I was requested to make a list of characters and to refresh some memories.    The list would be far too long to include everyone.  I've
included those who have been mentioned lately in the story.
Matt and Corey--  married after meeting their freshman year.  Just bought a house.   Matt’s a programmer and develops apps.  Corey’s a
Kris--  Matt’s best friend since high school.  He’s a coach and teacher at a high school.
Colt-Meet the guys his freshman year.  He works in sales for the food industry.
Melissa-Kris’s fiancé and old high school girlfriend.  She’s a nurse.
Faith-Colt’s fiancé who Colt met after breaking up with Kris.  She’s in sales.
Scott-One of the first guys Matt and Kris meet in college.  He’s lived near them since college. 
Shawn---Met Matt  and Kris their freshman year and has been friends ever since.  He’s in the insurance industry but changing to become a
fireman.   Dating Laura.
Brennan-Scott’s boyfriend now after being together in college.  He met the guys as a freshman.  He lives away from the guys.
Jordy-Deaf guy who they meet swimming their sophomore year.
Ted-Star linebacker in college and is now a pro.  
Luke-Quarterback in college and is a pro.
Myles-Played Football in college as a safety.
JJ-Corey’s old high school friend.  Used to bullying Corey in school but now is a good friend.
Teague-Another of Corey’s high school friends.  Lives with JJ out of town but they are straight.
Linda/Mom--- Matt’s mom.   She raised Matt after Matt’s dad left them. 
Vince-Linda’s husband
VJ-Vince’s only son who is 3 years younger than Matt
Marie---Corey’s mom
Larry-Corey’s mom boyfriend
Walt-Kris’s Dad
Jenny-Kris’s mom
Nathan-Kris’s deceased brother who died at the age of 18, gay
Chase-Colt’s brother, 2 years younger, has a son Hunter
Tabor-Chase’s friend from high school and used to work with Corey at the Rec Center
Deer and Levi-Chase and Tabor’s college friends.
Reese-Ted’s nephew and is Chase and Tabor’s age,  Gay
Juan-Scott’s roommate their freshman year.   Married Felicia.  Has a daughter Britney and is expecting another child.
Bryson-Spring of freshman year and dropped out of college after sophomore year
Jess-Met Freshman fall.  Scott’s old boyfriend and was RA for Chase and Tabor.
Stephan-Met Freshman fall.   Moved away Sophomore year.  Now has a boyfriend Robbie.
Kendall and Noah-Met freshman year.  Went back home to college.  
Sergio-Met Junior year, Financial advisor, gay
Dillon-Met Junior year, Sergio’s ex, Attorney to be, bi
Bruce-Met Junior year, was roommates with Aaron and Grady.   Roommate now with Shawn.
Ethan and Cody-Met Sophomore year.  Party boys but smart.  Straight
Rick-Their RA freshman and sophomore year
Cale and Daniel-Met at a nudist party.  They are 2 years older.
I hope that helps.  As time goes on, I hope to have the links embedded on this page if you care to read the initial meeting.    A good way also
to refresh your memory is to read the final chapter.  It sums up quite a bit.