Brad’s Ad

Posted:  May 9, 2009

I sit looking out my bedroom window.  It had become one of my favorite pastimes over the past two years, especially since it was summer time.  My eyes stayed fixated on the teen beauty next door, Brad.

Brad was fine as hell in my eyes.  He had dark brown hair that had grown over his ears and across eyes.  His body was firm and so tight without the slightest hint of body fat anywhere on it.  I can make out every bulge in it since he had a passion for going outside without a shirt.  Sweat now glistened off his youthful 18 year body and looked so damn sexy in his low riding shorts and boxers. 

I moved here four years ago into this upper middle class neighborhood.  I was proud to be able to afford a nice home at the age of 25.  Shortly thereafter, I had a live-in girlfriend.  All she had in her eyes were dollar signs and was kicked to the curb after two years.  She fulfilled one need of mine and that was to fuck a hole.  She was slutty in bed but once dressed she was a nightmare.

The first week I moved in to my new house, Brad was outside mowing his lawn.  Then he was skinny as they come.  The next four years had really been kind to Brad for he had developed into one hot sexy young man. 

After my girl was gone, my attention was diverted to guys and just ogling at Brad.  I was deep in the closet and used her more or less to detract talk of my real self.  I knew in college I desired guys and frequently enjoyed their company many hot steamy nights.  There was pressure from all fronts to be straight.  My girl was the perfect front at the time.  I enjoyed sex with her each time but longed to be with guys more as time went along.

The past two years had been very quiet for me sexually.  I had a few hookups here and there while on the road with my job.  They were purely sexual and satisfied my sexual desire to be with men. 

Now the summer had began and in earnest with my attention whenever possible on Brad.   He was very active and sociable.  There were always groups of teens at his house playing basketball in the drive or swimming in his backyard.  I hated when he swam since it was obstructed from my view from all vantage points of my yard.  If I sensed there was a swim party, I would do yard work discretely to view Brad and his cute friends.

It was early summer and the night of Brad’s graduation.  I was awakened by a loud noise outside my window.  I pulled back the curtains to see Brad bent over and spewing his guts out.  It was amusing and brought back memories of my graduation night where I too was in the same predicament.  He had a friend helping him inside after the spillage of vomit onto the ground.

The next day as I was at the mailbox, Conrad, Brad’s dad, waved me over.  We were friendly and hospitable being neighbors.  Conrad remarried right before I moved in with Brad being the only child from a previous relationship.  I got to see Conrad and his wife, Liz, bloom out as well over the years. 

“Hey Kevin, who’s it going?” Conrad asked.

“Not too bad and you?” I replied in a friendly manner.

“Great here.  I was wondering if maybe you needed Brad to keep your lawn this summer.  He’s mowing lawns here and there for some spending money for summer and hopefully college,” Conrad stated.

“It sounds great to me and a relief actually.  He does a fine job on your lawn so I know he will do well on mine,” I stated.

“Great after he wakes up, I’ll send him over to discuss the details,” Conrad said.

I headed inside with the mail tucked under my arm.  I was eating lunch when I heard the doorbell ring.  I walked and saw Brad there with his mower.

“Dad said you wanted me to do your lawn this summer,” Brad said with a blank expression on his face.  It was plain to see he was very hung over.

I smiled, “Whenever you feel like it?”


“Brad, I heard you puking last night about 3 in the morning,” I said.

Shit,” he mumbled under his breath. “I had a good time, you might say.”

“It’s fine Brad.  I’m sure there are lots of hung over graduates this morning.  Enjoy your high school friends while you can,” I said.

“You didn’t tell Dad, did ya?”

I laughed, “Of course not.  If he’s like my dad, he knows or has that feeling about things.”

“Damn! No wonder he was all over me to get up and start today,” Brad said. “I might as well start.”  He spit out his price which was more than fair and the frequency.  I stood at the door and watched for a minute while Brad tossed off his shirt.  He was already fairly tanned and did my eyes a service. 

After he finished, I greeted him with a tall glass of water and cash.  Sweat poured from his fit body and brown hair.  He looked very tired and worn to a frazzle but headed to jump in his pool to cleanse off the sweat.

After Brad left, my shorts were bulging to no end.  I need relief immediately and jacked off on the living room couch with thoughts of Brad in my head.  Of course they were wrong but damn he was almost too hot to resist.  My overdue load from my aching 8 inch cock covered my hairy stomach.  It tasted rather good as well.

Contact with Brad and his family was limited other than a weekly lawn care job.  I hated it when he did the yard while I was at work or gone on an overnight business trip. 

Right at four weeks after he started, I was again awoken but this time by slamming doors at Brad’s house late at night.  I cautiously peeked out the window in the dark.  I could faintly see under the dim lights Brad and some person being all kissy-kissy.  It was hard to make out the other figure in dark so I went back to sleep.

The next Saturday, I was up early around 7 and heard car doors opening and closing next door.  I looked out the window to see Conrad and his wife packing the car.  Shortly I heard them drive off.

About 11, there was the doorbell.  I went to see who it was and was somewhat surprised to see Brad standing there with his mower. 

“I was checking to see if it was okay to cut your grass,” Brad said.

“Sure, I don’t care,” I stated even though he just cut the Tuesday below.

“I need some funds for the week,” Brad said.

“That’s understandable.  Did your dad leave?” I asked.

Oh yeah, they’re gone for the week,” Brad smiled. “I’ll do my best to keep it down next door.”

“Just don’t have the cops there at one in the morning and scare me,” I snickered.

“I hope not but you never know if things might get out of hand,” Brad said with a bright smile. “I better get a start on it before it gets too smoking hot out here.”

I shut the door and heard the mower start.  Brad tossed his shirt on a limb and started.  I swear he was getting almost too hot and so dark.  It was all I could do not to get raging hard watching him toil under the sun.  I was waiting with a bottle of water and cash when he finished.  I offered a towel but he refused.  Instead he sprinted to his pool again.

The majority of the day was spent watching television alone with a few stray calls.  Boredom set in with the television, so I ventured to my computer to ‘play’.  Logging on to a frequently visited site, an ad immediately caught my attention.  I clicked on the ad and up popped a short description and pictures.  My eyes almost popped out of my head seeing who Brad looking back at me naked. 

His ad read:  Home alone and ready for action.  Love mild to wild.  6’0” 140 toned tanned btm 6.5 cut.  Love kissing, body contact, sucking and fucking.  Please be under 30.

I felt so bad now and the image of a naked Brad filled my brain but he was out of my league.  I went to my room to watch television and listen for any cars at Brad’s house.  At 11, I gave up and turned off the television.  Right after I turned out the light, I heard a car door open and close.  I immediately went to the window and saw someone enter his house.  Being dark, I couldn’t see who or what was there.  My only hope now was Brad was safe inside his house.  I knew there were predators out there and with Brad’s looks, he could be a victim.  Relief occurred fifteen minutes later when I heard the car drive off.  Either it was a quickie or something bad had occurred.  I debated on whether to call but would give away my cover. 

There was a sense of relief the next day when I saw Brad outside shooting hoops alone.  All I could picture now was the image of him naked.  My mind wondered while watching him shoot.

After logging on to my computer, I decided to see if Brad was serious and send an email with a picture of me naked from the waist down.  It showed my greatest asset.  I looked out and saw Brad was now gone from his driveway shooting hoops.  Instantly, I received a reply with more naked pictures of Brad.  He wanted full pictures of me but I skirted it in the return email with a promise he wouldn’t be disappointed.  I only had to wait 15 minutes for a reply.  He wanted me to come to his house to meet and get to know each other.  I quickly replied I could be at his door in thirty minutes.   He must have been waiting for his return was almost instantly.  I replied with another with what I would be wearing so he would know it was me.

The clock never passed so slowly.  My mouth was now dry as ever and second thoughts filled my brain.  I took a deep breath at the precise time and headed to his door.

I rang the door bell.  It was quickly answered by Brad. 

“Hey Kevin, how’s it going?” Brad answered and seemed very nervous.

I was nervous as well, “Great!”

“You need something?” Brad asked and started looking around behind me.

“No, I was just seeing what you were doing and making sure you were okay.  Brad, are you expecting someone?”

“Ummm… yeah… a friend of mine said he was going to stop by.  He called and said he was on his way,” Brad said with his eyes darting around still and looking out at the street behind me.

“Was he going to be wearing a green t-shirt and khaki shorts?” I asked.

Brad still looking around answered quickly, “Yeah he…”  He looked at my green shirt and khaki shorts.  His face and body turned ghostly white.  I thought he was going to pass out right there on me.  “Oh shit no! Fuck no!  No Kevin! NO!!!”  He ran to the back of the house after panic set in.

I stood in the living room of his well decorated house.  Not knowing what to do, I sat down on the leather sofa to wait and see if Brad reappeared anytime soon.

My wait was rather short when Brad reappeared. 

“Is this a joke or what, Kevin?” Brad asked.

“I don’t know.  You tell me,” I replied.  He paced in front of me nervously and mumbling.  “You want me to leave?”

“Kevin, I don’t know what to do now.  It’s evident you saw my ad on the website.  You were seriously the last person I expected to be at my door,” Brad stated, pacing.

“Did you like what you saw?”

“Yeah, I did and was hoping a real man could show me a hot time.”

“Brad, I’m as real as they come.”

“I know that, Kevin but you’re my neighbor and all.”

“Brad, at least sit down for a second,” I requested.  He sat at the other end of the couch from me.  “I knew it was you and debated whether to do this or not.  For some time, I’ve admired and lusted after you from afar.”

“Yeah no shit! I’ve seen the way you look at me.  Matter of fact, I’m a huge dick tease and love showing off,” Brad smiled.

“I’m very sorry if it was uncomfortable for you but you are always outside showing off your hot body.  I’ve fantasized what it would be like to be with you but never imagined I would be this close.”

“Kevin, maybe we should get together and teach me a lesson I’ll never forget.  I really deserve this after being so stupid.”

“Brad, I’m not here to punish you or teach you a lesson.  If that’s your intention to learn a hard lesson, then I’ll leave right now.  I came here to be with you and experience you first hand.”

Brad stood up and dropped his shorts and Calvin Klein boxers.  He moved close to me.  My teen beauty was naked only a foot from me.  His cock was semi-hard yet so beautiful.

“Damn Brad, you’re so fucking hot!”

“I know I am.  Start sucking my dick, bitch!”

“It’ll be a pleasure,” I said.  I used my tongue to wet his beauty and played with his low hanging balls.  I licked his cock head and started down on him.  It was shear heaven to have Brad’s hot cock between my lips.  He grew hard in my mouth.  My hands freely explored his hot tanned body.  I bobbed up and down with great vigor to enjoy this experience.  His hand found my sandy blond hair and pushed my head further down.

OOO fuck that feels so good,” Brad moaned in pleasure.

My mouth and tongue continued to explore his cock.  I quit and stood up.  Brad grabbed me and gave one of the hottest kisses of my life.  He pulled my shirt of my head before dropping to his knees there in the living room.  He kissed my nipples while undoing my shorts.  He reached down my boxer briefs and pulled out my cock.

“Damn it looks even bigger than the picture,” Brad stated.

“Thanks,” I replied.  His wet tongue explored my 8 inches that was growing rock hard.  He fondled my balls before slipping a few inches in his wet mouth.  I looked down and realized Brad was actually sucking my cock for real.  This wasn’t a dream at all but it sure seemed like it at the time.  His mouth and tongue worked my cock.  It was evident this wasn’t his first time to suck a guy’s cock.  I played with his long brown hair while feeling such pleasure and joy. 

He stopped and kissed up my torso.  I greeted his lips with a kiss.  We kissed there while grabbing each other’s asses.  His ass was what dreams were made of.  It was perfect and two perfect globes.

“Kevin, would you fuck me?” Brad whispered in my ear. “I want fucked by you now in the worst way ever.”

“The pleasure will be all mine,” I replied.

Leaving our clothes in the living room, we made our way back to his room.  Brad got on his queen size bed and presented his hot ass to me.  From experience, I knew his ass couldn’t take me until some prep work was done.

“I’m going to rim you a little and loosen you up,” I said.

“Damn that’ll be hot,” Brad turned to say.

My finger first went in his ass.  It was tight but not as tight as I expected.  I pulled out and started rimming his ass.  It smelled of soap and was so sparkling clean.

“I cleaned out my ass before you got here.  I hate a shitty fuck,” Brad said.

My face was planted in his ass.  My tongue roamed and darted around his sparely haired hole.  It was such a pleasure and delight.  Brad showed his enjoyment of my work by moaning constantly. 

He handed me a condom and lube.  I lubed up the condom and his ass.  I jacked my cock to hardness again and placed it at his hole.  Brad knew exactly what to do and my cock slipped past his sphincter into his hole.  Brad let out a moan while my cock went deep in his boy pussy.  I looked down and saw my cock fully in his ass.

“Fuck me, Kevin! Fuck me!” Brad shouted.

I began fucking his hole at a nice slow pace.  I leaned up and wrapped my arms around his chest.  There wasn’t anything better sexually for me than to be fucking a boy I lusted over for years. 

“How does my dick feel in you?” I whispered in his ear.

“Fucking hot as hell.  I love it!” Brad shouted. “Kevin, fuck me harder.  Make me feel that big fucking dick in my ass!”

“A nasty ass bottom!” I said.

“Fuck yeah, I love getting my boy pussy fucked!”

I pulled almost out and rammed it back in.  “You like that?”

MORE!” he screamed.

Damn he did like it wild.  I stared fucking his ass hard as ever.  He screamed and enjoyed my cock in his ass.  His bed shook and squeaked while I doggie-fucked his hot ass. 

He flipped over to his back and spread his legs.  I lifted up his ass and started fucking him more.  He pulled me close for a kiss while we fucked in the middle of his bed.  Our skin slapped together and sounded off in his room.  He was one hot fuck!!

We started to sweat profusely when Brad began riding my 8 inches.  He rode it like a champ while jacking his cock.  He came on my stomach after a nice hot long fuck.  His cum felt so warm and tasted so great.

I pulled out and flooded his cute adorable face with a nice large load.  He took it and cleaned me good after finishing. 

“I sure learned my lesson,” Brad said while we cuddled together.

“What lesson is that?”

“Old guys are a hell of lot better fuck than teens,” he smiled.  “Kevin, you made me see fucking stars.  I loved it!”

“I think I loved it even more, Brad!”

“Was I better than you though I would be?”

“Astronomically better.  I’m still in a daze here,” I stated.

“I am too, Kevin,” Brad said.  We kissed passionately and had his bed a complete mess.  “Dude, I’ll be your motherfucking boy toy whenever you need me.  That fuck was off the charts!”

“Don’t say shit you can’t live up too,” I said while petting his soft skin.

“Kevin, you can worship my fucking body while I worship your fucking dick.  I’m taking down that ad now and never could find someone like you,” Brad said in his bliss.

“You’ll come down and realize what just happened,” I said.

“Maybe and then I’ll want more,” Brad laughed.

I dressed and left his house.  An hour or so later, I recognized a car in his drive.  I stepped out back and could hear Brad and his friend swimming and having fun. 

About 9, I was startled by my phone ringing.  It was Brad with the declaration of wanting more.  Of course I couldn’t deny him and had him at my door within a matter of minutes. 

“I never thought his ass would leave,” Brad said and dropped his shorts there in my living room.  “I want you Kevin.  You were dead wrong.  I want your big fucking cock even more.  In case you haven’t realized it yet, I’m one big motherfucking cock whore!”

“Well… I’m starting to see that,” I replied with a little laughter at his bold confession.  “What if your dad finds out?”

“He might want you to fuck him as well,” Brad laughed and got in my lap.  He kissed me to set the tone for another great round of sex.  He proved to me what a cock whore he was and did his best to deep throat me once we got naked.  We ended fucking there in my living room on my couch and in the floor.  My house never sounded so great hearing Brad cuss, moan and groan while taking my cock.  We fucked again that night in my bed and spent the night together.  Matter of fact, we fucked the entire week his dad was gone.  He and I loved every second of it.

Now when he comes to mow the grass, he doesn’t take money and drops his shorts to take my cock.  Brad loves my cock and I love his hot ass.  Brad’s sex drive is quite high and kept me satisfied sexually that summer.  Every chance, we were naked together and having sex all over my house and even out at his pool a few times.

Now when I peer out at him next door, I know firsthand what lies beneath his low hanging shorts.  He knows now I watch and likes to tease me and flash his hot fuck hole my way.  He is still the dick tease as ever but I love to see him and his dark body.


Hope you enjoyed this short story.  I do enjoy hearing from my readers if you have the time or desire to do so: