This 24 hour day will take place about 16 years after Kris Stanton had graduated. He has a son, named Nate. Although, the primary story will
focus on Kris and Nate, there will be other storylines that will deal with other Rooming characters and plots.
3:00 PM
Kris Stanton was driving along the highway, ready to enjoy this weekend with his son. For the last five years, Nate and he had gone
camping during the second week of the summer. And this trip was needed for both them.  Kris, of course, loved spending time with his
almost fifteen year son; however, lately they have been getting on each other nerves. It was understandable considering that he was not
just Nate’s father but his high school teacher. He had taken on a new job to be the head of the physical education department, which
allowed him to coach both the football and baseball team, as well teach Phys. Ed. to the grade nine and tens.  This year was Nate’s first in
high school, and he had the misfortune of being in his father’s class.
“Are we there yet?” Nate called out from the passenger side; he had his phone out and was texting a friend, Kris assumed.
“No, now would you put that away, this is supposed to be a father and son trip, not a text your friend trip.”
“Yes, dad,” Nate said in his most annoyed voice.
Trying to create a conversation, Kris asked, “Are you excited to be going camping again?”
“Sure, why not. It does good to get away. Are you going go nude again?”
Kris couldn’t help but laugh at that. “With your mother out of the picture, I got to be me. “ Concerned he continued, “I thought you were
okay with the nudity?”
“I am. I just don’t think people should see your junk. You are old.” Nate laughed as the gentle tease.
“Son, I’m 38. That is nothing. I am still in my prime.”
“Tell that to your beer belly.” He playfully punched Kris in the stomach to highlight his point.
Kris hasn’t been keeping in shape the last six months, but there were reasons for that. Nate knew full well what those were. However, he
only gained 10 pounds.
At that moment Nate got another message. “It’s mom calling….again.”
“Four times this month alone. Your mother is persistent.” Kris didn’t really want Nate and his mother communicating anymore. She really
hurt them both when she left. And unless she was willing to admit her mistake, all she would do is make matters worse.
“Yeah, if only she could be accepting.”
With that, Nate shut his phone off completely and threw it in the back. The rays were coming in, and the urge strip off his shirt was too
much to put off, so he did. Kris smiled; his son was growing into healthy boy, and was happy that he and his friends had started using the
weight room at the school. Although he met Nate’s friends, he never really got to know most of them outside of school, as Nate tended to
stay at their houses to chill. Kris assumed it would be weird being in house of one of their teachers. This trip will help get over that
weirdness, he hoped.
His mind went to Nate’s call from his son’s mother. He wondered how long it had been since he called her that, instead of his wife.
Melissa and he had been having issues for years, and it was only half year ago that their relationship ended permanently.  Nate wasn’t
responsible for the break up, of course, with more of the blame on Nate’s mother and himself. 
The last time he spoke to Melissa was at Christmas when she called to wish Nate a Merry Christmas. Nate ignored that call too. How Mel
had been toward their son of late, just showed that Kris didn’t know her that well. And since Kris knew Melissa since junior high school,
that is saying something.
The day she left, and filed for divorce was the worst day of his life, because regardless of what had happened, Kris will always love her.
She was his Junior High crush, and although they split up and got together many times since then, they managed to stay together. They
even had three month break after a heated argument, but they got together and were married two months after that, producing Nate in
the process.
“I got to ask you Dad.” Nate said, taking Kris out of his thoughts.
“Hmm… What’s that son?”
“Are you still in love with Uncle Matt?”
Good thing he was at stop sign, because the suddenness of the question would have made him have an accident.
“No,” he said a little too quickly. “Why do you ask?”
“I finished Matt’s manuscript last night, and it made a lot of sense to me, for the most part.”
“I allowed you to read it; because I thought knowing about my experience would help you find yourself in high school. I know how hard it
was in Junior High never making any friends.”
“True, I wish I had read it at the beginning of the year when you had Uncle Matt send it to me. Those two months of high school were hell.” 
At the time Nate’s to friend were Tim who visited Scott every so often, and Will.
“But, then you met Aaron.”
“Yep,” Nate laughed. His best friend that he found at the beginning of second term was an interesting character to say the least. They had
only been friends a short time, but there is something special about him.
“Have you told him?” Kris asked knowing that Nate has yet to tell anybody except his parents.
“No, I haven’t found the right time.”
“There is no right time,” Kris laughed again, to which Nate gave him a quizzical eyebrow in return.
“Sorry, I just remembered how I told Matt about my brother’s death. I saw a minor car accident on my way to a friend’s cabin for the winter
holiday in high school, and when I came to I said Nathan. When Matt and I came home, he wrestled me to the ground and made me tell
him about it, sensing it was something I shouldn’t hold in.  The point is: things come out.”
“So, then it will come out when it wants to come out?”
“Yeah,” Kris nodded and concentrated on the road; hopefully that helped his son. 

3: 22 PM
Nate was getting annoyed after his little story about telling Uncle Matt about his father, something Nate was aware of already.  Ever since
his mother moved out, Kris was taking a keener interest in his life and had even opened up more, telling him more about his earlier years.
That conversation lead to asking about Uncle Matt’s manuscript that he wrote five years ago, but never published. The detailed story,
mainly in Matt’s perspective, detailed his college life, and the first year after graduation. It was very graphic, but interesting to the
teenager. Nate was aware his father had gay tendencies, but was shocked that he and Colt were boyfriends. When Nate asked Kris about
that chapter, Kris answered his questions, but kept to himself mostly. It did also explain a lot about his mother and father’s initial
problems. However, the manuscript articulated a hidden layer to Uncle Matt’s and Kris’s relationship.
Now, Nate was waiting patiently for his father to respond to his initial query. After ten minutes of silence, he prompted Kris again.
“What?” Kris responded, in his guarded way.
Nate appreciated that Dad was always open with him. It helped especially when Dad began being his teacher. When Kris had to instruct
the class in sex education, Nate believed it would be weird coming from his father, but he was okay with it because Dad had sat him down
the summer previously and they discussed at length about sex and masturbation, where Nate admitted to doing the latter. Kris added a
special lesson on homosexuality and which delved into a heated discussion about tolerance. Nate was taken aback how few people in his
class were against the gay community; however, one person had a more positive outlook was Aaron, and that was something that Nate
found thoughtful. The lesson made him appreciate his father more for bringing gay studies to the front ground, especially when people
were still at an impressionable age.
Still annoyed that he allowed Kris to get him off topic, he stated: “Dad tell me: Are you and Matt in love? The way Matt wrote the
manuscript it made it sound like there was something there.”
“I will answer you son, but first you read about my first sexual encounter with Matt, yes?  And you know about how Matt and I began our
friendship. How do you think I feel about Matt?”
Well, not stupid to be fooled by another deflective tactic, he put the matter to some thought. “Yes, I read about your sex life, which by the
way is very interesting, and not it weird sick way.”  He knew he should be grossed out about hearing about his father’s sex life, but the way
Matt wrote it, it made seem like story, and it he was so engrossed in it, that he forgot it was his father that he was reading about.
Nate continued, “I must say I don’t know how to characterize this relationship. I know you to love each other, like brothers. But you loved
Colt and Corey equally too.”
Kris unbuttoned his shirt, while they stopped at another light. “This tattoo explains that Colt, Corey and Matt are my true brothers. This
other one is in memory of Nathan, and the line connecting to the N, is you. Matt and I had been so much together that we cannot define
the relationship with proper labels. We are not just friends with benefits, or brothers or family we are combination of all that and more. 
When I had too much E at a party, Matt held me all night. When Matt’s father died, we sat up all night talking.  That give and take is our
Nate was aware of Kris and Matt’s history, due to the talks and manuscript, however, to hear his father speak of Matt with so much
passion, in ways he never showed toward his mother lately, was intriguing. He wanted to know more.
Kris continued, “That being said, Corey and Matt are in love, they are soul mates. There was crush in high school that Matt that mentioned
to me. I was never in love with him.”
“The sex?” Nate was confused. He had always believed sex was something you did when you were in love. Kris had told him that
numerous times during their talk last summer and during their sex education class.
“Nate, we made love, but we were never in love. For us sex is just another way to express our feelings for each other. Sometimes it was
fucking, sometimes it was lovemaking. When Corey and Matt have sex, it a completely different emotion, and I couldn’t never compete
with Corey. Their lovemaking is an experience; it is true joining of two people, a true feeling of oneness. I had felt that with Colt and your
mother, but never with Matt or Corey.”
“Were you jealous of Uncle Corey?”
“Why are you so interested in my life?”
“Don’t deflect: tell me.”
Dad laughed, and Nate learned a lot of more about his father, it helped him forget about the texting he was doing before.

3:35 PM
At the campground a man was sitting on a rock throwing stones in the lake, watching them as they skipped the water. He doesn’t even
know why he came here last week. But he enjoyed it nonetheless.
The man thought about how good it was to be back with nature. Living the city life was tiring for him. The hustle and bustle of cars, and
trains, the constant noise was something he never got used to.  After so many years he needed to make a fresh break. He quit his job, sold
his bachelor pad and moved to a small cottage an hour away. This was the first weekend he spent up here.
In his late teens and early twenties he travelled the land and tried to make name for himself. He read books, and got an education online
eventually getting a bachelor`s degree. To pay for this he took up some three jobs. One was at kennel.
It was at that kennel he met his best friend Patches, he was yellow Labrador.  When the man saw him, he bought him right away and the
two have never left each other since.
He called his dog to join him. Patches was sleeping outside their tent. After ignoring the call, the man turned and Patches was gone.
Patches never ran off, so he was concerned for his mate. The man went into the bushes to go after him.

3: 45 PM
Colt was watching television on the coach with his nephew Hunter. Hunter seems to be interested in the police drama. Colt thought that
Hunter would make an excellent cop or maybe a detective. Hunter helped him discover where he displaced his wallet last week.
“Colt what’s up?” Hunter asked.
“Nothing why?”
“You just seem distracted tonight. You haven’t even asked me if I completed my homework. You and Dad are always bitching about that.”
“Hunter, you are old enough to do your homework, without us bugging you. Besides it is summer, there is no school.” Colt once believed
that Hunter received his mother’s intellect. Colt has seen Hunter’s mother many times over the years.
“Uncle Colt, what’s wrong?”
Colt was caught he had been thinking about Ben and the recent date he had with him. They had broken up. “Nothing.”
“Where’s Chase?”
“Dad should be home in a few minutes?”
Hunter was just going back to his tv watching when the doorbell rang. Colt was about to get it himself, but Hunter smiled and went to do it.
Colt got up anyway, curious to see who it was. He saw Hunter and Renee. They were kissing hello.
Colt coughed, “Do you want some privacy?”
“Sure,” Hunter smiled.
Ignoring his nephew, Colt addressed Renee, “Just out of curiosity was there a reason you stopped by.”
“Isn’t seeing her boyfriend enough?”
Colt ignored him, again, as Renee responded, “Actually, yeah. We were invited to a party tonight. And I am his ride.”
“A party?”
Everybody turned to the new voice, and Chase walked into the door and flung his bag down. “Certainly, my son isn’t going to a party.”
“Dad!”  Hunter whined.
“You are still grounded with that stunt you pulled last month.”
“That was a just a prank, and I apologized to Rodger.”
“Chase,” Colt spoke up, “Let him have some fun. You can punish him later.”
Chase thought it over and nodded. “Okay, you can go.”
“Thanks Dad. Come on, Renee. Help me pick out something to wear.”
They both headed upstairs. Chase headed into the kitchen and grabbed a beer.  Colt followed. “Aren’t you being a little hard on him? It
was just a stupid prank. Something you would have done at his age.”
“Yeah, I know. But I needed to embarrass him a little.” 
Colt having grabbed a beer himself clinked bottles with his brother. “True that.”
Colt was just about to grab some food, when Chase grabbed him by the elbow and sat him down.
“Colt, we need to talk? It’s time that you move on.”
“Move on?”
“Yeah, bro, I think it is time for you to leave.” 
3:56 PM
Kris pulled into the campground as Nate jumped out of the car, ready to start their trip. Kris smiled at his son. They both open the trunk
and grabbed the stuff. It took about two minutes to move it.
Kris put it down and stripped to his boxers and started to separate their stuff. Kris enjoyed the sun on his frame, and laughed as his son
stripped off his shorts too.
“I see we are both going to get some rays.”
“Yep, but please no nudity today.” He suggested, opening up the sunscreen from his pack.
At that Kris lowered the boxers mooning his son. Nate laughed and slapped his butt hard.
“This is a public place kindly reframe from showing the world you ugly body. I just had my lunch.”
The voice shocked both men. Out of the water came three guys in board shorts.
“I don’t think so.”  Kris said proudly to the new arrivals. And just like that he stripped off the boxers and threw them at the lead guy coming
out of the water, his face receiving the business end of it. 
The lead teen spoke, “Okay, we warned you mister.”

4: 00 PM
Without warning the three guys charged his naked Dad, and he just laughed at the teenagers. Nate watched at Dad started wrestling with
them. He managed to take one of the guys’ board shorts down to his knees. The guy didn’t seem to notice.  At this distance Nate smiled
because the guy’s limp dick was interesting to look at. Not too big or too small, but just right for him.  The other two managed get the
better of Dad, as the first one pulled up his shorts with no luck.
It was at that moment that Nate entered the fray against his father. He ran forward and put his arms around Dad’s neck and as quickly as he
got secure. Dad picked him up with his hands that just managed to get free, and he threw his son gently into the guy trying tie his shorts
back together and they both fell into the sand.  The other two boys let go of Kris to check on their friends.
Kris laughed, “Phillip, Caleb, Ryan, we are going to work on your wrestling next term. And Ryan, don’t wear shorts that low, it makes for an
excellent target.”
Nate laughed at that too, with his friends. They were all classmates in his father’s Phys. Ed class, and a few others.
Surprised that one of this friend’s was missing, his best friend, he asked Ryan: “Where’s Aaron?”
“Not sure”, he said finally get his shorts secure.
“He is right here.” They all turned to the water and out came the newly turned fifteen year old. He had brown hair, blue eyes and small
birthmark on his chest in the shape of a square. He had nice pecks, too.
Nate went to give his friend a hug, smiling mischievously, “You planned that little charge.”
“No,” Aaron acted innocently.
Dad approached his shorts on again, “Hello, Aaron. It was nice of you to let your friends get wrestled.”
“Shucks, Coach it was the least….”
Without warning, Dad grabbed Aaron by his feet and tossed him gently into to water.
Philip and Caleb collapsed into each other laughing hysterically. While, Ryan put a hand on Nate’s shoulder. “You dad is so cool.”  Nate just
Ryan continued, “My dad is just a boring chef.”
Hearing Ryan’s comment, Dad turned to him, “There is nothing wrong with being a chef. In college I barely new how to make scrambled
eggs, and I sometimes burned the lettuce for my salads.”
“Yes, Coach.”
“Fuck with the coach stuff.” He said to the boys who had managed to gather around Nate. None of them seemed to care that he was
“It’s your summer vacation; I am not your coach or teacher. So, to me I am just Kris. Although, I have to make sure none of you gets fucking
killed, you have a lot of leeway in what you do.”
“Awesome,” Aaron smiled and he high fived Nate.  Nate loved his father. Ever since Mom left, Dad had never dropped the ball. He was
there for him when he needed guidance and sure it was weird being at school in his class, but he will never forget that Dad chose him, and
his mother didn’t.
“Now go get the fire started I am going to be sleeping in the tent. And the first one who gets hurt will wish he hadn’t.”
“Yes, sir.” Nate smiled.
“Nope, you still call me Dad.”
At that the boys went off to gather wood after Kris told him where the water for their canteens were. Aaron and Nate stayed on the beach
start the fire with kindling.
“It was nice that your dad allowed us to join on this trip. You had said he and you had been coming up here for years.”
“Five years.” Nate clarified, “Yeah, I asked if I could share it with my best friend, and our crew.”
“We barely know each other. It’s only been half a year.”
It was only six months when they met, and in that time, they managed to have an easy going friendship. It started out causally. It was a
hard time for Aaron back then, and in the four months since, Nate had trusted him enough to think about telling his secret. Aaron had
mentioned that when he was younger he had stolen a lot of money from his parents and never got caught.
“But those months were a lot of fun.”
“Yeah falling of that mountain was hilarious.”
“We didn’t fall.”
“You didn’t. I certainly was pushed.”
“It was the wind.” Nate countered. One month ago the two teens ventured on new theme park that opened and one of their attractions
was real life rock climbing experience on a small mountain. Nate had reached the peak a minute before Aaron, and when it was time to
repel back down, Nate jokingly pushed his friend, knowing that Aaron needed it, since then the two had been fighting about if he was
pushed, both knowing the truth.
“Wind that felt like you hand, eh?”
“Like you know what my hand feels like.”
“I bet you would like to tell me.” Aaron laughed
Nate froze for a minute. Did Aaron know about him?  The moment passed though when Aaron slapped him on the back. “Let’s get back to

4:12 PM
Colt was coming back to Chase’s home. After hearing his own brother asking him to leave, he got up and left. There was nothing keeping
him here. He was surprised that his own flesh and blood would do that. Colt was a good uncle to Hunter. He didn’t try to sleep with
Chase’s wife. Even though long time ago they had slept together.
On the porch Chase was waiting.
“Colt, I am sorry. I didn’t mean for you to run off that second. Where did you go anyway?”
“Doesn’t matter, I am sorry too for leaving. It was just surprising to hear you kicking me out.”
“Bro, I am not kicking you out. I just feel that you are wasting away. Ever since you came to me 10 years ago, you seem to becoming the
shell of the man you used to be.”
Colt wasn’t aware of that. Sure, he hadn’t been social with any of his work buddies.  When Ben and he decided to end it, the people and
work thought he was insane, and stopped talking to him. He had considered a new job, but he couldn’t find it in his place to leave the
steady pay flow.
“What are you talking about?” 
“You go to work, come home, play with Hunter, go to sleep and go back to work.”
“Yeah, my job is very demanding,” Colt stated defensively.
“Being an accountant is very stressful I hear.” Chase countered sarcastically.
“Don’t start being a jackass. I can still take you on my knee as spank you.”
“When was the last time you chilled with your friends from college?”
“Fuck them.”  When Kris moved away after he married Melissa almost 15 years ago, what Colt had feared would happen, occurred: their
friendship ended. They called once a week, then once a month, then they texted and emailed, and eventually it ended altogether.  It was
through Scott, that he learned that Kris was divorced “He can go to fucking hell.”
“What happened to the Colt that who was so cool; the one who shit his pantsed when he met football legend Ted? What happened to my
fucking brother?”
“I am still here Chase. I am still the same guy.”
“In appearance only. You need to leave; you need to go back on your own path. You are not happy anymore. Not since Faith have you been
“I am perfectly happy.” Colt said too quickly. I have…”
“Porn. Every night, the same three DVDs; when was the last time you had sex?”
Colt had to think about that. It had been four or five years, maybe more.”
“The fact that you don’t remember, speaks fucking volumes.”
“Maybe you are right. Where do I go?”
“Where ever you were most happy.”
“I can’t just leave you guys.”
“Yes you can, and I am asking as your brother to do just that. This my return gift for the money you gave me for this house and the advice
you gave me over the years and helping me raise Hunter. Now it’s time that you leave and find that thing you are missing. Hunter and porn
aren’t the only things worth living.
“I can’t just leave.”
“Colt, yes you can. You need this. You need this, for your own wellbeing. I am not kicking you out, but I am begging you to leave.”
Colt thought about it, and then it clicked. He went back into the house as Chase followed. He entered Hunter’s room, surprising Hunter
and Renee who were actually listening to music and not making out, like they were the last time he entered.
“Renee would you give me and Hunter a minute.”
She nodded and Chase left the door open for her. Colt sat on the bed, “I am going to go away for a while, maybe a month or two. I need to
find myself. For a long time the person I was has been broken, and your father showed me that, although deep down I knew it too.”
“Where will you go?”
He knew where, but he didn’t feel he could voice it. “I don’t know Hunt. But, I need to leave now.”
With that, he hugged his nephew, and placed something in his hand, and was almost out the door.
“What’s this?”
“A condom, don’t be an idiot like your father. Use protection.”
“Don’t worry Uncle Colt,” Hunter smiled. “I know how I was conceived. He opened his night table, and inside was thousands of condoms.
That won’t happen again.”
At that, Colt laughed. He went to his room and packed a small bag, he knew Chase was watching him. “I think we both know where I may
end up.”
Chase nodded. Colt really had no idea where he was going, he had a direction in mind, but that was it.  Packed he got up and hugged his
brother. “I love you, you know that,” he whispered into Chase’s ear.
“Back at you bro, you just needed a push.”
“And you need him.” Colt and Chase both knew who he was talking about. Six years ago is long time, but not long enough, with Chase’s
instant anger reaching his face.
“Goodbye Chase.”  At with that, Colt left the house got into his red truck and drove away.

4: 31 PM
Kris was snoring, having an awesome dream about him and Matt. He was standing in normal street clothes with Matt and Corey in
matching jeans and button up shirts. They both looked like they did in their freshman year of college. They were happy and were ready for
the shoot. Kris watched as the videographer taped the whole thing. The videographer was the hot ranger they met when they were
camping, Dean Everest, looking no different from the day they first saw him. He wore just brown shorts and open t-shirt, showing off his
muscles. Kris looked around and was surprised that Scott and Colt weren’t there.

Dean asked him if he was ready. “Just shoot the lover boys first. I’ll join in at the right moment.”
Dean nodded and began filming. Corey put his hand into the waistband of Matt’s jeans and pulled him to him, embracing his thinner body.
Immediately their lips touched and they began to make out like they hadn’t seen each other in weeks, the idea of being filmed making
them so hot they almost tore each other’s clothes off so they could start fucking right away.
Kris continued to watch as Corey pulled back from a kiss and bit Matt’s lip. The way Matt moaned and looked at Corey, the lust in his eyes
clear, made Kris bone up in his own jeans and he reached down to stroke his encased dick.
Matt unbuttoned Corey’s jeans and pulled the zipper down so he could push them toward the ground, exposing Corey’s huge thighs and
tight, clinging boxer briefs. In reply, Corey slid his hands up under Matt’s shirt, using his fingers to caress the growing muscles beneath. He
pinched one of Matt’s nipples, making Matt yelp and jump, but his face had an expression of pure ecstasy. Corey then moved his hands
back down so he could slowly pull Matt’s shirt up over his hot body, removing it completely and tossing it to the floor.
With Matt half naked, Corey slid his hand down and hooked his thumb into the waistband of Matt’s jeans, pushing them down slightly
along with his briefs to reveal the trimmed pubes and the very top of Matt’s long shaft. Corey’s mouth devoured Matt’s and as Kris
watched on he couldn’t keep his dick contained anymore, pulling the zipper on his jeans down so he could pull his throbbing cock through
He needed to move this on now before they go too into each other.
“Okay, guys,” Kris said, stepping into the shot. “Let’s take this to the field.”
Matt and Corey both licked their lips, staring at Kris before they obeyed and let him lead them outside, continuing until they were right in
the middle of the football field, surrounded by the empty bleachers that could have been filled with thousands of people for all they
cared because right now all that mattered was taking care of their hard dicks.
“Let’s do this,” Kris said, looking at Dean for confirmation that he was capturing all of this.
Corey immediately took Matt down to the ground and straddled his chest, placing his boxer brief covered ass so close to Matt’s face he
could see the incredible mounds of flesh, but not quite close enough to get his lips on it. Leaning over, having Matt’s upper body pinned to
the ground, Corey pulled open Matt’s jeans and lifted his legs so he could pull them off. He then slowly slid down the tight briefs that
were stretched to the max by Matt’s big dick and flung them over to Kris who caught them and grinned.
With Matt at his mercy, Corey kept his legs raised, exposing the tight little hole to Kris, Dean and the camera. Kris moaned and a huge drop
of precum formed on the tip of his cock. He couldn’t help himself as he stepped forward with his hard dick rising up through the hole of his
jeans and rubbed his bare cock over Matt’s exposed hole.
“Oh fuck!” Matt screamed as Kris ran the head of his dick back and forth over Matt’s hole, applying just enough pressure for the hole to
start to give way, granting Kris entry.
With Matt’s legs securely tucked into his arms, Corey reached down and took Kris’s dick in his hand, pulling it so Kris had no choice but to
stand up. Keeping his grip on Kris’s cock, Corey pulled it to his mouth and sucked it in, licking it all over and kissing the tip, wanting to taste
Kris’s juices as well as the hint of Matt’s ass.
Moving his hands so Kris was fucking his mouth instead, Corey unbuttoned the jeans and let them fall to the floor. Kris quickly kicked them
off and continued to fuck his dick into the tight O formed by Corey’s lips as Corey ran his hands up and down Kris’s hot muscle ass,
eventually slipping the tight boxers down.
Corey then pulled back and admired the hot dick in front of him, glistening with his spit. He took it in his hand again and put enough
pressure on it that Kris gave in and sank to his knees. He reached over and pulled Kris into a hot kiss. As their tongues battled, Corey
positioned Kris’s hard, bare dick so it was resting against Matt’s hole and then he moved his hand up, taking hold of Kris’s t-shirt and pull it
up, only breaking the kiss to remove the t-shirt entirely.
Without saying a word, Corey moved from his position over Matt and let Matt’s legs come to rest on Kris’s shoulders. He moved away so he
was standing next to Dean, who was still filming, so he could watch as Kris realised where his dick was resting. Matt was staring up at Kris,
his eyes pleading with his hot best friend.
Slowly, Kris pushed forward and Matt’s ass began to open, letting him in. The head of his cock sank inside and Matt moaned in such
pleasure Kris thought he might cum just from the initial penetration. Easing his way in with only Corey’s spit as lube, Kris had to stop
multiple times because the tight ass his dick was now encased him threatened to milk him dry before he was ready to cum.
When he bottomed out in his best friend’s ass, Kris looked down to see a tear in Matt’s eye and then felt himself being pulled down into
the hottest kiss ever. With their lips still locked he started fucking Matt’s ass, sliding his bare dick in and out of the hottest hole he’d ever
Just a few feet away, Corey and Dean were watching and taping the whole scene, seeing Kris’s hot cock disappearing up Matt’s tight chute.
Corey was now naked and was stroking his hard cock. He noticed the huge tent in Dean’s pants too and reached over to caress the monster,
all the while his eyes never left Kris who had leaned back up and was picking up the pace on Matt’s ass, beginning to fuck him harder and
faster until his balls were slapping off Matt’s ass and they were both screaming for more.
“This feels so fucking good,” Matt cried.
“Fuck yeah it does,” Kris moaned. “I’m fucking your ass, Matt. I’m gonna fuck you until I cum deep in your tight little hole.”
“Oh fuck yeah, Kris, fill me full of cum, breed me.”
Kris fucked Matt even harder, almost ignoring the moans that were coming from Dean since Corey had dropped to his knees and was
sucking on the ranger’s huge cock while he continued to film the hot sex in front of him.
With Kris’s cock pounding his hole, Matt’s dick exploded, sending huge shots of cum spraying across his body. His ass tightened around
Kris’s cock and with a scream and a deep shove, burying his cock inside Matt as far as it would go, Kris started shooting the biggest load of
his life into his best friend’s ass.
As they were coming down from their orgasm they heard the moans of Corey and Dean having their own climax together.
“Oh fuck that felt good,” Matt said.
“Hell yeah it did,” Kris smiled. “Maybe next time I’ll let you fuck me bare. I’d love to feel you cum inside me.”
“No way, Kris, that ass is mine.”
Kris quickly spun around, pulling his dick from Matt’s ass in the process, to see Colt standing in front of him completely naked, his cock rock
hard and ready for action.

“Well?” Colt asked. “This is the cock you really want, so how about it? You gonna let me fuck you?”
Kris awoke with a start. There is a loud noise, it sounded like a stupid bird. Then his mind starts wondering why Colt entered his dream. Pushing
it out of his mind, since he hasn’t heard from his ex-boyfriend and ex-friend in a long time, he went to check on his son and friend.
“You guys okay.” He was shocked to see boy teens naked and lying on a towel enjoying the breeze with the fire going.
“Yeah, dad,” The guys went to get some more wood, or something.”
“And you are naked?”
“Yeah, nothing gets passed you, Kris.” Aaron shot back
“Don’t make me kick your ass there Aaron.”
“Yes, sir.” He laughed.
Kris went back to the tent and went to cooler and grabbed three bottles. “Here.”
“A beer you shouldn’t have.” His son said.
“Think again, there.”
Kris popped the bottle of his beer and chugged, letting his son and his friend have some cola. It of course would be wrong to give them alcohol.
Then again, he knew Nate had some beer four years ago. He just wanted to try it, so when Kris was asleep he grabbed one of the bottles and his
mother spent the better part of the night helping him clean up the throw up. 
Kris thought back to his time with Nate on their first time to this campsite. Kris first came here when Colt and he first fucked. And it has been a
great time ever since. He promised himself that he would take his son when he was old enough.
So, five years ago Nate and he went camping. It wasn’t until that night when Kris told some of his greater ghost stories with s’mores that Nate
started to enjoy himself. He even asked him to sleep outside under the stars.
Now, Kris was watching his son having a great time, he was excited about this trip for the last week and a half. It was needed, as the last term
was stressful for both of them, they were having many arguments.
Kris got a phone call; it was from his ex-wife. They haven’t spoken since the New Year. But, that was mainly because Kris like his son refused to
speak to her.
“Son, don’t do anything stupid, while I take this call from work privately.”
“You raised me dad,” Nate smiled, “You only have yourself to blame.”
Kris chuckled and went to have some privacy in the bushes.
“I wanted to talk to your son.”
“He doesn’t want to speak to you, and frankly neither do I.”
Kris could tell that Mel really wanted to talk Nate about something. He hoped it was to apologize. He knew better. “What do you want to say to
“I want to apologize.”
“Really? It’s been six months, Melissa you hold grudges longer than that.”
“This isn’t about you and Matthew, this is about my relationship with my son.”
“You don’t have a relationship with him. Now fuck off!   And Melissa, he will talk to you when he ready.”
Melissa was about to protest his decision, so Kris just hung up and turned his phone off. When did Mel start calling people by their full name? 
He walked back to the boys, and Nate was walking toward him. “Mom?”
“Yeah, she wanted to apologize.”
They both knew Melissa just missed Nate and that she wanted her son back, not that she would accept him.
“Go be with your friend, son.” Kris slapped Nate’s ass and the guys decided to go swimming while Kris tended to the fire.
4:43 PM
Phillip, Caleb and Ryan were walking in the forest area by the camp looking for the hole to collect their water. Ryan was embarrassed from
being pantsed in front of his friends. He always made sure that he had towel around him when they were in showers at school. Of course, they
knew the size of his dick, as Caleb was the first one to comment on their first day.
“I think he were playing a prank on us.”  Caleb stated
“What do you mean?” Phillip asked.
“The watering hole. There isn’t one on this campsite.”
“Then what the fuck are we doing,” Phillip asked. Kris had asked them to collect some water. Although, Coach Kris was an awesome teacher,
very approachable, he was still a joker. Ryan thought maybe Caleb was on to something.
“Why would Coach Kris do this?”
“Simple: to make up for the wrestling match,” Ryan stated. Frowning, it was Aaron’s idea do to it. Why wouldn’t he be punished also?”
“You don’t think.” He spoke to his friends, “That Nate put it him up to it to get Aaron alone.”
“What are you getting at?” Phillip said sitting on nearby rock.
“Well, it is no secret about Nate and his look he has with Aaron aren’t exactly subtle.”
“Nah, we don’t know he is.”  Caleb announced leaning against a tree, “Besides, if you are right, why would be we be invited in the first place.”
“If Nate isn’t then explain why he didn’t go after Rebecca when she asked him out.”
“He doesn’t like her.” Caleb countered to Ryan. “I don’t like her and she is my sister.”
“I think we should let Nate tell his secret when he good and ready.”
“I still think he is.”
“Just so you can date him.”
“I am not gay,” Ryan said confidently. “I don’t want anybody right now.”
Caleb then spoke up, “Then he would have to let people see you massive package.”
That made Ryan blush. Philip spoke next, “Of all the people’s pants to fall down earlier it was yours. Look, Cal, can Ry’s face get any redder.”
“Guys enough is enough. It’s no secret that I am not comfortable about showing my package off.”
“Why?” Caleb asked.
“Your dick is the biggest in the class.” Phillip said.
Ryan laughed at that, “I don’t know why I am shy about it. Something is meant to be private.” Ryan smiled slyly.
“Nah,” Caleb countered “not between friends.”
Caleb and Phillip moved so fast that he got Ryan off guard. They pushed him next to the tree, while Caleb held his arms Phillip stripped Ryan of
his pants and boxers and threw them into a bush.
“There,” they let him go. “It’s time to stop being ashamed of your penis. Look at it.”
He did, and smiled. Ryan spent a little time in front of the mirror looking at his massive dick. He liked it. It wasn’t that Ryan was just shy; he
didn’t want other people to be embarrassed.
Caleb smiled and pulled his shorts down, with Phillip following. “We all have different sizes, and we are okay that you have the biggest one.”
“Yeah,” Phillip agreed. “You are going to remain like this until you are okay with your penis.”
“Fine, I am okay with it.”
That’s when they heard a bark. The three boys stood there as the bark got closer. A yellow lab showed up with Ryan’s boxers in his mouth. They
boys laughed, Ryan didn’t even feel the need to put them on.
“Who might you be?” Ryan asked the dog. There was a tag on the collar, but that didn’t help much if the owner is at a different campsite.
However, the Labrador, called Patches was suggesting they follow by he’s barking. Ryan found his shorts and the three of them chased after the
4:56 PM
Nate was just drying off while Aaron was inside changing into shorts and t-shirt that defiantly showed of his best features.  Nate’s mind was
still trying to find the best way to articulate his secret. But, this isn’t something you blurt out.
Then again his father blurted out to Matt about Nathan’s death, so maybe that approach may work. All this thinking stopped when a girl
approached the tent. Nate knew instantly who she was.  Nate was surprised she was here.
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