In the last few hours (3:00 pm to 9:00 pm)

· Kris and his son, Nate came up camping and met Kris’s students who were Nate’s best friends Nate told Aaron about his sexual
orientation and Aaron ran away. Kris stayed around to help Nate with the problem, but Nate instructed Kris to meet Dean.
· Nate called his Uncle Matt for advice, who explained Aaron would come around in time. Nate decided to be alone with his thoughts
and left the campsite to his hut
· Nate and Aaron found each other, and after a fight they talked about why Aaron left and their parents and made up as friends again,
only to have a pair of bears looking up at them
· Kris had a sexual encounter with Dean, and returned to discover his son missing; however, he located his former college friend, Alex
who happens to be the father of Aaron and they went in search for their sons arguing about their time in college along the way; they
find them, and a pair of bears.
· After Aaron and Tina kissed at the campsite, they had dinner, where Tina left to go home and Caleb followed. They were both caught
by the man with the dog and later by Aaron who was searching for Nate.
· Caleb and Aaron fought as the Man with the dog and Tina left the site. Aaron ran after Caleb reminded him that Aaron and Tina were
broken up
· Tina and the man with dog talk about the man’s past and helped her through her emotions with Caleb and Aaron, he even after her to
stay with him for the night.
· Phillip and Ryan went after Aaron, but got lost and Ryan revealed his was bisexual
· Ryan, Phillip and Caleb met up with three girls and they lead them to a location.

· Colt and Chase discuss Colt’s loneliness and Colt decided it was time to find his happiness; the only regret was he was leaving his
nephew Hunter.  After meeting Jess and Scott, he decides to drive to Stanton household to find Kris
· Colt arrives at the Stanton household and Walt greets him

9:00 PM
As the rain fell, Kris and Alex ran in the opposite direction of their sons. Kris was so scared, he never encountered bears before, and never
before at this site. He didn’t know what to do. Alex was running as fast as he could, but the brown bear was running at them fast. Kris
instantly regretted not going with his son, it just wasn’t possible. If anything happened to Nate he wouldn’t forgive himself. All he has now is
his son and his father. And Nate means more to him than life itself. When he almost died nearly 10 years ago, Kris was so beside himself he
could even get out of bed. Matt and Corey were with him through it all. It was like losing his brother all over again.  Now, he was running in
the opposite direction, hoping that Aaron would take care of his son, as Matt had taken care of him.
Looking back, the bear was catching up with Alex as he ran to the path by the hill. Kris heard the growling in his ears. He stopped for a second
to take in the scene. The bear was in striking distance of Alex, he swung its claw right at Alex’s face. Luckily the paw missed by hair as Alex
dodged it.
His luck ran out fast, though. Kris watched as Alex dodged the claw only to smack his face right into a tree. He instantly fell to ground, and
kept rolling down the hill. Kris couldn’t see where he landed or if Alex was okay because the bear had seen him and continued his running.
He realized that he cared about Alex, even after all the shit he caused. The bear was seconds away. The brown bear seemed smarter as, Kris
looked behind his shoulder noticing his front paws stayed on the ground.
The bear kept running and Kris couldn’t stop him. The bear ran passed Kris, but it shoved his side into Kris. The impact threw him down the
side of the hill Alex fell from. He felt the pain in his side as he rolled down the hill and before he knew it he smacked his head on rock. Before
everything went black, Kris thought about Nate and hoped that his son was okay. A tear escaped his eye.
9: 04 PM
Minutes ago Nate was standing outside the hut staring down the brown bear, and then he was in the air. Aaron was carrying him in the
opposite direction that his dad and who he assumed was Alex ran. He was in a fireman carry, so he had full visual of the bears. They took a
minute to decide who to chase, but then one went after their dads and one went after them.
Aaron was surprisingly fast. He went down the path they had come up from the hill they were wrestling earlier. The bear stopped for a
second, and continued, however, Aaron was no match for him. Nate knew that Aaron was a track star and easily the fasted kid in the school,
but to outrun a bear, that was something else.
Now, the bear was gone having slowed down, and stopped when the path got too narrow for him. Aaron turned to look at the bear that was
now turning around. Nathan saw the twig, but before he could warn Aaron, he tripped and Nathan was thrown into the water. His shoulder
hit something hard and metal and heard a big crunch. He was about to go under. He saw Aaron get up, and dive in, but then he was below the
water, drowning. And then it all went black for him.
9: 07 PM
Ryan was the last to enter old ranger’s station and he didn’t like what he saw. Caleb and Phillip were being guided to some posts. They
seemed to be ceiling supports. Jill smiled at Ryan as she personally lead him to a desk that was turned on its’ side and standing up. Ryan
gulped, but smiled. He let his dick take control, against his better judgement.
“What are we going to do now?” Caleb asked after 10 or so minutes of polite conversation with these girls, with genuine interest. Ryan
couldn’t believe his friend, all he seemed to want was girls. After all being fifteen and Jewish, in his faith he was man.
“Trust us,” Marcie smiled wickedly. Ryan watched as Marcie led Caleb to the post and tied his hands to top of it with handcuffs.
“Where did you get those?” Caleb asked, seeming thrilled at being tied up.
Marcie smiled with a wink, “Jill’s father had them. Where he got them, I have no idea.”
Phillip stood next, but Erin sent him to a chair in front of the turned desk.
“Phillip, I think we want to see you first.”
Phil didn’t seem to know what she wanted, and was about to voice his question. Ryan watched as Erin took Phillip’s shorts down and threw
them into the corner. Then she took a small knife from her pocket and started cutting the fabric of his boxers.  Ryan noticed that Jill was
watching the proceeding with extreme interest, and a video camera. She pointed it right at Phillip’s now exposed dick.
Ryan wasn’t surprised that Phillip’s piece was erect; Ryan’s own dick was getting hard. While this was happening Caleb was completely
stripped naked. The three girls were comparing notes on his friend’s pieces, seemingly forgetting Ryan was there.
Jill pointed at Ryan and indicated for him to come here. So, again his own cock went were it was told. He didn’t want to be naked though. It
was one thing being pantsed in a wrestling match, or having his friends see his penis. It was a complete other thing, for having three older
high schoolers seeing his massive cock.
That didn’t stop them. Jill placed the camera on a table and walked toward me. I was about to speak, but she held her hand, and Ryan stayed
quiet. She walked around him several times. The other girls were busy with his friends, Ryan assumed. Jill placed something in front of him.
It was black and she tied it to his head, blindfolding him. Slowly she pushed him forward. He didn’t want to trip but she guided expertly. He
grabbed one of his hands and tied to leg of the upturned table, and then the other to the other leg. She pushed him so his back was touching
the cold service.
“Let us see what you are hiding.”
She slowly unbuttoned his shirt and placed her hands on his chest, they moved down and eventually they went inside his shorts, but the
hands didn’t touch his thing.
“Girls some help.”
Before he knew it three sets of hands were on his body. The shirt had been pulled completely off and his shorts were down his ankle. Then
the hands were over his black and white boxers. He was going to shout for them to stop, but the words didn’t escape his lip.
In the next minute all three of the guys were naked and exposed to the girls who were now sitting at the table asking Caleb and Phillip some
questions about their sexual experiences. Ryan wasn’t about to enlighten him, as he was a virgin in all sense of the word.
Jill turned to his direction and the look on her face made him completely scared. Which was saying something, because he couldn’t see it,
being blindfolded, he felt it.
9: 21 PM
Colt sat in a kitchen chair listening to Walt talk about his grandson. When Colt arrived, the bearded Walt Stanton greeted him with hug. Colt
mentioned that he was looking for Kris, and Walt stated that he went camping with his grandson and Nate’s friends. Not really knowing much
about Nate, he asked to see some photos, and that launched Walt into stories and more stores. He had been going for almost ten minutes
Colt listened intently; Nate seemed to make Walt so happy. Considering what happened to Walt’s son and Nate’s namesake it isn’t surprising
the joy Nate gave to Walt. 
“Take a breath Walt. Here have some water.” Colt said as he finished another story; this one about him and Kris teaching Nate to ride a bike.
“I’m sorry; I tend to talk people’s ears off.”
“It’s okay, really. I missed so much of your son and your grandson’s life.”
“Why, though. Kris would have loved to see you.”
“It’s complicated.”
“I still don’t understand it though.”
“Why you and my son broke up in college. You two seemed happy.”
“I have no idea what happened. College happened, we loved each other; and with Mel and Faith entering our lives we decided to end it. Kris
had an amazing relationship with her, and I loved Faith.”
“That’s bullshit, and you know it. Things happen but if you truly loved each other you would have made it work. Was it the sex?”
That question made Colt blush; he was going to laugh but Walt seemed serious. “No, your son is a great lover. The problem had to be timing,
and maybe we didn’t love each other after all. We are not like you and Jenny. Kris and I are complicated. I am straight bordering bi; and your
son is bi bordering straight”
“Son, college is complicated. You…. And Kristopher…. Were….” Walt couldn’t finish his thought. The tears were growing on his face. Colt
mentioned Jenny and that was a mistake.
Colt needed to say something, to apologize, to do something. Walt lifted his hand, “It’s okay Colt. I miss her every day. When she passed, she
was at peace and so was I. It doesn’t mean that the love I have for her isn’t still here.” He pounded his heart.
“I am sorry for you loss, Jenny was a fine woman.”
“She was. Damn Cancer. It kills with no passion or remorse or mercy. Do you believe in curses?”
“Not really.”
“Me neither, but recently I think He is out for me. First my older son becomes a druggie, meets that loser Derek and then dies in fucking car
accident. Kris was a ticking time bomb. When he blew that New Year’s Eve, it broke my heart. Then, happiness; Kris had Matt, they went to
college and me and Jenny fell in love all over again. When Kris learned he may be gay or bi curious, I thought it was sign that Nathan was still
alive through him. I thought Kris and Matt would hook up, honestly. When you two got together it was something else, something good. Now
pain, misery and death are all I see. Kris lost his mother and I lost my wife, and then lost his wife and almost lost his son ten years ago. I am
“Walt, you have some great things in your life. You have grandson who adores you.”
“Yeah,” Walt smiled at that, “True. Now Kris is a real mess again, if Matt and Corey and Nate weren’t there, he would blow again.”
“But he has them.”
“He is just missing one person, you.”
“I don’t know.”
“Why do you need to see Kris in the middle of the night? Why did you leave your home to come here if not to make amends in Kris?”
“I don’t know. I really don’t know. I love Kris very much, sir. I regret the relationship ending in college. I don’t know what I want with Kris
other than to tell him that I still love him.”
“When did you realize this feeling?” Walt wanted to know.
Colt didn’t know the answer, but his gut did. “Last year at Scott and Jess’s wedding. I didn’t know I meant it until just now.”
“Colt did you have these feeling while you were with Faith?”
That question came out of left field. “At the time Kris was with his son and Mel, and moved away from me. I had Faith and I loved her.”
“Then how come you never wanted to take the next step. I know Faith wanted to marry you.” 
Colt was stunned. Faith must have talked to Matt and that got to Kris and then to Walt. “Yeah, I didn’t want to marry her. For two reasons; I
didn’t want to be like my father, or like Matt’s father. My dad had an affair and it ruined my life and Chase’s…”
“So, that was Bob and I know from him you to have mended fences. You are not your father. You are you. And I know you Colt, that’s a
smokescreen. The truth if you couldn’t commit to her because Kris was still on your mind.”
Colt couldn’t confirm that statement, but he didn’t deny it.  Walt stood up and stretched. “Colt I want you to stay the night. You will stay in
Kris’s old room. It may help you.”
“I can’t put you out like that.”
“It’s okay son. Go…”
Colt up from his chair and was about to go get his bag from the front door, but stopped, something else crossed his mine. “Walt, were you
okay with me dating your son.”
Walt didn’t think about, Colt thought, “Of course, you may not remember this but you were the first person that Kris brought home to us from
college. I know he dated two girls before you. He decided not to bring them home.”
“That’s not fair, you guys met me loads of time at the tailgating.”
“Kris brought you home to bring you into this family. He never brought Corey or Matt to Nathan’s tombstone. He brought you, he loved you. I
didn’t or don’t have any issues with your dating my son.”
That made a lot of sense to Colt and it helped him. Still, there was something else that needed to be said.  “Walt are you okay? Really. I know
Jenny died a little over year ago. Do you need to talk about? It is not every day that you will come across someone who may have shared your
pain. “
“I am not okay. I told you that I thought I was cursed. Everything bad has happened to my family of late.”
“Fuck that. I don’t care about the shit that has happened. Walt just get it off your chest.”
“I don’t know what to do. She meant the world to me. I told you how we met, and she chose me against three other suitors. We had been
together through many hard times with Nathan’s death, Kris’s reaction to it. I get up every morning to what. And empty house, memories off
all the fucking things that He took from me.”
“I was the same way. For seventeen months after I loss Faith, and then Kris, I had only two things keeping me going my nephew, Hunter and
my brother, Chase. I didn’t care about my look, about my job about anything. Then one day, Chase told me don’t let her destroy your life. Six
weeks later I was dating again. I surprised myself when it was a guy.”
Walt didn’t interrupt him, he seemed interesting. Colt didn’t know if he was getting my point. “Walt you have your son and your grandson
still, you have those great moments with your wife. Don’t let the bad ones destroy the beginning and middle of that great marriage.”
“Thank you, Colt.”  Walt seemed genuine when he got up and hugged Colt. They stayed like that for a while, making Colt wonder if Walt ever
grieved his wife. He got an idea in his head and voiced it. That made Walt smile.  
9: 41 PM
Tina was walking in the cold not sure where to go. She stupidly left the man and his dog, which was a mistake on her part. At the time she just
wanted to go home and forget that this day ever happened. First, on instinct she kissed Aaron, then she had her alone time with Caleb,
following that the man suggested that love isn’t just about sex. Now she was lost alone and scared. She heard growling and animal noises.
She got her phone out and tried use the mapping software, but the cell service here in the section doesn’t work.
In complete frustration, she threw the phone against a tree and it broke. The phone also provided her sole source of light. What was worth
she was soaking wet with all the rain that had fallen. She decided she needed to turn back. As she was turning there was path that looked
promising. She decided to pursue it. The issue now was the mud as she took a step forward her foot got stuck. She managed to walk the short
distance that led to a small fork in the path. To the left was more growling, possibly a bear, to the right was the unknown.
Attempting to be brave she forked right. Caleb would have been more caution and went left, but she was too scared to face the sound of a
growling creature, and here the sound seemed to be moving away, so the right was more attractive. Three minutes later on the path she
came to a lake.  There was nothing but muddy sand and water. She can see the other side and noticed a guy in the lake swimming out from
shore. She couldn’t make out who it was, but he was diving for something. She tried to view the beach on the opposite side where the diver
came from. There seemed to be somebody lying against the tree, but she couldn’t be sure.
The diver came up and went to the person by the tree. Tina had seen enough, so she walked along the lake after; a few more minutes she
saw to people on the opposite end laying out for some moon tanning, she guessed. She couldn’t make out them out. Tina assumed they were
sleeping as continued to walk on.
9:47 PM
Colt had finished with the bathroom and made his way to Kris’s old bedroom. It had been over a decade since she stepped into it. The bed
hadn’t change at all. His memory went back to when he and Kris slept in it, happy at peace and in love.
The bed looked old and unwelcome. There was no life in this room. In one corner was television and DVD player. Another corner was bureau
and closet. There was the window and desk and a wooden arm chair. And there right below the chair was the loose floorboard, where Kris
had kept all his prized positions. 
Colt took up off his shirt and shorts, to make himself comfortable, and notice from the open closet there was a cowboy hat and a blue black
plaid shirt and leather jeans. They belong to Colt. One weekend in Senior Year, Kris and Colt went back to Kris’ for party for his old high school
buddy. Matt and Corey couldn’t make it because of a previous commitment. Colt decided to dress up as cowboy to Kris’s approval who
decided to look smart in a nice shirt and pants. That night, after the party, Colt had drunk so much that he vomited on the clothes. Kris said he
would wash and return them. Colt had forgotten all about it. Now, here they sit in his closet all those years later. On instinct, he tried them
on. The leather pants were a lost cause, but the shirt fit, though he left it open. He wore the black cowboy hat and decided to do some
snooping. He went to Kris’s underwear drawer. Surprisingly it was empty accept for a pair red and blue satin boxers.
He went to the loose floor board and there were two DVDs. The first one he instantly recognized as the one Scott made for their graduation.
The second one he wasn’t sure.
He locked the bedroom just in case it was some porn of Kris’ youth. When he pressed play after popping it in, there was a face he only seen
once before. Nathan Michael Stanton, Kris’ dead brother. He put it on mute and looked at the face as he continued to talk. He must admit
Nathan looked both like Kris’ father and little bits of Kris. He removed it out and decided to play the graduation tape.
He pressed play and went to Kris’s bed, he turned to the nightstand and there were three pictures. The one closest to the bed was a worn one
of Kris and his brother. Next to that was one of Kris and his son, and another in a small frame of Kris and Colt. He closed his eyes recalling
when that one was taken.
9:53 PM
The bears were long gone, but the victims were still along the water by their respective beaches.  Kris Stanton wasn’t moving. He had hit the
rock pretty hard. Alex Harper, on the other hand just moved onto the scene were Kris had fallen. He was limping, and there was huge scratch
down his arm, however as he continued to walk toward his former friend, the limp went away, and he felt a minor pain in his knee. It was
bloody, but Alex kept walking.
He made it to Kris and touched his arm; Kris was still breathing. Alex was relieved, regardless of his actions to Kris in the past; he never
wanted his death. He squatted taking in Kris’s injuries. His pants were torn down his leg revealing blue plaid boxers. His right arm was bloody,
but upon further inspection, Alex noted that it was just small cut from, he guessed, from a branch. His forehead was Alex’s main concern.
Alex took his sleeve and wiped blood from his forehead, Kris’s eyes opened. He spoke, which Alex barely heard. Alex moved closer to him
and put his ear to his mouth and Kris whispered again.
“Where is my son?”
Alex didn’t know how to respond.
9: 57 PM
As he swam back for the sixth time, he couldn’t find it. “Did you find them?” Aaron was annoyed; this was the second time in five minutes
Nate got up.
“Sit back down, right now.”
Nate smiled at him, “Did you find them or not.”
“No,” Aaron sighed and grabbed his friend by arm, “the phones are gone.”
Aaron stopped talking because Nate swore. “What is it?”
“Fuck, let go of my arm. It hurts like hell.”
Concerned, they sat down and Aaron carefully stripped Nate of his soaking wet shirt and saw Nate’s shoulder. “I think we have a problem.
Nate nodded in agreement.
10:00 PM
Alex looked over his former friend, hoping that he would wake up again. He had asked about Nate, but before he could answer he went out
again. Alex thought back to the time when Kris was joking around in dorm showers, and ended slipping on the floor banging his head in the
process. He hoped that the injuries were not as severe. 
As Alex went to get some water, he heard a noise. He thought it was from the same direction of the screaming he heard moments ago, but it
came from Kris’ mouth.
“Kris?”  Alex asked.
“What the fuck happened?” Kris said touching his head.
“Nothing, I think you are going to be alright.” Alex hoped. Knowing how Matt Raymond and his husband, Corey Teller think of him; they
would have assumed he had attacked their friend.
Kris opened his eyes, which made Alex breath with relief. “Alex?”
“Yeah, don’t move you will be fine.”
Kris, however, was determined to stand, and Alex helped hm. As Alex turned to get some water from his backpack that survived his fall, Kris
came up behind him and punched Alex in the face. Alex didn’t have his guard up so he took the shot square on the cheek.
Kris spoke something like “You did this to me?” Alex’s instinct took over; he jabbed with his right on Kris stomach and then a left punch to his
temple. Kris went down like a ton of bricks. 
Alex froze; he didn’t mean to do it and instantly regretted it.  It just happened so fast, but it didn’t matter now. His eyes couldn’t turn away
from Kris’s non-moving body.
10: 07 PM
Nate let out another scream as Aaron moved it back into position. “Would you stop moaning and let me fix this.” A second later, Aaron
nodded, “There.”
“Fuck, I cannot believe that happened to me.”
“Yeah, it happened to my dad once three years ago, and with his coaching I had to adjust his dislocated shoulder too.”
Nate touched the shoulder and tried to move it, it stung but it didn’t feel like glass moving within his joints as it had minutes ago. He rotated
the shoulder, and it hurt, but he was happy that he could do a complete turn. “Thanks, bro.”
“No sweat, I still cannot believe you sat there, while I tried to locate the phones, without complaining about your shoulder.”
“I wanted to be macho is all?”
“I bet Kris was like that too.”
“Nah, Uncle Matt told me he tended to cry like a baby when he got hurt. I assumed he was joking, though.”
“Well, you mastered the crying too.”
“Fuck you bitch,” Nate laughed and turned his gaze completely on his friend. Aaron laughed to as he took off his shirt. Nathan looked at his
friend completely, his stomach was covered in blood, and there was a jagged cut from nipple to nipple.
Nate pointed at Aaron, which caused Aaron to look down and smiled at the shallow cut. “I’m fine.” He turned around to go wash off his chest,
when Nate saw his back with two jagged cuts. Before he knew it, he had just fainted at the sight of blood.
10:12 PM
Colt turned over in his sleep. He moved his arm and felt someone beside him. He knew he had gone to sleep alone so it surprised him into
opening his eyes. It took a moment for them to focus but when he did he saw the blond hair, the beautiful blue eyes staring at him, and the
most amazing smile he had ever seen.
“You’re awake,” Kris smiled.
Colt took a moment, trying to refocus, knowing he was seeing things. The Kris lying next to him, staring at him with love was the same one he
had been in relationship with nearly 20 years ago; young, his hair more wild and untamed, his muscles bulging and popping, just a single
tattoo on his chest over his heart, no evidence of the one that now adorned his own chest.
He was so handsome, so sexy. Colt felt his dick growing stiff, letting his eyes take in the whole image of the perfect man before him. How he
had loved running his tongue all over that body, letting his hands slide up and down it, caressing it, making love to it, owning it.
Kris moved his head and kissed Colt gently on the lips, smiling between each kiss. Colt couldn’t help but smile too. Looking at that face, into
those eyes, sent a warm feeling surging through him and the kisses were electric. He opened his lips and let Kris’s tongue slide inside.
They moved closer until they were holding each other, running their hands up and down the other’s body with Kris slipping his hands inside
Colt’s unbuttoned shirt that clung to his body being one size too small. Colt felt the hard muscles under his fingers and remembered how
great it had been to be with someone so hot. As Kris’s fingers moved down toward his now throbbing cock, Colt realized his body wasn’t in
the same shape it was back then, he wasn’t fat by any means and was still in pretty good shape, but his muscle size and definition had greatly
decreased. Still, that didn’t seem to bother Kris who began stroking Colt’s hard cock as they continued to kiss.
When they broke apart, Colt placed his hand in the middle of Kris’s huge chest and pushed him so he was on his back. Seeing Kris’s beautiful
eyes staring up at him with lust as he climbed up and straddled Kris’s body sent a chill up his spine. He leaned down until their lips met again
in a passionate kiss as Kris reached up so his hand was on the back of Colt’s head, pulling him harder into the kiss.
Colt sat back and moved his ass back until it was resting on top of Kris’s hard cock. Moving his hips back and forth, Colt squeezed his ass
cheeks together around the throbbing shaft, staring down at the pleasure on Kris’s face.
“Yeah, ride me, Colt,” Kris moaned, thrusting up to hump harder against Colt’s ass.
Colt kept his ass in position but leaned down and bent his body a little so he could place kisses across Kris’s chest, moving from nipple to
nipple, sucking them and gently biting them, much to Kris’s delight.
Reluctantly he moved his body down until he was kissing Kris’s hard abs, running his tongue through the ridges of each one. He dipped his
tongue into Kris’s belly button and then ran it down until he was lapping up the precum that was soaking through Kris’s tight blue and red
satin boxers. The clung to Kris’s hips, showing off the definition in all of his muscles, and they strained to contain his pulsating 7 inch cock as it
continued to pump precum out onto the fabric.
“Oh God, fuck me Colt!” Kris moaned as Colt ran his tongue up and down the length.
Colt was savouring the taste that he had missed so much over the years when Kris reached down and pulled him up into an ever hotter kiss.
When Colt pulled back and looked down at Kris’s face again he was taken aback, the Kris beneath him was the 21 year old Kris he’d been in
love with, who he’d been in a relationship with and who he’d had sex with more times than anyone else. If it was possible Kris was even
hotter than he had been moments before and Colt’s cock throbbed like he was about to shoot off. The pecs were even bigger, the abs more
defined, a light shadow of stubble lined Kris’s strong jaw and his eyes seemed to burn harder with desire for Colt.
He lunged down and kissed Kris again, forcing his tongue into Kris’s mouth as he humped his hips against Kris’s forcing their hips together.
The cowboy hat Colt was still wearing collided with Kris’s forehead but they both ignored it because they were so hot for each other.
Colt pulled back and ripped Kris’s boxers from his body. With both of their cocks exposed, Colt dove back in for another kiss, rubbing their
now bare cocks against each other as they made out furiously.
“Fuck me, Colt, I need you inside me,” Kris panted when they broke the kiss.
Colt didn’t move from his position over Kris, he simply reached down and pulled Kris’s legs up until they were on either side of him. He
positioned himself so the head of his dick was kissing the entrance to Kris’s ass and then slowly, letting his precum lube the way, he pushed
inside, sinking his cock deep inside Kris’s ass, hearing the hot blond moan as he was filled.
When his cock bottomed out in Kris’s ass, Colt pressed his lips against Kris’s again, slipping his tongue back into Kris’s mouth so he was inside
him from both ends, reclaiming what had once being his.
Kris suddenly arched his back and pumped his hips up, fucking himself harder onto Colt’s pistoning cock. Colt gasped feeling himself go
deeper than ever and then gasped again when he pulled back at looked at Kris, who had become the 25 year old Kris that Colt had made love
to the night of Kris’s bachelor party. His body was still hard as ever but there was the slightest sprinkling of hairs that seemed to perfectly line
the incredible pecs and phenomenal 8 pack abs, defining them even more than before. He ran his hand through Coach Kris’s nearly trimmed
hair and tugged on it slightly so he could attack the awesome thick neck with his lips as he continued to thrust deep into Kris’s body.
“Feels so good, Colt,” Kris moaned.
“Hell yeah, Kris, best fucking ass I’ve ever fucked,” Colt moaned, sucking hard on Kris’s neck, wanting to mark him.
“Fuck me, Colt, pound my fucking ass.”
Colt gave Kris what he wanted. He hooked his arms under Kris’s legs and pushed them back, lifting the ass up off the mattress so he could
pound down into it. Colt hammered away as hard as he could, loving the moans that were coming from Kris. He closed his eyes to savour the
moment and the feelings as the groans continued and then gradually started to take on a deeper, gruffer tone.
“Yeah, fuck my ass, Colt. Been too long.”
Colt’s eyes popped open and he was shocked to be staring down into the pleasure filled face of the Kris he saw just 18 months ago at Scott’s
wedding. This Kris was in his late 30s and had lost some of his definition but he was still sexy as hell. Even more hair lined his body, but not
enough to cover those still amazing muscles; the big chest, the hard abs, the incredible flexing arms as Kris gripped the pillows in his strong
fists as he moaned and screamed every time Colt’s cock crashed into his prostate.
Colt had never fucked this Kris but he had wanted to, more than anything and now he was getting the chance it felt so good. His cock was harder
than he could ever remember and he fucked faster, harder and deeper than he thought possible. Kris took every plunge and thrust Colt could
deliver and began screaming for more. It was all becoming too much.
Colt could feel himself racing toward a climax and when he saw Kris’s cock explode, covering his hot body in cum, showering him in his essence,
Colt lost it and erupted into Kris’s ass, sending his seed deep into the man he had loved for so long, a man he felt closer to than any other,
especially in that moment.
As he came down from his orgasm he collapsed down onto Kris and was taken in those big arms, feeling the manly stubble against his cheek.
“That was amazing,” Colt panted. “I love you.”
Just then Colt woke up. The image of the present day Kris was burned into his mind and he knew now more than ever what he had to do. He took
a minute to look at his surroundings. He was still on Kris’s bed. He was still dressed in his cowboy shirt and hat. In the background was DVD
There was knock on the door and Colt got dressed in the clothes he came he opened the door for Walt. 
“Are you okay? I heard you shouting Kris’s name.”
Embarrassed, both by being have dressed, and the dream, he blushed. “I am fine. I must have been really tired a just hit the bed and went
straight asleep.”
“Kris was like that too,” Walt smiled. Colt assumed he understood the dreams content. Walt ignored went to the DVD player to shut it off. Colt
watched as Walt saw the DVD case that Kris received from Nathan.
He turned to Colt, “What’s this?”
Colt wasn’t sure if Kris had ever showed this video to his parents, he knew Matt and Corey were aware of it, but as far as he knew Colt was the
who had seen the message from Walt’s first born.
“Something your son gave to Kris before he died.” Colt stated honestly, allowing Walt to negotiate the conversation as he saw fit,”
“Really, I wasn’t aware of it. Do you know what it said?”
“Yeah, Kris showed me once that time came over.”
“I see,” Walt nodded, “Well, to trust you with its contents and not letting his parents know of its existence. That shows me, how much love he
had for you.”
Without thinking, he spoke, “Matt never saw it either.”
Walt sat down in the chair. Colt continued, “If you want, we can watch the message. I am sure Kris wouldn’t mind if you watched the video. And
considering our last conversation it may help you.”
“Honestly, Colt I am fine with Jenny’s death, and Nate had died years ago.” Walt said too quickly
“You still regret not being able to stop him from making those dire choices, even blaming Derek for his indirect part in letting Nathan die.” Off
Walt’s stunned look, Colt continued. “Kris mentioned it before, he loved you Walt and felt just as guilty.”
“Colt, I appreciate your honesty, yet, I do not believe you can understand the impact my son’s death had on me. I am his father and I let him
“Yes, sir; I am aware that you may believe that. Please let me show you the video.”
Walt seemed curious and he nodded. Colt changed the DVDs putting in the one from Nathan.
He gauged Walt’s response when he saw Nathan’s face. Colt never noticed the details before. The date was on the top right corner.  October 23,
Walt announced, “This was taken three months before his accident.” Colt didn’t comment; he allowed Walt to look at his long gone son. Walt
spoke again, “He was so young. Look at those eyes.”
The eyes were blue like Kris’s. Colt knew those eyes were a Stanton staple. His mind went back to dream seeing those eyes as Kris grew older.
Those blue eyes that showed the love Kris had for him when they fucked in that hotel on Valentine’s Day.  He just realized the eyes the same as
Walt’s too.
Colt took in Nathan’s hair, brown-blond, and his nose was complete duplication of Walt’s. But where Kris and Nathan differ was the lips. Kris had
soft round lips; whereas Nathan’s lips were redder and fuller. Also, Nathan had to earrings, and chin piercing. Not mention there blackness under
his eyelids, suggesting he hasn’t slept in days.  Nathan had his mother’s ears and chin, so other than the eyes and the hair Nathan and Kris
weren’t all that similar.
“Are you ready, Walt?” Colt asked gently, knowing what the message would mean to him. Walt nodded. When Nathan spoke, it was comforting
and sweet. Walt whispered. “I forgot what his voice sounded like. To think he died 25 almost 26 years ago.”
Colt and Walt listened to Nathan speak. “Kris. I hope you discover this DVD eventually. I have been using that floorboard for many years, when
your bedroom used to be mine.” Nathan paused; Colt just noticed that he was looking down, amazed that Nathan actually took the time to write
this out.
“I don’t know where my life is going. I let Mom and Dad down so many times. I don’t want you to follow in my footsteps. There’s so much
potential in you, Kris, to be an even better person than I ever could be. You just need to be assertive, outgoing and live life to its fullest. The
computer will destroy you, just like my drinking and drugs is destroying me. I know one day you’ll make me proud. You’ll find some great friends,
fuck some hot girls and graduate high school, college and go on to keep the Stanton name shining high. I wasn’t the best role model for you,
obviously. I fucked up a lot. You’re the future of the Stanton clan. You have never let me down. I hope to be there when you graduate college and
enter marriage, but I know I won’t be”.   Nathan said it with so much conviction, and Colt realized that Nathan knew exactly where his life was
“I see you now and sitting there reading books, and jerking off most nights. Please, for me, get out and enjoy life. I know you will. I don’t really
know what else to say, except don’t fuck up. Dad has been hurt by me he doesn’t need to be hurt by both of us. I love you, Kristopher… Oh, and
ask Melissa out, it’s obvious you want her.”
Colt chuckled at the last line, and DVD flicked to black. “How right Nathan was.”
Colt made a decision; he didn’t register what Walt said, “Sorry?”
“Nathan was right, I was hurt by those actions, but had I know he said this to Kris, it would have been forgiven.”
With that, Walt left and walked to his own bedroom, Colt assumed. He heard sniffling as Walt exited. Colt knew what must be done, and after
Walt takes time to absorb Nathan’s message, he will understand Colt’s motives.
He got his shit together, took a pen and paper from the desk that hasn’t seen any writing on it in ages.  He scribbled a note for Walt explaining his
need to leave. He was about to get up, when he saw in the corner something written in permanent marker, K and M which was circled and the
word forever below it.  Colt chuckled, wondering if he met Melissa or Matt.  Colt saw cuts in the desk near the other corner from a knife, it
scratched, a heart with an arrow, with K and C in the middle.
Colt thought it was a sign, and hopefully a good one, with the contents of Nathan’s message, the conversation with Walt, the dream and now
this; he knew without a doubt what he wanted.
He flew out of the house, down the stairs into his truck, leaving his note on the kitchen table for Walt. He turned the keys, “I am coming Kris. God
I love that man.”  He didn’t even no wear Kris was camping put he was determined to get there.
10:34 PM
At the same time Walt exited his bedroom hearing the truck drive away, and went back to Kris’s and played the DVD again, and third time. He
then stared at his first son’s face. Had Walt looked at the desk he would have seen more knife scratches below it. It read, “I will be back”
Had Walt seen that little message, he would have been reminded on how much Nathan hated to give up his bedroom to his baby brother. Then
Walt would have remembered how much Nathan had cared for that baby brother, bringing him soup when he was sick, and helping him with the
nightmares. However, Walt was focused on the image of Nathan that he didn’t see the knifed message, he just smiled hoping Colt’s idea would
10:36 PM
Tina walked on away from the lake and the faint images of people she saw; now she seemed to get her bearings. She saw a light.  She didn’t
know where it led, but Caleb mentioned weeks ago there was an abandoned Ranger’s station. Hoping, there may be phone there or a map, she
trekked in that direction. That’s when the rain started to pour.
10:37 PM
At the abandoned cabin things were heating up. Caleb, Ryan and Phillip were completely naked. Caleb was answering more of the questions Jill
had for them. Ryan and Phillip on the other hand were forced to kiss multiple times in multiple places. Ryan didn’t like it, but Phillip, he knew
didn’t. The reason was clear for both of them.
As Jill, Erin and Marcie decided it was time move to the next stage; they corned Caleb and strapped him to the table letting Ryan off and sitting
him in a corner chair. Caleb was enjoying it. Ryan was not. For the last hour he had to lie about his sexual experience. Why seniors assumed him
and his friends were sexual active at fifteen was not something Ryan understood. Then, he and Caleb and Phillip had to kiss. Before the action
got more serious; Caleb instructed the lead girl, Jill to strip naked.
She didn’t obey him per say, she had her underlings give Phillip and Caleb a lap dance as Ryan watched. Every time Phillip and Caleb attempted
to touch the girls, they were slapped or bit.  Jill on the other seemingly bored with their actions engaged him in conversation as she continued
monitored the video camera.
Now, having listened to Jill talk about the many things she would do to him to try and entice him, and having his dick not even getting hard at
some of her more kinky suggestions, he watched as the three girls pounced on Caleb.
Ryan had to leave, searching for his clothes, he couldn’t find them. He found some shorts; they felt like Caleb’s and donned them. He went
toward the door and left. Ryan walked a few seconds away from the door being hit by the pouring rain.
Phillip exited after him; he was naked and not ashamed. “Bro, what the fuck is the matter. You know what these girls want to do to us.”
“Phil, we are fucking fifteen and I don’t want to lose my virginity to these sluts.”
Phil put his arm around him, smiling. “I will make you a deal. You come in and enjoy yourself and we will have some fun at my place when we go
home.” Phil winked.
Ryan gulped, “Was I that obvious.”
Phillip laughed, “Yep, I could see.” He pointed Ryan’s crotch, which was now stirring in Caleb’s shorts, “that your little guy enjoyed those kisses
with Caleb.”
Ryan thought for a minute and Phillip pushed his friend to the front door again. “Come on, bro; you need to live a little and not be so shy. I am
not saying fuck these girls. Just go with the flow.”
“But,” Ryan started. Phillip stopped with a look at he turned the knob. “What do you have to lose, and I promise you if those girls do anything you
don’t like. I will have your back.”
Ryan smiled, Phillip was scrawny and he was sure Jill could take him easily; however, he said, “If you keep your promise.”
Phillip laughed opening the door, “You got it bro,” He whispered in Ryan’s ear. “Besides, I am curious what would make your little guy happy.”
Ryan looked at the scene before them at the table, and noticed his friends’ dick. He smiled at Phillip, “We know what makes your penis happy.”
Caleb saw his two friends re-enter and “Good, join in bros.”
10: 41 PM
Dean was in his small cart that is used to transverse the length between campsites. Normally, his deputy rangers took the night shifts patrols.
However, his right hand man had a family emergency to deal with, and his other deputy was recalled to take care of the bear issues. Dean was
happy to learn there were no injuries with the bears and they had just been captured. That deputy was currently at the main office filling out the
necessary paperwork.
Meanwhile, Dean drove from campsite to campsite, just checking in with the people to make sure their time was okay, and there were no
concerns. Dean was glad to have this time to consider his thoughts. Ever since Kris left his cabin a little over three hours ago, he wondered what
was wrong with him.
Kris and Dean always looked forward to their time together. He knew how much Kris had been going through and sex with a caring partner would
help. Not that Dean and he were partners in the true sense of the word.
He saw a huge fire in the distance, as approached the second last campsite on this round. With the rain coming down, Dean was surprised that
people were outside enjoying the flames. He stopped by the woods that opened up to the campground. Checking the paperwork, this
campground was rented the Cooper party.
Dean moved closer to listen, making sure he was interrupting the group. There were two older males sitting on two logs across from to younger
people. In the middle was a massive fire. What surprised Dean was the tarp that was attached to their tent that stretched a few feet from the
lake, keeping the four people dry. The older men were talking.
“So as Francine and Robert were in the tent that night, she took it real slow.”
“Wanting to saver this moment,” the second one added.
“Outside the rain pounded the tent as Robert timed his moment with the girl he loved right. As he was going in for the kiss…”
“The radio was playing some stupid love song got interrupted by a newscaster who said: “Please be aware of Johnny Chicken. The insane
gardener was released from the county jail.”
“A gardener?” the young one said.
“Yes, Ev.” The first speaker said, “Now shut up and let me tell this story. Marcus?”
“Yes the newscaster reported that Johnny Chicken was near the campsite and he was walking with a limp.”
Dean smiled, knowing a version of this story his father told him in youth. Marcus continued. “Francine was upset, but Robert continued kissing to
help her calm down. She was getting into it.”
“With the rain outside getting louder, the two lovers couldn’t hear the thump on the ground coming closer.”
“Francine took Roberts shirt off and threw it somewhere. The thumping was getting closer. Francine went for Roberts’s shorts, readying herself
for this big moment.”
“As she humbled with the zipper a hand crept closer to the tent and unzipped it open. Then a crash of lightening was heard.”
At the same time the lightning struck a nearby tree scaring the two young friends. The one who commented about the Gardner eyed the other
one, worryingly. A person walked closer to the young friends.  Marcus spoke again, “The hand moved into the tent as Robert’s member was put
into view for Francine. She was about to go down on it, when Robert screamed.”
At that same moment a hand touched both the young boys, and they both jumped up and screamed. The first one fell backward allowing the
pelting rain to hit his face. The other turned and saw Dean smiling.
“I am sorry,” Dean stated. “I couldn’t resist.”
“I couldn’t have timed it better, thanks man.” Marcus said to Dean.
“Anytime, so is everything alright Mr. Cooper.”
“Yep,” the first speaker stated, “Call me Ryan. These two bedwedders over there are Jake and Ev.”
Evan smiled and shock Dean’s hand when Dean introduced himself. Then he rolled his eyes at his brother, “You fucker, you know I don’t wet the
bed anymore.”
Ryan laughed, “I never implied you still did it.”
Jake laughed at that, and Ev eyed him. Dean walked around and sat between Marcus and Ryan. “Okay,” Dean began, “I have time for another
story. Do any of you have a scary tale? I promise not ruin it.”
Evan eyed Jake again. Jake nodded and began to tell a story of two stupid brothers in a house alone. Through the story Dean noticed Ev looking at
his friend. The way he did it spoke volumes. He took a quick glance to Marcus and Ryan to see if they saw, from Ry’s facial expression it was clear
he picked up on the vibe between Ev and Jake.
At the completion of Jake’s story which was more funny than scary, Dean and four stood up. Ryan was about to thank Dean for checking up on
them, when out of nowhere Jake and Marcus tackled Ry to the ground. The two get Ryan’s shorts and throw them into the lake leaving Ryan in his
red heart boxers. Not exactly the most unwelcoming site as the rain showed off Ryan’s bulge.
He was about the make his exit when Evan started laughing at the site of Ryan’s assumed embarrassment. Ryan decided to take matters in his
own hand. He charged his sixteen year old and in one moment had Evan’s pants down to his ankles, exposing his white briefs to everybody. Even
blushed in embarrassment and was about to attack Ryan when a splash was heard all turned to see Jake hitting the water.
The other three went to join him. All were laughing. So, Dean departed the foursome, thanking them for a nice distraction.  He thought about
how he and his sisters acted on their camping trips as he drove to last site.
It belonged to a man with dog. With his cart, he was there within three minutes. He approached the mighty tent and saw the old man outside on
a bench. Intrigued, why the man would be outside in the rain Dean approached.
“How are you doing, sir?”
“The name is Michael.”
“Dean…I am the ranger here. I am curious why would be outside on such a horrible night. The rain and all.”
“I just wanted to get one with nature. If you have a few minutes I could use some company.” Dean thought about as Michael eyed him. After a
minute the man spoke, “It looks like you may have something to talk about.”
An interesting observation, Dean nodded. He never entertained the notion of speaking to a total stranger before; however, the idea of talking to
him about his situation did seem the right. Michael nodded and the two entered the tent, where Michael offered him some cocoa and Dean told
his story.
10: 51 PM
Jess Frampton was sitting in one of the armchairs in Derek and Samuel’s house. He just spent the last hour being prodded by his friends Rick and
Derek. Rick Richards had been his old RA during his first year in college. When Jess returned to college after a year in junior college, he became
friends with Rick who helped with him with his duties as the new RA.
Over the years, their friendship grew to the point that Rick was Jess’s best man as the wedding. Derek and Samuel had a unique part in Jess’s life
too. Samuel helped run the college gym that the crew went to, and Derek a former traveller had helped Jess’s best friends before their arrived at
Derek had saved Corey Teller’s when contemplated ending his life because the town ostracized him for being gay. Derek helped his husband,
Scott Trenton with his bisexuality and he helped Colt Landerham with his concerns with his brother. What he did for Kris and Matt was another
thing completely.
“Okay guys, stop it.” Jess laughed. He buttoned his shirt up again. “I didn’t come here to have you guys gawking my body.”
Rick playfully punched Jess, “Bro, we just never seen it. All the scars are gone. We know that was horrible experience.”
“Yeah,” Jess nodded. That beating at the hands of another one of his old college roommates was horrible, indeed. Now he was lucky that Lee was
in jail. “Moving on, Derek you must be blissful. Twenty year anniversary.”
“You and Samuel had been together for twenty years now.”
“Fuck has it been that?” Samuel smiled as kissed Derek on the lips.
“Hon,” Derek announced, after he broke up the kiss, “that’s why we had that long vacation last month.”
“Vacation?” Jess looked at them curiously.
“Not really,” Rick answered. “Derek took Samuel on one of his travelling adventures. They managed to help some people.”
“You will never change Derek, eh?”
“Nope. I made my mistakes in my past, and I will never waste my time running away again.”
Derek eyed him, “You don’t know my story?”
“Bits and pieces.”
“Well, Dad.” Rick stated. Rick was raised by Derek and Samuel for almost all his entire life. Though Rick was grown man, he still thinks of Derek as
his father,” had run away from Samuel long time ago.”
Jess listened to Rick and Derek. It turns out after Derek lost his first love, Kris’s brother. He ran away as coward on a five year trek. This travelling
allowed him to meet many of the future college crew and Rick and Samuel. As Samuel and Derek fell in love Derek ran away, not wanting to hurt
him like he enabled Kris’s brother. That action caused Rick to hunt Derek town and bring him back to Samuel, who after a fight made up and
never were apart again. Then Derek explained how he went back to face his true cowardice and help Kris and apologize for his behaviour. The
reunion was rocky but the two became friends. 
Jess had heard bits of the story as he said, but never so detailed, Derek spoke with such heart that it pained him to relive some of those
moments, but he was happy now and Jess was happy for that.
“Why did you leave Kris though?” Jess wanted to know.
“Honestly, Kris lost his brother that morning and he took it out on me, blamed me, and told me to leave. I felt at the time it was the right thing to
do. It was later that I branded myself as coward.”
“Do you blame yourself for Nathan’s death?”
“Not anymore. He was a time bomb. I loved him, his family did too. But, only he could fix himself. The worst part was, had he not died, I would
have left; I couldn’t stand by watching him degrade. He knew how much I wanted and needed him to change. I loved him so much.
Samuel hugged his husband, “He misses Nathan still. What they had was special. What I and Derek have is just as exceptional, but different.”
Derek, frowned, “Sometimes I have dreams where Nathan calls me out of the blue and sometimes it is a good call, other times it is him blaming
Jess gulped wanting something to cheer up this down conversation, as the watch was about to strike eleven, he received a text Scott.
He decided it was a message that Derek and possible Rick may be interested in. He spoke to the group. “Hey, babe; just got home. Anyways, good
news, Colt went to find Kris. Fingers crossed. Told Chase the news and he was thrilled. Got to go, tired. Love you.”
Derek smiled, “Those two were meant to be together.”
Rick asked, sarcastically, “Who?”

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