What has happened so far
· Riley and Peter had tried to go fishing but they heard screams and they found Alex passed out. They called Kris. 
· Kris and Colt are a couple again, and were on their way back to his campsite, when the learned that something had happened with
· They learned found abandoned ambulance and Alex, and decided to follow some wheel tracks to locate him.
· Tina was found by the main offices that doubled for the medical station, Ryan and Phillip learned that Tina had ran away from her
father, when she learned that he was having an affair with her principal. The three of them also found a video camera that Ryan had
recognized as the one he saw in the abandoned cabin before the explosion.
· Aaron and Nate returned to the campsite. There was Tim Trenton who was supposed to have been watched by Chris Raymond,
Matt’s son. Tim and Nate had been friends and three began to talk.
· At the police station Matt and Scott waited for his son and his friends to be released.  In the ensuing conversation, they learned that
Tim, Scott’s cousin was missing.

9:00 AM
Kris had been thinking all morning so much that he allowed Alex and Colt to lead them on the tracks. First, he thought about the private
conversation he had with Dean when Colt got some shut eye. Dean had informed him the condom broke while they had sex over 12 hours
ago. Although, he was okay with it, Kris promised he would get tested when he got back home.  The last two hours kept him thinking about
all that happened to him in the last year and how a potential STD would be the icing on the cake of his bad life.
The camping trip from hell that this turned out to be was the just the tip of it. He had wanted Nate and his friends to have a great time, he
had hoped Nate would inform them of his sexual orientation and that would lead to who knew where. But, all that changed when Tina came
out of nowhere, and Aaron ran away after Nate talked to him about being gay. He didn’t expect that.
From there it was like a bad soap opera, like the ones Melissa made him watch in the early years of their marriage. He went after his son
with Alex, not realizing he was the father of his son’s best friend. Then, he had to fight off bears that lead to his reunion with Colt, who has
showed up out of the blue. The conversation they had was so full emotion, regret and love; then while he was making passionate love to his
soul mate, an explosion nearly killed one of his best students. That lead Colt and him to the medical bay to make sure everybody was alright.
A couple of strangers called him and before they knew it they were trying to locate Caleb by following tracks, only to get lost.
As they continued to walk it got him thinking about the past six months, how he had to be a single father to Nate when how his own wife
divorced him. He never saw it coming. He knew his marriage would dissolve, but not that she would turn her back on Nate.  They had many
fights in the last two years and none of it had do to with their son, but about his relationship with Matt and then with Dean, and how she
though he would cheat on her. They had separated for a few months before their marriage because she wanted to move to New York and he
didn’t. They managed to work it out when she realized that their relationship was more important to her than their location.
However, that line of thinking brought him to the start of this of all this mess: His mother’s death. One year ago they buried her. It was one
of the most horrible days of his life.  He remembered the call he received from his dad at Scott and Jess’s wedding.
He sat back having a beer, wanting to go home and strip naked. Being separated from Mel allowed him to be a nudist again. It took some
getting used but Nate eventually was okay with it.  In the corner at the bar was Colt, his former best friend. He seemed to be a mess. Scott
was talking to him. Kris needed to say something too. Their feud had gone on too long. He missed his son’s first word, beer, and his first
steps, he didn’t want Colt miss more stuff.
He got up and walked toward him, but his phone rang.
He could hear in his father’s voice something was wrong. Kris went through all the scenarios in his head, first Nate being hurt, and then he
knew it was his mother. “How is she?”
“It returned, we are at the hospital. We need you back here.”
“I am on my way.”
He grabbed his coat and found Jess. He apologized about having to run and left. He completely forgot to tell Dean who he had slept with the
night before. His concern about Colt was now so far from his mind; he just got in his truck ans drove.  As he turned away he saw Matt and
Corey heading in his direction.
“Kris what’s wrong.”
“My mom, I got to go.”  Matt and Corey nodded as Kris drove off without another thought about it. His mind was on his mother now and how
much he needed her to be okay. Through his entire separation with Mel, she had listened and helped him.
In record speed he was at the hospital and he ran passed a man who was eerily familiar.   His father sat him down and told him how serious
the situation was and they hugged it out.
“Dad?” Nate said exiting the room that his mother was in, and ran toward Kris.
“Nate, come here. I am sorry I left.”
“Daddy,” Nate began bravely. It was obvious Nate was hurting, “Grandma wants to see you.”
“Okay, son.” Kris’s emotions were so confused, but he tried his all to hide it with Nate. With Linda and Walt talking to his son, he went to see
his mother.
He entered the room, and all he could think about was the how small the room was. It wasn’t okay for his mother. “Kristopher?”
“I am here, mom.”
“I just saw your brother.”
That scared Kris more than the possible death of his mother. His brother and his son’s namesake had died over 20 years ago.  He didn’t know
how to respond it.
“Mom, Nathan is gone, he couldn’t be here.”
“I saw him, Kristopher, not five minutes ago.”
“No, mom that was your grandson, Nate. Remember we named him after Nathan.”
“Yes, you must be right. Kristopher I am sorry.”
Kris was confused again, “For what, we knew the cancer might return.”
“No, son, I am sorry you were dealt a bad had. First with Colt and then Mel.”
“I cannot help that…”
“Tell me something, you still love…him.”
Kris knew what he had to say, hoping he believed it as much, as he said: “Yes, I love him.”
“Go find him…”
“I can’t. He doesn’t want me around, mom. Besides, I have Nate and my students.”
“Son, listen to me closely. If I had not went after the person I loved back then you wouldn’t have been born. You need to follow your heart.
She pointed to his chest. I know how much that tattoo means to you and all the people on it. Colt is on the end of it, but we know where he
lies in your heart.”
“I will try.” Kris had argued with his mother more times than he counted, but not now. Now was about her wishes.
Jenny went to sleep after that and he left the room and ran to the one place he never went before: the hospital chapel. Kris was not a
religious man by any means but he needed to understand this.
He walked in and saw the statute of Jesus by the front alter and stood there. Luckily the location allowed him some privacy.
“Are you laughing up there you son of bitch. I had friends, and a fucking great college life, and a great marriage. Four years of my life was
with my best friends and I loved them. I found passion,  there. And since then, you hurt my family.  It isn’t bad enough you killed my brother
in car accident. It wasn’t bad enough you made Derek run away. No, you had to hurt my family time and time again. First my mom gets sick,
and then Melissa cheated on me. Fuck! You! Now you are about to kill the one thing that means the most to my father, to me!  What is wrong
with you? What did I do that was so bad you had to kill the people I loved?”
He was about to punch the statue, but he couldn’t. No matter how mad he was, how bad a temper he had. He would have been no better
than he was when his brother died.
“I am glad you didn’t do it.”
He turned and there was Matt. Kris didn’t think, he ran to his best friend and hugged him. The tears in his eyes were real. “Matt I need you.”
“I am not leaving you, Kris, not now or ever.”
Two days later, Matt and Kris stayed together through it all.  When they were at the funeral home and his dad asked him to be there for each
other. He couldn’t,  he stormed out of there and Matt was by his side.
“Kris, I know this is hard, but we can get you through this.”
“I lost two of my immediate family members how can I get through this.”
“Kristopher Joshua Stanton can get through anything.”
Kris smiled, and hugged his friend. And with that the two went back inside. As the ceremony took place Kris stopped the pastor and told the
group assembled he need to say something. He had nothing prepared but he did what he always did, he talked from the heart about some
memorable moments of his mother. Of how much of an ass he was in his youth and how she always knew deep down he was going to do
great things. Matt stood in his line of sight and made sure he had him to draw strength from.
That night, Matt and Kris held each other. No words were said. They didn’t need to. He remembered the conversation he and Matt had
through the night when Matt’s father died. They just lay there. He turned to Matt and kissed his lips. “Thank you, brother.”
“Anything for you.” Matt said. Without thinking Kris turned to him, and the two had sex.  It was then had he heard something.
“Huh,” his mind left the scene of Matt in his bedroom and he was with Alex and Colt walking along a path.
“What you say?”
“I said, what’s wrong. You were so deep in thought.”
“I just had been thinking about all the shit that’s been happening to me.”
“I am here you know that.” Colt smiled.
“Yep,” Kris returned his gaze. “I was just thinking about my mom, she died one year ago, and since then my life hasn’t been happy.”
“Oh, come on,” Alex butted in, “You have a great son, and now you have Colt back, if anything maybe those mishaps were a test to get you
ready for the happiness you will have now.”
“Maybe,” Kris admitted, “I had to lose my family…”
“Nobody said love was easy.” Colt shrugged. “I lost my Faith, and put off children and marriage for a hope of being with you again.”
“You are right.” He thought about it, maybe hardships bring a greener pasture. He lost Nathan and gained Matt as a friend.
“It’s still hard to look forward, with all the shit that has happened.”
“In all the time I have known you, Kris, you have never been such a downer or a worrier. That was Matt. Where is the man I fell in love with?
The one that spat in Corey’s face, who almost kicked me out of the crew when I learned Matt was gay, who had a threesome with me and
Andrea, the nudist who doesn’t care what people think?”
“Colt, I grew up.”
“Fine, so did I. I wasted my life away with booze, and fucked up our friendship, but in the end you forgave me, and we worked it out. Now
it’s time for you to man up. Don’t let death stop you from living. Don’t let the horrible past cloud your fucking future. Would Jenny want that,
would your brother want that?  I know you Kris. I know behind that thick exterior is the nudist I love, the man that led us to many victories.
And, you fathered a beautiful boy whose first word was beer.”
That made Kris stop; how did Colt know Nate’s first word. He was right. He will not let the past kill his mood, he will let his reunion with Colt
be the light at the end of the tunnel
“Not to mention,” Alex smiled, “We are back together, and our sons are bonding too.”
“Fuck, we might have another Kris and Matt on our hands,” Colt began laughing.
“There is nothing wrong with that.” Kris said; his smile returned and his blue eyes were sincere as he grabbed Colt and hit him in the back of
the head playfully.  They looked at each other and Kris knew he found his lover. “Colt, thank you.”
“For what?”
“Waiting, putting it off for me and thank you for coming back to me.” Kris stated.
“You know me, bro. I wouldn’t leave you ever. It’s what cowboy hicks do."
“No,” Kris kissed him, “it’s what you do.”
“Guys, listen I think we need to call Dean; this is getting serious. Caleb could be in any condition.”
Kris looked up the road and saw it.  The blaze was small but noticeable.  
His phone rang; he wasn’t really paying attention when he answered it.
“Did Nate and Aaron arrive there alright?”
“Yeah, sure.”  Kris said not registering the voice on the other end and hung up. The fire was minutes away, the three ran towards it.
“We need to call Dean.” Alex said and grabbed Kris’ phone and dialed the number. Kris decided against it.
“No, he will take too long to get here; we need a plan.”
“Dean, there is a fire in one of the abandoned cabins, we think two people are inside, and one of them is Caleb?”
“Caleb is on the way to hospital.”
“No he isn’t; that ambulance was hit and Caleb was taken.”
“What! Okay, one of the Rangers will be on site as soon as possible. I have a situation of my own to deal with”
Kris grabbed the phone which was on speaker, “Fuck that, Dean this may be life or death.”
“Kris let me do my fucking job.”
Colt and Kris devised a plan on how to rescue Caleb, when two people came out of nowhere.
9:14 AM
Ryan was upset. He and his two friends, Tina and Phil, found the video camera in the lost and found and looked at the footage. It showed the
events of last night in the old ranger’s station, including some embarrassing  answers to sexual questions. Though the footage was
amateurish, it still captured a lot of the action. However, as the disgusted Ryan watched Caleb in the thrills of excitement, he noticed
something. Against his better judgment he rewound the camera to the beginning. And there, in all her glory, was Jill Sweeden.
It showed Jill and her cohorts discussing what they had planned for Caleb. The discussion, which showed how stupid these girls were,
helped Ryan understand the image he saw later, near the end of the video. Now, as Ryan was about to explain to Tina and Phillip what he
viewed, Dean entered the main office.
He headed straight to the lost and found and looked for the video camera. Ryan had hoped that he would just go back, but of course, he
turned to them.
“What are you guys doing with that?”
“We wanted to see if there was anything on it to figure out whom it belonged too.”
“Good,” Dean smiled, “you all agree it wasn’t yours. I need to view the footage. There was a call about it missing and I need to return it to the
Thinking quickly, Ryan needed to defuse the situation without it blowing out of proportion. “Um, yeah. Was it a girl who called about the
missing camera?”
“Yeah,” Dean answered perplexed at how Ryan was aware of that.
“That was our friend, who was in another campsite with her parents. She had lost it a day ago, and asked me and Phil to try and find it. That
was why we went to the old ranger’s station to begin with.”
“I see,” Dean nodded and looked for Phillip or Tina to verify this tale.
Phillip opened up his palm to take the camera from Dean, “Now that we have found her camera we would like to return it to them.”
“Unfortunately,” Dean said, “I need to see the footage; there is some content that is not suitable for kids your age. It will also verify that it
belongs to the owners. Although I trust you guys. I need to do my duty.
He sat down and watched the video; the three of them looked on embarrassed. “It is okay guys, your secret is safe with me. It’s not the first
time that I saw teenagers engage in that kind of behavior for a camera.”
Ryan knew he had to speak up about what he saw, “So you know the girls planned the explosion, with the gas leak, and a cigarette?” Ryan
highlighted his point when the camera showed one of the girls taking a cigarette out and leaving the camera frame.
“Yes, and there were some cigarettes located on the ground. And, fuck!”  
Ryan was surprised by that reaction, it seemed that Dean has some more knowledge, and Ryan needed him to come forward. 
“Guys,” he started, “Can you call the owners of this device? I need to talk to him.”
“Okay,” Ryan trusted Dean, so he went with it. He assumed there was something else going on, but before he could voice it; the quiet Tina
spoke up. “Dean, tell us what is happening.”
Ryan watched Dean think about it for a minute, it was clear from his eyes there was more going on than a video camera. Ryan knew that if Jill
and her friends had planned the explosion, then maybe there was reason for this madness. They may be aware that Caleb had survived the
accident and could be on the way to the hospital.
“We need to go to hospital.” Ryan spoke.
“No,” Dean shook his head, “Kris, Alex and Colt are on it. The ambulance never made it to its location and Caleb was taken from the vehicle.
They have found some tracks, and followed them to a cabin.”
At that moment Dean’s phone beeped and a text was received. He read it. “Guys, I know you been through hell last night. But I need you to
set up a meeting with these girls, now!”
Ryan didn’t think he handed the phone to Phillip and he called one of the girls. Ryan walked toward Dean, who was about to make a phone
call. He grabbed the phone. “Now, we did what you told us to do. You need to tell us what is happening. “ 

9: 23 AM
Aaron, Tim and Nate continued to talk. Aaron was enjoying the conversation, and he liked how the there was no immediate danger in their
midst to take care of. Tim had explained, how for the last three years, he would visit Scott and his family. As the conversation shifted to the
past days and Nate explained how he did in school and what it was like having a father as teacher, Aaron’s mind was focused on something
Tim has yet to speak about. Why Tim was here in the first place. If it was true, the guy was spending the summer with the Trenton clan, why
would he be here. Nate would have been back home in a few days and they could have been together then.
Aaron thought that this detail would have come out in the conversation, but Nate was too busy discussing the bear attack and having his
shoulder been popped into place. The way they talked gave Aaron a lot of pause too. For one thing, they tended to laugh at things, which
Aaron didn’t seem funny. Tim suggested it was an inside joke, and Aaron felt a certain distrust with him.
He decided to give them some privacy. Aaron went for a walk down a path that led to Nate’s hut that he found the other day.  Nate was too
into his conversation with Tim to offer much resistant on Aaron leaving. Aaron realized on his way that he really didn’t know Nate as well as
he thought. Sure, they had been friends for six months, and have been pretty inseparable since then. It was more than that, Nate seemed to
be living an odd life. Why would someone tie themselves naked to a pole just to get somebody to notice them?
With Caleb, they two met playing basketball as neighbors. When Phillip and Ryan came along, they were in most of the same classes and
were connected to Caleb. With Tina, she had met them in the cafeteria through Phillip's introduction. All his best friends he met in a routine
way. Not Nate, the first time he noticed him, Nate wasn’t tied to a pole, but was in the high school lounge three days before. He was reading
a book, he couldn’t remember the title, but he was very much into it.  As Nate was putting shit away in his locker, he noticed Coach Kris walk
up to Nate and discuss something.
Since he met Coach Kris in Phys. Ed, Aaron wanted to be like him. So, seeing the coach talk to Nate it made him wonder why the coach was
interested in Nate. He didn’t know that they were father and son at the time. The next day he saw that Nate was trying to hold his own with
some people in class that Aaron knew by name. It dawned on him that he might have seen Nate somewhere but couldn't place it.
Then the basketball pole incident occurred and something about him made him want to be friends. Since then Nate has taught him a lot
about what a good friend is, and the two have had each other’s’ back.
All that time Nate never mentioned Tim, or the fact that Nate was gay. In truth, Aaron hid the identity of his father, but still Aaron believed
he knew Nate. He finally was able to understand this jealousy he was having. While Tim and Nate talked, it seemed Tim knew Nate more
than Aaron did, and there was a lot Nate kept hidden. He didn’t like that. 
“Penny for your thoughts.” 
Aaron turned and there was Michael and his dog. The man seemed to turn up all over the place. Nate and Aaron said goodbye to him almost
thirty minutes ago.
“Sorry,” Michael said, “didn’t mean to startle you.”
“The way it was going anybody could have.” Aaron admitted as he petted Patches.
“Probably, you want to talk about it?”
“Not really.”
“So, it’s about Nate?” Michael was wise.
“Yeah,” Aaron shrugged deciding that talking might help after all.
“What happened?”
Aaron explained Tim showing up, and the suspicion he had about him coming all of sudden.
“You think he has feelings for Nate?”
Aaron looked at him which a quizzical expression. “What you mean? They are friends.”
“From my experience you only show up out of the blue for two things. There is something you desperately need or want.”
“You want to surprise someone.”
“And you think he wants Nate?”
Michael nodded, “I don’t know you guys well. But from the way you tell it Tim was more engaged with Nate than with you. And when you
tried to enter the conversation he told a story that only Nate and Tim knew about. It seems reasonable.”
“You have a point.” Aaron admitted.
“The question is,” Michael stressed, “why does it bother you? We know you don’t have any sexual feelings for your friend. And that the
relationship is purely brotherly.”
“Yeah,” Aaron agreed. “It’s just jealously. It has to be. This Tim walks in here and he seems to know my buddy better than me.”
“He does.” Michael said matter of factually.
“At the end of the day, Tim will be going back to where ever he came from and Nate will be here. So, it is just natural to feel jealous, but the
result won’t impact the relationship. Just talk to Nate about it. I am sure he has nothing to hide. Most people are an open book.”
“Are you?”
Aaron watched as Michael took the leash off Patches and he ran ahead. Aaron knew the man wasn’t going to respond. He was right in the
end, he will have Nate and they will share a friendship that may be better than Tim’s.
The barking of Patches was heard and the two ran to the Labrador and came across the bike. Aaron knew it was Riley and Peter’s, which they
borrowed. Michael suggested they return it. Aaron agreed and the two set off. Had they looked east they would have noticed three men
talking to a teenager and seen smoke from a cabin. However, Aaron’s immediate concern was a perplexing mystery on how the bikes were
working. Nate told him they ran out of gas.
“Have no idea. Come on, let’s go. You can drive.”
9: 34 AM
Matt drove, a little annoyed at the predicament he was in. It wasn’t that he minded driving Hunter and his girlfriend back to their parents. It
was Chris. Chris had been what some people call a problem child. He found drugs when he was about fourteen and started smoking. He
hung with the wrong crowd, and as much as Corey and Matt wanted they couldn’t get him to see the mistake he was making. It was Kris who
helped.  He shared a story about what his brother had been like near the end of his life. How Nathan died, how hurt he felt when Nathan
died, and how it broke his parents for a bit. It would take years for the Stantons to openly discuss Nathan.    With Kris’s coaching Chris got
better and kicked the habits.
Given recent events, it seemed like it was just an act. The only good news was that Chris wasn’t caught doing anything illegal. When he
finally reached Corey, his husband was angered.  Corey would be home dealing with their wayward son soon.
Hunter was quiet as Renee sat in the back seat crying. Matt knew she was extremely embarrassed about the situation. Hunter had been
open with Matt since the beginning and deep down he knew Hunter was a good kid. Just like his parents were.
“So, tell me what was it that made you pee on a cop?”
Hunter stared out the window, and Matt kept driving knowing that Hunter would respond soon. And sure enough a minute later, Hunter
spoke. “I don’t know, we were all drunk and I heard Tabor had did it when he was younger.”
“Tabor peed on a stop sign not a cop’s foot, and he did while he was sober.”
“I’m sorry, I was drunk and wasn’t thinking.”
“I still don’t get why you would run away from your folks just to meet my son.”
“Simply put, he had a free room, Renee and I could be alone away from our parents to have fun.”
“You drove three and half hours just so you and Renee could fuck?”
Renee turned red, “We were celebrating.”
“Celebrating that we pulled one over on our folks is all.”
“I see.”  Remembering being young himself, he would celebrate with Tanner and Kris and the crew when they got away from the parents. It
didn't make much scene they would come all the way here. He let the matter drop.
Hunter let the silence drag on and then said something Matt didn’t expect. “I am sorry.”
“Thanks, Hunt but I don’t need to hear it, your parents do.”
Hunter gulped. “Hey, so what’s going to happen to Chris?”
“I don’t know. I grounded him when we left the police station, and left him with a stern warning if he wasn’t home when Corey returned he
will wish he had been.  Corey wanted to kick him out of the house when he was using before.”
“He wasn’t using.” Renee and Hunter said simultaneously.
“I believe you.”  Matt shifted his mind to another concern, Tim. Scott left Matt’s place on the lead Hunter gave him.  He didn’t like how this
was affecting his first college friend. Scott had been dealing with what to about Dean and Jess, and after the call from Dean, Scott knew
where his heart lay. But during the ride to and from the police station, he wasn’t sure what Scott was feeling. Now adding the fact that his
cousin had run away.
“Why did you let VJ babysit him? I love my half-brother, but he has been arrested once already.”
“It was Tim’s idea.” VJ and Tim were good friends, they spend at least one weekend together while visiting Scott in summer.  Matt had to
admit when he was with Tim and even with Nate and Chris, he was a good role model.
Corey would flip his lid if he learned VJ was babysitting Tim. When VJ was arrested, Corey was mad as hell because he was the victim in all
of it. He decided after two days in jail, he wouldn’t press charges, but VJ still wasn’t trusted in Corey’s eye.
“Hunter tell me though. Did you at least use protection?”
Hunter was thrown by Matt’s personal question. However, knowing how he was conceived, Matt’s concern was justified. “Yes, Matt.  Do you
and Corey still use protection?”
Matt laughed at that, “not in a long time, bro.”
Renee was surprised, “Is that safe?”
“Yep, we get tested regularly.”  Typically Matt wouldn’t divulge this kind of information, but Hunter was practically family and if he can pass
on some knowledge, then it was okay. He remembered how he helped Trevor, Scott’s brother, with his gay issues. And there were also his
informal talks with Reese, an old school mates’ nephew. That made him smile, as he remembered Scott giving Reese his first kiss. That
smiled turned to frown as he thought about Scott some more. The drive continued with easy conversation. 
9: 41 AM
Chris was stuck in his house. He knew better than try to escape, with his father Corey coming home at some point. That being said he
needed to contact someone, and needed to make sure everything went according to plan. The arrest was part of the overall scheme, as was
bringing Hunter and Renee into the fold.
Chris was a great friend to Hunter over the years, but lately they were both going into different circles of friends. Their lives were becoming
too different to find common ground. One thing, Chris and Hunter agreed on was that they both found Renee extremely attractive. He
almost thought of using her in another way, but the main plan was more important.
He texted his contact and within a minute, a reply was given.  “15 minutes.”
That wasn’t good. He didn’t know when Corey would return but, he had to gamble and decided to meet the contact at that time. He replied
to the older man, “backyard.”
Now all Chris could do was wait and hope Corey wouldn’t find them. He couldn’t leave the house because Corey would be angrier than he
was now.
Another worry was the package, and hoped that his man received the little items he left. 
9: 45 AM
Tina had walked with Phillip and Ryan to the location Dean had told them to go. It was twenty minutes away, but they decided to walk to
make sure the sting went on without a hitch, and a vehicle would add to the belief that Phillip and Ryan were not alone.
During the short trip through the small open area, Phillip and Ryan discussed the details of the plan. Tina didn’t need to see the footage,
having witnessed the entire thing late last night through the window before the explosion.
What entered her mind was the knowledge of what Ryan and Phillip mentioned only an hour ago. The fact that Ryan and Phillip were
stepbrothers was such a shock. Having let that information sink in though, it seemed possible.
As they waited for the girls to show with Ryan having the camera, Phillip and Tina sat together and he mentioned how it had happened.
“It is really simple. My dad and Ryan’s mom met on a business trip several years ago, and because of the business they were in the two met
continually over a few years. Eventually my dad’s company bought her company, and she with Ryan had to move to our town two years
“But you guys still live in two separate houses?”  It was weird in all the time she had known Phillip; it never occurred to her that he had a
secret relative. When it came to Phillip though, he tended to keep to himself, and if you wanted answers you had to press him with endless
questions. Still, Tina was disappointed he never mentioned it before now. 
“Yeah, our parents wanted to take it slowly. They are not even officially married yet.”
Ryan added, “That will happened New Years’ Eve this year in Orlando, where they first met.”
“I see. So you aren’t officially brothers.”
“Close enough.”  Ryan smiled.
That explains why Phillip didn’t like some of things he did with Ryan in video. Tina couldn’t resist, “So, Phillip does Ryan kiss well?”
“Surprisingly,” Phillip admitted, “very well for a beginner.”
“Beginner my ass,” Ryan stated.
“You are not mad we didn’t tell you?”
“Not really, I didn’t mention about my father dating our principal either. We all have a secrets to bear.”
“I wonder what his is?” Phillip asked about Dean who was back a few ways waiting for girls to show their faces.
Time moved slowly, and now Tina realized it fifteen minutes after the 9:30 meet, they were not coming. Dean got the three teens to come
over to his location
“Okay, it’s obvious they are not coming.” He said.
“Yeah, so what we going to do now?” she asked.
“Not much I can do I am afraid.”  Dean frowned.
“What about the camera?”  Ryan asked.
Dean smiled. He pressed some buttons and showed Ryan and Phillip what he did. “The footage is gone.”
“Cool,” Phillip smiled. Tina was happy for the almost stepbrothers, which was odd still to think of them as bros.  Tina had to rib them, “I
guess this is a lesson to you guys about going into a place with total strangers.”
Ryan looked chastised, but Phillip shot back, “Caleb isn’t a stranger, I trusted him.”
“True. I did too, and look what happened. He slept with that Jill girl.”
“Yeah,” Phillip shook his head. “I am sorry about that Tina.”
“Guys, I must also caution you about going places with people you do not trust.  Luckily nobody was truly hurt. But please, the campgrounds
are about nature and being together with friends. Not a porno.”  Tina thought back to the old man and the dog, she met earlier and how she
cautioned her and Caleb about thing.
The three friends looked at Dean with their heads low. All three had committed that act last night and they let Coach Kris down. They
nodded in agreement to Dean’s warning.
“I have to get back to the office and deal with Caleb.”
“Will he be alright?” Tina stunned herself being concerned for him.
“Yeah, Kris will make sure of that.”  Tina wasn’t aware that while they were waiting for the girls to arrive, Dean had learned what Kris, Alex
and Colt have found.
With that Dean left the teens with the video camera, and left for the office. Tina was about to walk in the direction of Coach Kris’s campsite
when Phillip and Ryan didn’t move. They both seemed to be hearing something. After a minute, she heard it too.
It was the sound of laughter. Intrigued the teenagers went to locate the source. After the night she had, a little fun was in order.
9: 49 AM
When Riley and Peter returned, they caught Robbie and Johnny in an interesting position. It made them laugh.  The two friends were
napping, and Robbie had a boner, but what was funny about the situation wasn’t that it was where Johnny’s hand was. From a certain angle
it looked like the hand was about to pump.
After the laughter had woken up the sleeping friends, the four of them sat around the campfire for a breakfast. The stories Riley told were
funny and very creative. He had to command the conversation because if he didn’t then Robbie and Johnny would ask about their morning
fishing. Riley decided not to mention the girl they had found last night or the ambulance with Alex.  It would only worry everybody.
It was Robbie’s idea to commence with their planned activities when the quick breakfast was finished. The all removed their clothes and
went to beach area of the campsite. Robbie and Riley had discovered yoga five years earlier. It was great to be one with their body in
nature. Overtime, the brothers decided to add nudity to it. There was nothing sexual about the activity and it allowed them to be free and
explore their bodies more. Then Johnny and Peter joined them, and two years ago the foursome began doing nude yoga at their campsite.
Now they were in the middle of a complicated yoga position, when Johnny fell on top of Robbie, and Robbie seemed to think it was funny
to attack his friend at that moment. Although, sexuality was not part of their yoga, the wrestling was a common occurrence and it brought so
much laughter to the proceeding. One time last year, they decided to do some strip wrestling.
Riley watched his brother and his friend go at it. He knew from previous experience that Robbie could mop the floor with Johnny. But, for
some reason Robbie seemed to be letting his friend win. He wondered why that was.
That was when it happened, Peter came up behind him and pushed him to the ground, and before Riley could figure out what had
happened, he and Peter were grappling on the beach. He was holding his position, and slowly moving Peter toward the water. Laughter was
heard from Robbie and Johnny who seemed to be entangled with their match. “Don’t touch my dick, it isn’t fair.”
He used the distraction to flip Peter in the water; the problem was Riley ended up next to him in water too. “You give up,” Riley asked his
friend. Peter shook his head no.
That just garnered more laughter, as Johnny and Robbie stopped their match to watch their older brothers. Riley was just about to throw a
punch at Peter when he got distracted and got punched in the chest instead. Riley walked on the beach forgetting the wrestling, as looked
at the new arrivals with surprise.
“Aaron?”  He said. They all saw Aaron last night who seemed to be unconscious, but now seemed well. He looked better than before. He
never saw the older man and his dog before, though.
Aaron and Michael along with Patches got off the off road bike and looked at Riley and his friends with confused expressions, and Riley just
laughed it off. He was okay with his nudity.
Michael coughed, which gained the attention of the other three wrestlers. “Are we interrupting anything?”
“Aaron?” Another voice spoke.
Everybody turned to the new arrivals. Three teens looked around and the woman practically ran toward Aaron. Riley recognized the girl as
the one who ran out on them last night when she heard a noise. Now, she also looked so much better. 
Taking charge Riley asked, “I take it you know each other.”
Aaron pushed Tina off him, which seemed to Riley as not really appreciating this reunion. However, he walked toward the other boys and
hugged them like brothers. Tina nodded, and walked toward Riley. She smiled, as responded to his question.
“You can say that; we go to school together.” 
In all of this, nobody noticed that Michael and his dog Patches had left. 
Aaron, Riley gathered, was the leader of the group, who seemed to give the girl a hard time spoke briefly with his friends, as the girl
It was the girl who broke the ice. “Any particular reason the four of you are naked. Not that I am complaining.”
9: 55 AM
Dean had a lot to think about it. He was happy that the video camera issue was resolved. He didn’t like the fact that people were using his
buildings for sexual encounters. Ever since he caught Corey and Colt fucking in a parked car, in broad daylight, he decided it was time to put
an end to such things.
He didn’t care what happened on the person’s independent campsite, just in public he would like the guest to be restrained. In the past, he
asked people to leave when they were caught with their pants down.  As much as he hated what he witnessed in the video, he had more
urgent matters to attend too.
As he approached the cabin that was no longer in flames, his mind was centered on Caleb. He was infuriated how much shit had happened
just with him alone.  First, Michael told him earlier he had caught him and a girl making out in the woods. Then, he learned about the
explosion where Caleb was injured. Reports have come in that the explosion was caused by the fire which had erupted from the lightening
last night, but also from a gas leak and a lit cigarette. Then came the information that Caleb’s ambulance was struck by a car. Luckily the
driver and EMTs were found unharmed. 
All Dean can think about was this latest crisis.  Kris, Alex and Colt were standing around Caleb and an unconscious Jill Sweeden.  Kris
acknowledged Dean first. Dean looked into Kris’s eyes and he can see his hurt. Dean understood how Kris would feel, although Kris lashed
out at him in the medical bay earlier, he knew Kris blamed himself for what had happened to Caleb.
“Where are Ryan and Phillip?” Alex asked upon seeing Dean.
“They are on the way back Kris’s campsite. All is okay with them, considering.  How is Caleb?”
“He is fine.” Caleb answered for himself. He had a towel wrapped around him. Dean assumed that either Kris or his friends gave it to him, or
one of the deputies who were securing the cabin. His mind momentarily went to all the damage that has transpired. One abandoned
ranger’s station was destroyed and now another cabin suffered a similar fate. Not to mention how many trees caught fired in the freak
storm last night.
Dean stood next to the teen, “Would you tell me what happened?”
Kris grabbed Dean and walked away from the Caleb, as Colt followed behind. Alex stayed with the youth.
“Sorry, bro.” Kris started, “I didn’t want him to have  to relive that. Caleb has spent the last twenty or so minutes trying to explain what had
happened and why Jill did what she did.”
“Understandable,” Dean acknowledged, “I will need a statement later on, though. So, what did happen?”
“That bitch.” Colt said rather animated. “She took him from the ambulance and dragged him to this cabin. Where she shaved his body and
started playing mind games with him, and threatened violence. Had he not got away, I am sure that stupid bitch would have killed him.”
Colt continued to explain what Caleb mentioned.
Kris held Colt’s hand, giving him some strength, as Colt did for him when they entered medical bay early this morning. “From there,” Kris
continued. “Jill had been wronged by two of Caleb’s siblings, and she thought killing him would send the message. She even hinted at a
video.” Kris went on to explain how the elder sibling left Jill in Mexico to get raped by some guy, while she had fun with her date, and
Caleb’s brother used to her for sex too.
Dean finally had the information he needed to go with the text he got from Kris earlier that motivated the meeting he told Phillip and Ryan
to make with girls. He had suspected the camera was linked to them, now he knows why. He explained this to Kris and Colt. “The good
news,” Dean finished, “the camera footage has been erased.”
“And,” a new voice said as it entered the conversation, “that is why she wanted to meet with me and my friends at the old ranger’s station.
To use me for sex, and then leave me for dead, like my alleged siblings did.”
Dean looked at his watch to figure out what to do next; it was about six seconds to 10. He turned to the group which now included Alex,
Caleb, Kris, Colt and Neal his lead deputy who had stayed on for a double shift.   Two things entered his mind. The first he was embarrassed
about. After this day was over there will be a lot of explaining to his owner of the property, and he worried about his job security. That
thought lasted a second. His curiosity was raised, as Kris and Colt explained in the last few minutes; he wondered how the fire started and
how Caleb got away.
He looked squarely at Caleb, and asked the question: “How did you escape?”
Caleb beamed, as if he was proud of what he accomplished: “Luck…and being good with knots.”  Caleb started his story as Dean’s watch
turned to 10 o’clock. 

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