In the last chapter (3:00pm to 5:00 pm)
· Kris and his son, Nathan came up camping and met Kris’s students who were Nate’s best friends.
· Nate was worried how he would tell his best friend he was gay, and asked his father for advice.
· Aaron and a girl, Nate knew escaped the campsite for a kiss
· A man had lost and recovered his dog and best friend, Patches
· Phillip, Ryan and Caleb found Patches and are now returning to campsite, thinking the water trip Kris asked them to go was just a
mean joke
· Colt and Chase discuss Colt’s loneliness and Colt decided it was time to find his happiness; the only regret was he was leaving his
nephew Hunter.

5: 00 PM
Kris returned from the car with the steaks and noticed the place was deserted, but just at that minute Caleb, Phillip and Ryan returned. They
didn’t have the water. Kris laughed at that. Happy that his little prank had managed to succeed; he knew there wasn’t a watering hole at the
site, and he just wanted to offer the some payback for wrestling match from earlier.
Caleb slapped Kris’s bare back, “Nice one, Coach.”
“Yeah,” Ryan agreed. “You better watch it though.”
Kris laughed louder, as the boys took the steaks to the fire. “What took you so long?”
Ryan answered first, Kris noticed. “We found a dog and returned him to its owner. Kris knew there were a few campsites around here, but
was surprised that they made to a neighbouring one and back in such a quick time. It was almost a 10 minute walk.
Phillip continued, “As we were chasing the dog that seemed to scent the owner, a man in his late forties came into view, calling out for the
dog. He said that he had been looking for Patches for almost two hours.”
“That’s surprising,” Kris admitted. “Normally dogs tend to stay near their owners.”
Ryan agreed and told Kris that the owner had just moved here and that this was the dogs first time to this campground, so he assumed he
was getting the lay of the land.
“When I took Nate here five years ago, he just ran off too.”
“To get the lay of the land,” Caleb inquired
“No to run away; Nate didn’t like camping at first.”
“My god didn’t it suck.” Nate announced emerging with Aaron and Tina from the edge of their campsite.
“You had fun eventually.” Kris said, acknowledging Tina, another one of his students, though she wasn’t in the same class with the guys. The
school split up the sexes for physical education and Kris had to teach one of them.
“The rain was killer,” Nate countered, “That one day with thunderstorm we were stuck in the tent as it rocked with the wind. We were lucky;
we had heard another group on the neighbouring campground had their tent flung into the water with them inside.”
“Yeah,” Kris noticed Nate was barely looking at Tina, and Aaron seemed to be a little closer than a friend should be. He knew Aaron and Tina
had been a couple, but they had two fights that ended their month long fling. Kris was brought back to when he and Melissa had their high
school career; they had made up and broke up more times than he could count.
“Staying for dinner, Tina?”
Nate shot a look that could kill. It was obvious that Nate never wanted to see that her again. He wondered why. Luckily for Nate, Tina
responded negatively.
“I just came to say hi; my family is expecting me back soon.”  Caleb got up to hug her goodbye, but Phillip and Ryan remained seated. Nate
barely said goodbye, while Aaron walked her to the edge of the campsite.
Kris decided that it wasn’t his business and continued to cook the meat. They spent dinner talking about school and Nate told them about
how one of their teachers nearly flunked him.
“Well, is my fault you couldn’t shoot a basket.”
“Maybe you are horrible teacher,” Nate shot back, playfully.
Aaron didn’t miss a beat, “Nah, bro. You suck. Coach Kris is awesome.”
Kris laughed it up and they continued to joke around for the whole meal which is was done in about 10 minutes. Caleb mentioned about
needing to use the facilities and left.
Nate grabbed Aaron by the arm, whispered something into his ear and Aaron and went into the tent with him.
“Guys would you mind washing the dishes.” Kris asked as he went to relieve himself. Kris really just wanted to give his son some privacy.
5: 27 PM
Inside the tent, Nate wasn’t sure what to say. He knew once he saw Tina that he needed to make his move now.
Aaron looked at him, waiting. “Just spit it out.”
Nate decided now or never. He waited another minute to get the words he wanted to say in order and then just did as Aaron instructed.
“Fuck it, Aaron I am gay.”
“What!” Aaron stood up and almost knocked the tent over.  Nate didn’t know how to gauge his friend’s response. He didn’t expect such a
negative reaction. Aaron had always been okay with homosexuals before.
“When did you know!?” Aaron shouted.
“About a year ago.”
“All this time you didn’t tell me!  All this time you were just checking me and my friends out. Fuck, we were outside only two hours ago
Nate didn’t know what to say, so he just sat there. “I am sorry, Aaron.”
“I am your friend, and fuck I didn’t have any fucking idea! “ Nate wasn’t sure if Aaron was lying or not.
“We are still friends.”
“Fuck you!”  Aaron screamed and ran out of the tent. “FUCK!” All Nate heard was running and two plates drop and more running. He assumed
that Ryan and Phillip went after him. Nate exited the tent and sat on the log.
“What happened?”
Nate wanted to talk to someone; he expected his dad would be here. Nobody was in sight. He just sat there and cried. “How did I just fuck up
this friendship?” He thought over and over how this could have played out differently.
Then he just cried and cried some more.
5:36 PM
Colt was hungry; he wished he had some food before he left on his journey. Chase was right, he needed to find some happiness. He left the
city because living here for nearly 20 years, from college to adulthood all that that was sadness.
He was just about to turn into a diner off the road for bite to eat when his phone rang and it was Scott. He and Jess were in the area and
wanted to know if he wanted to get together. It turned out Scott was just entering the town, so they were both near the same diner.
Colt entered and sat at the both waiting for his friends. He hasn’t seen Scott since his wedding. Out of all of his college friends, Scott was the
only one who had kept in constant contact. Scott had come in for Colt’s birthday almost every year.
Scott and his husband Jess entered holding hands. It was a good thing that most of the people here are finally okay with homosexual activity.
Nobody seemed to notice or care that two bisexual guys entered. Scott sat down; he looked as good as he always did, with one major
exception Scott was losing his hair. Jess on the other hand looked good. His shirt was unbuttoned at the top showing off his chest a little.
It was then that Colt opened his mouth shocked. Jess’s three scars that started on the top of his chest were gone. Jess had been beaten
severely and his body was raked with scars.
“What happened?”
Scott smiled, “You see his treatment.”
Jess explained that last year their doctor located a special surgeon who was an expert as scar removal. He was in the process of moving his
business back to Colt’s town, so he could only do the first of four treatments before then. “However, Dr. Cooper was able to do my entire
chest and back before he relocated.”
“That is awesome. Did it hurt?”
“Not one bit.”
“Honey,” Scott said sweetly, ‘you were sleep.”
“Hence, it didn’t hurt, baby. Also the doc had great treatment that made it painless. It was like laser eye surgery.”
“So, you are going to be going under the knife.”
“Not until next month. Scott and I just wanted to see how you were.”
“I have a business consult tomorrow afternoon,” Scott interjected, “so I will be going back home tonight.”
“I am fine.”
“Fuck that.” Scott said knowing Colt well enough to get through his bullshit. “Chase called us early this morning, and told us that how
unhappy you were of late.”
“That fucking asshole,” Colt began. “I am going to beat the shit out of him.”
“He wanted you to have some support, so Jess and I and drove up here all afternoon.”
Colt was happy that some people still cared enough to drop what they were doing for him.
“I don’t need help.”
“Where are you going then?” Scott asked.
“To find some happiness.”
“Where?” Jess asked this time.
“I was going to go back to my grandpa’s lake house and think about things.”
“You mean you were gonna drink all night and get wasted instead of dealing with the cause of your unhappiness.”
“I know where you going with this. I know where you want me to go.”
“Yes, you do.”
“So why are you not going there.” Jess wanted to know.
“It’s been eleven years since I spoke to him. I am not going there out of the blue.”
“Why not?” Scott began.
“He made it clear he has moved on.”
“Fuck that, Kris was only happy because you were with him.”
“Then how come he hasn’t spoken to me in over ten fucking years.”
“I don’t know,” Scott began. “But, you know your history with him. Most of the time when you guys see each other it ends up with you guys
fucking each other brains out.”
“He didn’t even show up at…” he couldn’t even say it. Corey and Matt had the decent to come by and see him ten years ago when it occurred.
Kris didn’t even message him.
“He didn’t come because he son had taken ill. Nate almost fucking died.”
“Whatever. We both saw him last year at your wedding. He was the life of the party, and I was the drunk, we have nothing in common
anymore.” He thought about it. “You saying me going to Kris’s and talking him will help.”
“We are saying that only you can change you. Maybe going there can help you be happy.” Jess said.
With that done, Jess and Scott got up and left after they ate, and Scott blushing about some of his adventurous sexual exploits with Jess. Colt
knew that there was nothing more to be said, so he shook their hands and left with them.
He had two choices, did he go back Kris and Matt’s hometown, or did he go to his own town and find some happiness there. He ate his
sandwich and drove in the direction of his home. Kris didn’t need him in his life now.
5:42 PM
The man was walking with his dog, this time on leash. He was happy that the three boys returned him. The dog was his best friend, and over
the last few years all they had was each other. Although, he had had many friends in the city he moved from, none of them were as
important as Patches. He never had a stable partnership and his sex life had declined so much, he couldn’t remember who he had fucked
He thought back to the last boyfriend he had and that was over 25 years ago. He was a loving man who cared about his well-being; however,
like his father he wanted him to change his lifestyle. All the nagging from his boyfriend made him want to leave. It was the biggest regret he
had. Four months after he made the choice, he went back, but his boyfriend was gone.
As the years continued his mind went back to what could have been. The man learned six years ago where his boyfriend went, but knew it
was too late. The guy was married and had son. Over the years, he cried all night and had it not been for Patches, he didn’t know what he
would do.
Surprisingly, he regretted losing his boyfriend was more important than losing his family. The choice he made was something he could live
with. However, lately he wished could see them again, the human closeness of a brother, a mother or a father was something he wanted of
late. That’s why he moved too. There were too many families there, and it reminded him of the choice he made.
It was then that Patches barked, it brought the man out of his thoughts and to the present. He saw movements in the bushes. He walked
closer, with his dog happily barking.
Then two teenagers stood up, hearing the noise, the man suspected. He didn’t recognize the female, but the male teen was one of the guys
that brought him his dog.
“What the hell do you guys think you are doing?
Caleb smiled wickedly, “Sir, I think it was obvious.” Not feeling any shame Caleb introduced Tina to the man.
“This is no place for that!” the man said.
5: 51 PM
Aaron ran away from Nate and got lost. He didn’t know where he was, he just knew that he couldn’t be with him. He walked passed a group
of girls who were chatting and two guys. One guy actually smiled at him. Aaron walked passed her and her friends.
Next he came to two friends chatting on a bench. Then one guy kissed the other. Aaron kept walking.
He passed a married gay couple holding hands and they both said hello to him. Instead of replying to them, he just ran in the opposite
direction. He wasn’t a religious man, but the he thought God was laughing.
He finally found a familiar path and walked in that direction. “Why did it have to be Nate?” He yelled to nobody.
5:55 PM
Ryan and Phillip ran after Aaron, but they lost sight of him quickly and now have been walking in circles looking for their friend.
“So what do think of Tina showing up?”
“Is this really the time to have this conversation?”
“Bro we have been walking around, if it weren’t for my GPS we would be completely lost by now. Aaron surprised me by running when Nate
told him he was gay. But we both know he will return.”
“Yeah, let’s head back.”
“So, Tina and Aaron kissing.”
“I’m surprised Caleb kept quiet. They had gotten together last week.”
“What?” Ryan thought. “Tina and Caleb are a couple.”
“Nah they just play around a lot.”
Ryan smiled at that, and then asked Phillip to lead the way.  Phillip nodded and then started searching his pockets. “Oh, fuck! I think we are
6: 00 PM
Kris sat watching his son. He knew better than try to engage him in conversation. Kris was aware that Nate was always going to talk when he
was ready. However, they been sitting there nearly 25 minutes. Nate stopped crying. He went into the tent, grabbed his phone and started
playing with it.
“Dad,” Nate looked up at him. “Will everybody be like this when I tell them I am gay.”
Kris didn’t know what to think about this. “Like what?”
“Leave. Mom left. Aaron left.”  Nate looked at him with those blue eyes.
“Aaron left because it is a shock. He has to come back. I see how close you to have gotten in past few months. It was the same with me and
Matt. “
“Yeah, but when Matt told you he was gay, you didn’t run out.”
It was true that Kris never left Matt when he heard the news, but like his high school crew, he knew Matt was gay, and was okay with the
idea. “Aaron just needs time.”
“Like Mom needed time?”
“I cannot explain your mothers reasoning. Honestly, growing up with me and my college friends, I assumed she was going to be okay with
your orientation.”
“She did try at first.” Nate offered, trying to see a silver lining in his mother’s abandonment.
“She left, more because of me than anything you were. You must know that. Although, I will admit you being gay was a complete shock to
me, as I told you then.”
“Yeah, so how did my being gay not contribute to her leaving us?
Kris had to be honest with his son, “I won’t lie, Nate, there must be some part of her that cannot accept you being that way. It had more to do
with me than anything else.”
He could tell by the look of his face that this was news to him. Kris actually never talked to Nate about the reasons behind Melissa leaving
him. He probably had some idea, but until Nate brought it up Kris wasn’t going to go in it.
“Why you?”
“Basically, three years ago we had started having fights. I was faithful to her. However, she hated what the relationship I had with Matt and
Corey. It is no secret to her when we went on camping trips things would happen. She really started to doubt my love for her.  She claimed it
had been festering for years, but it wasn’t until Dean entered the picture that it just got complicated.”
Nate seemed to be interested with this story, and maybe it was helping with Aaron by keeping his mind of it. It was helping him, too.
“Dean?” Nate asked as Kris took a sip of his beer, more a gulp than a sip.
“Yeah, he was dating Scott Trenton for about five years, then Jess Frampton, his old college boyfriend got back into the picture, so Dean and I
became friends, mainly to help with the loss of Scott. He seemed to be taking it well. One weekend, he and I went on a trip and when I
returned Mel asked me if I fucked him. I didn’t, of course. I wanted to, though. From then she didn’t believe me. She thought that I couldn’t
get everything from her that I needed.”
“I see, and then I being gay didn’t help matters. She assumed I would turn out like you, sexually complicated.”
“That I have no idea son, but she did try to accept you. However, she told me the night of she left in the heat of an argument. “I cannot be a
mother to a faggot. It’s bad enough I married one.”
Nate’s mouth fell open. “Why? Why Dad? Why didn’t you tell me that?”
“Son, you were going through so much, you didn’t need to be burdened with that.”
Nathan got up and retreated to the tent. “Son?”
“It’s okay go to the rendezvous I know it’s almost seven o’clock.”
“I cannot leave you like this.” Its true Kris had planned to get away for bit to unwind. He didn’t think about it with Caleb missing since dinner,
and Phillip and Ryan running after Aaron, and his son like this, Kris forgot all about it.”
“Dad, I need to be alone with what you told me, and what happened with Aaron I need to think.”
“Okay,” knowing Nate would be stubborn about this. “It will take time, trust me. Aaron will come around. I am serious.”
“I hope you are right. Now, go. I will call when the guys return.”
Kris smiled at his son, “You sure.”
“You have been doing this for three years, you need this. I know it wasn’t easy talking about Mom. Have fun.”
Nate retreated into the cabin. Kris thought about it for a minute. Should he go, or should he stay and wait for his son’s friends. Then he
remembered the other factor in his decision, and decided to go. Caleb and the rest would call him if there was an emergency.
He put on some jeans and t-shirt and headed off to the meeting. The other guy will be there soon.
6: 12 PM
Nate was okay with letting his father go off to the meeting because both of them needed this break. And he was sure that that Aaron will
come around in time. If not, then he finally realizes the kind of friend he was. He thoughts went to Dad and his encounter he will take. Nate
was well aware of it for some time, and there was no shame in it. Nate knew bits about his father’s past, and the manuscript was very
thorough about it.  So, he was kind of happy that he was spending with his friend.
It was two years ago when Dad first went off to have the encounter; Nate guessed he didn’t have call it an encounter as Dad’s friend joined
them on the camping experience. However, the time away when Nate was busy exploring the campground that he hadn’t seen yet, in the
first three years, he knew that Dad and his friend was doing more that catching up. It was obvious there was something going on between
the two. 
Now with all that had occurred to Dad recently, he couldn’t begrudge him a little happiness. Last year at seven o’clock while Nate was busy
making dinner Dad met his friend and the two came back and hour later. His friend was nice to Nate always had been.
Now if I can only find happiness myself. Where did that thought come from, Nate wondered. He had good friends, and he loved his father
especially that he was okay with him being okay and standing up for him when Mom decided to leave them. The only thing that seemed to
be in the balance was Aaron, would he come to his senses, or would he hate Nate for ever.
He didn’t know, but he knew who might. He picked up the phone and dialed the number.  After a few rings, his uncle Matt responded.
“Hey, Matt, what’s up?”
“Nate? Is something wrong?”  Matt seemed concerned, which was typical for his ‘uncle’. While Nate was growing Matt practically raised him
with his parents, not to mention he was given title of godfather.  Lately, Matt and he conversed a lot, talking generally about his mother
leaving and Matt told him stories of his own father abandoning him in his youth, who eventually came around and they bonded near the end
of his life.
“Nothing is wrong, I just have question. How well did Kris take the news when you finally told him you were gay?”
Matt seemed stunned, Nate could tell because Matt hadn’t spoken for a whole minute. Maybe the question came out of left field. Matt
knew growing up that Nate was gay, and when it was common knowledge he told him so. He even asked him about how he would tell his
friends. Nate told him then he wasn’t sure.
“Matt?” Nate prompted, “You still there.”
“Sorry, yeah; it just surprised me. Kris was okay with it from the start, most of my high school crew were aware of it. Kris accidentally knew
when he looked on my computer and saw me writing to someone I met online. It was all in manuscript.  Why is Kris taking the news badly
Nate responded instantly, “No, no. He has been fucking awesome.”
“So this is about Aaron?”
“How did you know?”
“You just told me with that response, plus your father and I do talk a lot. Also, you did mention how much you and he were getting along a
month or so ago.”
All that was true. Matt and Corey came over dinner once for a while, and Matt took the time to have regular conversations with Nate. Corey
did, too; but not to the same extent. Matt spoke again: “Did he take the news that badly.”
It felt like Matt was reading his mind, “Well he did storm out when I told it him I was gay.”
“Did he explain why he left?”
“Nope, however, I have this feeling that the news didn’t surprise him. He asked me when I learned myself.”
“I see, well; with Kris we seemed to have easy friendship where we could just talk about stuff like that.”
“Yeah,” Nate rolled his eyes, “Your nightly chats in college. Both of you told me all about that before.”
“So, maybe Aaron just needs time to come to his senses.”
“I think you are right. Dad said the same thing.”
“Oh, well if were both saying that, then it would be wise to keep that in mind, as we rarely agree on anything.”
“That’s for sure. The debate on me being called Matt is still talked about at family gatherings.”
“To think he wanted to name you after to me. I was touched by it.”
“I know,” Nate laughed. For six days after Nate was born Kris and Matt argued about me being named after him, and Kris just wanted to
express his love of Matt, and Matt, honored, believed the child would need to live up to the namesake. Mom was against it too, after was
Dad said her opinion mattered less now than before.
“How are you doing? Being alone tonight?”
“Quite well, before I met Kris I was accustomed to quiet, and with Corey having the twins with his mothers the quietness is very refreshing.”
“So you don’t miss Corey hammering you.” Nate laughed. Matt chuckled too.
“What a mouth, you are defiantly Kristopher Stanton’s son.” After a minute Matt was serious again. “Nate, Aaron will come around, there
may be another reason he stormed out, that may not be about you being gay.”
“I hope you are right, Matt. Can I ask you something else?” Nate stated with the thought entering his mind. He kept talking without Matt’s
answer. “Dad and I were talking about your manuscript on the way here and he expressed his opinion on his relationship with you and how
he was never in love with you.”
“Yes, that is true your father and I have unique friendship, but I was never in love with him, like I am with Corey. What’s your question?”
Matt asked.
“What about Colt, you were very vague on that friendship on your story. I know there were boyfriends in college, but you never described
how close it was in detail.
“Colt and he were very close. Colt gave up his relationship with his current girlfriend to see if there was deeper connection with Kris. They
could have been soul mates for all I know. During their senior year that relationship never happened as Kris and Colt feels in love their
girlfriends, and then the estrangement period happened seven months after Faith died.”
“So, do you think they are soul mates? Like you and Corey.”
“Like us, no. There is a lot of emotion and distance between Kris and Colt now. Why do you ask?”
“Dad is hurting. He is alone and with the situation at home; all that keeps him going is me, and his kids at school..”
“You thought Colt could fix it.”  Matt stopped talking, which gave Nate the impression there was more going on here. His dad never told him
why he and Colt stopped talking only that he they grew apart. “That is something that your father needs to discover for himself.”
Nate didn’t know what to think with that comment, however, Matt continued. “You are worried about him?”
“Yeah, he lost a lot lately. Regardless of how Mom treated me, he loved her dearly, which is something I am sure you knew very well.”
“Yeah, Nate, your father is strong, he dealt with lose of his brother. That death changed him for the better, and that made him into the Kris I
grew to love as a friend. This separation and everything else that occurred will change him, but the choices he makes in the future will make
him stronger I am sure.”
“I guess,” Nate agreed and then Matt and he spent some time talking about Matt’s publishing of the manuscript. They continued to chat.
Matt told him more about what caused the estrangement, and Nate was happy that Matt was telling this story.
6: 21 PM
Ryan looked at his watch again, annoyed at Phillip for getting them lost. It had been almost 30 minutes. They left in such a rush after Aaron,
that neither of them brought their phone. Phillip thought he knew the way, but it turned out he was following the path back toward where
the man with dog came from.
“Where the fuck are we?” Ryan asked for the seventh time.
“I told you, we are looking for the ranger’s station, and he could tell us how to get where we are going.”
“Next time bring your fucking phone.”
“Relax, will you. And enjoy this adventure.”
“I don’t want to enjoy the fucking adventure. I want to check on Aaron and see how he is. I want to go back to the tent and ….”
“Jerk off to the porno you brought.”
Ryan was flushed red now, “Excuse me?”
“Can you getting any redder. Remember when my dad brought us here, and you tripped getting out of the range rover. The zipper was open
and magazine was noticeable.”
“Fuck,” Ryan vented. He sat down on the stump that he came across
“What’s the problem, we all jerk off, and honestly I was going to do it myself tonight too.”
“Yeah?” Ryan lifted his eyebrow. Phillip and he had been friends for two years, since Ryan moved next door to him.
“It’s true. I am surprised you were looking at gay magazine.”
“Truth be told,” Ryan might as well acknowledge it. “The magazine was for Nate. I thought he may tell us this weekend, and it would be a
good present for him.”
“Bullshit, there is more to this than you are telling me.” Phillip smiled knowingly.
“Yeah, there is.” Ryan seemed ashamed. He never told Phillip this. Being shy about his dick was one thing, being bisexual is something else.
Phillip put his arm on Ryan’s shoulder. “Just spit it out bro. We have the time.”
“Okay, don’t be mad. The magazine is mine. I bought it two weeks ago. I was scared shitless too.” Ryan collected himself, “I am bisexual.”
“That is so fucking awesome!” Phillip said.
“Really?” Ryan was shocked he was taking to so well. He didn’t even look at the guys dicks in the showers in Phys Ed or anything.
“You are kidding, of course. I don’t want you to be fucking ashamed of you are. We are friends, and I love you for you are. I hate that you
didn’t tell me, but I can get over it.”
Ryan doubted Phillip, but then Phillip hugged him. “I mean it, this is cool.”
“Awesome,” he said releasing himself from the hug. “I am sorry I am shy about this type of shit.”
“It’s okay.” Then Phillip stopped talking, making Ryan doubt him again. “You don’t have like secret crush on me or anything.”
“Fuck, no. God, no. There is no chance in hell.”
Phillip laughed, “A simple no would have been sufficient.” Ryan playfully punched him, and then Phillip laughed some more and tackled his
friend, and three or four minutes the dirty friends caught their breaths after they rolling around.
“I noticed you keep staring at my package.”
“Yeah,” licking his lips, “One that I want to return.” Ryan jumped out so fast that it caught his friend off guard and Phillip chased after him.
“I’m posting your dick on the internet.” He yelled in response.
Ryan chuckled, not frustrated anymore.
6: 37 PM
Scott was driving back home, he only came to give Jess a lift as he was going to spend time with Rick Richards, his old college RA. Scott would
have stayed with his husband, but his meeting with his client the next afternoon could not have been missed.
He thought about Colt and how much he changed recently. Faith’s death impacted him so much, he didn’t know if Colt will ever be same. It
was understandable, Scott thought, considering everything that happened with Colt since the death.
Colt moved into Chase’s house and hasn’t left since, and with Kris and Colt not talking anymore, Colt felt no need to change his life. Scott
and Matt and Corey kept in contact, but they knew better than to bring Kris up.
Scott knew Colt got happy with his relationship with Ben, the friend he made at work. However, that relationship didn’t end well. Colt
refused to say why it didn’t work. All Scott knew was that it made him happy for almost one year.
It did bring questions to Scott’s mind about Colt’s sexuality. Then again, Scott was the least to comment on sexuality, having had his share of
girlfriends in his life. Not to mention his five year relationship with Dean.
Without realizing, his mind drifted back to his wedding to Jess with was little over year ago. All his friends were there, even Colt and Kris
were in same room for an entire night. It was a beautiful night; he loved every minute of it. The kiss with his husband, the toast Matt gave
him, and the sex that night brought him chills.
However, there were two black spots on that day, Kris and Colt refused to talk to each other. Kris would barely acknowledge Colt, and Colt
stayed by him by the bar. Ted kept him company for most of the evening. Then right after the first dance Kris discreetly pulled Scott aside
and told there was an emergency and he had to leave. At the time, Scott thought it was him trying to leave, Scott knew Kris’s son was staying
with Kris’s parents. So it couldn’t have been Nate. Scott was upset one of his best friends felt the needed to leave than be with Colt for one
night. He knew now that it was genuine emergency.
The other dark spot of the wedding night was Colt; he was getting drunk as the hours continued, that Scott decided he should talk to him, to
make sure his friend was okay. They chatted briefly about how happy he was for Scott and Jess, then a few minutes later Colt revealed a
drunken truth. Scott didn’t know if it was true or the alcohol was talking.
The phone rang and Scott was brought back the present. “Hello?”
“Tim, is everything alright?”
“Yep, cuz. I just got invited to a party, so I won’t be home when you get it.”
Tim Trenton was his cousin; he was about the same age as Hunter was. He promised his uncle, that Tim would stay with him and Jess for the
“Okay, have fun.”
Scott trusted Tim, they spent a lot of time together over the years, and Scott remembered changing his diapers when his parents and he
babysat one year.
“Bye Bye.”
With that, the call was over and Scott was driving on home, he hoped to have great late dinner and then get some sleep, maybe a little late
night phone sex with Jess.
He was just about turn on some music when cut passed him. The truck was pretty familiar to Scott, as it happened to be Colt’s.  Looking
around, Scott knew they were coming off to the turning towards Colt’s hometown. He slowed down to see if Colt would make the turn.
Then it happened, Colt stayed on the highway. Scott smiled, happily. He knew where Colt was headed and he was happy.
He turned on the radio and listened as he drove him, hoping that Colt made the right choice.
6: 41 PM
Aaron was wandering the woods looking for Nate; he didn’t know where he would be since he wasn’t at the campsite. He found a ranger and
asked for directions to the hut that Nate told him about, where he went for some privacy last year. The ranger, who seemed to be in rush, told
him there were no such locations anywhere near here.  Then, the ranger received a call and a 3-2 had occurred. Curiously, Aaron asked him what
that meant, and ranger said bears.
He knew this campsite did have some small bears in the area, but they were kept in secure locations during the night time. Aaron was a little
frightened heard of bear attack a few years back, but knew that it was an isolated incident.
He kept thinking that he would get attacked by a bear, more so, if Nate was wondering the woods looking for him, so might he. It had been
twenty minutes since he seen the ranger, and now he wasn’t lost he didn’t know where he was going.
He looked at his phone and it showed the time as almost seven o’clock. He heard shouting and his thoughts went to the bear, then he walked a
minute and discovered Tina and Caleb holding hands by a fire. They were listening to a man speaking. He was shouting emphasizing the story he
was telling.
“So, do you understand what you did wrong?”
“Yes,” Caleb rolled his eyes at the man. “We shouldn’t have been making out in the bushes.”
Tina seemed to be listening intently to the man’s tale. Aaron was curious about the story; however, he was caught off guard by her holding
Caleb’s hand. Then, it registered what Caleb just said. The two were making out.
“Yes, let me tell you another story, of what could happen if you misused public locations like that.” Tina nodded, she seemed to be enjoy the
man’s tale, however, Caleb just seemed like he wanted to leave.
“Sir, we have been, here nearly an hour; if we promise never to make love in the woods, can you let us go.”
“Shh,” Tina shot him a look, “Don’t be rude, Sir, ignore him. Please continue.”
The man laughed, Aaron wondered why the man would keep too strangers there for such a minor offence. Even though, he didn’t like the fact
that Tina was cheating on him. You two are broken up, his mind reminded him. Aaron thought maybe the man was lonely, how much companion
can a dog really provide.
“Well, you see when I was about fifteen, almost sixteen, me and my best friend at the time decided it would be fun tap some cheerleaders. We
waited until one of their practices was over and went to join our targets. It was his best friend who wanted to do it on the field, where the
cheerleaders practiced. So, when the two girls appeared we charged them. They were expecting us of course, and before we knew it, we were
going at it. Then the lights went on around field, and we were surrounded by the principal and a few teachers. It turned out that one of the girls
screamed loud enough that the janitor outside went to get the principal who was working late that night.
“End of story, I was grounded for a month; my best friend was suspended because the one of girls told the principal it was his whole idea. What
made matters worse, it made the school paper, thankfully there were no pictures, but for nearly a whole term I couldn’t show my face in school.”
Caleb, very defensively responded, “We were responsible, nobody we know is anywhere near here, and  am sure you will not tell on us.”
“That is true, I just caution you to use some discretion.”  
Aaron spoke, “But you are wrong Caleb, I am here.”  Aaron walked toward the makeshift fire and smiled widely.
Caleb was scared; his showed more terror on his face than Aaron seen before that only made Aaron smile more. Aaron turned to Tina. “Get out of
here slut, I never want to see you again.”
The man decided that it was time to depart from these people and he called his dog, leaving the three teens to sort it out. Aaron thanked him
silently. However, that allowed not only Tina to depart, but for Caleb to leave also.
“Oh, no; we are no finished Caleb.” Aaron ran after his friend, and before Caleb knew it he was on the ground with Aaron sitting on him.
“I am sorry, but you guys broken up.”  That simple line hit Aaron like slap in face. He just got off his friend and left him there. Aaron just ran off
again. Tina and he were broken up, Caleb was right. Let her sleep with him, for all he cared.
He was pissed that Caleb would betray thier friendship like that by sleeping with her under his own noise. 
6: 50 PM
Colt had missed the turn that would take him home to his grandpa’s lake house. Well, it belonged to his father now, Colt realized. His mind
thought about all the good things Kris and he shared in college. He remembered even sharing Andrea with him, and that night with Toni and him
was hot also.
His mind went back to the tent conversation they had many years ago, how Colt admitted that he would never let another guy fuck him, then it
shifted to their first date and the time they spent at the hotel. He thought about what would happen if Kris and he broke up, and he would lose
his friends. All these thoughts went through his head.
What made him turn around were two things. The passion and love that Kris and he shared during their love making. Although it had been years
since they fucked like that, but the level of true commitment in those moments were powerful love. The other thing the deciding vote was what
he remembered saying to Scott on the eve of his wedding to Jess in a drunken stupor. He said, “I love Kristopher Joshua Stanton, and I always
will. I regret it all.”
He never recalled saying it, waking up the next day with a complete hangover. He recalled none of that night, but 20 minutes ago those words
came back to him like shot train. Now, the problem was he didn’t know were Kris was, or what he would think of him showing up after all these
He almost picked up his phone and called Kris, but what would Colt say after all this time. Then another thought occurred and he knew were to
go. He set the address into his truck’s GPS and hoped for the best.
6:58 PM
Kris arrived at the cabin four minutes ago. He had called him to make sure he was free for their meeting. He was, and that made Kris happy. He
hadn’t had sex since his birthday, a present from Corey and Matt. They knew some passionate sex would help get through Nate’s mother’s
desertion. Now, he were ready for some great fun fucking.
His guy as scheduled came outside the cabin door. He smiled at Kris and waved him over.  Kris ran toward him and kissed him on the lips. He
looked into those eyes, the felt the beard across his chin and put his hands in his short hair. Kris broke the kiss, and smiled at him, “Hey, Dean.” 
Note from the author. Dean is the ranger that Big D wrote about in the Weekend Away. In this storyline Dean is not a fantasy having had both a
long standing relationship with both Scott and Kris.

Please let me know what you think? I would love to know your thoughts on Kris and Colt and if they are destined to be together or a better
question, who is Colt destined to be with?
This chapter was written by Andy.   He did a great job with the story and would love hearing from you in the comment section or <>READ CHAPTER 3
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