!”
That angered him more, “What about my fucking career, Bianca?! I sat by you as you received promotion after promotion. You made it
here, you can make it in New York.”
“Are you kidding? Do you know how cutthroat it is there? Fuck! I am not moving. Besides, you love coaching, your kids look up to you. You
would be kissing that good bye.”
“No I wouldn’t, I could do both. I want you to join me!”
She looked at him, stunned. Bianca made her decision without another word of debate. “I love you, Harry. I want you to be happy.”
The Traveller thought about it and calmly stated, “I think if we talk about this maybe we could make sure nothing violent occurs. Besides,
I’m quite familiar with father-son relationships.”
He was sitting in a local restaurant trying to engage in a meal when the father and son bickered over scheduling. The fight quickly went to
name calling. The Traveller could relate to this, seeing it in his own kitchen many years ago between himself and his father. He always
thought his father was holding him back, trying to make him into his stupid shadow.
“We don’t need any help,” The father stated, quite angrily.
“Dad, yes we do. We’ve been fighting like this for weeks.”
“That’s because you’re an ungrateful bastard.” The father claimed.
“OKAY!” The Traveller screamed. “This is enough!  Both of you come with me.”
The father looked like he was about to lose it but the Traveller gently prodded him into the back room where his son followed after. Taking
authority in the situation the father sat at the desk.
The Traveller spoke first, “What are your names?”
“I’m Rudy and this is my father Simon.” The son answered before his dad could step in.
Rudy seemed to want this help. However the Traveller asked him the first question, “Why have you two been fighting for ages?”
“Because he wants this store to be mine and I don’t want his legacy. I want to make a path of my own.”
“You’re 14, you’re too young to have a path. Soon you will want to start thinking of a fallback position.”
Rudy laughed, “This diner is my fallback.”
“Why can’t you help out your father once in a while?”
“He doesn’t want help he wants me to be groomed.” Not liking the flow of conversation Rudy asked, “Why is this any business of yours
anyways? You can relate to us how?”
“Let’s just say I had a similar dialogue with my father.”
Curious Simon asked, “How did yours manifest?”
“Simply put, I needed to be my own man, but my old man kept me chained to his dreams for me. Three years of bickering, of fighting of
name calling. It was hard for me to talk about it.”
Rudy, taking note, asked: “Well, then what did you do?”
“Isn’t it obvious? I went to find a path of my own. I kissed my brother goodbye and left. Rudy it is not a good road to be on. Although I
managed to make it through the early weeks and months with little food and money it wasn’t until six months had passed when I was
capable of truly being on my own. I walked and moved from town to town, state to state. I worked at some joints, I met some nice and not
so nice people. However, when birthdays come around, when Christmas shows up, I have nobody to share it with. It’s a lonely life, but it’s
Simon spoke next, “And your father, you never looked back on him? You don’t know where he is?”
“I do know. He and my mother divorced sometime after I left, and my brother followed me. Other than that, I have no idea about him.”
Sensing something, Rudy looked at the stranger, “You miss him?”
He wanted to say no, he wanted to say he hated his guts. He wanted to… He couldn’t, “I loved him when I grew up. He was a great father.
He took me to softball games, he even took me camping once. When I turned thirteen it all changed. Do I miss him? I don’t know.”
Turning the conversation around, he said, “Simon, if your boy left you in the middle of the night and you never saw him again, would that
be a horrible?”
Simon didn’t say anything but nodded his head.  Ryan nodded that he would miss him. “My dad and I had father and son days, we watched
movies together, we played games, bowl. Now, we just fight.”
“Then, take my advice Simon… Rudy work this out. Simon understand that Rudy’s passion may not be in this diner, but could be something
that makes you equally happy. And Rudy, respect your father, if he wants you to work sometime then honor him by granting these
requests. It will make your bond stronger.
The Traveller secretly wished he and his father could be having this conversation, but it was too late for that.
He got up to leave, sensing, knowing these two would be fine. Simon grabbed his arm. He plopped something in it. “Here, son.”
The Traveller picked up the phone and Simon instructed, “Call your old man. I can tell you miss him. Take the phone.”
He nodded his thanks, went back to his seat and finished his meal while the father and son talked more about their friendship. After that
he walked out the door, with Rudy calling after him, “What’s your name?”
He yelled back, “Just call me the Traveller.” He had a name, but he still couldn’t use it, not yet. However, he felt the smart phone in his
pocket. Maybe… he would pick up.
Before he could even take the phone out, two teenagers grabbed him from behind. They threw him to the ground. Three more came out of
nowhere. They kicked and punched him. They took his coat, his shoes, his pants and his shirt. They picked the Traveller up and threw him
in the bushes that were on a hill, the strength of the impact sending him through the bush and down the hill. He rolled and rolled before
hitting a rock. However, the rock was small and just banged his arm. The cement hit his head and he passed out.

Days later he awoke almost naked. He felt his head and it ached. He walked slowly for hours looking for food. But the hill he fell from was
too steep to climb up, so he walked. Good thing it was summer out an really being in his boxers was enough to be warm. It was dawn when
he approached a ledge by the river. He sat on the cold metal. His mind brought him back to the first month, sleeping under a bridge in
nothing but his coat. He held his arms to his chest, obviously cold.
A car passed by, then another, finally a truck with three College friends pulled up. The Traveller didn’t even notice. One of them brought a
blanket and draped it over his cold body. “Friend, are you okay?”
“Yes, I just need time to think”
“I’m James, this is my buddy Ray and Freddy. Come with us. We’ll give you some clothes and you can dry up.”
“Okay,” he said, weakly, “I’m surprised it’s this cold in Texas.”
Ray joked, “probably global warming.” The Traveller laughed at that, smiling. He got into the front seat and thanked them again. Speaking
more to himself than to anybody in particular, he whispered. “Why?”
“Why what man?” James spoke. “Why were you mugged and left for dead?”
“No,” he surprised himself with chuckle. “Why are some people good people? I mean three strangers come by and help me out.”
Freddy smiled, ‘it’s nothing. My buddies were there for me when I needed help so why not pay that kindness forward. There is so much
goodness here.”
The Traveller wanted to believe it, but after his minor run in with those kids he doubted it. “How do you know that?”
“Come on, we read about it all the time.”
“Bull, the newspapers share only the negative and bad news, never the happy stuff.”
“Maybe not, but some fiction writers tend to look on the goodness of people.” James mentioned, “Freddy show him the story you found.
It’s about two college guys who are gay and have to deal with injustice at some college, the main character I think Matt was one.  It’s called
something Bunking with guys….What’s it called?
The name escaped his lips, “Rooming with My Best Friends?” That shocked the friends.

Frankie stopped the kiss and Calvin stated, “I have something I need to tell you.”
Calvin couldn’t respond, something was caught in his throat. Then he blurted it out. “I think I may love you Franklin.”
Frankie was taken aback. It was rare Cal would call him by his given name. The news hit him hard and fast. “What?”
“The last two months that we’ve been living here and the closeness we shared made me realize I may have feelings for you.”
“I see,”  Frankie had urges and impulses, but he never actually fell in love with his best buddy. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, and if we’re going to move into this place I needed you to know how I felt.”
“You were honest with your feelings, Calvin. I need to be honest with you. I never felt that way for you. We are friends, best friends,
brothers, I can trust you with anything, fuck, you know some my biggest secrets, you know all my secrets, but I never fell in love with you.”
“I know,” Calvin said in a weak voice as the friends walked back to their temporary residence with Kevin. He was out with some girlfriend
so they had the place to themselves.
Calvin spoke quickly, but strongly. “Frankie, I know how you felt about me. I know our relationship is special and I know you can never be
in love with me. I knew that the moment we had sex for the first time. I cannot describe to you how it made me feel, but there was
something in there that said you were holding back.”
Frankie didn’t understand his friend’s point, so Calvin elaborated. “We are the closest images of Kris and Matt that will ever be. Kris and Matt
love each other but they were never in love with each other. Matt was attracted to Kris from the beginning and then Kris when he learned he
was bi agreed that Matt was attractive. When their story evolved into sex, we started entering sex into our relationship. It brought our
friendship to next level. The intimacy of that act allowed us to explore more about each other than I ever thought possible. It was then I knew
that you didn’t share my love.”
“Are you okay?”  Frankie put his arm around his friend, “Are you okay with our friendship like it is?”
“No, honestly, I needed to tell you I’m in love with you. I knew your response, but you had to know.  I will always be in love with you. That’s
why the sex was so passionate on my end. I cannot turn off that switch.”
“What if I find you a Corey to be with? What if we can get that love transferred to him. Come on, bro. We find you some gorgeous hunk to fuck.
Maybe a Scott type person.”
Calvin smiled, “Maybe a Jess type one. I always liked the rebel.”
“Is that why you fell for me?”
“Oh please, you don’t know anything about rebelling.”
“Says the one who always obeyed his mother,” Frankie shot back. The banter continued for a few more minutes until they reached Kevin’s
Before they entered Frankie eyed his best friend, “Seriously, Calvin, are we okay?”
“Yes, I will always love you, Franklin, but I love the relationship we have even more.” He smiled and both knew that Calvin was telling the
They entered the apartment and it was fucking hot inside. The best friends stripped off their shirts and pants and sat in their boxers on the
sofa. “I cannot believe you wear those still.”
“Fuck off, bro,” Frankie stated, sticking up his middle finger and then using it point down to his plain colored simple fabric Jersey boxers that
hung loosely around his thighs. “They are comfortable and hot.”
“They belong on a garbage heap. Now these,” pointing to his own smooth, black silk boxers that left plenty of room but still cupped
everything in the right areas, ‘are perfection. Feel them. How can you not want this touching your skins. It beats white cotton.”
“Bro, two nights ago you wore those to bed and you nearly slid off the bed.”
“But they make my bulge work better.”
“They make your ass look big.”
“Admit you love these boxers, you love my satin and my silk ones. I gave you a pair for your birthday last year and you said you loved them.”
“Ever heard of the term lying?”
“Bull,” Calvin threw a pillow at his friend and Frankie smiled as he got on top of his best friend.
“Enough talk, it’s time to have some fun like Matt and Kris do.”  Without another word Frankie slowly pulled silk down and started playing
with Cal’s nipples. He moved his head down and slowly ran his tongue to the massive cock and started licking it. He moved up and down, from
base to tip, occasionally dipping down to suck on the long hanging balls.
Licking back up it, he took the gorgeous cock between his lips and used his tongue to circle the tip before plunging his face down onto the
dick, taking as much as he could in before he started bobbing up and down, using his tongue to tease the underside of the long shaft. He was
just starting to cup Cal’s balls with his other hand when Cal moaned with pleasure.
He continued to make him moan and Cal’s nipples were getting hard as Frankie tasted the precum on his lips. Then the unthinkable happened.
Hope you have enjoyed reading Andy's interesting tale.    I'm interested in seeing how it all turns out in the end and don't know.
He'd love your comments if you can.

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