Posted:   August 27, 2009

The night was humid and sticky after one hot day here on my business trip.  I walked down the sidewalks avoiding the occasional person or couple.  I saw the name glistening in lights and gather myself to enter this openly gay bar alone.  My eyes scanned the place that looked surprisingly full from the outside looking inward. 

“ID please,” the husky man asked at the door.

“Sure,” I said proudly and pulled out my wallet to show I was well beyond the 21 year old age limit.  I was nearly 30 and took it as a compliment but didn’t so when I saw a gray headed guy just behind me ask the same thing.

I walked around a little to get accustomed to my surroundings.  The music was rather loud and the smell of smoke lingered from every corner.  I found a table away from the main flow of traffic to sit and watch whatever occurred in front of me.  This was a new environment for me yet quite interesting.  I had seen this place in passing the last time I was here on business but now was here to see what it was all about.  I only hoped I didn’t stick out like a sore thumb since I was curious and had a girlfriend of 2 years back home.

The waiter came up and took my order.  I asked what was on tap to start the night and was a beer lover.  He asked my taste first.  I replied I wanted something local and dark.  He gave me the two local brands.  I had him choose the most popular and surprise me.  I sat back and continued to eye the guys that were spilling into to this hot spot.  I saw a vast variety of guys from the frat boy look to the old balding gray men, who looked more suited for an alley and a large topcoat. 

The waiter returned with my dark beer in a large frosted mug.  I paid him generously for his services.

“New here, huh?” he asked.

My eyes wandered around before smiling, “Yeah.”

“I could tell since you asked what was on tap.  You picked a good night,” the waiter said.

“I think I can tell,” I replied.

“Have fun and holler if you need anything,” he said. “I’ll check up on occasionally.  The name is Brent if you need anything.”

He left and waited other tables.  I assumed he liked the nice tip I gave.  I learned quickly from regular bars to start out with a nice tip and the service would be there whenever it was needed.

After taking the first drink of the dark beer, I was pleased in his choice of local brews.  I sipped on the beer and continued to look all around.  My eyes were filled with this new experience.  I saw a few guys kissing here and there but wasn’t in the least turned off by this act of openness and affection.  With the beer and water from dinner, I headed to the restroom after completing the first one.  I entered and took my spot at the long trough that was the urinal.  I pulled out my cock and let the piss flow.  I could feel the eyes on my cock and did have to sneak a peek as well to compare.  I was in the same league as the two guys next to me but was small compared to one guy on the end.  He was proud of his cock and freely let it hang while pissing.  One bold young guy helped him with it and grabbed it to finish off the long piss.  I tried not to stare and went to wash my hands and check my short brown hair in the mirror.

I walked to my table and saw I had been joined unannounced by a guy that looked college age.  He had brown hair, a partial goatee and earrings in both ears.

“Sorry,” he said. “I’m here with my friends.  Hope you don’t mind.”  He pointed the table behind him.

“Thanks fine,” I replied.

Another drink was in order so I waited patiently and listened to the young guy and his friends talk away.  Brent my waiter returned and saw my mug was empty.  I took another of the same and kindly asked the young man if he wanted something.  He gave me a nice warm smile and ordered a nationally known draft beer.

“It sucks being here alone, huh?” he said.

“Yea but oh well,” I replied.

“I’m the third cog in the wheel and sort of know what you mean,” he smiled.  “Jeremy here.” He stuck out his hand in my direction.

I met his hand and introduced myself with a firm handshake.  “Rick here.”

“Nice to meet ya, dude,” Jeremy said.  “You go to school here or visiting or what?”

I was again flattered, “Well… just visiting you might say.”

“That’s cool,” Jeremy said.


“Grad school,” he replied. “We’re all out before we crank it up again this Monday.”

We waited for our drink to arrive with little talking.  I paid the tab again and told Jeremy the first round was on me.  He took his drink in hand while I did the same to quinch our thrist and need for alcohol. 

I sat and drank while Jeremy’s attention soon was averted to his friends.  I assumed he got what he wanted out of me and didn’t care that I was there overhearing every word I could despite the growing noise level in the place.  The three friends stood up from the table with Jeremy downing what was left of his beer. 

“We’re going up to dance if you wanna join us,” Jeremy said to me.

I accepted his offer or else would have been left there alone to watch and observe the surroundings that I was growing accustomed to.  I climbed the stairs to find a nice roomy dance floor.  There were mostly younger guys with a few with their shirts off and enjoying the rhythmic beats that came busting through the mounted speakers.  Jeremy’s two friends went straight to the dance floor.  Jeremy looked at me and grabbed my hand.

“I dunno know,” I stated and was hestitant about this.

“You have to be better than me plus I need a partner out here,” Jeremy smiled and said over the music.

It was very awkward at first but Jeremy was right.  He lacked rhythm on the dance floor and made even me look good.  His friends delighted in razing him.  After one dance, we were off the floor and at the bar for more drinks.  He explained he needed a little more alcohol in him to make him move better.  We downed a beer in a hurry while watching the others tear it up.  Jeremy flung off his tee and tucked it in his belt.  He had nice dark skin, a little hair on his chest and stomach.  He wasn’t exactly fit and had a little bit of flesh on him.  I stay in my shirt and was escorted back out to the floor.  The quick drink and shot of tequila didn’t help his moves whatsoever. 

The music turned to slow.  Jeremy looked at me and grabbed me.  He flung his arms around me.  I was stuck but did enjoy the feel of his skin.  He kissed me on the lips while we danced.  It was soft and wet kiss with a little tongue mixed in.  I didn’t mind one single bit.  Sure I had a girl back home but she was at home.  Jeremy was here with me and available.  I was exploring a different side of life for me while away from home and no one knew me. 

The night grew late while enjoying dancing with all the gay guys.  Jeremy pulled me back downstairs and outside.  The drinks were beginning to pile up on us but we were still not crazy drunk just yet.

“Rick, I sure would like to get you know better and spend… a little alone time…,” Jeremy said once out on the small patio area.

“I do have a room 2 blocks away if that’s…”

“Perfect,” Jeremy said.

“How will you get home?” I asked.

“There’s cabs all over the place with this hopping bar scene,” he smiled.

We went back and found his two friends.  They smiled hearing Jeremy had scored and said goodbye.

We walked along the sidewalk and held hands.  The anticipation was growing inside of me.  I had sucked a man’s cock before to know that experience.  However, I wanted to experience more than that.

We got to my room.  Jeremy started laughing and said he had left his shirt inside the bar.  He said it was old and wouldn’t be missed.  I opened the door and was barely able to get inside before Jeremy latched on to me and covered my mouth with his.  I again loved it and slid my hands down his bare back. He had his hands up my back and had my shirt off in no time.  I wasn’t ashamed of my body at all.  I was a normal guy with a little hair on my chest.  He pulled me down to the king size bed in the room. 

Jeremy went for my jeans and started unbuttoning them, “I needed to find a good man tonight.”

“Same here,” I smiled. 

He pushed my jeans off and played with my cock under my boxers.  I lifted up and let him take down my boxers.  He grabbed my cock and dropped down on it.  He stuck it in his mouth without much thought.  I loved the feel of his wet mouth and reached to find his cock under his shorts.  He sucked on me for a little while before getting naked with me.  His cock was so beautiful in my eyes.  It was cut like mine and about 7 inches. 

We kissed in the center of the bed with the body contact driving both of us a little nuts. I dropped down and started sucking his cock.  I could taste his skin and started to smell his musk coming from his bush.  He leaned back and moaned with his hand on my head.  He pushed my head down further for me to take his cock deeper.  I took what I could and kept sucking and licking his cock. 

He pulled me for another deep tongue filled kiss after my mouth was passed tired of sucking his cock.  I then felt his finger at my ass and allowed him to shove it in.  It didn’t feel that bad for the first time someone else did it other than me.  He broke the kiss and continued to finger my ass with another one added.  He looked at me with his green eyes, “I want to fuck this tight ass.”

In my sexy voice, “I want you to fuck me.”  I was prepared and had the condoms and lube waiting for action in the hotel's side table.  

“You wanted to get fucked, huh?” Jeremy asked and ripped open the condom.

“I was hoping I could find a little action while I was here,” I replied.

“It’s your lucky day,” Jeremy replied with a warm kiss to heighten my excitement.

I got on my stomach and lay spread eagle.  I had seen my girl do this so many times waiting for me to fuck her hot pussy.  Now I was the one waiting to have my man pussy fucked.  I felt the chilling lube on my ass.  Jeremy got behind me and put his cock at my hole.  He ran his nice cock up and down my ass.  I wanted to take him in the worst way and experience taking a man for the first time.   The first attempt was a no go.  Jeremy put more lube and was able to penetrate my ass.  The mixture of pain and the most joyous feeling flooded my body.

“OOOO yeah,” I moaned.

“Rick, your ass is so tight and so hot,” Jeremy stated.

“OOO,” I moaned again feeling his cock slowly going deeper and deeper.  I clutched the bedspread to take all he was willing to give me. He pulled back and slowly went deeper.  He slowly fucked me and had me seeing stars now with my head spinning in elation. I was a little surprised since there wasn’t much pain like I had thought there would be.  I reached my hands back to feel his hairy thighs and feel him rocking so gently in me.

Jeremy leaned over with his hands next to my side.  His deep plunges were filling my every need and lust to get fucked.  I was enjoying this as much as I could with deep breaths and the occasional groan.   He kissed my neck, “You okay?”

“Never better, Jeremy,” I turned to him. “Fuck me! I want fucked!”

He grunted deeply and loudly to take my ass.  The hotel room bed was shaking with our action since Jeremy did as I had requested.  It felt so good to be the one receiving and not giving.  It may have been better than I ever imagined it could be my first time.  He rolled me to my side and grabbed my cock.  I threw my leg over his and looked into his eyes with hunger.  He jerked me off in rhythm with his fucking.  I could hear his breathing increase while I moaned and groaned in deep joy.  I reached to feel him and look in his eyes while he pounded my ass.  I could have stayed like this for a long time though we both started to ache for a good release. 

Jeremy quickly pulled out of me and coated my body with his load.  I watched him shot and wanted to frame that shot of this hot young man blowing his load on me as I had done so many times to a female.  He finished and stuck his cock at my mouth.  I tasted the remains while he jacked me off.

OOOO fuck!” I exclaimed and shot my creamy milky load with force.  My cock shot after shot of cum in the air.  Jeremy moved and took one shot across his body and rubbed it in his skin and hairy chest.  I pulled him close feeling incredible and so satisfied. It was a long great kiss with him on top of me.

He pulled me up and let me to shower.  It was the tightest shower ever and kept us in close contact.  He washed my body and cleaned my every part.  I delighted in doing the same to his.  We toweled each other off and kissed there in the bathroom forever.

“Dammit, I hate to leave but hell I don’t have a ride here.  I’ll hit the street and hopefully find a cab,” Jeremy said while we sit on the bed.

“Thanks for everything,” I said.

“Thank you.  I love fucking straight guys,” Jeremy smiled.


“Yea, straight,” Jeremy said.

“Guilty as charged,” I smiled.

“I better get dressed,” Jeremy said and stood.  He put on his boxers and jeans and shoes.

“How’d you know I was straight?”

“It was a shot in the dark but I had feeling you might be since we first met,” Jeremy smiled. “Most guys with dress clothes hanging are out for adventure and want to test their gay side to see what it is like.  I have a feeling you were curious though and wanted this to happen.”

“You’re damn smart and a keen observer,” I smiled.

“I better run,” he said. “My guess is you have to be up early for some big meeting in the morning as well.”

I lowered my shoulders and again was caught basically again, “Are so physic or some shit?”

“Nope but I’m going for my masters in sociology,” Jeremy smiled.  “Are you here much longer however?”

“Two more nights,” I stated.

“I’ll write down my number in case you want to meet up again,” Jeremy said and found the complimentary paper and pen on the desk. “That way it won’t be a one nighter if you’re willing for more.”

“Sounds good to me,” I smiled.  I followed him out the door and kissed him goodbye.  I hated seeing him leave, securely put his number in a safe place and got into bed at well past 2 in the morning.  It was well worth staying up this late to have my cherry popped by what seemed to be a rather decent guy.

The next day, it was hard dragging out of bed.  I felt a little sore in the ass from taking Jeremy in me.  I showered in a hurry and hated being a minute late.  The day dragged on what seemed like forever.  The meetings were so boring with my mind wondering if Jeremy would return.

On my way back to the room, I called Jeremy on his cell phone.  He answered, said he would be delighted to come over and had a request that I be dressed in suit and tie.  He explained it was a simple little fetish of his if I was game.  I hung and called my girlfriend so she won’t worry.  I had to say I missed her a lot to keep peace on the home front and have her waiting for hot return sex.  She did ask what I was doing.  I simply replied that I was taking care of business and spending lonely nights.

Back at the room, I waited in my suit and tie.  Finally a light knock came at the door.  I opened it to see Jeremy’s smiling face. 

“Fucking hot!” Jeremy said. “You are game!”

“I guess so,” I said.

Jeremy slammed the door and led me by my tie.  He stopped in the center of the room and dropped to his knees.  He unzipped my pants and found my cock.  I started to unbutton them so he could have full access.

“No! No! Just like this,” Jeremy said. “Let me get this nice cock hard.  Then push your pants down and fuck my ass still with your suit coat on and tie with your pants around your ankles.”

His mouth and hand had me rock hard in a few minutes.  I was more than willing to play along in this little fantasy of his.  Once hard and throbbing, he stopped.  I grabbed the condoms and lube while he grabbed towels so we wouldn’t make a mess of our clothes.  He walked over to the desk and leaned over it with his shorts and boxer briefs at his ankles.  His nice hairy hole was calling my cock.  I stuck it at his hole and felt it slid inside.

“OOO fuck me Rick!  I love feeling your shirt and coat,” Jeremy said.

My shirt and coat were a problem but I was going to fuck him in it.  My cock felt so good in him.  His ass was a little tight and could feel it squeezing around my cock.  I grabbed his hips and started fucking him at a nice steady pace.  I looked up and saw his face in the mirror hanging above the desk.  It drove me insane to see me fucking this guy.  

We stopped and moved to the chair.  It wasn’t the most comfortable position ever but we adjusted to it and continued Jeremy’s fantasy.  I was in complete lust over him but who wouldn’t be after he wanted to fuck barely in the door.  

The smell of sex filled the room after we both came in the towels.  I was shocked and pleased no cum had landed on my good suit.  It would be hard to explain to my girl since she took care of the laundry.  I had to shower after that encounter and was followed there by him.  We repeated last night shower and dressed to go grab something to eat.  He delighted in directing me to some local flavor in the nearby area.   His tastes were dead on and filled my stomach with great food and a few unique exotic drinks. 

Back at the room, I wasn’t sure what Jeremy’s plans were but he never left.  We had long great sex in the bed again.  He never mentioned leaving after he fucked me for a nice long time.  It was so slow and now had me wanting more and more sex with men.   I delighted in him curling up next to me and staying the night. 

When I returned to the room the next day, I saw Jeremy waiting on me out in the parking lot.  It seems he left the room and forgot to set the door so he could return.  That night we never left the room and spent the last night together naked and having sex with each other.  We would have sex, rest and go at it again.  I had never been so sexual that long with one person in my life but had the time of my life with him.  We knew every inch of each other’s body in the end.  By the end of the night, I was barely able to cum and the same went from Jeremy.

Waking a second and final morning with Jeremy next to me was great.  I was up earlier than expected but had time for one final time to be with Jeremy.  We lay it all out and enjoyed our last time together.  It was hard to fathom when it was over while we laid in bed naked and in such sexual bliss.  I dressed and packed my things in my rental for my one hour flight back to the real world.  We kissed forever there in the parking lot and said our last goodbyes while parting ways. 

Jeremy was on my mind every second at the airport and on the flight home.  I knew I had to snap out of it for my girlfriend who would be waiting.  When I came home, her face shined brightly.  Within moments, I knew I was going to have to perform with her since I had been gone for the week.  I tore into her like a man possessed and eager to please her wetness.  It was different but I managed to give her lots of love that night. 

I had done my business on the trip thinking it would cleanse my system of the desire to try gay sex.  The times with Jeremy did the opposite and had me longing for more and more with him or any other male that became available.


Hope you enjoyed another horny little tale from my imagination.
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