Posted:  February 7, 2010

On a cloudy day in October, Brent entered the franchised gym near his place.  He looked around the large spacious facility before being approached by a worker.  Brent listened to the sales’ pitch and got a full tour of the gym and all of its amenities that were included for his monthly fee.  He was rather impressed with what was offered and decided to take the plunge with a short 2 month membership, the minimal offered as a special during the month of October.

Brent returned the next day after getting off work at 8.  He entered the nice locker room, gazed at the variety of men, teens and a few preteen boys before changing into his workout clothes, a loose tee and athletic shorts.  He had done very little weight training and wondered how hard this could be after seeing guys at college with bulging biceps and chests.  He was slender if not skinny with a goal to add weight and muscle to his 6 foot frame.  Coming out the locker room, his mind was in a whirlwind seeing the range of machines, free weights and exercise equipment.  He stretched a little before hopping on a leg press.  He placed the pin in and couldn’t move the bar.  He lowered the weight and was able to work his toothpick legs.  He moved to the next machine and worked it as well with a small amount of weight.   He moved along and watched a few in the free weight area.  He tried a few more machines before calling it a night.  This might be tougher than it looked Brent thought changing back into his regular clothes.

Brent returned 2 days later after some of soreness from working muscles he had never thought about.  He changed again, enjoyed the locker room scenery with a little envy mixed in and headed back out to give the machines a try.  Waiting on a lat machine, Brent put aside his fear and asked the muscular guy to show him how to use the machine.  The guy looked at Brent and continued on without the kindness of a reply.  Brent sat down and tried to imitate what he had seen but with lots less weight.  After doing 10 and struggling to do so, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Need some help there, buddy?” the young guy asked.

“Yea, I sure could use it here.  I do need someone to show me how these things work and exactly what they are for before I hurt something,” Brent said and wiped the sweat from his brow with the sleeve of his tee shirt. “That is if you’re not too busy or take up too much of your time here.”

“Nah, I’ll show you and be happy to since you’re new here,” the guy stated and demonstrated with the proper technique how to get the most out of the machine.

“Gee thanks,” Brent said. “Finally someone not all into to their bad muscled up selves.”

The guy laughed, “Yeah, you might say they are a few here that fall in that category.  Danton, here.”

Brent stuck out his hand and felt the firm handshake along with introducing himself as well. 

“I take it you just joined this bad boy gym,” Danton said.

“How on earth did you guess?” Brent said with his arms open wide to show his slenderness.

“I like your sense of humor.  For one, your body was the first hint and second you looked lost and confused right here in the maze of equipment offered,” Danton smiled.  “I’d be more than happy to show you around and explain all the machines to you and what muscle groups they work for you.”

“Thank you a lot, dude.  I do appreciate it and need it,” Brent smiled and pushed back his sweat brown bangs.

“No problem.  We all have to start somewhere.  I know I did about 4 years ago but I was fat before I started,” Danton stated.

“No way,” Brent said, looking at the muscled Danton with short blond hair and a few inches shorter than him.

Together, Danton gave Brent the full run of the place with beginning instructions on the various machines offered at the expansive facility.  Brent was so thankful by the end but so tired and achy.  His body felt tight and sorer than before with Danton’s instruction.  They entered the locker room together, sweaty and reeking of foulness.

“Wanna shower and hit the hot tub to relax those sore muscles a little?” Danton asked. “It’ll feel really great after that workout.”

“Sure,” Brent replied.  He undressed without a problem.  He slung his sweaty clothes into a locker and waited with a towel around his small 28 inch waist for Danton to return.  Brent spotted Danton and was even more impressed seeing him without a shirt.  “How long before I can look like you?” Brent asked as a joke towards his new friend.

“Try like 2 years then a lot of maintenance,” Danton smiled. “You have to really want it and have the determination though.”

“I want it but not sure I have the determination for that long but no there is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to fitness especially to look like you,” Brent stated while the two walked to the showers.  Brent hung up his towel and wasn’t the least bit embarrassed by his cock.  It was the one part of Brent’s body he liked.  He saw Danton checking him out as he was checking out Danton as well.  The two showered next to each other before drying off and jumping in the hot tub with 2 older men.   The warm jets felt great on Brent’s sore muscles.  They chatted quietly for about 10 minutes before heading back into the locker room.

“What’s your schedule for coming here, Brent?”

“I’m going to try every other day at this time and see how that goes,” Brent answered. “Yours?”

“I’m usually here then as well.  I guess I’ll see ya again then,” Danton stated.

“Hey thanks for everything.  I really do appreciate it,” Brent said.

“No problem at all.  See ya,” Danton headed to his locker.

Brent headed to his apartment for the night.  He was glad to have met Danton and was even more thankful for the instruction.  His roommate Chris laughed when Brent told him about his night at the gym.

“What so funny?” Brent asked.

“I know why you’re going to the gym and it is to get one muscle worked out and over,” Chris continued laughing.

“Fuck you Chris!” Brent said.

“We tried. Remember?  We’re better off as roommates and not lovers,” Chris said. “Seriously, was he looking you over?”

“Oh yea and I was doing the same to him.  What I had he lacked I had and vice versa,” Brent commented concerning Danton.

Chris shook his head, “Do ya think he’s gay?”

“Ummm… there’s a possibility with the way he was looking at me.”

“Dude, even straight guys are going to look.”

“You know that look, Chris.  We all know that look plus it wasn’t just a passing ‘check to see what ya got’ glance either,” Brent said and headed to his room to study for the night.

Two days later on Friday after work, Brent entered the gym and headed to the locker room.  He looked around and didn’t see Danton among the men and teens in the locker room or working out.  He dressed and was ready to put to good use what he had learned.  Exiting the locker room, he came face-to-face with Danton.

“Wait on me and we can work out together,” Danton said with his bag slung of his shoulder.

“I will be right here,” Brent said and pointed.  He did a few stretches before seeing Danton come out of the locker in his tank and shorts.  Together the two worked out with Danton showing his patience and trying not to show up the weaker Brent too much.  Brent did catch on after a few lifts and told Danton not to worry about him.  Danton smiled and worked out as he normally did on the machines before giving Brent his first instructions on the free weights and dumbbells.  The work out ended with the two on the bikes.

Together they headed in the locker room.  Brent freely disrobed and waited for Danton.  Once in the shower, he knew for sure that Danton was checking him out.  They both smiled at each other while rinsing off the soap. 

“Ummm Brent… you got plans tonight?” Danton asked, drying off.

“Not really, what you got in mind?”

“If you want, I have some books and magazines at my place you can have plus some great supplements for adding weight as well.  They have all kinds of great exercises and tips on working out and diet as well,” Danton said and saw Brent chuckling. “Well maybe your skinny butt doesn’t need dieting more like eating the right food.”

“Yea, the last thing I need is to lose weight and might could use something to gain weight the right way.  I’d be happy to follow you,” Brent said, running a towel through his brown hair.

“Great,” Danton said.

They dressed and followed each other out in the parking lot.  Again, Brent was feeling sore and the effects of another intense work out.  He knew it was only the beginning of a long journey if he was to achieve his goals.

Entering Danton’s nice house, he offered Brent some water.  Brent accepted and sat in the well decorated living room of the modest newer house.  He glanced at some pictures sitting nearby and saw Danton with a group of guys at a beach.  He could see it was an older photo since Danton wasn’t all muscled up and had a roll around the middle.  Danton returned with the water before heading to the back to grab the books and magazines as promised. 

Danton saw Brent holding a picture, “That was the before photo.  It’s my inspiration if I ever lose sight of my goals.”

“You were…”

“I told you I was a fat ass,” Danton said. “Look at that gut!” he pointed.

“I can see that,” Brent said. “How long ago was this?”

“Oh about 5 years ago.  It was Spring Break my junior year in college,” Danton said.

“Same age as I am now,” Brent said.

“Get out!  You’re older than 20.”

“Turned 20 this past July,” Brent said.

“Good thing I didn’t offer you a beer,” Danton laughed.

“It was.  I’d turned you down in a heartbeat for serving alcohol to a minor,” Brent laughed.

“Cute and a good sense of humor,” Danton said.

“That’s me,” Brent smiled.

The two drank the water and sat in silence.  Danton got up and returned with more.  “Hydration is a big key or at least it is for me,” Danton said with Brent scanning the books.

“Danton, let’s cut to the chase,” Brent looked up from scanning the exercise books.  “I’m gay and have a strong feeling you are.”

Danton smiled, “What makes you think that?”

“For one, you’ve been eyeing me both times in the shower and every opportunity you can.  If you’re not, I’ve done made a fool out of myself big time.”

“I saw you eyeing me as well, Brent.  I’m gay and thought maybe you were,” Danton smiled.  They continued talking and learning more about each other in the process.  Danton leaned over with boldness and planted a kiss on Brent’s soft lips.  They enjoyed the first kiss and felt the sparks flying at that moment.  Danton broke the kiss, “You’re a good kisser you know that.”

“You are too,” Brent said and went for more.  They swapped tongue with Danton pulling on Brent’s shirt.  Brent lifted his arms and allowed Danton to have his shirt off.  Danton kissed Brent’s neck and ears.  He moved to lick Brent’s sparsely haired pits before moving to his chest and stomach.

Danton stopped and lost his shirt.  Brent smiled and returned the favor.  He was in gay heaven getting to have his way with Danton’s taut physique.  He took his time and wanted to run his wet tongue over every inch of Danton’s upper body. Looking up at Danton, Brent unbuttoned Danton’s jeans and pushed down his bright colored boxer briefs.  He smiled before taking Danton’s cock in his hand.  He kissed Danton’s bush before moving his tongue to his cock.  Slowly he licked all over Danton’s growing cock.  He looked up again and worked on his balls.  Danton stood silent and looked down to see Brent inhaling his cock with one hand at the base.  Danton gasped a little and felt Brent’s warm breath and tongue working his aching cock.  Brent stopped to kiss Danton’s abs and returned his mouth to feel Danton’s hand on his head.  Danton’s breathing increased while Brent moved up and down his cock.  Brent continued sucking and licking Danton’s cock until working his way back up to find Danton’s mouth.

Breaking the kiss, Danton stated, “That was incredible.  I hope I can do as well as you did there.”

“I know you will,” Brent said and pushed off his jeans and boxers.  His long 8 and half inch cut cock sprang to life with Danton on his knees.  Danton licked Brent’s cock while stroking it with one hand. 

“Biggest I’ve ever attempted,” Danton stated.

“I don’t expect you do deep throat me,” Brent smiled.

Danton played with Brent’s low hangers and sucked each one.  He moved his mouth to Brent’s cock and licked the tip.   He covered his teeth and went down a few inches.  Brent stood with his hands on his boney hips and relished this muscle stud sucking him.  He could feel Danton’s mouth and tongue working his hard cock over.  Growing tired of standing, Brent moved slowly to sit.  Danton got on the couch with Brent for a little lip time before returning his mouth.  Brent threw his arms behind his hand and enjoyed the sensation of having his big cock serviced.  He started moaning with increased breathing until Danton stopped to find his lips.

“Brent without clothes, you’re one hot guy,” Danton stated. 

“Damn Danton, you are as well…”

“Brent, fuck me! I want you more than anything in this world right now.”

“Nothing more I would enjoy.  I would love it,” Brent smiled.  The two kissed there and stroked each other while doing so.  The spark and lust for each other was more than evident.

Danton grabbed Brent by the hand, leaving their clothes piled up.  Danton pulled Brent onto his bed and felt Brent fall on top of him.  They grinded their hard cocks while kissing a little more and petting. Brent moved down and spread Danton’s muscular legs wide.  He kissed Danton’s balls before moving to taste his ass.   Instantly Danton moaned over the wet tongue at this hole.  Brent spit on his finger and moved it inside the puckered hole.  He worked his finger while his tongue moved along the edge. 

“OOOO Brent!  Yes babe!  Yes!” Danton screamed in ecstasy.

Brent continued and allowed another finger inside.  He moved them hard and fast to loosen and prepare Danton’s entrance.  He stopped with Danton groaning and panting. 

“I want you more than ever!” Danton screamed.  He leaned over and handed Brent condoms and lube from his night stand.  He ripped open the package and unrolled the condom.  He kissed Brent passionately and got on his knees.  Brent moved behind him and leaned to kiss Danton’s back.  He smeared the lube generously on both before running his cock up Danton’s crack.  He grabbed his cock and put at Danton’s hole.  He pushed forward and sunk inside Danton.

“OOOOO fuck!” Danton screamed in pain.

“I’ll take it easy,” Brent said.

“You’re so big!” Danton screamed again grabbing the closest thing he could lay his hands on.

Inch by inch Brent pushed.  He could hear and feel Danton’s breathing.  He pushed on his back.  “Relax a little,” Brent said quietly.

“I’m trying,” Danton said.

Brent tried not moving and let Danton’s body adjust to him.  He moved slow to test and heard a whimper.  He waited more and tried again.  Instead of a whimper, he heard a low moan.  He reached and wrapped his arms around Danton to move slowly.  Danton continued moaning and breathing hard.  Brent kissed Danton’s neck and leaned back up.

Danton whipped his head around, “Fuck me with that big fucking cock, Brent!”

Brent grabbed Danton’s hip and started fucking him at a nice pace.  Both were enthralled by the action with the heat rising.  Brent slapped Danton’s ass while driving his hard cock into Danton.  Brent grunted with each push while Danton moaned.  Brent slipped out by pulling too far back.

“Let me try on my back,” Danton said.

“Danton, we can stop if I hurt too much,” Brent said.

“Dude, it really feels great now that I’m used to that fucking monster dick of yours,” Danton smiled.  They kissed.  During the lip lock, Brent guided his cock back inside.  Danton moaned in Brent’s mouth with his legs high in the air.  Brent leaned up and grabbed Danton’s ankles.  He looked down to see what pleasure Danton was receiving along with realizing what a hot muscled guy he was fucking.  Brent put Danton’s one leg on his shoulder and continued to fuck him at a good pace.  Brent reached down to stroke Danton’s cock in rhythm with his thrusts.  Loud moans, groans and heavy breathing filled the bedroom.  Brent continued fucking Danton and increased his pace a little.  He sensed Danton was about to cum with louder moans and groans.

“OOOOO fuck…” Danton groaned.  Like a cannon, Danton shot cum into the air.  Shot after shot pumped from Danton’s cock until Danton squeezed the last precious drop out.  Brent slipped out and knew he was so close.  He threw off the condom and in a few quick hard jerks blasted his load across Danton’s body.  Brent quivered shooting his load until feeling Danton’s hand on his cock. 

Lifeless the two lay beside each other to recover from their sex.  Danton looked at Brent and smiled.  He grabbed Brent for a long tongue filled kiss.

“I hope that was sufficient payback for helping me,” Brent joked.

“More than sufficient in my book,” Danton smiled. “You were so wonderful and everything I had hoped for and way more.   Please tell me you don’t have a boyfriend.”

Brent laughed, “No but I think I might have one in the making.”

“You’re so right there,” Danton said. “Brent, please don’t leave me.  I want you to stay here with me all night.”

“Well… I was planning on going but I think you really want me to stay,” Brent said with his hand on Danton’s firm abs.

“I do.  We can lay here and talk…”

“Maybe more,” Brent winked.

“I might be able to handle another round with you now that my ass is stretched out,” Danton said.

Lying together, they talked for close to an hour.  They really got to know each other much better and each other’s background.  They kissed some; Brent petted Danton’s body whenever he could and continued talking.
Another round of hot sex wasn’t in the cards for the night.  Both were tired with Brent falling asleep on Danton’s big chest. 

The next day Brent hung around Danton’s house and enjoyed being with him more than anything.  Brent got into Danton’s head and battered him with a lot of questions about his workout schedule.  He listened and took mental notes on what Danton did and how he stayed motivated.  Brent did leave in the afternoon to change clothes and speak with his roommate Chris.  Chris was happy for him and wished him well.  Brent went back over for a date and more romance and sex to cap the night off properly.

The weekend together bonded the two with love blooming.  They did find they had more in common than working out with both having interest in sports, literature and live theater.  Brent stayed at his place during the week to study and keep his daily routine of working and working out but spent every weekend at Danton’s house when possible.  By the start of the next semester, he and Danton started living together.  Over that time, Brent started seeing change in his body with his intense and planned working out with Danton along with a great new diet Danton had for both.  He was never so proud of the change but even more proud to found a guy he could be very happy with for a long time.


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