Lucas entered the main entrance to the campsite in his Toyota Prius in mid October.  He spoke to the attendant at the front gate as to his purpose.  The attendant pointed to Calvin’s SUV in the next lot down.  Lucas smiled, waved and headed in Calvin’s direction.

“Bout time you made it,” Calvin said after jumping from his SUV, which was packed.

“I was running late.  Gimme a break,” Lucas said.

“Whatever, Luc.  Follow me and let’s get set up before dark,” Calvin replied.  He jumped back in his SUV to head to find a spot to pitch the tent.

Lucas followed Calvin closely down the small paved road.  He did his best to remember things about the campsite since both had been there earlier while growing up.  Both were close friends since early elementary school but attended separate colleges now.  Calvin thought a camping trip would be a great way to meet without going home and found the perfect spot between the two schools.

Calvin drove back, stopped and got out, “How’s this?”

“Looks as good as any to me,” Lucas said. He gazed into Calvin’s SUV and saw the tent, coolers, lights, chairs and other needed goods. “We staying for the week or weekend?” Lucas joked.

“Smartass,” Calvin playfully shoved his friend. “Start unpacking.”

“You have all this stuff at school?” Lucas grabbed the cooler.

“I got most of it last time I was home,” Calvin lugged the tent.  “Dad never uses it so I snagged it.  I thought it would come in handy.”

They unpacked Calvin’s SUV along with the food Lucas purchased.  Calvin found a nice clear smooth spot that was fairly isolated.  They unrolled the musty tent and staked it up.  In no time, the small tent was up and ready to go.

“Cal, I can’t believe you asked me to do this,” Lucas said and unfolded a chair.

“It’s a perfect getaway.  I needed to escape college for the weekend plus I haven’t seen you in a month,” Calvin said. “That reminds me.  Next time you go home, please let me know so we don’t miss each other like we did last time.”

“I told you I was but you were too interested in the game on campus,” Lucas defended himself.

Calvin laughed, “I wasn’t interested in the game so much as I was the kick ass parties all over campus.  Man they were killer!”

“I know.  You had to call me and tell me all about it.”

“At least, I’m trying to enjoy my freshman and get the full college experience.”

“I’ve been to a few parties here and there,” Lucas said.

“What, tea parties?” Calvin laughed.

“Fuck you, dude!  Don’t start ragging me out!”

“I’m messing with you, Luc.  I know you’ve always been a little calmer and serene than me.  Dude, I’m spreading my wings and seeing what’s out there on campus,” Calvin said. “So what’d you bring us to eat?”

“I brought the basics, lunchmeat, bread, baked chips & some health bars like you requested,” Lucas said. “Are you really into this health kick or this another one of your schemes?”

“I’m trying my best,” Calvin said.  “Here look,” Calvin took off his shirt to expose his flat stomach and nice chest along with his rounded shoulders.

“Wow, I guess you have,” Lucas stared at Calvin’s forming body.

“My roommate is a freak in the gym and got me going with him nearly every day.  I worked out in high school for football but nothing like this,” Calvin said.  “How about you?”

“Oh, I’m going with the flow.  You know me, still pretty much skin and bones.  I want to gain a little weight but can’t,” Lucas lamented.

“Give it time.  One day, we’ll have guts just like our dads,” Calvin said.

Lucas laughed, “Yeah we will and hairy too.”

They talked about their individual colleges despite talking via cell phones nearly every day.  They found enough sticks to start a camp fire for the night. 

“Calvin, I don’t know if I can go through the entire weekend without my computer,” Lucas stated with the fire blazing and darkness coming fast.

“Me either but we both need this to show there is life outside the cyber world.  I’m as hooked to it and this damn cell phone as anyone.  I turned it off for the weekend but know I’ll have tons of calls.”

“Me too but they can wait.”

They ate a little before Calvin broke out the bottle of Vodka, Lucas’ drink of choice.  They mixed a drink and kicked back by the fire while continuing the friendly chatter.

About 10 or so, with clouds rolling in, they retreated to the tent before the rain.  “I heard it might rain but didn’t think it would,” Calvin stated.

“We’ll live as long as this is wet proof,” Lucas said.

They talked for another hour before both were sound asleep in the wilderness in their sleeping bags.  Near one in the morning, a loud thunderous storm brewed outside.  The thunder and lightning had both wide awake.  Lucas used the opportunity before the rain and stepped out to piss.  He made it just back inside the tent before the hard rain began falling on the tent.  With the rain, the temperature began plummeting as well. 

“Damn Luc, it’s getting colder by the second,” Calvin said while sitting up in his boxers.

“Yeah I could feel it outside,” Lucas said.

“I hate sleeping in my clothes but we have little choice with the temperature falling,” Calvin said.

“I suppose we could pull our bags together and keep warm that way,” Lucas said.

“Dude, that is so fucking gay,” Calvin said.

“Gay or not, at least we might stay warmer.  Hell Cal, it’s not like me and you have never slept close together.  Remember that time our parents took us to the beach when we were 15.  That bed was so small but we survived.”

Calvin laughed, “You’re right there. That entire week we were all over each other every night but that was still a great trip.”

Lucas pulled his bag near Calvin.  They arranged it as a double with one on top and the other on bottom.  With the rain hitting the tent at a steady pace, they got under the bags.  Calvin looked at Lucas and laughed, knowing this was a unique situation.  Once settled back down, Lucas rolled to his side and fell asleep with the sound of slow falling rain. 

Lucas woke a few hours later with the feeling of something running down his back.  He felt his boxers where half way down his ass too.  He rolled over and saw Calvin jump back.  “What are doing?” Lucas asked softly but got no reply.  He rolled back over and pretended to go back to sleep.  He felt now clearly what was Calvin’s finger running down his boney spine to his ass crack.  He quickly turned over.  “You having fun?” Lucas asked again quietly.

“What?” Calvin tried to ask as if he was just waking up.

“You were playing with my back,” Lucas said. “My boxers are half off.”


“Cut the shit, Cal!”


“You’re doing your best to get me to fall for one of your tricks.  You’re trying to out me, bitch!”

Calvin rubbed his eyes, “What the fuck has gotten into you?”

“Stop the charades.  I know what you’re trying to do.  I’m not stupid and heard some of the gossip among our friends that I was gay!”

“Settle your ass down, Lucas.  First off what brought this up in the first place?” Calvin tried to act so naïve.

“You’re so full of shit it’s unreal!  You know what you were doing!” Lucas shouted with his face growing redder. “Don’t touch me again!” Lucas rolled over.

Calvin was doing his best to withhold his laughter.  He put his arm around Lucas’ waist. “You like this?” whispered Calvin.

Emotions flooded Lucas right then.  He rolled to his stomach and buried his face in his pillow. He wanted desperately to cry but held it in.

“Damn Lucas, I’m sorry!” Calvin said.

Lucas rolled back over, “Let’s just go to sleep.”

“I’m sorry I upset you,” Calvin said. 

Lucas ignored his friend and began trying to return to sleep with the rain now stopped.  Calvin rolled to his side and decided to give up his playfulness for the night.

The next morning with the sun out bright but cool, Calvin woke first and stepped out of the tent for a long piss.  When he returned, he saw the whites of Lucas’ eyes.  Lucas left to piss outside.  He returned and gave Calvin a nasty look before dressing.

“Want something to eat?” Calvin asked.

“No!” Lucas said.

“Fine, you moody little bitch ass!” Calvin said and found the honey buns to start off his morning.

“I wouldn’t be so bitchy if some asshole hadn’t been messing with me last night,” Lucas said.

“Get over it!” Calvin said.

“Fuck you Calvin!  I’m tired of your shit!  I don’t know why I even expected to have fun with your lame ass plan of camping!”  Lucas raged. “Let me get my things and I’m going back to school!”

“Sit your ass down, right now!” Calvin said.

“Why should I? So you can mess with me?”

“No,” Calvin dropped his head. “I wanted me and you to have a special weekend together.”

“What the hell?” Lucas asked and looked at his friend mysteriously.

“Dammit Lucas, I want…” Calvin stopped mid sentence.

“You want what?”

“I want us to be more than friends and experiment… you know… with each other.  Dude, I fucking want to experience shit with you, Luc.  For years, I’ve wondered what it would be like to get with you and finally mustered up the courage to ask you out here where we could be alone and try things without worry,” Calvin spilled his guts. “Dammit Luc, I want have sex with hot skinny ass and your big fuckin dick.”

“Wow Calvin,” Lucas said.

“Now I’m the one who just was outed,” Calvin quietly said. “I knew you would be up for it after all we’ve done together.”

“Calvin, you’re dead serious, aren’t you?” Lucas asked.

“Yeah, we might as well get our things and leave,” Calvin said and began picking up his clothes from the tent.

Lucas picked up his sweat socks and jeans while thinking. “Look Calvin, you win!”

“Win what?”

“You got me,” Lucas confessed. “I think I gave it away a little last night by acting so upset.”

Calvin grabbed Lucas and put the best kiss he could summon up squarely on Lucas’ lips.  Lucas was stunned and didn’t want to stop this magical moment.

“So you really did this to show me you wanted me?” Lucas said now with a broad smile.

“Yeah, I really did.  I think you won and got me to confess first,” Calvin said. “So, how long have you wanted to get with me?”

“Ummm… let me see.  Since we were in the ninth grade,” Lucas said.

“Dammmn, you are a total fag!” Calvin laughed. “Shit, I’ve wanted to get with you since that vacation we took.  I loved seeing your big ass tent in your shorts every morning!”

“I had the fucking blue balls so bad after that trip.  My nuts hurt for a solid week,” Lucas laughed.

“Mine didn’t.  I jacked off every day in the shower,” Calvin said.

“I was so scared I couldn’t.  I was afraid you’d walk in on me.”

Calvin ran his long fingers through Lucas’ short blond hair and looked at him.  Lucas wanted to do the same but Calvin’s short cut didn’t allow it.  They looked at each other.  Calvin kissed Lucas again but with more tongue.  Lucas sucked Calvin’s tongue that was thrust in his mouth.  They explored each other bodies with their hands. 

“You wanna get naked now or wait?” Calvin smiled.

“Let’s wait.  There’s not much to do once it gets dark here,” Lucas said.

They dressed quickly and put on their shoes to go hiking like they had the previous time there at the site.  Both donned long sleeved tees and jeans.  Calvin gathered a few things in his backpack.  They hiked into the back woods of the park just like they had when they were younger with their dads.  Along the way, they were still reeling from the confessions but it opened up very frank and entertaining chat while they explored the woods together.

Once back at their campsite, both felt nasty and dirty.  They headed out via Calvin’s vehicle to the camp showers to clean off.  Showering together wasn’t awkward or strange to them since they had done it in the past thanks to athletics.

After feeling refreshed and cleansed, they started a fire to keep warm as night fell.  Calvin found a blanket in his SUV and was cussed by Lucas for not bringing it out earlier.  They curled under the blanket and kissed often.

Calvin tossed off the blanket, “Enough of this shit, Lucas!  Let’s get inside and get naked.  I want you and you want me.”

Lucas smiled and thought the same.  Calvin grabbed Lucas’ hand to lead him inside.  “This is going to be fucking special,” Calvin said and began to undress his friend.  Lucas made him stop so he too could enjoy the same pleasure.  They were both down to their boxers when Calvin pulled Lucas down to make out with him on the sleeping bags.  Lucas was on top of Calvin and felt his boxers being pushed down.  This time he welcomed it and fished out Calvin’s cock from his boxers.  Lucas grabbed Calvin’s cock along with his 7 inches of thick cut cock to grind them together.

“We waited four years for this,” Lucas said looking into Calvin big green eyes.

“Fuckin tell me about it.  I know this will be worth the wait,” Calvin replied while stroking Lucas’ blonde hair.

Lucas kissed and worshipped his way down Calvin’s nice body. He loved kissing Calvin’s nipples and licking his firm pecs.  He looked up and had a hard time believing he was actually with his best friend. His tongue licked down Calvin’s flat stomach until he reached his pubes.  He grasped Calvin’s balls and kissed them.  He held Calvin’s growing cock and licked it slowly, savoring the taste.  He again looked up at Calvin while sinking his mouth down onto Calvin’s hard cock.  He sucked a few inches with his hand at the base.

“MMMM Luc, your mouth feels so good,” Calvin moaned while leaned back.

Lucas sucked and licked his friend slowly to enjoy this opportunity he waited and dreamed about for so long.  Calvin pulled Lucas up with his strong arms for a passionate kiss.  Calvin treated his friend the same by kissing and licking down Lucas’ thin body.  Lucas waited and finally felt Calvin’s warm wet mouth cover his hard cock.  He moaned in delight while Calvin did his best to please his friend.

Calvin stopped and pulled up, “I’m not much on sucking dick.”

“Hey you did great,” Lucas said.

“Lucas, you wanna fuck me?”

“Of course, I do.  Where’s the condoms and lube?”

Calvin went to his bag and searched.  “Dammit! I fucking forgot them!”

“So raw it is,” Lucas smiled.

“I don’t know about that shit.  Luc, you’re fuckin big and without lube…”

“We’ll both adjust or forget about it.”

“I’ll adjust motherfucker!” Calvin shouted.

Calvin returned and got on his knees.  Lucas knew he had to loosen up and wet Calvin’s ass.  He went for it and buried his face in Calvin’s sweet ass.  Normally not much of an ass licker, Lucas did it while stroking his cock.  He could hear Calvin moaning loudly while he rimmed his ass.

Lucas stopped, spat on his cock and got behind Calvin.  He leaned up and kissed Calvin.  He held his cock and pushed it at Calvin’s hole.  “Relax and push out,” Lucas instructed.

Calvin took a deep breath and pushed out.  He felt Lucas’ big head pass his sphincter and screamed.  Lucas spat on his cock barely in and pushed harder.  He could feel the tightness of the ass.  He grabbed Calvin’s hips and slowly pushed all the way in.  Calvin was now panting like a dog.

“Calvin, you okay?”

“I’m…fine… damn I didn’t realize… how fucking big you… were,” Calvin strained.

Lucas pulled back and slowly began fucking his friend.  He could still hear Calving wincing and panting with each movement.  He moved as slowly as possible but loved the feel of Calvin’s tight ass gripping his raw hard cock.

“Calvin, you still okay?” Lucas asked again.

“Luc, right now, it’s a mix of pain and pure pleasure,” Calvin answered.  “Just go slow and I’ll be okay.”

Lucas pulled back and felt his cock slip out.  He spit again and slowly reinserted his cock.  He could feel and hear Calvin’s discomfort.  He began slowly fucking him.  He leaned up and laid his head on Calvin while slowly moving in and out.  He wrapped his arms around Calvin’s chest and continued to slowly but deeply move.  Now he could hear the moans of what seemed to be pleasure. 

Calvin turned his head and smiled, “Fuck me, Lucas!”

Lucas kissed Calvin’s neck and leaned back up.  He grabbed Calvin’s hips and picked up the pace.  Still, he could feel the tight grip but noticed it was getting looser.  He slammed his cock deep and heard a loud scream.  Calvin turned his head again to get a faint glimpse of his ass being fucked.

Lucas’s cock slipped out again.  This allowed Calvin the chance to flip over and be fucked missionary style.  Lucas placed Calvin’s hairy muscular calves on his shoulder.  He watched Calvin’s face when he put his cock back in him.  Calvin grimaced slightly at the initial pain and pulled Lucas on top of him.

“You like my tight ass?” Calvin asked.

“Fuck yea, you like my big dick?”

“OH Fuck yea!! Give it to me!!” Calvin said.

Skin began popping along with moans and grunts while the two friends relished this sexual encounter.  They kissed some while Lucas fucked Calvin at a steady deep pace.  Lucas focused on Calvin and delivering pleasure like no other.  Lucas jacked Calvin while they fucked. 

“MMMMMMM!” Calvin moaned.  Lucas sensed what was occurring and continued to fuck him.  Cum shot in the air from Calvin’s cock.  Spurt after milky spurt shot forth.

Lucas pulled out after Calvin finished. 

“What the fuck?” Calvin asked.

Lucas looked at him, “I’m about to fucking cum!”

“I want that fucking cum in my ass,” Calvin said.

Lucas was too close and shot his first shot on Calvin’s nuts.  He slid his cock in and finished blasting his load in his friend. He could feel his cum deep in Calvin’s ass and dripping out just a little. 

“OOO Fucking hot!” Calvin said. “Just leave your dick in me.  It feels so good!”

Lucas with his cock still in leaned and enjoyed a passionate kiss.  Lucas finally slipped out.  Now the cold didn’t matter as the two relished the moment and the afterglow on top of each other.

“Luc, I’m fucking pissed as hell now.”

“Me too, we should have done this years ago.”

“Fucking tell me about it.  Now what do we do?”

“Ummm… I dunno know, Cal.  It’s still early by our standards.”

Calvin smiled, “I know.  All I know is I’m not wasting it.  We’re fucking the rest of the night.”

“Sounds like one hell of a plan to me,” Lucas laughed. “Can you handle me the rest of the night?”


Lucas woke first the next day.  He had a hard time believing what had happened the night before.  He put his hands behind his head and tried to digest the night before.  He never dreamed his best friend Calvin could be so passionate and loving during their marathon sex romp.  Calvin soon woke next to him and crawled his athletic naked body on top of Lucas.  They kissed to start the last day of camping together.

“Lucas, you are one hot fucking stud,” Calvin said while sweeping Lucas’ hair from his face.

“I was wondering if I was dreaming last night,” Lucas smiled.

“Let me tell you.  It was one hell of a dream if you were.  My ass is so sore this morning,” Calvin said.

“Was it worth it?” Lucas asked.

“Was it worth it?!” Calvin screamed.  “Hell yea it was worth every minute you were fucking me.  If I had any questions to my sexuality before last night, those were definitely answered.  I loved having sex with a guy, especially you Luc.  It was beyond my imagination how totally sick it could be.”

“Cal, what will do once we leave here?” Lucas rationalized.

“I hope continue.  Next weekend, either you come to me or I’ll come to you.  Either way I have to be with you in some capacity naked,” Calvin said.

“We have roommates, you know,” Lucas stated.

“So, they can leave.  Better yet, whoever roommate leaves for the weekend is where we will be,” Calvin said.

Lucas smiled, “The man who always has a plan.”

“Damn right I do.  I only wish we could stay here longer.  I love it here,” Calvin stated.  “Hey if nothing else, same time next weekend.”

“I might learn to enjoy camping,” Lucas laughed.


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