3: 00 AM
Scott walked into the house, and after Matt cleaned up the spill, he thought about how to deal with this latest
development.  It was Matt who spoke first.
“You love me?”
“You just said few minute ago, that you loved me.”
“I did. Sorry, I must be really tired.”
Scott followed Matt to the kitchen and took some water.  Matt waited; it seemed Scott didn’t knew how to begin.
So, Matt prompted him.
“Scott, we have been through a lot over the last 20 or so years, what has got you up in the middle of the night?”
“Where’s Corey?” Scott deflected.
“He is at his mother’s with the kids, but don’t change the subject. Scott tell me what’s up. And why did you tell me
you loved me”
Scott looked at him, and knew he could trust Matt with his life; Matt was his first friend in college, and they have
been together ever since he asked about Matt being gay.  “I don’t know if I love Jess anymore. I think I may have
feelings for another man.”
“You are married; and I seen you and Jess together. I know that love. It is what Corey and I have.”
“What Kris and Melissa had too?” Scott countered.
Scott needed to get this off his chest so he talked, knowing Matt wouldn’t judge him. “Okay, you know I had a plan
to get Colt to go to Kris and currently he and Kris are talking right now as we speak. Chase called me before I came
over. Anyways, through the weeks in planning this with Kris; I have been having these feelings with Jess. Maybe
he aint the one for me.”
Matt looked speechless, and his first question was understandable. “Wait, Kris and Colt are talking now?”
“Yeah, I had a plan after Chase called me telling me how bad Colt was getting. We decided to ambush him. We set
a time when I could get off work with Jess, and when I gave him the call, he told Colt to leave his house and find
something that made him happy. We happened to be accidentally in the area and we stopped to talk. Anyways,
Jess and I and Chase planned what to say to him.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Matt seemed upset, “Or Corey?”
“We knew you would want to get Kris in on this, and with all the shit Kris is dealing with - Mel’s divorce his mom
dying - that is last thing we needed to make the plan work. I have no idea how Kris would react, and please let
them resolve this without your input.”
Matt agreed and turned the conversation to the topic at hand, “I still don’t know how your feelings for Jess are
now being tested?”
“As I mentioned, this took a few weeks of planning; during those weeks, Jess and I were in a rut; we talked about
how we would word our comments to Colt to be supportive. But, my feelings were being pushed in another
direction. Back to my first love.”
“You mean Hayden?” Matt seemed to recall that way too fast, “No, Dean. I slept with a few guys and girls in
college, and had some relationships, but Dean and I had a thing going. And when Jess and I talked about Colt going
back to Kris, I thought about my love for him.”
“Come on, you have been with Jess for three years, you had told me he was your soul mate. Why this sudden
change of heart.”
“I don’t know, Matt. I don’t know. I love Dean, we met and fucked on that first night at that camp ground and then
Jordy and me started dating around the time of your wedding. After the breakup of a two year relationship, I
needed to get away from everything and I found Dean again; and we had a magical night of sex. We kept in touch
and then we moved in together. Five great years.”
“When was the last time you and Jess had magical sex?”
“I don’t know a few months, maybe more. He has been busy with his job and the surgeries, and I have been busy
too. We don’t even talk as much as we used too.”
“Yes, you are in rut. Scott it happens. Corey and had that for a year or two in our marriage.”
“But did you ever think about leaving him?”
“We both know the answer to that, Corey had his meltdown in college and he cheated on me too, but I never
thought of leaving him.”
“I did that with Dean. Jess was finally ready to be with him; the timing was right then and I dropped Dean like a
sack of potatoes.”
Scott looked for something in Matt’s eyes to show him what to do, but Scott didn’t see any direction. He smiled,
and continued to speak. “There are certain qualities in Dean that Jess doesn’t possess. Dean has tenderness, has a
caring personality, he listens to me babble and he appreciates how hard it took me to realize which side of the
fence I was in terms of my orientation. Jess on the other had; had a hard life. He was raped and nearly died. He
tends to be shielded and even after these years, I had to work hard to open him up. There are still things about
Jess I don’t know.”
“Which is understandable, no?” Matt asked. “You said it yourself he almost died after that rape.”
“Yes, but he still hasn’t told me why he called me out of the blue that day. He never explained why he loved me.
Why this is right time for him. We had a great thing going when he came back from Junior College, then he
became an RA and needed to focus on school and his responsibilities. Then I was with Seth and Jordy, and Dean,
and he and Rick became best friends, Jess was the fucking best man at his wedding. As far as I know Jess never
dated after he graduated. He lived on campus because he was the general manager of the residences at our
college, and even kept focused on his job.”
Matt nodded, “Maybe he realized he needed you back in his life.Rick has his wife, and Derek and Samuel have
each other, and it had been years since Jess was in a real relationship. He loved you.”
“And, I loved Dean, and I dropped him when Jess came running.”
“Because you love Jess, you always have, which is why your relationships don’t last that long, you were waiting
for Jess to return.”
“Then why do I fucking feel like this now.”
“You regret what you did to Dean. And, yes you still love him. I love Kris and had Corey never came along, fuck
who knows what would have happened. Let me ask you this Scott. Would you cheat on Jess with Dean? If Dean
called you out of the blue, would you drop Jess?”
“I want to say no. But we are in rut right now.”
“You are just missing the sex, and the openness. Trust me give Jess some time he will open up.”
“What about Dean?”
Matt sighed, “Bro, you have feelings for him that is obvious. Only time will tell if you love him enough to risk you
marriage. I take it you and Jess haven’t discussed Dean.”
“Nope, Dean is a forbidden topic in our house.”
Scott started to cry. He didn’t know why he was doing it. Was it remorse for what he did to Dean those years ago,
or was it because he doubted the relationship of his husband, or maybe he was just tired?
Matt looked at him holding his shoulder, “Scott, there is something else. I can feel it.”
Scott let his tears continue and spoke with sadness, “Matt I am scared Jess will leave me again.”
He allowed Matt to take him into his arms and hold him. “It’s going to be alright.”  After a few seconds, Scott fell
asleep in Matt’s arms. 
3: 15 AM
Dean and Michael were talking and everything was going alight. Michael was about to tell Dean a truth about
himself, something he had been holding on to for years. Dean probably suspected it, given his past relationship;
however, just when he was about to open up with him, Dean got a call about from his medical station.
Trying not to eavesdrop, Michael heard that a guy named Caleb was in a bad way. Now, Dean was gone and
Michael was walking the trail back to his campsite. He offered to accompany Dean to his office. Dean,
unfortunately, denied it, saying it was just work.
As he continued to walk the path, the forty-five year man wondered what he saw in Dean. He met him three
times since he arrived here.  Dean welcomed him at the front desk, and there was a minor connection, Michael
thought; then he talked a few hours ago about his boyfriend problem. And now, when they were about to hit if
off considerably, his office calls him in the middle of the night.
It happens, he thought.  Michael had no idea why he seemed to connect with Dean. There was a simple attraction
to him, but there was more to it than that. On the subconscious level, he knew what it was, but right now Michael
had no clue.  Dean had kept saying how Michael looked familiar.  And, that made him want to tell him the big
secret. Dean shared about Kris why not talk about his life.
He sat on a log to reflect on this, would he really have confirmed what he suspected Dean thought? Maybe. 
3: 21 AM
After spending a few minutes on the beach, slowly sliding his dick in and out of Kris’s ass, Colt began to pick up
the pace. Kris had his head thrown back against the sand, moaning with each deep, penetrating thrust from Colt’s
cock. Every time he felt the hard shaft bury itself inside him he arched his back, pushed against it and used his
muscles to squeeze and massage it, drawing a deep manly moan from Kris.
At first the friction of the bare fucking had almost been too much for Kris but Colt had been leaking so much since
he first slid inside that now Kris’s insides were coated with the precum and Colt was gliding back and forth inside
“Yeah, fuck me, Colt,” Kris moaned.
“I love being inside you,” Colt smiled as he thrust in deeper than before. “Your ass is the best thing I’ve ever
fucked. Nothing even compares.”
“I guess that means you’re gonna want to keep fucking it then?”
“Every day, whenever you’ll let me.”
“I’m letting you now, Colt. Fuck me. Enough with the making love, I can feel how much you love me and we’ve got
plenty of time for that, right now I just need you to pound me. Fuck me hard. Cum inside me.”
Colt’s cock jerked and pulse hearing Kris speak with such lust, desire and urgency. He shoved it deep up Kris’s ass
and climbed up so he was on his feet, keeping Kris’s ass impaled on his cock as he bent the blond stud over, nearly
in half. When he was in position he hooked his arms under Kris’s legs and looked down into Kris’s eyes.
“Put your arms around my neck,” Colt said.
Kris stared up at Colt with wonder but he did as Colt said, holding on tight. After a moment of Colt adjusting, Kris
felt himself being lifted off the ground, hauled up by Colt’s incredible strength that was still clearly there despite
his muscles not being quite as defined as they used to be. Kris felt almost vulnerable, feeling another man take
control and man handle his body, but it was also exciting, there was no denying he was being fucked by a man,
especially when he had a rock hard pole up his ass that was hitting his spot with almost every movement as Colt
rose to his feet and began to walk from the beach.
Every step Colt took made Kris rise up and then slide back down on Colt’s hard, bare cock. He moaned every time
his body plunged onto the invading phallus and as Colt gained momentum, walking at a normal pace, Kris began to
pull his body up and rode Colt’s cock as they moved across the camp.
Kris was clinging tightly to Colt, fucking himself on Colt’s hard cock, when he felt something against his ass and
then felt himself fall back, pulling Colt with him, until he was flat on his back on what he came to realize was the
picnic table.
Pulling his legs up and apart, Kris made room for Colt to join him and Colt climbed up, pushing Kris’s legs back,
exposing his ass and opening up his hole even more for his cock to drill. Where the sand had been soft and his
feet sometimes slipped the wood was hard and he was able to gain a firm footing as he planted his feet, bent Kris
up even more and began fucking down hard into the hot ass beneath him.
Kris was soon screaming as Colt pummeled his ass into the table. They could both hear the wood creaking as the
table swayed with each inward and outward movement of Colt’s hips as he fucked Kris. Kris’s own cock was harder
than he could remember, slapping against his abs, and Colt was hitting every spot, giving him every tingling
feeling that had been missing when he had been fucked by Dean. He knew now, with Colt inside him, that the
man who was meant to fuck his ass was inside it right now and that despite everything that had happened and the
years they had spent apart, they were together now and he wasn’t going to let Colt go again.
“Oh fuck, Kris, I’m close,” Colt said as he continued to hammer Kris’s ass.
“Yeah! Fuck me, Colt! Cum inside me. Fill my ass with that fucking hot load of yours.”
Colt rammed his cock as far inside Kris as it would go, folding Kris almost completely in half when he did, and his
cock exploded, firing off round after round of cum deep inside Kris’s ass.
When Kris felt the spasms run through Colt’s body and the dick inside him begin to throb he knew what was
coming. When he felt the hot cum splash against his insides it lit a fire in him that seemed to burn through the
rope that was holding on to his own climax and he erupted with his ass clenching around Colt’s still shooting cock.
The load that shot from Kris’s cock was one of the biggest of his life and with the position he was in it coated most
of his face and the upper part of his chest.
After a moment when their cocks had both stopped shooting and the cum was drained from their balls, Colt let
Kris’s legs down and then collapsed onto the hot blond, keeping his dick planted deep as his head felt onto Kris’s
shoulder, their chests crashing together, smearing Kris’s cum all over them.
It was almost two minutes before either of them could speak. They continued to pant and hold each other, with
Colt’s cock slowly going soft and slipping out of Kris’s well fucked ass.
“That was amazing,” Kris said. “No one had fucked me like that since… well, you.”
“It’s been long overdue then,” Colt chuckled. “A hot muscle ass like yours needs a cock in it, fucking it, hearing the
balls slap off it.”
“Hell yeah it does,” Kris laughed. “Your cock. That’s what I need.”
Colt smiled and moved from on top of Kris, falling to the side until he lay next to the man he had spent most of
the last hour having sex with. Their arms and legs were touching, wanting to keep each other close, as they looked
up at the stars and reveled in the moment.
“Are we really gonna do this?” Colt finally asked. “It wasn’t just amazing sex that’s never gonna happen again
because you’re gonna go back to being a dad and a coach and I’m gonna be left alone again.”
Kris turned his head to look at Colt and then shuffled around on the now cramped table top until he was on his
side facing his new and former lover.
“It wasn’t just a fuck, Colt,” Kris said, “It was so much more than that. Okay, so sex has always been how we show
our love for each other and is something that we both enjoy so much it’s going to be a huge part of our
relationship, but it’s not the whole thing. I want to be with you. I want to wake up in a morning and see your face.
I want to shower with you and have breakfast with you. I want to kiss you goodbye when we go off to work and
have a smile on my face all day while I’m there because I know that when I finish I’ll be coming home to you. I
want to sit down to dinner with you and hear all about your day and then I want to go to bed with you, whether
we have sex or not, so you’re the last person I see before I close my eyes. That’s what I want.”
A tear welled up in Colt’s eye as he heard Kris say everything he had wanted to hear for so long, everything he
needed to hear. He leaned over and kiss Kris gently on the lips, no tongues, no touching, just a tender, loving kiss
that let Kris know he wanted the same.
“I want that too, Kris, I want it so bad. But I think we need to start slowly. A lot has happened in the past fifteen
years, we need to get to know each other properly. I needed to find myself a job near to you so I can work and we
can see each other. I need to meet Nate so he can get to know me before I even think about moving in. I want
this, Kris, everything you said and more, but we need to do it right. I’m so scared we’re gonna fuck this up like we
did in college and I don’t think I would live another fifteen years without you.”
“You won’t have to live another day without me, Colt. I agree that we need to ease our way back into things,
unlike what we’ve just done. I haven’t fucked bareback in a long time and I wouldn’t with anyone but you, but we
need to get ourselves checked out, make sure we’re okay.”
“Yeah,” Colt sighed. “We were fucking stupid to just go bare but I guess it shows our passion for each other and
how much we want this.”
“It does. We need to make a real go of this, Colt. When we get home we need to start looking at getting you a job
near me and we can find you an apartment for a little while until you’re ready to move in with me and Nate.”
“We need to go on some dates too,” Colt smiled. “Reconnect; learn everything about each other again. I know
what the end result is going to be and I know everything will just confirm to me how much I already love you, but
it needs to be done. I want to be with you for the rest of my life and I even think I want to marry you if everything
works out, but it’s been a long time and I’ve been hurt before.”
“I understand,” Kris smiled, leaning in for another quick kiss. “I really think we can do this and be happy.”
Colt snuggled up against Kris’s chest as Kris put his arm around Colt’s shoulder. They both lay together thinking
about how many years they had missed when they could have been in that position, together, enjoying the
warmth of the other’s body as well as the feeling that spread through them just knowing they were there for each
Neither wanted to move so they remained on top of the table, soaking in the glow of their sex and the love they
shared. It was a magical moment and they both knew it was right. They were together again, Kris and Colt, and
they never wanted it to end.

3: 38 AM

Nate sat watching his friend. The off roader bike that he borrowed from Robbie and his friend was out of gas and
he decided to stay, wait till morning before he tried navigating his friend for help. Aaron was out cold still.  He
really didn’t know what to do. Nate thought back to his first time he saw Aaron playing basketball shirtless with
his friends. Although, he wasn’t attractive to Aaron, he had something about that made him want to be his friend. 
After he successfully won Aaron’s attention from the basketball pole incident, the two began their friendship. By
the next week Nate was fitting in nicely with Aaron’s crew, and before long, Aaron and Nate were crashing at his
house. Nate knew Aaron was hiding something, because he would not let him go to his house. He knew now that
it was because of Alex and his father’s rivalry.
He wanted to do something special for Aaron’s birthday which was two months into their friendship, and he
turned to Uncle Scott, who had visited recently with his husband Jess. Scott gave him so many ideas for gifts, he
couldn’t write them down fast enough. Later that evening, Scott was telling the group assembled which included,
Matt, Corey, Kris and Aaron, about the how Jess had got the scars. Scott told him how he kissed him to wake up
after he was put into a coma. This was right around the time Jess was going to go in for his final surgery to clear up
the last of his scars.
Remembering that story, Nathan decided to copy Scott’s action with Aaron here.  He stood up and walked around
for a minute to mental prepare him for the task of kissing his best friend. In their entire friendship, neither of
them ever touched each other. They had jerked off once or twice, but that was it.   He walked closely to Aaron and
kissed him slowly on the mouth. He pulled away, and nothing occurred. He decided to try a more passionate kiss,
still nothing happened.
He smiled, as he remembered hearing about where Scott kissed Jess to wake him up and decided to try it. He
went to Aaron’s shorts and pulled them with his red plaid boxers down. His flaccid 7 inch dick was there. Nothing
special about the member, but he had a mission. He bent down and kissed the cock along its shaft.
Nothing happened, and with his frustration growing, he accidentally bit down on it. Aaron’s eyes opened wide
and a small scream escaped his lips.
“I’m sorry, Aaron, it was just an accident.”
That’s when Aaron moved. He took Nate’s head with his hand and kissed him on the lips. Aaron’s lips parted and a
tongue went down Nate’s throat. The feeling of the French kiss was awesome to Nate, and he didn’t know why
Aaron did it, but he enjoyed it.
After another minute the kiss ended and Aaron opened his eyes and finally focused on Nate. “You’re not Tina?”
“No, I am not.” Nate began almost offended. “Aaron, do you know what happened?”
“Yeah, I was going with you to the site of a fire and everything went black. I heard voices, but then Tina came into
view. She pulled down my shorts and gave me a blow job.”
“Aaron, you were having a dream. I did that.”
“You gave me a blow job?”
“No I kissed your dick and then I bit it and you awoke.”
Aaron didn’t think, he just did what came naturally and punched his friend in shoulder. The impact put Nate to the
ground. Aaron started to stand put with his shorts down; he fell right on top of Nate. They both laughed. And
that’s when they heard it. The bushes to the left rustled.
3: 45 AM
Alex was scared; he didn’t know where his son was. All he knew was that he was missing. He has been calling Kris
all night with  updates, but the asshole was not responding. He didn’t know Kris or Colt’s post college history and
assumed they had been friends all this time, so he could not understand what they were talking about that was
more important than their kids.
He arrived at the medical bay with Caleb, Phillip and Ryan about fifteen minutes ago, and the doctor on staff was
checking out Caleb. He said that he isn’t responding to anything, as he took him to his office for further tests. Neal
questioned Phillip and Ryan about their activities that led to the explosion, and they responded with what
seemed to be a very edited story of them meeting some girls that Caleb arranged and had some late night fun.
Alex was a kid once and was well aware of what that meant. When he was in high school he was a book worm and
focused on his academics and his karate classes. When prom came around, no girl asked him, so instead of being
embarrassed he brought his sister who was a junior in another school. While his sister was freshening up, he met
Carol and that night was the most amazing fun he had ever had. The sex was cool and she taught him so many
positions. So, he had an inkling what the boys were up to. 
Neither of them seemed to be aware of the gas leak, being engaged in their 'conversations'. Phillip was exiting
the doctor’s office wearing just a shirt and boxers. His pants were lost in explosion. Ryan on the other had some
cuts and had all his clothes on him.
“How is Caleb?” Alex wanted to know. Everybody turned to Phillip. “He is out cold still. They say suffered a major
trauma when his head hit something.”
Ryan stood up and held his friend, as Alex took a minute with Neal. “What are we doing for my son. You said he
would be here.”
“Mr. Rogers, as I told you I have our other deputy searching the area. We will find them. My boss had been made
aware of the situation and will be here too.”
“Thank you. I need to go find my son.” Alex was about to leave the small waiting area which was also functioned
as lobby for the main offices where people checked in, when Ryan turned.
“Where are you going Mr. Rogers?”
“I need to find Alex and Nate.”
“Please, just try to call them, we need you here. I don’t know what to do if Caleb doesn’t wake up.” In tears,
Phillip turned to Alex also. “Please?”
Alex came to the boys and hugged them. “I am not going anywhere. I am going to try Kris again.”
He looked at Neal. “You go out there and join the team to find Nathan and Aaron.”
“And Tina?” Phillip said through tears.
“Tina?” Alex asked, aware of Aaron’s past girlfriend. He didn’t know she was going to be here. Phillip nodded.
“She was at the abandoned station too.”
Alex nodded to Neal and he left. The boys tried to call Kris again. It was then that he noticed Tabor wasn’t there
3: 53 AM
Colt wasn’t letting go of Kris now that they have decided to become boyfriends again. He held him in an embrace,
forgetting about everything. Colt was getting cold; so, he and Kris went inside the tent. A red light was blinking on
a phone. Colt thought it was his cell phone, but turned it was Kris’s.
“Babe, did you put your phone on silent.”
“Fuck, I must have done it at some point.” He picked up the phone and saw three missed calls and two voice
messages, all from Alex.
Colt got dressed hoping that it was good news, as Colt remembered Kris was going to search for his son.  He
listened to the call, while he  looked at Kris’s naked body. A regret came to him that maybe they fucked too soon.
But then Kris and he were more physical in expressing their feelings. He remembered Kris apologizing via a blow
job in college after Kris had one of his meltdowns.
Kris screamed and Colt moved to his side.
“Kris get here now!”
“Repeat that again, Alex what happened.”
“An explosion! Caleb is unconscious! Nate and Alex are missing.”
“What explosion.”  Colt thought of the explosion he experienced with Kris during their love making, and laughed.
Kris gave him an serious  look and Colt apologized. He was never good with drama, which is ironic considering
their college lives.
“Kris have you and Colt been asleep the last two hours? Fuck!  A gas leak blew up a retired medical station and
Caleb was injured, thankfully Ryan and Phillip are okay. Kris get your ass here now.”  Alex hung up.
Kris put on a new shirt and shorts and  Colt ran ahead to get into his jeep which will take them to medical
station/offices. Kris was in the front seat a minute later. Colt kissed Kris on the check with some passion to give
him strength and they were off.
Colt heard ringing and Kris answered it. “Dad!”
“Nate, where are you.”
“I am fine, Aaron and I fine. A man named Michael found us; we are going to stay with him and will come to you in
the morning.”
“Son, are you-“
“Dad, Michael’s phone is about to die…I love…”
“I love you too.”
Colt turned sharply. “Whose is Michael?”
“Don’t know, but I am just happy he is safe. When I see Dean, I am going to kill him. This campground is death
“Dean’s here.”
Kris told his story.

3: 58 AM
Dean was sitting at his office. He arrived at the medical bay which was in the rear of the ranger’s station a few
minutes ago. The doctor was still examining Caleb and Alex was on the phone with someone, and two teen boys
were hugging and talking in whispers. He knocked on the doctor’s office and he said ten minutes as he was
checking Caleb’s heart. Caleb was on the table in torn open shirt and boxers with a hole in it.
Now all he could do was wait. Neal had given him a detailed report of the explosion on his way; and until he had
more concrete facts,  Dean wasn’t going to alert the people in waiting room.
He put his head down and closed his eyes. This night was bad, but there was nothing he could do. He was passed
tired. He grabbed a coke from his bar fridge and sat down. There on the table was picture of Scott from their third
year together on a trip to Jamaica.
He regretted leaving Michael so suddenly but this medical situation needed his attention, more importantly he
needed to think things through. Scott stared back to him in that photo. They were both in speedos and Scott’s
hand was on his butt. It was then that it all came into focus. He knew what he wanted: The conversation with
Michael, the sex with Kris earlier and now the picture. He wants his lover back. He wants Scott Trenton back. He
picked up the phone and….
4: 00 AM
Matt had got a blanket for Scott and allowed his friend to sleep on his couch; Matt tried to sleep too. Just there
was too much to think about. He was floored with Scott and Chase’s plan to bring Colt and Kris together. He was a
strong believer that if they were meant to be together they would be together. However, he had to admit when
Kris and Colt dated in college, they seemed happy.  If they were such a good match, why did they cheat on each
other? He didn’t know.  He will always recall the day Corey cheated on him with another man, but that didn’t stop
their love.
He looked at his first college best friend sleeping soundly. Matt bent down and moved some of his long hair out of
his eyes. Matt kissed his forehead. Hopefully, Scott’s plan to get Colt to leave Chase’s home and search for Kris
would work.  Fifteen years is a long time to hold onto a flame. Kris and Matt had their fights, but always seemed
got to together in the end, then again that’s what friends are for.
The phone rang, and he went to his portable, but it was Scott’s cell that rang this annoying loud song as a ring
town. He was glad Corey and the boys weren’t here, he would have had the whole house awake. Scott instantly
woke up a minute later. “Sorry.”
Who would be calling Scott this late at night, or early in the morning?  Matt was about to give him some privacy
when Scott waved him down to a chair.
“Dean?” Scott asked, thinking he may still be dreaming.
“What do you want?"
Matt listened to the conversation as much as he could, but he couldn’t hear Dean’s side of it; his hearing might
already being going. From Scott’s inflections it seems to be surprising. Matt was up and had a hand on Scott’s bare
shoulder offering comfort with seconds.
“Scott, I really miss you and I wanted to see if we can talk?” Matt overheard.
“We have nothing to say to each other. I gave you this number in case it was an emergency.”
“Uh….there has been a development…but I called on a personal matter.”
Knowing Dean was managing the campground where Kris and Nate were, and Colt could be with him for all he
knew. Matt was beside Scott with worry for Kris and Nate and Colt; he didn’t even register the personal matter
part of the conversation.
Scott spoke, “What personal matter?”
“I want you back. I need you in my life. We had a lot going for us. I hate how it ended…..”
“Something has happened. I’ll call you later.”
Scott spoke fast before Dean could hang up. “There is no way I am going back. I love my husband now and for ever.
Scott hung up and turned to Matt for a hug. Matt saw Scott was trembling. He didn’t know what to say. “You didn’t
mean that did you?” He whispered into Scott’s ear. Scott looked at him with a tear running down his eye.
Matt took Scott by the hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom. “Scott, you need a good night sleep, so you are
bunking with me tonight, we will discuss Dean and Jess in the morning.”
Scott’s face lit up at that. It made Matt chuckle. “Scott, just sleep nothing else.”
Scott turned to him with a small smile, which told Matt how much Scott appreciated Matt’s friendship right now.
Scott kissed Matt tenderly to show his affection for his friend.
Since the first day Matt met Scott it was roller coaster; they slept together during the little blip in Corey and his
relationship, and Scott’s temper was second only to Kris’s back in the day, but through it all Matt and Scott’s
friendship was one of true affection and true honesty, not to mention Scott’s quirky horniness that crept up at the
most inopportune moments. 
After the kiss on the stairs, they  made it to the bedroom as Scott stripped away the remainder of his clothes, Matt
made the bed up again. “Thank you Matt, for being there for me.”
Matt slapped Scott’s ass playfully, “Anytime.”
They kissed one more time with the love that had been the cornerstone of their cherished friendship over the
twenty years.
4: 11 AM
Michael had brought Nate and a fully awake Aaron back to his campsite. Michael was sitting alone thinking about
Dean earlier when he heard noses in the bushes, he thought it would have been a couple fornicating again; and
he was right, however, this time it was two guys going at it.
He was about to give them a lecture that he gave Caleb and Tina yesterday, but the boys were properly chastised
and embarrassed about the situation. So, he decided to do the right thing and takes the teens to his campsite. He
gave them a phone to call their folks. During the ten minute walk to his tent, Aaron and Nate told them the
compelling story of what had happened to them since the bear attack, and the fire in the abandoned station.
Michael listened with a smile. When they arrived at the tent minutes ago, the guys took a little food and some
hot cocoa that the man had provided. Aaron petted Patches, and gave him some of his food too, which led to
Patches playfully licking Aaron’s face.
“Out of mild curiosity, what were you two doing making love in the woods just then?”
“We weren’t.” Nate spoke up. “We…”
Aaron finished for him, “have a complicated relationship.”
“I see, I take it you aren’t boyfriends.”
“Nah, we been friends only a short period, about six months.”
“But they were best six month of my life. I mean I had been going through a lot of shit lately with my dad and
mom breaking up, and losing my grandmother. Aaron had helped me through it.”
“It’s what a friend does.” Aaron smiled honestly. “Besides, how you taken care of me recently during my 'nap', I
cannot thank you enough.”
“True, I love you Aaron Rogers; you are my best friend.”
“Back at you Nate.”
“Your name is Nate?” Michael asked, realizing in their entire walk that nobody introduced themselves. And the
name surprised him, just for a second. “I am Michael, I am sorry I didn’t do this before.”
“It’s cool.”
“You too really seem to have a great friendship, but tell me how it all started.”
“Rather embarrassingly,” Nate began. He told Michael about the basketball pole and being tied up there and
Aaron coming to his rescue.  Two things didn’t escape his attention; firstly, Nate lied during that tale, and more
importantly, the story reminded him so much of his own brother. Someone he always thought about in moments
of pure solitude and pure loneliness.
“Aaron you remind me so much of the brother I had years ago. He was always helping people. He helped his mom
with groceries, dad with projects, and took care of people when they were sick.”
“What was your brother like?” Nate asked.
“My brother was computer coach potato and very very shy. He would go to school come home and play on the
computer. He would watch his favorite TV shows every night. He would talk to his dad and me about anything, but
he was just reluctant to make friends in school. There was this one girl he liked since the moment he met her. I
told him to just go out and be himself, he couldn’t do it.”
“That is so not like my father,” Nate said, “He was the complete opposite of that.”
“My brother was a complete asshole, one time he even stole the girl I was dating.”
“Eric did that? You never told me.”
“It never came up.”
“Yeah, my brother he cared a lot about me. At the time I was turning to bad things, but he didn’t judge me. He was
too young to know better. I loved him so much.”
“Where is he?”
“Gone, we parted ways after a horrible accident….” A tear came out of his eyes as he couldn’t hold it in. He never
regretted leaving his family, but he missed his baby brother. He didn’t even have a picture of him. Within seconds
Nate put his arm around Michael, “Are you okay, sir?”
“I will be fine; guys go into the tent and sleep. We will take you to your folks tomorrow morning.”
The guys did as they were told as Michael relived that moment again. He was drunk and recently been fucked by
his boyfriend. He had got into the car. And it was done.  His brother had seen the whole thing.
4:19 AM
Colt was driving like a maniac to the Ranger’s station; Kris couldn’t blame him at all. After the news from Alex
about what had happened, they needed to get their quickly. They parked and Colt held his hand, “Babe, I am sure
everything will be fine.”
“I am just glad that Nate and Aaron are okay, but I hope Caleb will make it through it.”
“Kris, I am sure.” Colt said and kissed his new boyfriend to give him the needed strength. Kris hopped out and
rushed through the doors, with Colt close on his tale. He took in the scene, there in the waiting room, were
Phillip and Ryan in various states of undress. It didn’t go past Kris’s notice that they were in different clothes from
when they left. Ryan was asleep with Phillip watching over him, with Ryan’s head in his lap. Alex stopped pacing
and walked toward the Colt and Kris.
Kris spoke quietly so Ryan got his sleep, “What happened? Is Caleb okay?”
“We don’t know some guy named Daniel or Dean is talking to the doc right now.”
Colt spoke, “Since when does a campground have a doctor?”
At that moment, Dean entered with a doctor coming in after. “Since, it’s better to prepared for the worse than not
to be prepared at all.” 
“Hello, Dean.” Colt said awkwardly
“Colt,” Dean acknowledged. Kris had never planned on seeing Dean again this trip, especially considering the
renewed relationship he had with Colt now.  Instead of letting this turn into a more uneasy moment, he took
charge of the conversation.
“Dean can you tell us the news?”
Ryan woke up at the sound of Kris’s voice. “Coach Kris, I should have stopped them from going there.”
Kris didn’t know what Ryan was going on about; he was concerned with Caleb more. “Please Dean, Caleb’s
Dean, in response, turned to the doctor, who spoke up. “Caleb is going to be okay, he is asleep now. I managed to
stabilize his condition. He suffered a major head concussion, from hitting it on a door frame or something. Other
than that he will be fine. However, there is…”
“That is great news.” Alex said, “I will call his folks.”
“Mr. Rogers,” Dean spoke. “Unfortunately, his head concussion is not the major problem. There are some broken
ribs and a hurt coccyx from his fall. The pain had knocked him out. We need to take him to a major hospital for
more extensive treatment.”
“Then, why are we still here.” Ryan wanted to know. He was very concerned about his friend, Kris noted.
Throughout the six month, he had been teaching Ryan, Phillip and Caleb, those three were always close.
“Son, we had called an ambulance, but there with the rainstorm the roads to the main campsite have been
blocked pretty badly. They will be here soon, maybe an hour.”
“What?” Kris and Ryan shouted at the same time. Colt held Kris’s hand to give him more strength; it worked and
Kris’s temper shrunk.
“Don’t worry,” the doctor began, “Caleb will be alright, he is asleep right now and the immediate concerns are
being taken care of here. Should he wake in the next hour, he will feel the bad from the broken bones, but I have
something standing by to put him under again.”
“What about a helicopter?” Phillip spoke for the first time.
Dean turned to him, “Son, this isn’t a movie. The local hospital is about 25 minutes away from here and they don’t
own a helicopter and although Caleb suffered some injuries, he will make a recovery, thus not an emergency."
“Can we see him?” Ryan said, Kris agreed with comment. He will have to call Caleb’s folks with the news and have
them come to the hospital. The doctor nodded and Ryan and Phillip went in first.
Before Kris could enter, Alex stopped him. “I know this isn’t the right time, but I wanted to say congratulations. I
am genuinely happy that you and Colt are back together.” Off Kris’s look, Alex continued. “Don’t deny it; you guys
have been holding hands since you came in here.”
“Thanks Alex...that means a lot.” Kris smiled, not sure how genuine Alex was, but accepted it nonetheless. Colt
stared at Alex, shocked.
“Will you guys be okay, I have to make a call to Caleb’s mom.”
“Where is his dad?” Alex asked.
“He died.” Kris said and walked away to place the call.
“Where’s Tabor?” Colt asked as Alex was about to look in on Caleb.
“Not sure.”
4: 23 AM
Jill wasn’t happy; she thought while changing her clothes. She, Marcie and Erin managed to find the RV after
getting turned about three times in the pitch darkness. Happily, a nice young deputy helped them get on the right
path. After Jill thanked him her special way, the three ladies finally made it to their trailer.
Now, they changed their clothes and checked each other out for injuries; happily nobody got hurt. Jill never liked
Caleb, but she was attractive to Ryan. The explosion changed all that. She only lured Caleb for their timely
meeting, so she and her friends could have some fun, and seek her revenge.
Ryan was sweet, and Jill really wanted that youthful virgin dick; but she knew it would never have happened. It
was Caleb who sought them out and planned the entire evening, or so she allowed him to think. She was told
where to meet the guys and when after she suggested it the place and time; however, she found the friends on
route and took them to the ranger’s station ahead of schedule.
Jill had her portable camera which caught the three guys naked and engaging in some activities, and revealing
some embarrassing information that she could use in the future. However, that wasn’t her plan at all, that was
just the icing on the cake. Erin was a smoker and Jill had come up with the idea to blow it up.
Jill came early to set up the station and released  the gas from the abandoned fire place. Then at the right
moment, Erin would light her cigarette.  That moment came when Jill noticed there was company outside her
window. While she had Caleb in the middle of their sexual activity, she saw a girl peaking in. She motioned
Marcie and Erin to move to the next stage. They all heard a scream and Phillip who was in the middle of a blowjob
with Erin left to go see the what the issue was. Jill went back to Caleb to make sure he was being taken care of as
Marcie convinced Ryan to finger her.
When Jill gave the sign, Erin who had gotten dressed while looking for her cigarette left the station’s front door,
that allowed Jill one minute to get out of the building in time. 30 seconds later the window broke and everybody
rushed for the door. Then Erin as planned threw the cigarette into the station and it blew up. Jill had gotten up,
and grabbed her girlfriends and ran for it.
Jill was pushed in the commotion and fell. When she got up again, they had gotten lost. Now, she was ready to
get her revenge on Caleb. When Jill left the front door Caleb was still inside looking for his shirt when Ryan
grabbed him.
Jill had the remote ready, but Erin was looking for something. “Well, I cannot wait to post this video for all the
school to see.”
“We have a problem.”  Jill’s mind knew it was too good. “The video camera, where is it?”
“I have no idea, when I came inside I put my bag on the bed.”
“The camera wasn’t in there.”
Fuck! She remembered, as she fell the camera left her hands. “I dropped it.”
“I cannot believe all this trouble and you fucked it up like that.”
“We can find it in the morning, I am sure we can.”
“No, we can’t Caleb, if he survived is going to be looking for some answers.” Marcie said. “Was your revenge
really worth it?”
“Yes, that asshole scammed me out of $150 bucks, and this video was my way to blackmail him. So yes, it is worth
“I thought he dumped you.”
“It doesn’t matter now, it’s all fucked up.”
“Maybe not? Nobody knows what’s on it. It may turn up tomorrow.” Marcie said.
“It better,” Jill smiled. “Now let’s make ourselves more comfortable, no sense to waste the rest of the night.”
Marcie and Erin grinned at their friend, and the three went to the bedroom. 
4: 33 AM
Tabor had been outside for numerous reasons, the first being there was too many people inside, and he didn’t
want to add to chaos around him. He also needed to think. He originally came to talk to Kris about his issues with
Chase and how bad it had gotten, but with Colt’s return that conversation was tabled for later.  Now, he was
walking around the station trying to put his problem into perspective. If he left now he could be by Chase by
morning. It just dawned on him that it was morning already.
He saw Kris and Colt arrive earlier and new that their concern for the people inside needed to take precedent. He
remembered Colt mentioning earlier how he was scared that Kris and he wouldn’t be able to make amends, and
here they both were holding hands and rushing into the drama that was unfolding inside.
Could he really go and surprise Chase out of the blue; there must be more to the story than he knew. Why would
Chase lie about me raping a girl, why would he not want to talk to him. What did he do that was so wrong to
warrant such behaviour?
“I found him?” Alex called out. Tabor looked up and saw Alex and Colt walking toward him. He never got along
with Alex when they were in college together.
“What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?” Colt asked, concerned.
“Been thinking of your brother and our talk earlier; something doesn’t add up.”
“Talk?” Alex asked. Tabor quickly got him up to speed, explaining that Chase and Tabor had been dating the same
person in a friendly competition, and Chase told some lies about him to get the girl, who is now Chase’s wife.
“I see, so what doesn’t add up then.”
“Why he stopped all communications, I should be the one who stopped it. He did this stuff to me. I was being a
good friend though it all. He lied to her about me. He told me to fuck off when I mentioned my new girlfriend.”
“That makes no sense,” Colt agreed. “When Chase and I were growing up and we got into fights over small things,
he tended stop talking with me. There was this one month period when we worked in a restaurant neither of us
were talking to each other. It was horrible fight about him destroying something of mine. Don’t remember what.”
“Did you do anything to him to deserve it?” Alex asked.
“Nah, we cooled down.”
“That was one month, though; it has been three years with me and Tabor not talking.”
“Maybe it is something since then,” Alex added. “Who was this girl you are dating, is there a history with Chase
and her.”
“I don’t see how. Her name is Kate Norman; I met her at a bookstore of all places.”
“Kate Norman?” Colt was surprised.
“You know her?”
“Know her? Chase and Kate went to the same high school, she was his first love.”
“Wait, we talking about Katie Turner?”
Tabor knew Katie too, having been to the same high school as Chase, but she moved away in the middle of Chase
and his freshman year. When Tabor ran into her at the bookstore she looked so different, the braces were gone,
the contact lenses were in, she had blue-blond hair and her breasts were fully developed.
“You are dating the girl who took his virginity eventually.”
“What?” Tabor was shocked. She never seemed to want to talk about her past, she had been married briefly to
her College sweetheart, but it ended badly. “She never mentioned Chase at all, or knowing him. Then again, she
didn’t remember much after the motorcycle accident.”
“My god this is sounding like a bad soap opera.” Alex chucked. Colt and Tabor stared at him, which quieted Alex.
“Okay, so it’s pretty simple from Chase’s point of view. He stole you girl, and so you now have taken his first love.
It’s petty, but Chase is like that some times. You need to go to him, and work this shit out. Your friendship is
stronger than some girl.”
“Kate is not some girl, she is the best girl a met, equal if not better to Chase’s wife.”
Colt smiled knowingly, “I still think you should go to him and deal with it.”
“I don’t know Colt, maybe.”
“Okay, well you have my number if you need it.” Colt hugged him and pulled Alex in with him, giving Tabor his
time to think things through.
4: 39 AM
“Could it really be that petty between Chase and Tabor?”
“I doubt it,” Colt said. “There relationship is like Kris and mine, has a lot of working parts, dislodge one and the
whole thing can unsealed.”
“There is a mixed metaphor. What you mean?”
“Chase got some slut pregnant in college, and Tabor tried to put some sense in his head, which led my brother to
think Tabor was better than him. Tabor on the other hand is trying to help him be better and realize his mistakes
so they don’t occur again.”  Colt told Alex what had happened that might make Chase upset with Tabor. “It’s all
fueling this fire. They were friends for a long time but when Chase’s wife came into the picture it ended it all.”
“I can understand that now.”
“Yeah,” Colt smiled. He was happy to have someone to talk to; it was like Alex hasn’t change and he was back to
being the college friend he had years ago. “What happened to you Alex?”
“What you mean?". After second Alex understood. "Nothing happened; I am okay with you and Kris if that’s what
you mean.”
“It is that, but it’s more; it’s like you changed back to the person you were before our falling out in school. Did it
really take 20 years for you to come around being okay with Kris’s life choices.”
“Yeah, and no; I never planned on seeing any of you  guys again; Elise and I moved away so she could get her
doctorate. We started thinking of having kids, and that’s when my thoughts started kicking in. What would
happen if she or he was gay? What kind of father would I be?  I told Elise I didn’t want to have kids and we split up
soon after.  I was alone until a friend of my coworkers and I got to talking, he was gay like Matt, but he was so
confused in high school and college dating girls and boys. I told him about my situation with Kris and how it
affected my relationship with Elise.  The guy Joseph, smiled and told me I was nuts.”
“I see, so that shows that you were okay with Kris, having had your epiphany with conversation with Joseph.”
“Yeah, and then I saw Kris tonight and all the emotions and comments and feelings came back and it was like
were back in college again. Me thinking he was lying about who he was. However, we talked about Kris’ life it
almost mirrored Joseph’s, and I was able to move past it, and now I am hundred percent happy for him and you.”
“I appreciate it buddy,” Colt laughed patting his friend on the back.
“I am curious what have you been doing; I mean we had been trying to call Kris about the medical situation for a
“To but is simply,” Colt added with mischievous smile, “We were getting reacquainted.”
Alex nodded. They both headed inside. 
4:45 AM
Dean grabbed a coffee with so many thoughts on  his mind, mostly Colt and Kris’ relationship. In the back of the
mind was the broken condom that he discovered and the waiting phone call he is supposed get from the doctor at
some point today. He needed to tell Kris. If Kris and Colt had fucked upon their meeting, which was likely, then
Kris needed to be aware of it.
He decided to wait until Kris exited the office with Caleb resting, and discuss the situation with him. He noticed
Alex and Colt had returned to the waiting room and sat down, continuing whatever conversation they had before.
Dean was about to engage them, when Kris opened the door and join the scene. Colt was instantly up and went
toward him. They chatted for a second, then Kris stared at me; the look in his eyes could kill. From that expression
no one would have known that he and Kris had fucked yesterday.
Kris came closer to the campground manager, at the same time they said, “We need to talk.”  Kris took the lead
and escorted him, to Dean's office.
“What kind of fucking campsite are you running here Dean. “
Dean was surprised by Kris’s comment; it took his mind away from the condom discussion he wanted to have, ana
put him on the defensive. “Excuse me, Mr. Stanton. Do you have a complaint about our site.”
“Yes, asshole, and you can drop the professional act; I thought we were friends.”
“What the fuck is your issue.”
“Today alone, me and my son were chased by bears, there was a fucking explosion. Not to mention sexual
activities occurring here by underage people. Then, one of my fucking kids suffered major injuries.”
“Kris, bad things happen. I cannot control bears escaping into the site, I cannot control teenagers desire to fuck a
guy, nor can I predict the future. Besides, while this was going on you and I were having sex too.  So, it isn’t like
you were watching these kids twenty four seven.”
“How dare you blame me for this?  I was nearly killed by a bear.”
“I am sorry Kris. I really am.”
“Bullshit, I have every right…”
“Too shut up!”  Dean listened politely to Kris, but it just made him madder and madder; like he was to blame for
all the misfortune that happened today. “Now you listen to me okay.”
Kris was speechless; he sat down in one of the chairs. Dean never spoke to him like this. “Listen you piece of shit.
Let us review how you treated me the past three or so years. I came to you when my relationship with Scott went
sour, and we had a good time, then we started had sex. I let you fucking use me. You needed a quick lay, with
your wife and mom gone. I was there. Then not even twelve hours ago, we fucked again. You got up and left
because your son needed you. You barely had time to enjoy it. “
Kris started up, “No, shut up Kris. I am not done. Then you have the nerve to bring Colt here and rub it in my face.
You didn’t hide it; you both came in holding hands all gushy, like you had been married for years. You only cared
about yourselves.”
“If that was true, then I wouldn’t have come here. I would have been fucking Colt more.”
“Kris, I heard you complain about fucking bears. Now you bring the guy I fucked back here in my face. Why?  Did
you even care about what we did?”
“No, I didn’t you shithead. And I wasn’t aware you and Colt had been around the block until he told me on the
way here. One fuck, you used him like you claimed I used you. So get off you fucking high horse.”
“Colt and I didn’t have a fuck, we both needed him. I knew then how much he needed you in his life. He was
withering away to nothing, and I needed to a fuck, so yes I used him. Now, I don’t need you. I have been talking to
somebody else about everything that has happened to me. I need to find somebody else who isn’t using me for a
quick fix. You bring Colt here and rub it in my face. Right after Scott hung up on me.”
“Hold on, wait you go talking to some stranger about your fucked up life, and he stupidly suggested you try to
enter a married person’s relationship. By saying you want Scott back. How selfish are you?”
“Says the man who cheated how many times on their relationships?”
That broke the camel’s back, Kris charged Dean and went to his throat, and started to choke Dean.
“You peace of shit. I don’t give rats ass about you, or you stupid camp. I care about my son and his friends. I didn’t
bring Colt here to make you fucking jealous, that didn’t even enter my field of vision. I came because there was
an accident on your watch.”
He let go of Dean and went toward the door, “Stay away from me Dean, I mean it. We have nothing left to say to
each other.”
“Actually,” Dean began rubbing his neck. “There is one more thing.”
“You are right, if Caleb dies, or you don’t find these girls. So help me.”
He slammed the door, and Dean thought that went well.
4:54 AM
“Okay, you have one phone call let’s go.”
The teen smiled. He didn’t walk out of the cell, he strutted. His two friends were hooting, which caused the guard
to hit the cell and shut them up.
He laughed as he walked with the guard toward his phone call.
“Why are you laughing? Peeing on a police car isn’t a laughing matter. And that was the least of your worries.”
“Don’t worry, sir. I feel that with one phone call, my folks will be able to sort this matter out.”
“Oh really, you know the President’s personal phone number.”
The teen laughed again, “No, sir. Better.”
The approached the phone and dialed the number. A minute passed and nobody was answering. The teens
swagger faltered a bit. After another minute, the cop laughed. “Would you like to try another number?”
“Yes, please.”  The teen finally seemed to realize the seriousness of the problem when his first number failed.
Now he dialed the cell phone’s number and the voice message was heard. The teen left a message.
“Well, it looks like your help isn’t coming to you tonight. Now you and your friends will have to be locked up for
the rest of the night. He smiled at the teen. This means a full examination.
That made the teens smile go away, he hoped the cop was kidding. However, the female guard didn’t show any
signs of a sense of humor. She escorted the teen to a room. “Don’t worry your two friends are going to be
examined as well. She closed the door. “Now please, take off all your clothes.”
After the teen didn’t move, she smiled, “Do I need to do it for you.”
4:57 AM
Scott was snoring loudly and Matt was fast asleep too. He was holding his college friend in his arms. His flaccid
dick rested near Scott’s opening, which was how it was for him and Corey. He woke up with start hitting Scott in
the head.
The knock was subtle, but it led to Scott following off the mattress to floor. “What?”
“I thought I heard the phone ringing.”
“So instead of answering it, you just decided to hit me in the head. Besides, I heard nothing.” Scott got up and got
back in bed holding his friend this time. “Go to sleep Matt. We can check the phone in the morning.”
Scott slapped his head, “What?” Off Scott’s look, “I feel asleep when you put your arms around me.”
Scott chucked and rested his head on the pillow next to Matt.
4:59 AM
Nate stroked his sleeping friends’ hair as he was sound asleep. “I am sorry, today was so bad for you, bro. I am
sorry I kissed you. I don’t like you like that.  This isn’t how I planned our friendship.”
At that Aaron opened his eyes, “How did you plan this friendship to go?”
Aaron sat up so fast, “Well, Nate out with it.”


There will be more chapters from Andy on this story!!
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