“Where are you taking us?” Colt asked as the five friends left his house and piled in to Kris’s car.

“I want to show you something I’ve been working on, Kris replied, putting the key in the ignition.

“Working on?” Colt said. “How come none of us have known about this?”

“Because I didn’t want you to,” Kris said as he started driving.

“Do you know what’s going on, Matt?” Colt asked.

“No,” Matt replied, looking across at Kris, wondering where they were going and what Kris had planned.

“Why the sudden surprise?” Corey asked.

“I wasn’t going to show anyone yet, but this is the perfect time,” Kris replied.

“Show anyone one what?” Scott asked.

“Wait and see,” Kris smiled.

With Kris behind the wheel the five best friends drove across town with Matt constantly looking out of the window trying to figure
out where they were going.

“Hold on,” Matt said. “We just missed the turning for your house.”

“We’re not going to my house,” Kris replied.

“But we’re not heading toward town either.”

“No, we’re not,” Kris smiled.

“Then where are we going?”

“Just wait and see. You’re so impatient sometimes. It doesn’t hurt to not know what’s gonna happen next and just let things
happen as they will. You don’t have to pre-plan everything, bro.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Matt said, as he turned to look back out of the window.

Corey, Scott and Colt sat on the backseat taking in the view around them. Scott was sitting in the middle and kept leaning over
Corey and Colt to get a better view.

“Look at Scott, getting between two hot guys again,” Colt smiled.

“It’s where he belongs,” Corey laughed.

“He’s wanted to get between you and Matt for years,” Kris said from the driver’s seat.

“What do you mean?” Colt asked.

“When we first came to college I really had the hots for Matt and wanted to be with him. When he got with Corey I was really
jealous, but then Corey fucked up and I thought I had a chance with Matt, but all we did was fuck. Then he got back with Corey and
we knew it was better to just be friends.”

“Still, you loved being the meat in their sandwich,” Colt smiled.

“He slept like a baby last night between me and Matt,” Corey added.

“I did,” Scott smiled. “I love feeling a warm body against mine while I sleep. Your dick got really hard and was poking at my ass,
Corey. I thought you were gonna fuck me.”

“I was tempted, but it wasn’t the right time.”

“What happens when it is the right time?” Scott asked.

“Then I’ll pound your ass into the mattress,” Corey grinned.

“Oh fuck, the right time had better happen soon,” Scott said.

Everyone laughed and shook their heads at how typical that was of Scott.

From the backseat, Corey, Colt and Scott continued to watch the town roll by. They had never seen much of the town since they
usually just went to Matt or Kris’s place and never really left to go many places during the day. They did see that the roads were
becoming less populated and it seemed like they were heading out of town. Corey looked at Colt as if to ask if he knew where
they were going, but Colt shook his head since he had no idea either.

Finally Kris took two turnings and pulled up in front of a huge compound that was enclosed by an eight foot high fence topped
with razor wire. He rolled down his window and pulled a key card out of his pocket.

“What are we doing here?” Matt asked.

“You’ll see,” Kris smiled, reaching out of the window to insert his card into the barrier in front of the huge gates.

As a light turned green the card popped back out and Kris took it, slipping it back into his pants pocket as the barrier went up and
the gates swung open. Once they were open fully he put the car in drive and slowly entered the compound. Almost as soon as the
car was inside, the gates started to shut behind them, locking them in.

“What the hell is this place?” Colt asked. “It’s like a prison.”

Kris laughed and kept driving slowly. They went past a long line of identical standalone garages where the only thing to tell them
apart from one another was the number just beside the big sliding door. Kris turned right at the end of the row and continued on
halfway down another row until he pulled in close to one of the garages.

“This is a storage lot,” Kris said. “Each garage is around 22 feet in length and 32 feet wide. All kinds of people store stuff here. I’ve
talked to a few of the guys that own some of these and they have classic cars locked away in here that are worth a small fortune.
Other people store furniture and things like that. And there are even a few who use them as offices and studies because the lot is
completely secure and usually it’s pretty quiet here so no one will disturb you.”

“But what are we doing here?” Matt asked. “And why do you have a key.”

“Because this one right here,” Kris said, pointing to the garage they had pulled up at, “is mine.”

“Yours?” Scott asked.

“Yeah,” Kris smiled. “Well, it was Nathan’s technically, but after I discovered the place and told Mom and Dad about it they said I
could keep it as my own.”

“How come you never told me about it?” Matt asked, feeling a little hurt that Kris wouldn’t share his secret with him. He thought
they had complete trust in each other, but it made him question that and whether he valued Kris more than Kris valued him.

“It’s always been my place. Somewhere I can come to get away from everything and just be alone. I’ve never told anyone about it
besides my parents because I didn’t want anyone begging me to use it to have a quick fuck in because that’s not what this place is
to me. It means so much more.”

“Why?” Scott asked. “What’s in it?”

“Come on,” Kris smiled. “I’ll show you.”

They all got out of the car and followed Kris down the side of the garage, which was completely detached from the ones at either
side, with two small paths separating the buildings. Kris reached a door in the side wall and pulled a key from his pocket, sliding it
into the lock and pushing the door open. He walked inside, flicking on the lights, and motioned for his friends to join him.

As soon as they stepped through the door and took a look around their jaws almost hit the floor. Two of the walls were covered
with photographs and other items that were either on shelves or hanging on hooks, with the big back wall having a timeline
painted across the middle that the items were all arranged around. Then there were the twin bunk beds that were arranged
against the garage door in an almost mirror image of the dorm Matt and Kris shared their freshman year. And a little further across
was a large sofa, not unlike their sofa bed, which was pointing at a pretty old, yet functional TV. Finally the wall opposite the door
was covered by a huge sheet.

“What is this place?” Matt asked.

“I like to think of this as my reflection room,” Kris smiled. “You keep your journals and diaries so you can look back on what you’ve
done. I use this room to remember all of those things. It’s where I come if I’m home and either feeling down or miss something or
someone. It helps me to remember the good times I’ve had and it always makes me feel better. I’ve just sat in here for hours,
thinking about all kinds of things, and I always leave more upbeat than when I came in. I think it’s even helped me with my

“I can’t believe you’ve never told me about this,” Matt said.

“I’ve only known about it for two years,” Kris said. “One day I was really missing Nathan. I don’t know what brought it on, but he
was all I could think about. At the time Mom and Dad hadn’t cleared out his bedroom yet, so I went in and just sat with his things,
wanting to feel close to him. Then, as I was walking around I heard one of the floorboards creak and remembered Nathan telling
me I could hide things from Mom and Dad by keeping them under the floor. I pulled up his carpet and looked under the
floorboards and that’s when I found the keys to this place.”

“And you never knew Nathan had it?” Matt asked.

“No, I had no idea, neither did Mom and Dad,” Kris said. “At first when I found the keys I didn’t know what they were for, but then I
did some more searching and found the address for this place. The key has the number on it so I knew which garage it was when I
got in. The first time I came here, just after our trip to Toronto, I was really nervous and had no ideas what I’d fine. The fence and
everything scared the shit out of me, but I wanted to see what Nathan had been hiding, so I came in here and the place was filled
with all kinds of shit. There were beer bottles everywhere. There were bags of weed and other drugs. He had a really disgusting
mattress in one corner that he must have slept on and the place stank. It was a part of my brother I never wanted to see, but at the
same time it kind of made me understand him more.

“Over the next few weeks and months I came here more often and spent hours with Nathan’s stuff, but then Mom and Dad started
to get suspicious because I was disappearing and I knew I’d have to tell them, so I got a load of black bags and threw almost
everything that was in here away. I didn’t want them to see what Nathan had become in the final few months of his life. I kept
some things that were nice reminders, but everything else went. When I finally had it tidied up, I told them and they came here
with me. Mom and Dad cried a bit from seeing some of Nate’s things, and I think they were also a little hurt that he had bought this
place without telling them, although I know they wondered where he got the money to pay for it, which is something I still
haven’t figured out.”

“He bought it?” Colt asked.

“Yeah, he actually owned it, and now I guess I do since my parents said I could keep using it since that’s what Nathan would have

“And that’s when you turned it into this?” Scott asked.

“Yeah,” Kris smiled. “It has an electricity meter on the wall over there. You just stick a quarter in it so the lights and power stay on.
There are sockets on two of the walls, so that TV over there does actually work. And there’s a sink in the corner so there’s running
water. There’s no bathroom, but you don’t really need it. When it’s dark I just go out back and pee in the bushes.”

“That’s cool,” Scott said, “but I’m more interested in all the stuff you have in here. It’s like a shrine.”

Kris laughed, “I guess it is. It’s just memories of different people who have touched my life. Come here.”

Kris led his friends over to the wall on the left side of the door they had come through.

“This is my Nathan wall,” Kris said. “Whenever I miss him I can just come here and look at some of these things and remember how
amazing my brother was. Every item in here has significance. Like this book, The Knight’s Tale. It’s the book Nathan used to read to
me before bed when I was younger. Every time I open it and read a page I can hear his voice and it makes me feel closer to him,
like he isn’t really gone.”

Colt slid his hand in to Kris’s and linked their fingers together, remembering the story Kris had told him about Nathan and the book
the day before. He smiled when Kris turned his head and gave Colt a quick peck on the cheek. He then turned his attention to the
other items.

“That’s the pillow from Nathan’s bed,” Kris continued. “It was the last thing we played with before he died, and I know it probably
sounds stupid, but I can still kind of smell him on it.”

“Is that his wallet?” Colt asked, pointing to a shelf.

“Yes,” Kris smiled. “I never really knew what Nate felt about me. I didn’t know if I was his annoying little brother who he just put
up with because he had to or if he really loved me. After he died and they gave us his belongings, we found his wallet and there’s
a picture of me inside it, so I know he loved me and wanted to keep me close. That’s why I got the N tattooed on my chest. It’s my
way of keeping him close to me.”

“Damn, you really look alike,” Scott said, pointing to a framed photo on the wall where Nathan, with shaggy, dark blond hair and
the same dazzling blue eyes as Kris, stood with his arm around his younger brother.

“Do you think so?” Kris asked.

“Yeah, bro,” Scott replied. “Maybe not in the picture, but him there and you now, there’s definitely a close resemblance. He’s
slimmer and has darker hair, but there’s no denying you’re brothers. It’s like Colt and Chase.”

Kris had a huge smile on his face and loved the thought that he not only carried his brother’s memory with him, but also maybe a
bit of him physically too. He remembered the day that photo was taken. They were leaving to go to the fair and Nathan had his arm
around Kris’s thin shoulder. They had such a good time that night. That was the Nate that Kris remembered, not the one he had
been in his final months.

“Is this the DVD you showed me last year?” Colt asked, picking up the box from the shelf that had Nathan written on the label.

“Yeah,” Kris smiled.

“What DVD?” Matt asked.

“Nathan made that for me before he died. It’s him talking into a camera. I watch it whenever I miss him, just to see his face and
hear his voice properly,” Kris replied,

“You never showed it to me,” Matt said.

“No, I didn’t. I kept it to myself, even Mom and Dad don’t know about it. After Colt and I made love last year it just felt like the
right time to show him. We were so close in that moment, and I’ll be honest, it was the first time I thought I might be in love with
him. I wanted to share a special part of me with him. I’ll let you watch it later if you want,” Kris said.

“It’s okay,” Matt replied. “I understand that you wanted to keep it to yourself and it’s something special to you. I don’t need to see
it. I didn’t know Nathan, but I’m glad you have something like that to remember him by. I wish I had the same with my dad.”

“Who took this picture of Nathan and Derek?” Corey asked, pointing to a picture of the two kissing in Nathan’s bedroom.

“Oh, I took that one,” Kris said. “I spotted them in Nathan’s bedroom when they were kissing and even though I knew Nate was
gay I had never really seen him and Derek showing their affection for each other because they liked to keep it private. When I saw
the love and passion between them it opened my eyes and made me see that there’s nothing wrong with two men loving each
other. I think that was when I accepted it and it pretty much paved the way for me and Matt becoming so close, and I guess for me
embracing my bi side and giving in to my feelings for Colt. Nate was a great influence on me, whether he knew it or not.”

“That’s awesome,” Corey said.

“It is for me,” Colt smiled, slipping his arm around Kris’s waist and leaning in to kiss his cheek.

Matt’s eyes focused in on the ‘N’ necklace that Kris had given him after they made up in high school. He had given it back to Kris
and he was glad to see it hanging with the rest of Nathan’s things.

“I never knew you were so sentimental,” Colt smiled as he hugged Kris tighter to his body.

“I guess I’m just a big softie,” Kris grinned.

“Yeah, you are babe, but that’s why I love you,” Colt said. “You act all tough, but you are so caring and have so much love in your

“How gay are you?” Scott laughed.

“Fuck off!” Kris chuckled.

Matt had moved on from the wall dedicated to Nathan and was on the other side of the door, studying photos and items that all
related to him in some way. “Is this part all about me?”

“It’s about both of us,” Kris said. “After Nathan I never thought I’d have someone in my life who I would feel so close to and who I
consider as being like a step brother or something, but you’re the closest thing to family I have now, besides my parents.”

“This photo of me in Junior high is awful,” Matt said as all the friends gathered around. “Look how skinny I was.”

Scott laughed, “Damn, Matt, I knew you weren’t exactly big when I met you, but you look like your mom had been starving you

“I know! And you guys have tasted my Mom’s food so you know that isn’t true. Where did you get this, Kris?”

“Your mom gave it to me. She thinks you look really cute in it,” Kris replied.

“She’s my mom, she would,” Matt smiled.

“Look at this picture of Kris. He was pretty slim back then too,” Corey said, “And your hair was lighter than it is now.”

“Yeah,” Kris replied. “It’s got a bit darker. The same thing happened with Nathan, but mine hasn’t gone as dark as his was. That
picture was taken before I started working out. I had abs then too, but they were those skinny boy abs that come from having
barely any meat on your bones.”

“You look a bit like a geek,” Scott smiled.

“I kind of was,” Kris said. “This photo reminds me of how far I’ve come since then and how much I’ve changed. It’s about the only
thing in here, other than what you’ve already seen, from before I met Matt. You really have changed my life, bro, and I can’t tell
you how much I love you.”

“I think you’re doing that right now, Kris. I’m overwhelmed,” Matt replied.

“What’s with the Phys Ed uniform?” Colt asked.

“That was what we had to wear for gym class in high school,” Matt said.

“Yeah,” Kris added. “That symbolises what Matt was like when I met him. He was really shy and used to rush in to change before
everyone else.”

Matt laughed, “It’s pretty much the story I told you all in our apartment about how I realized I’m gay. I fucking hated that uniform
because I never wanted to have to get changed into it. I thought it would be obvious I was looking at the guys or that I wouldn’t be
able to control myself, so I always hated Phys Ed and having to get changed. I was really insecure about my own body too because I
knew I was nothing like the jocks I admired so I hid away from everyone.”

“And now you don’t care who sees your big dick,” Colt laughed.

“Or who gets to swing on it,” Scott said.

“Look who’s talking,” Matt smiled.

“Guilty as charged. But then we’re all whores.”

“I’m not!” Corey protested. “I’ve barely been with anyone compared to you guys.”

“Well you’ve fucked everyone in this room,” Scott said. “In fact Colt told me you were balls deep in his ass the other night and you
fucked him like you were making up for lost time.”

Corey was about to protest, but then he started laughing and held out his hand for a fist bump.

“Do you switch boyfriends often?” Scott asked after his pressed his fist to Corey’s.

“No, it’s pretty rare,” Matt replied.

“We do want to maybe do it a bit more often though,” Kris said. “It’s fun when we get to be open once in a while.”

“Hell yeah it is,” Colt said. “I love having sex with Kris, but I’ve had such a rush recently when I fucked Matt and then got fucked by
Corey. We need to switch it up a little more often.”

“Well invite me next time!” Scott laughed.

“Sorry Scott,” Kris said in a teasing tone, “We’re not just sleeping with anyone, we only swap boyfriends.”

“So I’ll bring Jess along,” Scott smiled. “He’s my boyfriend. He’d love to fuck around with you guys, especially you, Colt. You’re like
the straight guys in high school he always wanted but never got.”

“Straight? You should have heard Colt screaming when I fucked him,” Corey laughed. “That country boy right there is a born

“Fuck you!” Colt smiled.

“If you won’t invite me in to join in on the sex then at least let me use that new camcorder Corey bought Matt to film some of you
fucking each other. That would be so hot…” Scott smiled, just the idea of filming his friends in action made his dick plump up in his

“Oh wow,” Matt said, getting the guys attention.

“What?” Corey asked.

“This picture of me and Kris,” Matt replied, looking at a picture of himself and Kris with their arms around each other. “It’s from the
day we became friends. September 9 2005. We went to this fair and had an amazing time together.”

“Damn right we did,” Kris smiled. “That was the day I found my best friend. I kept that picture and the ticket stub if you look in the
bottom corner of the frame.”

Matt shook his head in disbelief. “I can’t believe you kept that.”

“It was important to me. It’s a day that changed my life and I want to remember it,” Kris said, pulling Matt into a hug. “I love you,

“I love you too, Kris,” Matt said, hugging him back.

Beside those items were some photos of the high school gang from various events, showing them all together having fun,
including a large picture of Kris bowling the perfect 300 during a game and celebrating it like he won the lottery, as well as a photo
of each other the gang from their senior prom. It made Matt and Kris remember how good high school had been once they found
each other, at least if they forgot their big argument, which they both tried to do.

Finally, in two frames, was their high school graduation program, open with their names showing on the page, and their high
school year book from their senior year.

“That’s to celebrate us both getting through high school in one piece,” Kris laughed. “It could have been the end for us, kind of like
it has been with some of our crew, but instead we’ve grown closer together and I am so happy to have not only shared that part of
my life with you, Matt, but to be sharing this one with you too.”

“I wouldn’t be here without you, Kris. I know I can be hard on your ass, on all of your asses, but I know how close I was to fucking it
all up in high school and not even making it to college, so now we’re there and we’re so far through now, I don’t want any of us to
make a mistake,” Matt said.

“We know, bro,” Kris said, patting Matt on the back. “Just maybe lighten up on some stuff. The studying and cleaning is fine, we
need you on our asses about that, but what we do socially…”

“Like fucking Toni,” Scott interrupted.

“Yeah…” Kris sighed. “That’s something you can’t control and something you need to lighten up about. I love you, but let loose a
little more and live a little. We know you and Corey will be old men together. Don’t get there and regret the things you didn’t do.
Be able to sit there when you’re old and look back on the amazing life you’ve had.”

“You’re right,” Matt said. “We all need each other for balance. You guys need me for some things and I need you too.”

“At least he admits it now,” Colt grinned.

“I do, but we need to move on. I want to see what else he’s been hiding from us,” Matt said.

Kris grinned and then stepped over to the back wall where there was a painting hung that said ‘Freshman’. “College was such a big
deal to me because I didn’t know if I’d get in, and then when I did I didn’t know if I would last. Thankfully having Matt with me
meant I’ve done as well as can be and having my best friend as my roommate was the best thing ever.”

“It was awesome for me too, Kris. You brought me out of my shell and I wouldn’t have met my three other best friends if it wasn’t
for you,” Matt said, looking around at four guys he loved more than anyone.

Kris turned around and walked over toward the beds. “When we finished our freshman year I really missed us being roommates so
I found out one of the dorms was getting rid of old beds and shit and managed to get these two from them. I managed to get them
back here with a little help from Dad and set this up so I could come here and just lay down on one of them and think about all the
great times we spent in that room.”

“So they’re not just to remember all the times you fucked on them?” Scott grinned.

“No, whore,” Kris smiled. “I didn’t fuck all that often on these beds, though my first time with a guy, when I fucked Corey, was on
one of these.”

“And we had an amazing 69 session on one,” Colt added.

“I lost my gay virginity on one to Matt,” Corey smiled, “my first time topping and bottoming with him was on one of those beds.”

“And the one time Matt and I fucked alone was on one too,” Scott said.
“We did have some awesome times on them,” Matt said, “especially all our nightly chats, Kris.”

Matt walked over to Kris and pushed him down onto the bed that would have been his before jumping onto the other one. They lay down and
just looked at each other as a warm feeling came over them and memories of their first year of rooming with their best friend flashed by in their

“So is this picture of the first day you moved in together?” Scott asked.

Matt and Kris continued lying on the beds while Colt, Corey and Scott kept going along the timeline.

“Yes,” Kris said, knowing what they were looking at without having to see it. “It was our first day as roommates. Up until then we had just been
best friends, but that was the first time we shared the room we would live in for a year. We had slept in the same room before, but it was just for
a night or two at a time. This time it was every night and it brought us closer together and was the beginning of the happiest time in my life.”

“What does this cup symbolise?” Colt asked.

“Oh yeah, we hadn’t met you back then,” Kris said. “This isn’t the actual cup, but it was a cup like this I drank out of the night I flipped out. We
still don’t know what that drink was spiked with.”

“That scared the shit out of me,” Corey said. “We were all so glad Matt could control you.”

“You wanted to kick Jess’s ass,” Scott said. “You thought we were all after you.”

“You thought we were in your room at home. I was terrified. I didn’t know what to do. I just wanted you to be okay,” Matt said. “All I could think
to do to calm you down and help you sleep was to hold you.”

“It meant the world to me, bro,” Kris said. “Knowing you were there for me, that you would always be there for me, it made me see the
friendship we have is real. Sure we’ve had ups and downs, but we’ve got a bond that can’t be broken.

“Where did you get this photo of me?” Scott said, moving further along the wall to where a photo of Scott and Yancey as teenagers at a
swimming pool hung in a frame, he instantly thought back to what he told Jess and briefly retold the story to his friends.

“Juan gave me that,” Kris said. “I don’t think he understood why, but he didn’t argue. I wanted something that symbolizes each of my best
friends. You love swimming and are a competitive guy, but above all, you can be friends with anyone, no matter how heated a rivalry you have
with someone or if they kick your ass. You are so strong Scott. You know who you are and you’re loyal and can open up your heart and forgive
people. I admire you for that.”

“You were the first real friend I made here,” Matt said. “You’ve helped me through so much and always been there for me. I know you think we
don’t value you as much as we do each other or that we don’t think of you in the same way, but we do. You mean the world to us Scott and we
don’t want you to forget that.”

“Thanks guys,” Scott said, genuinely touched. “I know I may have bitched about not being included on some things, like poker games with the
football players, the Holland trip and the sex, especially the orgies, but I really do love you guys. You’re great guys and amazing friends. Just the
fact that you wanted me here for this and that you invited me into your bed last night, Matt, and let me get between you and Corey was
something I will always remember. I could never have imagined that I’d come to college and be made part of such a close knit group as we are.”

“Does it still bother you that you don’t live with us?” Corey asked.

“You know what?” Scott replied. “It used to. I hated that I was on the outside looking in while the four of you were living it up together.”

“And now?” Colt asked.

“I realize I was taking things too seriously. If you lived in a four bed apartment I know I’d be right there with you, but you don’t. And I know that
if Matt and Corey weren’t together then another of us would have to live separately, so it doesn’t bother me now. Plus I’m not sure I could
handle being around two couples. It was bad enough with Garrett and Brennan. It makes it that much harder when you’re not getting any

“I thought things with you and Jess were really good,” Matt said.

“They still are, don’t get me wrong. I love him. We just don’t have sex as often as I’d like.”

“How’s Jordy as a roommate?” Kris asked.

“Great. I love him. He’s so funny. We get on really well.”

“Does that mean you’re fucking?” Kris laughed.

“No. We promised we wouldn’t do anything. We’re still attracted to each other, but it would be cheating on Jess and it would make things really
complicated. I know I’ve fucked around on Jess with a girl, but it was just sex, with Jordy it could develop into something much more because we
like each other so much. We said we’d never do anything as long as either of us is with someone. I just love being around a guy who actually
wants to spend time with me. Brennan and Garrett kept to themselves quite a lot. Jordy and I talk for hours, and he won’t admit it, but I can see
on his face that he’s so happy he doesn’t live alone now and has me. It kind of makes me feel good knowing that I’m helping him out a bit.”

“Has he ever hooked up with anyone?” Colt asked.

“He has,” Scott smiled. “A really fucking hot guy, I mean smoking, with a body like Kris and Corey. It’s a good job Jordy can’t hear because that
guy was screaming so fucking loud when Jordy was pounding his ass.”

“Remind me to give him a high five when we get back,” Kris laughed.

“Hold on a second,” Scott said. “Is this one of my swimming ribbons? Where the fuck did you get that?”

“Trevor sent it to me,” Kris said, worried that he’d overstepped the mark by asking Scott’s younger brother for something Scott treasured. “He
said you had so many you wouldn’t miss one.”

“It’s cool, I’m just surprised you went to so much trouble,” Scott said.

“You really do underestimate how much you mean to us, don’t you?” Kris asked.

“I guess so,” Scott said, hanging his head. That’s when he noticed a copy of the Street Fighter game him and Matt had spent so much time on
during freshman year. It made him really smile knowing he had bought Matt the new one. He picked it up.

“I felt it was fitting to get a copy of that,” Kris said. “You and Matt really bonded over it.”

“I’m still convinced you used to let me win, Matt,” Scott said. “That won’t happen with the new one. You’re going down bitch.”

“As long as it’s on Corey I don’t mind,” Matt winked, climbing up from the bed he’d been lying on.

He walked over to the wall to look at the section of the timeline dedicated to his boyfriend. He looked at Corey to see that he had a glimmer in
his eye that might have been a tear.

“You remember the day you met me?” Corey asked, looking at Kris.

“I do, babe,” Matt said.

“Yeah,” Kris said, also getting up from the bed. “I was going to hang a towel from a hook to show the first thing Matt saw you in, but I didn’t think
you’d appreciate that, so I just put up a picture of you from around that time. Then when we went to JJ’s I asked him if he had any pictures of you
or anything you used to do before we met you and he gave me this photo.”

Corey looked at the photo that was taken from his senior year high school yearbook. It was of the football team that JJ was a big part of, but it
had been blown up so it was bigger than the original he’d seen. JJ was front and center with a big smile on his face, surrounded by his
teammates. In the background, sitting completely alone on one of the bleachers, was Corey, with a book in his hand, though his eyes were
clearly focused on the team on the field.

“I was such a loser back then,” Corey said. “JJ and the guys treated me like crap, but I still had the biggest crush on him so I went to see him
practice and play. I’d sit alone and pretend to be studying, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off him.

Matt held Corey’s hand, remembering what Corey had told him earlier, but then his eyes settled on a recent picture of Corey and JJ. They had
their arms around each other and were smiling at the camera. They had come such a long way since high school, even just in their looks. In the
high school photo Corey was a skinny, dirty looking kid, whereas in the recent photo he was the muscle hunk he had become with the perfectly
spiked hair and clean look that made Matt melt.

“Hold on, what’s this?” Corey asked, spotting a flyer to an art exhibition.

Matt leaned in close and then turned to look at Kris in shock. “That’s from the art gallery I took Corey to when I had an art project to do. It was
kind of our first date.”

“I know,” Kris said. “It was such a big moment for the two of you that I was passing a couple of days later and picked up a flyer. It was the start of
the relationship that has made you happy, so it was something I wanted to remember.”

Matt smiled and Corey pulled Kris into a hug.

“Don’t get so happy yet,” Kris said, pointing to a cracked glass that was perched on top of a shelf.

“What’s that?” Matt asked.

“It’s a glass like the one you broke when you found Corey cheating on you. I don’t even think you realized you smashed it. You were crying so
hard and wouldn’t eat or drink, so finally I forced you to have a glass of water and when you were done drinking it you slammed it down and
asked if I was happy. The glass nearly shattered in your hand from the force, but you just turned over on your bed, curled back up and went to

“Was I really that bad?” Matt asked.

“Yes!” Kris and Scott both answered together before they started laughing.

“Do you have to have something here to remember that?” Corey asked. “They’ve been such good memories so far, but that one is a lousy one.”

“It’s an important one, though,” Kris said. “It made Matt stronger, and when he forgave you it made you closer as a couple. I thought it needed to
be included on the timeline.”

“Where’s this business card for?” Colt asked.

“I picked that up from the restaurant we went to the night we met you, bro,” Kris said. “At the time I didn’t think much about it, but I’m so glad I
have it now because that was the day I met the man who changed my life and who I fell in love with.”

Colt pulled Kris into a deep, passionate kiss with their hands running over each other’s body as their tongues battled between their mouths.

“You might wanna look at this stuff on you, Colt,” Scott said.

“Huh?” Colt asked, pulling away from Kris’s lips.

He glanced over to a little part of the timeline dedicated to him. There was a photo of him from when he was in high school. He too had been
much skinnier than he was now and looked even more like Chase than he did now he had developed a little more. He turned to look at Kris.

“Chase gave me that photo,” Kris said. “I asked him if he had one from before I met you and he thought that was a good one.”

“I do too,” Scott said. “I would have been so in love with you if I went to your high school.”

Colt laughed, “Probably not. I was a total douche back then.”

“He was,” Kris said. “He told me about it yesterday.”

Colt laughed and quickly recounted most of the story he had told Kris so his other friends would understand what he was talking about.

“Is this singlet Colt’s too?” Corey asked, holding up the wrestling singlet that was hanging from a hook.

“Fuck! It is!” Colt smiled. “Did Chase give you that too?”

“Yeah,” Kris smiled. “He said you had half a dozen you used to compete in. He gave me that one because he said it was your one for training and
not for competitions, which might mean something more to you.”

“Put it on,” Scott said.

“What? No way!” Colt replied.

“Come on, bro, you’ll look so fucking sexy in it,” Kris said.

“I’m about ten pounds heavier than I was when I used to wear that,” Colt protested.

“Yeah, but it’s all muscle,” Scott said.

“You’ll look amazing, Colt,” Matt added.

Corey held out the singlet and Colt cursed under his breath before he grabbed it and started taking his clothes off. First he pulled off his shirt and
tossed it on one of the beds, before throwing off his socks and shoes and pushing his pants to the floor, stepping out of them. He pulled the
singlet up, which was really tight around his thighs, crotch and ass, and then slipped the straps up onto his shoulders.

“Holy fuck!!” Kris exclaimed. “You have never looked hotter.”

“I agree, Colt…” Corey breathed, a little taken aback. “Incredible. I think you look hotter in that than Kris did in the one he wore for that fancy
dress party.”

Colt looked down and could see the green and yellow singlet hugging his body tight. It wasn’t too tight, but it was a very snug fit. His dick was
clearly visible through the tight material, which also clung to his abs and made each one of them look so big and hard. He had also grown a little
taller since high school, not much, maybe an inch or so, but it meant the straps were pulled tight and his hard, round pecs were almost
completely on show. Even his nipples were visible.

“You’ve got to stay like that for as long as we’re here now,” Scott said.

“Are you kidding?” Colt asked.

“Hell no,” Corey said.

“I agree,” Matt added. “You look so hot.”

“I’m having a hard time not jumping you right now,” Kris said, groping his hard cock through his pants.

“Fine. I’ll keep it on for now. What else is there?” Colt asked.

“He clearly loves you, Colt,” Scott said.


“Because there’s more stuff here for you than there is for me or Corey,” Scott said, picking up a dip can.

“It’s just because it was quite easy to get things that symbolize who Colt is, whereas you guys were tougher. Please add to what I’ve got here if
you have anything,” Kris said. “I want us all to be able to come here to remember the good times we’ve had together.”

“Put the cowboy hat on,” Matt said, seeing a felt Stetson hanging on a hook.

“With the singlet?” Colt asked.

“Yeah! It’ll be hot,” Scott said.

Colt chuckled and shoot his head, taking the hat from Matt and putting it atop his head with his bicep bulging.

“Oh yeah, that’s hot,” Corey said.

“Damn right it is,” Kris smiled.

“Do you have any dip in that can?” Colt asked.

“No, it’s an empty one,” Kris answered. “Why?”

“I just thought I’d complete the look,” Colt laughed. He then gasped and all his friends turned to see him get in close to the wall to study a
picture that was hanging in a frame. “This is me and my grandpa at his lake house. It’s from around the time he gave me that fishing rod and
helped to cheer me up so much after Chase and I fell out for what I did in high school.”

Kris could tell Colt was touched and went to him, putting his arm around his shoulder and hugging him tight. “Chase gave me a copy of that
because he said it was something that meant so much to you and was a big part of who you are today.”

“It is, bro,” Colt said, taking off the hat and hugging Kris back. “My grandpa is about the best man I’ve ever know and he has taught me so much.
This place is fucking awesome.”

They moved further along the timeline, looking at different photos and mementos until they got to one of the five of them outside the ski lodge
they stayed at during their first winter break. They all turned to look at each other and smiled, remembering the story they told to the freshmen.
They all came together in a group hug exactly like the one in the photo.

“I think that’s the first photo that was ever taken of the five of us together,” Kris said. “It makes me smile every time I see it. One day we’ll have
to go back up there, or somewhere similar anyway so we can try to relive it.”

“I’m up for that,” Scott said.

“Me too,” Corey and Matt agreed.

There were other photos that had been taken during the skiing trip, as well as the receipt for some of the skiing lessons the guys had taken. They
looked at each item and reminisced until they all came upon on open condom wrapper and turned to look at Kris with confusion and curiosity on
their faces.

“Oh shit,” Kris said. “I knew I should have taken that down.”

“Why do you have a condom wrapper tacked to the wall?” Matt asked.

“You’re gonna think I’m so weird,” Kris said.

“We already do,” Scott laughed. “What’s the significance of that?”

“Notice the date above it. January 2010…” Kris said.

“Is that from when you fucked me?” Corey asked, surprised.

“Yes,” Kris said, nodding his head. “I know me keeping that wrapper is strange, but it was a huge moment in my life. It was when I gave in to
thoughts I’d been having and let myself go. After that night with you Corey, and you Matt, it put me on the path I’ve taken since that has led to
me accepting my feelings for Colt and finally having him as my boyfriend.”

“That’s actually really sweet,” Matt said. “I never knew you were so sentimental.”

“Me neither,” Colt said.

“I guess you’ve both got things to learn about me then,” Kris smiled.

“Like why you have a speedo hanging here,” Scott said.

“I’m surprised you don’t know what that’s for,” Kris said. “Your birthday dance for Corey has become iconic.”

Scott laughed. “I like that you want to remember that.

“Don’t get too excited,” Kris laughed, “Though I may expect a repeat performance for my birthday.”

“That can be arranged,” Scott smiled and winked.

They moved along the wall, looking at more photos and items, including a razor to represent when Jess and Scott shaved Colt while he was
passed out. Matt came to a stop as he saw a flyer for the hotel he and Corey went to for their first Valentine’s Day together.

Kris saw the look on Matt’s face and chuckled before explaining, “I kept that flyer you brought home with you because it was that trip when you
said you realized you were in love with Corey and it was the first time the two of you went bareback. It was a massive step and it signifies to me
that you can love and trust someone so much that you’re willing to put your body, and possibly your life, in their hands.”

Matt smiled and nodded, completely agreeing with Kris’s assessment.
They moved along, looking at more pictures and dates, including a large circle of pictures  to show most of the guys who had come into their
group and had spent time with them, even those they no longer spoke to. There were pictures of Juan, Jess, Noah, Kendall, Alex, Michael,
Rick, Stephan, Liz, Hayden, TaShawn, Khalid, Garrett, Bryson, Brennan, Shawn, Bishop, Parker, Yancey, Jordy, Drew, Luke, Ted, Myles, Toni,
Andrea and Monica.

“Why do you have a picture of that bitch Monica?” Colt asked.

“As a reminder,” Kris said.

“Of what?”

“How close she came to fucking everything up for us,” Kris said. “She nearly tore us apart. When I think about everything that’s happened
between the two of us since then, and how different my life could have been, she is a key part of it because I think she brought us closer

“That’s true,” Colt agreed.

“When I was putting those pictures together I started thinking about her and how I could have lost one of the best friends I’ll ever have
because of her. I started thinking about how it was you who got me to cross boundaries I never thought I’d cross, and I have to be honest, but
I don’t think I would have ever bottomed for a guy if it hadn’t been with you that first time.”

“Really?” Colt asked. “Not even for Matt?”

Kris looked at Matt and smiled, turning back to Colt. “I think if I’d have really been interested in fucking guys or getting fucked before what
happened with you, Matt and I would have fucked long before we did. It never interested me before college, at all. It never really crossed
my mind until the ski trip, like I told you last night. And I really don’t think I would have done as much as I have with guys, if anything, if it
wasn’t for what developed between us. I think if Monica drove us apart, if Spring Break didn’t happen and we never gave into our
attractions, then I’d have just been happy to be with girls. It was you who started to make me want guys too. You unlocked something in me,
Colt, and I’m so happy you did and that Monica didn’t achieve what she wanted to.”

“Me too,” Colt smiled, pulling Kris in for a kiss.

A little further on there were a number of photos showing Kris and Colt as their friendship grew, as well as some of Scott and Jess as their
feelings developed and the got more hands-on in the photos.

“Oh, I remember that place,” Colt smiled when he reached a picture of the house from their first spring break.

“You should, bro,” Kris smiled. “That’s where you and I fucked for the first time.”

“That night was amazing,” Colt said. “I couldn’t believe what we were doing, but it just felt so right. After that I couldn’t stop thinking about

“I was the same,” Kris admitted. “It was the start of us becoming what we are today.”

“What’s the blanket for?” Scott asked.

“Oh…” Kris said, hesitating.

Colt laughed. “It’s the blanket we fucked on that night.”

“You remember?” Kris asked.

“I remember every detail from that night, Kris,” Colt said, kissing his boyfriend again. “You think I could forget the first time I had sex with a
guy, let alone one I was falling in love with?”

“Fuck, I love you,” Kris said, kissing Colt back.

“I love you too,” Colt smiled.

“You two are so fucking hot together,” Scott said.

“Well don’t get the camera out just yet,” Kris smiled as he pulled away from Colt.

They all took their time looking at other photos from their spring break adventure, from when they were on the beach, to in the big house
and Matt’s smaller apartment, which helped Scott happily recall the sex play that happened between himself, Matt, Corey and Garrett.

The next photo made Scott gasp because it was a picture of his bruised face. He didn’t even realize anyone had taken it, but he knew it was
from when Jess tried to beat him up after he flunked out.

Kris put a hand on Scott’s shoulder, “that’s like the picture of you and Yancey. It shows me how strong, amazing and forgiving you are. It
makes me see how petty I can be.”

“Do you ever think you’ll forgive Alex and Bishop?” Scott asked.

“Maybe,” Kris said. “I’d like to think we can get past it, but I’m not making the first move since I did nothing wrong. If they don’t want to be
around us then I can live with that, but if they ever want to make things right then I’ll do what I can to make sure that happens.”

The next section on the wall was set up like a collage. There were all kinds of photos from their first summer when they visited each other’s
houses arranged around the timeline; fireworks from the fourth of July and images from Matt’s house and around the pool at Scott’s. There
was also a picture of the makeshift campsite that was set up at Colt’s grandpa’s lake house, including the tent where Kris and Colt had the
conversation about not sleeping with each other anymore. They both remembered how powerful that conversation was, but part of them
now wondered if they were lying to each other.

On the wall next was another painting, only this one said ‘sophomore’ to signal the start of the second college year. Kris made sure to point
towards the sofa again, which was set up just like the living room in their dorm, making it clear they could come to relive those times
whenever they wanted.

“What the fuck is this?” Scott asked, seeing a towel sealed in plastic.

“Oh shit,” Kris said. “I don’t wanna say.”

“Why?” Colt asked.
“It’s too disgusting.”

“Tell us,” Matt pleaded.

“Fuck…” Kris said, walking away for a moment to think before returned to look at his friends. “Okay, you have to understand what a big deal
it was for me so you’ll see why I kept it.”

“Just tell us what it is!” Scott exclaimed.

“After I had sex with Colt those few times it had always been on my mind that one day I’d have sex with Matt…” Kris said.

“No way!” Corey screamed as his eyes went wide and he realized what the towel was.

“What?” Matt asked, confused.

“Surely you remember the night that you fucked Kris for the first time.”

“Yes, but…”

“Think about the ending,” Corey said. “After you started fucking Kris and Colt walked in on him riding your dick, the four of us all got into it
and you made Kris shoot all over himself, then you blew your load on him, so I did and then Colt decided to as well.”

Colt chuckled, “Kris was covered in four massive loads.”

“And he told us to grab him a towel…” Corey said, letting Matt put all the pieces together.

“Wait a second,” Scott said. “Are you telling me that’s the towel you used to clean the cum off your body, Kris?”

“Yes…” Kris sighed.

“Did you wash it?”


“So it’s still got four loads soaked into it? How fucking kinky is that?” Scott laughed.

“I feel like such a pervert now,” Kris said, hanging his head.

“It’s okay, babe, you’re my pervert,” Colt said.

Kris laughed at that and playfully punched Colt in the chest. Colt turned to look at the wall and frowned when he saw two pictures, one of
Kris and Jacee and the other of himself and Andrea.

“I wanted to include those to show that side of us,” Kris said. “And to maybe let us remember we were kind of lying to ourselves, and each
other, when we were with those two but kept coming back to each other.”

“Don’t worry,” Colt smiled. “I get that, and Andrea was a big part of my life.”

“Please tell me that study book isn’t here because it’s what made me flip when I tried to break up with Matt,” Corey said.

“Sorry, bro,” Kris said. “But I think it’s a pretty significant part of our life here too, especially when you look at it with the map that’s on the

Corey looked up to see the map of their home state, with two circles drawn on it, one around Kris and Matt’s hometown and the other
around the campus, with a huge line drawn between the two.

“That’s how far Matt drove through the night to be with you,” Kris continued. “He loved you so much he dropped everything and drove all
that way because you needed him. It was the night you both knew you were really in love with each other and you’ve been closer than ever
since then.”

Corey smiled and hugged his boyfriend, knowing that was true. He was actually thankful that he had his meltdown, because it did bring him
and Matt closer together and made him see how stupid he was in doubting his feelings and their relationship.

Next was a piece of plasterboard that had a fist sized hole punched out of it. Kris laughed when he showed it to the guys and explained that
he thought it was important to remember punching the wall in the dorm when he heard about his parents’ car accident, because it showed
how much of a loose cannon he used to be, and could revert back to if he wasn’t careful.

“Why is there a big cannabis leaf painted on the wall?” Scott asked. “Is it about me?”

“No,” Kris said. “It’s about Garrett. It was the best thing I could think of to represent his drug problems and to show us that we kind of let him
down and weren’t there for him. We need to all look out for each other and make sure something like that never happens to one of us or our
friends again.”
“That’s so true,” Scott said.

“Nice football jersey,” Colt said, moving on.

“Yeah, it’s one of the one’s Ted gave me that he signed. Luke’s signed it too. I think it’s so cool that we’re friends with them,” Kris said.

“You’ve got the magazine article we were in with them too,” Corey smiled.

“Yeah,” Kris said. “I know that wasn’t from the same time, but I figured they fit together and made more sense.

“I still can’t believe you’ve done all this,” Matt said.

“I’m full of surprises, bro, you should know that by now,” Kris smiled.

“You’re not kidding,” Scott laughed. “When I first met you I never thought for a second you’d ever do anything with a guy, even though I
wanted fuck you in the worst way, and now you not only fuck guys but you’re dating one.”

“I know,” Kris said. “You can never tell where life is gonna take you, but I think you’ve just got to go with it and enjoy the ride.”

“And he certainly enjoys the ride,” Colt smiled, reaching down to cup his crotch.

“So do you,” Kris and Corey said together as everyone laughed.

When they stopped chuckling they moved on and studied the collection of fliers and programs arranged on the wall. There was one for the
Dorm Daze, one for Parent’s Day, accompanied by a photo Kris’s father had taken of Colt being comforted by Kris, Matt and Corey, and one
for a football game on campus. The programs were also of different football games, including the away game they travelled to when they
stayed at Bishop’s cabin.

“What’s this shirt?” Scott asked.

“That’s from when Matt had his fight with the frat boy and got beer thrown on him,” Kris answered.

“I thought you’d thrown that out?” Matt asked.

“I was going to after you couldn’t get the stain out,” Kris said, “but I was so proud that you stood up for yourself and defended who you are,
so I guess I didn’t want to just throw it away.”

The final picture to the little section they were studying was one of Kris, Colt, Corey and Scott all huddled around Matt in the hospital,
comforting him when his father was ill. It was taken just before Matt’s dad passed away.

“Who took this picture?” Matt asked, having never seen the photo before.

“Your mom,” Kris smiled. “She told me she knew we were close, but until that moment she never really knew how close. She said she knew
then what the five of us share is something special and it was one of the things that told her she could move on with her own life because
you’d get along fine since you’ve got us.”

Matt smiled, seeing the love his friends had for him clearly visible in the photo, as well as being happy that his mother was finally doing
something for herself.

Arranged on the next section of the timeline was a collection of photos and items from their various trips during their sophomore year.

To symbolise their trip to Las Vegas for Juan’s wedding was a brochure from the hotel they all stayed in, as well as photos of the group and
the happy couple that were taken during and shortly after the wedding. Scott really liked one of him and Juan as the groom and best man
since it showed the close bond they also shared. Below the photos, placed on a small table, was a pack of playing cards, some casino chips,
and most impressive of all, an old slot machine.

“I found that in an antique store in town,” Kris smiled, pulling a quarter from his pocket and slotting it into the machine. He pulled the lever
and waited as the reels spun and then came to a stop. “I’ve got the key to the back of the machine so I can get the money out and keep
playing, but it’s more fun to try and win it back.”

“That’s fucking awesome,” Colt said. “I’m so having a go on that before we leave here.”

“Me too,” Matt said.

To remember their sophomore spring break there were photos of Bishop’s house, including a nice shot of Kris and Brad once they settled
their differences, as well as the camp site that had been so much fun. Images showed different collections of their friends gathered in little
groups, ranging from Garrett and Brennan sitting with their arms around each other, clearly in love, to Ted playing around with Cody by
having him in a headlock. There were also two photos from the naked beach, the first being of the beach itself, showing the beach and clear
water, and the second being of the five of them, all completely naked with their arms around each other and huge smiled on their faces.

A picture of Scott and Jess together showed them coming back together after the fight that could have torn them apart. They looked very
happy together.

Then there was the Holland trip. Scott was happy to hear his friends describe their trip in detail as they looked over various photos that were
taken throughout the trip. Alongside the photos were a program and flier from the art museum as well as the flier for the gay club they all
went to and had sex.  The map that Kris had used when they all got lost was also pinned to the wall, which got a laugh from all of the friends
as they recalled the situation. There was also a bicycle propped up against the wall.

“I loved riding round Amsterdam,” Kris said, “so when we got back I bought a cheap bike and I keep it here. Sometimes I’ve come here
wanting a bit of peace and quiet so I just sit around and other times I park the car and go riding on the bike. It’s pretty quiet around here to
they’re really good roads to ride on.”

“You’re a lot deeper than people give you credit for,” Scott said. “Keeping all this stuff is really sweet.”

“I’ve treasured every minute with you guys,” Kris said. “I know not everything has been great between us, but we’ve got through the bad
times and grown closer together, so it’s all been part of the experience and building the bond.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Matt said.

Finally was a section dedicated to their junior year, which was only half way through.

“I’ve not done much for our junior year yet,” Kris said. “So if any of you want to help or have anything to contribute I’d love you to bring it

“I’ve got a few things I could add,” Scott said.

“Me too,” Matt agreed.

“Awesome,” Kris said. “I’ve got these pictures of the apartment and our complex.”

The friend’s scanned the photos and thought about what they could add to the timeline.

“What’s this beer bottle for?” Corey asked.

“This is where I get soppy again,” Kris laughed. “That was the bottle Colt was clutching when he confessed his feelings for me and we finally
gave in to our feelings.”

Colt laughed, “I was so fucking nervous.”

“I know,” Kris smiled. “You clutched on to that bottle like you were scared it was going to run away.”

“I guess I wanted to feel something close to me in case you rejected me,” Colt said.

“You two are the cutest fuckers ever,” Scott said.

“I kept the receipt from the restaurant we went to that night too,” Kris said. “It was pretty much our first date as boyfriends and Colt actually
paid for the meal.”

“Wait? Colt paid for the meal?” Corey asked in shock.

“I know, bro,” Kris said, “I was shocked too.”

“He must really fucking love you,” Matt laughed.

“I take it you put out since he paid for the meal?” Scott asked.

“Damn right he did,” Colt laughed. “Why do you think I paid?”

Scott laughed and high fived Colt, while Kris put on a pouty expression as if he was really upset until he too started laughing.

“Is this football program from the day of the bust up?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, bro,” Kris replied. “That’s when Alex showed his true colors and the other guys followed him. It’s not the greatest memory, but it
reminds me I don’t need to be friends with everyone, even though I often try to be, because I have the four best friends I could ever wish for
right here with me.”

“I feel exactly the same,” Matt said.

“Me too,” Corey added.

“Okay, enough of the emotional shit,” Colt laughed. “Awesome picture of that deer you killed, Kris, I wish I had a picture of the look on your
face when you killed that sucker. I don’t think you’ve ever looked happier.”

“Not even when you’ve been fucking his ass?” Scott asked.

“Okay, maybe apart from then, this boy loves having my dick in his ass,” Colt smiled.

“Which would explain this bottle of lube,” Corey laughed.

“Though notice there’s nothing else,” Matt said. “Is that because you started fucking bareback?”

“Yeah, bro, I knew you’d get it,” Kris smiled. “That was a really special day for me since I knew Colt and I were for real and we’re committed
to each other.”

“It was great sex too,” Colt laughed.

“When is it not with Kris?” Scott asked.

“True…” Colt chuckled.

“That’s all I have for now. I wasn’t gonna show you this place until graduation, but now seemed like the perfect time. We’ve still got our
junior and senior years to get through, so we can add to the wall over the next eighteen months,” Kris said.

“Yeah we can,” Colt agreed.

“We all turn 21 and then there’s the cruise,” Corey said. “You’ll need some room for all of those pictures, and maybe something to play some
videos on now…”

“You’re right,” Kris smiled. “I may have to get a better TV.”

“What’s in that box?” Scott asked, pointing to a box that was pushed against the far wall.

“Oh, that’s… erm…” Kris stammered.

“What?” Matt asked.

“Oh fuck it, I’ll show you,” Kris said, walking over to the box and picking it up. He took it over to one of the beds and opened it up. “Apart
from the photos where we’re all naked and usually hard that I didn’t want Dad to see, I wanted something to specifically remember you all
by, so I went underwear shopping…”

“You bought underwear?” Matt asked.

“Yes,” Kris replied. “Something like what you guys wear now.”

He pulled out a small pair of briefs and then tossed them over to Matt. A second pair was flung at Scott.

“I think if I had to try on the singlet then you guys have to try on those briefs,” Colt said.

Scott and Matt looked at each other and then nodded, “Agreed.”

“Not so fast, Colt,” Kris said. “I have a pair for you too, so if they’re putting theirs on, then all five of us need to put them on.”

Colt sighed, but then nodded, “okay,” he said as a pair of boxer briefs was thrown at him.

Finally Kris handed Corey a pair of boxer briefs and held a pair of boxers in his own hand, “Ready to try them on?”

“Are you serious with these?” Colt asked, holding up the boxer briefs that were made almost entirely from mesh with only a thin strip of
dark material for the pouch and waistband.

“Okay, maybe they’re not what you would normally wear so much as they’re what I want to see you wearing,” Kris smiled.

Colt chuckled and pulled down the straps on his singlet to expose his cut upper body. Each of his friends took the time to admire him as he
pulled the singlet, which was extremely tight around his thighs, down to his ankles and then stepped out of it. He had also pulled his boxers
down with the singlet. He stood in all his naked glory with his near symmetrical pecs and his hard abs rising with his breath. His hard dick was
also bouncing up and down with precum glistening on the tip.

Kris walked over to him and ran a finger over the head of Colt’s cock, scooping up the precum before he lifted his finger to his mouth and
licked it off. Colt moaned and then looked down at Kris’s other hand to see what boxers he had chosen for himself.

“Let’s see yours,” Colt said.

Instead of holding the boxers up for all to see, he quickly pulled off his shirt and pushed down his jeans to reveal that he was going
commando. He kicked off his socks and shoes and then pulled the tight boxers up until they were wrapped around every curve on his body,
from his hips to his thick legs and from his big, round muscular ass to his rock hard, throbbing cock, which was outlined in such detail through
the fabric you could tell he was cut. His upper half was completely exposed and the rippling muscles were complemented by the tight
material holding everything in place and even emphasizing some of his lesser focused on muscles.

“Fuck me,” Scott breathed.

“Maybe later,” Kris chuckled.

“You do look amazing,” Corey said, admiring the 8 pack abs that ran up Kris’s stomach, hoping his looked even half as good.

“Why don’t you wear boxers like that normally? You’d have me constantly wanting to rip them off you,” Colt said.

“I think any guy who saw him in them would want to fuck him,” Matt smiled.

“Girls too,” Corey added.

“I picked the underwear I thought everyone would look best in,” Kris said. “Now don’t leave me as the only one wearing them.”

Scott, Corey and Matt smiled and pulled off their clothes, tossing them onto one of the beds as they took the underwear Kris had got for
them and pulled them on. Colt had also slipped into his new boxer briefs and was getting used to the strange sensations of wearing the

A collective gasp filled the room as they all looked at each other in the underwear. Colt’s mesh boxer briefs left literally nothing to the
imagination. It may have been that he was rock hard and his dick was pushing against the tiny pouch, but his dick looked huge and like it
almost couldn’t be contained. The pouch itself barely covered the goods and it was easy to see Colt’s trimmed pubes through the mesh, as
well as getting a glimpse of his balls. He turned around when he noticed everyone’s eyes were on him, showing them all his nice, meaty
bubble butt that was framed perfectly in the underwear, which cupped the cheeks and clung to them whilst allowing a full view of the two
round mounds and the crack that ran between them. His muscles seemed to pop and his friends thought he looked even hotter than he did
in the singlet.

Scott was next, stepping in to a tiny pair of briefs that were so small they were barely an inch thick at the smallest section. If there had been
any less material it would probably have been considered a thong and made a speedo seem modest. They were a dark blue color, with a red
waistband and a white section directly over his hard cock, which they all knew would be pretty much see-through if they ever got wet. The
color made the tone of Scott’s skin stand out as he was still nicely tanned, but above all they made his body look absolutely incredible. His
waist was barely covered and the cuts at his hips didn’t even disappear below the waistband, they were fully visible, as was the fine
sprinkling of hair that ran from his belly button down into his pubes and further defined the cut 6 pack that looked like it had been chiselled

“How can Jess not fuck you more often?” Kris commented.

“You like what you see?” Scott asked.

“We all do,” Matt replied. “Corey and I had a hard time keeping our hands to ourselves last night.”

Scott beamed hearing that from his friends, the hottest guys he knew. His eyes turned to Matt who was also wearing a tiny brief, but his
were slightly different in that they were almost a Y front, having a side opening to the pouch. They were a light blue with a darker blue for
the waistband and trim along the pouch. They cupped his huge, 8 inch cock in a way that made it look like his dick was being presented on a
cushion. His abs and chest were completely shaved, which made them seem even more defined. His body was a little bigger than Scott’s and
his pecs were larger, giving them a little more shape and definition.

Finally all attention turned to Corey. Their eyes went wide seeing the blond stud with his spiked up hair in the incredibly tight boxer briefs.
He turned around to show them his ass, which was framed perfectly in the black material and looked so big as it curved out from his back. His
thick cock was outlined, but somewhat hidden, which made them all feel like pulling them down to see what was underneath. They were
pulled tight around his huge thighs, with their fine dusting of blond hairs, and his own 8 pack looked amazing. Scott thought he was tensing
his abs to show off for them, but when Corey kept breathing in and out and the definition never changed he couldn’t believe that they were
actually that cut. His pecs were the biggest of them all, being large mounds of muscle, with two perfectly positioned nipples that were
calling out to be licked.

“Holy fuck, Corey,” Colt groaned. “You have the hottest fucking ass I’ve ever seen.”

“I should be insulted, but he’s right, bro,” Kris agreed. “I’ve never seen an ass I’ve wanted to sink my dick into more than yours.”

“I have the same reaction every time I see it,” Matt said. “Hottest guy I’ve ever met.”

“I’m so fucking horny right now,” Scott said, gripping his dick through his briefs. “Let me see some of those photos you have hidden in that box.”

Kris laughed and walked back over to the box. He pulled out the photos he had printed inside and handed them around. Among the photos there was a picture of Kris and Corey, both rock hard, that Matt had taken the night Kris fucked Corey, a picture of Matt and Corey, naked, kissing and fondling each other’s cocks on Matt’s bed that Kris had taken one night and a photo of Kris and Colt making out with their hard cocks touching each other.

“They are so hot,” Corey said. “I think I need to jerk off or I’m gonna fucking burst.”

“Me too, bro,” Kris said, pulling his boxers down and tucking the waistband beneath his balls. “And judging from the bulges everyone has right now we all need to take care of our hard fucking cocks.”

“Please don’t tell me I’m gonna have to jerk off watching you lovers enjoy each other,” Scott said.

The other friends all looked at each other and grins lit up their faces.

“Not at all,” Matt said as they all closed in on Scott.

Before Scott could react he was wrapped up in Colt’s arms and was pulled hard against Colt’s chest, feeling his hard dick press against his ass, which made his own cock jerk. Matt and Corey quickly kissed each other and then dropped down to their knees in front of Scott, while Kris moved in close and took Scott’s head in his hands as he planted a steaming hot kiss on his lips.

With Kris attacking his lips and Colt running his hands over his body, Scott almost didn’t register Matt and Corey kissing up his thighs until they were kissing his hard cock, which was still encased in his tight briefs. He moaned into Kris’s mouth and clung to him with both hands as his briefs were pulled down, exposing his leaking dick, which sprang up and slapped Corey on the cheek.

Corey immediately took the cock into his mouth and went to work, furiously sucking on the hot, uncut cock. He loved playing with the foreskin with his tongue, lips and teeth. He loved the taste of Scott’s precum on his tongue and eagerly bobbed up and down on the cock.

Matt saw the precum that was smeared on Corey’s cheek and leaned in to lick it off. He then moved his head down so he was sucking on Scott’s balls. Scott was no longer kissing Kris now, but still had to hold him, as well as clutching one of Colt’s arms since it was wrapped around his chest, to make sure his legs didn’t buckle as Matt sucked on his balls and Corey went to town on his cock.

“How does that feel, Scott?” Kris asked, running his hand over Scott’s body.

“So fucking good,” Scott panted. He pulled Kris in for another kiss and then ran his hand down the stud’s body until he was stroking the throbbing seven inch cock between his legs.

Corey pulled off Scott’s cock and Matt immediately took over. Corey’s lips and mouth travelled up to kiss Scott’s abs and then he went back down and licked along Scott’s shaft until his tongue met Matt’s and slipped into his mouth, which still had the head of Scott’s cock inside it.

Scott moaned and pushed Kris back so he could look down to see Matt and Corey together, each one licking up and down the side of his cock. They were looking up at him with lust filled eyes as their tongues met and swirled all around his shaft. Kris moaned seeing that too and his dick pulsed in Scott’s hand. Colt wondered what he was missing and looked over Scott’s shoulder. When his eyes met Corey’s and saw his tongue licking Scott’s cock his own dick twitched and leaked even more precum that was absolutely soaking the pouch of his boxer briefs.

Matt took over on Scott’s cock again and swallowed it this time. Feeling his dick slip into Matt’s throat made Scott quiver all over and he could feel his orgasm rising inside him. He tried to move to say something, but Colt held him close and then leaned in, running his tongue up Scott’s neck. Scott moaned and threw his head back, which is when Kris also started kissing his neck.

Between one set of boyfriends kissing and licking his neck and the other on their knees working every inch of his cock with their lips and tongues, he couldn’t hold back. His dick pulsed and jerked and started to spray cum, first into Matt’s mouth and then all over Corey and Matt’s faces once Matt pulled his head back.

While he was still reeling from his amazing orgasm, Scott watched on as Matt and Corey licked the cum from each other’s faces. He expected them to then share it with each other, but Matt reached for Kris and pulled him into a hot, tongue filled kiss while Corey did the same to Colt and they shared Scott’s cum between them, passing it back and forth.

“That is so fucking hot,” Scott said.

With the four of his friends still kissing, Scott reached down and felt his soft cock before turning his attention to the four hard cocks in front of him. He dropped to his knees and took the closest cock in his mouth while they were still kissing.

“Oh fuck, Scott, suck that dick!” Kris moaned, pulling away from Matt.

Hearing Kris enjoying it, Scott doubled his efforts and really sucked Kris’s dick until Kris let out a deep moan, gripped onto his head and shot a nice load right onto his tongue and into the back of his throat. Kris pulled his cock out of Scott’s mouth, who was still swallowing the load, when Corey slid his dick between Scott’s lips and started fucking his face.

Scott moaned because Corey was both gentle and forceful, so he was using Scott’s mouth to get off but it was in a way that meant Scott loved it. Corey had been getting closer and closer as he and Colt kissed and Colt’s hand had been working his cock, stroking it up and down. Scott took over and clamped down on Corey’s thick cock. He pushed his head down until Corey’s fat cock was lodged in his throat and then he felt warmth flood his mouth as Corey unloaded.

When Corey withdrew, Scott’s jaw was starting to ache, but he told himself he couldn’t suck two of his friends and not get the other two off as well. He took hold of Matt’s big cock and pulled it closer until he could wrap his lips around it. He immediately went to work, bobbing up and down and taking as much into his mouth as possible. It pushed his limits so he focused on the head and used his hands to jerk the base.

“Oh god, take that fucking dick, Kris,” Scott heard Colt moan. He took his head off Matt’s cock but kept jerking him as he turned to see Kris on his knees getting his face fucked by his boyfriend.

That turned up the heat inside Scott and he furiously sucked on Matt’s cock until he was taking a third load down his throat. As soon as Matt stopped shooting Scott licked his dick clean and then crawled across the floor. He pushed Kris out of the way and devoured Colt’s cock, pushing past his gag reflex so it was buried in his throat. A few quick bobs up and down as he squeezed Colt’s balls and then tugged on them was all it took to get the final explosion to happen in his mouth.

After Colt pumped the last of his cum into Scott’s mouth he slapped Scott on the cheek with his cock and watched as Scott fell back onto the ground, exhausted.

They all sat around recovering from the amazing orgasms and relishing that they were all so close and could share something so intimate with each other. Scott loved that he was part of it all and got to take all four loads.

“What’s under the sheet?”

It was Corey’s voice. He had recovered enough to start looking around again and had noticed the sheet that covered part of the wall that had not been used by Kris for his memories and timeline.

“Oh,” Kris said, getting to his feet. “Even I haven’t seen that yet. When I came home for Thanksgiving I came here and wanted to do something extra special to give it that extra touch, so I found a guy who does these amazing portraits and murals and I knew I wanted him to do one for us to put in here. I went to speak to him and he said he could actually paint straight onto the wall if I wanted him to, so I gave him a picture I wanted to recreate and then gave him a spare key. He said he only finished it last week, so I’m as excited as you are to see the finished thing.”

Kris gripped a corner of the sheet and pulled it from the wall. All of the friends gasped, including Kris, as their eyes took in what was painted on the wall. It was all five of them in almost life size form with their arms around each other and huge smiles lighting up their faces. It suddenly dawned on Matt that it was a copy of the photograph he had manipulated and given to Kris. It was taken when they all stayed near Corey’s during their first summer together and was a great moment. The difference between this mural and the photograph though was that Nathan and Derek hadn’t been photoshopped in but had rather been painted in even closer so it really looked like they were part of the group of friends, and at the top, above all their heads and against a beautiful background were the words BROTHERS FOREVER.

They all smiled, knowing the mural spoke the truth. They all moved over to sit on the sofa and cuddled up with their arms around each other and their eyes still focused on the painting while they thought about everything they had been through together and all the things that were still to come.


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