It was one thirty in the morning. Corey kissed his boyfriend of over two years and wished him a happy 21st birthday. The kissing
continued and lead to them making love. Corey enjoyed the feeling of being inside Matt so much it felt so special. Matt
completed him. They had their arguments, their disagreements and their fights, but in the end they loved each other and would
always work things out. Walking when either of them was upset with the other was probably what saved their relationship and
made them even closer.

Corey didn’t know when, but at some point he fell asleep. The alarm clock woke him up from that beautiful futuristic scene to the
current one, where he and Matt were still entwined after their sex.

He was up far quicker than Matt had seen before and when he tried to exit the bed Corey forbid him from leaving it. Matt grinned
and got a bit of a kick from being told what to do. He grabbed his computer and played with it while Corey went into the kitchen
to make Matt breakfast in bed.

Corey finally returned to their bedroom, holding a tray of food, which Matt assumed was breakfast. However, that was not the
only reason Matt had a smile on his face, Corey was completely naked. Matt sat up and accepted the tray. The romance didn’t
stop there as Corey spoon fed his breakfast to him.

“Today, you’re not lifting a finger." Corey said as Matt accepted another mouthful of food.

"I love you so much, Corey, but can I eat the rest by myself? Breakfast in bed was a beautiful gesture, and the food is actually
great, but I feel like I'm a little kid and I'm trying not to giggle every time you put more food in my mouth."

Corey smiled. "I just wanted to be romantic, but I have to admit I had to fight off the urge to laugh."
Both started laughing and Corey handed Matt the spoon, laying the tray across his lap. After devouring the eggs, bacon and
special pancakes that Corey made for him, it was Corey's turn to eat. He took Matt's cock whole and eventually drank all the fluid
that came from it.

After that Matt and Corey showered together, with Corey completely bathing him from top to bottom. Matt was getting used to
the birthday treatment and joked, “Don’t expect this treatment when you turn 21.”

Corey laughed, “I won’t, as long as you remember my birthday this time.”

Matt recalled that he completely forget it their freshman year. They got dressed and prepared for their trip home, which Matt
had timed perfection so he would get to his mother’s just in time for the festivities, or whatever Linda had prepared, to begin.

“Do you have any idea what Mom has in store for us?” Matt asked.

“Nope,” Corey lied. He wanted the small gathering of his high school buddies and his friends to be a surprise. Matt obviously saw
through the lie and stared at Corey as he drove.

“You might as well tell me,” Matt stated matter-of-factly. Corey kept his mouth shut, but only briefly as something else came to
his mind.

“You surprised me last night.”

“There’s a first,” Matt smiled, “What exactly did I do?”

“Just how you opened up to everybody and told that story about realizing you’re gay.”

“That was nothing, Corey. They’re my friends and I trust them.”

“I know,” Corey stopped. Finding the right words, he continued. “It’s just you’ve always kept telling people your life is private.”

Matt laughed, “No, Corey, our sex life is private. I don’t need to broadcast what I like to do to you or how many times you’ve
fucked me in the last few days.”

“Which is well below our usual quota,” Corey smiled, which made Matt laugh even more.

“That story was personal. I don’t think I ever mentioned Daniel to you before.”

“Not really,” Corey stated. “Don’t worry, you never have too.”

“It’s not that I’m ashamed of it. I lost my virginity to some idiot I met on the internet. He played with my emotions and that was
that. I just wish I’d waited for someone I loved.”

“I did that, and it was so special, but then I fucked that other guy and I’m so glad he wasn’t my first. Sorry, I shouldn’t mention
him. My point is, the past isn’t important to me, mine or yours. What is important is the today, tomorrow and every other day I’m
with you.”

Matt kissed Corey after that and then thought to himself for a few minutes. “Is that why you never told me more about where
you grew up?”

Not liking where the conversation was going, Corey treaded carefully. He deflected the comment by saying, “Matt, you know my
mom and Larry and you’ve seen the shithole where I’m from.”

“Yeah,” Matt said, but he was determined to continued, “But you always kept quiet about growing up there. You told me your
high school days were rough, but you never went into any detail about.”

“Rough doesn’t begin to describe the alienation, humiliation and embarrassment that was inflicted on me.” Corey said. He had
kept the details of that to himself because he didn’t like reliving those moments, and thinking about Elliot made him upset all
over again. “You had Kris your entire time in high school… Let me just say I placed my trust in the wrong guy, Elliot.”

Matt could feel the emotions from Corey as he spoke his name. “Corey… we don’t have to talk about it. I know those days weren’t
the best.”

“They weren’t Matt, and the reason I never told you about isn’t just because I prefer to look towards the future. I never wanted
your pity either.”

“Corey, whatever happened, you overcame it. You changed and became a better person. If I had pity for you, it wouldn’t be
needed now. However, I will let the matter drop if you want.”

“Thanks, babe.”

Corey thought about it, though, and he believed that finally opening up might help somewhat. He trusted Matt with his life. He
decided to pull into a fast food joint so they could grab some food.

“Matt, I want to tell you what it was like back then. It isn’t pretty, but it is the truth.”

“Okay, babe.” Matt said, “Whenever you’re ready.


It was my sophomore year in high school when things got really fucked up. By that time I knew I was gay, but I hadn’t told a soul. I
tried dating girls but it wasn’t working for me. I couldn’t hide who I was.

Elliot was my best friend throughout all of high school, and junior high before that. We hung out together all the time. I thought I
could trust him with my secret because he understood my poor upbringing and it made no difference to him. He knew the reason
I came to school smelling bad sometimes. Mom never believed in washing clothes, being drunk most of the time, so I thought
telling him about my sexual preference was something I could confide in him.

Then two weeks before the prom I overheard a conversation he was having with mutual friends of ours. Ben and Josh were great
guys that I met New Years Eve the year before when they invited me to go with them for a party at JJ’s house. JJ was the high
school quarterback and was one of the guys who helped confirm that I was gay because I thought he was so hot.

Ben and Josh were talking trash and I heard Ben say, “Did you see the way Ryan was walking? That and the scarf he was wearing
made him look like a motherfucking faggot.”

“Yeah,” Josh agreed. “I’m so glad these homos are nowhere near this school, or even in this town.”

I stood there hoping Elliot would defend gay guys, or at least not show so much disgust, but instead he said, “I don’t think I’d ever
be friends with a faggot. What if he came on to me with his AIDS diseased body?”

I felt my heart break and walked away feeling like I’d just been punched in the stomach. Did he really think like that? Would he
think the same way about me? I’d never heard Elliot talk like that, even if I heard crap like that from Ben and Josh on occasion. To
be friends with someone for five years and not know who he was inside almost brought a tear to my eye. I thought nothing would
ever change how close we were as buddies. I realized then that although we had been close he rarely spoke about himself. He
just listened to my bitching and moaning.

I knew I couldn’t tell him or anybody else about me being gay. I just couldn’t. Not only that, but I knew if it came out everyone
would know I had a crush on JJ. It wasn’t serious, but he was hot. He had always dated the head cheerleader, but I dreamed about
what would happen if he showed an interest in me. I think every young gay guy does that. At night for almost a year, I would
escape my life and just write about my future with JJ as my husband in this little notebook. I thought if I got the thoughts out of
my head it would help me hide them that much better. That stupid decision pretty much destroyed my high school life.

One morning, the day before for the prom, I was trying to exit class when Elliot stopped me.

“Did I do something to you, bro?”

“No,” I said very quickly. It was true that I hadn’t really chilled with him since I overheard his comment. “I just needed to deal
with my mom. She’s been getting worse.”

“Well,” Elliot said, seriously, “she is a drunk.”

“Elliot, I don’t want to hear that from you!” I stated very loudly.

“Corey, just tell me what’s wrong. We always joke about you mom’s drinking habits.”

I couldn’t hold it in, that comment was replaying in my head over and over again. “You know what Elliot? Fuck you!”

I just picked up my bag and walked out the door. I left in such a hurry that I never noticed a notebook falling from my bag since I
hadn’t zipped it up properly. Elliot saw it though and instead of calling out to me to tell me I’d dropped it, he opened it up and
read it.

I think he wanted to see if it explained my behavior, but as he was reading he saw that inside one of the pages was a letter I
wrote to JJ, confessing my feelings for him. I would never have actually sent it to him or given it to him, but it comforted me
knowing I had it there with me. There was another letter too, but that one was to Elliot, explaining how I was gay and that I hoped
it wouldn’t change our friendship. The next day, the day of the Junior Prom, was a day I will never forget.

Elliot walked up to the microphone to announce this year’s prom king and queen. Being student president and high school
newspaper editor, he was given that honor. He carefully read the nominees of the queen’s that the student body selected and
then he said there was a last minute entrant. That’s when he announced my name to everyone, “Corey Teller”.

“That’s right guys,” he continued. “Corey, my former best friend, is in fact a closeted queen. And here’s the proof, ‘Elliot, there’s
something I wanted to tell you…”

He proceeded to read the letter out loud and I felt my whole body burning with a mixture of embarrassment, shock and betrayal.
I looked around and saw people staring at me. My date, Kara, slapped me and then walked away. Then JJ, who was still the most
popular guy in school yelled, “Faggot! Get the fuck out of our prom! We don’t want your kind here!”

I ran out and walked home in the pouring rain. I cried myself to sleep that night but the next morning things got worse. I went
online to check my facebook account and there were 50 hate messages written there. My phone also had texts from pretty much
everyone who had my number saying how I should die.

Finally school again on Monday and I dreaded going in, knowing what would happen. The moment I walked in I felt like the whole
school was staring at me. When I reached my locker I just stared at it because written in bold letters across it was, “DIE! FAGGOT!”

At lunch, Josh and Ben sat next to me and I thought they were gonna be cool but they just told stupid jokes about being gay. I just
sat there and took it. I thought maybe it would blow over. That summer, I made sure I was visiting with Heath and Lane and was
away from the town.

“Corey, you sure you okay?”

“Yeah, I am,” I lied. I didn’t know how they’d take it so I kept my secret away from them. I forgot about my troubles and school
and had a blast with the guys. Then September my Senior year from hell began.

Elliot and JJ joined forces to torture me. At the beginning it was small pranks, childish shit like having me sit in ink or glue or
stealing my clothes while I was changing for Phys. Ed. Every week a new saying was added to my locker and I had never felt so

Then two weeks before Halloween I was walking home and out of nowhere Josh and Ben grabbed me. One of them hit me on the
back of the head and the next thing I knew I woke up tied to the football goal posts naked. Written all over my body was word
fag. My entire head was shaved bald, which they took great pleasure in showing me in a little hand mirror. In the distance I heard
laughter. When I managed to get my hands out, since they were pretty crap at tying knots, I realized to my horror that I’d been
peed on. I could smell the horrible stench on my body. It wasn’t just my body, but phone, my wallet and what remained of my

I didn’t run. I just picked up my stuff and walked home. I was surprised they let me just walk off, but I knew it would be the talk of
the school. The anger I felt was beyond rage and beyond hatred. During the wake of shame home I couldn’t understand why Elliot
would do that to me. We had been such good friends, and even though I didn’t think he’d understand I never expected to
reaction I got. I needed to know why he hated me so much so I built up the courage walked up to him during first period. He was
chatting with Kara.

“What the fuck do you want, faggot?” she said to me.

“Fuck off bitch,” I yelled at her. The anger had been building inside me for weeks now. “Elliot, I need to talk to you.”

“I have nothing to say to a queer boy who likes to dress up in his mother’s clothes.”

Kara laughed at the stupid joke.

“WHY?! Why did you do this to me?”

“I seem to recall you saying to me last year, ‘You know what Elliot? Fuck you’, when I did nothing wrong.”

“I overheard you talking to Ben and Josh about how you’d never have a homo as friend. I thought I knew you.”

“I thought I knew you too, motherfucker.” Elliot said, “Now be a good little homo and die.”

I’d had it and I didn’t even think as I punched him in the jaw, so hard I nearly broke it.

“You dumb fuck!” I heard him try to speak. I realized it wasn’t coming from Elliot, it was coming from Josh and Ben. Josh punched
me in face and then Ben kicked me in the groin.

Before it got worse the four of us were put in the principal’s office. I told him my story, but then the other three told their
version, which they’d clearly worked out beforehand because they were exactly the same bullshit story. The fucker sided with
Elliot and I was suspended for a week while the other three faced no consequences. I couldn’t believe it so I took my punishment
and left for home.

When I got there I walked in and saw Larry at the table, “What you doing home, boy?”

“I got suspended for fighting.”

I didn’t know if they knew anything about me being gay. I made it clear I wasn’t going to tell them anything about it. Then,
somehow on the table was the school paper that I somehow failed to notice before then. It had a picture of me on the front with
the caption, “Homo of the year” on it.

“I’ve been doing some interesting reading. Would care to explain this?”

“No!” I yelled at ran my room and cried. Larry slammed the door open. “Are you a fucking faggot, boy?”

“Yes, Larry, I fucking am. Do you have problem with that?”

“I will not allow a homo in my house.” He yelled.

“Fine!” I got up and left. I walked around the neighbourhood and went to the only place I thought I could have found some
support. Luckily Heath was there. At least that’s what I thought.

“Hey, cuz.”

“I need a place to crash. Larry kicked me out for being gay.” I said it so suddenly I didn’t even realize it came out of my body.

“You’re a faggot?”

“Yes. I have nobody left to turn too.”

“And you came here to me?” Heath asked.

“You always looked out for me.”

“Not anymore. Your stepfather was right. Your kind has no business in this town.”

“But… Health, please… I have nowhere else to go.”

“Well then go jump of cliff. I don’t want you here.” Heath said calmly.

He slammed the door in my face and I was left there with nowhere to turn. When I knew my mom would be asleep I went back
home and snuck into the drinks cabinet where I grabbed a bottle of vodka and then went up to bed. I cried myself to sleep that
night, using the vodka to dull the emotional pain I was feeling. I was terrified Larry would find me back in the house, but I literally
had no other choice.

For the next week I did everything I could to avoid mom and Larry. I’d eat whenever I could, even if it meant waiting until after
midnight so they were both asleep because they wouldn’t cook anything for me when they had their food. It was like I didn’t
exist. Although I guess that was better than having no home at all.

I soon found out that Elliot had made sure the school newspaper was put into every mailbox in the neighborhood , and they were
even on the notice boards in the grocery stores.

In school, everyone ignored me and called me names. Thankfully the teachers didn’t join in, but they didn’t do anything to stop it
either. Names would get called at me or things would get thrown at me during classes and they said nothing about it so they kids
just kept doing it and it progressively got worse.

Almost every day after school, I got beaten up or even just punched in the back of the head or pushed into a wall or lamppost.
Whenever Josh and Ben saw it happened they laughed hysterically and loved it. One day when I’d been hit over the head with
someone and was lying on the floor I looked up and saw Elliot smiled wickedly. Why did I deserve that?

I went home in pain but Mom wouldn’t talk to me or help me patch up my wounds. Then Larry just laughed it off, saying, “that’s
what you get for being a fairy.” Though I guess he still let me live in the house.

Finally, when everything just got on top of me and started thinking that maybe it would have been better if I had been dead, I
made my way to the cliff and was ready to throw myself off.


“That’s the cliff where Derek found me and talked me down from the ledge. He managed to help me see the light and I started
working out my frustration. I’m so glad he did or I would have never met you.”

Matt was speechless. He had never imagined the horror was going to be like that. He just stared into Corey’s eyes. He didn’t say
sorry, he didn’t say anything. He got out the booth they were sitting in and hugged him.

Corey knew it wasn’t pity Matt was showing him, it was pure love. “I can understand why you never told me that.”

“I didn’t want you to hear about how horrible JJ and those guys were.”

“Yeah,” Matt understood, “especially considering how you and JJ are friends now.”

Corey nodded. “JJ wasn’t all that bad looking back. He wasn’t good, but he never actually beat me up, he just watched it
happening and laughed.”

They finally left the fast food joint and hopped into the car.

“There is just one thing, though,” Matt said.

“What’s that?” Corey was actually relived to be able tell Matt that story. It felt like a weight was lifted somehow.

“What happened to Elliot?”

“He was arrested for armed robbery,” Corey said.


“No…” Corey laughed, “I don’t know. When I went back to school he wasn’t there. I really don’t know what happened to him. The
good thing was that Heath, after months of not speaking to me, finally showed up and apologized to me.”

“That is good.”

They continued to drive to Linda’s house, with both of them telling stories of their past. They didn’t need to tell those stories, but
they felt it brought them closer together and built up a better understanding of each other.

They were feeling so close and so in love that they started to get physical while they were still driving so they pulled over down a
quiet road about an hour from home and hopped into the back seat for some quick love making. It was such a thrill in knowing
they could get caught as Matt rode Corey’s bare dick and they hadn’t fucked in a car before so it was even more exciting and got
them off much quicker than normal.

Eventually, they got the house and it looked like nobody was home. Corey led Matt inside where he was greeted by hugs by his
mom and VJ. Corey looked around the room to see Kris and Colt standing there and Scott was smiling too.

Happy Birthday was being sung by three guys from the kitchen and Corey knew who it was, Reese, Chase and Tabor. He was
surprised they made the journey, but it really touched him. Reese had driven them down and was driving them back to campus to
pick up their cars since he had to meet Ted who had stayed behind due to some obligation or other.

After they finished singing and all hugged the birthday boy, the party began. It was just a small affair of dinner and cake, followed
by Scott cranking up the music and all of them dancing around and just having a good time. Corey was happy that Matt loved the
small party and got to spend time with his friends.

Presents were exchanged then and after opening the token gifts from the freshmen, Matt opened a really nice t-shirt from VJ
that he threw on straight away and wore with pride. Then he received a very generous gift card from Vince and his Mom so he
could buy what he wanted, whatever that was. He also got some really nice clothes from him Mom, including a pair of slim fit
jeans that he knew would drive Corey crazy and a really good pair of running shoes that he would be able to put to good use. 

The next presents he opened were from Scott. The first one was a nice choker that Scott helped put around Matt’s neck. Then as
Matt went to open the second present Scott seemed a bit excited or nervous, he wasn’t sure. But as soon as Matt had the paper
off it he couldn’t keep a smile from lighting up his face. It was a copy of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition for the PS3. Matt
loved it and smiled as he hugged Scott, who whispered, “I’m so gonna kick your ass on this one when we get back after the

Colt’s present was next and Matt couldn’t help but laugh when he opened the box containing an apron, rubber gloves, and two
books, one about cleaning and one being full of recipes. Colt was laughing too as he hugged Matt and said, “I just thought with
you being our wife and all you might find those useful.”

Matt playfully slapped Colt around the back of the head but then pulled him in for another hug. Next up were Kris’s gifts.
Unsurprisingly it was a few different bottles of alcohol, with Kris saying he could try them all to see which kind he likes.

Matt was about to move on to Corey when Kris and Colt told him to hold on for a minute. They were both smiling as they pulled
another gift out and handed it to him. Matt read the label, which said, “This is the real gift. Happy Birthday and thanks for
everything. Kris and Colt. x”

He opened it and was delighted to see that they’d bought him a big electronic picture frame. “We know how much you love
taking photos, but you’ve never really had somewhere to display them all so we thought we’d get you this.”

Matt smiled and pulled them both in for a big three-way hug. “Thanks guys, it’s perfect.”

Turning to Corey, Matt smiled and happily accepted his first gift. It was a really nice shirt. That was followed up by a pair of dress
pants. Matt was a little confused, but Corey leaned in and said, “I have something planned for our little trip after Christmas and it
might be good if you dressed up.”

When Corey winked Matt smiled and felt all warm inside. He couldn’t wait for them to be alone and to experience whatever
Corey had planned.

They next gift actually said “From all of us” on the label and Matt looked around the room to see Kris, Colt and Scott grinning right
along with Corey. Tentatively he opened the present to see a baby blue speedo with red and black lines across it. He chuckled
and held them up for everyone to see. The whole room laughed, with Chase commenting on how tiny they looked. As he went to
put them to one side a little piece of paper fell out so he picked it up and read the tiny note. “Mandatory clothing for our Spring
Break Cruise”

Corey stepped up and whispered into Matt’s ear that he had another little present for him but he was saving that for in the
bedroom later. Matt shuddered and felt his dick stir, but he managed to stop himself from getting hard as Corey thrust another
present into his hands.

“This is the big one,” Corey grinned.

Matt eagerly opened it and his eyes went wide when he saw it. “A camcorder?”

“Yeah!” Corey smiled. “I know how much you love taking photos so you can remember things so I thought you might like to start
making some videos too, you know, really capture some of the crazy stuff that happens to us. Plus, it’s your 21st. I wanted it to be

“Thank you. I love it,” Matt smiled, throwing his arms around Corey and giving him a nice kiss on the lips. “It must have been

“I won’t lie, it wasn’t exactly cheap, but I got it in the Black Friday sales so really it was a steal,” Corey beamed. “It’s amazing how
small they can make these things nowadays since it’s all digital. We can take it on the cruise or any other trips we go on. It’s got a
50gb memory, which should be all you need and there’s a disc with software so we should be able to burn the movies you make
to discs on my new laptop.”

“That’s awesome, Corey,” Kris smiled.

Matt hugged Corey again as a thank you and Corey leaned in as close as he could to Matt’s ear. “I hope you don’t mind but I
already checked to see if it worked. There’s another little present on there for you.”

Matt thanked everyone and couldn’t believe how amazing his friends and family were. He felt truly blessed.

Shortly after this VJ had to leave to meet his dad and Linda was driving him home. With Linda gone they all relaxed back and
spread out around the living room with Kris handing out some beers.

Matt was smiling, loving that his closest friends and the freshmen, who had become good friends too, were all around him. He was
squeezed on the sofa with Corey on one side and Kris on the other. Colt was on the other side of Kris and then Scott was in one chair,
with Chase in another and Tabor and Reese sitting cross legged on the floor. They all had a beer in their hand and were enjoying just
being around each other.

At first Matt was worried about the younger guys all drinking, but his mind was soon put at ease when Kris showed in the tent
pitched in the back yard. There wasn’t much space for it, but it fit nicely and meant there was enough room for everyone to stay the
night so they could just relax and drink their beer without the worry of anyone driving home.

“This was a pleasant surprise,” Matt said.

“It was the least we could do for you after what you’ve done for us, Matt…” Reese stated

“Yeah,” Tabor admitted, “You’ve helped us all in some way or other, even if it’s just been keeping Colt off our backs. He was so
surprised to see us here.”

“I was,” Colt smiled and nodded. “Do you guys have anything special planned for the break?”

“Actually, yeah,” Chase answered, “We’re going to Deer’s little cottage with Levi, Brax and few others to do some skiing for three
days between Christmas and New Year.”

“You don’t say,” Matt said and was a little surprised that the first trip outside of college the freshmen were taking was the same as
theirs had been. His mind instantly went back to that trip and he smiled at the fond memories.

“I knew Colt went with you guys and I was always a little jealous, so when the topic came up about where we could go for the break it
seemed like the perfect thing to do,” Chase said.

“You didn’t tell me about that you little shit,” Colt laughed.

“I didn’t want my big gay brother cramping my style,” Chase joked.

“Hey, watch your mouth. You’re not too old to get a spanking you know,” Colt replied.

“Is that what you say to Kris when you’re slapping his ass while you fuck him?” Chase grinned.

A look of anger rose on Kris’s face and everyone took a deep breath until Kris burst out laughing and threw a cushion at Chase.

“I think Chase has been sneaking into our apartment to listen to us,” Kris joked.

“That’s fucking sick!” Chase laughed. “I’m fine with Colt being bi and having a boyfriend, at least one like you Kris, but there are some
things I don’t need to know, and that includes the finer details of your sex life.”

“Have you ever been skiing before?” Corey asked.

“No,” Tabor responded.  “I don’t think any of us but Deer have, so it’ll be fun to see which ones of us can stay on our feet. We just
thought it would be an amazing time. What did you guys think?”

“Oh boy, it was a blast.” Colt smiled. “It made the five of us closer than ever. In fact I think it’s the first time I really felt like I was part
of their group and wasn’t just tagging along.”

“Tell us more about it then,” Reese said, eager to know the details.

“I was pretty nervous about the whole thing, but not because of the skiing,” Colt said. “Being at college around a bunch of guys is one
thing, but being with them somewhere else, spending time isolated with them, is another. You’ve all got things in common being at
college. Maybe you’re just bonded together by your mutual needs and experiences. It’s when you get out of that environment and
strip away the layers to get to who a person really is that you finally see whether you’re friends or you just go to the same school and
hang out.”

“Really? You were nervous?” Kris asked.

“Yeah,” Colt replied. “You guys had all known each other pretty much from the start. I came along later and felt like I was always on
the outside looking in. You and Matt had been friends for years and had a bond unlike any I’d ever seen. Corey and Matt were
boyfriends and clearly loved each other. And Scott was just Scott, but he also had a close bond to you guys that I felt I didn’t have

“I can understand that,” Reese spoke up.

“Really?” Chase asked.

“Yeah man, don’t get me wrong, you and Tabor are great. I’m so happy I can call you my friends and you don’t judge me or treat me
differently to any of the other guys, but it’s a bit intimidating knowing you’ve been friends for years. You two are closer than any
friends I’ve met, maybe besides these other guys here, and I can only hope for something similar.”

“You’re one of us, bro,” Tabor said. “Do you really not feel like it?”

“I do,” Reese replied, “I guess I just don’t want anything to change now I have a boyfriend.”

“And it won’t as long as you don’t change,” Chase said. “I don’t love Colt any less now he’s with Kris, and I’m not going to treat you
any differently now you’re with Latham.”

“He’s right, Reese. We don’t care about any of that. These guys have shown us that we need to be open-minded and see beyond the
labels. We’ve done that with you. You’re awesome dude and we’re better for having you as a friend,” Tabor added.

“Thanks,” Reese smiled. “Now tell us more about when you went skiing, guys.”

“There was quite a big group of us all staying in this really nice cabin owned by one of our friend’s parents. I can’t remember exactly
how many of us there were in total,” Colt said.

“I know Jess went…” Kris chuckled.

“Yeah, but that’s because Scott’s screams are forever seared into our memory,” Corey laughed.

“What do you mean?” Reese asked.

“Let’s just say that Scott and Jess more than made up for the fact that the rest of us weren’t getting laid,” Kris said.

“I don’t think I’d had sex as many times in my life as they did just in that week,” Colt laughed.

“What can I say? We were young, horny and had the hots for each other,” Scott smiled. “Are you telling me if some hot girl had been
there wanting to have sex with you all the time you’d have said no?”

“I know I damn sure wouldn’t!” Tabor laughed.

“Chance would be a fine thing, bro,” Chase smirked. “When’s the last time you had a really hot girl?”

“Fuck you!”

Everyone laughed at that and continued drinking as Kris took over talking about the ski trip. “That first day we all went out on the
slopes was so funny. We all thought we’d be awesome even though we’d never been on any kind of skis or snowboard before,
unless you count in an arcade. We must have ended up on our asses at least a hundred times.”

“You learnt pretty damn quick though, Kris,” Corey said.

“I learnt that I needed thicker pants. My ass was soaking wet and freezing after sitting in that snow so many times.”

“Yeah, but you got the hang of it and started helping all of us get to grips with things,” Corey smiled.

“I guess I did.”

“I remember you helping Matt up after he went down pretty hard. It was something to see,” Colt said.

“Why? What happened?” Reese asked.

“Nothing much,” Colt said. “It was just the way Kris dealt with Matt that kind of opened my eyes. He helped him to his feet and
steadied him, holding him up and making sure he was okay. Then he brushed the snow off Matt’s clothes and guided him back to
where he needed to be, holding him the entire way so he wouldn’t fall. I could see how kind and caring Kris was and how much Matt
meant to him. It made me feel all warm inside knowing they were my friends.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t just you starting to realize you’re in love with Kris?” Scott asked.

Colt was silent for a moment and Kris turned to face him with a shocked expression on his face.

“Really?” Kris asked. “You started having feelings for me all the way back then?”

“Not feelings,” Colt admitted. “I didn’t really find you attractive as such, and I certainly didn’t want to have sex with you, but yeah,
it’s the first time I realized you were special and not just any other guy.”

“Wow,” Scott said. “I was just joking.”

“I know,” Colt said, “but I see no reason in lying now we’re together. I still didn’t think I’d ever do anything with a guy, but I knew
after that trip if I did it would only be with Kris.”

“Nothing like that is gonna happen on our trip!” Chase laughed.

“Too fucking right!” Tabor joined in. “You start having feelings for me, bro, and I’ll kick your ass.”

“You could try but you wouldn’t be successful, bitch,” Chase grinned, sticking his tongue out at his best friend.

“I seem to remember an incident with you and Colt anyway Kris,” Corey said.

“What incident?” Kris asked.

“When Colt went face first down the ramp for about 50 yards and you went down after him. We watched on, hoping everything was
fine, and you just pulled Colt to his feet, put your arm around him and brought him back up the slope as he clung onto you,” Corey

“There were all kinds of signs on that trip looking back,” Scott beamed. “You two were meant to be together.”

“Shut up!” Colt said. “I seem to remember we were flirting with just about every girl there. They were eating that shit up.”

“Who wouldn’t? You guys are fucking sexy and you looked incredible in those ski suits you thought it would be cool to wear,” Scott

“We looked like a fucking bobsleigh team!” Colt laughed.

“A fucking hot one, though,” Kris smiled.

“Damn right!”

“You guys are so full of it,” Tabor laughed.

“Look who’s talking little Casanova. You should see this one flirt with all the girls who come into the Rec while he’s on the desk,” Kris

“It’s good for business,” Tabor grinned.

“Yeah, because that’s why you do it,” Corey laughed.

Matt was sitting almost silently watching his friends interact. He loved it and felt so chilled out. It was a great birthday so far.

“So besides hearing Scott scream Jess’s name and falling on your asses a lot, what made you guys bond?” Reese asked.

“Hey, it wasn’t just me screaming,” Scott said, looking over at Matt and Corey.

“What do you mean?” Matt asked.

“I saw you two going at it,” Scott said.

“WHAT?!” Matt and Corey both screeched together, causing everyone to burst out laughing.

“You two decided to stay back at the cabin while we all went out to do some more skiing. I stupidly left my gloves in my room so I
came back to get them since no one could lend me a spare pair and you two were in the living room together, naked,” Scott said.

“Damn…” Matt breathed. “You’ve never said a word.”

“I didn’t want to interrupt. You were on your back with Corey about to enter you. The way you were looking at each other told me
you were in love. I knew you were in it for the long haul right then and it’s when I was finally able to move on and accept you as two
amazing friends and not as someone I wanted for myself.”

“But you’ve never said anything since,” Matt said.

“It didn’t seem like something I should mention.”

“Who the fuck are you kidding?” Kris asked. “You’ve got the dirtiest fucking mind of anyone and love asking me and Colt about every
detail of our sex lives.”

“That’s because it’s hot and I’m still waiting for my invite to see it in person,” Scott laughed.

“You’ve seen it before!” Kris exclaimed.
“I know, but a reminder wouldn’t hurt.”
“Fuck off!” Kris laughed.

"It's nice to know it wasn't just us he always asked for details," Corey laughed.

"I'm still surprised he hasn't tried filming us," Matt smiled.

"Hey, now you have that new camera..." Scott grinned with a wink.
“You guys are sick,” Tabor chuckled. “Ain’t no way I’m letting Chase watch me fuck some chick and he certainly ain't filming it.”
“And there’s no way your sorry ass is watching me either,” Chase said. “I don’t want you jerking off over how good I am in bed.”
“In your fucking dreams, bro!”

“I don’t know, Tabor, if my little brother takes after me then he’s the second best fuck around, and these guys can all back that up,”
Colt smiled.

“Can we talk about the trip again please?” Chase asked.

“I think we’d better,” Corey grinned. “What do y’all want to know?”

“How did you all come to share such a close bond if you said it happened that week?” Reese asked.

“I can answer that with two words,” Colt laughed. “Naked wrestling…”

“What?” Chase asked.

“Oh yeah, I remember that,” Kris said. “That was awesome. I think that’s the first time the five of us were really properly together
like that.”

“I think so too,” Corey smiled. “I think it’s the first time you made us all be naked too.”

“Was it just the five of you?” Reese asked.

“It was,” Matt said. “That day was a pretty bad one weather wise. There had been a bit of a storm and visibility was really bad so the
slopes were closed and we had to stay inside most of the day.”

“The other guys were all getting really restless and wanted to be out doing something somewhere,” Kris continued. “We weren’t too
bothered and let them all go up to this other guys cabin down the road while we stayed behind in our cabin, which was really nice
and warm by then.”

“Wait, you didn’t go with them Kris?” Chase asked. “There were new people to meet and you didn’t run out to meet them?”

“I know, shocking isn’t it?” Kris answered. “Seriously though, I had met most of the guys earlier so the thrill of that first meeting
wasn’t there. Plus I had the only guys I needed with me.”

“And he was already half naked and couldn’t be bothered getting dressed,” Matt answered.

“Did Jess go with the other guys?” Reese asked.

“Erm… no…” Scott replied.

“Jess was in bed if I remember,” Corey said. “I think a doctor would have diagnosed him with exhaustion after a day stuck inside with

That made everyone laugh and Kris quickly jumped up, taking the opportunity to get everyone another drink before returning to the

“We were just sitting around like we are now,” Matt said.

“We were a bit more relaxed than this,” Corey said.

“And we had a lot less clothes on,” Kris said.

“Yes, but my mom might be back any minute so your ass isn’t getting naked until she’s either gone to bed or you’re up in my room,”
Matt ordered.

“Yes master,” Kris said, bowing his head.

“Wait, Kris is staying in your room tonight?” Tabor asked. “What about Corey?”

“I’m sleeping in there too,” Corey said.

“Kinky,” Chase laughed. “I hope you’re not ditching my brother for a birthday threesome, Kris.”

“Not at all. He’s joining us,” Kris said, licking his lips.

“Oh God, I shouldn’t have asked,” Chase said, shaking his head.

Kris, Corey, Matt and Colt all laughed.

“Nothing’s happening,” Corey said. “Do you think Matt would let us have an orgy in his room when his mom will be on the other side
of the wall?”

“He’d be shushing us while he fucks us,” Kris laughed.

“The bad thing is I can totally see that,” Tabor grinned.

“That’s sick, bro,” Chase said.

“What is?”

“That you can totally see Matt fucking them…”

“That’s not what I meant!” Tabor protested.

Again they all burst out laughing and Tabor slapped Chase for making fun of him.

“So, back to the story…” Reese said.

“Yes!” Kris exclaimed. “We were just lying around the living room of the cabin with the log fire burning and it was getting pretty hot.”

“So, like any time Kris starts to get warm, he stripped his clothes off,” Colt said. “I thought he was gonna keep his underwear on, but
no, off they came and he just tossed them behind one of the sofas.”

“I thought you’d be used to that,” Chase said.

“Not at the time. It wasn’t too common for him to just get naked back then. Probably tore him apart that he had to actually be
dressed in company,” Colt smiled.

“I felt comfortable with my friends and have nothing to be ashamed of. What’s the harm?” Kris asked.

“None if you ask me,” Scott said. “I enjoyed the view.”

“You would,” Matt smiled.

“And you’re telling me you didn’t?” Scott asked. “Or were you just so used to seeing Kris naked the novelty had worn off?”

“How can you ever get tired of seeing him naked?” Colt asked.

“Seriously guys, uncomfortable territory again,” Chase smiled.

“Sorry, bro,” Colt said. “Anyway, it wasn’t long until Kris was teasing us all and kept harassing us until we joined him in throwing off
our clothes and just sitting around naked with him. It was actually pretty cool. We were all stripped bare, with nothing to hide
behind. It exposed us to each other and I think that brought us closer together.”

“It definitely did,” Corey said. “I know it’s weird and not something you guys would probably want to do with all your friends, but it
seemed to pull down some barriers between us and we could just be ourselves.”

“We were chatting and it all came so freely,” Matt said, smiling. He loved hearing his friends all recall the event like it had happened
yesterday. He underestimated what it meant to them for them to have retained the memory so vividly.

“And then Matt thought he heard a noise outside,” Scott said.

Colt laughed, “He clung to Corey as if something out of a horror film was coming to get him.”

“You were the same when you heard it the second time,” Matt said.

“Like hell I was,” Colt replied.

“Then why did you encourage me to go to the door to check it out?” Kris asked. “You were as frightened as he was.”

“No I wasn’t,” Colt said. “I just wanted to you get near that door so I could push you out of it.”

“That was so fucking funny,” Scott said.

“What happened?” Chase asked.

“After Matt heard the noise outside and then we all heard it, Kris got up to see what it was,” Corey explained. “We thought there was
someone out there who might have been perving on us or something.”

“Or that some of the guys had come back and were messing with us,” Kris said. “I wanted to shock whoever it was by going to the
door naked, but when I opened it there was no one there.”

“We all breathed a sigh of relief because I think we were all secretly a little worried,” Corey continued. “But with the coast clear we
relaxed a bit, all except for Colt…”

“He jumped to his feet as Kris had his head outside the door trying to see if someone was playing a prank on us,” Matt continued.

“Before I knew what was happening the fucker charged me and pushed me out onto the snow covered porch,” Kris smiled, shaking
his head.

“I slammed the door quickly and locked it while he was still out there,” Colt laughed.

“It’s not fucking funny! My balls nearly froze off,” Kris said. “You try being naked when it’s below zero and the wind is blowing.”

“I’m sure it’s not the first time you had blue balls,” Chase grinned.

Kris laughed, “It’s a good job I had any balls left. It was so fucking cold. I kept pounding on the door, screaming for them to let me in,
but the bastards just laughed and waved at me through the windows.”

“To be fair, bro, if it had been any of us and you were on the inside you’d have thought it was the funniest thing ever,” Matt smiled.

“Damn right I would!” Kris beamed.

“When did you let him back in?” Tabor asked.

“It can’t have been any more than about a minute he was out there,” Scott said. “We had to keep him out long enough to prove a
point and get him really worked up, but not enough so he was in any danger.”

“It felt like a fucking hour,” Kris chuckled. “I was so cold when they let me back in. I ran straight to the fire to try to warm up, but I was
so cold the heat actually hurt. I felt like my skin was burning.”

“He called us just about every name under the sun and we couldn’t stop laughing,” Corey said.

“Then I had an idea, seeing Kris all naked and shivering,” Scott said. “So I got up and walked over to him, telling him I’d warm him up.”

“Warm him up how?” Tabor asked.

“That’s what I wondered, bro,” Kris said.

“I started rubbing my hands over his big biceps and then moved on to his chest,” Scott said.

“I didn’t know what to make of it, but it did feel good,” Kris said. “It did the job too.”

“Pretty soon Matt was on his feet and was rubbing the other side,” Colt added.

“And then Corey dropped down in front of me and started rubbing my legs,” Kris said. “I thought he was going to start sucking my dick
from the position he was in.”

“I was tempted, Kris, but I didn’t dare. I never thought you’d be interested. Then I came to find out a few weeks later that maybe you
would have been since you fucked my ass.”

“Damn right I did,” Kris smiled.

“What did you do, Colt?” Chase asked.

“I got behind Kris and rubbed his back,” Colt replied. “We were all working him pretty good and he actually started moaning.”

“It felt so good having those eight hands rubbing my body. I was soon warmed up,” Kris said. “I leaned my head back against Colt’s
shoulder and closed my eyes when he pulled back his hand and slapped my ass so fucking hard I screamed really loud.”

“You screamed like a girl!” Colt laughed.

“You would have too if I’d slapped you that fucking hard,” Kris said.

“What did you do, Kris?” Tabor asked.

“After he stopped screaming you mean?” Colt asked.

Tabor laughed, “Yeah.”

“I told him I was gonna get him back and started chasing the fucker round the room,” Kris said.

“He got that look in his eyes he gets when he flips out and could kill you,” Colt said. “I was worried that I’d pissed him off and he was
going to kick the shit out of me.”

“We were worried too,” Corey said. “Matt pulled me close and told me I might have to step in to separate them if they came to

“Kris literally leaped through the air and landed on Colt’s back, pushing him to the ground,” Scott answered. “We thought he was
going to start punching him, but he flipped him onto his back, straddled his body and started tickling him.”

“We were all in shock,” Matt said. “I really thought Colt’s ass was done.”

“Within a few seconds Colt was screaming in laughter, begging Kris to stop,” Corey said.

“I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. He caught me in just the right spot and had my whole body writhing beneath him. I was
actually crying,” Colt recalled. “I tried to throw him off me, but I wasn’t as strong then as I am now, and Kris is one heavy fucker.”

“Nah, you’re just pansy ass weak,” Kris grinned.

“Tell me that later when I have you pinned to the bed screaming my name,” Colt laughed.

“So what happened?” Chase said, wanting to get away from the topic of his brother fucking. “Did Colt pee himself?”

“Nearly, bro,” Colt smiled. “It was a close call.”

“It looked so much fun we couldn’t resist joining in,” Scott said.

“Matt went first,” Corey added. “We were shocked when he tackled Kris, knocking him off Colt, but as soon as Kris started laughing
we knew everything was cool and jumped straight in. At first we all focused on Kris while Colt recovered, and then I went after Matt,
while Colt got back up and went after Scott before getting Kris back.”

“I had Kris howling again, but then he managed to flip me and pinned my arms down to the ground,” Colt said.

“We were both exhausted,” Kris continued. “I just sat there with my hands holding down his arms and my ass sitting down on his
stomach so he couldn’t move.”

“We were really panting and you leaned over until I could feel your breath on my face,” Colt said.

“Then our eyes met, and I don’t know about you, but everything seemed to stop. I couldn’t hear anything but the two of us
breathing,” Kris said, looking at Colt.

“I felt the same. My body was tingling and I felt kind of nervous,” Colt said.

“Seriously?” Scott asked. “I totally missed that.”

“Yeah,” Kris nodded. “It was only when I heard Matt suddenly say something that I jumped up and quickly moved away from Colt.”

“That scared the crap out of me, Kris. I was so sure you were gonna kiss me,” Colt said.

“I honestly don’t think that thought ever ran through my mind back then, but looking back I think it’s the moment that first made me
think about being with a guy,” Kris said, softly.

“I thought about you after that as well. I wondered what would have happened if you had kissed me and I kept thinking about that
until we finally got together that first time on Spring Break.”

“Wow…” Scott said. “I honestly never realized that’s when it all started with you two.”

“Me neither!” Kris laughed.

“Make that three of us,” Colt chuckled.

“No, five of us,” Corey smiled, to which Matt nodded.

“We kept rolling across the floor and running around the room, trying to stay away from each other,” Matt smiled. “Kris and Colt
stayed apart though from what I remember. Now we know why.”

“Eventually Kris called a truce and we slowly crept further into the room to shake hands,” Colt said. “It was like a sports teams all
meeting in the middle before a game, only we didn’t throw up our hands.”

“We were all exhausted and covered in sweat,” Corey said. “We pretty much collapsed back onto the furniture and the floor and then
Scott flicked the TV on and we just sat around chatting again.”

“Something had happened, though,” Matt said. “Somehow that little tickling and wrestling session had made us all closer.”

“Yeah,” Colt said. “That was when I felt like I was one of you guys. We shared something special that night and the bond has
continued to grow ever since. I’m so happy I was there with you.”

“We are too, bro,” Kris smiled, putting his arm around Colt and hugging him close.

“Well I know if our trip is anything like yours we’re going to have an amazing time,” Chase smiled.

“Oh, you will bro. Just make the most of the time you have for fun like this. We’ve just finished our fifth semester and only have
three left to go. It’s going by so quickly. Next year will be our last Christmas break and then we have no idea where we all go from
there,” Colt said.

“All I know is that a bond like ours will never be broken,” Matt smiled, “no matter where we end up.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Kris agreed.

“Any more advice?” Tabor asked.

“Don’t force anything,” Matt said. “We never did. We just went with what felt right and everything has worked out for us, even with
how Kris and Colt’s relationship developed.”

“Always try to have fun,” Kris said. “There are times in college when you have to buckle down and get serious, which is what you
need to do to get through. But then there are other times when you need to realize this is a one time deal and you’ll never get the
time back, so enjoy it and just have fun.”

“Be spontaneous,” Colt added. “Most of the things I’ve done that have pushed various boundaries have been done on the spur of the
moment because they felt right. I’m not saying you do what I did, which I don’t think you ever will, but just go with the moment and
see where it takes you. It can be the best thing you ever do.”

“Damn right,” Scott agreed. “I say play the field. You’re only young and sexy once. If you can find that person who you’re meant to be
with then grab them and hold on, but this is a time for fun, a time for experiencing new things and being free. You have no restraints
right now and very few worries. Live life to the full, always play safe and regret nothing.”

“Never forget who you are,” Corey said. “That’s the most important. We all do things in life that are questionable and we all face
difficulties that can threaten to send us down the wrong path, but if we’re strong and believe in ourselves then nothing can stop us.
You are the only person who can decide where you go in life and where you end up, so don’t screw it up because you may not get a
second chance.”

“Damn, Corey!” Kris laughed. “End on a sour note why don’t you?”

“I was just being realistic.”

“He’s right, Kris. We needed to hear that,” Chase smiled as the front door opened and Matt’s mom walked back in.

“How are you doing boys?” she asked.

“Just reminiscing Mom,” Matt said.

“That’s good,” she replied, walking into the room. She looked over at Chase and Tabor, who each had three empty beer cans beside
them. “Have you boys drunk all three of those?”

“Yes ma’am,” Tabor and Chase answered together.

“Okay, well that’s your limit tonight. Finish up and head on out to the tent for some rest. I’m not having any of you driving away from
here if you’re still drunk, especially when you’re underage.”

“Yes, ma’am. Thank you,” Chase nodded.

“I’m gonna head up to bed, sweetie,” Matt’s mom said to him. “I hope you’ve enjoyed your birthday.”

“I have Mom,” Matt said, standing to hug his mother. “It’s been amazing. I’m so lucky to have such a great mom, a wonderful
boyfriend and incredible friends.”

“Before we reach midnight, there is one last thing I have to give you,” Matt’s mom said as she walked over to a drawer and pulled out
an envelope. “Here you go, Matt.”

“What’s this?” Matt asked.

“Your father gave it to me before he died.”

Matt looked at his mom in shock, wanting to see if she was serious. When he saw she was, tears rose up in his eyes as he looked
down at the envelope.

On the front it read, “To Matt, my only son.”

Matt wiped the tears away that were streaming down his cheeks and turned the envelope over. On the back, just below the seal, it
read, “to be opened on your 21st birthday.”

Matt carefully opened the envelope, not wanting to tear it, and pulled out the letter inside:

Dear Matt,

I am writing this letter from my hospital bed, knowing that I don’t have much time left. I hate that I won’t see my little boy, my only
son, turn 21. For most it’s the marker of when a boy becomes a man, but for you son, it means very little because you have already
been a man for years. And even though you’re still young you are already a better man than I am.

I know I haven’t been the best father in the world, and you had every right to hate me, but when you forgave me and we started to
become closer, more so than ever in the past few weeks, I have come to see that your mother has raised an amazing young man, who
is intelligent, brave and proud of who he is. Never forget that Matthew and never change.

When I first learnt that you were gay I hated it because I had an image in my head of what my son was going to be like and you
weren’t most of those things. I feel stupid now for being disappointed because you turned out to be so much better than I could have
ever dreamed of. In these past few weeks when you’ve been by my bedside you have made me feel complete and I can die proud in
knowing that you’re my son.

Never forget those you love. Treat them with all the love and respect I know you have in your heart. Do what I failed to do, Matthew,
and take care of your mother. I hope she will find happiness and I hope that you will too. Corey is a fine young man and if he is the
one for you then I pray that you never let him go and that he gives you everything you deserve.

If I was there with you in person I would give you the biggest hug and would try to make up for all the birthdays I ruined when you
were younger. Since I can’t be there I want you to know that I am looking down on you with a sparkle in my eye and I am so proud of

Never forget who you are. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, because you can. If you want something in life then
go for it and enjoy it. And please, Matt, don’t die with regrets like I did, sort things out and do the right thing before it’s too late.

I love you more than I can put into words.

Happy Birthday son

Love you always


Tears were pouring from Matt’s eyes as he held his mother and sobbed against her shoulder. Corey soon took over, hugging his
boyfriend tight while Matt’s mom read the letter.

“Okay boys, I think that’s it for tonight,” she said, wiping tears from her own eyes.

“Is he going to be okay?” Reese asked.

“He’ll be fine. Those are tears of happiness, trust me,” she smiled. “We’ll see you at breakfast in the morning.

Reese, Tabor and Chase nodded and collected their things, dropping the trash into the cans and then they headed out back to the

Eventually Matt pulled away from Corey and carefully put the letter back in its envelope.

“You okay, bro?” Kris asked.

“I’ve never felt better,” Matt smiled and moved to hug each of his best friends. “Thank you so much for being here. I love you all so

Matt’s mom hugged him again before saying goodnight and heading upstairs. Scott was about to make up the couch so he could sleep
on it, but Matt said no and led him upstairs to his bedroom, followed by the other three.
Inside, they all started stripping down and helped each other shed their clothes before they hugged one another. There was a strange
warmth that seemed to emanate from each of them as they came together in a big hug. The love they shared for each other flooded
the room and almost overwhelmed them. The hugs turned into kisses as one by one they each kissed the other four friends, slipping
their tongues into their mouths and making out, wanting to show each other how much they meant. Naturally hands started travelling
over bodies and lips moved from mouths to necks. They were all hard and it was only natural that they got stroked for a while during
the kissing, but none of them wanted to ruin the moment by turning it into sex, so they pulled apart and split up to go to their
separate beds.

Kris and Colt settled down on the air mattress on the floor, with Kris spooning in behind Colt and holding him in his arms. Kris had his
hard dick in the crack of Colt’s ass and wanted so badly to fuck him, but he knew it wasn’t the moment and eventually they both
managed to drift off to sleep. Meanwhile Corey, Matt and Scott squeezed into Matt’s double bed. Things were a little cramped at first
until Corey shifted Scott into the middle and pulled Matt in so that he and Matt were both cuddled up to Scott, each having their head
on one of Scott’s pecs. Scott put his arms over their shoulders and without another work they fell into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning they woke to the smell of bacon and eggs and headed downstairs to eat. Matt’s mom cooked enough for all eight
boys to eat before Reese, Chase and Tabor hit the road since they were driving back to campus to pick up their cars, or in Reese’s case,
his uncle. They all said goodbye and hugged each other as they got in the car and drove away.

“Do you boys need anything else?” Matt’s mom asked.

“No thanks, Linda. We actually have something planned for this morning.” Kris said.

“Okay, well I’m going into town to run a few errands and then I’m meeting Vince for lunch,” Matt’s mom said.

“Have a good time, Mom,” Matt said. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Matthew,” she replied as she kissed him on the cheek and headed out the door.

“What was that about?” Matt asked. “What plans to do we have?”

“I want you all to come with me,” Kris said. “I wasn’t going to show you this just yet, but since the five of us are all together I can’t
think of a better time.”

“Show us what?” Matt asked.

“Follow me…”


I hope you enjoyed this part of this long story.   

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