In the last chapters (3:00pm to 7:00 pm)
· Kris and his son, Nathan came up camping and met Kris’s students who were Nate’s best friends Nathan told Aaron about his
sexual orientation and Aaron ran away. Kris stayed around to help Nate with the problem, but Nate instructed Kris to meet his
· Nate was worried how he would tell his best friend he was gay, and asked his father for advice. After telling and Aaron’s leaving,
Nate called his Uncle Matt for advice, who explained Aaron would come around in time. Nate decided to be alone with his
thoughts and left the campsite
· After Aaron and Tina kissed at the campsite, they had dinner, where Tina left to go home and Caleb followed. They were both
caught by the man with the dog and later by Aaron who was searching for Nate.
· Caleb and Aaron fought as the Man with the dog and Tina left the site. Aaron ran after Caleb reminded him that Aaron and Tina
were broken up
· Phillip, Ryan and Caleb found Patches and are now returning to campsite, thinking the water trip Kris asked them to go was just a
mean joke
· Phillip and Ryan went after Aaron, but got lost and Ryan revealed his was bisexual
· Colt and Chase discuss Colt’s loneliness and Colt decided it was time to find his happiness; the only regret was he was leaving his
nephew Hunter.  After meeting Jess and Scott, he decides to drive to Stanton household to find Kris

7:00 PM
“It’s been a while,” Dean smiled, running his hands over Kris’s body, which was still as impressive as when they’d first met. 
He thought back to that first time and how awesome it was to sink his big dick into Kris’s tight ass while Scott and Matt were just feet away.
He had often jerked off to that thought and later to the video Scott sent to him, always hoping for a rematch, hopefully one where Kris
would fuck him too. It would be years before he got his wish and when it happened it was one of the most amazing fucks of his life.
They had been together a number of times since then, in all kinds of positions, and if it was possible he liked the older Kris more than he
did the younger one since there was an air of maturity about him, some authority, as well as a much darker shadow around his chiselled
“Too long,” Kris said with another kiss. “Can we go inside?”
“Why?” Dean asked, noticing Kris was looking a bit nervous.
“I just… want you,” Kris smiled, putting his hand on Dean’s chest.
They moved inside and as soon as Dean had the door closed he pushed Kris back against it and kissed him again, sliding his hand up under
his shirt to feel the amazing body underneath.
Dean kissed his way up Kris’s thick neck until his tongue was circling Kris’s ear to the sound of moans coming from the hot blond.
“How much time do we have?” Dean asked, biting Kris’s ear, knowing he was on a trip with his son.
“Not much. I have to get back to Nate.”
“I can work with that. When was the last time you were with a guy?” Dean whispered.
“You,” Kris moaned.
“Damn, that’s a long time. Your dick must be bursting wanting to get in my ass,” Dean said, reaching down to run his hand along Kris’s
throbbing cock.
“Yeah, it is,” Kris gasped, his dick jumping and flexing in Dean’s fist.
Dean ran his hand up Kris’s body and quickly pulled his shirt off, tossing it aside. He let his hands trail over the perfect chest and up over
the hard shoulders, running down the bulging biceps until he held Kris’s hand in his and led him down the hall to the bedroom.
Turning around, Dean pushed off his pants and climbed up onto the bed on his hands and knees, displaying his ass to Kris. He waved it
around slightly and heard Kris growl just seconds before he felt the strong hands land on his big muscle ass. Kris landed a couple of hard
slaps on the ass before pulling the briefs covering it down so he could bury his face in the deep crevice of Dean’s crack.
Feeling Kris’s tongue probe and enter his ass had Dean moaning and he quickly arched his back, pushing his ass back onto Kris’s awesome
tongue. After only a minute or so Dean’s hole was covered in saliva and Kris kissed his way up Dean’s back, rubbing his hard cock over the
tight hole. Dean turned his head to look at Kris with a grin and then tossed Kris a pre-lubed condom.
It was just seconds before Dean felt Kris pushing his way inside his ass and moaned at the invasion, feeling that incredible dick slide into
his depths. Kris barely gave him enough time to get used to the cock inside him when he started moving back and forth, quickly picking up
the pace until he was fucking Dean hard.
For his part, Dean gritted through the initial pain and then began to ride the wave of pleasure that came with his ass being pummelled by
Kris’s cock. He started pushing back to meet the thrusts and soon took over, fucking his ass on Kris’s dick hard.
Kris’s cock was just starting to make his insides tingle with the way it was assaulting his prostate when Dean felt a change in the stud
fucking him. He continued to impale himself on Kris’s dick but it suddenly felt less rigid and stopped hitting that sweet spot.
Before he could say anything, Kris pulled out, tossed the condom aside and said, “Fuck me now.”
Dean wasn’t going to say no to another shot at Kris’s ass, his big 9 inch cock was throbbing as he rolled a condom over it and got behind
Kris, who himself was ready for some doggy fucking on the bed. He reached down and slid a slick finger deep into Kris’s tight ass, fingering
him for a few seconds until he just couldn’t wait any longer, pushing hard until his big dick slipped inside Kris, who gasped but pushed
He planned on letting Kris adjust to being pierced by the big cock but Kris had different ideas, ramming his ass back onto the dick, fucking
himself harder than ever, grunting, clearly in pain, but also feeling some pleasure. Dean decided to just go with it. If Kris was cool then so
was he. He started thrusting hard to meet Kris’s backward lunges and they were soon fucking fast and hard, this hips colliding, Dean’s balls
bouncing off Kris’s ass.
Dean was surprised as he hammered Kris’s ass that there was no dirty talk like there normally was with Kris, but the ass was feeling too
good on his cock to stop and ask what was going on. He just kept pounding away until finally his balls pulled up against his body and he
shot a huge load into the condom with his cock buried deep in Kris’s ass.
He collapsed on Kris’s back and then slowly pulled out. He fell down onto the mattress and barely registered that Kris had yet to get off. It
was only when Kris got up off the bed and started searching for his clothes that Dean realised something was wrong.
“Are you okay?” Dean asked. “Where are you going?”
“I’ve got to get back to Nate,” Kris said.

“But you haven’t cum yet,” Dean replied.
“It’s fine,” Kris said. “I got what I needed. I’ll see you later.”

Dean lay back on the bed, staring in shock at the open door. He heard Kris moving around and then the door to his cabin opened and
closed. He climbed off the bed and looked out of the window to see Kris disappearing from sight. He was both worried for Kris because of
the reaction he just had and angry because of what happened and what Kris said about getting what he needed before leading. Dean felt

He shook his head and sighed, reaching down to pull the condom off his softening cock. As his hand touched his dick it felt much wetter
than it should. He quickly looked down and saw the condom rolled up his cock, breaking some time during the rough fuck meaning he had
just cum up Kris’s ass for real.
That wasn’t good.

7:20 PM
Nate found it; he left about twenty minutes ago looking for it. He was tired crying about this discussion with Aaron. This chat with Matt
lasted for a while, and it helped. It showed him that Aaron will come around when he is ready.
After he hung with his pseudo uncle, Nate went to find the hut he had located two years ago, on one of his trips here. He never built it, it
was just a small building of sorts, it was made of wood and had branches and leaves to make up the roof. Last year, he had to rebuild the
roof and he made the structure more livable, he even brought spare clothes and a med kit, just in case. There were some holes in spots
when Nate arrived today. However, he didn’t think it would impact his needs.
The journal was there and Nate smiled, opening the shoebox. Inside were few pens and an action figure he treasured in his youth and
journal. He kept this journal with him for the past five years. He read the first entry.
Hey, it’s me. Well who else would it be. I arrived with Dad and Mom twenty minutes ago. Mom was setting up the tent, surprisingly well,
while Dad was preparing the fire. I had been researching ghost stories to scare Mom, a dare on Dad’s part. I don’t want to be here. I miss my
computer and my phone.
Well, I’m back, about to go to sleep; Mom was scared, not because of my story, I am afraid, but from Dad’s story. She yelped when I touched
her back at the appointed time, when Dad told me too.
Nate skipped a head to an entry two years ago, when the shit hit fan.
Hey we are back, Dad and me this time. Mom didn’t want to stay in the car with Dad for long periods. I wonder what the fuck was going on.
Dad told me it was okay and they were just going through ‘marital issues’. Dad and Mom had been fighting at night when I was supposed to
be asleep. The walls were strong, so I didn’t know what they were talking about. My fear is it was about me.
Nate skipped to last year’s entry.
That was an impressive night of fishing, then we had smores and Dean told a magnificent tale of how he met Kris in college. I felt it was a PG
story, but it was nice nonetheless. Finished redecorating the hut.
Very tired, ZZZZZZ
Nate knew now what had caused the fighting back then. He flipped through the journal some more, and realized he had many lengthy
passages.  He decided to start over from the beginning and read his journal. Without thinking about it he took one of the pictures he had in
his pocket, and placed inside the box, as he continued to read. The picture was him and Aaron relaxing one night playing chess.

7: 31 PM
Tina didn’t know what to think after Aaron spotted her and Caleb. She ran and ran. She would have run to her parents at the other
campground, but they didn’t come. Tina had come up here, all by herself. She was young, just over fifteen, but she found out that she
could get was what she wanted from a young age. She stole money from her dad, paid a cab to take her to the campground. Her mission
was to be with Caleb. He was going to sneak away and they would find some place to go where she would lose her virginity. However,
when she saw Aaron, it all changed.
She wanted Aaron then and there, she pulled him aside and they kissed. Tina was about to go for his shirt, but he stopped her and told her
that they needed to get back to Coach Kris. She nodded. After dinner she left and Caleb eagerly followed her.
Now, Aaron had found out about them dating and she told to leave him. He called her a slut; It hit her. She didn’t know what to do or
where to go. So she just sat next to a tree.
She was about to cry, when barking was heard from her ears. It was Patches, the man’s dog. When she noticed the yellow lab, he barked
louder and sure enough the man appeared.
“What the fuck do you want,” she was too frustrated with her situation to give a rat’s ass about being too polite to the man who had caught
her almost having sex in the bushes.
“Firstly, I believe a woman like you shouldn’t swear, especially to their elders. Secondly, I came to find you so we could talk.”
Tina was curious about the man; he didn’t seem extremely mad when he found us in the bushes. Upset, yes, but angered not even in the
slightest. The man seemed kind of fatherly.
“I am okay, sir.” Tina responded, with a little respect for him.
“No you are not; I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation when Patches and I choose to depart. What the man called you wasn’t the
nicest thing in world, dear.”
Tina laughed; she had been called worse by members of her own family.
“Yeah, you are right there, sir. I don’t know how you could help me though.”
“Do you want to talk about it? It seems you are caught in the middle of triangle.”
“Not really, I had grown with Caleb all my life. We only recently understood out feelings for each other; Aaron, the man who called me the
bad word, he was my ex.”
“Why would your ex care about who you were dating?” The man asked. Tina noticed no judgement or anything like that on the man’s face.
“Because an hour or so before, Aaron and I were making out.”
“I don’t know.” It was the truth; she had wanted Aaron right then and there. Aaron and she had kissed many times during their dating, and
even allowed Aaron to see her boobs. They had fights and during those arguments, he would say some mean things. But right then, when
Tina saw Aaron looking so hot in his shirt, she wanted to feel him again.
She tried to convey it to man, but he held up his hand. “When I was in high school, I had two friends who I liked a lot. They both offered me
something different. One was physically attractive; the other offered me an intellectual challenge. For the first year, I dated them both,
quite successfully. That is I juggled their relationship without the other getting the wiser. However, one evening I agreed to go out on a
date with one of them. We had decided to go the park and walk. We held hands and discussed what I don’t even remember. The date told
me she would like to take our relationship to the next level.
“Before I could respond, the other person I was dating had seen me and smacked me so hard that a lost a tooth. The one I was currently on
a date stood there speechless, until the one who had punched explained what she learned about double dating. I got up and tried to
explain my actions, but they both didn’t want to hear my reasons and both kicked me in groin. “
Tina listened to the story and when the man stopped, she prompted him to continue.
“I decided then that love was not in the cards for me, and the two I was dating ended up dating themselves. My point is, don’t rush into
love until you are ready. You are young, love will find you. You are just entering high school. Some people don’t discover love until much
much later.”
Tina curiously asked, “Did that happen with you?”
“Sorta. I feel in love with my tutor and we have some great time together, until he wanted me to change. I made a choice that ended our
relationship never had one since.”
“That’s too bad.”
The man offered her some food at his campsite; Tina thought about it and made her choice.
7: 47
Aaron was walking around, but wasn’t lost; he knew where he was going. After his run in with Caleb and Tina, he needed to think. First the
declaration that Nathan was gay was one thing, and then the betrayal of Caleb was another. Yes, they had broken up, but Caleb moving in
on him without telling him that was cruel.  After the initial shock ended, he continued his search for Nate.  Now, he was nearly at the hut,
he suspected Nate would be.
He thought back to their initial friendship and how Aaron had helped him with a bullying issue. Back then, Aaron didn’t know anything
about Nate, not even who his father was. However, he was noticeable around school. A bit of loner, he thought.
So when he was walking home from school of the day, he heard a guy requesting help. Requesting wasn’t exactly the best word to
describe it. He was begging for help. He followed the sounds of the yelping and there on the school’s basketball court was Nathan. He was
taped on the pole of one of the nets. Nathan was completely naked. His hands were tied to the top of the pole his legs around the bottom.
And his package was on complete display.  Aaron noted Nate was completely shaved. However, he assumed his attackers did that. It was
late in the afternoon, so it was peculiar nobody stopped before.
Aaron went to him, removed the tape and helped the guy down.
“Thanks, Aaron.”
Shocked that Nate was aware of him, he smiled. “Anytime Nate. Here.”
Being January it was cold, so Aaron gave him his coat. It was long enough to cover Nate’s frame, which he was sure Nate would appreciate.
“Come; let’s get you to your house, so you can get some clothes.”
“It’s cool; the guys threw them over there by the trees in the distance.” They both walked the short way. He waited as Nate changed,
giving him some privacy. As Nate made sure his wallet had all its’ contents were still there, Aaron asked the question:
“Who did this?”
“Sam and Steve Tramper: The devil brothers.”
“Oh, yeah; just because their father in the vice principal, they think they can do this.”
“Yeah,” Nate agreed. “Thank you, Aaron. You want to go hang out sometime.”
Surprised again, he said: “Don’t you want to go home and relax, after what you went through.”
“Nah, let’s go get some pizza sometime. You can be my bodyguard.”
Aaron laughed, “Yeah sure.”  They walked off.
The next months, Aaron and Nate grew closer and Aaron and Nate’s friends became a close crew. Nate had realized a few weeks ago that
Nate might be gay, and what that meant about their relationship impacted him. He knew Nate was going to tell him the truth on this trip.
He heard noises coming from the left, and he turned and there was the hut that Nate told him about, and he heard Nate’s voice. He
seemed to be reading aloud.
“There was this guy I saw at school, I didn’t know his name. He was cute. Next year I hope he will be at my high school.”
At the ‘door’ of the hut, Aaron thought about that comment and put it together, then Nate confirmed it.
“I wish I told him how I felt about him,” Nate whispered out loud.
“Yeah, you should have told me, you asshole.” Aaron was mad. He took the scene in. Nate was sitting there reading from something.
“Asshole, you are calling me one you piss a shit,” Nate called back. Aaron stormed into the room and just stole the book out of his hand.
Then ripped the page, then another; he threw the book outside the hut into the mud.
“That does it!” 
Aaron moved to aside at his charging friend as Nate feel into the outside mud. Aaron laughed at Nathan coming in. “You deserve that.”
“Why didn’t you fucking tell me you were gay? We have been friends for so fucking long. And you didn’t tell me.”
“I didn’t know the words, okay. And after your reaction after I did tell you, I was right to hold it in.”
“I left because of the impactions that it!” 
“Fuck the implications, why couldn’t you just be there for me.”
“I needed time for myself.”
That’s when Nate punched Aaron in the face. He smiled as Aaron went down hitting his head against the wall. Aaron was okay, but he
heard Nathan. “I am glad you are here now.”  Aaron could see the anger in his friends face and feared it for a second. Nate rarely got mad,
but when he did it wasn’t good.
7:54 PM
After leaving Dean, he didn’t regret it at all. Kris needed the sex after everything he went through. Losing Colt, his wife, and then his
mother and now his son was hurting. He needed it and he was happy that Dean was accommodating.  Now, that his need was gone, Kris
was almost back at his campsite ready to help his son with this situation with Aaron.
Being in love with your best friend, and then having them run out like that, and then telling his dad to go and fuck somebody. He knew
Nate was hurting;
As he walked into the campsite, the place was completely empty. As the guy who was technically in charge of things having them all gone
didn’t sit well. He knew that one of the Nate’s friends’ fathers was coming to help him. Nate said the father loved camping and he took
Aaron camping all the time too. To have the father arrive not knowing where his son was didn’t bode well for him.
He called out for Nate to come out of the tent. He didn’t respond. Kris opened the zipper and Nate wasn’t inside. Kris was surprised that
Nate would go off without telling him.
“Kris where is Aaron?”  A voice said as Kris exited the tent. He was surprised by the man who stood there, and more curious with how he
knew Aaron.
“Coach Kris doesn’t even know who his students’ parents are.”
Kris Stanton just stared as he looked as his old former college friend, the asshole that left his friendship when he started Colt.
Alex just stared back. “Where is my son?”
7: 59 PM
Phillip and Ryan were still lost having walked for nearly an hour and half. They enjoyed the time chatting and enjoying themselves, but
Ryan was slowly getting worried.
Then out of the trees came Caleb into view. “Guys,”
“You lost too.”
“No, we are about ten minutes away from our campsite. I heard you and needed to talk you. I have been searching for you for a while
“We got lost,” Ryan frowned. Caleb had a great scene of the direction. Caleb’s uncle was an expert hunter, and Caleb seemed to pick up
the tracking skills.
“What did you and Tina do?” Phillip asked.
Before Caleb could respond, more voices were heard. Three teenage girls came into view. The lead female, who had to be a senior, Ryan
thought, liked her lips and smiled.
“Ladies, look what we found,” she said. Ryan gulped.
8:00 PM
The man was sitting on the stones eating some chocolate and marshmallows on the fire, while his dog Patches was playing with his
favourite bone.  This made the man laugh. He hoped Tina finds her way back to where ever she needs to be.
Patches barked at him, looking over the man smiled again. His dog wanted to play fetch with his bone. He obliged the dog by taking the
slobbered bone and throwing it a few feet away. Patches wagged his tale running after it. Having secured it in his mouth, Patches returned
ready for another throw. The man obliged him again. This time he threw the bone in the water that was in front of his camp.  Watching
Patches doggy dive into the lake to get the bone, the man stopped and looked at the sky.
“I think it’s going to rain tonight.” The man said to himself. Patches barked and the man decided why not. He stripped of his shirt and jeans
and dove into the water the play with dog.
8:09 PM
Kris was still stunned that that Alex had turned up. He hasn’t seen his former friend in years, nearly ten years. Alex was one of the most
annoying people to him when he dated Colt. He didn’t understand why Alex was like that. He had been accepting of Matt and Corey and
even Scott from the beginning. Then he dated Colt and it all changed. 10 years ago Alex and he crossed paths at a grocery store of all
places. He was with his wife and child at the time. Alex and Kris walked on without speaking to each other. It was right before Nate got
“Kris?” Alex called again.
“What the fuck are you doing here?”  Alex was looking around the camp while Kris seemed to stay still trying to figure out how Alex.
“I am here looking for my son, Kris. In fact, I assumed most of the boys would be here.”
“Well, they are exploring the woods,” Kris said finding his voice.
“I see, well. Maybe we should call them to see if they are okay.”
Kris looked at Alex; he hadn’t changed at all, except he was older and had grown a beard. “First, tell me why you are here. I mean Aaron
never mentioned his father.”
Alex ignored Kris, while he texted his son to call him.  After that Alex seemed to consider answering Kris’s question as Kris moved to tend
to the fire. He momentary forgot about Nathan’s whereabouts.
“Listen, Kris. I am not here to fight. I am here to help you out.”
“Thanks, but I don’t need your help. We are not friends anymore.”
“That’s because you are liar.”
“I thought you didn’t want to fight.”
“Kris where is my son. When I agreed to come camping, to help watch over the kids, Aaron didn’t tell me you would be the father joining
“I don’t know where he is. Honestly, I came back and Nate was gone to.”
Alex stood up and watched Kris. “I thought they were walking in the woods.”
“Not all of them, Nate stayed behind after he and Aaron got into argument. Aaron ran off.”
Kris got up, not giving Alex the time of day. Kris turned his back to Alex who actually looked kind of hot in his red t-shirt and jeans.
“Where are you going?”
“To find my son, I am pretty sure I know where he is.” 
With that, Kris walked on. After a few minutes Alex followed him. “Aaron isn’t answering his text.”
“I am sure he is fine. It’s not my job to watch them like a prison guard; they are having fun.”
They walked on in silence; he turned left and headed in the direction, and he knew Nate would be.  Then Alex said something that
stunned him even more, “I am sorry about Mel.”
“Why, she was a lot like you,” Kris shot back without stopping to think. If this asshole continues to talk, he may let his temper, which he
controlled years ago, run wild.
8:15 PM
Nathan Matthew Stanton was in the mud with his best friend Aaron James Harper. Aaron had just hip thrown him there. They had been
fighting all this time. Nate didn’t know what got into him. He hated it when Aaron said he needed to be alone, that he needed time and
him throwing his journal in the mud.
Then he threw the first bunch, Aaron punched back, then the two wrestled in and out of the hut. They both managed to get extremely
dirty because near the hut was muddy stream. Five minutes into the fight Aaron drew blood when Nate managed to throw the Aaron
against a tree. The branch managed to scratch Aaron’s left cheek. Nate was worried that was seriously hurt. Aaron smiled and bunched him
hard into the gut with one fist and then in groin with another. For two minutes Nathan dropped holding his crotch, a tear had escaped his
eyes with the pain. Aaron laughed, and eye for an eye.
Nate managed to smile, rise from the mud and punch him square in face. The force and surprise of the punch knocked Aaron the ground.
Surprisingly fast Aaron managed to get back up and hip thrown him into the mud.
Nate who now was bleeding from the cheek got up and pushed Aaron hard. Aaron pushed back, not seeing well throw his eye. Aaron had
more force managed to move Nate to the other side of the small stream. Nate looked behind him and grabbed onto Aaron as he continued
push. They fell down the short hill rolling down. They both hit the ground hard. Nate regained moved first and went to Aaron. Aaron
stirred and rubbed his head. There was minor cut and his shirt was ripped open down his chest.
“I am sorry, bro.” Nate said. “This went too fast too quick.”
Nate helped his friend to a stone where the both sat. Aaron hugged Nate. “Yeah, me too; my anger just got the better of me.”
“I know, same here,” Nate laughed. “I get it from my father.”
Aaron laughed too, “I didn’t mean to throw the journal away. Just what you read out loud got to me. This whole this got to me. I admit I
assumed you were gay.”
“Then why did you run away.”
“Honestly, the implications of what it meant for our friendship.”
“What implications, bro. You are my best friend. I wouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable.”
“I know, but…” Nate held up his hand to stop him from taking.
“I want to tell you something. It was why I through the punch.”
“Fucking hell. I thought gay people hit like girls.” Aaron laughed, which brought a smile to Nate’s face.
“Nah, not all of us,” He helped his friend off the rock to the near path that would bring them both back to the hut. “You see, when you said
you needed time. It hurt me. That’s what my mom said.”
Aaron stopped, now walking on his own power; Nate noted that other than a few cuts Aaron and he were okay. Aaron spoke, “You never
talked about you mom, Kris doesn’t mention her either when we had dinner at his house those times.”
“Aaron, I told Dad and Mom I was gay. She left the house for a few hours and then the entire night. She came back the next day. She tried
to accept me, but it was smoke screen. She left both of us six month ago.”
Aaron hugged him, “I am sorry, Nate. That is horrible.”
“Yeah, deep down I thought you would walk out of me. That Caleb, Phillip and Ryan would too.”
Still hugging Nate, “You are my best friend Nathan. I wouldn’t turn my back on you.  Ryan is bisexual and the boys think you are gay too.
Like I said too, I thought you were also.”
“I am sorry; I guess I should have told you long ago.”
They continued to walk. “Nah, then we wouldn’t have had our first fight.”
“My dick still hurts, thank you. We are joining the wrestling team next term.”
“Yeah, so are we okay?”
Nathan thought about it, his mother returned and tried to be okay with him being gay, but since coming out they barely spoke, whereas
Dad and he got closer. He looked at Aaron extended his hand. “Of course we are. We had many great moments.”
“That double date last month, with Moon twins?”  Aaron suggested.
Nathan laughed out loud at that. “My god that was so weird for me. It was the first time I been with a girl.”
“I could tell you shuck her hand instead of kissing her goodbye.”
“Like you noticed, you had your tongue down Danielle throat.” 
Aaron laughed too, “But I got a second date.”
“Which you ruined by copping a feel in the middle of the meal.”
The continued walking up and were close to the stream, a minute away from the hut. Had they been listening they would have heard to
thirty plus year old guys arguing.

8: 37 PM
“Would you shut up already?” Kris said to his annoying travelling companion. Alex didn’t though
“I am just surprised they hired you. I mean you managed to not only lose your son, my son, but three other guys.”
“They have phones, I am sure they are fine. Besides, they hired me because I can coach.”
“Yeah, please just because you started a softball team in college doesn’t mean you are good coach.”
“No, but the five team champions in a row at my last school means I have some game, what have you been up too.”
“Well, I just save peoples life.”
“What like a police officer, firefighter?”
“Nope, life insurance salesman”
Kris laughed at that, he stopped and noticed something in the mud. “Look, a phone?”
“I think that’s Aaron’s?”
“Call it.”
Before they could move, they heard voices coming up the path near the muddy stream.
“Hey, at least I didn’t miss that spare last week.”
“Bowling isn’t my thing. Besides, you don’t exactly to shoot hopes.”
“I didn’t miss that many, when he played with the guys.”
“That’s not bad,” Aaron smiled.
“Out of four.” Nathan smiled wider.
Kris pulled Alex away into the bushes to keep out of site.
“What is your boy being friends with my boy.” Alex hissed at him.
“They are best friends. You didn’t know?”
“No, Aaron never brought him home.”
“I promise Aaron didn’t get any of bisexual juices on him when he came over for dinner.”
Aaron and Nate continued to talk as they both walked into the hut as Kris and Alex watched in the distance.
“Well we know where your son is now.” Kris laughed lightly.
“Let’s go back to our campsite. Give them some privacy. They have a lot to work out.”
“I guess.” Alex didn’t look happy with that.
“So, we may have issues but would you happy with them being friends?
“As long as your son doesn’t hurt mine.”
“Like you hurt me.”
“I never laid a finger on you…”
“I thought we were friends….” 
8: 41 PM
Meanwhile, Ryan was with Phillip and Caleb going with the three seniors somewhere. He was surprised that his two friends wanted to
follow these strangers. They had been walking for what felt like hours, and he had to admit he was curious about these fine attractive
females. Caleb didn’t even think about it and followed them, and since Philip and he didn’t want to continue being lost they followed
their friends.
Caleb filled them in on his time with Tina and being caught by the man with the dog and then running into Aaron afterward.
“What happened to Aaron?”
“No idea, I said that he and Tina were broken up, and he ran off. I thought following him would be a bad idea.”
“And Tina?”
“Who the fuck cares, that girl nearly got me in shit.”
“You don’t even care about her,” Ryan stated. “I thought you were dating.”
“Not after being caught by the man with his dog we aren’t. Aaron told her to scram and she did.”
“Enough talking boys,” the lead woman smiled. “We are here.”
“Where is that?” Phillip asked.
The lead woman pointed to structure to her left, “This is old ranger’s station. It stopped functioning four years ago. We discovered it and
took some of our friends here for some alone time.”
“It’s completely private.” One of her friends announced.
“I see,” Caleb smiled; he seemed to like where this was going.
“Let’s go inside and have some fun.” The lead senior stated, instead of asking
“First,” Ryan decided to be the responsible man. “Tell us your name.”
“My name is Jill Sweeden and I am 18 years old, and lost my virginity when I was fourteen. This is Marcie Franklin, she is my best friend, and
likes young studs. And that is Erin Clinton, and she is virgin and wants to lose it to one of you. What more do you want to know.”
Ryan had to admit the three of them were hot. Caleb didn’t anymore more he grabbed Marcie and led them inside, while Phillip took Erin
saying something in her ear.
“Well, Ryan Sutton, let us go in and have some fun.”
Ryan thought for a second and allowed his dick to make the choice for him. He walked inside smiling the whole time.
8:47 PM
Inside the hut, Nate and Aaron chatted like the last few hours never happened. Aaron was lucky that he didn’t have to discuss the real reason
for leaving Nate back then. Aaron smiled at his friend as he talked about his first time camping here with father.  He explained that since then
he had been writing in his journal, through the years.
“I assumed you would have stayed at the campsite, but then I remembered you mentioning his hut to me before. Now I know it means so
much to you.”
“Yeah, Aaron; I was going to come here eventually, though. I needed to add something to shoebox.”
Aaron was about to ask what it was, but then Nate took out something from his shoebox. It managed to survive their fight unscaved. Nate
showed him it to him and Aaron smiled, taken aback. It was one of the pictures of him that they took about three month ago at the fair. He
remembered they went to those photo booths and had silly pictures ready. The last one of was a serious shot, which was the one Nate showed
him now.
His mind was moving a mile a minute; his first thought was what he feared that there was more going on that than Nate coming on to him.
However, his mind shifted gears remembering that Nate said he wouldn’t do anything that made him uncomfortable. He sighed and smiled at
the picture again, as his mind went back to the fair and the fun they had.
“Thanks buddy.” Aaron said, he means a lot that you would keep that picture here.” 
What would my father think? He thought, not sure where that came from.
Aaron loved his dad, and knew that he wouldn’t be happy that he was friends with Coach Kris’s son. Alex had told him many times about how
he and Kris haven’t got along. When Kris was his teacher and he learned that Nate was his son. He decided to stay clear of him because of his
father. Had he not encountered him at the basketball pole tied up, he wouldn’t have engaged him in a conversation. Now, he never regretted
it. He like Nate and who gives the fuck about what his father thought. It was that reason he asked him to come to the camping trip. He wanted
to tell Alex about his friendship with Nate.
“Do you hear that?” Nate had stopped talking and he didn’t notice. He heard the conversation outside. He couldn’t make out the words, but
the voice was clear it was Kris and his father. And they were both arguing.
“Yeah, it’s out dads.” Aaron said, “Let’s go say hi.”
“They are arguing about the past.” Nate confirmed, frowning
“Fuck that. I want your father to official meet my best friend.”
“I am sorry I hit you.” Nate said.
“Forget, bro.”
They both got up and walked out, and Aaron noticed they both stopped talking when they made their appearance. “Hi, dad.”
That was when Nate poked him in the rib, and slowly he turned to Nate’s direction. There in the stream were to brown bears.
8: 54 PM
Colt parked in the driveway and noticed that Kris’s truck wasn’t there. He was nervous; he hasn’t seen Kris since Scott and Jess’s wedding. He
looked hot as hell then, he thought. But, then again he had been drunk most of the night, so he might be remembering it wrong.
As he walked up the steps to the Stanton household, Colt thought about what he would say. He thought maybe Melissa would be there, and
that was scary; but he remembered, Melissa and Kris divorced. So, as he approached the front door he was still unsure of what to say. He didn’t
know what to say. However, he reached the door and his fingers automatically touched the doorbell.
A minute later and the door open. The man seemed too shocked or surprised he couldn’t tell. The man opened his mouth, though.
“Colt? Is that you?”
“Yes, sir it is. I know it’s been awhile.”
“No shit.”  Kris’s father said and welcomed Colt in.
8:57 PM
The bears were staring at the four males that much was certain to Kris. When he saw the two animals, he hit Alex to stop talking. A minute
later his son and Aaron exited the tent and noticed the animals.  For the last two minutes the four of them didn’t move.
The first bear growled and charged. Kris for first time in his life didn’t know what to do. He was scared for his first born as the bear came closer.
He heard someone yell, “Run!”
And he grabbed Alex and did just that.
8:59 PM
The man was drying off his dog after their little swim in the water. Patches was barking affectionately. He felt the first drops on his head. He
looked to sky, and said to his companion. “It’s going to be a bad one tonight.”
This chapter was written by Andy.   He did a great job with the story and would love hearing from you in the comment section or <>

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