7: 00 AM
Tina showed up out of the blue and Phillip felt completely ashamed with himself. In all that had happened, he completely forgotten about
Tina. She was there when the cabin exploded, and in the chaos it never dawned on him to seek her out. He looked at the shape she was in
and it made him even more embarrassed.
“Tina are you okay?”
“I am fine, honestly. It is just a long night.”
“What happened?” Ryan wanted to know.
“I woke up after the explosion,” Tina caught her breath as she took some water from Dean. “The first instinct I had was running away, making
sure I was safe. As I ran, I slipped in some mud and banged my head real bad.
“Some time later, I don’t know when, I came too. As I got my bearings, I heard shouting in the distance and moved toward it. There was a
trailer with three girls in it making out or something.  One of them saw me and told me to leave." The girls were the same ones she saw at
the old station, something she edited out of the story. "I got the fuck out of there.  There was a cave nearby by and slept there. I was scared
to death. In all that, I had lost my phone and my father’s watch.  I couldn’t sleep so I walked on. I made it to a campsite with some people.
They wanted to help, but I heard a noise or something and I thought it was bear and run off again.   Ever since then, I have been wandering
looking for somebody I knew. For some help.”
“When I saw this building, I thought I was okay, but then I saw Caleb getting into an ambulance and I puked. This situation became very real.”
Regardless of how she felt about Caleb cheating on her, she didn't want to see him hurt.
“That was about an hour ago?”
“Yeah, see after I heaved I got up to fast and banged my head again. I have been having a fucking bad day…”
Dean walked over, “Are you sure you are right.”
“I will be fine.”
“Guys, take Tina inside and give her some food. There is shower in my office; she can use to get herself cleaned. And have the doctor look at
your head just in case.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“Don’t mention it.” Dean waved it off, like it were nothing. “So, I’ll call your folks and they can come pick you up.”
“NO!”  She shouted, which stopped everybody in their tracks.  Phillip knew Tina the most, having been the one to introduce her to both
Caleb and Aaron. He had seen her in many emotional states, but never like this. He assumed it was the awful night she had. She came here to
score with Caleb, learned that he was fucking around with some strange girl, got lost and had been wandering around for hours.
Phillip had known Tina’s parents for about two or three years, they seemed like nice people, so why would she not want to talk to them.
“Tina what’s wrong?”
“Please don’t call them. If they knew I was here, they would kill me.”  Dean looked at her in a whole new light, and Ryan digested this
information. Phillip sat next to her. “We won’t. Tina just tell us what is wrong? How can we help?”
“Don’t send me back there. I ran away for a reason.”  Phillip was her closest friend out of the group of guys, and had been with her through
lot in the last few years, but she never admitted to something so horrible.
“What?” Phillip’s shock was evident. “What are you talking?”
Dean came forth, “Please, we should go to my office to discuss this situation.”
“No sir.  I ran away for a reason. I am not going anywhere.”
Phillip held her, “Don’t worry, Tina you don’t have to go anywhere you don’t want to.” She motioned Ryan to get some food, and waved off
Dean’s concern.

7: 10 AM
Having seen that asshole at his house, Chase could have killed him. Tabor had no right to show up on his doorstep. No right to be anywhere
near his family. Fuck what Colt said yesterday, Chase had nothing to say to that asshole. He kept thinking all this shit as he disrobed to take
his shower.
Chase stepped into the bathroom; he left it unlocked in case his wife wanted to join him. On more than one occasion she helped him get
clean. However, seeing his former friend put all those dirty thoughts out of his mind.
As the married man stepped into his shower and turned on the water, he heard the doorknob turn. Chase smiled but didn’t turn around, he
knew Toni well enough, that she would prefer to surprise him. He heard clothes hitting the floor and the door to their big shower up open.
At this moment normally, his wife would place a hand on his back and then pull his neck back for long sweet kiss.
“We are going to talk about this now!”  The voice was serious, mad annoyed, and it was instantly familiar. Chase turned around and there was
Tabor standing completely naked looking at him.
“What the fuck are you doing in my house?”
“Your wife let me in. She agreed we need to settle this once and for all.”
“I have nothing to say to you asshole.”
“Fine, I will do all the fucking talking you just stand there.”
“Fuck you.”  Chase went for the door. Tabor blocked him. “Listen Chase we are going to discuss this and you are not going to hang up on me
“Fuck that,”
“I have all morning, all day in fact. So, Chase I will wait.”
Chase looked around and he didn’t even have a phone. Tabor picked the one place he was truly vulnerable. Tabor took the time to view
Chase’s chiseled form, and his seven inch dick. Chase stared hard at Tabor and nodded. He turned off the water.
“Well let’s talk.” Chase didn't have much choice.
7: 12 AM
Riley listened for screaming again, there was nothing. Peter, his best friend turned him around, and they heard splashing this time. He faintly
heard the screaming again. The guys ran toward the lake. Ironically, they were on the other side of the lake where the two originally were
going to fish.
They saw a guy splashing about in the water. Riley knew the water was deep in the core of the lake. He wondered how the guy ended up in
the middle water, but Peter didn’t he just stripped off his shirt and dived in.
Riley jumped next and they swam to the middle, where the teenagers and was trying hard to stay above the water, but he wasn’t having any
success. Riley grabbed him and swam with him back to the shore, as Peter helped them.
The three made it to the shore. Luckily, he wasn’t under for long, the guy was breathing well. “Thank you.”
“How did you get here?”
“It’s long story, but simply put I fell in. The wind pushed me away from shore and before I knew it, I was in the center of the lake trying to
stay above water. “
“Are you okay?”
“Yep, thank you.”
The guy got up to leave, but Riley held him close again, “Where you going?”
“I am late; I was supposed to meet a friend of mine earlier.”
“Do you want to call him?” Peter offered his phone.
The teen nodded, went to the bushes to make his call.  Riley looked at his friend. “I still don’t believe his story. Why would the wind push
him away from the water’s edge? “
“Why would the guy lie?” Peter asked in return.
“I don’t know.”
7: 20 AM
Tabor sat in the kitchen, as Chase was changing in the master bedroom; Chase seemed to be taking his time. In the kitchen, Toni and Tabor
were chatting about life. They two were good friends, and great lovers in the past, but Toni loved Chase.
“How is your daughter doing?”
“Ah, she is doing okay. Reagan is with her grandmother now, but she is the spitting image of Chase.”
“That’s good, it just sucks that I haven’t been able to have kids lately. Katie and I might tie the knot soon, though.”
“I am happy for you then. I haven’t met her, but Chase spoke highly of her.”
Tabor smiled, not sure if it was his place to mention that Katie was Chase’s first love. He kept quiet. Toni heard him first. Chase came down
the stairs.
“If we are going to do this, we are going to it here.” He pointed to his study. Tabor understood the anger, and believed that giving Chase the
home territory may be better for this conversation, as invading his shower wasn’t the best call.
They both entered and stared at each other. Tabor could see behind the anger and hatred on his face,  a spark of the friend he had in Chase.
Although, they had been great friends in college, Chase was the only one that was his best friend, and his equal.
“Well,” Chase sat at his desk. Tabor stood in front of him. “I understand why you are mad at me?
“Bullshit. You know nothing about what had happened.”
“It’s about the significant money I borrowed from you.”
“You mean the money you took out of Hunter’s college fund. The two thousand dollars I loaned to you because you needed to get on your
“Yes, I…” Chase didn’t let him finish.
“The money to this day, I have yet to see repaid?”
“I am sorry, I have no excuses. A few weeks after the loan, I received a call from my professor and he arranged an interview and within a few
days I got the job. From there, my first assignment took me to Los Angeles, and from there Chicago… and Tampa. By the time I arrived home, I
completely forgot about the money I owed you.”
“Oh…Chicago, Los Angeles and Tampa. The big traveler you got to be. That must be so exciting.”
“Here…” Tabor decided to reclaim some control of the conversation. “Take it.”
The check he gave Chase was double what he had borrowed, “I am sorry it took so long to give it to you.”
Chase took the check, looked at the four thousand dollar amount. He took something out of his pocket: His lighter he received as birthday
present from his wife two years ago. He burned the paper.
“Fuck, Tabor this isn’t about the fucking money. Yes, I was upset about it back then. Sure that was a huge dent out of Hunter’s college money
but fuck. Tabor open your eyes.”
Tabor had thought it was the money, he couldn’t understand what else it could be. He took a seat across the desk, still in slight shock having
Chase burn the check.
“Well, come on you claim to understand what this is about. Tell me.” 
“Well, it’s not about Toni, I mean that is why I was angry at you for the stupid lie.”
Chase smiled; “All is fair in love in war, buddy.”
“So, true,” Tabor began. “And, I realized that Toni loved you more than she cared for me. Is it about my new girlfriend?”
“You dating the girl I threw away,” Chase smiled wickedly again. “Not even close. Bro, in our whole friendship had I ever been that petty.”
“No,” Tabor shook his head.  “I don’t know what I could have done to earn such hatred from you.”
“Really,” Chase spoke, surprised. “Do you remember the watch you gave me the Christmas after you got your job?”
“Yeah, the Rolex, I thought you would like the gift.”
“Bro, you don’t get it. How about the fact when we met up at the camping trip and I set up our tent and you decided to use your newer one,
or the fact that you and Katie came back from a nice romantic trip to Barbados.”
“You were spying on me now.”
“Come off it, asshole.”
Tabor didn’t understand one bit. “It was in the fucking newspaper.”
Tabor continued to stare.
“Jesus, Tabor. You may have been slow in high school, but you were never this stupid. Fuck, ever since you made it big at your job you have
rubbed my nose in it: Three expensive gifts; the new clothes, the new toys, the name dropping; the list goes on and on.”
Tabor was shocked…it never occurred that he was showing off. “I am sorry, bro.”
“Really, you are. Tabor, you succeeded and you bragged. You had always done that when you got some girl in high school, or managed to
score great tickets. You cannot help it. My family lived paycheck to paycheck, and you come in with your expensive toys and shitty gifts.”
“You think I am better than you.”
Chase had been thought that for years. But to admit it openly was another thing, “YES!” Chase finally said.
“Of course I do. To you I am just the stupid asshole who couldn’t keep his junk in his pants; the dickhead that got some girl pregnant; the
middle class shoe salesman just making enough to send my son to college. Not to mention your constant comments about my parenting
when Hunter was little.”
“What the fuck are you talking about now?” Tabor needed to know something, because if this was his feelings since Hunter was born, that
had to be many fucking years.
“I quote, ‘you are not suitable to be a father.’”
Tabor said it, and yes at the time he meant it. “Chase, be reasonable, you had come home drunk off your ass chasing a new skirt, while you
slept it off on the couch, and Hunter was crying his eyes out for you.”
He was babysitting that night, so when Chase came in drunk, he decided in the morning he was going to have it out with him once and for all.
He said it. “And three months later, you pawned Hunter off to his mother so you and I could join the guys on a camping trip.”
“I expected you to at least support me. Yes, I admit I was an asshole to get the girl pregnant. And yes, I came home drunk and wanted some
time with my friends. I was a new fucking father, we all make mistakes. And then you, not a father, not having the responsibility of kid of
your own, tells me I am a horrible father.”
Tabor was shocked, “A: I didn’t call you a horrible father, I said you weren’t suitable to be one. B: It is a best friend’s job to make sure you
don’t go down the fucking wrong path. When I said it, it was to wake you up to the responsibility you have. I am not going to apologize for
saying that.”
“Fine," Chase began, annoyed. “I understand, now, you were being a fucking friend then. But, what about when the custody battle took
place, I asked you to be a witness to prove that I was able to handle Hunter by myself. You wouldn’t do it.”
“Yes, because Chase you weren’t able to financially support Hunter at your place. Even with Colt’s contribution, so I didn’t support you. So,
let me get this straight, I said you weren’t suitable to be a father, didn’t support you during the custody situation and the money is what this
boiling down to?”
“No, like I said they were all symptoms to the problem. You were successful, you were perfect and I am the fuckup. You were better than me
and the gifts and constant nose rubbing didn’t help much.”
“All that is bullshit! I had my reasons to be mad at you too. The lying about me raping girls was a horrible fucking thing to say. The fact that I
got lucky and had a successful career, and I wanted to share my excitement by giving my best friend in the world some new things, should
say how much I do care about you, you little shit.”
Chase was about to speak, but Tabor held up his hand. “Yes, I am sorry I forgot to give back the money that I borrowed, that was my bad. But,
this rubbing your nose - my success that is so fucking shit. I had supported you, and congratulated you on your successes; I had offered to
help when you needed it. When I named dropped your mouth watered.  But as much as I did it, you did it so much more.”
Chase stood up and walked toward Tabor’s chair. “That is a bold face lie.”
“No, Chase. Every time we got together. You told me Hunter did this, Hunter did that. You talked about his grades.  Then, you discussed the
minor successes Toni had had in her life, and you continued to do it with Reagan.”
“I was discussing my family and their achievements. How does that fucking equate to your talking about your time at Caesar’s Palace with
what’s his name or being able to have lunch in New York with that guy.”
“It’s equal because I was discussing my job, and the successes I had in New York and Las Vegas. I wasn’t gloating or bragging. When you
discussed Hunter’s driving test and noted how easy it was. You said it with smirk, you bragged about it. You did it for two reasons.”
Chase wanted to know, “Oh, really and what were those reasons.”
“A: you were trying to prove me wrong, because in your diluted mind you thought I had the better life and all you had were mistakes.   B: you
were bragging and gloating about your wife and children because with all my achievements with my position, I lacked a family, I had no kids,
and led a bachelor’s life. So, you rubbed my nose in your family’s achievements. This has nothing to with the money, or rivalry over Toni or
me believing you are a bad father, this about the bragging I perceived you doing and the name dropping I’m claimed to have done.”
“Yes.” Chase admitted, as he still sad on the chair opposite his best friend. He didn’t seem angry; he seemed relieved that the true situation
was on the table. Tabor looked at his tired face and grabbed his shoulder.
“Chase look at me.” He took a few seconds, but he finally looked into Tabor’s eyes. “Do you really think I am better than you because you got
some girl pregnant?”
Chase nodded, yes. “Okay. I am sorry you feel that way. I need you to remember something that happened during Hunter’s custody battle. 
You wanted custody because the slut who was Hunter’s mother wanted to put him in foster care instead of taking care of him. I felt, at the
time, that you were not financially secure. However, after I learned from Colt why you asking sole custody, I went to you.
“You had given up. You were lying on your couch watching some crummy movie.  I asked if you are going to fight for him. And you shook your
head Instead of giving up on you, instead of saying you’re a bad father and instead of saying I told you so, do you remember what I did?”
“You slapped me in face.”
“Yes,” Tabor smiled. Chase was listening to Tabor now. The spark that he saw earlier had now encompassed his whole face.  It was Tabor’s
urgings to raise Hunter. Tabor was the one who calmed Chase down and tried to get him to be a sensible father.
“I was there for you and together we helped you get financially supported, and my folks and Colt helped you with that. The court’s realized
you were a good father, and in the end Hunter was yours. At that moment you were better than me. You had a family, and I had nothing. I did
it because I wanted you to succeed. I love you Chase. That will never ever change. “
Tabor got up and walked toward the door. “If you want me out of your life then I am gone.” He waited a few seconds, then left, when Chase
didn’t move.
7: 34 AM
Caleb awoke almost a half an hour ago, and when he did, he stared at the woman he made the deal with three days ago. She had come to
him suggesting that he and his two best friends meet them for some fun. Jill had helped Caleb with his school work, and a natural friendship
developed. When she decided to meet yesterday with a plan of sex, naturally he jumped at the chance.  He still was a little fuzzy on what
had happened of late. He remembered bright lights and a horrible smell.
Jill used their time together to briefly explain what her intentions were. She had planned the explosion to seriously harm him and his
friends. She explained that she taped the proceedings of their sexual encounter for future financial gains. Jill further explained that she had
heard that Caleb was rescued and needed to go the hospital with injuries, she decided that those could wait as she wanted to play with him
some more.
Caleb still didn’t know what he had done to her to cause such hatred, such animosity. He tried to plead his innocence, but she gaged him. She
cut away his clothes, and the surgical gauze that kept his ribs in place, and all other bandages were removed. Nothing touched Caleb’s body
and that scared him. He was still in pain, but he knew then, it was just the beginning.
“Are you going to tell me what this is about or just going to kill me?”  He knew it was no use against the gag. The smell of the sock in his
mouth was fowl.
“Caleb, patience, my pet,” She smiled as she put the knife to his check gently piercing the skin. “All will be explained.”
She took the knife and gently crossed his rib, and then smacked it, with the blunt end, causing him immense pain.   “You deserve this all.”
She went back out of his line of sight and started cutting something. When Jill returned the she placed the fabric of his shirt over his eyes.
There was a smell he couldn’t place on it, but with it and the smelly sock, it made him want to vomit. “Now, Caleb, honey let’s move this up a
He was going to scream again, but she didn’t let him. She turned on an electrical razor. “I never liked your hair.” She laughed.
7: 39 AM
Kris and Colt were driving slowly back to the campsite. The main reason for this was they wanted to take in the moment. As of right now, Kris
had his best friend and lover back.
“Son, so you will come back the campsite now. I want to make sure you are okay with my own eyes.”
“Yes dad; we will head back soon, okay. By the way, who is that guy you are with? I can hear him kissing your neck.”
“Oh, nobody.” Kris milked it, but Colt just punched him the arm. “Fuck, I was kidding, Colt.”
“Colt? The one you had fought with?  That makes sense, when I called you last night, after the bears you seemed distracted. So this means
you’re back together? Awesome!  You always told me how much Colt made you happy. Yuck, I just got a mental image.” Nate hung up,
A few seconds later he said, “Son? I guess he hung up.” He threw the phone in the back.
His son is safe and Kris even mended fences with Alex.  Sure, the last twelve hours were hectic with bears, the surprise arrival of Colt, and
magnificent sex they had.  Nothing else bad was going to happen today, he told himself. He wanted to spend the day with Colt and get
reacquainted with him.
Their talk early this morning was important as it finally closed that ugly chapter in their lives and opened a new introduction to life with Colt.
His mind went to another place and another fight he had with his best friend in high school. It was six months with him and Matt not talking,
but in the end they got back together as friends again. With Colt, it lasted a long time and both sides hurt. That would not be changed
“What are you thinking about Kris?”
“Huh?” Kris turned to Colt. “Sorry, my mind wondered. I was thinking about how history is repeating itself.”
“I don’t follow?”  Kris laughed, and couldn’t help himself, “You were always the dumb hick, eh.”
Colt punched him, and smiled, “Yep, proud of it.”
“When we were in college, remember the conversation we had and how it changed our life completely? I mean, we decided to not fuck
anymore, and it just started the ball rolling on our new relationship that ended with us dating.”
“Yeah, so?” 
“So, now we had another long conversation and some great love making and it will probably lead us to a successful fulfilling relationship.”
“Yeah,” Colt started and thought. “Or maybe this is the opposite, the start of horrible relationship that will end in heartache.”
“Nah, I love you man.” Kris said confidently, “I aint letting you go?”
“Really?” Colt smiled, “Enough to choose me over Matt?”
“Yes, of course.” Kris said. “Well, do I get to fuck him.”
“Only if it’s a team effort,” Colt nodded.
“We do better in teams, eh.” Kris smiled as he remembered two girls in college who experienced Colt and Kris at the same time. Toni was
one. Kris still couldn’t believe Chase married her, given she had played around with Colt.  The other was Andrea, Colt’s old girlfriend.
“Hey, that reminds me,” Colt said, seemingly reading Kris’s mind. “I have spoken to Andrea a few months ago, and you wouldn’t believe
what happened to her.”
“She married some hot stud who and is worth millions?”
“Nope, she moved in with her mother and after a bad breakup, where the guy wanted her mind to move his career forward. She came to see
me, because even after all this time, we had a spark.”
“You didn’t.” Kris turned as he pulled into the campground spot that was used for his vehicle.
“Yeah, we did. Kris, I was a shell of the man I used to be and she needed someone who still cared about her. It was a bad mistake on both of
our parts. She asked if I still loved her, and I said no. We talked for hours, but in the end we both felt sad as ever.”
“It reminds me how I used Dean during my down times when I needed some quick sex.”
“That still amazes me, when you need a good fucking you turned to men. Kristopher are you sure you aren’t gay?”
“Nope, remember I married Mel…”
He was going to explain that even through all the shit he and Mel went through their love making was magical, not as special as him and Colt,
but still an excellent experience. What stopped him was his phone ringing.
Colt got it from the back seat.  His left hand went to Kris’s crotch, giving it a good feel, as he passed the phone to his lover.
He listened to the calm voice as it spoke to him, detailing what he had found. After the report finished, Kris exited the spot and turned left.
“Where are we going?”
“Something has happened.”  He got on his phone to call Nate again to tell him they may be late.
7: 47 AM
Outside the police station, Matt and Scott waited. They had been waiting for over an hour. In that time, he had managed to talk to Corey and
tell what had occurred. To think his own son had been caught drunk peeing on a cop’s car.
It made him think that he might have been a failure as father. Lately, Chris has been acting up. The last semester in school alone, he had
been caught smoking on school grounds and skipping classes. His grades were slipping. And that was stuff Just the beginning. Deep down
though, he blamed Hunter’s influence. The two had been friends since birth, and although lately they haven’t seen much of each other,
when they do it is always memorable to Chris.
Corey, in Chris’s eyes, was the good father, and when Hunter left from a visit the two normally chatted about how good it was and what they
did. Matt had hoped that Corey’s relationship with his son would help here. However, when Chris acted up Corey wasn't his friend. “
Scott on the other hand had said very little. He cancelled his meeting because he had a feeling he would need to have a stern talking to Tim
about going out late at night and causing mischief. Matt wasn’t told who the other two people that were arrested, he assumed it was Tim and
Chris was supposed to keep an eye on the fourteen year old youth, while Scott and Jess went away to talk to Colt. When Chris was finally
released, after Matt signed the paper work, the people who were with him was surprised Matt.
“Where is he?” Scott yelled. “Where is Tim? What the fuck have you done with him?”
“Chill,” Hunter said.
Scott walked toward Hunter, “You shut up; you are in a shit load of trouble.”
Matt put on his most serious face, which wasn’t hard. He was beyond mad. “Christopher, where is Tim?”
“We had an agreement, I was going to go out with my friends, and Tim was going to stay at home. I called VJ to watch him.”
“That loser?”
Matt yelled, “I cannot believe you would put him in charge of Tim. You are so grounded.”  Scott was nervous. He didn’t know where his
cousin was.  “Gimmie your phone, Matt.”
“VJ?”  He yelled when the man woke up.
“Who is this?”
“This is the man who is going to rip you a new one. Where is Tim?”
“My fucking cousin you crazed lunatic.”
“I don’t know, man. I’m completely hung over. ..”
A minute passed, “VJ!” Scott bellowed. “Scott, jesus. Not so load.”
Scott calmed down a little, “I am sorry was I too loud. My bad. It’s just this: My fucking COUSIN IS MISSING AND YOU ARE THERE WITH A
"He is not here. Scott he left a note though saying he will be back tomorrow."
Matt had to take control of the situation. “All of you get in the car now. If any of you speak. I pray to god you will live to regret it.  Scott, we
will find him.”
“Scott, sir,” Hunter began.
“Shut up!”
“I think I may know where he went.”
7: 52 AM
Tim was still wet from his morning swim. He was lucky that those two guys found him and helped him back to dry land. Tim never liked the
water and being tossed in lake wasn’t exactly his idea nether. However, the car he hitched with didn’t seem to like his jokes, so they taught
him a lesson and threw him in the lake.
Now, he walked on looking for one individual in particular. He was glad that it didn’t take long for the pill to work in VJ’s drink. He was out so
easily. Getting here was a challenge with no driver’s license, but he managed it; thankfully it only required one act of unethical behavior and
one yucky compromise, but in the end the fourteen year old made to the campsite.
As he moved closer to his target, he laughed at seeing Nate again. They had great times together over the summer when he was with his
cousin. He hated that he missed this trip, but now the youth was able to join the party, maybe a little late.
7: 55 AM
Alex was a little groggy as he opened his eyes. He was staring up at the face of Kris and Colt. “What had happened?”
“I was hoping you could tell us?” Kris asked nicely.
“Where’s Caleb?” Alex said.
“Again,” Colt interjected, “something we hoped you could tell us.”
He looked around noticed he wasn’t near the turned over ambulance, but near a pathway and an old pickup truck. “Where am I?”
“That,” one of the other guys added nicely, “is something we could tell you.”
Alex sat up way too fast, and his head throbbed. The man who spoke was by his side. “You are okay, just a mild headache. Someone knocked
you out.”
“Who are you?” Alex couldn’t remember much after the ambulance turned over.
“My name is Riley and this is my friend Peter. We were coming back from our fishing trek, and on our walk you came stumbling toward us.
We asked us who you were, but you just blacked out again. We checked your phone a called the last number on it.”
“I remember I called Kris.”
“Yeah, so Riley talked to us and we rushed here as quickly as possible. Are you okay?”
“I am fine. We need to find Caleb.” Alex started up slowly with Kris and Colt’s help.
“Lead the way back, the way you came.”
Alex started to walk, but Kris grabbed him, “Bro, get in the truck and navigate us.”
“Thank you,” Alex smiled.
Kris nodded, “What are friends for.”
7: 59 AM
Caleb was still strapped down naked, as Jill admired her work. Every hair on his body was gone.
“Now that’s better. Don’t you think?”
Caleb didn’t nod; he just looked at his captor with cold uncaring eyes.
“No matter,” Jill mustered, “Time for phase two.”
She went to the drawer again and produced an object. Caleb fainted at the sight of it.
8:00 AM
Kris arrived at the scene with Colt and Alex by his side. He didn’t know what to expect, all he knew was he had to find the kid. The ambulance
was still there.  Kris knew their day was about to get worse. With a turned over ambulance, the police will have to be called and an
investigation will take place.  However, before he could think about that there was movement.
Colt stood next to Kris, “I think I know where he went.” He pointed toward the tracks on the road from a car.
“Okay,” Kris nodded, “They couldn’t have gone far. We will go on foot.”
“Nah,” Colt countered. “We will take the truck.” Alex nodded in agreement with Colt. Kris led them into the truck. 
The guys drove off following the tracks, which were pretty clear in the muddy ground. After about a minute they turned right and then left,
and noticed they were on a stretch or road going on for miles.
Not liking the silence, Kris turned to Alex, “So, Alex this looks like a great time to catch up?”
“What is with you people?” Alex asked. “Tabor wanted to talk about little things during our trip to the abandoned station, when my son could
be hurt or worse.”
Kris shrugged, “It passes the time?”
“Yeah,” Colt agreed “So, you said Elise took you back after you met Joseph, and he told you were stupid for letting her go.”
Alex sighed, “True. I was just happy that she took me back. We had a great relationship, and Aaron has an older sister and brother.”
“Eric, Aaron’s older brother,” Kris added, “was the school’s quarterback for years, he managed to stack up quite a lot of wins”
“How did you know, Kris?”
“Let’s just say, my predecessor for the team spoke very highly of your son.”
Kris didn’t like the coach, because he said Kris would not have the winning streak he racked up as his old school, because he didn’t have Eric.
“Kris, what’s up with you?”
“How you mean?”
“I heard about your mother’s death and your separation from your wife?”
“You did?”
“Yep,” Alex nodded. “I have similar connections.”
Kris assumed Aaron spoke about it to his father. Kris has yet to think about all the negative stuff that has happened, threw it all he had his son.
The rock that kept him focused on the future. It made him think more about Colt’s situation. Sure, he had his brother and nephew to keep him
going, it wasn’t the same. Even, if he didn’t have his son, he had Matt and that was connection he couldn’t live without. The good news was
that now he has Colt, so regardless what ‘curse’ as his dad would say, he will be able to keep going stronger now. Alex and Colt both didn't
seem eager to his response, as they sat quietly.
“I don’t know, honestly.” Colt put a comforting had on his shoulder. “Losing a loved one is hard, and although Mom and I didn’t see eye to eye
during my college years, we managed to bond when Nate was born. I feel sorry that Nate won’t get know her better. As for Mel, she did it to
herself. I may have cheated in the past with Colt, but I never cheated on her and she should know that deep down. If she couldn’t handle
being a mother to Nate or being married to a bisexual then that is her business.”
“That’s one thing we can always count own.” Colt said, with a quirky smile.
Confused, he turned to his lover, “What’s that?”
“Even now, we could count on you to give us a speech, like you always did as our college leader.”
“Old habits die hard, I guess.” Alex added with smile of his own.
Kris laughed. “I really hope now that our sons are dating, we can become better friends?”
“Our sons are dating?” Alex was surprised.
“I think so,” Kris confirmed. However, he could have been wrong.  The coach saw how close they were; it mirrored his friendship with Matt in
his early years, so maybe not.
Then it happened. The car stopped. “Fuck!”
“Why did we stop, babe?” Colt asked, as he looked around for the tracks. Alex also looked out the back window.
“Two problems,” Their leader spoke. “First, I lost the tracks; second, we are out of gas. When was the last time you filled up Colt?”
Colt thought about it, “Yesterday morning, before I took the drive from my place to your home Kris, and then here. So, yeah, maybe I should
have spent a little more money and got a full tank.”
“Nah,” Alex laughed. “We wouldn’t want you to break character, you cheap bastard.”
Kris laughed at that remembering how hard it was to get a dime out of him during college. He also liked how even in such situations, Alex was
taking it in stride and having fun. Kris had to admit he missed Alex Rogers, and didn’t like how it ended between them. He will make the effort
to recapture that friendship as well as Colt’s.
“I guess we walk after all,” Alex shrugged.
Kris nodded, “Which is what I said all along,”
“Oh shut up!” Colt and Alex said together.
8: 11 AM
Ten minutes away, in the cabin Jill was standing over the naked Caleb. She was playing with him, toying with this sad excuse for a man. Some
circles may think Jill was psycho, others may define her as a criminal, but a small niche may single her out as courageous and brave for seeking
out the revenge she required.
Yes, it was true Caleb owed her money, when they met up. However, money wasn’t the reason for this. It was Caleb’s stupid siblings. Caleb
was blessed to be third of four children. The two elder siblings had a connection with Jill. Both used her and she could not stand for this.
The message she would send, having Caleb’s video on the internet, would have been the start to her plan of getting some embarrassment
towards Caleb’s family. However, blowing up the cabin was one thing, she secretly hoped Caleb would have survived so plan two could occur.
She left Erin and Marcie to find the camera while she spied on Caleb.
Now, she held a knife and cut his knee thinly. Making sure the pain was just enough to keep him awake, but not enough to make him scream.
Caleb was injured from his time in the cabin, but it was nothing compared to what Jill had planned.
“I think it is time you knew why I am doing this.”
“Oh,” Caleb smiled, “I know you are a cold heartless bitch.”
“No, that would be your sister, Leeann.”
Caleb’s face was surprised, and that made Jill laugh. “You are not that egotistical to think this was about you. You are just a stupid innocent
pawn in all this. And the money you owed me was just a small thing.”
“What does Leeann have to with this? I know she was your friend until you cut her out of your life.”
“Me?!” Jill was surprised, “Leeann told you that I take it. No, I am sorry, that’s not the true extent of this.  Do you remember last year your
sister went on a March break trip to Mexico?”
“Yes,” Caleb answered. “She said you two had amazing fun.”
“Well, that was true for one of us.” 
Jill explained that one evening, she and Leeann were out drinking and they met some local guys. Leeann decided to go with her guy to his
place, while she left Jill alone with her guy. Jill never liked her guy, but it didn’t stop Leeann to leaving her alone in a foreign country. The guy
hit on her and was very aggressive in his approach, but she managed to leave him. She went back to her hostel, but the guy followed and
decided to make an example of Jill. That entire night she was forced to do things with the guy that she wouldn’t have ever agreed too.
Caleb smile wide, “You are lying, you are a psycho bitch.”
“Okay, I am lying. I went to all this trouble because of you. No, if you get out of this, and ask your sister why she left me alone in Mexico, and
see the reaction on her face, you will know.  She didn’t know what happened to me of course; she thought I got lucky, like she did.”
Caleb’s smile dimmed, slightly. “I believe you. Leeann had an annoying habit of leaving people to pursue her own goals. She left Brandon and
me one night so she could visit her boyfriend. Luckily Brandon took care of me and Leeann was grounded.”
“Brandon, I am glad you brought up your older brother. You see it was Brandon who introduced me to Leeann and we hit it off.  Brandon and I
had a small relationship too. You see, he was one year younger than me, and when I was a cheerleader.  We had a year long relationship. His
main goal was sex. He only wanted me to put out. He had 'experienced' three other cheerleaders, and I was the only who would resist his
charm. He tried another tack, we dated. Eventually on the eve of one of the dances, he told me he loved me, we had sex. It was magical, and it
was passionate on my part, for him it seemed like a quick fuck. The end result was he threw me away like gutter trash. Then started telling
people how easy I was to get in the sack.”
Caleb knew that was true by the look on her face “You know I speak the truth.”
Caleb nodded, knowing there was only one way this was going to end and he gulped hard. She laughed, not noticing Caleb was working on his
leg restraints.
8: 16 AM
Walt hadn’t been able to get back to sleep after his talk with Larry, Corey’s father. So, taking his old bones, he got up and dressed. He went
back into Kris’ old room and played the DVD again. He hadn’t thought about Nathan in ages. Not since losing his wife. Seeing his young face
with so much promise, it was too much. The patriarch shut it off and went for a drive.
He drove to a place he had been going almost every year with Kris and his grandson, Nate. Kris called it the shrine, but after it was neglected
for about three years, Walt had taken over its payment. In secret, he went in there, removed some of stuff, taken down all of the memories of
Scott, Jess and Corey and put up new shrines to the Stanton clan. When Kris saw the new building, he cried. Matt, Colt and Nathan’s shrines
remained, but added was one dedicated to Walt's grandson, and one dedicated to his mother. There were two others dedicated to Walt's
parents and to Stanton family line.
Since then Kris and Walt went to shrine periodically adding new things, and take old stuff down. As Little Nate got older the three generations
went there to relive happy memories. When Nate became a teenager, he requested a new addition: a Stanton family tree. The project was
something Walt and Nate did together, and they established the Stanton line seven generations back.  Lately, Walt went there alone to be
surrounded by the loved who were now gone. Today, as soon as he sat on the bench, Walt stared at the continued time line, which includes
important dates to all the Stantons. One date stood out in particular June 6, 2029, one year ago. The day his wife passed away.
He made two decisions at that moment, he wasn’t going to pout around anymore, and he was going to meet up with Larry. He called him, and
as it turned out he was packing up the car for Corey’s return visit to Matt’s. They decided to meet on the road.
On the way to the breakfast place, Walt thought about the week leading up to his wife’s death. It just happened all of sudden. Jenny had been
in bed for days, as Walt cared for her. Kris had decided to go to Scott’s wedding, to be there for Dean who was alone with sadness after losing
Scott to Jess.
One the day of the wedding, Jenny asked for some water, and before Walt knew it, they were both in the ambulance heading to the hospital.
The cancer had returned with a vengeance.  The doctors said it would be a matter of days before the symptoms got worse. She may have a
week, maybe more.
Walt had to do it, it was seven o’clock, and he called Kris.  “Son?”
“Dad, I am having such a great time here, I am glad I came. How is Nate?”
Nate was with Linda, Matt's mom. “He is fine, son. We need you to come home.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Your mother needs you.”  Walt said. He could feel Kris’s heart sink. “I’m coming home right now.”
Walt ended the call and asked Linda to bring Nate, Kris would want his son here. From there he went back to the room with his wife.
“No, I just called him, he will be here soon.”
Jenny opened her eyes, as Walt went to her. “I need my son, please!  Oh, Walt I am so scared.”
“I am too.”
“I love you, Walter.”
Walt kissed her head and sat next to her. “Walt,” she said after a minute, “I think it is time to put the preparations in order.”
“No! Not when there is a chance.”
“Love, we both knew this was going to happen.”
Walt and Jenny continued to talk. They talked about Nathan and how they both still feel a little bit responsible for his death. They talked about
Kris and how happy he was, and they talked about their grandson and how many hearts he was going to break when he grew up.
“Grandpa,” Nate, the thirteen year old came into the room. “Is Grandma, going to be okay?”
Walt smiled, “she will be fine.”
“Walter, give me a few moments with him.” Walt left the two to talk; he hoped it wasn’t the goodbyes. He exited the room and saw Linda
there. “I am sorry, Walt.”
“Linda, please, tell me the truth. Is there any hope.”  Linda was a nurse, she had dealt with numerous conditions including the rare form of
cancer Jenny had.
“There is always hope, Walt. Honestly, though. I don’t know.” The two hugged. At that moment the elevator door opened and in ran Kris. He
looked a wreck; his suit was creased and crumpled.
Walt went over to his son and sat him down. He explained about the cancer’s return and how she hasn’t much time left. Nate came out, crying.
He knew Jenny explained the situation to him. Kris grabbed his son in a hug.  Kris took a minute to change and went to see his mother, as Walt
sat in the waiting room with Linda and Nate. Linda was very comforting.
Ten minutes after Kris arrived came Matt and Corey. Corey came over to him, as Matt talked his mother.
Walt made it to the breakfast place early and sat down; Larry called and mentioned they would be there soon. As Walt waited, the funeral,
which was three days later played in his head.
Walt wanted a small gathering. There were unexpected people in attendance; Scott, Jess, Derek with Samuel and Rick.
“What are you doing here?”
“We are sorry for your loss, came to pay our respects. Derek hugged Walt. The head of funeral home came by and asked if he wanted to see
the body. Derek looked for Kris and Nate. They both were with Matt and Corey.
Walt nodded and asked Derek to bring Kris over, he should see this. Father and son looked into the casket and there she was. Walt didn’t know
what to expect, but he didn’t expect this. It was a shell, an empty small shell; the life had gone from it. It was like looking at wax figure.
Nobody was home.  Kris motioned for the casket to be closed.
Walt held Kris, “I need you today, and you need me. So, let us be strong together.”
“I can’t! This is too much; our family doesn’t deserve this fucking shit.”
Kris stormed out of the room, Matt followed him.  Corey's father came to Walt. “We will get through this Walt.”
“Thank you, Larry, you are a true friend.”
The ceremony was held three feet away from his son’s grave. The pastor spoke the words, as Larry and stayed close to him.  “Sorry, I need to
say something.” Kris said.
Kris walked to the pastor and looked at the crowd, as Walt looked at all their friends and family that had shown up, many of Kris’s friends had
come too. He noticed Colt’s father was also there with Tabor, but neither Chase nor Colt were in attendance.
“I have to say something. I need to express this. In the past I would have just punched a wall or something, but now my words are needed…”
Walt listened to his son speak of Jenny, there were a few laughs, but in the end, it was touching tribute to his wife. As Kris stepped down he
grabbed his son’s wrist and whispered, “Thank you, Kristopher.”
Kris nodded and sat with Matt. As the ceremony concluded, he walked to his son’s grave and kissed it. “I am sorry to have let you down. I was
always proud of you, and I always loved you. I am sorry Nathan. I will make good by your namesake though.”
He didn’t see his son after that as the group gathered at Jenny’s favorite restaurant, which they had been going to even before Nathan was
He turned in the restaurant and saw Larry, Corey and Corey’s daughters there. Larry looked concerned. “You okay, Walt?”
“Yep, just been thinking.” Larry left it that as the guys and girls sat down for a breakfast. He started playing grandpa to these adorable kids. As
the meal progressed, Corey got an update from Matt explaining what Chris had done. Corey told his husband he was maybe an hour away. He
will look after him when he got home.
“Do you want us to take the kids?” Larry offered, “Marie and Ray would love to have them for longer.”
“As much as I appreciate the offer, Matt would kill me if they weren’t back on their schedule soon. Besides, Mom would have kept them
Larry and Walt laughed; it surprised Walt. He hadn’t laughed in a while.  Before Corey left though, he asked about Walt’s time with Colt and
what he told him to get him to go see Kris.
“Nothing really, we just had a frank conversation is all, he was concerned about with Jenny’s passing, though. Which surprised me as he wasn't
at funeral. ”
“I always liked Colt and Kris together.”
Corey eyed his father, “You have never seen them together. Anyways, Walt I think you should pick someone else up on your way to see
Walt was going to surprise Derek with a visit and Larry offered to join him for the ride. Larry loved car rides, and he thought it would give him
and Walt sometime to talk about everything including Kris and Colt.
“Oh, who?” Walt asked.
Corey told them.
8: 26 AM

Alex was in the lead as Colt and Kris were bickering; now they were discussing how Kris followed the wrong track. Even as they argued Alex saw
love in their eyes. It was the same love he had for his wife, Elise.

He turned a corner as this new set of tracks showed. That's when they saw another dead end. Alex hated that he was wrong. He looked at his
friends and saw the defeat in their eyes. The three headed back to the truck hoping to see another path to try.

8: 30 AM

Meanwhile, Aaron and Nate had just arrived back at the campground. Nobody was there. It surprised Nate because his dad had told them to come
back. Then he remembered the call from his dad that he would be late, explaining the news about Caleb.

They thought maybe Dad would be in the tent. It was funny because six guys were supposed to sleep here last night and it turned out nobody
did. The funny part is they only set up one tent, and although it was roomy it didn't offer that much comfort for the guys. In all the soap opera
drama that has happened, Nate realized he hasn't seen Caleb, Phillip or Ryan since dinner last night. 

Nate wasn't planning on using the tent, though he was going to sleep naked under the stars and be one with nature. Something of a 180 from how
he was his first year here camping. He complained so much with his parents and wrote vigorously in his journal.

As they both approached the tent a smell was in the air. A smell Nate knew well from his many years of practice. 

Two things registered in his mind. The first, his dad seemed to have reclaimed his relationship with Colt in a physical way.   The second thing he
knew, this was his Dad's second lay as recalled giving permission to see Dean last night.

Nate was grossed out by this. His dad talked in detail about sex, mainly in health class. Kris also embarrassingly told the class how his son was
conceived while explaining the reproductive process.

As he was about to look in the tent a phone rang. Michael had loaned his to the guys.


"Yeah, are you okay?"

"Yep, have you found Caleb?"

"Nope. We are close."

Nate listened to the conversation avoiding the tent at all cost. He then spoke to his father briefly and promised to stay put.

"I think our dads are finally over their stupid issues."

"I agree."

"Dad has always been a good father. Even during his busy day he would find time for me. "

Nate agreed, Kris had made sure they had father son days and was always there to talk to him. "Yeah, when I came out, he never wavered his
acceptance of me and had me talk to Matt, who would understood where I was coming from."

"My dad had uncanny and annoying timing he would catch me at the worse times. He caught me and Tina one time and then caught me with
pornos. "

"What happened?"

"We had long talks, but they were meaningful."

"Cool," Nate smiled taking of his clothes to change into new ones. Aaron went to take a leak. 

As Nate folded his pants to put in his bag, a sound shocked him. He looked around and there he was. Someone he didn't expect to encounter.
Nate hasn't seen him in almost six months or so. 

8: 37 AM

Chase exited the house ready to get in his car and find his friend, Tabor. Tabor hadn't left the driveway.

Chase missed him a lot; Chase knew the reason he was mad at Tabor was all in his head. Through the entire Hunter custody, Tabor was at his side.   
He also never considered that discussing his children's achievements would be hard on Tabor.   He knew Kate, Tabor's girlfriend and she would
make a fantastic mother and a great wife to him. 

Chase didn't expect his friend to still be sitting in his driveway. In the time since Tabor left his house, Chase thought about what to do. Digesting
Tabor's comments, he came to the same conclusion Tabor did. He was an awful friend.

He tapped on the window and Tabor looked at him, the tears on his cheeks were fresh. 

"I thought you left," Chase stated as Tabor opened the door.

Tabor hugged him. "I know how Colt turned into the shell of the man he used to be. I would not let that happen to me. I am going to stay until we
work this out."

"And if we can't".

"Then, you have a new roommate. Plus, with Colt now with Kris you have a spare bedroom."

"How would know where my brother is?"

"I saw him last night, there was a lot stuff happening."

"With Kris there, isn't that always the case?"

"So true." Tabor agreed.

As they ended the hug, the two friends went back inside. They didn't have to say anything. They knew both were at fault and it's in the past now.
Chase still needed to say something, though.

"Tabor I am sorry. I don't want to lose you. We have too many good memories."

"And some great times. Remember the sisters we fucked in senior year. "

"The twins?"

They both laughed as Chase relived the moment in his mind. As the two reached the door. Chase heard a girl cry, "Daddy!" 

He opened up his arms and his daughter ran into them. "How are you beautiful?"

Unfortunately, Reagan eyes were on Tabor. "Who are you?"


He turned to Chase for a formal introduction.

"Honey," Chase began, "this is your Uncle Tabor. He is my best friend from college."

At that moment, all was forgiven.

8: 41 AM

Aaron returned from his bathroom journey. He was finally happy that all the action of the last day was behind them and Nate and he could relax.

He silently wondered about Phil and Ryan. He hasn't seen the two them since dinner last night. From what his dad had told them, they had their
share of excitement. But all the same he hoped they were okay now.

What concerned him now was Caleb. He hasn't seen him since their little fight when he caught Tina and Caleb together. And he ran off when
Caleb mentioned he wasn't Tina his girlfriend anymore. Now his friend was injured and missing. However, as worried as he was, he knew Colt,
Kris and Alex could handle it. They managed to take care of Lee, when their friend was attacked by Lee.

He walked back to campsite for some skinny dipping, knowing that Nate had no attraction to him allowed him to be okay being naked around him

Aaron was about to strip, when he saw Nate laughing with some guy he never met. He vaguely remembered him last summer at a few events,
but couldn't place him.

Nate waved him over. As he approached, the guy stood up and introduced himself. "The name is Tim. You must be Aaron, Nate's boyfriend. "

Perplexed, he stared at Nate for an explanation, but all that came was roaring laughter.

"Sorry, bro. I couldn't resist."

Nate made a proper introduction. Tim was Scott’s cousin. Instantly two emotions came to bare: jealously and suspicion. He didn't understand why
Tim would come here out of the blue. He couldn't place the reason for his jealousy. The three continued to talk.

8: 44 AM
Tina was happy for the first time since she came to this campground; the last few days have been a mess. She ran away from home, on the whim
that Caleb would want to see her. She never expected to run into Aaron, which was stupid on her part. In the end, when she saw him yesterday,
the feelings and emotions being with him came to for front and she kissed him. However, she realized why they broke up, and moved on to her
primary reason for being there Caleb.
When they arrived at their meeting place, and had sex, it was a thrilling moment. She loved the feeling of him inside her. That lasted about two
minutes. Michael and his dumb dog caught them. Michael gave her some good advice that she needed to find her own way and figure out what
would make her happy, and sex with guy may not be it. She was confident that Caleb was still the man she wanted to have a relationship with.
That being said, when she found him and his friends in the abandoned cabin having ‘relations’ with other women, who seemed to be so much
older than her, she didn’t know what to think about her future with him. Phillip joined her and she felt friendship. Then it all blew up in her face
quite literally. The station exploded and she went with her first instinct and flew out of there. Her reason for doing it was twofold: one, she
didn’t want someone to think she had a hand it in it, the second, she didn’t feel like confronting Caleb and his new plaything.
After running away, she got lost and found that hobble to sleep in, ran into those kind friends, and dashed off again. When she surfaced at the
offices, she was cold disheveled and disoriented.
Now, she was back with her friends, and eating a full breakfast. At the main offices, there was a lost and found box, and she was able to change
her clothes; thankfully one of the deputies agreed to let her use the staff showers in an adjoining building.
She had just finished telling her complete tale to Phillip and Ryan. They both seemed stunned with each knew turn in her story.  Tina and Phillip
were good friends in the past, and he was the one who introduced her to Aaron in first place. He seemed to be the quieter of the two. Ryan, with
the journalistic spirit kept interrupting her narrative, with pointed questions.
“There is one thing I don’t understand,” Phillip finally inquired.
“One thing?” Ryan pressed, as he raised an eyebrow to Phillip.
“Yeah, why did you keep running away? All the people you met could have helped you and in the end: you could have slept soundly in Michael’s
tent, or with those two guys, Riley and Peter, who seemed able to help. Hell, if you just stayed around after the explosion, we would have been
“Phillip,” Tina began, “I don’t know. The main reason I ran is because it would be easier than dealing with the situation. I told you I don’t want to
run into Caleb again, after I witnessed what I seen in there with what’s her name.”
“Jill,” Ryan offered.
“Which brings up a question?” Tina asked this time. “Why were you there to begin with? And more importantly, aren’t you gay?”
She directed the second question to Ryan.
Phillip responded, though. “He is bisexual, Tina, and we were there because it was Caleb’s idea to have some fun. So what the hell, we did it.”
“And for the record,” Ryan was embarrassed, as his red checks showed. “I didn’t enjoy it.”
“You two kissed and it didn’t seem like you were hating it, either.” Tina spoke.
“That couldn’t be further from the truth.” Phillip and Ryan said at the same time.
Ryan tried to gain control of the conversation, “Why did you come here? Why did you run away from your dad?”
“You know my dad, Phillip. We don’t exactly see eye to eye on everything.”
“We all have family issues; my own family drama is quiet complicated. Two years ago I learned….”
She cut him off, “Do you want to hear my answer.”
They both nodded. “Three nights ago, I was coming home late after a nice time with Caleb, but it ended in a stupid fight over some girl he had
talked to, Jill.”
The look on their face was utter shock. “Yes, that Jill, I assume. Anyways I mentioned to dad that I wouldn’t be home, having a sleep over with a
friend. So when I came home there was a car I didn’t recognize. I curiously went into the house. I called around, nobody was home. Then, I
descended into Dad’s man cave. You see it is sound proof, and when he gets into his football game he doesn’t hear anything else.  There was
noise coming from the room. Instead of walking in on any scene, I decided to wait and see what happened. Two hours later, two men came out
the basement. They were holding hands, and then he kissed my dad on the lips.”
She let the implication drag for a minute, as she gathered her train of thought.
“And before you ask, Mom was away with her sister.”
“You dad is gay?”
“Yes, I coughed, and the two were caught red handed. I didn’t know what to say, so I bolted. He called after me, but I was gone.”
“I don’t get it? How were you so sure, he was gay? You only witnessed a kiss. From my experience even a kiss on the lips doesn’t mean you are
“You have been listening to too many rumors about Coach Kris. The point is I knew he was gay because I known for a long time.”
“Then, why did you bolt? If it was about him kissing another guy.”
“It was who he was kissing. The fact that he was having an affair made me mad, but the disloyalty to my mother by getting into to bed with him. I
hated his guts from that moment on.”
“Who did he fuck?” Ryan wanted to know. “This is juicer than any soap opera I heard of.”
Tina rolled her eyes, and nodded. “I guess it is. It was our high school principal.”
“Why would that make you bolt?”
“He happens to be my mom’s best friend.”
Phillip was still digesting Tina’s story when he decided to tell her. “Um, Tina, I feel we should tell you something too. You were open with us
when you didn’t need to be.”
Before Ryan could stop him, Phillip blurted it out.
The look on Tina’s face spoke volumes. She didn’t know what to say, she just stared.  It was the same speechless expression she had for her
friends when Ryan told her what had happened to Caleb. She laughed though.
“Thinking about it, it makes sense. I am surprised you kept it a secret."
The three heard a noise and her first instinct was to run. However, she waited and in walked a deputy with a camera. Ryan seemed to recognize
it. The two watched as he placed the camera in the lost and found and left. Ryan turned to his half-brother and asked, “Is that the same…”
“camera?” Phillip finished.
“What camera?” Tina asked. 
8: 53 AM
The guys were following the tracks and Kris’s mind was deep in thought, Colt could tell. He wanted to ask what Kris was thinking about but Alex
swore at that moment.  Kris looked up and swore too.
Colt noticed that they were following the muddy tracks of a fucking off road bike. He wondered why someone would leave it like that.
“Do you think it works?” Kris asked nobody in particular, but then eyed Colt. Colt was the expert on these bikes, having similar ones at his
grandpa’s cabin. “I don’t know.  It could be out of gas.”
Alex was the closest to the bike and shook his head having already looked at the fuel line. “It’s fine.”
“There must be malfunction.” He turned to Kris and answered his question. “Yep, I think I can. My father and I fixed these bikes all the time at the
cabin. He looked it over and tried to deduce the problem. After two minutes he found the issue and went about repairing it.  “Alex, run back to
my truck and get me a screwdriver, the allen head out of my toolbox in the back.” Even though they have been walking for an hour or so, finding
the trail. They were still close to his truck. He turned his eyes on Kris. He seemed to be back in his own head again. “Kris, you okay?”
“Yeah, just thinking.”
“Don’t worry, we will find Caleb.”
“I know.”  Unknown to Colt, Kris wasn’t thinking about that at all. Kris’s phone rang. Since missing those calls during their love making, Kris had his
phone on at all times.  “Hello?”
After a minute, Kris said again, “Hello?”
No response, so Kris hung up.
“Who was that?” Colt asked.
“Fuck if I know.” Alex returned at a run with the tool and Colt went to work.
8: 57 AM
Melissa was unhappy. She hated what happened. There was only one person to blame and that was herself. She walked away from a husband she
loved, and child she had. She hated it. Calling Kris and Nate would be pointless now, as yesterday indicated. Deep down she will always love Kris.
However, she always will hate his unhealthy relationship he had with Matt. Ever since they were in high school Matt seemed to enter their
relationship. Melissa knew they had made love many times since they went to college. She didn’t know it at first, they kept it up after they had
married, which really rocked her. What was he getting out fucking Matt that she couldn’t give him?  Their sex life was really good. Even after their
wedding they managed to make love four or five times a week.
It all changed when Dean entered her husband’s life and she asked him if they slept together, to help Dean with his problems with Scott, who
had dumped him. He denied it, but deep down something in her knew he may have been lying. She couldn’t place it, but knew something had
Then her son revealed he was gay. It shocked her to her core. She needed to leave. She went to her sisters’, but eventually went back to her son.
She tried to accept it, but all she saw a mistake in her past that has haunted her.
Since there separation and divorce, six months ago, she tried to get back in her son’s good graces, but he didn’t want anything to do with her.
Now, having failed again to communicate with her son, she stared at two pictures from her past. One was taken twenty years ago in New York
City of Michael O’Connor, and the other taken nine months later back in her home town.
8: 59 AM
Dean sat at his desk hoping the day would end soon. He hasn’t slept all night. There were too many emergencies requiring his attention. The
bears, the explosion, and now a minor nuisance, a video camera that has been reported stolen; he wouldn’t have bothered with such problems,
but he was told the footage was x-rated. He couldn’t have a child finding that. He was about to get up, when his phone rang.
“Dean, its Doctor Norris. I have the results of STD testing. Is now a convenient time?”
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