5:00 AM
As dawn arrived, Dean’s campground occupants were an array of feelings. Two teens are sitting at the bed of their friend waiting for an
ambulance to take him to a hospital. Phillip and Ryan sat silently thinking of the all the stuff Caleb has put them through, as Alex sat
outside hoping that his son was alright.
In the lobby, two boyfriends were holding hands; Colt was comforting Kris, who was still unhappy with the situation that has happened to
his students here. And if one looked into Dean’s office, one would see him looking perplexed at what to do, does he try to call his former
boyfriend again, or does he confront Kris with the knowledge of the condom breaking.  Outside the complex, Tabor is even more
apprehensive of what to do with Chase and where to go.
In the surrounding area by the lake a girl is dirty and unkempt, while two best friends in high school and their brothers are sleeping
soundly in their tents. While Johnny was using Robbie's stomach as a pillow, he was dreaming of his hot abs.
In another campsite, the man and his dog were just starting their day, happy that the thunderstorm was over and curious of two young
boys they encountered.  Inside the tent, two best friends of six months were about to start an argument that will rock their relationship to
their core or not who knows with them. 
While the morning deputies started their shifts, being briefed of the bear attack and the ranger’s station explosion, they were surprised
that such a storm caused so much damage. If you look on the ground between the old ranger’s station and the current office a camera
would be seen, on it was footage that three teenagers hope never the see the light of day, as the owners of the camera continued to
replay those scenes in the trailer bedroom.
While some of the people at the campground are awash in emotions and thoughts, others continued to sleep in the surrounding
neighborhoods.  Walt dreamed of his family and how empty his life was. Scott was in a nightmare where his limbs were being pulled into
directions by a former and current love. Matt was having a sexual fantasy with his husband. While in reality, his husband was surrounded
by three children in his bedroom.  In another town one guy was having a nightmare about his husband marrying someone else at the altar,
which wakes Jess up immediately, while in the same house Derek is still trying to figure out who had called him earlier.
Two people were awake and started their morning run already, Chase and his wife never felt better. Whereas in the darker setting three
friends were locked behind bars waiting for this day to come to an end.
Now, Aaron was awake as he had heard his best friend’s voice; he shot up looking at Nate, wondering what the fuck was going on. After
Nate said he planned this friendship, many thoughts entered his head.
“Well. Nate speak up?”
“I think I should check in with my dad,” Nate deflected.
“Fuck that, what did you plan? Tell me now. It’s truth time.”
“Buddy, I never lied to you before.”
“You didn’t, of course. But let us not start now.”
“Okay, the brothers didn’t do it. I set up our first meeting, hoping that you would come across to rescue me.”
Aaron listened but, he didn’t understand. “Wait, you are saying that entire thing, the nudity, strapped to the basketball pole; that was all
Nate nodded, ashamed. Aaron laughed. “For god’s sake, I knew that, bro.”
It was Nate’s turn to not understand what had happened. “Pardon?”
“I knew that was all planned; you see the people who you blamed it on were currently suspended. So, I kind of knew right away.”
“Wait, then why didn’t you say anything?”
“I knew what you did, but I didn’t know why. I think I understand now, but please, I would like to hear it from you.”
“I wanted to be your friend, and I was extremely shy to be near you and your friends. This felt like an interesting way to meet. And on a
smaller note, if you saw all of me, then my appearance wouldn’t turn you away.”
Aaron laughed, he had figured all that out within a week of their becoming friends, and though it may be extreme, he felt it was an
awesome icebreaker. Aaron never said anything about it, because he wanted his friend to admit the real truth.
“So you are not mad?” Nate asked after a few.
“Nah, odd; and for the record, you have a fabulous body.”
“Thank you, I guess I should tell you this too: I am not now or ever been attracted to you on that level.”
“Bullshit.” Aaron didn’t believe that truth at all.
“It’s true, sure when we were in the locker room I noticed your package, but it didn’t appeal to me.”
Offended Aaron spoke, “What is wrong with my penis?”
“You are upset that I don’t know find you attractive?”
“Yes,” Aaron said seriously, and then as Nate’s eyes stared at him, Aaron laughed again. “I guess not. So, when I kissed you earlier?”
“Not a thing, sorry, bro.”
They hugged for a minute, it just felt right, “So, any confessions on your end.”
Aaron thought about it. Nate knew who his father was, and the connection with Nate's dad. “Nope, Do you smell that?”
Neither were tired, so they got up and walked outside in their boxers, as the sun continued to rise. The air was warm. Michael was cooking
some eggs, in just a pair of shorts and an open shirt. Aaron looked at him, as Patches came up and rubbed himself against him.
“Good morning, boys. Would you like some breakfast.” 
“Okay, we’ll get some shorts on.”
“Actually, I took the liberty to hang your shirts and shorts out to dry over yonder. It will be another hour. Besides, we are all men here.”
Aaron thought fast as he spoke, “Okay, then Mike; join us.”
He laughed. “Okay.”
Michael stripped off his shirt and shorts and continued to work on the breakfast as the three talked about the weather of all things.
5: 12 AM
Kris was asleep keeping Colt awake with his snoring. Colt never was able to handle it. Kris was a bear in the morning as he recalled from
his college days, but now it was five in morning and he was tired. He accomplished a lot in the last twelve hours, and now he just wanted
some shut eye. He and Kris were on the floor, lying down. Colt knew all they could do was wait for the ambulance.  Kris told him about
Dean’s little spat before Kris tried to get some shut eye, and Colt decided not tell Kris he was wrong for blaming Dean.
At that moment Dean entered the lobby. He accidentally hit the door against the wall, which woke Kris up.
He looked around wondering what made that noise; he spotted Dean and just turned his back.  Dean nodded to Colt, and doing his part
Colt turned Kris to face him.
“Kris can we talk?”
“What do we have to say each other? I thought our discussion was very informative.”
“There was something missing.” Dean said.
“Oh and what would that be?” Kris asked.
“I am sorry, for what I said. You come in flaunting Colt in my face after I just had a painful phone call.”
Kris looked up, as Colt watched. Dean continued, telling them that he had called Scott and told him he still wanted him, and that Scott
hung up on him. “I took it out on you. I felt used by you who just wanted a fuck and threw me away like trash. After some talking and soul
searching, I called Scott. I really am sorry.”
Kris was not one to hold a grudge as Colt knew. Kris stood up and went to Dean and hugged him. “Bro, I am sorry. I never meant to use you.
I never meant to attack you. You have to understand when my son is involved I tend to take things extremely hard.”
Colt was surprised that Kris said all that; he knew his son’s well being was of paramount importance to him, but that Kris said that without
a cooling down period surprised Colt. He remembered the fight with Matt and Kris, and how long it took him to get over it and make up.  It
just showed Colt still had so much to learn about his soul mate.
Without thinking Colt needed to support Kris’s comments, so he kissed his man on the lips: A small kiss, but one that conveyed his love.
“What was that for?”
“Oh, nothing.”
“Kris, there was a matter I should discuss with you. It was what I wanted to say before our little fight.” Dean got all serious, and turned to
Colt. “Would you give me a minute? Colt, feel free to use my office, there is a couch you can sleep on.”
“Anything you can say in front of me, you can say with Colt here.”
“He is right, but love. I just want some sleep; it has been a long day. And you guys should talk.” 
With that, he left the two to their own devices and he went to Dean’s office. He stopped to check in on Caleb, and his friends. The two
teens were on either side of him on the bed, holding his hands, and sleeping with their heads gently on his head.  He thought back to his
many camping trips and adventures with his four three college friends, especially the cruise and Holland come back to mind. He smiled
and walked on.
5: 20 AM
Riley sat alone by the tree; He had a dream about fucking someone and it turned into a horrible nightmare. Once he awoke and noticed
that everybody in his campground seemed to be sleeping, he went to a small stump and stripped off his boxers.
Now, as he was far away from his friends. He started pumping his fist over his long dick, and smiled as the images of his mind became
clearer. Riley moved his hand up and down in a long fast motion, as it picked up speed, his mind continued to show a recording of a sexual
encounter last Christmas. First, he remembered the trepidation as it was his first time with this person. Then as they were both novices at
this thing, it took time to get into a rhythm. As he reached orgasm in his memory, his hand was jerking his dick quicker than he had before.
His back arched and his eyes closed picturing the look on his sex partner’s face.
His dick was about to explode right now in the woods outside the camp and just as he was about the spray the greenery with his essence,
clapping was heard.
Losing focus, the cum sprayed on his chest and in his mouth, as he opened his eyes to see his best friend Peter standing there.
“Fuck!”  Riley laughed.
Riley stood up and bowed, taking the embarrassment in stride. “Well, would you care to return the favor?” He was kidding of course. Riley
always kid, when surprised by the unexpected.
“Samantha wouldn’t like it all. Besides, I am surprised you couldn’t wait until tomorrow when you see her again.”
“True, but some time the urge waits for no man.”
That made the two friends laugh, “So Robbie and Johnny seem to be having fun, eh.”
“Yeah and barely had any drama. Last year, they both were so annoyed and fighting.”
“Yep, but now they seem quite comfortable.” Riley admitted.
“So, true; I never did thank you for helping me understand Johnny last year.”
Before Peter could ask for specifics in walked a stranger. She looked cold, tired and disheveled. Peter went to her with a cup of water,
while Riley put his boxers back on.
“Are you okay?”
She didn’t say anything, but the two friends walked her back to her camp. As she was about to sit there was sound from the tent, and the
girl flew away at running speed in the opposite direction. Riley turned to the tent, and it was one of his brother’s loud sneezes.
5: 26 AM
Tabor got into his truck; it took him awhile to find it. He sent a quick text to Colt, thanking him for the advice and saying goodbye.  Then, he
was off.
He knew the excitement at the medical center required all those present, but he would be in the way, and he had to deal with the Chase
situation. As he was turning on the main road, he waved at the passing ambulance.  Tabor was thankful that the proper medical personnel
would be there to assist Caleb.
What made him leave was the realization of why Chase may be mad at him. It was money. A few years ago, he borrowed some money
from Chase. It was a significant loan, and it came right out of the money Chase put aside for Hunter’s college fund. The money was for
basic amenities, which Tabor couldn’t afford.  Then a few weeks later, a college professor was able to set him up with a colleague, who
had a great position for Tabor. It allowed him to make a lot of money. The job was simple, and with his charm and attitude, he was a shoe
in. Two months into the job, he was making more money than Chase, and it allowed Tabor to meet some fabulous people, not mention
hot women.
In all this time, he had forgotten about the money he borrowed. For two reasons, firstly, the job demanded his time and focus, and
secondly he started seeing a girl, who turned out to be Chase’s future wife.
While they were fighting about the same girl, Tabor was able to provide her with gifts and fancy dinners, and even a weekend getaway.
That trip allowed him to experience true love making for the first time. All his girls in college and high schools were just simple fucks,
nothing that was love. This was different. When she told him it was over, and Tabor heard about the lie Chase told her, it pissed him off
He decided to put all his efforts into his work, leaving that friendship. He had called him a few times, but Chase was adamant, he didn’t
want to talk to Tabor anymore.  Tabor had one more idea and doubted it would work though, he sent Chase a 200 dollar watch to show
how much he was still committed to the friendship. Chase returned the opened gift with a message of his own, “Fuck off.”
Now, realizing the situation was mainly his fault he needed to fix it. And he needed to fix it fast. He had all the money that he had
borrowed from Chase in his bank account with interest. Hopefully, it wasn’t too late.
5: 31 AM
Walt had gone to sleep early that night. He drank a bottle of whiskey, then watched some TV and was in bed, asleep by 11 pm. That was
unusual for him. Since his wife passed away, he normally drank until two in morning. However, something changed last night.
First, he thought it was Colt’s surprise arrival at his door, then he thought it was the news he was trying to reconnect to Kris. But in truth, it
was the video of his first son that changed his routine. He still hasn’t forgiven himself for trying harder with Nathan. He had seen the signs
for months leading up to his death.
He tried to intervene, but it just ended up with an argument. He tried to enforce some rules on his son’s behavior, but that resulted in him
to defy them. That was when he decided to back off and let him deal with it on his own, thinking he would be smart enough that maybe he
would come to right decision without his father butting in. Nathan seemed to have friends, a boyfriend, and a brother who seemed to
have his ear.
His wife, Jenny, on the other hand thought he wasn’t trying hard enough to reason with Nathan, and one argument two nights before his
son’s accident led to Jenny kicking him out of their bed. By that point Walt didn’t know what to do. He decided the next morning to sit
down and talk to him man to man one last time.
The problem was, as the next morning arrived and Walt headed up the stairs to Nathan’s room. He heard the window creak. Upon entering
the pig sty of a bedroom, he saw Nathan exiting through the window. Nathan looked back, but just laughed as he climbed down. 
That was the last time he saw Nathan alive. He was detained at work for the next two days, arriving home very late in the evening. He had
just poured himself a shot of whiskey when he arrived home at 10:30 at night, when Jenny came down and told him Nathan was gone
again, some kind of party.
Walt just hugged his wife, and told her it will be okay, he will go to their son first thing tomorrow morning. She took a sip of his drink and
nodded. Hours later, they were awoken by a crash. Walt was the first to exit the front door, Jenny not far with the bat in her hand.
Two things shocked Walt to the core, the first was seeing the car smashed into a tree and the driver next to it with his head bloodied. The
second was Kris, he was already outside and the look on his son’s face showed he had witnessed the entire thing. He was about to check
on Kris, but Jenny had beat him to it. She took Kris inside, leaving Walt the duty of checking on the driver.
The car was familiar, it was Nathan’s. The one he received for his birthday two years ago. That didn’t sit well with him. He slowly moved
closer and checked the body. The face was completely unrecognizable, but the clothes were Nathan’s.  He saw a wallet on the ground next
to him. And when he read the name of the license he fell to the ground in tears.  The next thing he knew he was in the hospital with Jenny
by his side.
That horrible incident he never forgot, and that scene was what woke him up ten minutes ago.  He grabbed for the glass on the night stand
and there was the remains of his whiskey. He was about to take the bottle to mouth, but didn’t. Instead threw it in the garbage, and made
his way downstairs to the kitchen.
Walt looked in the fridge and grabbed some milk. He needed to talk to someone, looking at the clock, he thought who could he call that
won’t be pissed. The image of his wife popped in his head. Jenny would have soothed him, like she always did, and whispered
reassurances that it wasn’t his fault, and that Nathan made his own choices. They both took the blame, but saying that hollow lie, eased
him back to a quiet slumber.
He turned to the family portrait next to the fire place that Matt had made for Kris years ago. His wife and two sons looked happy.  The rage
filled him and threw the milk glass across the room and it shattered the picture. They were happy then and now they were all gone or
Walt needed to talk to someone, and two people came to mind, the first was Matt’s mother, Linda. However, she and Vince were away on
a second honeymoon. So, he picked up the phone a dialed.
“Hello?” The man said after the first ring.
“I am surprised you are awake at this hour, Larry.” Walt said without preamble.
“Yep,” Larry, Corey’s stepfather, didn’t seem surprised at the call though. “Corey and Marie are up at all hours the last few days, with the
twins. As soon as one goes down the other needs some attention. I don’t know how Corey and Matt do it. Tonight, Crystal can’t sleep
without her blanket, then Charlotte needs three stories to go to sleep. Right now they both had nightmares, so they are comforting them."
Walt didn’t really want to talk about his nightmare, even though Larry made the opening. Instead he switched tactics. “I remember how
Nathan was young, and needed a glass of water, warm milk, two stories and a song before he went to bed.”
“The roles of fatherhood, I guess.” Walt smiled knowingly.
“Walt, you want to talk about Jenny don’t you.”
“Yes, I guess you were expecting a call from me.”
“Yeah, you are almost on schedule. One call every two weeks. Normally after a bad night.”
“Today is no different. I woke to talk to her and she wasn’t there. It’s been over a year. And I cannot get her out of my mind.”
“Walt you know it isn’t easy. You guys had been together for years, had two children, and shared a bed for over twenty years. Being alone
is hard. It will take time. You know it.”
“I do, we have the same conversations every two weeks.”
“Yep, if you want I can come back with Corey, and can stay with you for a bit.”
“Nah, you stay with the grandkids. I am sorry to bug you so early.”
“Walt, my friend, it isn’t a bother.”
“It’s a curse,” Walt said letting it escape his lips without thinking.
“Walt you are not cursed. “
“You may be right, things may be turning around.” He explained about Colt’s visit, which made Larry scream in surprise. It was enough to
wake Charlotte up, and to bring Corey into Larry’s bedroom. “Larry, what the fuck was that?”  Walt heard over the phone
“Nothing, Kris’s dad just told me some good news.”
The three of them chatted away, with Walt forgetting about the nightmare he had or missing his wife.

5: 42 AM
Jess was up with the rising sun. Lately he had been getting up early and exercising with a morning jog and some healthy breakfast, and by
6 am he was in the shower ready to start his day. Today, because he was with friends, he decided to relax and eat his breakfast more
slowly, while he read the paper.
His mind wasn’t on the story of the day, but on his husband, Scott. He loved him so much it hurt sometimes. However, lately he felt Scott
was distant, especially with his mind focused on getting Kris and Colt back together. Now, Scott seemed quiet and reflective. Scott's last
phone call to him, he seemed distracted and gone, and it worried Jess.
His mind went back to his dream last night. He and Scott were at some gay club in Amsterdam fucking in the back room. It was exactly as
Jess remembered from their honeymoon. As they were getting into it, there were two people watching. One stayed in the shadows, while
the other was taking notes, as if doing research on their moves. Jess didn’t let it bother him, and he kept going at it.
He woke up an instant later when the one in shadow spoke and applauded Scott’s performance and Jess knew who he was: Dean, Scott’s
ex. Now, eating his eggs he wondered if Dean will always be a presence in his life.
Minutes later, Derek walked into the kitchen. Derek was wearing an open bathrobe, displaying his chiseled body. Jess was brightened by
the fact that someone who was past his prime, could still look so hot.  Jess noticed Derek’s face, it read that he too didn’t sleep a wink last
night. His eyes had huge bags under him.
“Good morning,” Jess smiled.
“You are up early, no?” Derek asked getting some milk. “Samuel likes to sleep in when he doesn’t have to go to work.”
“Yeah, I have been getting up at five most days and doing a workout routine.”
“I see,” still out of it, Derek asked, “Remind me again, why you stayed here and not with Rick, your old RA.”
“Oh, Rick had some early morning meetings with the school board about expanding the residence at the college, to accommodate new
rooms, as construction is continuing. “ Thinking a minute Jess said aloud, “I still cannot believe he got them to do that with our old dorms”
“Yeah, my adopted son is amazing. Also, it didn’t hurt that four generations of Stantons went to that college and had given numerous
funds to it over the years.”
“True, who knows maybe Nate will go there too.” Thinking of Kris’s son, and how smart he is, there is no way that Nate wouldn’t be
accepted. Jess then went back to his paper, having a sour look on his face. Derek saw it and sat.
“Want to talk about what’s on your mind.” Jess decided it was stupid to hide it and informed him of the dream he had.
“Don’t worry, it is only natural to have those feelings, you two have been on a rocky road since you met. The fight your first year as
freshmen, then your RA duties and schooling taking up the bulk of your time, and Scott dropping Dean to be with you. Scott had seen
many people off and on; you were the only constant, though.”
“Yeah, but I feel maybe Dean will always be there.”
“Maybe he will, but look at Kris, Corey and Matt. Kris is Matt’s best friend, and his presence will always be in Matt’s heart and that is love
that is hard to define, but it doesn’t take away from his love of Corey.”
“Maybe, I am sure he just distracted getting Kris and Colt back together.”
“More than likely,” Derek admitted.
“So, you haven’t slept last night either. I can see how tired you are. Samuel wouldn’t give in to you.” Jess joked.
“Actually, our sex life is amazing. Truth be told, I had phone call last night. Although it was a wrong number the voice made me think it was
someone I used to know long ago.”
Derek told him, and Jess was shocked. “I think you are really tired. That isn’t really possible.”
“The voice was uncanny, and I spent most of the night trying to figure it out, but in the end I came to the same conclusion. It couldn’t be
He had a perfect solution and told Derek. Derek agreed and placed a call.
5: 47 AM
Walt listened to Derek on the phone about the call he had earlier and was sure Derek was mistaken. After being adamant about it, Derek
agreed he was wrong.
“I am sorry, I know how this a trying time for you.”
“No, I am sorry. I had just been thinking about Jenny, and to have you say that. It was kind of salt on the wounds. How are you doing?”
“Fine actually, The Stanton dorms will be ready to be unveiled next month, and students will be able to use them for the start of next
“That’s amazing. I will defiantly be there. With my son grown and my wife gone, the money I have will go to future generations. I am sad
that the construction had been going on for so long.”
“That is true, but we are remodeling the entire residence and gym center to make it more technologically savvy. Samuel was in charge of
the new gym center, having run it for the college, and Rick was placed in charge of redesigning numerous dorm complexes and houses.
The Stanton dorms will be state of the art, as will be The Wilcox townhouse complex. Adams Hall and a few others will stay the same
leaving some history behind. The idea Rick had with the Stanton dorms was to remove the numbers, and instead put the names of past
alumni, so that newer students fresh out of high school can remember those people and strive to be like them.”
“That was an awesome idea. Honestly I was surprised that I used to be in Corey’s old dorm, when I had my schooling there. How did they
decide on the names?”
“Well with houses, each will be named after influential alumni from each decade of the school’s history. With the two dorms, both the
Stanton and Harrison, each dorm floor will dedicated to each decade. Rick had some pull to get Kris’s dorm floor named after him and his
friends, so Matt, Kris, Corey and Colt’s name will be listed there. With the new buildings, there will be rooms and an outdoor common
area. And throughout will be the names of the people who graduated from the university. As each decade continues a new item will be
added with those graduates. The 100th anniversary of the college means a lot of changes to reflect on the past. “
“So true, I hear Corey is getting something special too with the gym. “
“He and Tabor, yes. There was committee meeting five months ago about how to update the gym center and Corey included an indoor
hockey court, while Tabor suggested a better rock climbing experience than the old wall. So in their honor we named the facilities for
them. Corey didn’t want that honor, but Tabor accepted it.”
“Corey was never good with that.”
Walt and Derek talked about the renovations and the changes to the school; it was nice talking to Derek. When Nathan was in high school
dating Derek, he had blamed Derek for his son’s death. It took him a long time accept Derek, it wasn’t until Kris’ high school graduation.
Over the years, as Kris was going through college, Derek had dropped by during his travels and the two became friends. When, Jenny died
Derek made numerous trips in the last year to make sure Walt was taken care of, both Walt and Kris were thankful for that.  His mind
wondered after Derek hung up for a few minutes. He went upstairs to Kris’s old bedroom and played the DVD again; could Derek be right.
5: 51 AM
Ryan and Phillip had fallen asleep next to Caleb’s bed.  The door to the room opened and Ryan woke up with a start. Two EMTs entered
with a stretcher for Caleb. Ryan thought it over the last night. It surprised him that Caleb would go to such length to get action. He had
Tina, but that wasn’t enough. And now his best friend was being moved into surgery. Caleb was lucky that the explosion didn’t cause any
more damage.
“Hold on!” Ryan said loudly and the EMTs stopped. Ryan got up with a now awake Phillip as his side.
“Caleb,” Ryan began, taking his friends hand. “Please get better. I wouldn’t know what we would do without our leader.”
“Son,” the lead EMT said, “We need to take him. Your friend will recover.”
“Fuck that!” Phillip yelled. “What took your pricks so long to get here?”
“The roads,”
“You’re a fucking ambulance, you should have been long ago. I don’t give a shit about the roads. What if Caleb was in worse condition? He
could have died waiting for you fucks.”
“I am sorry, son.”
Ryan grabbed Phillip into a hug, “It’s going to be okay.”
“I hope so, I love him.”
“I know, me too.”
Phillip looked into Ryan’s eyes and they both knew they weren’t talking about a friendship anymore. “Ryan, I love Caleb.”
“Come with me will watch him off.” The two walked after the EMTs. Dean and Alex went with them, and Alex decided to go with Caleb to
the hospital and wait for Caleb’s parents.”
“Can I go with you?” Phillip asked.
“I don’t think that would be a good idea.” Ryan said. “There would be nothing we could do for him.”
“Your friend is right.” The lead EMT said. “Besides, it would be a whole lot of waiting. When, he is stable, we will arrange a call okay.”
Ryan took Phillip’s hand and went inside. Kris had, in Colt’s truck, new clothes for Ryan and Phillip. The boys headed for the washroom to
change. It was then that Phillip started to cry for his friend. “I could have stopped it. We saw the tree catch fire, and I stood there like an
ass, doing nothing.”
“It’s okay, Phil. Caleb will be alright.”
The boys forgot about changing and just held each other.
5:57 AM
The alarm sounded, and Scott took the nearby pillow and threw it at the alarm clock. Naturally, it didn’t work, all that happened was Matt’s
head, which had been resting on the pillow, hit the mattress waking him up, and the glass on the night stand broke on the floor.
Scott turned to Matt and apologized, shutting off the alarm with his finger.
“Bunking with you is always fun.” Matt said, turning to check the time on his smartphone. He read a few messages. Some were from Kris,
and he was brought up to speed about the camping trip and how the guys were about to sit down to dinner, and the last message was from
an unknown number.
“Dad, I am at the police station. Some shit went down, need help.”
“Was that Chris?” Scott asked.
Matt nodded, and Scott and Matt changed in hurry. They made it out the door in record time. All the while Matt was wondering what his
son did now.
6:00 AM
Corey was just about to go back to bed, it had been a long day for him and the night was just as bad. He loved his children, but lately the
bedtime routines were long and tedious. Chris used to help but lately he had been hanging with his own friends. And Charlotte and
Crystal have yet to form a bond that most twins do.

So instead of talking to each other like Kris and Matt did, they just ignored each other. After they were put to bed and dealing with his
mother's leaky faucets, he dealt with Charlotte’s nightmare. Corey let her sleep with him and just 25 minutes ago, he put her back in her
bed. His mother and stepfather were not getting any sleep either. However, all was quiet now and he put head down.

That's when it happened, his loud phone rang. Corey thought it would wake everybody up. It didn't. He wondered who it would be calling
at this god awful hour. 

"Hello, love"

"Listen, Corey we..."

"I know you miss us. We miss you too, but that's not a good reason to call me this early in morning."


"I know it's quiet with Kris and Nate gone on their camping trip. You needed this time to relax and unwind, away from the kids and me.
We talked about this, look at it as a vacation."

"Corey. I am on my way to jail to..."

Corey thought Matt was joking.  "Listen, Matt. It was a long night with the kids. I don't know how you do it. I am about to get some shut
eye. "

"Did you even hear me?"

"Yeah, honey. You’re on your way to jail, what's next Kris was eaten by a bear. I think you also need some sleep."

With that Corey hung up. He was a little forward with his husband, which he is sure will come to bite him later but now he needed his
sleep. He turned off his phone and shut eyes. As soon as he done that, the door smashed open and a toddler walked toward the bed and
jumped in.

His baby brother was so cute in his pajamas, "Hey, Ray."

It looks like Corey isn't going to be sleeping anytime soon, as he stepbrother dragged him to play.

6: 09 am

Alex sat on the small bench inside the ambulance, hoping that Caleb would be okay. Although, he hadn't seen the explosion, he heard it
was big. When he saw his son's friend on the  stretcher, Caleb didn't look too bad.

The doctor at the campground believed the injuries were not serious and he still hoped that was the case.

"Sir," the lead EMT got Alex’s attention.

Alex moved closer to the workers to hear them above the noise of the ambulance speeding down the road.

"Um, Caleb is going to be fine. Soon he will be awake from the medication and within a few hours he will be good as new"

"What do you mean the medical staff..."

"Were wrong." the EMT responded, "the injuries were not as severe. One bruised rib and a concussion. That’s it.”

"That's good news."

"Yeah, but we still want to check him out to be sure."

That was okay. Alex was relieved he didn't have to tell Caleb's parents anything bad.  His phone rang and he talked to his son briefly for a
few minutes, asking how he is and told him about Caleb’s condition. After hanging up, he sighed, wishing he could have spent time with
his son. That's when it happened. The ambulance stopped suddenly, which surprised him as other vehicles would stop for its lights, then
another car hit the side of them and ambulance tipped to its side. He looked at Caleb.

"What happened?"

Alex grabbed his hand, "I don't know"

His mind went black as the car hit them again.

6: 15 AM

He sat on the floor in the jail cell. He didn't like that they were caught red handed, but Hunter thought back to the night before and how
wicked it was. It started early with an innocent bowling trip with friends. Hunter's best friend Darcy and his girl Maxine were just talking
about how fun their summer was going to be. After that, the foursome headed for dinner and drinks. In truth, Hunter was buying time
until his meeting later. And just as they were having dessert, Maxine suggested they go to her place for some fun. They did, the sex was
amazing with Renee that night. She touched in places that made him scream for mercy.

Following that, the girls explored their sexuality as he and Darcy watched the scene. Renee was always okay with her sexual orientation
mentioning to have experimented a lot growing up with both sexes. Hunter didn't know it but she and Maxine had been fuck buddies for
two years. And it was tonight that they showed their men what they had learned. 

They suggested that Hunter and Darcy fuck too, but that’s something Hunter could never agree too. He remembered his explaining what
had happened at college during his drunken periods with Darcy. 

But Darcy was game, so against his better judgment they fucked and it hurt like hell. The good part was that the girls liked it. After his
experimenting, Hunter received the call he was waiting for and he and Renee went for a drive. Having too much to drink, Renee took the
wheel. Three hours later they met Chris and did what they came down for. 

Afterward, stupidly, the three of them got drunk at the bar in celebration and Chris and Hunter took out their dicks and peed in front of a
car. It was a police car. Renee wasn't any better, she was half naked and peed on the driver’s door, which required a lot of flexibility. 

Hunter then did something equally stupid, he stripped off his pants and peed on the cop. Chris decided to run, but the cop caught him and
all three were arrested. 

Now, Hunter sat and waited. He made his mistake and he and his friends had to spend time in the slammer. The only good thing is the
situation sobered him and Renee up real fast. He turned and looked at his friend.

Chris and Hunter have been friends since the beginning. Though, over the years Darcy became his best friend and Chris and he haven't
seen much of each other. They never lived in the same town, but they spent a lot of time together. In the early years and for a brief
period Chase had moved to Matt's hometown for a job. But, he missed his college town and after a year Chase and Hunter moved back.

Chris seems happy now that he was stripped searched and nothing suspect was on him. That was a real relief to all of them. "So, I am sorry
we got arrested."

"It's my fault. I pushed the drinking."

"No, babe we all agreed." Renee piped up.

"True," he agreed. "But, Chris you shouldn't have ran."

"It was stupid, yeah."

"Raymond," a voice called and all three turned to see a cop standing there.

"I wanted to tell you, your father called us and will be here soon.”

"Thanks," Chris said, "so where should we go to wait?”

"Right here asshole. You guys broke the law; Chris you are lucky this is your only offense, or you would be here longer. "

After a minute, the cop grinned. "Renee and Hunter, we are going to take you in for a more formal interview. Hunter you are first. "

"Any reason for this? I already answered all your questions."  Which was true, and thankfully he escaped the humiliation of a strip search.
That honor was given to Chris, for having had committed a worse offense, by running from the police.

"My boss doesn't buy your reason for being here. You came all this way to visit you friend, in the middle of the night. We think you are
hiding something. Also I want to personally strip search you."

He smiled and opened the cell to admit Hunter. Hunter didn't like where this was going. Renee also seemed worried and voiced it.

"I would like to go with him."

It was against protocol, but he agreed. "You, Chris, good luck with your father, he seemed rather pissed.”  The cop laughed at his own pun.

Hunter and Renee went with the officer and he hoped the cop would not ask him questions about what they were doing being before
their run in with cop. The cop had already addressed that part in the first interview they had when they talked, and it was pretty hard to
lie to him. A second interview may reveal their true intents. 

They approached a room. "Now, Renee a female officer is supposed take care of female criminals."

Hunter doesn't trust this guy. Renee smiled, "It’s okay, I’ll go with you." The officer sighed and the two went into the room.

"Please remove your clothes one article at a time.”

Hunter did as he was told.

6: 21 am.

Chase got out of bed. He was feeling wonderful. The sex last night made him feel like a new man. With Colt back with Kris a weight has
been lifted. He strutted in his red Satin boxers to the kitchen. 

His wife was gone for an early morning run, which was something he had no energy for at the beginning of the day. He and his wife did
take leisurely walks at night, sometime finding their favorite bench in a secluded part of the path and used it to express their love to each
other. He loved how she made him feel. It was a battle he won from Tabor, but she made right choice.


Chase didn't hear his son return, but after their love making he was out like a light. He called for his son again, "breakfast, you better

No response.

He was about to go up and see what was taking him, when Toni his wife entered. 

Toni was just as beautiful as the day they met. Sure, it was weird to be with a woman his brother had explored in college. But, since their
first re-encounter after college, his heart fell in love. 

Hunter adored her too. He kissed his wife, good morning. A little too aggressively. "Does my man want a repeat of last night?"

Chase barked his reply, and playfully licked her face with passion. “Down boy."

He disagreed, and pulled her into a kiss and before they knew it they were making out on the kitchen table. It wasn't the first time they
did this. Their sex life was also was about being in the moment. However, before they could rip of each other's clothes. The doorbell rang. 

Toni dislodged herself and went to the front door as Chase continued to make breakfast. He was just pouring the milk, when his wife
made a noise of surprise.  Chase needed to know what had happened and saw who was at the door. The blood in his veins boiled and the
lost anger returned. He ran to the door and slammed it. "Now fuck off, Tabor nobody wants you here."

"I am not leaving until we talk."

6: 32 am.

Kris was comfortable for the first time in a long time. It was the first time he has slept with someone who meant something to him since
his wife's divorce. Sure, he has slept with other guys and one girl since then, but with Colt he was secure and loved. 

Okay, it wasn't ideal seeing that they were on the floor of Dean's office, but he was still at peace. There were no secrets between him and
Colt, as he explained the relationship he had with Dean on the way there. Colt had his arms around him as they attempted to sleep, all
Kris could think about was the sex they had.

His mind turned to a dream he had yesterday about fucking Matt on the football field and Colt showing up. Subconsciously, Kris still
wanted Colt and now he has what he wanted. 

Just then the door opened and Dean walked in. It woke Colt, which resulted in his hand slamming into Kris's head.

"Sorry, bro."

"I should have knocked.”

"Yeah," Kris said rubbing his head. "How's Caleb?"

"Fine," Dean announced, "he left in the last hour to the hospital and Alex went with him.”

"Why didn’t you get us?"

"Honestly, Alex had the situation in hand and buddy you guys needed your sleep."

Not wanting to get into an argument, Colt changed the subject. "Hey, is Alex really okay with us? I heard what he said early."

Kris looked at his lover and nodded, "Yep, I explained to him my thoughts during that period and he understood how confused I was."

"Anyways, I came in here to file my report. I didn't mean to wake you up."

"It's cool, we should head back to our campground and I should call my son again."

"He will be fine, bro."

With that the two lovebirds got up and headed for the door. Kris smiled all the way. They reached the lobby and saw Phillip and Ryan
sleeping on the chairs. 

"Come on we’ll put them in your truck, Colt."

Colt nodded. As Colt picked up Phillip, he awoke. He seemed started, but he recovered. The movement also woke up Ryan. 

"Sorry, we didn't mean to wake you." Kris began. "We were gonna give you a ride back to the campsite. Now that there is no reason for us
to be here. "

"I see." Ryan got up and yawned. The events of last day spinning in his head. He looked to the left as he stretched his head when he said
to Colt. 

"I am sorry. I don't think we’ve met."

"I am Colt". He offered his hand, which Ryan shook.

"He is one of my friends from college." Kris offered with a sly smile.

"You mean fuck buddy." Phillip grinned knowingly. "Your son may have mentioned it once or twice."

"That was true. Now Colt and I are so much more.“ He responded, reminding himself to kill Nate when he saw him.

"I for one am happy for you."

"Me too," came a voice from the doors leading to the office. They all turned and there was Dean standing there.

"Pardon?" Kris stared at Dean not believing his comment. 

"I think you two make a great couple. However, I came to tell you guys to go back to your campsite, there is nothing more here."

Colt laughed. "That's what I just said to you two minutes ago."

"All the same to you, Phillip and I will walk back."

"I would prefer you stayed with someone."

"I'll stay with them."

If the look on Kris’s face could kill. Not only was there  a bear attack him and an explosion, but now he should trust him with his kids. 

Colt pulled Kris by the arm, turning back he said, "that will be fine."

6: 40 AM
Michael was playing ball with his dog, Patches, as Nate checked to make sure his clothes were dry from the rain last night.  Aaron had
eaten breakfast and got some more sleep in the tent. He thought about these two teenagers and all the action that they had seen in the
past day.

It took him back to his misspent youth. With an overbearing father, and mother who seemed to be clueless. A brother who was kind, but
too young to know the difference; he thought again about the choice he made. Nobody knew that he would do what he did except Jason
O'Connor, the guy he borrowed his last name from.

After it happened, he quickly left the city to find a place for himself. The first month he slept in holes at the side of the road, and hitch
hiked through the nation. It was a horrible time, but eventually he got hired in a small place, which brought him some money.  It took
some time before he was able to afford a comfortable place for himself, and not be sleeping in homeless shelter.

The times were rough, but he never regretted the decision he made. Looking back, that time in New York, building a new life for himself,
ending the need for drugs and substance abuse made him into a better man. One event with a young lady helped him change too.  It was
ironic that his father would finally be proud of what he accomplished and all he had do was make a hard choice to leave.

In the years that followed, he thought about making contact with his family, but that would just add more heartache, and honestly he
doesn’t know anything about what had happened since he left, and decided that the decision he made then was the right choice.
Especially considering his visit to his home town the year before.

He saw movement from the tent, and Aaron showed himself. He managed to tame his wild hair. He was still in his boxers, but then Nate
threw him his clothes.

Michael noticed that Nate was dressed too.  Aaron returned Michael’s phone to him. He had used it earlier to call his father. Then Nate
decided to borrow it to call his own parent.

“How did the call to your dad go?” Nate wanted to know.

“As well as could be expected; he brought me up to speed on Caleb’s condition. It turns out the medical personal think he actually
sustained less injuries than what the campground doctor originally thought.”

“That’s good news.”

“There is more good news too.”  Aaron smiled as he put on his shirt. “It turns out that Alex had talked at length with Kris about his
problem with him when they were in college, and they seemed to be okay with everything now.”

“I guess that means, you guys can be friends.”

They both turned to Michael. Nate spoke first, “We were always going to be friends. Just our fathers never liked each other in school,
that’s all.”

“I am sorry, I guess I misread the conversation. Nate if you want you can try calling your dad also.”  He offered his phone. Nate took it.

Aaron thanked Michael again while he went to play with Patches. Michael turned to him, seriously. “So you and Nate are more than just
friends? I know what you guys said last night when I found you, but the way you two have been interacting, just makes me believe it to be

“Honestly, we are best friends, bro. Nothing more; when you say us making out it was just in the moment and meant nothing.”

“So, you don’t love him?”

“Yeah, just not in that way. Michael what about you, no love in your life.”

Michael thought hard on how to respond. Sure he had two small relationships in New York and even one that was real, but neither of
them lasted. Since then the single life was all for him. “Nope, nobody.”

Patches barked, offended. Michael laughed, “Okay, one dog.”  The dog barked affectionately, as Nate came to the group again.

“You hear from the Coach.”

“Yep, I gave him a situation report and told him all things were good on our end. I could tell there was another guy with him. Not sure

“Knowing the Coach, it could be a complete stranger. He tends to makes friends with everybody.”

“So true. That’s my dad all right. Kris Stanton, the man who can get anybody out of their shell.”

Aaron nodded, “and their clothes.”  The friends laughed at that. Michael couldn’t get past what he heard and walked back into the tent to
reflect.   He may be wrong. After a minute, retrieving some water for the guys, he came out and the three had a conversation, where
Michael made sure to ask some questions about Nate’s father, hoping for a specific result.

6: 51 AM

Jill smiled at the carnage she had created. After leaving the girls to do their own thing, knowing that they had a mission to accomplish. It
was time to take her revenge to the next level. She wanted Caleb to die. The explosion didn’t work that well. So a direct approach was
warranted. She took her car that was attached to the trailer and carefully planned her route. She had easily got the information from one
of the deputies who was still cleaning up the explosion site of the old ranger’s station.

She learned about the ambulance and waited patiently as it arrived. She stood off the side as Caleb was placed inside the vehicle. Then,
as the ambulance drove off, she smartly used the GPS and mapped out a route to intersect with it. At the right moment she rammed the
ambulance hard. She didn’t expect it to turn on its side, but liked the result. She hit it again for good measure.

She cautiously went to ambulance and noticed the driver’s head had gone through the windshield, and two EMTs were thrown out the
back. They both seemed to be unconscious. Inside her prize awaits. There was a man she barely recognized, but he was holding Caleb’s
hand. Caleb stirred and looked at Jill.

“Good morning.”  Jill said and walked to him with something she found on the floor of the turned ambulance.

She dragged him to another secluded location. Her father had taken her to this campground for years, and she knew the way to go. After
fifteen minutes they made it to the cabin she knew was abandoned.

Now, having tied Caleb to the bed, he splashed water on his face.  “Wake up, Caleb. It is time for payback; you ungrateful piece of shit.”
“Yes, is it time for round two?”
She was taken by that announcement, it seems clear that explosion did do more damage than she thought. “No, Caleb. It’s time for the
knock out round. It’s time for you die.”
The smile on Jill’s face was one of absolute horror. Caleb was scared.
She opened a drawer that was stocked with her needs and produced a small knife. “First, to have some fun. Let’s see if you can do the
6:56 AM
Riley and Peter left their two brothers at the campsite eating breakfast. The two friends were going to go fishing. The lake was full of
great options. Riley needed this distraction. After the girl left, Riley and Peter tried to follow her, but she seemed to have vanished. 
“Do you think she is okay?” Riley asked his best friend.
“No, but there is nothing we could do. Let’s go fishing.”
“We should call it in, maybe?”
“Yeah, let’s do that.”
As Peter got out of the phone, they heard a faint noise.  They both dropped the poles, and listened hard. A small scream was heard. Riley
always the adventurous one ran after it, with Peter following.
As they got closer the sound was clear. It was a man screaming.
6: 58 AM
At the ranger’s station, Phillip and Ryan were helping Dean with some stuff. Ryan was relieved to be doing something constructive. He
knew that going with Kris and Colt would have meant discussing the reasons they were at the abandoned ranger’s station, and although
Ryan was sure that Kris was aware of what transpired, he felt embarrassed. What was worse, he felt ashamed at the actions he committed
during their time there, especially the experimenting with Phillip. Phillip was okay with it, but given their history most people would
have frowned upon what they did.
Dean got the last box of supplies into this small golf cart. “Well, the good news is the bears are finally back in their places and are calm
now. It turns out they escaped because the person in charge forgot to lock the cage. He was dealing with a crisis and it slipped his mind.”
“They going to fire him?”
“Don’t know, Ry. Honestly, I wouldn’t. We all make mistakes. And the guy is good guy.”
“But those bears could have killed people, including Coach Kris.”
“You really love the guy.”
“Ew no, I like him as a teacher and yeah as a Coach.”
They all heard movement to the right. Ryan moved closer, and out through the bushes came a bloodied girl with dishevelled hair, ripped
clothes and a missing shoe. She was dirty and limping.
“Help me, please!”
And with that the girl fell into his arms. He pulled the strains of hair away; it was Tina.

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