Posted:  Dec 2, 2012

VJ was anticipating nothing when he rode with his dad to the college. He had an amazing time last week with his brother-to-be. It
was cool to be around so many great people. Chase and Colt were funny as fuck, and Chase and his group were so nice. Whenever,
VJ could he would contact Chase to see what was happening. It was Chase who suggested arriving unannounced to surprise his Matt
and Kris.

He didn’t have means to get there himself, without a car at his disposal; however, after some arm twisting he persuaded his dad,
Vince, to take him while Vince went to a meeting within an hour to meet his future stepbrother and his friends. On the ride to the
campus, VJ recounted the amazing time he had there, from the football game to meeting Kris and Corey and Colt in the flesh.

VJ was aware that Matt and Kris were determined to come home this weekend, though. So, that made coming with his dad, because
he could ride back with Matt and Kris. He really didn’t know what to make of Matt at first. It took him awhile to get used to him. Not
because he was gay, but more because he was a new person in his life. VJ never liked change or routine diversions, and with Matt
entering his life he would now have to adapt. This time with Matt might help them achieve a closer bond. He meant what he said the
weekend before about Matt being a great big brother, so he hoped that some time alone with him will help that relationship develop
further.  However, Kris was oddity, he didn’t account for. Vince mentioned that Kris had impacted Matt’s life ever since High School,
and from his encounter with him, it was obvious they had a close bond. He didn’t know if his entrance to Matt’s life would disrupt
that relationship or not.

As he approached the door to their apartment, he was nervous. He thought about calling and announcing his presence, but he
decided to go all out and just enter. He knocked on the door, and there was no response. He was surprised that the door was
unlocked. He turned and pushed the door open.

“I am back dudes, did you miss me?” He shouted to the empty living room, and didn’t see anybody at all. He thought maybe they
were still at class. But before he sat down, out of Matt’s bedroom came a sleeping Corey.

“VJ?” Corey rubbed his eyes, “What are you doing here?”

“Sorry? I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t.  I was just taking a nap, waiting for Matt to come in.” VJ noticed Corey was in his boxers and shorts.

Breaking the ice, VJ asked, “Long night?”

At that Corey laughed, “You could say that. Your stepbrother kept me up all night.”

Not wanting to hear about Matt’s private affairs, he turned the conversation to Corey’s earlier question. “I wanted to surprise you
guys, I really had a great time last week, and really wanted to spend more time with Matt.”

“I see, well you should have waited; he and Kris are going home tomorrow to visit the family. I am sure Matt would have made the
time to see you as well.”

“I know, dude.” He said, as he sat on the sofa nearby. “I was hoping to travel back with them tomorrow; it would give me some time
to get to know Matt better.”

At that moment, Kris and Matt entered the complex; they were both sweaty. Before Corey could make them aware of VJ’s presence,
Kris and Matt removed their clothes completely. Kris went to the kitchen to get some water, and Matt kissed his boyfriend hello.

VJ was in shock; Matt warned him last time about their nudist behaviour, but seeing it was something else. Corey pointed towards

“Bro,” Kris smiled handing the water bottle to Matt, “you okay?” He turned and finally realized VJ was also there. His smile instantly
grew as he hugged him.

“How have you been? This has been an unexpected, but a welcomed surprise.”

VJ was stunned that not only was Kris naked, but his parts were touching him. “I have been good.”

Kris let him go, and headed towards to shower realizing his current state of undress. “Sorry, bro.”

“It’s okay,” VJ said too quickly.

Matt quickly went to his room grabbed some shorts and came out to talk to his stepbrother to be. “I guess you weren’t expecting
nudity, anyways; what you doing here?”

Corey having grabbed a beer answered for him, “He missed us and wanted to come back.”

“Yeah,” VJ said, finding is voice at last. “I had some time off from school, so with dad’s permission. He said I could tag along to a
meeting he had about an hour from here.”

“That’s nice. It is good to see you.” Matt stated. “However, you did come at a wrong time. Kris and I were going to leave tomorrow to
go home, and tonight I have a test to prepare for early tomorrow, so I wouldn’t be great company today.”

Kris entered from his shower, “Okay bros, where we going to eat? VJ is here, so I thought I would cook.”

At that Corey and Matt laughed, “Bro, when did you learn to cook?”
“Fuck you,” Kris retorted, “Corey and I had been practicing.” Kris had been experimenting with his culinary skills when he could. Ever
since the summer when Kris and Corey were in apartment alone, they had started to cook for themselves. Although, in the beginning
Kris’s cooking skills left a lot to be desired, but of late, even Matt thought his cooking have improved.

With it decided that Kris would cook a meal of chicken and vegetables, Matt departed to his bedroom to get some studying done,
leaving VJ and Corey to communicate for a bit.  VJ learned some of the background behind Corey and Matt’s relationship, and was in
awe of how powerful their connection was after a mere three years of courtship. His relationships lasted a few months and never
amounted to anything more than a physical connection.

After the meal, to Kris’s surprise there were no guests entering to chill with them. Their apartment has always been the social hub
around the crew. He knew Scott and Jess were out on date, and Colt was spending the night with his brother, but the whereabouts of
the other crew members were a mystery to him. However, that didn’t stop him from entertaining VJ with some memorable stories of
his freshman year; including the time they had fun in the snow.

The night continued with videogames being used. Surprisingly VJ wasn’t a master at any of the games; however, he enjoyed himself
anyways. Eventually, Colt came back to the apartment and told the group about his time with Chase.

Having heard about VJ’s return, he explained that tomorrow morning he could spend some time with Chase and his buddies, while
they were all at school.


“I thought you would say that,” Colt responded with him kissing his boyfriend on the lips.

“I don’t think I will get used to seeing that,” VJ stated.

“Don’t worry, dude. I was like that in the beginning, but with time I was able to adjust to Corey and Matt’s antics.”

“Tell the truth,” Kris interrupted. “He thought their sex was hot as hell.”

“Wait?” VJ inquired, “You guys fucked in front of them.”

“Well,” Matt began to remember earlier when he made the cookies, and Corey thought it would be fun to fuck him in kitchen, with
Colt and Kris in the main room. “It is hard to explain, but the four of us are comfortable with our relationships and exploring our
sexual needs in front of each other.” Matt had been embarrassed about acknowledging his sexual life with anybody, but his years at
college made that feeling disappear. He decided to be open and honest VJ, especially after such a great time the last time he was
here with him.

“However,” Corey smiled, “we don’t get all physical in front of strangers.”

“What about Amsterdam?” Colt asked. All four of them, he recalled experienced some foreign action in the gay clubs there.

“Let me rephrase, In America, we don’t get physical with strangers, most of the time.” At that VJ laughed, the more he got to know
these guys to cooler they were. In high school most of his friends barely talked about their sexual encounters  in an honest way. It
was more like who banged what when and how good it was. It sobered him to hear college guys talking so openly and honestly about

He started to be curious about sex, although he was no means a virgin, having popped a few cherries. He popped his girlfriend’s
cherry last summer. But since then, he wanted to explore more with her. She didn’t want to, though, and their relationship ended.

Matt and Corey finally went to bed, and with Kris taking Colt to his bedroom, VJ was offered Colt’s sleeping quarters for that night.
As he rested in Colt’s bed, trying to go to sleep, he heard the sounds of sex fill the air and VJ smiled. He didn’t know what made him
smile though. 

The next morning, he awoke to the sound of somebody in the kitchen. He suspected it was his brother, and when he opened the door,
Matt was there is some mesh underwear that barely covered his privates. VJ didn’t let that faze him.

“Morning bro,” Matt said; with VJ heading to the washroom. When he finished his business, he joined his brother who was eating
some breakfast.

“Are you ready for your test?”

“Yeah, I should be fine. I am sorry; I wished I knew you were coming so I would have more time to spend with you.” Matt did spend
most last night studying with the guys playing their videogames, only coming out near the end of their last game.

“I know that was why I was hoping I would be able to ride back with you guys as you go home.”

“Corey mentioned that to me last night.”

“Oh,” he laughed, “from all the hollering, I wasn’t aware your guys were having a conversation.”

Matt was reddening with embarrassment, “I guess we do get kind of loud.”

“It’s nothing; Colt and Kris were having more fun anyways.”

At that, VJ found two hands on his body and before he could react; his boxers were pushed down to the floor. He turned and saw Kris
completely naked.

“You know the rules,” Kris laughed, “No clothes until we showered. I promised Chase I would do that the next time you were over.”

To Matt’s surprise, VJ didn’t cover himself; he just took his discarded boxers and threw them in Kris’s face. “Fine, I have nothing to

Matt looked at VJ and was happy at what he saw. VJ's cock was uncut with a little of the head sticking out. He had long hanging balls
along with a nice patch of pubes above his long flaccid cock that looked to be close to Matt if not bigger. However, remembering it
was his brother to be he didn’t give his look a second thought.

Kris and Matt went to shower together, to save time, while VJ made himself some cereal. He had expected to be depantsed; it didn’t
bother him that much. In no time Colt and Corey were up and eating breakfast. Corey suggested, since they were running late, he and
Colt should shower together and they utilized Corey’s shower.

VJ got see the guys have fun and chill last weekend, and now the last two days he saw their more routine lifestyle. Before he knew it
all four of them were out the door giving VJ a quick goodbye, with Matt explaining that they would depart when they returned in the

VJ called Chase after the guys left and Chase and Tabor trucked over. They spent the morning, giving him a tour of the campus town.
There first stop of was the massive rec center, where, Corey, Kris and Tabor worked, then a quick tour of the campus itself. VJ was in
awe of two things. First, the magnificent college this was; second, the relationship of Tabor and Chase made him laugh. He didn’t get
to spend a lot of time with Tabor when he was here last week, because of his girlfriend. But seeing him interact with Chase was
funny as fuck. Tabor would say something stupid, and Chase would roll his eyes and correct his friend.

“What does VJ stand for anyways?” Tabor asked while they went to lunch at the student center.

“Vince Junior,” Chase said, “You will have to excuse my idiot friend here.”

“Moron,” Tabor commented. “It could have been his first and middle initial.”

“I guess.” Chase agreed.

“Tabor, what’s with your name? Was there a reason behind it?”

“Nah,” Tabor stated. “Simply put when they had to name me my dad mumbled something, and the nurse thought she heard ‘Tabor,’
So, she asked for clarification, by repeating the name and my dad said, “I like that better.”

“Better than what?” VJ asked curiously.

“Then dipshit,” Chase answered, with VJ cracking up. “Would you stop making up stories about your name? There is no real story
behind it, other than his parents thought it was unique and they wanted their son to have non normal sounding name.”

Then Chase got a phone call, “Okay one more stop.”

They hoped into the truck and made it to the football field, where VJ was the week before. Standing in the center was Ted Wilcox. VJ
remembered he was one of the star players of the game. It surprised him to know that Chase and Tabor were connected with him. He
talked about Reese and how one weekend here made him want to come to the school. All this made VJ strongly considered coming
Kris, Matt and VJ were driving back home. Kris was driving and Matt and VJ were talking to each other. Kris was surprised with how easy they
were able to communicate. Given what little he knew about VJ from Matt’s comments, he thought it would take him a long time to adjust to
Matt’s style. More, he thought it would take Matt equal time to open up to VJ, especially considering how long it took for them to be
Kris started fiddling with radio channels, something he did when he was bored.
“Would you mind just choosing one channel?” Matt asked him calmly, but it was obvious that Matt never liked when he did that.  Matt went
back to his conversation with VJ, who was talking about his high school life, and his grades.
“So, VJ do you get much action at school?” Kris was curious. Matt shot him a look.
VJ got red, but answered the question. “Not a lot. I had girlfriends just nothing formed into any type of relationship.”
Matt trying to steer the conversation into a positive curve said, “Don’t worry, you were still young.”
“Yeah,” Kris added. “Matt went through half a dozen boyfriends when he was in high school.”
Matt was embarrassed slightly, that Kris would offer that information. “It wasn’t that many.”
“Let’s see,” Kris counted off the top of his head, “your internet buddy you had sex with, Jacob, your three boy toys you had while you were
exploring sexuality and Jack.”
“You are one to talk,” Matt defended himself, “Alison, Melissa, Amy, Sherri, Karen. Not to mention all the people you had in college.”
“I’m sorry,” Kris said, letting his temper escape his lips, “I didn’t have a stable relationship for three years like you did.”
VJ listened to the conversation, and he decided to step into it before he got too heated; however, Matt spoke first.
“Kris, it’s alright; it took you a while, but you and Colt have found each other.”
Kris laughed and nodded. He went back to flipping the channels.
“Kris, are you going to tell your parents about you and Colt?”
“Probably, but I suspect dad is aware of my feeling toward Colt?”
“What makes you say that?” VJ wanted to know.
“He suspected that Matt and I had fucked around, and I subtly confirmed it. With my brother being gay, I doubted my folks would have an
issue with it at all.”
“Wait, you and Matt?”
“I guess we are verging into the too much information category.” Kris stated, “Me and my big mouth.”
Matt responded, “Kris has a tendency to let information slip, that he didn’t want people to know; but yes, we have experienced sex a few
times.” Matt wasn’t reddening anymore with embarrassment.
“Cool.” VJ announced. This surprised Kris a lot.
“You seem to be taking sexual orientation in stride; a lot like how Chase did when he found out about Colt’s sexual changes.”
“Kris, gayness or straightness doesn’t matter to me, like I told you last time. I don’t care about it. As long as I don’t see it, who am I to argue.”
“That is awesome, then.”
Matt was about to reply to further his understanding of VJ’s view on orientation, when Kris’s SUV stopped. Smoke was coming out to the
“Fuck!’  Kris exclaimed and exited the car. VJ, Matt assumed knowing something about vehicles went to check the hood with Kris. Matt
seeing their exchange and being curious himself exited, and went to see what the problem was.
“What do you think is wrong?”
“I am going to take a shot in the dark.” Kris answered Matt’s query. “That there is something wrong with engine.”
“No shit,” VJ nodded, “When did you get this checked out last?”
“Last summer,” he said, “Tanner our old high school friend is a whiz mechanic and told me it was okay.”
“Well, it’s not anymore.” VJ stated.
Kris looked at his friend, and Matt seemed to be getting worried. He put an arm around him. “Matty, don’t worry we can walk to that town
over there and get a mechanic to look at it.”
“Okay,” he smiled and led the way towards the town with VJ keeping step with him. Kris kicked his tire in frustration and made sure the car
was looked, and then followed them.
As they entered the town, it looked old, dilapidated and withdrawn. There were no people outside, as the three guys ventured towards
what looked like garage. They peeked inside the garage and saw a dirty man appear.  Kris explained what was going on.  The best the man
could offer was to look at it and get on it first thing the next morning.
VJ sighed, “I guess were bunking here for the night.”
Kris smiled, “Yeah, I was hoping for another adventure.”  Kris saw Matt’s look, and said with his eyes that there is nothing to worry about.
However, VJ went and put his arms around his stepbrother. “Come on,” he said, “it will be fun.”
Matt seemed to warm to idea and led the group to a motel a few blocks away. They eventually made it to the check in, and asked for a single
room with two beds. The man looked at the three of us for a moment. Kris thought he might not give it to us. He sensed the man would be
curious what three guys and two beds could equate. However, he handed the keys over.
As VJ settled into the room, Kris and Matt went to the SUV to get their bags. It was only a ten minute or so to walk between the motel and
the garage where Kris’s SUV had now been towed.  They found the man about to leave and grabbed their things.   They started back towards
the motel.
“What are we going to do now?” Matt fretted.
“For one thing,” Kris began, “you are going to stop acting like a baby. Matt really people have breakdowns; it’s not the end of the world.”
“I guess you are right, I am just -“
“- worried,” Kris finished for him. “There is nothing to be concerned about, we will get the car to the motel, grab some food, make crazy
monkey sex and then go the car fixed.”
At that, Matt laughed, “crazy monkey sex? Is that what you and Colt have?”
“I guess you can call it that.”
“Either way, Kris we are not going to make love tonight, especially with VJ in the room.”
Kris frowned, “Why not? “
“There are still some things I wanted to keep private.”
“Well, Matt. You cannot fool me I know you packed a dildo, and with Corey not coming with us. I was wondering who you were planning to
use it with.”
Now Matt’s face redden a lot more, “You, obviously. In all that has happened we haven’t spent a lot of time together just the two of us.
Now, with VJ here we will have to change our plans. Besides, I want to get to know VJ better.” Matt could easily have fun with Kris that
weekend when VJ leaves.
Kris frowned again, but only for split second. VJ exited their room and ran to help push the last few feet. At the completion of the pushing,
Matt and Kris embraced each other, and surprisingly without thinking Kris kissed him on the cheek. VJ saw the reaction.
Kris entered their room first and flopped down on the bed. He shredded his clothes and lied in his boxers. Matt laughed at the sight, “What,
you are not naked?”
“Fuck off,” Kris chucked. “I was hot after all that physical labour.”
VJ sat on the other bed looking at Kris’s muscular body; he didn’t have any interest in Kris as a sexual being, but he did look quite fit. Matt
shock his head stripped down to his boxer briefs and got on the bed next to Kris.
“VJ, if it alright by you. We will chill here and later will grab some dinner.” Matt said, still a little exhausted by the bringing the SUV here.
“That’s cool,” he stayed dressed. He couldn’t stop looking at Kris and Matt.
“What?” Kris asked after a few minutes of his starring.
“It’s just you guys together. It’s just not normal. When I was in high school even my closest friends would never be able to share a bed
together, let alone, be comfortable enough to kiss and hug each other like I saw you do.”
“It may not be normal,” Matt stated, “but it is normal for us.”
“Our relationship had a lot of interesting turns.  He and I have been through so much.”
“Tell me about it.” VJ wanted to know.
“Really, it isn’t too exciting. We met in high school. I had been defending one of my high school crew from this bully. Matt having seen the
altercation and having walked by the principal’s office while I was sitting there waiting for my punishment, came in and defended me.”
“Yeah, had I knew how much trouble we would get into when we became friends,” Matt joked. “I wouldn’t have done it.”
Kris took a pillow and slammed into Matt’s groin. VJ laughed. 
“So, and then magically you became friends and lovers?”
“There is a lot more than that,” Matt admitted. “Our relationship became special after the Christmas break during our freshman year in high
“There was a minor traffic accident on the way to our friend’s cottage where we spent the night. Seeing the accident made me faint. My own
brother died years ago in an accident, and I relived that moment in my head.” Kris stated.
“That whole time away at our friend’s cabin, I didn’t know anything about that, or who Nathan was. Kris mentioned the name when he came
to. Anyways, after that we returned to Kris’s house and I confronted him on who Nathan was, and why he fainted. He didn’t want to tell me.
However, by this time I was completely honest with him, divulging personal information about my life. Stuff nobody else knew, so I thought
I deserved to know it.”
Kris continued, “Matt and I wrestled and he wouldn’t let me up, until I revealed to him about Nathan’s death, and that opened up our
friendship to whole new level.”
“I don’t know what to say,” VJ admitted, “From what little I witnessed from you, Matt hearing what you did to Kris, blows my mind; in a good
“Our friendship was tested a few times in high school. The first time was when my girlfriend at the time broke up with me because I was
spending too much time with my crew, and worrying to much about Matt’s life, and Matt had been on Liberty Avenue exploring his gayness
with guys, and therefore we weren’t talking. The second time was a very heated argument when we said things that nearly broke up
“What?” VJ asked, more in surprise then anything.
“Yeah,” Matt continued, “We got into a physical fight and ended our relationship there. And for many months, we barely spoke to each
other. It damaged our friends, because we both were the rocks in our high school crew, and it destroyed us even more. We both missed
each, but neither one of wanted to admit it to each other.  Eventually, I wanted to get Kris back into my life, and after encountering and old
friend of Kris, named Derek. You may have seen him at the tailgating party last week.  In enlisted his help to get Kris back into my life.”
“After taking to my friends,” Kris stated, “I was on my way to Matt’s house trying to reconnect with him also.”
“Wait,” Matt asked, “I never knew that.”
“Yeah didn’t you ever wonder why I was at your house that night?”
“Not really, after Derek pushed out of the way and took the brunt of car hit, I was only concerned with your wellbeing.” Off VJ’s look, Matt
explained. “You see there was a car honking that got mine and Derek’s attention inside the house, and so I went outside and saw Kris
walking across the street, Derek ran from the house and got hit. His arm was hurt, but he was okay. I nursed Kris back to health, and that
night we talked and almost agreed that what I and Kris had was something special. That we complete each other, without him in my life, I
will never be whole.”
“Since then,” Kris agreed, “Our bond got stronger and stronger. When we began our freshman year and I had a drug slipped in my drink, he
stayed and protected me the whole night while it went through my system. He held me. To me, when I lost Nathan I thought I would never
gain another person like that, and after that incident, I understood that Matt and I were brothers forever.”
“Fuck me, “VJ stated in wonder, “I never thought that.”
“As far as I know,” Matt responded, “neither Colt nor Corey knows that story.”
“You never told Corey,” Kris asked surprised.
“It never came up.” Matt admitted. “Anyways, I am hungry let’s find some food.”
“I have to put on pants?”  Kris asked
Kris was happy right now because Matt was not worried anymore about the situation, and he was taking the adventure in stride.
Matt turned to VJ, “Now, that you know our origin story; it goes without saying that we trust you, and that you are now part of our
brotherhood, with more validity than Kris and I do.”
“Cool, I appreciate that. My best friends and I are close, but nothing near what you guys have. I’m a little jealous.”
“Don’t be,” Kris said a little quickly, with that they went to find some food.
They noticed a sushi restaurant open and walked the short distance to the eatery. The three thought it was quite strange to have such a
place in such a small town but the choices were either that, a dairy bar or a catfish place. Kris and Matt have never had Japanese food,
whereas VJ has been used to the cuisine most of his life. When they entered, the host led them to a small booth in the corner. Kris
appreciated the privacy; however, he noticed the restaurant was mostly vacant anyways.
VJ explained the delicacies, and Kris was determined to have calamari, with Matt exploring a variety of sushi. VJ suggested they order many
items to try everything.  Taking the lead, he told the waiter some of the dishes he liked, as well as some specialities that Japan was known
With quickness, the miso soup was brought to them.
“Where is the spoon?” Kris asked, not aware of the Japanese customs.
“Kris, you are supposed to drink it.” Matt advised his friend.
Soon, their table was full of small dished, including a few varieties of sushi, shrimp, scallops, chicken and calamari.
“Okay, and the cutlery?” Kris asked again, perplexed. “I assume we don’t use our hands.”
“No, dude,” VJ explained, “You used the chopsticks.”
He demonstrated by taking the two sticks into his hands, and grabbing a small piece of chicken from the plant in front of him, and adding it
to his plate. Matt seeing the technique, maneuvered his chopsticks over the sushi in front of him and placed it on his place. As Kris tried to
place the sticks in his and attempt to pick up the small calamari piece, he couldn’t grasp it. After several attempts and a lot swear words, he
finally said, “To hell with it. He took one stick and stuck into the squid like a spear, and he almost secured the piece, when it fell of the stick
and into his discarded miso soup. The laugher from Matt and VJ was expected.
Eventually, after more attempts and laughter, VJ put him out of his misery by having the waiter bring his friend a fork and knife. Once, he
got the cutlery, and tried the food, he smiled. “This food is awesome, that I could eat it.”
“I agree,” Matt said. As they continued to eat their meal, Kris thought about VJ and Matt’s relationship, he kept relatively quiet through the
meal, something Matt noticed. The conversation turned to high school and VJ explained his activities there.
“Do you think you would join our college, or are you still committed to locating a place near home?”
VJ considered his response, “Actually I am not sure. After my time here last week, and now this little minor adventure, I am leaning a certain
“Although, Kris and I are bias, I would need to point out that although our crew is a lot of funny, there is more to college life than chilling.
There are studying and class taking aspects too.”
“I guess you have a point. How did you decide to come to here?”
“It was hard decision for me as well. In fact I almost didn’t come here at all. I wanted to stay close to home. At the time my mother and I had
a very close bond, and she was alone. Me moving away would be she would be further apart from someone she lived.  Kris on the other
hand wanted me to go to the college, because he wanted us to stay together.”
“After our fight school fight and resolution, I decided to be with Kris.  However, it was still hard leaving Mom. But, she was thrilled.”
Kris finally spoke up, “Matt be honest there is more to this story. You see Matt was alone most of his life, prior to meeting me. And over our
high school career, he struggled to be accepted by people. Our friends rallied towards him and even came together with a plan to stop a
bully who was tormenting Matt because of his gayness. Anyways, when it was time to make a choice toward a college; his staying close to
his mother was just one reason for this particular choice. He was scared that maybe his life in college would be like his high school days. He
was scared that he would have fight to be respected, that he would be alone, outside me that was.”
“Kris is right,” Matt admitted. “And had I chosen to stay close to my mother in community college, that fear would only get worse and I would
have been alone, more alone without Kris there.” Matt reflected on that choice knowing he made the right decision back then. “It turned out
though, when we went to visit the school over the summer. That not only was Kris’s family connected to school, because his father,
grandfather and great-grandfather went there, but my father was also a student there.  So, that added to my decision to move away from Mom.
“It must have been hard though.” VJ asked.
“Yeah, had Kris not been my roommate it would have been worse. He practically forced me to visit the other roommates on the floor, and that
led me to gaining some of the best friends I ever had.”
“I can see that. Was it hard to get people see past your homosexuality, though.”
“Yeah, there was stalker at my school, and I had to defend myself on more than one occasion.”
“Don’t forget about Lee,” Kris said, nursing the beer he ordered. The waiter never questioned Kris’s age.
Matt led into a brief description of Lee’s action towards Corey, and how he manipulated his stalker to follow him. He then explained the
horrible stuff he did to Jess, and how Kris and the guys came gave Lee a good talking to, if you get my meaning.
VJ did. He was shy around people he didn’t know. He normally never started conversations, and it was his father who strongly suggested him
to open up Matt. He was glad he did.  He asked, “Do you regret coming here at all?”
“Nope, not one bit. I have three of my best friends here, including the guy I have feel in love with. Plus some dear friends I love. When Dad
died last year and all those people came to offer condolences, it blew my mind  how many people cared about me.”
“I can see that.”
As the bill came, VJ had to fight Matt, who eventually relented.  As they walked back to the motel, Kris asked VJ the question: “Are you going
to come here?.”
“Don’t know yet. It depends how much Matt will be watching over me. Chase mentioned how much Colt love playing the over protective
“Don’t worry, Matt watches my ass all the time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Matt smiled at that Kris put his arms around his shoulder
as they walked.
When they returned the motel, Kris turned on the TV.  From the earlier days of Matt and him living together, the TV was always on but they
never listened to it.  VJ started laughing as Matt had the remote control.
“What?” He said.
“Nothing,” VJ announced, “You guys are so similar?”
“What are you talking about?” Kris said as he stripped out of all of his clothes and sat on the couch, next to the fully clothed Matt.
“You don’t see it.” VJ pointed out, “As you were getting naked, Matt had been flipping the channels. Just like you did earlier with the radio
Matt thought about it, and VJ was right. Matt thought about how much Kris’s radio channel changing annoyed him, and now he was caught
doing it himself. Matt removed his shirt, while he handed his remote to Kris. Kris was still slightly distant  by not really engaging either of them
in conversation.
VJ stayed fully clothed, but spread out on his bed as the three guys watched some old movie from the 1950s. VJ was falling asleep, which was
feat in itself as it was only about 10 o’clock in the evening.
Kris was on the couch, and put his hand on Matt’s leg. Matt didn’t seem to mind. With the agreement that Colt and he weren’t 100 percent
exclusive, and gave each other free pass with our roommates he felt no guilt in this touch, and where it might lead. Matt on the other hand
subconsciously had his hand on Kris’s leg.
Matt moved his hand close to Kris’s exposed crotch, and Kris enjoyed the feeling. He wanted to help Matt’s wandering hand, but decided
against. His hand was already moving up Matt’s jeans, slowly pulling the zipper down. Kris laid a kiss on Matt’s cheek, at the same moment
Matt hand reached Kris’s hot dick. They were just getting into in when they heard, “DUDES!”
They both had momentarily forgotten that VJ was in the room with them.  Matt and Kris removed their hands and instantly moved to opposite
sides of the couch. Matt was horrified with embarrassment. If his face could get any redder then he would look like stop sign.
“Guys, it’s okay. I just didn’t expect seeing you to get physical. It’s not the first time I walked in on something like this?”
“What are you talking about?”
“My friend Brody had asked to work on some homework for one the classes he was studying. He told me what time he would be ready. Well,
when I got to his house, with the front door unlocked, I entered the room. I heard noise coming from his bedroom. I really never heard such a
sound before, so with my interest piqued, I went upstairs and there he was. His bedroom door fully opened his dick in his hand staring at the
wall, where his TV was located. He was so embarrassed.”
That conversation defiantly broke the ice, but Matt was curious, “What did you do?”
“I did the same thing, I did with you. I shouted Dude, and he tried to hide it. Then, I told him that it was cool, and it’s okay. I left, so he could
clean up and we hit the books. He did ask me, if I ever got caught. I told him, I locked the door.”
“Cool.” Kris stated. “I take it is why you are getting used to my nudity.”
“Yeah,” VJ acknowledged. “However, don’t expect me to get naked anytime soon.”
“That sounds like a challenge,” Kris laughed.
Matt was noticed Kris was back to himself, for the time being make jokes with VJ, and such. But, he needs to know what was troubling him
before. With the movie over, the three guys hoped into bed. Matt and Kris had shared a bed most of their high school days. VJ stripped down
to his boxers, they were silk and with green dollar signs on it.
“Nice threads, bro.” Kris said, sincerely. However, before VJ could respond, he saw his stepbrother completely naked as he climbed into bed
next to Kris. It blew his mind how hung Matt was.
“How big is that monster?” VJ uttered without thinking.
Kris laughed, “About 8 inches.”  Matt hit him with a pillow. “Do you understand the word private?”
“Fuck off, Matt! You were the one who got naked in front of him. Not to mention I recall a certain spring break you whipped it out when people
didn’t believe how big it was. I think you and Brennan had competition to see who was bigger hard. ”
VJ laughed at them.
“Do you sleep naked at home?” Kris asked.
“Sometimes,” VJ had got to know these guys and didn’t feel the reason to lie or hide things from them.  “However, it gets cold in house a lot,
so I have pair of boxers standing by.”
Kris laughed at that, “It took Matty almost four years for him to start sleeping naked on full time basis.”
“Hey, if I recall when we started our freshman year, you wanted me to cover up my dick.” Matt having exited the shower one morning learning
Corey had agreed to play golf with Scott and some others. He was completely naked when he took Kris’ earphones off the talk to him, and he
told him to put some underwear on.
“I guess so; I didn’t want that big thing in my face.”
“You mean like this.” Matt stood up and swung it back and forth at Kris.” VJ laughed so hard at this. He never expected Matt to be so out of the
box. “So, this is how my big brother is going to act.”
At that, they all laughed. With Matt and Kris calming down and in bed, Kris gave Matt’s dick a few tugs, then let go.
“VJ let me ask you a question. What’s it like being an only child?”
VJ and Matt were surprised by Kris’s question.
“I am not sure what you mean, bro.” VJ stated. “It has its pluses and minuses. For one thing my dad spoiled me rotten a lot of the time, but it
also means I couldn’t blame shit on my siblings. But, haven’t you both experience being an only child too.”
“I have,” Matt agreed, “I am an official only child, it was a horrible time, upon reflection. My mom and I were close, but I didn’t want to turn 30
and only have my mother as my only friend. In junior high, I had no friends, and had Kris not come into my life when he did then I don’t know
what would have happened.”
“I can relate to that too of course,” Kris mentioned. “After Nathan died, it was me and my folks. I was a complete wreck in junior high school for
about six months. Tanner, the mechanic I told you about, he helped me change, and by the time Matt and I met I was changed man.”
“So, basically,” Matt thought out loud. “With Kris and I,  it was hard being an only child, and when we encountered each other our lives became
that much better, as we became best friends and brothers, whereas you, VJ; you had great childhood.”
“But, with our parents upcoming marriage, I get not only one brother, but two, and seeing how you guys have bonded things will get better
from here. “
“Kris, let me ask you something?” VJ asked. “Did Matt being gay rub off on you, and that is why you have become a bisexual?”
“Maybe,” Kris smiled, “When we started here in college, I was completely straight and eventually had girlfriend, however, during our nightly
chats that Matt and I used to have he made me admit if I thought guys were hot.  One night, while I was drinking, Corey and I had a sexual
encounter, and from there when Colt cemented his position within our crew I developed feelings for him on subconscious level. And before
we knew it we were having sex. Over the summer we discussed our relationship, and even entertained stopping our fuck buddy relationship.”
“However, that didn’t hold up one bit,” Matt interrupted with a laugh. “Kris, for most of his sophomore year was confused with sexual identity.
The confusion finally reached a head over Christmas around the time he and Colt went home to visit Nathan’s grave.”
“I talked about my sexuality with numerous people of the Christmas break, including a dream with my brother Nathan, and I was scared that I
was gay, and for brief periods that I loved Colt. Eventually, I sought the help of school counselor, and with his help I was able to become secure
with bisexualness, and more importantly with Colt. It was my choice before we all came back from the Christmas holidays to which the
bedrooms around to be with Colt and let things take its course. Now, with Colt and I fallimg in love with each other, that whole Christmas
episode was my brain preparing me for my relationship with Colt. Whether Matt rooming with me and putting all his gay juices on me over the
years helped me come to terms with gay side, I don’t know now.”
VJ soaked that entire story in. Ever since he came to the guys’ apartments the amount of honest storytelling was interesting. He loved how
open Matt and Kris were, and it only helped to return the favour.
“But, VJ,” Matt explained, “Kris didn’t now choose to be gay or bisexuality. His brain just needs to come to that realization that his heart
already knew. But, like always Kris has been slow on the uptake.”
“At least I didn’t go online to find my first sexual encounter.” Kris said with a grin.
“Yeah, but I didn’t pay for my first sexual encounter.” Matt shot back with pleasure.
“You know I didn’t pay Melissa.” Kris announced.
Matt ignored his reply, and turned his attention to his step brother to be, “So, little bro; is there anything about the wedding that you are
concerned about? It will be a big adaption.”
“True, but I think it will be fine.” VJ lied.
“Um, let’s try that again,” Kris said.  “There is no reason to lie to us.”
“Okay,” this was obviously hard of VJ, Matt thought. “It’s just with your Mom and Dad sharing a life together, I feel I may lose my dad.”
“Yeah, I was apprehensive about that too. I wasn’t sure how close you and Vince were, but Mom and I were very close; and this wedding would
prove my mom and my previous relationship is gone. I guess all good things come to an end eventually.”
“That is true,” VJ acknowledged. “For me, though, my dad and I were not that close with his job, but he made himself available when he could,
and I treasured the moments together. However, lately as Linda and Dad became more of an item, those father son moments dwindled a lot.”
“The good news, when you move away to our college, you will have your own life with your friends, and soon you will find a girl and fall in love
with, and move on. For me, I have Corey.”
“I guess you are right and it is another plus in the moving away from home column.” He thought for a minute, and Kris had wrapped himself
around Matt. 
“You okay little bro,” Matt asked as VJ was still in contemplation.
“I was just thinking. I need to ask something. Are you happy that we are going to brothers?”
At that question, Matt’s response was instant. He got out of Kris’s hold and walked toward VJ. He sat on the bed and made him look in his eyes.
“Listen, Vince Junior. This was an unexpected announcement that Mom sprang on me last weekend, and I did have doubts that you wouldn’t
adapt to our group when you showed up because your lack of communication with me in our first encounters. However, that night last
weekend with you, and this weekend it showed me how wonderful a person you are. You have grown, and more importantly, how happy I am
that you are my brother. The important thing to know is whenever you need a hand, a person to talk to on anything day or night. My door is
always open to you.”
That was not the response he expected, but it made him happy all the same. Matt continued, “Are you happy though to be my brother?”
“Fucking hell I am.”  Kris laughed at that response, and was moved by Matt and VJ’s hug. 
“Well, I think it is time for some sleep,” Matt said, when he let VJ go.
“I am rather tired.” VJ stated, as Matt switched the lights off and went back into bed with Kris. This time Matt wrapped his strong arms around
Kris.  Kris whispered, “That was sweet, bro.”
Matt was standing in a tuxedo watching his mother walk down the aisle. As she walked closer, Matt’s heartbeat quickened. Vince looked on
happy as could be. However, three feet away from the altar, someone stepped on Linda’s train. She fell forward with her body crashing to the
floor. Vince went to Linda and helped her up.  Matt though noticed something else.
VJ laughing at the whole thing; Matt instantly didn’t understand this. As he ran up the aisle to where VJ was situated; why did you do that Matt
asked. VJ responded not with a verbal reply, but with a punch to Matt’s gut.
Matt was hopping mad now and returned the favour punching VJ in the face. The punch knocked two of VJ’s teeth out. “I never want to be a
brother to you. That’s why I did it.”
VJ stated spitting out blood. He rose to his feet and grabbed Matt’s head and pulled it in close and threw a punch across is nose, breaking
“I hate you. You ruined my relationship with Kris, and now you ruined my mother’s wedding.” Matt kicked him square in the stomach that
slammed him into the door. VJ recovered and lunged forward and tackled Matt to the ground. They continued to fight, rolling down the aisle
knocking guests from their chairs and bringing Vince and Linda to the ground. The bride and groom got up. Vince and Linda were mad.
“Matt,” he heard from the distance. “Matt!”
Kris had shaken him awake. “What?”
“You were dreaming.”
Matt was all sweaty and instantly noticed Kris was standing next to the bed. “You kicked me off the bed too.”
“Sorry, bro. I was having a nightmare.” Matt told Kris about the wedding from hell.
“Is it right for me and VJ become close?”
“Yeah, why not? He needs a brother, and you have been a great friend to me.”
“But, what if I give him poor advice or he ends up hating me.”
“Then it will be his loss. You are good friend, and great brother. And I had Nathan, so out of the two of us. I am the one with experience”
“True, but what if we end up fighting. We may not be able to repair that friendship like you and I have done.”
Kris looked at his friend, “Bro, if that happens, it happens. There is no reason for you to worry about that shit, until it happens. Now, let’s get
some sleep.”
Without thinking, Matt asks: “Why were you so quiet today, on the ride here, and for most of the dinner. What is wrong?”
Kris didn’t really know what to say, so he tried honesty. “It’s simple bro. With VJ now in your life, there is no reason to keep me as friend. I
don’t want to lose that because now you don’t need me anymore.”
“Kris, even if VJ and I become the best brothers ever who tell each other everything, and are there for each other. Nothing will replace what
you mean to me, and how much you are wanted and needed in our life. We went through three fights that left us separated, and in that time
we felt alone and broken. That connection we have, that bond we is important to me. When Corey and I found love, and became close it didn’t
impact our relationship greatly. VJ’s entering my life will not cause our relationship shrink at all.”
“Yeah, I figured as much, when we recounted our story of how we met and how we became friends it cemented this bond and made my
jealous seem rather stupid. “
“Not stupid, just not necessary.” Matt smiled and kissed him quietly on the lips.
“Besides,” Matt stated, “I don’t know a first thing about being an older brother. You being there can help me make sure I am not over
protective of him, and doing it all right.”
“Okay,” Kris responded, “I don’t know how to be an older brother.”
“Kris, Nathan had been an older brother to you for many years before he died. You have had that experience.”
“True, I do have one suggestion. Make time for him, and have chats with him, about his life. The chats we had over the year continue that with
him, and the bond you guys have will be as strong as ours. That’s why Nathan’s death hit me so hard. “
“Okay, bro.” Matt nodded and gave Kris a little surprise. VJ was sound asleep with his snores. Matt kissed Kris’s lips and worked his lips down
his neck and chest; make sure to give special attention to the N on his heart. He moved his lips down his stomach and then played with his
pubes as he sucked on his cock. Kris moaned quietly, and busted a nut in no time right down Matt’s throat. Matt licked up the excess and kissed
Kris on the lips on last time. Kris smiled, “Oh one more piece of advice on being a brother to VJ over there. Tell him to live everyday like it’s his
“I plan on it. Goodbye Kris.”
“Love you bro.”
The next morning Matt woke tangled up in Kris, and went to the bathroom, as he exited he saw VJ up and about. He was making coffee in small
kitchen. What made him smile was that VJ was completely naked, like Matt was.
“Morning, big bro.”
“Morning, little bro,” Matt smiled getting accustom to that phrase. “I noticed that you decided to adopt Kris’s fashion choice.”
VJ shrugged it off, “I just wanted to be like my two brothers.”
VJ took in Matt’s package, with an interesting look on his face.
“I was just curious about if mine is bigger than yours.”
“I have no idea,” Matt winked, “but we can find out.”
“Great idea,” Kris smiled as he passed Matt to get a cup of coffee. He went back to his bag that he put near the foot of his bed and extracted a
ruler from his binder. “Here.”
VJ laughed but took it, “8’2. Beat that brother!”
Matt took the ruler and frowned as read the result. “8 feet, 1.5 inches. Damn.”
Kris laughed, well now we know at least two people who are bigger than you. He recalled his old friend Brad had a huge dick.
They got showered and dressed and they made it to the garage. The attendant was hot attractive girl that both VJ and Kris were interested in.
As they both flirted with her attention, the SUV got fixed by who they assumed was her dad.  Before they knew it and a new belt and a couple
of hoses, the three brothers were on the road back to their home.
Kris was chatting about some of his best memories of him and Nathan. Matt enjoyed listening to these stories. Kris had always left these
comments about Nathan to himself, but now he is openly talking about him. Matt knew VJ entering our friendship will be a positive thing.
It was around noon when Kris dropped of VJ and Matt at their house, while he went to his home. In the car he dialed Colt’s number and told
him about the fun he had.
Vince and Linda were in the kitchen when their sons showed up.  They hugged them hello.
“So, did you guys have fun together?” Vince asked.
Matt and VJ looked at each before they responded.   “The best,” Matt replied.
“We were worried but knew you would be okay,” Vince said with a big smile. 
Having the four there together wasn’t exactly what Matt really wanted.  He wanted to spend time with his mom while he was home knowing
those days would be few and far between with the impending wedding.   
Matt and VJ listened while the two explained the plans for their wedding.   It would be a spring wedding but rather simple.  The date was still
undecided with Vince’s job and Matt’s college. 
Matt and VJ stayed around the house and spend the night together watching a movie while their parents went out on a date.  
“Matt, you’re the best.  I see why Corey loves you and why Kris is your best friend.  I really want someday to find a girl that loves me like Corey
loves you and a friend as well like Kris,” VJ stated at the end of the action movie he had chosen.
“You will.  I’ve been lucky in all aspects of my life.”
“Losing your dad?”
“That’s just life and how things go.  We weren’t that close until the very end.  A word to the wise:  enjoy every minute you can with both of
your parents.  Before you know it, they will be gone.”
“I’ll try to remember that.   My stepdad is such an asshole though.”
Matt laughed, “I said your parents.  You didn’t pick him so my advice is hang in there for just a little while longer and you’ll be off to college.   It
could be a great excuse to use coming to college with us.”
“I’ll need a better one than that but you’ve rocked my world as far as a college decision.  Here I had two in mind and now I have three.”
It wasn’t long until Matt headed off to bed.  He slipped out of his clothes and into bed.  As he was talking to Corey, he remembered the dildo in
his suitcase.  He walked over and grabbed it while talking.  He managed to change the conversation to being rather sexual.  Matt laughed in the
phone telling Corey what he had in his hand.   He continued to talk with his cock getting hard.  He lubed up the dildo and began probing it at his
“Oh fuck!” Matt screamed into the phone.
“Is it in you?” Corey asked.
“Oh fuck yeah it is in me.  Feels so fucking good.  My dick is so hard right imagining it is you in my ass.”
“Damn, you’re one horny fuck!”
“One you love.  Now tell me what you’d be doing to me right now,” Matt said while sliding the big dildo in and out of his wet ass.
“Babe, my dick would be in you so far.  You could feel the heat coming from it.  Can you feel it throbbing inside of you?”
“Fuck yeah!  Fuck me harder, Corey! I wanna feel that thick dick in me!”
“Fuck Matt! I’m fucking hard as hell here.  Babe, feel my thick hot dick just sliding in and out of you.  Wanting you to feel my love as I fuck your
blazing hot ass.”
“I can feel it! Fuck me!”
“I love fucking your ass so much!  Feel me pick up the pace!   Damn your ass is on fire tonight!”
“Are you stroking that dick of yours?” Matt said almost breathless.
“Fuck yeah, I am!”
“MMMM, fuck me Corey!  Slap my ass and give me that dick!  You know I love it so much!”
“Babe, I’m powerfucking that ass right now!  I can hear you moan and scream with each deep push!  Feel me!”
Matt rammed the dildo hard and fast while stroking his dripping throbbing cock.  “MMMM, yes Corey! Yes!”
Corey continued to go on and on during this hot phone sex.  He screamed into the phone,“I’m about to bust my nut!”
“Give me that nut.  I wanna hear you when you cum!”
“OOOO  fuck!  Yes!  I’m cumming a ton!”
Matt felt his cock pulsate visualizing Corey cumming all over that hot body of his and felt his load exploding.  “OOOO yes!  Fuck yeah!  Feels so
“Damn miles apart we can still enjoy hot sex,” Corey said into the phone after getting hearing Matt’s familiar sound of when he cums.
“We can.  I love you.”
“I love you too.  Sleep well and I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Matt hung up the phone and reached to clean off the drying cum that was splattered all over his abs. He loved touching his abs and smiled
never thinking it would be possible to have a nice tight six pack.
He woke the next morning.  He crawled out of the comfort of his bed that he loved.  Just before opening the door, it struck him he was at
home.  He came out in his shorts pushed low on his hips and saw his Mom in the kitchen.  He didn’t need to ask what she was doing since the
smell of cookies and brownies filled the house.
“Where are Vince and VJ?” Matt asked.
“They needed to leave and do things at their house today.  Vince saw we needed our time.”
Matt smiled and kissed his mom on the cheek.  They sat talking for over an hour about everything that was going on.   He was able to shower
and did see all of his clothes washed that he had brought home.  Kris sent a text that he was on the way.   Matt hated that it was so soon and
how little time he was able to spend with his mom.
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