11:00 PM
Kris is awoken and saw Alex waiting over him with a damp something. Alex smiles as he notices Kris watching. The memories of the past few
hours come back to Kris like a blow to the head. He remembered the bears, and the fall from the hill and punching Alex.
“Hey, I am sorry for punching you....I wasn’t in my head at the moment. I thought you threw me down the hill.”
“I know; you were hit pretty hard. I apologize for my instant reaction.”
“What are you talking about?”
“When I punched you in retaliation, I knocked you out.”
“Oh,” Kris didn’t remember that part. He felt his head and there was white cloth on it. He looked to Alex and his ripped white shirt. “Am I
“Yeah, I am no doctor though. I think you will be fine. I know if Matt was here he would nurse back to health better than I would.”
Kris laughed, “You got that right.” His mind went back to his last year in high school when Matt helped him after being hit by a car, then his
first year in college when he had that E, Matt stayed with him all night.  Off Alex’s annoyed look, Kris held up his hand.
“Sorry, I mean; Matt tends to be protective of his friends, and he would have helped me a lot; however, you seem do have done a great job.”
Alex smiled, “Thanks, regardless of what you may think of me, considering our past. I am not out to kill you.”
“Then what is the problem you have with me.” Kris wanted to know. This feud had started in college, and over the years they had ran into
each other. He didn’t know if he would have Alex to deal with again, but if Nathan and Aaron are going to be friends, he should try to settle
the disagreements he had with Alex.
Alex nodded. He was building fire near them, and sat on a log. “You really want to talk about this now?”
“Yeah, Nathan is a strong individual; he and Aaron are going to be fine. If there are issues, they will call me. Besides, I want to know what I
did to piss you off.”
“You lied to us?”
“I never lied to you, bro.”
“Get off it, you had been dating two hot girls, okay one was the bitch Monica.”
“Monica was Colt’s. I had Liz at the time.”
“The point is: you were dating a girl and without so much as warning you and Colt were going at it.”
“Colt and I had been fucking for a while. It was common knowledge to most of my friends then.”
“Yeah, but then you and Colt fell in love.”
“People tend to do that,” Kris said matter of factually.
“You were the straightest guy I knew. You led our crew. Coached us. And when it comes down to it you were a closeted freak.”
“I resent that term,” with Kris injuries and years to control it, he listened without showing signs of anger that he felt. “You never had a
problem with Corey or Matt being gay.”
“They knew who they were, and I am okay with gay people. I just had one idea who Kris Stanton was, and you shattered it by playing for the
other team.”
Kris was curious now; he secretly wished that Alex and he had managed to communicate like this before, however. “And Scott he liked both
girls and guys.”
“And I was straight. You were straight. I looked up to you. The one who kept us on track, and now you were dating your best friend.”
“Yes, I was happy with him.”
“Tell me what happened to you Kris? What happened in your mind? How did you become so different?”
“Fuck it,” Kris was annoyed even more. He didn’t need to talk about his reasons to this jerk. People just change, that was for sure.  “I don’t
know bro, what you mean. I am same person now than I was then.”
“So you were always a liar?”
“Alex, I was never a liar.”
“Then what was all that parading around naked.”
“I was a nudist.” Kris was exasperated by this point. He didn’t know if it was his minor head infliction, or it was Alex’s flawed logic. Assuming
it was the former, he added, cautiously. “In the beginning, it was just me, but as we started to work out more, Matt, Corey and Colt joined
into the nude thing.”
“So you weren’t trying to get our defenses down by stripping naked in front of us. Trying to deflect that you were gay and not being honest
with us.”
“I stripped down because I didn’t like wearing clothes. And, I may be wrong, but I seem to recall when I was stripping down both Colt and I
had girlfriends.”
“One of whom just happened to become a lesbian?”
“She was bisexual.” Kris defended.
“And Andrea conveniently was okay with Colt and you sleeping around. Didn’t you and Colt fuck her at the same time?”
“Yeah,” Kris added, he remembered that was more Andrea’s idea than either Colt’s or his. “What’s your point? Let me guess. Andrea was just
another pawn in our elaborate deception to lie to our friends about our sexuality.”
Alex was nodding, not seeing how outrageous his claim is.  Kris decided to add to his argument. “Well, I guess our little circle jerk in college
and pressuring Shawn to join us. Was my gayness talking over?”
“I didn’t even think of that. My point like I stated is: You were our leader, and I didn’t know if I could trust you. I hated you when it became
public knowledge that you and Colt were dating.”
“Yeah, I saw that. But, Alex let me ask you some questions. Why would I and Colt even create such and illusion, if the end result would
alienate my friends?”
“I don’t know.” Alex stated. “Maybe you were never our friends to begin with.”
“Then why would I take the role of leader so seriously. And made sure everybody was welcome.”
“As long as they followed the no gay bashing policy, another point to me; because you didn’t want to be around someone who would hate
your kind.”
“Do you even hear yourself? I am homo-soupian.”
“That’s right you are a homo.”
Kris growled. “Homo-sapien, like you. We are of the same kind that you are. And let’s go with your little idea here. I lied to everybody that I
was gay and the one guy I ended up dating, happens to be the only one who was gay basher in high school, who was raised by gay hater.
Yeah, that makes sense.”
Kris continued, without giving Alex any room to speak. “You may not have followed what happened next, but we broke up. Colt and I. I feel
back in love with my high school sweetheart, and Colt had his relationship with Faith. We tried dating and it didn’t work.”
“Yeah and now Faith it dead, and you are separated from Melissa.”
Kris spoke as if Alex didn’t interrupt him, “Also, what is difference with me dating Colt, and sleeping with him. You seem to be okay with me
fucking him. More to my point, I slept with more guys than girls.”
“That was you being you.”
“Fuck you, Alex just shut up and listen. Your whole point was that you thought I lied to you, and now you fucking say that was me being me.
You don’t know I am.”
Alex was about to speak again and Kris stopped him.  “I am going to tell you this: So you know who I am. If you think this is a fucking lie than,
so be it. I was born to Walt and Jenny. I lost my gay druggie brother when I wasn’t even in fucking high school. Before that I was shy freak
who stayed on computers, and never socializing. Then Nathan died, I met a high school friend, and thought about what my brother told me
once, to live every day. So, I went out on a limb and formed a friend with Tanner. Then, Matt entered my life. He helped me when I could
have gotten in trouble with my fucking principal. Over the four years I found my best friend in life. I knew he was gay and protected from
assholes. I never looked at a guy in high school. My last year in high school, I lost my best friend in Matt over a stupid argument. Eventually
we found each other, but that time apart was the loneliest time in my life, equal to month after my own brother died.”
Kris stopped to take a breath and Alex was stunned. He never heard any of this before. From the way Alex looked at him, Kris could see that
Alex understood the words he spoke were the truth.
After taking some water from Alex’s canteen, Kris continued.
“When we arrived in college I was the outgoing Kris you knew. At that point the only guy I saw naked was Matt and I even told him to get
some shorts on to cover his dick. I made him get up and meet new people, which was Scott and Jess. Eventually Matt found his soul mate and
Colt entered our group. I told him flat out that we will not have problems with Matt and Corey being gay. At this point, I had Liz and that bitch
Monica and Colt were an item. Let me ask you. Did you think I was lying that that persona wasn’t me. That the person I was thing of fiction.”
“No, Elise and I knew you were the real deal. And that you were straight.”
“Yes, I was straight. Over the course of sophomore year I changed. I will admit it. Seeing Matt and Corey together made me hot. And Colt and
I were great friends, had a lot in common. And we started having sex. According to you, that was just me being me. Colt and I agreed that the
summer before we would stop, but then when Matt and I first fucked it opened the door to me and Colt continuing and we became fuck
buddies. The point is I didn’t know what the fuck I was feeling for Colt, I liked gay sex a lot. I was questioning myself so much it hurt my head.
Over the Christmas break when Juan got married, I hit a low. I got severely depressed trying to figure out what the fuck was wrong with me.
Was I gay, was I straight, did I love Colt. Over those weeks those inner questions were racking my brain. I talked to Matt, Corey, Colt, Scott
and others about it. I even experimented with Brennan to see if it was the sex I was craving or something more. And having sex with Brennan
allowed me to feel something, and I enjoyed the experience, but it was nothing compared to when I was with Colt, or even Matt. But I did
feel something, no matter how small, and that scared me.”
“Brennan never told me that.” Alex finally said and Kris refreshed himself.
“Why would he? It was my demons being gnawed at. And it was just sex. Anyways, time past and I still didn’t know what I felt. I had a dream
about my dead brother, and we had a conversation. He and I went over the guys I had slept and had an emotional connection with, and
analyzed why I loved them and ended up sleeping with them.”
Alex was curious, and asked about why he slept with the guys. It was clear to Kris this conversation was allowing Alex to access the true Kris.
Although, he hadn’t thought about this period in time in a while, Kris never forgot this conversation during what he playfully called his
“Well Matt was just something we both wanted to experiment, nothing more. It would have meant sleeping with my brother.” Kris
answered, knowing that the truth would help them both. “When Nathan asked about Corey, and it came out that I was using physical
pleasuring as apologizes, he pointed out that there was something more to me than just straight tendencies. I showed my affection because
it was easier than communicating it. He stated that concerning myself on whether I was gay or bi or straight was clouding my true issues. That
the gay actions I do with my friends is just another way I express my love for them.  I could fuck Matt, Corey or Scott now and it would just be
a show of love.”
“Okay, I understand that. But what was the issue Nathan was trying to get you to understand.”
“Oh, yeah,” Kris chuckled remembering his initial reaction when he connected the dots. He was with Matt at the time and he screamed no.
And he revealed he wasn’t gay, something Matt was trying to say through the entire minor crises Kris was going through.
Kris turned to Alex on the beach as he spoke, “Just that I had strong feelings for Colt, and I didn’t want to go there so I made my mind
question my orientation instead of dealing with Colt.  Essentially after I talked with more people and term started again, I moved my shit in
Colt’s room allowing Matt and Corey the option to live together and have Colt and I stay together, so I could see if I was truly in love with
him.  From then he continued to date Andrea and I bed hopped a lot. It was until junior year that Colt and I found each other. We got
together because Colt was jealous that I went on a date with a guy. I did it to see if there was something. After that we started to date.”
“Fuck.”  That’s all Alex could say. “Yes, we broke up before the end of year because we drifted apart as boyfriends and we both cheated on
each other. Looking for something else that Colt couldn’t give me.”  After a minute, “Do you think I am liar still?”
“No, I thought you and Colt were just hiding who you were.”
“Not hiding, trying to understand it.”
Alex stood and walked closer to Kris, he assumed it was to check his head bandage, but Alex did something else. He extended his hand.
“Kris, I am sorry.”
Kris shook it and tried to stand, but was too dizzy. “Bro, forget it. It’s in the past. Colt and I are in the past too.”
Alex helped Kris up and the two sat closer to fire. “So, do you still love Colt?”
Kris didn’t respond, just looking at the stars. His mind went to the great times he had with Colt. The time he slept with him at the hotel,
Colt’s birthday fuck, fucking at the College gym. He stopped to ponder if that was just a fantasy. He thought about the time since college and
how bad it got. Colt stayed in their college town, as Kris moved home with Mel. Kris dealt with his son and as Colt dealt with Faith’s death,.
That action stopped Kris and Colt from speaking for another ten years. Seeing him at the wedding of Scott and Jess last year brought all the
times Kris tried to communicate back to the forefront of his mind, how their lives were so different they couldn’t relate, and then his mother
getting sick again. 
He put his hands to his head to stop the memories of his past with Colt and focused on the stars again. It just occurred to him that it was
pouring rain and the sound in the distance was lightening. He wondered why he wasn’t wet. He turned to Alex who allowed him the time
Kris answered Alex’s question, happy that he and Alex were once again friends, “Alex, honestly. There will always be a place in my heart for
11:27 PM
Ryan sat in a chair in just his boxers transfixed with what was occurring in front of him. He was fifteen and his dick was hard. Phillip was
kissing Marcie and exploring her breasts. Caleb was still tied to the table and with his dick being attended to. Erin hadn’t let Caleb explode at
all. She slowly worked it until he was ready then stopped. Jill was videotaping the entire thing. When Ryan returned to the cabin, Marcie
took Phil and started to make out with him. Jill and Marcie went towards Ryan slowly stripped Ryan of his shirt and shorts and was about to
remove Ryan’s boxers, but he said no.
Now, he couldn’t keep his eyes off the action. Jill put her camera down and walked toward Ryan. She kissed him on the lips. Ryan enjoyed
the kiss, but stopped her from enjoying the hair on his chest.
“What’s the matter?”
“I just not ready for this.”
Phillip spoke up as he took off Marcie’s bra, “He is a little shy maybe a lap dance may help.”
“No,” Ryan smiled. “I am just not into this kind of thing.”
Jill wasn’t ready for defeat; she put her hand on his crotch where his rock hard cock was. “This shows me you are interested.”
“I cannot control him,” Ryan blushed calling his dick a him.
“Ryan, when was the last time you masturbated.”
It was two days ago, but he wasn’t about to tell her that. She continued to feel his long member throw the cotton boxers. Ryan was enjoying
the touch.
“Okay, I will make you a deal, Jill.”
“I will have fun with you on three conditions.”
Curious, Jill nodded for him to continue, the entire room actually stopped their play to listen to Ryan. “One, the camera will never be on, and
unless my friends say so, we keep the film.”
Caleb whose dick was so hard, “I agree.” Phillip nodded.
“Okay,” Jill smiled, “The other two conditions.”
“The second is, you three get completely naked allow us to watch you make out first.”
Marcie laughed, “Okay, that isn’t a problem.”
“The last,” Ryan smiled off the other girls nods. “I am not taking these boxers off.”
Phillip walked to the chair Ryan sat at; with one quick motion he pushed Ryan down and ripped the boxers off him. He turned to his bare
assed friend. “Enough of this shy shit. The girls will make you have fun. Now stand up and show them what they have to work with this.”
Embarrassed, Ryan stood. The girls stood around with the camera facing the guys and with much prompting Erin went down on it. Ryan stood
back. “You guys first.”
“Yeah,” Caleb smiled. “Strip.”
They did and Ryan let his dick control things now, as the thunder continued outside. Had Ryan not be stimulated he would have noticed an
odd smell.
11:36 PM
Nate and Aaron were back at Nate’s hut. The walk up was hard in the rain which did help wash away the blood from Aaron’s back. When they
arrived back the hut about five minutes ago, Nathan stripped Aaron’s shirt and checked his back. There were two large scratches on there.
Nate remembered his training when he camped with his dad a year ago, and treated the small one with some ointment and = gauze.
“In case of emergencies, I left a first aid kit here.” Nate said while treating his friend.
Now, the two friends were getting dressed in some dry clothes. Aaron was luckily Nate’s size, so he burrowed a shirt and shorts. “So, a first
aid kit, extra clothes. What’s next a beer?”
“Well,” Aaron smiled, “not really just some empty canteens.” Aaron grabbed one and put it outside, so he could soak up the rain. Nathan
watched and loved how good their friendship was. Coming out was not as bad as he thought it was.
At the moment Aaron turned back and saw Nate’s expression. He frowned as he gave Nate the water.
“What’s up?”
“Nothing, honestly.” At Aaron’s look, Nate continued. “Okay, well. I just thought about my mother and how she wasn’t good to me when
coming out.”
“You mentioned that she left you and Coach Kris.”
“Yeah, but I really don’t think it was because I was gay?”
That raised Aaron’s eyebrows, Nate thought about how much truth to add to his statements, then decided there will be no lies between
then now.
Aaron took a swig of rain water, and nodded for Nate to continue saying, “Why, then.”
“You only know Coach Kris for a short time, and he is an extrovert. Always meeting new people and becoming thier friends.”
“Yeah, that was obvious, when we did that opening exercise the first day of health class.” Aaron snapped his finger. “The class on gay issues
was for you, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah,” Nathan blushed. “He wanted to show he cared. Anyways, Kris had grown towards a few men over the years. If we are to label him, he
is a bisexual.”
“There was a rumor that he had slept with one of teachers.” Aaron nodded.
“I started that one. We had argument, and thought he had it coming. No, Coach hasn’t slept with anybody since my mother left. Not with any
of the teachers I mean.”
“I see.”
“I learned that Mom believed Dad was unfaithful, except he wasn’t. There was a friend that needed help, and Dad assisted him. She didn’t
believe Kris and left him.”
“What does this have to do with you?”
“It makes no sense she wouldn’t have any faith in me or my orientation. Mom and I had great relationship before I came out. And when I did,
it was stake through the heart.”
“What you mean?”
Nate appreciated Aaron coming up and seating next to him. “When I told Dad and Mom, she was speechless. This is opinionated woman, and
I saw the pain in her eyes. She was disappointed and forced smile. She went upstairs, claiming to take some time to take all this in. That’s
when she left the house.”
“I am sorry about that. But I don’t get why this has to with Kris helping out a friend and her not wanting to accept your orientation.”
“Okay,” he spoke with authority. ‘Kris had an open relationship with his college buddies, including Matt his high school friend. They had
slept around a lot. It is not secret and it helped defined that relationship that is closer than brothers, closer than best friends. I don’t know
what label would accurately describe it. So, since Mom and Dad were high school sweethearts, she knew about his need to help his friends,
and has accepted his bisexual lifestyle. But Dad and Uncle Matt continued to have sex. I know that for a fact.”
He saw Aaron about to speak. “I am not going to tell you about that. No person should see that. Anyways, so she believed history was
repeating and that the help would turn into physical help. I thought when I came out, she believed that I was a lot cause and would be like
my father, and no molding in her part would correct it.”
“So, you think she gave up and let your father raise you.”
“Yes,” He needed to get this off his chest. “Since I was born my parents were trying to be molders, my dad took me to football games, and got
me to join the gym. And my mom wanted me to be like her and do things with her. It was like my fucking life was compartmentalized into
what they wanted. Like it was fucking competition on whom I would be more like. And me being gay to her put me in his column and for that
she left.”
Aaron patted him on the back rubbed his shoulders. Nate put my head down, “My mother left me. I hate that, and I don’t care if my fucking
theory is right. I cannot forgive her.”
“Buddy, I wish I could relate. My mom was just as part of my life as my dad. Is there anything I can say to help?”
“No,” the tears escaped his eyes. “I needed to tell someone this. I have no mother, and it hurts.”
That’s when Aaron did it. He turned his head so Nate was looking at his face. He wiped Nate’s eyes with his fingers, and smiled. “This won’t
hurt.” And before Nate could stop it, Aaron’s lips were on his. It felt good. They continued to kiss.
11: 41 PM
Colt parked outside the campsite that Kris was supposed to be at. He had called Kris but got voice mail. He ran to the campsite. It was
completely empty. There were some towels on the grown and dishes blown over from the wind. He went to the tent and looked inside. It
was equally empty. He tried Kris again, but got another voice mail. What surprised the hick cowboy was that Kris hasn’t change the number.
He saw Kris’s sleeping bag and knapsack, on the flap was a picture of Kris and his son. The fourteen year old youth looked like Kris.  He sighed
and decided to wait for the Stantons to return. He heard on the radio about bears escaping, but the recent report told him that they were
caught. He hoped Kris wasn’t injured.
Colt stood up and hit his head on the top of the tent’s metal pool. “Fuck!”
“That’s Colt alright.” The voice laughed; Colt hadn’t heard that laugh in ages. Rubbing his head, he exited the tent.
He saw him and couldn’t believe it. “In a million years, I would never expect to see you here in the rain.”
“Ditto,” the guy said and pushed past him into the tent for some warmth.
“What are you doing here?” Tabor asked as more lightning struck a tree.
11: 52 PM
Aaron and Nate broke the kiss four minutes ago. Aaron didn’t know why he kissed his friend. But, he thought it was needed. Now they both
sat in silence. Nate’s face was unreadable. He couldn’t think of anything to say.
He waited for Nate to break the silence, which Aaron was okay with. It was comfortable silence between friends. It was then that Nate
“We need to talk about what just happened.”
Aaron nodded, did he make a mistake. He waited again, but Nate wasn’t speaking. He would give him time to express himself.
11: 53 PM
Dean was almost back to his cabin. He stopped off at the office about ten minutes ago to check on the last reports and to make sure the night
deputies were okay. He thought he saw someone from his past; but as he was about to speak to the gentlemen, he got into this truck and
drove to his stop. He asked the night officer who it was and the name floored Dean. He hadn’t heard that name in years. It was around
twenty years ago that he caught him and another guy fucking in a car in the open.
It made his mind turn to the man with the dog and the conversation he had with him. They spent nearly fifteen minutes talking about what
he and Kris did early that night. Michael listened and nodded, and asked the right questions. After the talk, Dean went away with knowledge
that he was using Kris as much as Kris was using him.
It was true when he broke up with Scott as Jess reclaimed his love for his college lover that he went to Kris for friendship. They didn’t sleep
together then, it was in the cards and eventually they both used each other for the sex. Kris would get away from his son to have sex with
him, and eventually he met Kris’ son. Then last year shit happened with Kris and he needed Dean.
The night Scott and Jess got married was horrible night for both of them. Kris knew that I was invited to the wedding, but wasn’t going. So, he
left Nate with his grandparents and he came to see Dean two days before the wedding. They talked all day about Dean’s love for Scott, and
how it began as just flirtation and amazing sex, and let to a meaningful relationship. Jess showed up and Scott dropped Dean nicely for Jess.
Kris and he had a powerful fuck session in every room that night. He wished that Kris could stay and be there for him but, Kris was one of the
ushers for the wedding and needed to be at the bachelor party. Kris went to the wedding texting me how bored he was and wished he was
there with him.  Then the texts stopped and Dean realized Kris was ignoring him. He learned a week later with Kris’s apology that his mother
had died and he needed to be there for his father. He then confirmed his reservation for the campground. Claiming he needed Dean and
even invited him to dinner with his son and him.
They met for dinner at the campsite and ended up having sex while Nate went to his hut. It was then that it was confirmed that Kris was
using him. Tonight they fucked at seven o’clock; Dean was just a tool for Kris’s pleasure.
Michael, the man with the dog said, that he needed to find his own pleasure. He was right Scott and he had good thing, but when Jess came
along he was dropped, and Kris just fucked and ran. He decided what he needed to do.
Now Dean approached his cabin and opened the door and smelled the sex. He decided to clean up the cabin, as he hated to leave it messy.
He picked up the discarded condom next to trash. It was disgustingly still filled. As he threw it away, there were drops on the ground, and he
knew that it meant one thing. He quickly grabbed the condom again and noticed it. There was whole. Now Dean has a big problem.
11: 58 PM
Nathan started pacing the hut; he realized he hadn’t spoken to Aaron about the kiss. He just needed to collect his thoughts. The way he had
to convey this message was important as the message. Aaron just stared. “Bro, you say we needed to talk, so let’s talk. Did you like the kiss at
Nathan opened his mouth to speak, and didn’t.
11:59 PM
A tired, drenched and cold Tina approached the old abandoned ranger’s cabin. The thunder and lightning made it impossible to hear
anything but the window she came upon showed the entire scene…She stared at Caleb, and couldn’t believe the asshole had the nerve.
12:00 AM
As a new day begins, Aaron watched his friend who was now looking out the door of the makeshift hut that Nate found a few years back. He
wanted to know why Nate got so distant when kissed him.
Aaron got up to stood next to Nate. He gently placed his hand on Nate’s shoulder. “Hey, do you want to talk about the kiss?”
“Yes,” he said still looking out at the scene before them; the rain was strong as ever, while the thunder was heard as well. “I will just get out
there and say it. I know why you kissed me. I don’t feel that way about you. I am sorry.”
“What?” Aaron was not following his friend, “I kissed you because you needed to feel something wonderful, to get away from the horrible
thoughts you were having.”
“It was a wonderful kiss; Aaron, but you kissed me because you thought I wanted you on some level. I do not.”
Aaron was smiling inwardly, relieved. “Can I ask why you don’t like me?”
“Honestly, bro. You aint my type; and I am not attracted to you. Besides I prefer my men to have bigger dicks.”
He looked at Nate, appalled that he would say such a truth. Sure, his penis was not as big as some of their class mates, but he was happy to
have it.
Nate just laughed, “Sorry, I couldn’t resist. There was some initial attraction which is why I set out to become your friend. Besides, for a gay
man, your have a great cock that any girl would like.”
“Thanks,” Aaron nodded, “I think.”
“I have something to tell you too.”
Aaron noticed that Nate was not listening at all; his eyes were transfixed on something in the distance. “Fuck,” he spoke to Aaron, “did you
see that.”
“The lightning struck that tree and it caught fire.”  Aaron looked where Nate pointed.
“Luckily it is away from all the campgrounds.”
“People still may be hurt,” Nate frowned, and rushed off. Aaron chased after him. He decided that he would tell Nate the true reason why he
left when Nate came out.
12:07 AM
Colt sat in the tent with Tabor on the other side. Colt had just finished explaining what he had come all this way in the middle of the night.
“You want Kris, eh?”
“I don’t know; I just need to see him.” He lied.
“So, why are you here Tabor?”
“I needed to talk to my adoptive brothers about some shit in my life.”
“You didn’t get arrested?”
“Get someone pregnant.”
“That was Chase.”
“Then, what’s wrong?” Tabor seemed reluctant to speak to him about what is bothering. “I know we haven’t spoken in three years. Honestly,
I was going through my own shit. I apologize for not seeking you out.”
“Colt, it’s okay. I am not sure I would have welcomed it.”
“You miss him, though?”
Tabor didn’t need to answer the question, his face said it all.
“So, this is about Chase.”
“Yeah, you know all the details of what happened.”
Colt shook his head. Three years ago, he was broken man, a shell of his former self. Hunter, his nephew was engaging him, but he was still
bummed out. Ben’s breakup was still on his mind with the other failed friendships.  Chase and Tabor were still good friends, and Chase
talked about Colt’s issues with Tabor. However, something triggered Tabor departure from Chase’s life.
Colt nodded for Tabor to explain, as Colt went back to his early discussion with Chase when he left his brother’s place. He wanted Chase to
fix the situation with Tabor, not knowing what had transpired.
“It started because a girl. She and I worked at the same place and we were hitting it off. She seemed to like me, and man the sex was
amazing, I thought college had fine pussy, she was so different matter.”
Colt had to laugh at that; Tabor hasn’t changed since he graduated college. Colt secretly wondered if he slept with the professors to earn his
degree. “Getting back to point, you and this woman were in a relationship.”
Tabor nodded, he had to speak loud to carry over the winds and thunder. “Three weeks into the relationship she mentioned that there was
someone else and that it wasn’t going well, that they hit rough patch after eight months of dating. Naturally, I asked who my completion
was. She told me.”
“Let me guess, my baby brother.”
Tabor nodded. “I was hurt that Chase never revealed her to me. I confronted him the next night, and we fought about it.”
Colt didn’t remember this at all, “Where was I?”
“Drunk somewhere, I don’t know.”
This time period was a blur to Colt because of his drinking. “So did you guys settle it?”
“Nope, he wouldn’t back down, and the two of us dated her. I hoped I would win her over, and healthy competition between friends is a
good thing.”
“Yeah, I guess.”  Colt never had a best friend until Kris. And, they never went after the same girl. Kris mentioned that his father had to woo
his mother away from another suitor, but the closest thing was when Kris and he fucked Andrea together.
“A few weeks and months passed, she seemed to love attention. I really thought she liked me more, and was ready to pop the question. She
wouldn’t even let me in the door, and told me to leave before she called the cops. I demanded to know why, and she told me what Chase
said about me: That I raped my last girlfriend.”
Colt had never known Chase to be a liar. “Why would he do that?”
“Love is a battlefield, I guess. He wanted her and would betray his best friend to do it. Anyways, I punched him in the face breaking a tooth and
decided never to speak to him again. She wound up marrying Chase.
“You mean?” Colt just put two and two together, “Chase’s wife.” That put an entire new spin on the story, as Colt knew Chase’s wife well.
“Yes, we both fought over her. Weeks after the wedding, she found me and admitted to that she would have chosen Chase anyways. She knew the
rape was a lie, and only went along with it to let me down easily than dealing with hurt feelings.”
“I am sorry, I wasn’t there.”
“Yeah, but I got over her; and eventually found a nice girl for me.  We have been dating ever since.”
“That’s wonderful, Tabor.”
“I called Chase to tell him the news, he wouldn’t speak to me. He said I was dead to him. Bro, it killed me not have him in life. I love the kid; I was in
his corner along.”
“Tabor, you need to go over there and talk to him. You two need to settle this.”
“Easier said than done.”
“Use me as an example. Kris and haven’t spoken to each other in 20 years. We tried but it didn’t work. Now I am back here. I am scared shittless on
how he would react.”
“You really think he would listen?”
“Chase’s wife would make him listen.”
Colt got up and hugged his friend. He whispered into Tabor’s ear. “If Chase doesn’t respond, I will come back and beat his ass.”
Tabor laughed, “It’s been years since I saw a good Chase-Colt rumble. My money is on you.”
“It better be.”
The thunder outside hadn’t stopped and the rain wasn’t letting up. It was then that Colt heard the footsteps. He exited the tent with Tabor
behind…waiting to see who would enter the campground.
12:15 AM
Kris walked into his camp and stopped dead in his tracks. He couldn't believe his eyes. Colt had just emerged from his tent with Tabor. He stared at
his old friend and lover for a moment and felt something bubbling up in his stomach. He didn't know if it was anger, resentment or some form of

He studied Colt, seeing that he was in worse condition than the last time he had seen him at Scott's wedding and a long way from the stud he was
when they had been boyfriends in college. His hair was longer, possibly showing a hint of gray. He was clearly less built and out of shape than he
had been and the beard on his face suggested it had been a while since he or anyone else had cared what he looked like.

Part of Kris still cared for Colt as his bro, the tattoo on his chest was a testament to that, but another part wanted to walk up to him so he could
punch him in the face. He knew they both blamed each other for what had happened between them, for their initial argument that had stopped
them speaking. Colt thought Kris didn't care about him anymore, that all his talk about being best friends forever and always been there had been
nothing but BS because when someone else came along, okay it was his son, Kris just left him when he needed someone the most. For Kris he had
blamed Colt for being selfish, for not understanding how important his son was to him. He never wanted to hurt Colt's feelings but he did what he
had to do and he wasn't going to apologise for what he did, even if it cost them nearly 15 years of their friendship.

He didn't know what Colt wanted but he wasn't in the mood for dealing with him. Clearly Nate wasn't at the campsite like he'd hoped and he
couldn't rest until he found his son. He started to turn to walk out of the camp when his phone began to ring. Quickly he pulled the phone from his
pocket and answered it.

"Nate? Oh thank God! Where are you?"

Kris could see Alex leaning in, trying to listen.

"I'm fine, Dad, so is Aaron. We're a little banged up but it's nothing we can't handle. We were gonna try to head back to camp but then we saw the
big fire and wondered if we could help so we're heading toward it. We broke our cellphones but I found this payphone on one of the trails and
wanted to call to tell you I'm okay and to check that you are."

"Oh God, I'm so glad you're okay. I've never been so scared of losing you, well, not since..."


Kris was silent as he stared at Colt.


"Sorry, you were saying?"

"We're heading for the fire because we think it's getting bigger and if we can do anything to help put it out then we will."

"Stay safe, okay? And son? I love you."

"Love you too, Dad. Bye."

Nate hung up and Kris just stared at his phone for a moment.

"Well?" Alex asked.

"They're fine. They're banged up but fine. They're heading toward the fire they saw. They want to see if they can help."

"Right, then I'm heading over there now. I want to find Aaron and really check he's okay."

"I'm coming with you," Kris said, quickly glancing over at Colt.

"I've got a better idea," Tabor said. "What I want to talk to you about can wait. I'll go with Alex. I think you and Colt need to talk about some things."

"I think we've said all we need to," Kris said.

"Please, Kris," Colt pleaded.

Kris felt a pang in his heart that told him that despite everything he still cared for Colt and wanted to hear him out.

"Okay," Kris said. "You go find Nate with Alex. Phone me if you need anything."

"Yes Coach," Tabor smiled.

Kris grinned and shoved him in the back as Tabor and Alex walked away and exited the campground. Finally realizing they were alone for the first
time in years, Kris turned to Colt and stared right into the eyes he had once loved waking up to.

12: 21 AM
Colt looked at Kris, and watched as he stared back at him. Colt was scared of what to say. However, Kris spoke first. “Listen, I don’t have time to
fucking listening to you say you’re sorry. I want to find my son.”
“But you just sent Alex to find him,” Colt replied.
“Yeah, but I want to see that he’s okay for myself. You’d understand if you were a dad.”
With that Kris left, and even though Colt was a little hurt by the obvious jab at why they stopped speaking all those years ago he wasn’t about to let
Kris get away so easily. When he saw him minutes ago it was surprising. Kris looked great, a little beer belly perhaps, but otherwise he was the
same guy he dated in college. Then when Kris started talking about his son it was like history repeating itself. Faith died and Matt mentioned at the
funeral that Kris’s son had taken ill and he regretted that he couldn’t be there for Colt. The annoying part was that Kris didn’t even call or leave a
message or text or anything. Now, nearly ten years later, Kris was running off after Nate and he was standing alone with his emotions.
Not again, Colt thought, I can’t let him go again. He chased after his former best friend. He had just left the camp when the phone rang and he saw
it was Chase. Colt told him about what had just happened and asked for some advice. Had Colt kept running he would have found Kris standing
under a tree thinking, and had he asked he would know that Kris was thinking about how seeing Colt really stirred up all these emotions that were
hidden for years like how much he really had missed seeing Colt and even more just being with him like they had been in college, not necessarily
as lovers but as best friends. Instead Colt was none the wiser in the tent talking to his brother.
12: 31 AM
Outside the old ranger’s station Tina could not stop watching the action inside. Not only was Caleb naked and being enjoyed by a senior from their
high school, but Phillip was exchanging blowjobs with Ryan, their faces were not happy though. This action surprised Tina the most. Her eyes were
still focused on the attention that Caleb was getting; the eyes saw only jealousness, nothing more.
Tina smelled smoke and turned to the left to see a few trees on fire, but as she continued to watch the fire went out quickly with the torrential
rain. Relieved, she went back to watching the scene unfolding through the window. The lightening wasn’t bothering her at all. The two tree
branches next to second window of the station were swaying in the wind. Another lightning strike hit right next to Tina, and she jumped up and
She screamed. A minute later Phillip was outside, completely naked. The nudity didn’t faze her but the look on Phillip’s face scared her.
“Tina, what the fuck are you doing here?”
“Watching you with the guys,” she responded, “I didn’t know you were gay.”
“I’m not. And this is private so fuck off.” The way he said it made her believe he meant business. She turned to leave when it happened again. The
lightning struck another tree against the window and it caught fire. Luckily it didn’t hit the window and the station was safe. Phillip and Tina looked
at it, speechless wondering what to do.
12: 37 AM
Kris stood by the tree still thinking of what to do. Should he go back and see what Colt had to say or should he look for his son? He thought about
what Colt had meant to him, how close they had been and how much he had missed it, especially since what had happened with Melissa. He had
often wondered what his life would have been like if he had stayed with Colt but when those thoughts rose he usually tried to bury them again. He
closed his eyes and saw Colt’s face as it stared at him. Colt’s eyes had screamed that he needed to talk to Kris right then and showed his
desperation for a resolution to their problems. Kris wanted that too, however, his son was still out there somewhere.
He made his decision and hoped it was the right one.
12: 39 AM
Phillip was still naked and stared at the flames that now engulfed the second tree. Tina looked to him. “What do we do?”
“I have no idea. Maybe we should warn everyone inside.”
“Nah, it’s going in the opposite direction, the ranger’s station seems to be safe. Hopefully the rain will put the fire out.”
“Good thinking.” He thought maybe he should explain the situation to Tina. He hated that the girls made him swap spit with Ryan, but he enjoyed
the feeling, but hated that he did it with him. “I’m sorry about Caleb.”
“Aw, fuck it. He seems happy.” She lied and Phillip knew it, but he decided to go along with it. “Do you want to join us? I’m sure Ryan is wondering
where I went.”
“Nah,” Tina laughed, looking into the window. “He seems engaged at the moment.” Phil was cold and hated it but he didn’t want to leave Tina in
the rain.
“Come on, let’s go the back; we can watch the fire from there.”
12:42 AM
Kris was setting back to the tent, the pent up anger gone and curiosity now entering his mind. Nate wasn’t alone and he was sure Alex and Tabor
would be with them shortly. As he entered the campground his phone beeped with a text. Alex wrote, “Fire is gone because of rain; Tabor has an
idea where our sons are. Will update you with more later.”
Happy that that issue was taken care he looked around for his college roommate but didn’t see Colt. His first thought was the Colt left after Kris so
harshly rejected him, but a quick look at the car showed that wasn’t the case.
Colt was inside the tent on his phone. He stood under a tree a watched his friend, waiting for the right moment to make his entrance.
12 45 AM
The man, Michael, was up. He hadn’t even thought of sleeping. Ever since Dean left him he thought about making the call. He told Dean to find
happiness and not just be used for sex. Now he needed to take his own advice. Although he had some friends in the big city before he moved here,
other than Patches none of them were keepers.
Patches barked which told him he needs to make the call. He dialed the number and waited for a response. After four rings, he picked up.
Michael couldn’t speak, he was speechless.
“I’m sorry wrong number.”
Michael hung up, embarrassed and annoyed. Patches looked at him like he was stupid. Maybe he was but he had to try. After he found more
courage he may call again.
12: 47 AM
Derek walked into the master bedroom where he and his husband slept. Jess was staying with Rick’s old bedroom.
As he approached the bed, Samuel’s eyes opened. “Who was on the phone, love?”
“Wrong number.”
Samuel looked at him with worry, “Then why do you have that face.”
“Because I think I know the person.”
Derek told him who and Samuel didn’t know how it was possible.
12: 49 AM
Aaron ran ahead, with Nathan falling behind. The pain in his shoulder was gone now. He only cared about what was up ahead. He was thankful the
rain washed out the current fire that had started, and was equally happy that that fire wasn’t as big as he thought. The issue at hand was the fire
that started a few minutes ago.
As Nathan entered the scene behind his friend they took it in. The rain wasn’t letting up and the fire had moved to another tree. He wondered if it
was a good idea to go there instead of going back to his father and the campsite. How his Dad had spoken to him on the phone earlier made him
wonder if Dad had his own issues to deal with.
All thoughts of that escaped his mind as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. He just registered Tina and a naked Phillip in the back of the
ranger’s station when it happened and Aaron was looking in the window of the abandoned station.
The wind changed directions harshly and swiftly with a huge punch. It almost knocked Nathan over. The tree that was on fire was knocked over into
the window. The window broke with the lighted branch entering the room. Luckily it was a different window that Aaron was looking at. A second
later, two girls and two boys in various stages of undress exited the front door just in time because one second later the station blew up. What
nobody realized at the time, even though some of them smelt the odor inside the station was there was a gas leak, and the fire from the branch
breaking the window ignited the gas. Nate covered his eyes as the blast threw him two feet into a tree.
12:54 AM
Colt was inside the tent chatting with Chase. He mentioned in passing that Tabor had seen him. Chase immediately changed the subject. It was only
then that he saw Kris standing in the distance watching him. Neither of them saw the explosion due to the seclusion of the camp and they were too
caught up in their thoughts to hear anything but their own inner voices.
Kris walked toward the tent as Colt hung up his call. He checked his face in the mirror that was attached to the tent. He assumed it belonged to Kris.
Kris opened up the zipper and Colt smiled.
“I’m glad you came back.” Colt had a plan that he cooked up with Chase, but seeing those blue eyes and the hurt behind him them he decided to
play it by ear.
“Yeah, just answer me this… And Colt, be honest, please. Do you still blame me for what happened between us?
Colt knew what he was talking about and knew the true answer. He hesitated but knew he had to be honest. “Yes, Kris I do.” Colt took a pause. “But
you blame me too.”
Kris smiled and nodded. Colt looked into his eyes for guidance.
12:59 AM
He opened his eyes and all around he saw orange fire. Nate got up, checking his joints. The first person he saw was Aaron. He was bleeding from
the left arm and his pants were ripped completely. Nathan checked his pulse.
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